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The Magazine of the Volvo Club of America Vol. 25, No. 5 • September/October 2007

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Volvo ReCharge Concept Volvo Club of America 2007 Sweden Trip C30 Road Test



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Rolling Vol. 25, No. 5 • September/October 2007

articles Volvo ReCharge Concept ...........................................7 Volvo in the News .......................................................8 Diesels Reaching Critical Mass ................................10 Steven Armstrong Interview......................................11 VROM 2007 ..............................................................12 C30 Road Test ..........................................................14 Mid-America’s Midsommar Festival ..........................16 Volvo Club of America 2007 Sweden Trip ................18 Our Trip to Sweden ...................................................21

VROM 2007

Läckö Slott ................................................................22 A Visit to Genuine Classic Parts...............................22 Treasure Trove of Old Volvos ....................................23 Highlights of Our Visit to Sweden .............................23 Professor Volvo Barn Find—1954 Volvo PV830 Taxi ......................24 Duett Mania ..............................................................26 Stockholm Pictures ...................................................37

departments C30 Road Test

Editor’s Desk...............................................................2 Letters to the Editor ....................................................3 President’s Corner ......................................................4 VCOA Chapters ..........................................................6 Volvo Registers ...........................................................6 Chapter News ...........................................................28 Calendar of Events ...................................................30 Club Items.................................................................31 Discount Parts and Service ......................................32

VCOA 2007 Sweden Trip

Books and Literature.................................................34 Business Resources .................................................35 Classifieds ................................................................36

On the Cover Volvo C30 on Blecktornsgränd in Stockholm. City Hall in the background, across the water. Photo by Jan Nystrom Cover Photo Contest Send us your best Volvo pictures! 35 mm slides, color prints or digital photos. Digital photos must be highresolution. Winner receives a year’s free membership. September/October 2007





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September/October 2007

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editor’s desk Jan Nystrom he saga goes on. Renault’s Carlos Ghosn has come out with a statement that they are not interested in Volvo. And just the other day, BMW’s board chairman Norbert Reithofer put to bed speculations that they plan to buy Volvo. Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, he commented, “Let’s put it this way, BMW is known as a rear-wheeldrive car company, a certain Swedish manufacturer makes front-wheel-drive cars, so where are the synergies?” In the meantime, Ford has at least acknowledged that they are conducting a strategic review whether to keep Volvo or not. The results are supposed to be announced by the end of the year. The rest of PAG, i.e., Jaguar and Land Rover will be gone by then or at least early next year. A recent interview in Newsweek with Alan Mullaly and Bill Ford gave some insight as to what might be going on at Ford. It appears that Mullaly wants to sell Volvo and concentrate on fixing Ford, whereas Bill Ford wants to hang on to Volvo. Hard to tell who will get his way. The headline of the article read, “Ford Motor Co.’s Management Odd Couple— How to tell the man whose name is on the building that you’re overhauling the family firm he once ran.” I’m sure Mullaly has his work cut out for himself, but I wish they would put an end to the speculations. This isn’t good for anybody except Volvo’s competition. Lasse Swärd, the Swedish motor journalist who wrote the article on the three-door


Amazon in the last issue of Rolling, compared the situation to the early 90s when Pehr Gyllenhammar was trying to put a merger together with Renault—a deal that eventually went south. Here’s what he said in a recent article in Dagens Nyheter, “Now history seems to repeat itself with all the uncertainty and worry, risk of investments being put on hold in anticipation of a new direction, wild speculations, and irreparable damage to the brand. All while the archrivals Audi, BMW and Mercedes grab even more customers and grow even stronger.” Oh, so true! And being a Volvo Cars employee can’t be much fun these days either. “Will I have a job in six months?” must be a question on people’s minds. We all know what tends to happen in acquisitions—you bring in your own folks. It seems the best we can hope for is that the Swedish investment group, mentioned in the “Volvo in the News” section on page 8, is able to raise enough money to buy the company. Unless Bill Ford gets his way, of course. On a more positive note, Volvo just announced their first hybrid at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month. Actually, it’s almost an electric car, at least if you drive less than 60 miles a day. Come home at night, plug it into a regular outlet and it’s ready to go again the next morning. Pretty cool, in my opinion! I could see having one of these for driving back and forth to work. Granted it’s a concept car at this point, but still. Well done, Volvo! You can read more about it inside the magazine. Last, I want to thank all of you that wrote about the VCOA trip to Sweden. I received wonderful materials—much more than I could publish. Thank you, all!

membership information Membership dues are $35/year (Canada $40/year, all other countries $65/year). Ownership of a Volvo is not necessary for membership. For international members, please be sure to send your payment in U.S. funds. Payment can also be made on our website at Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted. $20 fee for returned checks. Please contact Gretchen Adams,, for all magazine subscription and membership issues. Send all correspondence to VCOA, Box 16, Afton, NY 13730.

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letters to the editor Right-Hand Driving When Sweden changed to driving on the right in 1967, the government expected accidents would increase until drivers got used to it. The accident rate went down, in fact, which was explained by assuming drivers were being more careful! As an Englishman, I must comment on driving on the left. There are historical reasons for it. When the common mode of travel was on horseback, the travelers rode on the ‘English’ side of the road. This put the sword arm in the center of the road for right-handed people, and made it easier to defend oneself. When Napoleon conquered Europe, he made his army travel on the left side so the rest of the travelers had to switch sides. Sweden, like England, was never conquered, so they did not have to change. Sweden unlike England, which is an island, was right to change once traffic became more common. Mike Bennett Mike, Sweden actually had right-hand traffic once before. In 1718, king Karl XII legislated that “Mail couriers yield to one another to the right; but on narrow roads, bridges and alike, he who first blows his horn has right-away.” Already in 1734 the law was replaced with a new one, where ‘travelers in town and country’ were supposed to yield to the left. The fact that England never changed might have something to do with the ‘fog over the Channel, continent cut off’ syndrome. Back then, England still viewed itself as the center of the world in some respects and expected others to come around. By now it may be too late, i.e. too costly, to consider changing. Jan

My Russian Bertone Connection We decided to sell our ‘91 Bertone that my wife’s uncle had given us two years ago, so we advertised in Auto Trader. We received some calls to test drive, but no offers. Then came a call from Dmitry with M&I Imports in Illinois. I was very suspicious. He told me he had a customer in Russia interested in my Bertone and proceeded to offer me $3,000. I was asking $5,000 and told him I would rather keep the car than sell it that cheap. He called back the next day and said he wanted the car. I faxed him a copy of the title and a purchase agreement. He was to deposit $1,000 and send a company out for an inspection. Dmitry changed the agreement and did not send a deposit. I was very suspicious and told him to find another car.

About a week later I received an e-mail from Alex in Russia, asking why I would not sell the car. I told him the story and described the car. He wanted it sight unseen. I received a bank check. After it cleared, the car was picked up by a ramp truck from Brooklyn, New York. It will spend ten days in U.S. Customs, 21 days on the ship to Finland, and five days en route to Moscow. Alex is hoping for late snow, so he can have a month of driving before winter comes. So the Bertone is going home, sort of. Back across the pond after 16 years. Ken Sternberg

OVLOV was attached to a Chevy and a Honda, respectively, when the tickets were issued! On a more serious note, I’d encourage Volvo to reconsider the changes to the High Mileage Program. I take great pride in keeping my 240 and 760 on the road and spend whatever it takes to do so. I’ll gladly pay for having a real badge. Jeffrey Bliemeister Jeff is the curator at the Antique Auto Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

100K on the Mass Turnpike My five-year old V70 turning 100,000 miles on the Mass Turnpike.

Paul MacKay Just as a matter of interest, Paul MacKay (winner of the Loose Odometer award at Carlisle in May) was an assembly line worker at Volvo in Halifax. He was the guy who assembled all the front ends for the 120-series cars that were built there. As a result, if anyone wants to see how the front end is supposed to be detailed, take a careful look at Paul’s 123GT. He was there when his own 123GT was built. Brett Sutherland

Vanity Plates When I acquired my ‘88 760 Turbo wagon, I wanted a Volvo-inspired plate. I was thrilled when OVLOV was available. It seems to generate both laughs and confusion, in equal measure. I then got a letter from the Williamsport, Penn. Parking Authority saying I owed $52 in four parking tickets. The fines were long overdue and I had limited time to make restitution before more punitive measures would be taken. I was quite surprised since I haven’t even been to Williamsport four times in my life and the earliest ticket predated my move to Pennsylvania! Turned out the tickets belonged to the plate’s former owner. Apparently I had inherited his fines when I received the plate. The strangest part of the story is that

Peter Colman It seems clear that a number of members take great pride in keeping their cars in good shape and driving them for many miles.

September/October 2007





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president’s corner In an effort to introduce some of the other board members in the club, this month’s column is written by Trish Patricco, our chapter coordinator. I’m newly elected to the board of directors, but I’ve been volunteering as the club’s chapter coordinator for the past couple years. I function as a liaison between the chapter leaders and the board to keep the chapters up to date as new members join and to channel feedback back to the board. I’m not a true gear head, but what I lack in technical and mechanical expertise, I try to make up for with my enthusiasm and passion for Volvos. I can recall, even as a child, a certain enigmatic fondness for those ladder-style headrests in the 240-series. I was the little girl who quietly wished for a Volvo wagon, instead of the Camaro and Monte Carlo my parents had chosen for our family vehicles. When I began to drive, I coveted the 850s, but couldn’t afford one. I fell in love and married a car guy, Anthony, which is how my passion for Volvos started. We now own four Volvos in an ever growing collection. Mostly because we love them all so much that we’re unwilling to part with any. Our first Volvo, a 1972 142, came out of a friend’s field, complete with resident critters. It needed soup to nuts, and got it…slowly. It’s a real beauty today, in super shiny bright mica green, lowered with Volan wheels, and a little bit faster than stock. Our next keeper was a 1967 1800S, which we bought sight unseen on eBay. She’s a bit of a rust bucket. Anthony got her running in less than 24 hours , after bringing her home. We polished her up a bit and enjoy cruising around on evenings and weekends. Our third Volvo was another successful eBay purchase—a 2001 V70 T5. I happily jumped into this car. Going back to driving a manual transmission was a joy for me, even in New Jersey traffic. Anthony drives this one now, and we daydream about the ipd softloader coming soon. My current love is my daily driver, a 2004 S60 R. I waited for this car to come into my life…every day that I drive it I am happy. I love speed—even just the idea of speed—and this car is sexy and all about going fast safely. It’s sort of the Volvo equivalent of this girl gone wild. You have to love its quirks and drive one to fully understand. The wish list of modifications 4


September/October 2007

could go on for half a page, but for now I’m enjoying her as she is and getting to know the ins and outs of the R. Like any woman, I’m still window shopping…keeping an eye out for my ultimate dream—an ’06 or ‘07 sonic blue V70 R with Atacama leather and 6-speed manual transmission. If you have one and want to sell it, drop me an e-mail so we can talk! Admittedly, I’m an addict. For a living, I’m an interior designer who sells office furniture in New Jersey. I find myself stealing moments throughout the day, clicking over to the Swedespeed forums to connect with other Volvophiles. The R forum is almost like coming home. I get energized by the passion these folks have for their cars and the knowledge and excitement they share in their postings. I am immensely entertained. I even learn a thing or two. I’m always trying to convert my friends and family and bring them into the fold. Here in New Jersey, Volvos are everywhere on the road. Crazy as we are, Anthony and I have even modified the old “Punch Buggy” VW game to suit our penchant for Volvos. We’ve been playing “Punch Volvo” for a while now…maybe too long. One of the reasons I sought out the Volvo community and VCOA is the opportunity to connect with all of you. I love hearing about plans for upcoming events and get-togethers. I’m fascinated by the innovative solutions people come up with for improving the performance of their cars. I love driving our 1800 in a caravan of Volvos across the covered bridges in eastern Pennsylvania at the Capital City’s annual bridge tour. I also love driving my R along the twisty roads of Harriman State Park in New York. Nothing made me happier, however, than walking around at the Carlisle Import Show this past May trying to wrap my brain around the 350 Volvos that were there. It was an awesome thing to behold. Talking to the owners of all these fabulous cars was great too. The experience, knowledge and passion were evident in every one of them. The other thing that struck me was the diversity of the crowd. Owners young and old with cars new and old had all come together for the same purpose. And the sun was shining, too. What a fantastic weekend! As members of the club, your input is valuable. Please always feel welcome to

share your thoughts with us. I enjoy talking to people, and find your insight and willingness to share your experiences give us an opportunity to maintain a broad perspective on what information, activities and products will bring the most value to our members. Volvos are great, but it’s the people that truly make this club what it is. I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and got to attend a great VCOA event or two in your part of the country. I certainly did, but in my opinion there can never be enough. Fall is a spectacular time for scenic drives and gatherings of happy Volvos and their owners. If there’s not much going on in your area, you might consider starting a new chapter. If that sounds good to you, please contact me for more information and assistance. If you know other Volvo owners and enthusiasts, who aren’t current members of VCOA, why not invite them to join too. Trish Patricco

