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Characteristics Of Successful People

9-Characteristics Of Successful People. Everyday 1400 people around the globe become millionaires. Perhaps you would like to be one of these? A lot of people would just love to manage their own successful personal enterprise. Creating wealth is not the sole purpose- Its all about freedom. A growing number of people are blessed with experiencing this freedom everyday. The question is. How can you end up one of these folks? What sort of life, and enterprise would you like to have. Would you like to check your e-mail from your private plane? These are the nine characteristics that separate effective people from average folk. While we all have the potential for greatness we need to to train ourselves to keep certain things in mind as we develop our business concepts. 1.0 Never Blame: effective entrepreneurs never blame other people.Instead of creating excuses for poor outcomes they take time out to learn from their failures. 2.0 Take decisive action: Millionaire types have vision and they take swift decisive action aligned with the vision. The are action orientated and seize the moment when they see opportunities to push for their goals. 3.0 Trust your instincts: When in doubt they “leave it Out�. They are always on the lookout for an awesome concept or new idea. 4.0 Focus on core competentcies: They do not flip flop and loose focus. Even when they are inspired by concepts they will stay with their vision. They look out for ideas alligned to their business goals. 5.0 Marketing and advertising : Top earners employ and socialise with folks with marketing and advertising expertise. If no-one knows about your products or services you are a non starter. They are continuously looking for techniques to reach a wider audience. The key to developing a significant income is through advertising and marketing. 6.0 The power of education: Productive business people tend to be researching markets and


drawing from other peoples experiences. They study how other people have achieved their success. No matter how successful they continue to look for new techniques and approaches that they can easily apply to their own enterprises. 7.0 Errors are the developing blocks for better results: You don’t need to get every detail right . You just need to get going. 8.0 Study the competition: Constantly look for models of success and incorporate them into your own plans.Study the competition for answers to pressing problems. 9.0 Build a strong team: Successful people recognise that they cant do it all.Acquiring wealth is a team sport.You always need people cheering you on, encouraging your ability to succed in whatever you set your mind will want to develop a team of specialists especially those who possess talents and skills that you do not have. Can you apply these ideas to your life? Of course you can. You can develop the millionaire mindset. No, you aren’t going make it happen overnight. You can’t make a million dollars when you haven’t made your first hundred. So focus on the very first hundred, then move on to your first thousand, and also your initial hundred thousand. Richard Gregory -your “go to”coach

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Characteristics Of Successful People