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Overcoming Fear Of Failure Recognizing Fear Of Failure. The years seem to have flashed by but at work your progress can only be described as average. Your family are living like typical folks but your initial enthusiasm has fizzled out. Promotion looks unlikely and the competition especially from the new guys looks daunting. So, you are say to your self “things are OK so why stress.” Forget those dreams, forget the holiday plans, forget the private schools, and forget about the house on the hill. These days it seems that are constantly telling everybody how blissfully happy you are. The reality is that you are kidding your self, what has really happened is that you have created a lot of new fears, fear that you simply will fail, fear of getting supplanted by some other ambitious individual, desperation to hold on to what you have got. You may have surrendered entirely convinced that you simply do not have what it takes. You may have come to the conclusion that success is for other people who’re far more connected, lucky or super intelligent. How did this energetic ambitious individual come to be so disillusioned? Here’s the thing. All about you is an environment that encourages herd behaviour. There are constant reminders that ones destiny is out of your hands. That ambition is stupid, naive and hopes of advancement are naive or just plain impossible. You may even have joined the club who delight in putting down those that have resisted the ‘you cannot get ahead so why bother to try’ propaganda. Suppose you told some of your oh so average buddies that you had made a choice work to toward promotion… What would have happened? Your pals would have stated “you are joking! you poor sod you certainly are on the lookout for a fall.” Now what would occur if you had stated exactly the same to someone who had achieved this objective? He would not have laughed simply because he expects folks to have large dreams. He knows that what you said isn’t impossible because he accomplished it. Bear in mind that individuals who say, it can’t be accomplished, are just about always unsuccessful individuals who are strictly average when it comes to accomplishment. Here are five factors which you can use to get out of the rut which you may be in and move up into the fast track. Quit listening to the voice of failure. Analyse motives and determine how this type of thinking has benefited those who have these negative views. Birds of a feather do flock together. Take into consideration mixing with a far more positive group who know that you simply need to be an


excellent follower prior to becoming a leader. Pick buddies who want you to succeed. Be cautious of individuals who say “Everyone says.” Ask who “EVERYONE.” is and you will find that nine times out of ten “everyone” is a single source. Be careful who you are listening to. A lot of free lance advisers have been with the business for twenty odd years and are nonetheless somewhere around the bottom of the totem pole. Ignore fellow workers who resent you whenever you contribute suggestions that may add value towards the organization, particularly those that make jokes or even threaten you whenever you show some initiative.

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Overcoming Fear Of Failure