Live in North Carolina or northern California? The Blue Ridge and Sacramento chapters of VCOA are looking for new leadership. If interested, please contact Tricia Patricco at tricia@

VCOA Members Save $500 on a New Volvo Visit Enter abn7ABN (case sensitive) for New Users to create new a user ID



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September/October 2007





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vcoa chapters ARIZONA Cactus Chapter Jon Yares 623-878-7410 12130 N. 85th Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85345

CALIFORNIA Golden Gate Chapter Scott Smith 415-847-4978 101 Blanca Dr., Novato, CA 94947 Orange County Chapter Dave Hunt 714-630-2207 557 S. Rio Vista Street Anaheim, CA 92806 Sacramento Chapter Doug Kauer 916-685-1283 9964 Stone Oak Way Elk Grove, CA 95624 Southern California Chapter Dave Barton 951-674-0818 15240 Golden Sands St., Lake Elsinore, CA 92530,

CANADA Capital Chapter Charles Leitch 613-387-2269 5758 Highway 15, Seeleys Bay ON K0H 2N0, Canada La Belle Province Chapter—Montreal Richard Prevost 514-747-3470 1470 Painter Circle, Saint-Laurent QC H4L 3C3, Canada

Page 6



Midwest Chapter Andrew Zizzo 847-340-4185 10 Rutgers Ct. Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047

Blue Ridge Chapter Kaj Bern 919-467-4220 1503 Laughridge Drive Cary, NC 27511



Hoosier Chapter Christopher Winters 317-769-4067 6507 Sussex Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077

Buckeye Chapter Horst E. Gienapp 614-882-5235 119 South Hempstead Rd., Westerville, OH 43081,



Maine Chapter Steve Seekins 207-594-9747 PO Box 86 Spruce Head, ME 04859

Pacific Northwest Chapter Nick Choy 503-691-1432

MARYLAND Chesapeake Chapter Jim Morris 717-891-2239 PO Box 51 Codorus, PA 17311

MASSACHUSETTS / NEW HAMPSHIRE Boston/Merrimack Valley Chapter Holly Stump 978-356-1644

MICHIGAN Michigan Chapter Tim Cox 616-240-4440 1500 Fisk Rd SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Rocky Mountain Chapter Tom Stoffel 303-666-9719 249 Harper Street Louisville, CO 80027

Heart of America Chapter Bart Klein 816-741-1084 Kansas City, MO Missouri / S. Illinois Chapter Jim Jeske 314-894-3575 4734 Sunnyview Drive St. Louis, MO 63128



Southern New England Chapter Kurt Schultz 860-289-6441 300 Connecticut Blvd East Hartford, CT 06108

Garden State Chapter Will Van Allen 609-392-7763 444 South Olden Avenue Trenton, NJ 08629



Florida Chapter Dave Montgomery 904-771-1154 4424 Ortega Farms Circle Jacksonville, FL 32210 Southwest Florida Chapter Bill & Pat Rose 239-593-1185 2821 Estey Avenue D2, Naples, FL 34104

New York Metro Chapter Howie Silverman 516-798-3618 207 Bayview Avenue Massapequa, NY 11758 New York Mohawk Chapter Herman Wiegman 518-370-2734 1030 Mohegan Road, Niskayuna, NY 12309, hwiegman/volvo/mohudson.html


Please contact Tricia Patricco, our National Chapter Coordinator, if you are interested in forming your own chapter. 908-227-8681


Mike Dudek 8505 Church St. #17 Gilroy, CA 95020



September/October 2007

PENNSYLVANIA Capital City Chapter Jan Nystrom 717-741-0569 2235 Dandridge Drive York, PA 17403

SOUTH CAROLINA Palmetto Chapter Jon Morgan 864-423-5720 317 Huddersfield Drive Piedmont, SC 29673

TENNESSEE Appalachian Chapter Mark Downing 865-481-3112 1030 West Outer Drive Oak Ridge, TN 37830

TEXAS Alamo Chapter Doyle Beilstein 210-377-3767 227 Granada Dr. San Antonio, TX 78216 Texas Chapter Jon Howes

VIRGINIA Tidewater Chapter William Arey 804-744-1327 4432 Old Fox Trail Midlothian, VA 23112-4734

WASHINGTON North West Volvospeed Kevin Teeter 206-427-1798 2348 Yale Ave E., # 201 Seattle, WA 98102 Washington/Puget Sound Chapter Joseph Galant 425-821-6005 13438 135th Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA 98034,

WEB R Chapter James Harrisson

volvo registers Volvo PV Register Mark Heyburn 914-569-1390 P.O. Box 733 Vails Gate, NY 12584

Volvo Amazon Register Mark Heyburn 914-569-1390 P.O. Box 733 Vails Gate, NY 12584

1800 Register Bob Foltz 718-863-0964 1911 Mulford Ave. Bronx, NY 10461

P1900 Register Dave Hunt 714-630-2207 557 S. Rio Vista St. Anaheim, CA 92806

1983 240 Special Edition Flathood Turbo Register Ray Parsons 703-948-7396 1258 Mason Hill Ct. Herndon, VA 20170

240 Classic Register Ted Maeurer 13157 Bayfield Dr. Austin, TX 78727

Bertone Register Jan Nystrom 717-741-0569 2235 Dandridge Drive York, PA 17403

R Register Ed Timermanis 416-259-1255 512 Evans Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8W 2T7

C70 Register Lee Cordner

Cross Country (XC) Register Taylor Fulde

V8 Register Michael Yount 865-602-3580 118 Herron Dr., Knoxville, TN 37919



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Volvo ReCharge Concept

olvo introduced the ReCharge Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month. It’s a plug-in hybrid, with individual electric motors at each wheel, and a battery range of 60 miles. The batteries can be recharged via a regular electrical outlet. The car is filled with new technology and superior to anything on the market today, according to Volvo. The four-cylinder Flexifuel combustion engine plays only a secondary role and never drives the wheels. It charges the batteries when needed. There is no need for a transmission and the four electric motors provide independent traction at each wheel—the ultimate all-wheel drive. The hybrid car, based on a re-designed C30, was developed at the Concept Center in Camarillo, California. The only catch is that much of the technology is not yet available. For example, the batteries, which weigh 400 lbs., have to become lighter. The production car is at least five years away. “This is a ground-breaking innovation for sustainable transportation. A person driving less than 60 miles a day will rarely need to visit a gas station. In the U.S., this applies to almost 80 percent of the drivers,” says Magnus Jonsson, who is in charge of research and development at Volvo Cars. When driving on electrical power only, operating costs are expected to be about 80 percent lower than that of a comparable gas-powered car. Going beyond the battery range, gas mileage is expected to average 124 mpg on 90 mile trip. The Flexifuel engine drives an efficient generator, an auxiliary power unit (APU), that steps in when the battery charge is insufficient for adequate driving performance. The APU is designed to distribute electrical power to the individual motors at each wheel. Since the combustion engine only powers the APU, it can operate in an optimal fashion, both for regulated emissions and CO2. The APU is powerful enough to supply a single-family house with electricity. It could, with minor modifications, function as a backup generator in the event of a power failure. The combustion engine automatically starts when 70 percent of the battery power has been depleted. The driver also has the option of controlling the engine manually via a button on the


instrument panel. This allows the driver to start the engine early to top off the batteries. “There is a considerable difference between our plug-in hybrid and today’s hybrids. They use the battery only for short periods to assist the combustion engine. Ours is designed to run on electric power all the time, while providing the extra security of a combustion engine as a secondary source of electrical power,” says Ichiro Sugioka, project manager for the ReCharge Concept. “What’s more, our C30 with plug-in hybrid technology retains its lively and sporty driving properties. Acceleration from 0-60 mph takes 9 seconds and top speed is 100 mph,” he adds. The central electrical components—the generator for the APU and the wheel motors—were developed together with British electromagnetic specialists PML Flightlink. The energy that is generated during braking is transmitted to the battery pack. When the system is ultimately developed, traditional wheel brakes will be completely replaced by electrical brakes with minimal energy wasted through friction. The ReCharge Concept is best suited for drivers who cover moderate distances every day. A commuter who drives less than 60 miles between home and work can cover the entire trip on electric power. The only requirement is that the car owner has access to electrical outlets at home or at work. “A full recharge takes three hours. However, even a one-hour quick charge will provide enough power to drive 30 miles,” according to Jonsson.

September/October 2007





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Page 8

Volvo in the News Renault Does Not Want Volvo French car maker Renault is not interested in buying Volvo Cars. So said Renault Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn in late August according to the news agency Reuters. “We did not look at the Volvo dossier,” Ghosn said. “I do not think that at this time Renault should invest in buying another brand. Renault has a product problem at the moment,” he said, adding the amounts rumored for Volvo, running into billions of dollars, would be a very considerable investment.

Who Wants Jaguar? Jaguar is enduring hard times. But that hasn’t stopped a diverse crowd of luxuryautomaker wannabes from bidding for Jaguar and sister brand Land Rover. Ford says the sale will occur late this year or early next. The following parties have indicated preliminary interest to Ford: • Tata Group, an Indian automaker and conglomerate. • Mahindra & Mahindra, another Indian automaker. • Fiat group of Italy, which already owns luxury brands Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. • Cerberus Capital Management, which soon will own 80.1 percent of Chrysler. • One Equity Partners, a private equity firm where Jacques Nasser, former CEO of Ford Motor, is a managing director. • Ripplewood Holdings, a private equity firm where Tom Stallkamp, former president of Chrysler, is an industrial partner. • Texas Pacific Group, another private equity firm. Meanwhile, Ford Motor shook up the management of Jaguar Cars Ltd. In early August. Mike O’Driscoll, 50, president of Jaguar Land Rover North America, was named managing director. He replaced Bibiana Boerio, 53, who retired from the company after 30 years at Ford. O’Driscoll, who will keep his North American duties, reports to Jaguar Land Rover CEO Geoff Polites.

Swedish Solution Insiders at Volvo Cars are trying to organize a Swedish future for the company should the predicted sale by parent Ford Motor Co. materialize, Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri reported in early August, citing unnamed sources. After initially denying that it intends to sell Volvo, Ford has acknowledged that it is conducting a ‘strategic review’ of Volvo, 8


September/October 2007

which is the usual formal step before putting a business up for sale. While Ford has not stated that Volvo is for sale, it said the strategic review should be complete in the next two to three months. “The plan involves putting up solely Swedish institutional investors,” said one source, adding that it is hoped this will raise US $3.7–$4.4 billion, or around 50 percent of the estimated US $8 billion value of Volvo Cars. Part of the remaining sum would be raised by a listing on the Stockholm stock exchange, possibly in 2008, said the sources. The plan also sees Ford retaining a 1015 percent holding in Volvo Cars. “Ford must guarantee to remain a shareholder for at least 10 years. That’s necessary because Volvo Cars today is strongly integrated with Ford technically, for components, and sourcing,” said the source. Work on the ‘Swedish solution’ has been going on for some months, but has intensified amid heightened expectations that Ford intends, despite its initial denials, to divest the business, which it originally acquired in 1999 for US $ 6.45 billion.

