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How to Become Fine on a Dime

What does it mean to fine on a dime?

For those of us who love fashion but simply can not afford to spend $500 on a pair of shoes, we need to know what it means to be Fine on a Dime. Making a small amount of money work magic while shopping for the latest trends is considered being Fine on a Dime. Being fashionably involved and financially conscience is a FOAD characteristic. FOAD is the new “black” because it is fashionable to save on shopping sprees while keeping your bank account out of the “red”. FOAD is not having to sacrifice an entire paycheck to look like a million bucks. Turning heads while walking into a crowded room is FOAD.

How Does One Be come Fine on the Dime? Unfortunately, most of us do not have access to a personal stylist or shopper. Therefore, we must resort to the next best thing, fashion magazines, television shows and blogs. That's right! We have to become “knock off” artist to achieve some of the looks that we are going for while staying on a shoe string budget. How many times have we seen a dress on a celebrity and thought, I wish could get that look? Being FOAD also requires doing a little research to find fashion for less. Some of the best places to shop are department stores that carry quality designer brands at deeply discounted prices. When visiting some of these stores, be prepared to spend more time that money because unlike non discounted department stores, the clothes are not all grouped together by designers and colors. View the experience as though you are searching for hidden treasures. In the end, sheer happiness will be achieved.

Why Should You Care About Being Fine on a Dime? Really, it's up to you whether you want to be FOAD or not. But even Oprah and Tyra Banks talk about being frugal and sometimes cheap when it comes to spending money. Unless you have loads of money to burn on clothing then you should care about being FOAD. Nothing will strike up a conversation faster than telling someone that you paid 10 bucks for a dress that looks like it cost $100. Besides who wants to carry a handbag that is worth than what is actual left over in their wallet?

About the Author Demetra Coulter is a full time personal banker and a lifetime fashionista who lives in Riverside California. She is also the mother of a Nineteen year old college student and the aunt of nine nieces and nephews. Within the last couple of years, she has gained notoriety in her community for being fashionably involved while saving money. For more information on becoming Fine on a Dime, Visit


What does it mean to fine on a dime? while shopping for the latest trends is considered being Fine on a Dime. Being fashionably involved dis...

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