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What ! " definition of a good wine? It #$ld %a& and end wi' a smil( William Sokolin

Wine ! con%ant proof 'at God loves us and loves to see us ha*y. Benjamin Franklin

Wine ! bo+led poetry. Robert Louis Stevenson

Wine gives a man no'ing... It only puts in motion what had been locked up in fro%. Samuel Jackson

A bo+le of wine begs to be #ared; I have never met a m!erly wine lover. Clifton Paul Fadiman

What ! " definition of a good wine? It #$ld %a& and end wi' a smil( William Sokolin

Wine ! " mo% civilized 'ing in " world. Ernest Hemingway

My only regret in life ! 'at I ,d not -ink more Champagn( John Maynard Keynes

Wine .ts be+er wi' a.. /e older I .t, " be+er I like it. Anonymous

Wine makes daily living easier, less hur0ed wi' fewer tensions & more toleranc( Benjamin Franklin

Come quickly! I am ta%ing " %ars! Dom Perignon at his first sip of Champagne

Every time I sit do1 wi' intensions to ,ne I am never wi'$t a fiue bo+le of win( Allie Merrick

Music ! " wine 'at fills " cup of silenc( Robert Fripp

Comprom!es are for relation#ips, not win( Sir Robert Scott Caywood

What contemptible sc$n-el %ole " cork from my lunch. W.C. Fields

Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep a ba' and a glass of win( St. Thomas Aquinas

I -ink Champagne when I win to celebrat( I -ink Champagne when I lose to console myself. Napoleon

Making a good wine ! a skill. Fine wine ! an a&. Robert Mondavi

Burgundy makes y$ 'ink of silly 'ings, Bordeaux makes y$ talk of 'em & Champagne makes y$ do 'em. Jean-Aanthelme Brillat-Savarin

What 'r$gh y$' gave love & roses, a. %ill leaves us f0ends and win( Thomas Moore

Wine ! sunlight, held to.'er by water. Galileo Gallilei

Cheers! Peter & Allie

Wine & Words  

a collection of quotes to sip to

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