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MWD 2012  TO:  My Waterloo Days Parade Applicants  FROM:  My Waterloo Days Parade Committee  It’s parade time! And the festival has a new home.  My Waterloo Days is a project of Main Street  Waterloo now and is no longer affiliated with the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance/Chamber of Commerce.     Some changes will occur but the parade will still be coordinated and managed by GMAC Mortgage.  The  Festival is looking for quality entries in the parade.  We sincerely hope that your business or organization  is planning to be a part of the parade.  It’s a terrific opportunity to showcase your accomplishments.  The day and time is different.  Please note the parade will be Friday, June 1 at 6:30 PM in downtown  Waterloo.  The 2012 theme will be a “BLAST FROM THE PAST!”    The application fee is different.  Education entries and Non‐profit entries will continue to be $25 and  Profit entries will be $50.  Entries must be an official parade entry, please refer to the application for  those types of units.  Those that choose “other” as their category must write in detail their type of  entry.  The Application Form and Fee must be returned to My Waterloo Days, 212 E. 4th Street, Waterloo, Iowa  50704 by May 1st.  No late entries will be accepted.  You will be notified if your application is not  approved.  Accepted entry is based on description and drawing provided.  You may visit the MWD  website at to download the application and guidelines.  Checks should be made payable to My Waterloo Days.  The categories for awards and judging criteria are listed on page 3.  Also enclosed are the guidelines and  rules.  Please note that there will be no handouts or candy throwing.  Packets containing your parade line‐up number, a map of the route and your assigned spot in the  staging area will be mailed in mid‐May.  If you have any questions, please contact Nathan Daman at GMAC Mortgage, 236‐5311 (message line,  your call will be returned).  We look forward to seeing your entry in the 2012 My Waterloo Days Parade on Friday night at 6:30 PM  on June 1st. 

2012 Parade Application Please review application carefully. Some changes have occurred. The application must be signed and received on or before Tuesday, May 1st to be considered for entry in the Parade. This year’s theme is: “Blast from the Past!”

Please check one: Education/Non-Profit $25 ___________ Profit $50__________

Name of Business and/or Organization _____________________________________________________________________ Address, City, State _____________________________________________________________________ Contact Persons 1)____________________________________2)______________________________ Address 1)____________________________________2)______________________________ Day & Evening Phone 1)____________________________________2)______________________________ E-mail 1)____________________________________2)______________________________ Do you want your entry to be judged? Yes _____

No _____

If you want your entry judged, please check the award category (see page 3) that applies to you: _____ Commercial (profit) Entry _____ Organization (non-profit) Entry _____ Youth Entry _____ Equestrian (Horse) Entry _____ Partners in Education Entry Will there be music accompanying your unit?

________ Yes __________ No

How many vehicles will accompany your unit? ________________________ Describe _________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ (The Parade Committee reserves the right to restrict the number and type of vehicles.)

* Please fill out both pages completely * 1

(Page 2 Parade Application continued)

TYPE OF UNIT A drawing (change this year) and a detailed description must be included to be considered for entry into the Parade. (Entries are not to exceed maximum length of 65 ft. and height of 14 ft.) ____ Antique/Custom Vehicle Describe_________________________________________________________ ____ Equestrian Number of Horses ______ Entire Hitch Length _________ ____ Float Length of Unit ________________ ____ Drill Team Number of people __________________ ____ Drum & Bugle Number of people __________________ ____ Marching Band Number of people __________________ ____ Walking Entry Number of People __________________ ____ Military – Vehicles/Color Guard Describe__________________________________________________________ ____ Other __________________________________________________________

GMAC Mortgage is coordinating and managing the My Waterloo Days Parade again. Please note changes below: Return parade application & the $25 or $50 entry fee by May 1st to: My Waterloo Days 212 E. 4th Street Waterloo, Iowa 50703 Phone 319-291-2038 Fax 319-291-4298 Parade questions can go to: Nathan Daman, GMAC Mortgage Message Phone: 319-236-5311

Make checks payable to: My Waterloo Days We agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cedar Skyline Corp dba My Waterloo Days, Community National Bank, GMAC Mortgage, the City of Waterloo, their officers, directors, and staff against all suits, actions, claims, costs or demands resulting from death, personal injury, and property damage arising or resulting in whole or in part from the fault, negligence, wrongful act or omission of this participant or any of its volunteers or employees. We understand that no alcoholic beverages are to be on the parade route. No candy or handouts are allowed from the parade participants. Signed:________________________________________Date:___________________ Please fill out both pages completely Thank You!


AWARD CATEGORIES All participants requesting to be judged will be included for consideration for the Grand Marshal and Theme Awards. Participants can only win in one of the following categories. GRAND MARSHAL AWARD…………………… Best Overall Entry BEST THEME AWARD…………………………. Best Use of Theme BEST COMMERCIAL AWARD BEST ORGANIZATION AWARD BEST YOUTH AWARD BEST EQUESTRIAN AWARD BEST PARTNERS AWARD

CRITERIA A panel of judges will begin judging promptly at 5:00 PM. In addition to the general criteria listed under the definition of categories, the judges will also base their decision on the following points: 1. Floats made specifically for parade purposes. 2. A float may be a decorated, self-propelled vehicle or decorated trailer pulled by a vehicle. The size of the entry shall not exceed overall length of 65 feet and height of 14 feet. 3. Floats will be judged on: A. B. C. D. E.