August Sales Volvo reports sales in the U.S. of 9,125 units for August, representing a 14 percent decrease from the same period last year. Overall, Volvo sales in North America (United States, including Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico) were 10,032 units— down 15.5 percent for the month. Volvo Canada sales were 685 units and 222 units were sold in Mexico, down 29.2 percent and up 26.2 percent respectively.

Volvo Keeps 600,000 Target Volvo is keeping its sales target of 600,000 cars per year by the end of the decade, despite a sales slowdown in North America. Volvo has cut its end of decade target for North America sales to 150,000 units, down from 200,000 units. Volvo’s U.S. sales through August this year totaled 72,476 units, down 9.4 percent from the same period last year. The lower U.S. sales have been partially compensated by Volvo’s success in Russia, where sales in 2007 will be around 23,000 units, up from 17,000 last year. “But the financial results of Volvo are still unsatisfactory,” said Fredrik Arp. “That is because of the low dollar, which not only affects American markets but also the dollar denominated markets like Russia and China.” Arp said that Volvo expects to start

producing a stretched-wheelbase version of the S80 in China in 2009. He said that Volvo expects to produce a few thousand per year with its Chinese joint-venture partner, which also makes the S40 sedan.

2005 XC90 Recall Volvo is recalling 42,000 XC90s in North America to prevent the risk of a short circuit in the battery. The recall concerns only the 2005 XC90 model. The recalled cars will be checked to see they are safe and will be provided with stickers to inform retailers and owners how to avoid the risk of a short circuit. “There have been no reports of short circuiting in the vehicles. We want to be extra careful,” said Volvo Cars spokeswoman Maria Bohlin. The danger of a short circuit applies only to cars in the U.S. and Canada, which need a special switch in the battery. If the jack crank handle is incorrectly placed in the trunk next to the battery, the two could come into contact when the battery is replaced, potentially causing a fire.

2007 C70 Recall Volvo is recalling 7,800 C70s of model year 2007. It is the left door which could potentially open in a collision. The problem is caused by the cable to the door handle, which is incorrectly mounted, thus making it too short. “In a certain type of crash, the door can accidentally open,” says Jan Larsen, press spokesman at Volvo Cars Sweden. The cars in question were built between October, 2006 and March, 2007 with chassis numbers from 0014876 to 0023851. Most of them were sold in Europe, but some were also exported to the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Volvo Will Sell Cars in India Volvo will start to sell cars in India. Initially only the S80 and XC90 models will be offered, with either gas or diesel engines. The cars will be sold through three dealerships in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. They will open this fall. Volvo currently plans to import the cars from its Swedish plant as completely built units. In about a year’s time, the company will decide, depending on the sales volume, whether the market is big enough to warrant an assembly plant of knocked down kits in India. After the S80 and XC90, Volvo is planning to introduce the S40, S60 and C70 by end of 2008. The sales target is 10,000 cars by 2010.



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Page 9

emotion and clarity to the brand.” Arnold’s work for Volkswagen drew high praise in the industry, but Arnold and Volkswagen parted company about two years ago.

Driver Fatigue, Rear-End Collisions May Come to a Halt In the U.S. alone, the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) estimates more than 100,000 accidents and 1,500 deaths annually are caused by driver fatigue.

New Technology to Combat DUI According to Volvo safety officials, one in every three traffic fatalities in Europe is alcohol-related. To help reduce this number, Volvo has developed ‘Alcoguard’, which uses fuel-cell technology to accurately read a person’s blood alcohol level. In order to start the vehicle, the driver must blow into a wireless hand-held unit. If his/her blood alcohol level is higher than 0.2 g/l, the car will not start. Volvo hopes this technology will help lead to a change in the general attitude towards drinking and driving, resulting in the elimination of alcohol-related road accidents and deaths.

New Volvo Ad Campaign Boston ad agency Arnold Worldwide announced that its first TV work for Volvo Cars, which is set to debut mid-September, seeks to inject more soul into the Volvo brand. The new campaign has the theme of “Life is Better Lived Together,” Arnold said. Arnold, which won praise for its decade-long “Drivers Wanted” campaign for Volkswagen, won the Volvo account this spring in partnership with a British ad agency called Nitro London. At the time, the trade journal Adweek .com valued Volvo’s advertising account at $150 million. The goal of Arnold and Nitro’s new work for Volvo is to “inject more soul into Volvo’s long-standing ‘for life’ campaign,” Arnold said. “We discovered in the pitch process that Volvo drivers ‘live’ in their cars and like to bring people along for the ride,” Arnold chief creative officer Pete Favat said in a statement. “Our goal is to illustrate that Volvo is a premium brand for those who want a more human experience.” Arnold and Nitro look to position Volvo as an alternative in the premium automotive category, as a “we” brand versus the traditional luxury “me, me, me” brands, Arnold said. “Volvo has always stood for safety and thus seen as a caring responsible brand,” Tom Ellis, Volvo’s director of global advertising, said in a statement. “The ‘life is better lived together’ global platform adds

ments, most notably its first six-cylinder engine, a 3.2-liter inline-6 that is found in the S80 and makes 235 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 236 pound-feet of torque at 3,200 rpm. That is 27 more horses than the outgoing turbocharged inline-5. The new engine is linked to a six-speed automatic transmission. Other highlights include first-time standard Hill Descent Control and new dual height-adjustable booster cushions for kids, a feature that Volvo is describing as a “world first.” The U.S. is the largest market for the XC70, with about half the projected annual production of 38,000 coming here.

Model Update 2007–2010

The NHSTA also indicates rear-end collisions are the most common of all accident types, totaling 29 percent of all incidents reported by the police. To help curb these statistics and end driver distractions, Volvo announced the following new technologies: Collision Warning with Auto Brake; Adaptive Cruise Control and Distance Alert; Driver Alert Control; and Lane Departure Warning. Using both radar and cameras, the Collision Warning with Auto Brake system automatically forces the vehicle to come to a halt when a collision is imminent. In conjunction with this, the Adaptive Cruise Control system works to maintain the distance to the car in front by using a radar sensor to monitor speed. For drivers suffering from fatigue or who are distracted, the Driver Alert Control monitors the car’s movements to alert the person behind the wheel via audio signals and text messaging. The Lane Departure Warning also uses an audible signal to alert drivers if the car crosses one of the road markings without an obvious reason. All four systems will be available in the S80, V70 and XC70 by the end of 2007.

2008 XC70 Pricing The redesigned 2008 Volvo XC70 will be priced at $37,520, including a $745 destination charge, when it arrives in U.S. showrooms on October 1. The 2007 Volvo XC70 2.5 T started at $37,115, including a $695 destination charge. The 2008 model gets several improve-

C30 Just went on sale, offered with 216hp, 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder engine. Volvo’s U.S. executives frown on a lowprice non-turbo model, fearing that it would damage the brand. But they say a 2.0-liter diesel could make its way to our shores. S40 Some Volvo executives confirm that the S40 will be dropped. S60 Launched in 1999, sliding down in the sales charts, propped up by cheap leases. The S80 is barely larger than the S60, which is barely larger than the S40. The redesigned S60 that debuts in 2010 will be slightly smaller than the current model. That’s because Volvo needs to differentiate the S60 from the S80, and pick up customers who might have chosen the S40. S80 The redesigned flagship sedan arrived in late 2006; no major changes are expected. C70 No changes foreseen. V50 The redesigned 2008 V70 wagon is substantially larger than the current model, so Volvo may keep the compact V50 wagon in the lineup. Volvo is still deciding whether to share the Mazda3 platform again or to shrink Ford’s nextgeneration EUCD platform. That redesign likely would not happen until 2011. V70 The redesigned V70 arrives in late October. It will have broader shoulders, along with blacked-out egg-crate grille and B- and C-pillars. Wheelbase grows two inches, overall length increases by about four inches. Offered only with a naturally aspirated 3.2 inline-six this fall. A turbo comes in a couple of years as a midcycle change. V90 There were reports of a flagship wagon based on the Versatility Concept Car (VCC). Unfavorable currency exchange rates and the poor sales of the Mercedes R class have quashed any chance of that happening. XC60 Volvo wants to woo BMW X3 and Acura RD-X owners with the XC60, a sporty-looking crossover that will arrive  September/October 2007





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Diesels Reaching Critical Mass By Jan Nystrom The U.S. market for diesels—formerly the exclusive domain of boat-towing pickups and German luxury cars—is reaching critical mass. General Motors plans to equip the Saturn Aura and a Cadillac sedan with diesel engines by 2010. Siemens VDO Automotive Corp.—one of the largest suppliers of diesel fuel injection systems—projects U.S. diesel sales will grow to 867,000 units in 2012, up from an estimated 653,000 units this year. By contrast, sales of hybrid vehicles are projected at 510,000 units in 2012, up from an estimated 193,000 units this year. 2007 2012 Diesels 653,000 867,000 Hybrids 193,000 510,000 Diesels are getting another opportunity because they offer 30 percent better fuel economy than comparable gasoline engines. Major refinements also have transformed the diesel from the sluggish,

chattering, smoke-belching engine many people remember from the late 70s and early 80s. Back then, GM converted an Oldsmobile gasoline engine to run on diesel fuel. It was so awful that it destroyed the U.S. market for diesels. Even Mercedes-Benz quit at that time. Now all the major automakers will introduce diesel-powered cars and SUVs. Only Ford has no plans to offer diesel cars. They say the diesel is too expensive for passenger cars. Because of California’s stringent air quality rules—which were also adopted in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and seven other states—diesels can currently be sold in only 38 states. But automakers are preparing diesels that meet emissions requirements in all 50 states, meaning a batch of new diesels will soon show up in U.S. showrooms.

Audi’s fifty-state diesel arrives in the second half of 2008. BMW’s fifty-state diesel arrives in 2008. Jaguar/Land Rover is co-developing a fifty-state diesel engine. Mercedes-Benz’s Bluetec, a diesel technology that uses urea injection to control emissions of oxides of nitrogen, debuts in 2008. Mercedes says Bluetec boosts fuel economy up to 40 percent over same-sized gasoline engines. Volkswagen’s fifty-state clean diesel goes on sale next year. Volvo claims diesel engines in the U.S. are a low priority. It seems a little short-sighted of Volvo. They already have the engines; what’s missing is the emission control system. If you don’t want to develop your own, you can always buy somebody else’s. I can’t believe the Germans have all got it wrong.


