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The Best Electric Pressure Washers Make Cleaning A Snap. Cleaning a variety of outdoor items is a snap with an electric power washer. The main purpose of a power washer is to increase the pressure output from the garden hose and focus the water into a pressurized stream.The best electric power washers can increase a garden hose’s pressure by up to 50 times New models available at affordable prices and are very easy to operate have become common a household feature. The cost depends on the water pressure that the machine can exert. Of the numerous power washers available in the market, the industrial power washers are most durable and the most expensive. They can wash out even the toughest stains on painted surfaces on concrete as well as metal. The best electric power washers are ideal for domestic purposes such as cleaning your vehicle, compound or car pouch and require very little maintenance compared with industrial diesel models. It can be made of stainless steel or aluminum, or powder coated to increase resistance to corrosion. The pump of power washers draw water from an outside source, commonly a garden hose attached to the faucet. The motor or engine is the energy source that powers the high pressure pump. Electric machines are relatively quite compared to larger industrial models and are ideal for use in residential areas. The trigger in the hose is equipped with the option of applying the water in a continuous spray or in short bursts . You will love the fact that you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year by completing jobs on your own and without the need to hire a professional. Jobs around the home and many others that are work related are done with ease by using a pressure washer. Your honey do list will no longer be a hassle, power washers are fun to use, and you can see your results with the first spray making the job seem more pleasant. Karcher is the leading name in the field of manufacturing of power washers. It is one of the


highest manufacturers of washer in the world and holding more than 250 patents. They offer wide range of residential power washers. They are available in 240V ac and 415 V ac three phase versions. Most of the Karcher can be taken from one place to another with the help of two large wheels and also it exhibits high pressure hose and auto start and stop facility. These are designed in a way that there should be less consumption of power in form of electricity and water with prolonged unit life. Some of the most preferred and popular models are the Karcher K 3.540 X-Series 1800-PSI 1.5-GPM Electric Pressure Washer with 25-Foot and the Karcher K 2.350 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. The power washers available today from Karcher are safe, durable, affordable and attractive too. You will be amazed at the results you will see instantly when you aim that high pressure hose and spray. The tasks that used to cost you money, take too much of your time, and seem to be a hassle, all become easy, affordable, and quick. Cleaning decks, patios and automobiles is so easy with the best power washers. They are the must for any home

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The Best Electric Pressure Washers  
The Best Electric Pressure Washers