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Skills Development-Time For Change? About Welcome, I’m Richard Gregory from ‘My Winning’ the “go to” coach and this is my Skills Development Blog . In 2010 I retired from my own business planning, developing and marketing major shopping complexes on behalf of clients. I found out soon enough that I was not the sort of person who could stop working and so I established a small company “My Winning Way” working with medium and small sized companies. We provide a service designed to help them get their act together, stop wasting time and effort and find creative solutions to their problems. Most importantly we work with the management team in the area of skills development. I have three grown up children two boys and a girl and enjoy walking my dogs, watching baseball, fantasy novels and and church activities.

Skills Development- Your “Go To ” Source I like to help others with their personal development goals and I get an enormous kick when I see someone free themselves from the shadows that darken their days. The problems always seem so threatening and weigh them down so that when they discover that they are just an illusion and that they can pass through them and step out into the sunlight where they can start to thrive I am as delighted as they are. As a published author( under the pen name David Evans), successful mentor and trainer and one time CEO of several international retail and management development companies my team and I are uniquely equipped to advise and guide people with their personal development goals. ——————————————————————————————————————————————

Skills Development-Time For Change? There are a lot of folks today who are looking at their lives and deciding that its time for a change. The problem is that so many of these people don’t know where to find the right steps toward becoming the people that they aspire to be. It requires real dedication to truly grow. You need a real plan that you are going to follow through with, and the only way that this will happen is if you know what you need to do to develop as a person. Here’s an example. If you want to build a seven figure business then you will need to be a seven figure person. You will need to know how a seven figure person thinks about business right?


The purpose of this blog is to give constant advice and motivation to help you help yourself. We will focus on finding ways to remove what I call the speed bumps. These may be internal or external . For example if you do not believe that you can achieve something then you won’t. This is an example of an internal speed bump. If you don’t understand how to identify and deal with a problem that may be preventing you from succeeding at something that would be an external speed bump . Perhaps you tried to make life changes before and failed miserably? You are going to need to set reasonable goals for yourself. You don’t want to waste a bunch of time and effort on activities that are going to be for nothing? You want to move ahead as fast as possible. It’s really important that you should have as much fun as possible while you are trying to develop yourself. You don’t want to get down on yourself, you can and will see change but it is not going to happen overnight for you. Do not fret if your progress is not as fast as you anticipated. Life is too short to not make time for relaxation and fun from time to time. You don’t want to become a slave to your development ideas. The posts and resources in this blog are designed to provide a blueprint for your personal skills development and to give you tools to speed you on your path. Enjoy! ”Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill. “Aerodynamics has proven that the bumblebee cannot fly, the body is too heavy and the wings are too weak. But the bumblebee doesn’t know that, and it goes right on flying, miraculously.” Mary Kay.

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Skills Development-Time For Change?