Your One Source for All Vintage Volvo Parts Contact Olof TEL: (604) 992-9664 PO Box 1517 e-mail: Point Roberts, WA 98281

Model Update continued from page 9 in spring 2009. It will be derived from Ford’s EUCD platform that also spawns the S80 sedan and Land Rover LR2. The XC60’s wheelbase and overall length will be close to the LR2’s—104.7 inches and 177.1 inches, respectively. Offered with both 3.2-liter and turbo 3.2-liter engines at launch. XC70 Redesigned version arrives in U.S. showrooms in October. Bigger and features active chassis technology, dynamic stability and traction control, as well as hill descent control borrowed from Land Rover. The wheelbase is basically identical to the V70’s, but the XC70 is slightly longer. XC90 The XC90 will be restyled and reengineered for 2010. The wheelbase will grow a couple of inches, and the XC90 will feature broader shoulders, a larger Volvo ‘iron’ symbol in the grille and large letters spelling ‘Volvo’ across the tailgate. 10


September/October 2007



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Steven Armstrong Interview Volvo is getting ready to start an expansion of the Torslanda plant in Gothenburg in anticipation of a strong sales increase by 2009. “Our goal is to build 300,000 cars in Torslanda and as many in Gent by 2009/2010,” said Steven Armstrong, responsible for production, purchasing and product development at Volvo Cars, in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri. In addition comes an anticipated production of 20,000 cars per year at the Chinese Chongqing plant. This means that Volvo is making a marked effort to increase production in Sweden, which has fallen behind in recent years. Production at Torslanda has decreased from 185,000 to 163,000 units since 2005, whereas the production in Gent increased to 243,000. At the same time, production in China has grown. But now Torslanda will expand to match the production in Gent. Unless an eventual new owner of Volvo has a different opinion, of course. “We have to continue working as usual. The Torslanda plant has to expand and it’s not enough to add a third shift. Both the assembly plant and the paint shop have to grow in order to accommodate 300,000 cars per year,” said Armstrong. The number of employees will probably grow somewhat from today’s 5,400, but at the same time productivity has to increase. Volvo’s Torslanda plant cannot match the best competitors today, but improvements are being made. “We have started an initiative where the factory is to improve its productivity by 10 percent per year over the next two, three years. We aim to be one of the top three car manufacturers in terms of productivity in Europe,” said Armstrong who does not want to promise any new hiring. The best plants in Europe today are being run by the Japanese and German car manufacturers, according to Armstrong, who is convinced that Volvo can be at least as good as Volkswagen. The optimism at Volvo Cars needs to be viewed against a decrease in quality as well as productivity over the past couple of years. Management noticed that the Volvo’s plants were not keeping up with the competition in terms of cost and started the productivity initiative. “The quality of the cars is better now. The S80, for example, received a very good report card by JD Powers in the U.S. recently,” said Armstrong. Volvo’s volume has dropped from the record year 2004 when 456,000 cars were sold to 427,000 last year. But sales is up dramatically this year partially thanks to the C30 and Volvo is heading towards a banner year. During the first seven months, sales increased by 7 percent to 271,000 cars and management now thinks this will be a new record year with 460,000 cars sold. It is the large investments in product development and new models that is bearing fruit. When Armstrong recently presented his expectations regarding the future at the Big Supplier Day, the sales curve rose sharply during 2008–2009 which is when the new crossover XC60 will be introduced. “We are entering a new segment, which we have to do in order to grow,” said Armstrong. In reply to a question whether the expected sales increase will require yet another new model in another new segment by 2009, all he said was, “We are working intensely with product development and new models are being launched all the time.” Volvo management believes the largest sales growth will take place in Russia, China and India and Volvo is planning to develop special models for those markets. “The wealthy customers in China that we are catering to with luxury cars want more and bigger,” says Armstrong. He mentioned that Volvo is planning a stretched limousine-like version of the S80 for China and other markets.

Pro-Quality Brake Bleeders Cutting Edge Creepers No Mess Oil Change Fluid Extractors Innovative tools for DIYs and Professionals

September/October 2007





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VROM 2007 Volvo Rendezvous for Owners & Members

By Jan Nystrom


ROM is a three-day international meet for classic Volvos held every year in Gothenburg. It is arranged by a non-profit organization and financed through entrance fees, participating clubs and sponsors. Volvo Cars is the main sponsor. The yearly meet has been taking place since 1987. This year’s dates were August 10–12, Friday through Sunday. Lots of activities were offered to the participants during these three days. Friday you could sign up for a visit to either the Pininfarina plant in Uddevalla, where the C70 is manufactured, or Olofström, where Volvo has been stamping sheet metal body components since 1927. Saturday there was a rally from both of these two towns to Arendal in Gothenburg, where the meet was held. All vintage Volvos were welcome to participate. The car show and a flea market was held on Sunday. The nearby Volvo Museum was also open and you could hop on an old Volvo bus if you didn’t feel like walking. One of the best attractions on Sunday, in my mind, was special presentations of selected cars on a small stage. Peter Haventon, a well-known Swedish motor journalist, was the speaker who introduced the cars and interviewed the own12


September/October 2007

ers. A number of very interesting cars were presented. Sweden does not have one main Volvo club like VCOA. Essentially there is a club for each model—the Swedish P1800 Club, the Amazon Club, the Swedish PVClub, the Big Volvo Club (anything prePV 444), and so on. Most of them participated in the VROM meet. If you have the opportunity to visit Sweden in August one year, I highly recommend attending this event.



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Volvo Amazon Coune Cabriolet 1962 Jacques Coune had a coach building company in Brussels and built four of these convertibles in the early 60s. Today only two of them still exist and this beauty is the only one on the road. The original owner was 18-year old girl who was presented with the car on her birthday by her father. Today it is owned by Stoffel Mullier in Belgium, who has made a complete renovation back to the original red leather upholstery and grey metallic paint. One of the sensations at the 2007 VROM meet.

1957 Amazon Notice the built-in clock which was standard on the very early models.

Indigo 3000 Built in 1996 by Jösse Car on largely Volvo mechanical components, in only 40-some copies. “The large exhaust gives an association to a D-type Jaguar on Le Mans in 1956. A Volvo-six has never sung so beautifully.”

September/October 2007





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C30 Road Te By Jan Nystrom

The C30 is a fun car to drive, no doubt about it. I’ve had a chance to test drive two different versions—a U.S. version 1.0 with the T5 five-cylinder turbo-charged engine (227 hp) and five-speed automatic with Geartronic and a Swedish 2.0D with a four-cylinder turbo-charged diesel (136 hp) and six-speed manual transmission. The T5 is obviously significantly peppier than the diesel, but the 2.0D is no slouch either. If I were buying one, and the diesel were available in the U.S., I’d go for the diesel. But since it’s not available here, and I’m not the age group Volvo is aiming at, I’ll try to keep my comments to the T5. Volvo has grappled with how to market the C30 in the U.S. and what engine to make available here. Art Battaglia, Volvo’s C30 project manager stated, “We didn’t want to create an economy car. That is why there is no naturally aspirated version, just the turbo.” I realize you can’t be everything to everybody, and Americans tend to want horsepower, so I’ll support Volvo’s engine choice for the U.S. The target audience is men 28 to 38, making less than $100,000. Most don’t have children. Volvo sees this gambit as essential to generate interest in the brand outside its usual turf. There will be no TV commercials, and initially no print advertising. Billboards and buses will get advertising only in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago. Banner advertising on internet sites, such as YouTube and MySpace, will ramp up in October. Doug Speck, Volvo Cars of North America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, sees the C30 as selling primarily in the country’s top 20 metro markets and not much elsewhere. “This is not a mass-market volume car. We are not spending millions of dollars,”



July/August 2007



5:59 PM

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ad Test Speck said at the media introduction. “Volvo needs to work on the expressive side of the brand. We think the C30 is visually appealing enough that it will stand out in the mind of the consumer.” The C30 is very similar to the S40 from the B-pillar forward, but is eight inches shorter overall. The rear wheels are positioned almost at the corners. I’m on the tall side, but had no problem fitting. There was plenty of room for both legs and head. But I wouldn’t want to sit in the rear seat behind me, with the front seat pushed all the way back. In my mind, this is a twoseater, with room for two occasional passengers in the back. Volvo claims a better power-to-weight ratio for the C30 than the Volkswagen GTI or Mini Cooper S. The turbocharged fivecylinder engine shoots the C30 from 0 to 60 in 6.2 seconds. For a small car, the C30 has a definite heft to it. It is also a lot of fun to drive on curvy roads. The steering is nimble and the suspension on the stiff side. Dynamic stability traction control (DSTC) and antilock brakes are standard. Other standard features include air conditioning, power windows and locks, tilt and telescoping leather steering wheel, front and side curtain airbags, and speedsensitive power steering. The base model seats are covered in fabric similar to that used for wetsuits. The headliner is made from a rugged nylon compound. The cargo area has optional soft or hard covers. Version 2.0 comes with the same engine, but adds Dynamic chassis with 18inch wheels, sport body kit, 650-watt sound system. MSRP for version 1.0 is $22,700, for version 2.0 $25,700. For buyers willing to wait six to eight weeks and fork over $300 for the privilege, a custom-build program offers choices

from 17 paint colors and 12 interior colors and a menu of 30 accessories. So would I buy one? Yes, I would if I were looking for a commuter car and did not regularly have to transport grownups in the rear seat. The C30 is definitely a fun to car to drive, and just as comfortable as any larger Volvo. Although Volvo expects to sell 65,000 C30s a year globally, the sales target for North America is only 8,000. The official on-sale date is October 1.

The C30 pictured in front of a Harley-Davidson mural on a building on Market Street in York, Pennsylvania. Arthur Davidson, one of the Harley-Davidson founders, is pictured on his 1928 motorcycle, which bore his name and that of his partner, William Harley. Behind him is a Beaver Street motorcycle shop, along with a Jefferson, Pennsylvania hill climb scene, a 1950 Harley-Davidson factory scene, and Elvis Presley astride his beloved Harley. Artist: C. Michael Svob

July/August 2007





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By Bart Klein


or the third consecutive year, the Heart of America Chapter hosted VCOA’s Midsommar festival in Kansas City. Celebrating the summer solstice—the longest day of the year— Midsommar is arguably Sweden’s largest annual festival. The event kicked off on Saturday, June 23, at Superior Volvo North, one of the main sponsors. 65 participants descended upon the dealership for two full days of fun.

The Rally The first activity consisted of a 58-mile road rally through rural Missouri, including a majestic scenic overview of the Missouri River. The objective was to complete the course without getting lost, approximating the targeted (yet unknown) route time. A series of landmark-based bonus questions improved your time, if answered correctly. The rally turned out to be one of the highlights. The winners were: Vintage (pre-1973) 1. Nicole & Nathan Hill 2. John Sloss & Don Mackey 3. Lawrence Haugen & George McDonald Classic (RWD, 1974–) 1. TiLong Nguyen & Jacob Homer 2. Delesa Michalski & Sheila Picht 3. Robert Thomison & Peter Rhyins Contemporary (FWD/AWD) 1. Susie & George Downs 2. Dan Johnson & Stephen Batzer 3. Gayle Peper & Susan Downs 16


September/October 2007

Following the rally, Dr. Stephen Batzer of the Engineering Institute gave a lecture on the fundamentals of automotive crashworthiness, complete with real-life examples and videos. He extolled the virtues of Volvo for Life and indicated that laminated side glazing provides a measurable safety improvement.

Saturday Night The evening’s festivities started with a barbeque dinner, courtesy of Superior Volvo, and beverages compliments of Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Co. Dennis DeGoosh, general manager of Superior Volvo, welcomed the audience, thanking them for showing such loyalty to the Volvo brand. The two Superior Volvo dealerships are certainly the model VCOA boosters. This was followed by an activity including a multimedia presentation of recent Volvo appearances in movies and on TV. It’s amazing to see how often Volvo performs a leading role in the entertainment industry. Chuck Wilberger gave the evening’s keynote address. He presented “40 Years Behind the Iron Mark.” His career with Volvo began as a parts picker at a distribution center and ended in 2005 as regional sales manager. He acquired his first Volvo—a ‘59 544—at age 16 and has driven 100+ different Volvo models. The presentation included a behind-the-scenes perspective on Volvo’s operation in North

America, liberally spiced with a life-long passion for everything Volvo. Saturday wrapped up with the Team Trivia Challenge, presented by Scott Peper. The contest, back from previous years by popular demand, tests the knowledge of significant and some lessrecognized Volvo events. Of course, Irv Gordon’s team seemed to have a distinct advantage.

