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New Allevo Curette

Kyphoplasty Kyphoplastie

Allevo Curette

Cost-effective No wear of the product due to the reversible overload protection.

Ergonomic Handle with control knobs on both sides (for right or left handed persons).

Comfortable Angle of the cutting head is continuously adjustable from 0째 to 90째 ( automatically locked into position).

User-friendly Resetting of force and torque limitation in the vertebra as well as outside the vertebra possible (Resetting outside the vertebra with the Allevo Introducer or Access Device).

Safe Integrated and reversible force and torque limitation.

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Allevo Curette


Lens-Tip 8 mm diameter 3.5 mm

Allevo Kyphoplasty System - Advanced stabilization & pain relief for spinal fractures Joline’s minimally-invasive balloon catheters provide a complete system for treating vertebral fractures. The unique balloon design allows safe and precise positioning of the catheter in the vertebra, thereby creating the best conditions for elevating and stabilizing the vertebra.

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