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Patent Pending: SpeechMasterPro SpeechMasterPro began with a movie, a cork and the experiences of first-year student Daniel Floyd. Born with a disorder that makes it difficult to enunciate certain words and sounds, Floyd became inspired in high school through his speech therapy exercises and after watching the

movie “The Great Debaters.” Acting on a principle demonstrated in the movie—that muscle memory can help enunciation and elocution when an individual speaks around something—Floyd fashioned a prototype of his device from a wine cork. Today, his prototype is made of silicone and has a

utility patent and a design patent pending. Floyd has participated in Starting Gate, WMU’s student business accelerator, to increase marketing for his device and boost investment in his company.

Business - July 2014  

July 2014 issue of Business Magazine from the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University.

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