Sunday Sunday began bright and early at the Farmers Market in Parkville, Missouri. The cars were lined up by class for the car show. Breakfast was served—the challenge was to catch as many pancakes as possible from a diabolical chef who was determined to land them on your head. Mats Johansson from Haldex gave a technical presentation of the AWD system his company manufactures for Volvo. His dynamic talk, along with a cutaway version of the AWD transmission, thrilled the crowd and was a hit by all standards. Additional forum sessions were held as well. The car show employed a people’s choice judging system, which gives everyone the opportunity for input. The results provided an encouraging endorsement of this method, as illustrated by the number of people who participated and the consistency of the selections. While the ballots were being counted, a wonderful lunch was served, courtesy of



6:00 PM

Scott Peper gives instructions for the road rally.

Volvo Cars North America. Phil Turner’s Best in Show 1965 PV544 deserves special mention. It is a pristine example of vintage Swedish Iron, and the story of its restoration is also amazing. Look for Phil’s upcoming article in Rolling and share in the journey to achieve his dream. P444/544/544/210 1. Phil Turner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1965 PV544 2. Dan Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1965 PV544 3. Trip Hogue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1967 P210 P120/220 1. John Sloss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1967 122S P1800 1. Nathan Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1971 1800E 2. Robert Thomison . . . . . . . . . .1967 1800S 3. George McDonald . . . . . . . . . .1974 1800ES 240/260 1. Delesa Michalski . . . . . . . . . . .1984 240DL 2. Peter Rhyins . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1991 245DL 3. TiLong Nguyen . . . . . . . . . . . .1984 244DL 700/900/S90/V90 1. Bob & Connie LaValle . . . . . . .1993 940 Turbo 2. George Dill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1996 965 3. Vern Rowland . . . . . . . . . . . . .1991 940 850/S70/V70 1. Lawrence Haugen . . . . . . . . . .1994 850 2. Linda Donnelly . . . . . . . . . . . .1998 V70 XC AWD 3. Stuart Caswell . . . . . . . . . . . . .1998 S70 S40/V40/V50/S60/C70/S80 1. Bart Klein . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2004 C70 2. Robert Hans . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2004 C70 3. Gayle Peper . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2002 S60 V70/XC70/XC90 1. Ed Barkley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2005 XC90 Military Vehicle 1. John Janes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1975 C303

Page 17

Volvo Attitude Award Robert Foltz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1996 1800S Ryan Grigsby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1967 1800S Jacob Homer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1990 240Ti High Mileage Award 1. Robert Lindwall . . . . . . . . . . . .1987 745 2. Jack Connolly . . . . . . . . . . . . .1966 1800 3. Lawerence Haugen . . . . . . . . .1994 850 Furthest Distance Traveled Award 1. Irv Gordon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1966 P1800S 2. George McDonald . . . . . . . . . .1973 1800ES 3. Robert Foltz . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1996 1800S Volvo Internationale Award Irv Gordon, 1966 P1800S Volvo Makeover Award Jack Connolly, 1966 1800 Millionaire Ironman Award Irv Gordon, 1966 P1800S VCOA Participation Award George Dill, 1996 965 Bud Tugley Award Scott Peper, 1984 245GLT Best In Show Phil Turner, 1965 PV544

Sponsors We would like to thank the sponsors of this event. Without their help, the Midsommar Festival would not have been such a great success. Bardahl Boulevard Brewing Co EuroSport Tuning Evolve Haldex Ipd iRoll Motors Superior Volvo V Treasure Hunter Verns Import Service Vintage Auto Parts Volvo Cars North America

The breakfast chef was determined to land the pancakes on your head.

September/October 2007





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By John Holtzapple Photo Jon Vikander


ixty-two VCOA members from across the U.S., Canada, and even Australia converged in Stockholm on Saturday, June 9. It was a bright, sunny, and warm morning. We all flew in on different



September/October 2007

flights and met later that evening at our hotel, the SAS Royal Viking in downtown Stockholm, for the welcome dinner and introductions. Prior to dinner some toured on their own, rested, or watched the

Stockholm Marathon, in which thousands ran through central town. Sunday we had an all-day guided tour of Gamla Stan (old town Stockholm), Stadshuset or City Hall, where the Nobel



8:08 PM

prizes are awarded, and the Royal Palace, where we were “up-staged” by the visiting Prime Minister of China. For many, the highlight was a visit to the maritime museum that displays the

Page 19

64-gun warship Vasa that sank in Stockholm harbor on her maiden voyage in 1628. The ship lay on the bottom for over 300 years before being salvaged in 1961. The sinking was an embarrassment to

king Gustav II Adolf, who had commissioned it and insisted on a second gun deck, against the designer’s warnings that it would be too top-heavy. Only minutes into its maiden voyage, the ship listed,  September/October 2007





6:03 PM

Page 20

Vasa capsizing in Stockholm harbor on its maiden voyage in 1628. Picture by Nils Söderberg

took on water through the lower gun ports, and sank. Traveling by bus, the group visited the smaller mid-country towns of Motala (capital city of the Göta Canal), Vadstena, and Gränna. Next stop was Jönköping, home of Genuine Classic Parts (GCP), where we were treated to dinner by the lake and an interesting visit to their facility the next morning. We saw their dismantling and parts salvage operation, as well as bins and bins of NOS Volvo parts. Talk about kids in a candy store.

GCP project Big Foot.

XC90 test cars waiting to be dismantled at GCP.

In the afternoon we stopped at VP Autoparts en route to Gothenburg, where we were also let loose in their warehouse. Volvo Cars met us Thursday morning and started our whirlwind visit with a factory tour and driving opportunity on the small test track. All models—from the C30 to the XC90—were on hand. We switched cars after two laps and got over an hour of track time. I would have liked to bring home one of those diesels. Lunch was served in the Volvo employee dining room with a warm welcome by our host Claes Rydholm, Manager of the Volvo Heritage Group. After lunch Olle Axleson, Senior VP of Public 20


September/October 2007

Claes Rydholm, Manager Volvo Heritage Group

Affairs, gave a short presentation on the Volvo brand and global corporate strategy. The Volvo Museum took up the rest of the afternoon, followed by a scrumptious dinner courtesy of Volvo Cars at the River Café overlooking Gothenburg harbor. Jose de la Vega, from the design group, made a presentation on the art and subtleties of emotion that guide the design process. The entire evening was delightful, at the water’s edge with warm temperatures, soft breezes and the late evening sun. Friday brought more surprises from Volvo with an early stop at the Factory Delivery Center. Waiting for us inside was Leif Tufvesson and two of his custom built cars—the V8 Roadster and the C70 Caresto edition that was presented in the May/June issue of Rolling. What we had not seen before was the bright red retro 544 convertible built by the Bildeve team. The group split and we visited the Special Vehicle Services building where cars are retrofitted for taxi, police, and VIP service. The Ocean Race and executive edition cars are also created in this area not often shown to the outside world. Volvo treated us to lunch once again in a private dining room in the Public Relations building, followed by a surprise trip back to the test track. This time only two C30s were present, along with two drivers Retro 544 convertible by Bildeve.

from Team Hallered and one ramp. The drivers approached the ramp at moderate speed, sending the cars up unto two wheels. They then paraded the cars around the parking area like a ballet. First on the left wheels, then on the right. We were then invited to ride along—on the high side—as the drivers flipped the cars on the left wheels and gave us the ride of a lifetime! They used stock C30s with automatic transmission and 90 PSI in the tires, which had to be changed often due to sidewall destruction. Six couples had ordered cars through the Overseas Delivery program. The cars were delivered at the Factory Delivery Center. Their smiles, from ear to ear, couldn’t be wiped off their faces! Saturday morning we had some free time, followed by an afternoon tour of Gothenburg and a farewell dinner at a Swedish-Italian restaurant. We said goodbye to each other and the group left for home Sunday morning. A few couples staid behind to tour on their own. I had the time of my life organizing the trip and escorting this delightful group, making it one for the record books.



6:04 PM

Page 21

Our Trip to Sweden By Bill Cierebiej Pat and I had a really great time. Now we can point at places we see on TV and in the movies and tell our two sons, “We’ve been there!” They always seem to do that to us having been to Sweden, Finland, Belgium, France and England. I had to check with our youngest, who represented USA in the Gothia Cup in soccer, to see if he had stayed in any of the same hotels. We were clear and I could relax. Sweden is a beautiful country with no signs of pollution or trash on the highways. I am truly impressed with the friendliness of Swedes. As we toured the country, we got to see the warship Vasa, which I had read about for many years, gorgeous architecture, and some very old buildings dating back to the 1200s. Watching Volvos being built from a roll of steel to the finished vehicle rolling off the assembly line was interesting. Even Pat enjoyed it. I was blown away by the damage sustained by the S60 in the Crash and Safety Center, knowing that the person in the passenger seat survived the broadside crash. Two days before we left on our trip, Pat’s 12-year old Honda suffered a griev-

Stortorget (the Great Square) in the old town of Stockholm.

ous failure to the transmission. As a result of the trip, she picked up a new S40 two days after we got home. Now my P1800 has someone to talk to. Pat hasn’t named the car yet, but one idea is Brigit after Queen Birgitta of Swe-

den, who founded the Cloisters in Vadstena in the 1300s and later became a saint. Thank you, John, for putting the trip together. Pat and I will be forever changed after visiting such a beautiful country!

September/October 2007





6:04 PM

Page 22


We picked up our new 2007 S60R on the last day of the trip, skipped the tour of Gothenburg and headed to Läckö Slott. It is the second largest castle in Sweden, located on a small island on the southern tip of Lake Vänern—the largest lake in Sweden.

We had a great time driving, the weather was perfect, the roads are nice, and everything is clean—even the gas station restrooms! The hardest part was the names of the roads where to make the necessary turns. I couldn’t pronounce them, so I would just say it starts with Slohteb... and should be a right-hand turn. Since we have been married almost thirty years, my husband is used to my navigational directions. It was a memorable day and we absolutely love our new car. We will definitely buy our next Volvo through the Overseas Delivery program. We enjoyed all the folks in the club and really appreciate all of John Holzapple’s hard work and patience with all of us. It was like herding cats—we were never where we were supposed to be or all together. On the way back to Gothenburg we saw an old Cadillac and Mercedes for sale. Notice which one is more money!

A Visit to Genuine Classic Parts

of relatively new, but damaged Volvos.

By George Downs We climbed aboard the buses in Jönköping one morning and drove the beautiful Swedish countryside to Genuine Classic Parts. We arrived at a large paved yard with several buildings and very neat rows

While half the group got a guided tour, the other half had free run of the warehouses, which turned out to be a treasure trove of Volvo parts. We found parts in new or near-new condition. For example, 122 bumper sections with gleaming



September/October 2007

chrome plate, still in the original wrap. The little spring clips that hold the balls in the sockets on Volvo carburetor linkages— the ones that you always lose—were there by the thousands! We were impressed by the magnitude of their inventory and the cleanliness of the operation. The staff was friendly but very businesslike and they really knew their Volvo parts. GCP stocks parts for the oldest to the newest, because test cars must not be sold. Instead they are dismantled and the parts are sold. GCP also gets cars from salvage yards around Sweden and dismantles them, refurbishing any parts that are not in like-new condition. In Sweden, most of their parts are sold through the Volvo dealers.



6:05 PM

Page 23

Treasure Trove of Old Volvos By Kathy Fuller-Seeley

I usually leave the Volvocollecting to my husband Kenny and stick to smaller items like books and yarn when we go on a trip. But on our trip to Sweden, I stumbled upon more than 200 beautiful old Volvos. I had wandered into an antique mall behind the Fishmarket in Gothenburg. There was a small shop full with boxes of coins, stamps and postcards. I only had an hour before dinner, so I asked the dealer whether he had any Volvo items. He brought out five or six shoeboxes marked Bilar (Cars).