Theme Imagination Color Materials Workmanship

F. Mobility G. Animation H. Use of people I. Overall presentation

4. The results of the judges will be pooled and consultations made. 5. The decision of the judges is final. Please have a spokesman for your entry available to answer any questions from the judges. The award winner in each category will be notified of their recognition at the point they enter the parade route. The parade entry will be preceded in the parade by a banner of recognition and winners’ names will be given to the media. The My Waterloo Days Parade Committee sincerely appreciates your cooperation and participation in making the 2012 My Waterloo Days Parade the best ever! Thank you for the participation in the My Waterloo Days Parade.


2012 MY WATERLOO DAYS PARADE GUIDELINES AND RULES Please note the day and time changes for the 2012 My Waterloo Days Parade. The 2012 My Waterloo Days Parade will be Friday, June 1 and begin promptly at 6:30 PM. GMAC Mortgage will continue to coordinate and manage the parade. Mediacom will do a live broadcast of the parade on MC 22 (Mediacom Channel 22). Units wanting to be judged must be at their designated staging area 5:00 PM. Any vehicle not being used in the parade will not be allowed to park in the staging area. Each unit will be assigned a location in the staging area. Assignments will be included in your packet. You will be issued a display card with an entry number. The card must be placed in the front portion, lower left corner of the driver's side of your unit. If no vehicle is used with your entry, please have an individual responsible for displaying the card at the left front of your unit. The card enables Mediacom to properly identify your entry and assist with judging. 1. Decoration Any vehicle entered in the parade must be decorated. Placing a vehicle in the parade with just the name of the business or organization on it will not be accepted. (Exceptions include: city fire department, city police department, dignitary/celebrity vehicles and official parade vehicles which will be marked.) 2. Size Each entry will be limited to a total length of 65 feet and height of 14 feet.

3. Hand-outs

NOTHING can be distributed, thrown or handed out to the crowd (such as bubble gum, candy, flags, political brochures, etc.). If participants do not abide by this rule, the entry will be pulled immediately from the parade route and will forfeit any rights to awards. 4. Political Entries Political entries must be physically present and will travel the route in a vehicle. Candidates will be grouped according to political party and no hand-outs will be allowed. 5. Horses and other animals Animal groups will be entered in the parade only when equipped with the necessary "pooper scooper" crew. Entry must be registered as animal entry on application. 6. Alcohol No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in staging area or parade route. If any Parade representative witnesses alcohol consumption by Parade participants, the authorities will be notified.

7. Movement The parade will not be delayed for final preparation of any participant. There will be no stopping to perform. All participants will be expected to cooperate with the Parade Marshals located throughout the parade to ensure that safety and parade flow is maintained. If emergency units need to get through the parade route, all units should move to the right side of the street. 8. Towing Emergency towing vehicles will be on standby during the parade to pull any unit that experiences mechanical failure. Towing will be at the owner's expense. 9. Entry Fee The $25 (for Educational or Non-profit entries) application fee OR a $50 (Profit) application fee, made payable to My Waterloo Days, is non-refundable. 10. Placement* All applications are subject to approval of the Parade Committee. Placement of parade entries in the line-up is the responsibility of the Parade Committee. 11. Medical Emergency First Aid Stations will be located at Regions Bank at East 4th and Sycamore and the Fire Station on East 3rd and Franklin. Parade volunteers will have radio communications should medical treatment be necessary. 12. De-staging De-staging starts at the release point that will be marked "End of Parade" on the parade route map. PLEASE NOTE: for the safety of all individuals (participants and spectators), parade entries must completely exit the parade route and be fully parked in the de-staging area before leaving and/or dis-manteling their float. All participants will be expected to cooperate with the Parade Marshals in order to expedite a smooth dispersal. 13. Insurance Disclaimer Neither the Cedar Skyline Corporation dba My Waterloo Days, Community National Bank, GMAC Mortgage or the City of Waterloo bears any responsibility for personal injuries or property damage inflicted by or on any participants in the parade. Parade participants should be properly insured against medical, property damage, or personal liability occurring to themselves or to any other person in connection with parade or parade activities. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF MY WATERLOO DAYS, CEDAR SKYLINE CORP DBA AS MY WATERLOO DAYS RESERVE THE RIGHT AT ANY TIME TO REFUSE PARTICIPATION IN THE PARADE OF ANY ENTRY DEEMED INAPPROPRIATE AT MY WATERLOO DAYS SOLE DISCRETION.


Parade Information for My Waterloo Days 2012  
Parade Information for My Waterloo Days 2012  

My Waterloo Days Parade will be Friday, June 1 at 6:30 pm and will be televised on Mediacom 22 statewide. This year's theme is "A BLAST from...