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Best Electric Razor To Buy The most common form of shaving prior to the 20th century were the straight razors and continued so in many nations till the 1950s. Barbers were specially trained to give customers a thorough and quick shave, and a collection of straight razors ready for use was a common sight in barbershops everywhere.. In 1901, the American inventor King Camp Gillette, assisted by William Nickerson, invented a safety razor with disposable blades. Gillette realized that a tidy profit could be made by selling an inexpensive razor with disposable blades. Advertising campaigns and slogans denigrating the straight razor’s effectiveness and questioning its safety lead the straight razor to lose significant market share. Shaving became less intimidating and men started to shave themselves and the need for barbers providing straight razor shaves decreased. In early 1960, stainless steel blades that could be employed more than once became available, reducing the cost a safety-razor shave. The first such blades were produced by the Wilkinson company, the distinguished maker of ceremonial swords, in Sheffield. Soon Gillette, Schick, and other manufacturers were making stainless-steel blades The first electric shaver was patented in 1928 by the American manufacturer Col.Jacob Schick. The Remington Rand Corporation developed the electric shaver further; producing the Remington brand of shaver in 1937. The electric razor sometimes known as the electric dry shaver has a rotating or oscillating blade and does not require the use of shaving cream, soap, or water.The shaver is powered by a small DC motor, which is either driven by batteries or mains electricity. Many of the best electric razors today are powered by rechargeable batteries. Many more recent models have been designed to allow for wet/dry use, which also enables them be cleaned using running water or an included cleaning machine, to reduce the cleaning effort. Some patience as well as the use when of a moisturizer designed especially for electric shaving is required because the skin generally takes a while to adjust to the way the electric razor lifts and cuts the hairs. The electric razors will save a lot of time and give you a clean shave with no burns and cuts. No pre-shave preparations like gel or foam are required and you don’t need to wash it afterwards. The latest electric razors help you get a better shave because they have flexible heads and come in in various shapes to match your hand grip. Waterproof electric shavers now give you flexibility to shave anywhere and everywhere. Selecting the best electric razor to buy can be complicated since there are so many models to to pick from. There are four factors that are crucial to consider before you buy- price, technology, features and actual customer testimonials. Over the last 10 years electric shaver producers have made their shavers durable enough to last for many years of use so that even the even more expensive models actually don’t cost very much when you spread the expense over several years.


Our electric razor review selects the Panasonic ES-LT71-S Men’s 3-Blade(Arc 3) Wet/Dry as the best electric razor. The rapid-fire 13,000 cycles per minute linear motor drive on this shaver provides a faster, closer shave eliminating pulling, tugging and irritation. The higher priced Braun Series Pulsonic Shaver System was a close second and is recommended as the best electric shaver to buy if you have the cash to spend. Both these electric razors had a customer rating of 4.8 our of 5 stars. The best news is, that at the moment you are able to save money and enjoy a fantastic discount on either of these shavers online.So pay far less than you would pay at a store near you when you buy today.

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Best Electric Razor To Buy