In my search for pictures of old Volvos, it hadn’t occurred to me to search for postcards of Scandinavian towns from the 50s, 60s and 70s. You won’t find them on eBay, for they are usually worth only 25-50 cents apiece. Yet every postcard of Gothenburg I looked at sported one or two Volvos. A flower market from the 60s showed SIX Duetts and several 544s. I found 245 wagons in cards depicting Stortorget in the old town of Stockholm, where the Nobel Museum resides. A Duett in Telemark, Norway on a road with snow drifts up to the

side windows. Several 1800 ES parked in front of hotels, Amazons rolling down quaint small town streets… These postcards were a color-packed carnival of Volvos in their native habitat. I scooped up the fiveinch stack of cards that I had picked out, and sprinted back to the hotel. I had found about 100 images of Duetts to add to Kenny’s collection and some to share with folks on the trip. Everyone seemed delighted to find a card with “their car” on it.

Highlights of Our Visit to Sweden By Art Bjorkner As we arrived in Stockholm on Saturday morning, we could immediately get into the mood by attending a Volvo car show arranged by the Swedish 140 Club together with a local dealership just south of Stockholm. The show had at least 50 Volvos of all years, not just 140s. The dealership was most impressive, very large and even had a restaurant inside. The first event we attended at the Volvo complex in Gothenburg was test driving at least 15 new cars on a special track. This was like putting a five-year old in a free candy store! The VIP treatment Volvo gave VCOA members was outstanding. After most of the group departed for home, Nancy and I went to Gävle, 100 miles north of Stockholm, our family home. From there we drove one day another 50 miles north to visit a farmer, Lars Erik Säll. Lars Erik wanted to show us his old Volvos—and more. After arriving at his home, he drove us around to his assorted barns in a beautifully restored 1930 Volvo bus. The first few barns had in them—in mint condition—a white 1965 1800, a 1932 original 864 sedan, a 1975 Corvette, a GTO, and many 444s, 544s and 122s. I was lucky enough to find in a box a NOS interior mirror for my 164, which I had been looking for. We continued to visit and saw more assorted cars and

September/October 2007





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Page 24

Barn Find—1954 Volvo PV830 Taxi phone company truck, By Duncan LaBay all privately ed to the United States. There were also some converted US vehiP ro fe s s o r Vo l vo cles, including a 242DL pickup truck and a his month, it feels as though I’ve 242 race car. Nearly all of those cars have come full circle with VCOA and artigone to new homes, as Chuck continues to cles about old Volvos. By way of downsize the collection and prepares to introduction, back in 1983 when move to a new residence with limited veVCOA was in its first year of existence, we hicle storage. scrambled to find unusual Volvos to feaThrough sources, I recently learned ture in Rolling. At that time, Rolling was that the one remaining vehicle, a 1954 more a newsletter than a magazine, runPV830 taxi, was still in the barn and availning eight pages and printed only in black able for sale. Being the old Volvo guy that and white. Looking back, there was a lot I am, it seemed only appropriate that I feaof filler, but there were also a number of ture the taxi in Rolling, nearly 25 years articles about an amazing Volvo collection after I last saw it at Chuck’s dealership. owned by Chuck Cunningham.


Maine Volvo enthusiasts will recall that Chuck was one of the earliest Volvo distributors in the state. Located in Topsham across the river from Bowdoin College, the thriving dealership additionally sold British Leyland and Saab products prior to becoming an exclusive Volvo shop. Chuck’s private collection of Volvos, many featured in these pages, included a Volvo PV36 Carioca, a 1937 PV51, a 1954 PV830 taxi, and a 1967 P210 Swedish tele-

Classic American Styling and Size

To most folks at an old car show, the Volvo taxi would elicit something like “hey, look at the old American hot rod.” It has that look and stance, even though it’s actually Swedish. The specifications are very much American. This is a huge vehicle by comparison to anything Volvo built in the following 40 years. Sitting on a 128⬙ wheelbase, the taxi has a 224 cubic inch flathead six engine that develops 90 horsepower. For comparative purposes, the 1949 Plymouth four-door sedan ran a 118⬙ wheelbase with a 218 cubic inch flathead six and 97 horsepower. The proportions of the body shell are also consistent with pre- and post-war American sedans.

The first Volvos built in the late 1920s (ÖV4 Jakob) had 28HP four-cylinder motors. After Jakob, Volvo switched to flathead six engines, and by 1935 they were using the 224 cubic inch flathead in everything they built. The PV830 taxi series was the last series of cars to use this motor, as Volvo reverted to 4-cylinder engines in the PV444. In production from 1950 through 1957, the PV830 series included the PV831 with a glass partition separating the driver from the passengers, and the PV832 without a partition. Published statistics show that 4,135 taxis were assembled, along with an additional 2,081 bare chassis vehicles (PV835).

The Taxi Chuck’s taxi remains remarkably well preserved. The vehicle was restored at some point many years ago, and has seen only limited service in the past quarter century, primarily for weddings and parades. The odometer reads 01421 km, up from 99397 km when I saw it in 1983. The condition of the vehicle is such that 101,000 km might be the correct cumulative vehicle mileage. It had been sitting in dry storage in a barn for several years when I looked at it this summer. When it last ran, it needed the typical servicing of brakes, fuel, and ignition systems, all symptomatic of any older vehicle that is rarely driven. The body and interior appear to need only a cleaning and vacuuming to be completely presentable, although I could only see one half of the vehicle due to the way it was wedged in against the barn wall.

Exterior I’ve described this vehicle to friends as a PV444 on steroids. The styling cues of the hood, nose, and grille are unmistakably similar to the 444-series, although on a much larger scale. Interestingly, the hood opens with two hinges at the cowl (opposite direction from the 444), and the windshield is a one-piece unit rather than split. The PV830 has continental-styled doors, with the rear doors hinged at the back, opening away from a relatively tiny center B-pillar. This affords remarkably easy entry and egress on both sides. The trunk is a prewar American humpback style, with ample storage as one would expect. 24


September/October 2007



6:06 PM

Page 25

Interior Appointments Designed as a taxi, the PV830 has a builtin meter located in the center of the dash, with an art-deco styled instrument cluster directly forward of the driver and a traditional glove box to the right in front of the passenger seat. The oversized steering wheel, column gear shift, and other control knobs are all finished in a visually impressive ivory color. Complementing the black exterior is deep-red velour-like cloth upholstery that covers the front and back seats as well as the two jump-seats that fold out from the floor behind the front seat. In a pinch, this is listed as an 8-passenger vehicle, although the folks in back would be mighty cozy.

The Future By the time you read this, I’m quite certain the taxi will have found its way to a new home. “Unique” and “one-of-a-kind” are terms that are used altogether too frequently in the old car business, but this one truly is. I did a quick Google search, and found no comparable vehicles on the world market. It’s a museum piece, and one that hopefully will continue to be enjoyed by its new owner, as well as being displayed where the public can view it and learn about Volvos we rarely see in this country. And to Chuck, a welldeserved and sincere thank you for everything you have done over the years to support both VCOA and the old Volvo hobby!

The PV830 has continental-styled doors, with the rear doors hinged at the back, opening away from a relatively tiny center B-pillar. The interior is a deep-red velour-like cloth upholstery. There are two jump-seats that fold out from the floor behind the front seat.

September/October 2007





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Page 26

By Kenny Seeley


y name is Kenny Seeley and I own five Duetts. I blame this situation on my fondness for Volvo wagons and on Mike Dudek and his gorgeous 1961 Duett named Gretta. Also, my wife Kathy is an enabler, facilitator, and unindicted co-conspirator. In 2001, I visited the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg and saw my first P210 Duett. It was the last P210 ever made and it went straight to the museum. For me it was love at first sight. I have always liked wagons and all my Volvos have been wagons so far. In 2002 Kathy and I went to the West Coast Meet in Solvang, California. This was our first official VCOA event. We had a very nice time and were mainly interested in the 1800s, as I had an ES at the time. We saw Mike Dudek’s gorgeous Duett and voted, with a lot of other folks, for Gretta to get the Peoples Choice Award. When 26


we got home to Virginia, Kathy said, “No more cars unless it’s one of those Duetts like Mike’s. I like those.” About two months later, we are on the road to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina to pick up a 1967 white Duett in rough shape. There are folks out there who will buy a car with the express purpose of “learning bodywork as they go” and I am one of those poor fools. This car had spent its life in Rochester, New York and the rocker panels and floor pans were still back there somewhere. This was going to be a very ambitious project, so I obviously needed another car. At the 2004 East Coast Meet in Gettysburg, I met Chris Buscher who is very knowledgeable about Duetts. He very kindly let Kathy and me sit in his daily driver Duett. He also introduced me to John Adamchak of Wall, New Jersey. John had a 1967 Duett,

September/October 2007

which had been used by a Manhattan Volvo dealer as their yard car. It still said “Wolf Manhattan” on the doors and there were Volvo stickers in the windows. It had three 140 bumpers in the front and all the turn signals had been replaced with tow truck or 140 sedan units. It had led a very hard life. Bondo covers the rear of the car from the doors back to a depth of about half an inch and the interior has been beaten to death. My wife is encouraging in my Duett mania, but also more realistic in her expectations. Everyone knows that it’s much easier to start with a rust-free original than to repair a rusted one. She commented that she would rather spend more money on a car, so that we could enjoy it now rather than wait the years necessary for me to restore one. John also had another Duett which was in much better

shape. This car had been owned by a Volvo dealer and had lots of nice NOS parts. It also had a complete roof rack which is almost the holy grail of Duetts. This car was supposed to be a tweak and drive kind of deal, but I fell prey to the scope creep mentioned by Phil Singher in one of his columns. I now have a very nice 1967 Volvo P210 Duett in as many pieces as you can get it. I wasn’t planning on doing it that way, but I wanted it to be completely right when I was done. So Kathy is still waiting for a ride in a Duett at this point. In 2004, I sold the first white ‘67 to Kurt Stoney in California, but I soon replaced it. On my way back from the Kansas City Meet, I stopped to see Carl Drennen in Ravenna, Ohio, who has a wonderful backyard if you are a Volvo enthusiast. He had one of the 1961 Duetts with the roll-down windows. My ultimate fantasy



6:07 PM

Page 27

1961 Duett “Bubbles” in our backyard. It was completely restored by Steve Szabo in 1999. It was featured by Duncan LaBay in the November/December 1999 issue of Rolling.

was to update a ‘61 with disc brakes, a/c, and a killer stereo to give to my wife to replace her PT Cruiser. This car was in rough shape but complete. He also had a fairly decent ’65, which would make a good

donor for the ‘61. I arranged to come back and get the ‘61 and Carl brought me the ‘65. It is now 2005 and I have four Duetts. I have enough projects to last me well into my retirement and Kathy still has not

Carl Drennen’s backyard is a heaven for any Volvo enthusiast.

Sheet metal to be used cut from blue 1967 car.

had a ride in a Duett. I was sitting on an airplane minding my own business when my cell phone rang. It was Steve Szabo calling to say that “Bubbles” needs a new home. Longtime Rolling read-

ers will remember a series Professor Volvo did on a car that was completely redone by Steve Szabo. “Bubbles” is a very nice 1961 Duett with the roll-down rear windows. Steve is a cabinet maker and master wood worker and he had done an incredible job on the interior wood. The car had been completely restored with many new parts. It looks wonderful. There are a few things that need to be installed, but it lacks nothing. It even had a restored roof rack. We have moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia and I am building a garage to house all my Volvos. Some of the suggested names are VolValhalla, Home for Lost and Wayward Volvos, and, Kathy’s favorite, Busted Bilar Acres. I now have five Duetts. One in excellent shape, one is on its way, and three are in various stages of rough. Bubbles gets first shot at the build bay, some of the others are still in Virginia waiting transport. Kathy will get her ride in 2007 for sure. Kenny Seeley lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia and can be reached at

1967 Duett had been used by Wolf Manhattan as their yard car.

White 1967 from Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.

Kenny and Kathy Seeley at Kansas City Airport.

