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Showing Up Is Taking Responsibility Taking Responsibility For Your Own Future. I’m sure that most of us have called in sick in spite of being perfectly healthy , or, as a youngster, pretended to be sick so as to miss school. I guess that these would not be regarded as serious infractions but for some people they can and do lead to other more serious problems. This is when illnesses are invented by patients to obtain attention may well really feel genuine to the patient, but in reality do not seriously exist. Hypochondria is a disorder that makes an individual think that symptoms, genuine or imagined, are signs of a severe illness, even when medical science can prove otherwise. A hypochondriac is preoccupied with his or her health, and will usually misinterpret symptoms, making them appear far worse than they truly are. When illness becomes a component of this persons’ identity their personal relationships and work normally suffer as a consequence. Occupational injuries and illnesses have declined in current years lost work time remain a significant and pricey situation for American employers. Lost productivity due to lost work days is estimated at $65 billion per year. Typical earnings and productivity losses every year are about $1,600 per worker. In the book “How to Live 365 Days a Year” by Dr. Schindler, he demonstrates that three out of four hospital beds are occupied by men and women who have emotionally induced illnesses. Three out of four men and women who’re sick right now could be well if they learned the way to deal with their emotions. Have you ever noticed that extremely committed folk seldom talk about how they’re feeling? They just get on with things. However unsuccessful folks have a tendency to harp on about how tired they are or what ailments they have. Some time back we used of to play a bit of a game with one of our co-workers. We would conspire to all ask him if he was feeling unwell. We would bash on about how pale he looked and how worried we felt for him. By lunchtime he would be talking about how ill he felt and he would go home to bed. “It’s no longer a question of staying healthy. It is a question of acquiring a sickness you like.” Jackie Mason. Here are four approaches to deal with excuses related to your well being: 1. Be thankful that your health is as good as it really is. Everybody has great and poor days, it is how you respond to them that matters. 2. Make a decision to live life until you die. Life is yours to take pleasure in. Do not waste it.


3. Refuse to speak your about your health. Talking about health can be a poor habit and it bores folks to death. You might get just a little sympathy but you will not get respect and loyalty by becoming a complainer. 4. Quit worrying about your well being. I had a quadruple by-pass 10 years ago and whilst I’ve changed my dietary and physical exercise routines somewhat I never ever even take into consideration a probable heart attack. An acquaintance of mine who had the operation about exactly the same time as I did has retired and behaves like he’s among the living dead. He has pitied himself into getting an invalid. Bad health in hundreds of forms is used as an excuse for failing to step up for greater responsibility, failing to do what one desires to do and failing to accomplish success.

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Showing Up Is Taking Responsibility