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Ice Cream Desserts Made Easy Ice Cream Desserts Made Easy Ice cream is the most favored treat in America, and is enjoyed all year-round and for all occasions. It’s hard to resist a cold, creamy ice cream on a hot day, or any day for that matter. Ice cream is one of the most refreshing and popular summertime treats, and and even though it’s convenient to pop into the local grocery store or haul your family to the local ice cream parlour, there’s something very special about making your own homemade ice cream. If you’ve never had homemade ice cream before, you’ll be amazed to discover how delicious it is, even when compared with the best store-bought brands, and how easy it is to make. Compact ice cream makers perfect for making frozen desserts. You don’t need to worry about churning, salt or ice mixtures because the best ice cream makers do all the work for you. Most of these will also make frozen yogurt, sorbet and even frozen drinks and you don’t need to spend a lot for a really good ice cream maker because they have become less expensive in recent years. The best ice cream makers turn out creamy desserts in your favourite flavours in no time. Should you have purchased an ice cream maker and have mastered all of the standard flavours, it might time to venture into more daring territory. Your friends and family will consider you an ice cream connoisseur when they taste your unique blends of sugar, spice and other unexpected ingredients. When looking for dessert ideas, consider pear amaretto ice cream. Amaretto, an almond-flavoured liquor, gives the ice cream the almond flavoring.The combination of pear with amaretto creates a sweet and spicy flavour with hints of almond. Or perhaps you are you’re dreaming of tropical, pineapple ice cream as a a cool treat in the “hot-summer” or maybe a delicious treat or cold snack that you can make? It’s pretty easy to make this favourite. Put the pineapple into the mix and churn it in your ice cream-maker as a tropical, Hawaiian delight, a special treat. Combining ice cream flavours can help you to create the ideal dessert after a meal, or make boring ice cream more interesting. Neapolitan ice cream is a dessert consisting of a range of ice cream flavours that are frozen together in a block and then served as slices. Ice cream can become boring if you do not change it up a bit. Dip ice cream in chocolate for a crunchy outer layered sweet treat. You can employ any type of chocolate you would like to complement the flavour of your chosen ice cream. Dipping ice cream in chocolate requires about 10 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes to allow the coating to harden. Most ice cream makers come with a recipe book and you can try a wide spectrum of delicious


combinations that will wow your family this summer. Serving homemade ice cream will make the difference between run-of-the-mill birthday parties and one your guests remember for some time. So, in the event you don’t have an ice cream maker yet go on line and look for a few ice cream maker reviews and order yours today.

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Ice Cream Desserts Made Easy