September/October 2007





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Page 28

chapter news Boston/Merrimac Valley Chapter

Buckeye Chapter

Summer Meet

Anniversary Arthritis Auto Show

The Boston/Merrimac Valley Chapter held its summer barbecue, show and swap meet on Saturday, August 11th. Four the fourth year running, it was again hosted by Holly and John Stump in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

A beautifully maintained 240 Volvo owned by Frank Peck took a top honor— Best of Class—at the 25th Anniversary Arthritis Auto Show in Dublin, Ohio on July 8. Frank is a longtime Volvo enthusiast whose cars reflect a deep appreciation for the Volvo workmanship. This is the second time in consecutive years that a Buckeye Chapter member has placed best in its class. Future chapter plans include regional meets and trips to historic places of interest.

The weather couldn’t have been any better, which surely contributed to nearly 40 Volvos coming out for the biggest turn out yet in Ipswich! Almost all models were represented including the 140-series that seems to be picking up some steam in terms of popularity. Everyone enjoyed the great food and talking Volvo. Many vintage parts also changed hands over the course of the day. This year we had a few more customized modern cars. The raffle was enjoyed by all who partook. The Stumps hope the event continues to grow in the coming years. If more space is needed, the field can be mowed and cleared of Morris, the horse. We look forward to next year’s event in August of 2008.

Capital Chapter Summer Barbecue Canada’s Capital Chapter enjoyed a great barbecue in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario on Saturday, June 23rd. The sun was out and so were a number of great cars from as far away as Montreal, Burlington and even Orange County, New York. Special thanks to Eurosport Tuning for sponsoring the BBQ and to Van Herpt Motors in Kingston and Young Street Garage in Ottawa for some great door prizes. This will become an annual event thanks to our gracious hosts Charles and Megan Leitch.

Garden State Chapter Annual Meet The Garden State Chapter annual meet held at Denise and Aaron Tweedies was



September/October 2007

spectacular as always. About forty people showed up—a surprise visit by John Holtzapple made it even more special. The Tweedies’ hospitality is incredible, food was terrific and we had many, many cars. We hope you all will make it next year as well.



6:09 PM

Golden Gate Chapter Stafford Lake Family Get-Together With 20 cars parked on the green grass, this family event was wonderful! Hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, and Volvos—what a way to spend a sunny summer day!

The kids enjoyed the large bounce house along with games and other activities. Smothers Volvo displayed the new XC90 Sport and demonstrated the speed of the Volvo airbag. It made for excitement for both young and old. Lou Saare Auto Body brought a wrecked S40 with air curtains deployed. The damage looked like it was hit by a shopping cart, but Jim explained to us that the person was hit broadside at the right rear quarter panel. They also brought along a test of strength for those willing to challenge “the boron.” Boron steel is new metal, strong enough that you can’t even drill through it.

There was only one award and Lars Jansson’s 1957 1900 convertible was the People’s Choice winner. He won two bottles of wine and a gift certificate from Stylin Motors.

Page 29

rants in the county, where we stopped for a brief nosh before continuing on to Davis Bynum winery. Then we were off to Hop Kiln winery located on beautiful Westside Road, where spacious grounds offer a lovely view of the lake and valley below—scenic Sonoma County at its best. The tasting room features plenty of luscious cheeses, dips, sauces and sweets which can be enjoyed in their picnic area. The group ate lunch by the lake, played frisbees and chatted Volvo and life. Afterwards, we took a vote and decided to drive to Santa Rosa where we viewed hundreds of American classic cars from the 50s and 60s at the Peggy Sue Car Show. A good time was had by all.

Puget Sound Chapter Swedish Invasion Three Puget Sound area Volvo clubs celebrated high summer by cruising back roads to Woodinville’s Red Hook Brewery. Gary Ramstad’s route through Lake Forest Park was especially scenic. At the Brewery, the parking lot resembled a Swedish invasion with 16 Volvos present, including the following models: 444, 544, 122S, 123 GT, 142, 240, 1800, and V70R. The oldest was a rare l953 444 imported by noted glass artist Dale Chihuly and currently owned by Walt Tartar. We enjoyed a tasty lunch with various local beers; some were so engaged with the cars that they forgot to eat! The weather was ideal and it was fun to meet members of other clubs. Most went home after lunch, but Walt and Rick Tartar set off to see the Snoqualmie Car Show in the distant hills. This was an ill-fated adventure. After a year in storage, their 444 had bad tires and an unusable spare. First they ran out of gas, blaming a faulty gauge, then one of the rear tires blew out. As their car came to rest along a farm pasture, a horse and donkey approached. The horse frantically

stomped its hooves into the ground. At first the Tartars thought it liked their car— they then realized the horse saw its reflection in the shiny, black paint! They phoned for help and a club member eventually arrived with a spare tire. The blown rear tire had not matched the size of the other tires, so replacing it dramatically improved handling. Walt concluded he did not need a new clutch after all, just new tires.

Tidewater Chapter Cooper Vinyards The Virginia Tidewater Chapter has had several outings this summer. Our first gettogether started the Sunday-drive series with a ride out to the Cooper Vineyards for a wine tasting session. This turned out well, judging by the purchases made. It was about 60 miles roundtrip from our meeting point. We had two daily drivers, an 1800 and a 122, a first timer, and a couple of old hands.

Fourth of July Parade The community of Brandermill has an annual Fourth of July parade, with all the usual politicians, fire trucks, clubs, and very nice vintage cars. Cecil Ligon and I, Bill Arey, braved the clamor and drove our cars. Cecil in his great 122 and I “another orange” 73ES. Afterwards the chapter met at our house for a traditional Fourth of July cookout. Other Sunday drives have included a trip to Scottsville, Virginia where we toured the museum and met two sisters, who were WWII widows, and a WWII fighter pilot, all lifelong residents of Scottsville. Our last trip was to Tappahannock, Virginia for a late lunch at Lowery’s restaurant, established in 1938 and famous for its seafood. They also display antique autos from their collection. This time we were treated to a 1906 Cadillac and a 1926 Packard Touring car.

North Coast Winery Tour We were a small group that met in Sebastopol for the North Coast winery tour. The first stop was Topolos Winery, now known as Russian River Vineyards, where we were treated to a selection of their wine, some organically grown. The tasting room is located beneath a turn-of-the-century building featuring Stella’s Restaurant, one of the most exciting new restau-

September/October 2007





6:09 PM

Page 30

calendar of events Periodic Meetings Appalachian Chapter Dinner Meetings Last Wednesday each month 6 PM, Sagebrush Steak and Saloon, S. Illinois/Rutgers, Oak Ridge. Please RVSP to Mark Downing, 865-481-3112. Cactus Chapter regular meetings the third Sunday of each month. See for details. Palmetto Chapter Meetings Olive Garden across from Volvo of Greenville, Laurens Road (Hwy. 276). Check Yahoo group for dates or contact Jon Morgan jon.morgan@alimni Pacific Northwest Chapter/Oregon Volvo Tuners Club For more info, contact Nick Choy, 503-691-1432. Rocky Mountain Chapter Dinner Meets Second Tuesday each month 7 PM, Pints Pub, 221 W. 13th Ave., Denver. All Volvo enthusiasts invited. Contact Tom Stoffel SoCal Chapter Dinner Meets Join us for our monthly meets; different place each month on a Friday at 8 PM. Please see updates at or contact Dave Barton 909-674-0818. St. Louis Area Dinners are held monthly at a different restaurant each month. Call Jim Jeske for more information, 314-8943575 or Washington/Puget Sound Chapter holds quarterly meetings. Check our website for details.

September 15 Cactus Chapter Universal Technical Institute Tour 10 AM–4 PM Visit to Universal Technical Institute’s Volvo SAFE (Service Automotive Factory Education) program training facility. This is the factory authorized training program for Volvo Service Technicians. Tour of the facility, as well as an indoor car show with space for up to 18 cars. The techs would love to see some older Volvos participate in the show. They will have available an S80, S40, C70 and, if we’re lucky, a new C30 for our viewing pleasure. Please see Cactus Chapter website ( for more information or contact Jon Yares 623-204-4066.

September 29 Virginia Chapter Second Annual Meet 11 AM–4 PM Phillips Volvo, 4980 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach. Vintage owners, tuners, and modified later models are encouraged to attend. Excellent vintage car restorations on display, along with the new 30


September/October 2007

C30. Lunch will be provided—hot dog cookout and catered items. Shawn Roberts 540-241-0454 or Bill Arey 804-744-1327.

October 6–7 Montreal Chapter Fall Foliage Meet We will meet on Saturday between 11 AM and 1 PM in Knowlton, Quebec (Eastern Townships) at the Societe Historique at the corner of Lakeside Road and Victoria Road. We will then take a scenic tour of the area followed by supper in Lac Brome at the Auberge Quilliams. Richard Prevost 514-219-8180 or Stephen Chernock hughette45@yahoo .com 418-253-5784

October 12–13 Capital City Chapter Lehman Volvo York Fall Open House Lehman Volvo will offer a free service clinic on Friday, October 12th, and Saturday, October 13th, where Volvo certified technicians will diagnose any mechanical issues on your car. Discounted rates on subsequent repairs. Volvo genuine parts discounts of up to 10%, deep discounts on remaining new 2007 inventory, certified pre-owned specials. Volvo owners are welcome to schedule their complimentary service check by calling 717-755-7676. On Saturday, from 10 AM to 4 PM, the Capital City Chapter will be on site with a display of vintage and specialty Volvo cars. Light refreshments will be served. Lehman Volvo York, 950 North Hills Road, York, PA 17402. For more info, please contact Bradley Smith, 717-755-7676.

October 13 Cactus Chapter Fall Car Show 9 AM–3 PM in the Checker parking lot, 7th St. & Bethany Home Rd. Please see Cactus Chapter website ( for more information or contact Jon Yares 623-204-4066.

October 14 Puget Sound Chapter Fall Swap Meet at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland. 12 noon to 4 PM. All Volvo drivers invited. Dick Libby 206 365 5742

October 20 Texas Chapter Fall Meet 11 AM–5 PM, New Hope Church, 1350 N Mason Road, Katy. 25 miles west of downtown Houston and about ½ mile north of I-10. All are welcome even if you don’t own a Volvo. Free BBQ lunch cooked onsite by George and Jackie McDonalds. Donations accepted to defray expenses. People’s choice awards, door prizes, no-rules auction, parts swap

and poker run. Guests of honor include Al Ringle and Ann Tofft. Al has relocated back to Waco, Texas from Tennessee. He is the founder and first president of the Texas Chapter. Ann is our founding secretary/treasurer. George McDonald 713503-4708 or George Dill 254-541-2199 dill_vcoatx@ for more information.

November 3 Cactus Chapter European/British Car Show 8 AM–1 PM, American Legion Post 102, Tucson. Pleae see for info and registration forms. This could also be followed with a trip to Karchner Caverns the next day or perhaps the same afternoon. Please see Cactus Chapter website ( for more information or contact Jon Yares 623-204-4066.

November 10 Southern California Chapter Annual Bozzani Volvo Show 9 AM–2 PM at Bozzani Volvo, Covina, California. The SoCal chapter presents its fifth Annual Bozzani Volvo Show on Saturday. Peoples Choice classes, awards, raffles, free BBQ for all attendees. Dave Barton 951-674-0818.

November 26 Golden Gate Chapter Track Day Thunderhill, Willows, CA. 7 AM–5 PM, $120 members ($150 non-members). Contact Scott Smith to secure a spot.

October 10–14, 2008 Andes Mountains Volvo Classic Event Start in Santiago de Chile, Argentina. Crossing the Andes via a nice highway from Santiago Chile to Mendoza will take about six hours. Distance 220 miles. Outrageous looks of the Andes and nature. Andes Mountains are only 100 miles away from Valparaiso seaport. Total cost for a two-person car is less than US $500, which includes hotel and food. Full service and support provided by Volvo Clube Chile Alberto Averill +56 2 94428525.



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club items Club items can be ordered from VCOA, PO Box 16, Afton, NY 13730 or through our website When ordering by mail, please include your check or money order payable to VCOA.

Long-sleeved T-shirt 100% cotton. Lake Placid 2006 National Meet logo. Sizes L, XL, XXL. $12 including postage.

VCOA Window Decal Interior application on glass. 2.5 in. diameter. $1.

Car Blanket TriMountain blanket (50” x 58”) with windbreaker shell and 100% polyester fleece lined back. Rolls into 7” x 13” package with velcro seal and outer pocket. $45 plus $4 for Priority Mail shipping.

Sweatshirt 100% cotton. Lake Placid 2006 National Meet logo. Sizes L, XL, XXL. $20 including postage.

Gift Membership One year membership includes six issues of Rolling, discounts at participating dealers, $500 rebate on new Volvos, opportunity to make new friends at regional and national events, and access to technical advice through our forums and fellow members. $30/membership VCOA Grille Badge All metal, laser cut, 2.375” dia. grille badge with chrome and enamel finish. Mounting hardware included (may require additional rubber spacers on some grilles). Please inquire for international orders. $30 including First Class U.S. postage.

VCOA Decal Exterior application. 2.9 in. diameter. $1.

Insulated Lunch Bag Holds up to a 12pack of your favorite beverage. 13 x 6 x 8 inches. $15 including postage.


AUTO DISMANTLER y aril por m e T

ock f st o t ou

Vest Gray TriMountain, 100% polyester, fleece vest with black piping around arms and waist and black lined collar. Heavy duty zipper front and on two pockets. VCOA logo embroidered in blue and yellow set in club circle. Machine wash, hang dry. Available in S, M, L, XXL. $35 plus $4 for Priority Mail shipping.

Rolling CD Every issue of Rolling from 1983 until Sep/Oct, 2004 in PDF format. The text has been indexed and is completely searchable across the entire CD. Created using Adobe Acrobat. Available in either Mac or Windows format $25 for members, $100 for non-members. Add $3.50 for shipping.

• New & Used VOLVO parts • Indoor storage for all parts • California rust-free • All parts are guaranteed • Daily nationwide shipping • Transmissions • Cylinder Heads • Engines • Fenders • Drive Shafts • Hoods • CV Axles • Bumpers • A/C Compressors • Calipers • Alternators • Antennas • Starters • Radios • Power Steering Pumps • Sun Visors • Rack-N-Pinions • Head Lamps • Wheels • Tail Lights • Radiators • Window Motors • Window Regulators • Turbos • Interiors • Mirrors • Air Mass Meters • Electricals

And Much, Much More!

Sweden Auto Warehouse 8516-A Fruitridge Rd., Sacramento, CA 95826 800-686-5868 916-387-6892 FAX 916-387-0187 VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, ATM are welcomed! September/October 2007





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The following Volvo dealers and parts suppliers have agreed to furnish VCOA members discounts upon proof of membership. Present your membership card in advance to the parts counter person. If your local dealer is not listed, ask

ALABAMA Royal Volvo, Birmingham 205-823-3100

ALASKA Continental Motor Company, Anchorage 907-562-2722 or 261-0667

ARIZONA 5 Star Warranty, Mesa 800-449-3190 Broadway Volvo, Tucson 800-2661070 or 800-792-1070

service him if he would be willing to join the program. That’s how all these vendors got on the list. The participating businesses receive a complimentary subscription to Rolling.

Sangera Volvo, Bakersfield 661-8363737 Shelly Volvo, Buena Park, CA 90621 714-249-2000 Smith Volvo, San Luis Obispo 800234-5394 or 805-543-0832 Smothers Volvo, Santa Rosa 800675-8788 or 707-542-4810 Smythe Volvo, San Jose 408-9781100 Smythe Volvo, Los Gatos 408-358-5577 Turner Volvo, Sacramento US: 800422-3235 or CA: 800-244-1802

Hirsch Foreign, Phoenix 800-544-4517

Ventura Volvo, Ventura 805-644-9933

Powell Volvo, Scottsdale 800-366-6775 or 480-946-6575

Wes Hinkle’s South County Volvo 619-474-5581

Prestige Import, Tucson 520-8884700


Westside Volvo, Culver City 310-3910445, 323-870-6928, or 310-391-1304

FLORIDA 240 Volvo/The Volvo Connection, St. Augustine 904-824-2343 Auto Clinic of Naples, Naples 239593-1185 Borton Volvo, Delray Beach 561-243-4600 Centennial Imports, Pensacola 850-432-9903 Central Florida Eurocars, Lakeland 863-698-9298 Coast Volvo, Sarasota 941-924-1211 Deel Volvo, Miami 305-444-6666 Ferman Volvo, Tarpon Springs 727-942-4800 Imported Car Store, Melbourne 305-727-3788 Independent Imports, Vero Beach 772-770-1277

Revolvostore, Tucson 800-288-6586 or 520-574-1717


Kraft Motorcars, Tallahassee 850-576-6171

Volvo North Scottsdale, Phoenix 480-538-4400

The Auto Shop, Salisbury 860-435-0378

Nordic Auto Parts, Largo 727-5364449


Gengras Volvo, East Hartford 860-289-6441

O’Steen Volvo, Jacksonville 904-396-5486

Carlsen Volvo, Palo Alto 800-70-VOLVO Exclusively Volvo, Ontario 909-605-5700 Han’s Auto Repair, Seaside 831-583-9820 Lawrence Volvo, Walnut Creek 925939-3333 Marin Volvo, San Rafael 415-4541828 McKevitt Volvo, Oakland 800-322-3778 McKevitt Volvo, Berkeley 510-848-2206 Modesto European, Modesto 209-522-8100 Pacific Coast Volvo, 831-423-5820 Palm Springs Volvo, Cathedral City 760-321-6600 Palo Alto Speedometer & Air Conditioning, Palo Alto 650-323-0243 Putnam Volvo, Burlingame 650-5585621 Rocketeer Performance, San Jose 408-674-1593 Ronal Wheels USA, Huntington Beach 714-891-4853 San Diego Volvo, San Diego 858-2799700 32


Gengras Volvo, Meriden 203-630-2082. Import Tire Co, Glastonbury 860-633-0254 Mitchell Volvo, Simsbury 800-541-4621 860-408-6090 Connecticut’s Own Volvo, Milford 203-877-0311 Mitchell Volvo, Torrington, service 860-496-5093; parts 496-5096 Secor Volvo, New London 860-442-3232 Stamford Volvo, Stamford 203-359-2266 800-281-8658 Volvo of Danbury, Danbury 203-743-4667 Volvo of Westport, Westport 203-222-1155 CT: 800-828-6586

COLORADO Concours Cars, Colorado Springs 719-473-6288 Bob Penkhaus Volvo, Colorado Springs 800-937-9037 or 719-4734595 Import Specialty, Colorado Springs 719-633-3075 Pedersen Toyota-Volvo-Saab, Fort Collins 800-800-0788 or 970-2238500 Voltek Import Services, Denver 303-293-2600

September/October 2007

Volvo of Tampa, Tampa 813-885-2717 The Volvo Store, Winter Park 800-824-9946 or 407-628-0550 Volvo Village, Clearwater 727-530-0602

program Volvo would like to hear comments—pro and con—regarding your local dealers, so they may better serve their dealers and you. Volvo Customer Service may be reached at 800-458-1552 or 800-526-4785.

CH Imports Inc., Fox Lake 847-587-1055 Fields Volvo Highland Park, Highland Park 847-831-2100 www.fieldsauto .com Fields Volvo, Libertyville 847-3629200

Volvo of Lisle, Lisle 630-852-6000



Jordan Automotive Group, Mishawaka 574-259-1981

128 Sales, Wakefield 781-224-3700 or 224-3720

Giuffre Volvo-Buick-Isuzu, Springfield 877-448-3373 Grossinger Volvo, Lincolnwood 847677-2787 Highland Park Volvo, Highland Park 800-323-5505 708-831-2100 Howard Orloff Volvo, Chicago, 773227-3200 Laurel Volvo, Tinley Park 708-3420400 McLaughlin Volvo, Rock Island, 309-788-8658 Swedish Car Specialists, Schaumburg 847-891-3133

Stan Mize Towne & Countree Auto Sales, Schererville. 219-865-3800 Tom Wood Volvo, Indianapolis 317-848-7447 or 800-521-4183

GEORGIA Atlanta Volvo-Saab Specialists, Norcross 770-449-7766


Gerald Jones Volvo, Augusta 706-738-2561 800-733-2561

East University Imports, Des Moines 515-266-9847 Junge Volvo Cars, Cedar Rapids 319-393-6500


Nalley Volvo, Marietta 770-952-1800

Vern’s Import Service, Merriam 913236-8665

North Point Volvo, Alpharetta 678-365-0644


Volvo Savannah, Savannah 912-927-4741 Volvo of South Atlanta, Union City 678-610-4850 www.volvoofsouthatlanta

IDAHO Lyle Pearson Premier Motorcars, Boise 208-377-3900 800-621-1775 Sutton Auto-Tech, Idaho Falls 208529-4660

ILLINOIS Barrington Volvo, Barrington 708-381-9400

MARYLAND Annapolis Volvo, Annapolis 410-3498800 Antwerpen VW/Volvo, Pasadena 410760-8542 Bill Kidd’s Timonium Volvo, Cockeysville 410-666-8900 Herb Gordon Volvo, Silver Springs 301-890-5456 or 800-688-4372 Koons Volvo, Owings Mills 410-363-9350 or 800-922-3551 Martens Volvo of Washington, Bethesda 800-424-3652 or 301-951-6333 or Village Volvo, Bel Air 800-501-0430 410-879-3400

Volvo Motorsports, Evansville 812424-4820

Dyer & Dyer Volvo, Chamblee 770-452-0077

Portland Volvo, Scarborough 207883-5568

Quantrell Volvo, Lexington 859-266-2161

LOUISIANA Bergeron Volvo, Metairie 504-888-2131 Giles Nissan-Volvo, Lafayette 800256-3157 or 337-988-5004

MAINE Alan Auto, Portland 207-775-0968 Goodwin’s Volvo, Topsham 888-2299898 Phil’s Foreign Auto, South Portland 207-767-5008

Barry’s Dartmouth Volvo, North Dartmouth 508-996-3325 or 800-6373325 Boston Volvo Village, Brighton 800336-2355 or 617-560-1720 Farrell Volvo, SouthBoro 508-4857662 800-339-7662 farrellvolvo@ Fathers & Sons, West Springfield 413-737-7766 or 800-446-1981 Jaffarian Volvo, Haverhill 800-323-6805 Ken’s Haus, Newburyport 978-465-0609 Performance Motoring, Inc., Hadley 413-584-6090 Pioneer Valley Sales & Service, Deerfield 413-665-2708 Tasca Volvo, Seekonk 508-336-9777 800-298-8816

MICHIGAN Ann Arbor Volvo, Ypsilanti 734-434-9600 The Auto Doctor, Southfield 800-6260703 or 810-355-2730 Crest Volvo, Macomb 586-948-6000 Dwyer & Sons Volvo, Commerce 248-624-0400



Quality Motors, Battle Creek 269-965-7022 Suburban Volvo, Troy 800-875-3300 248-458-2000 Swedish Engineering, Ann Arbor 734-761-1081 or 800-752-6765

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Red Bank Volvo, Red Bank 732-7415886 Volvo of Edison, Edison, NJ 08817 732-248-0500 866-908-6586 Volvo of Princeton, Lawrenceville 609-882-0600

Heights Swedish Solution, Cleveland Heights 216-371-5100 Motorcars Acura/Volvo, Bedford 440-439-8400 or 216-439-8400 Ed Schmidt Volvo 419-874-4331


Segna Motors, Columbus 614-8856206

Borton Volvo, Minneapolis 612-8273666 800-328-7114 parts@

Independent Volvo Service, Albuquerque 505-247-9771 Santa Fe Volvo, Santa Fe 505-471-6700

Volvo of Cincinnati Union Centre, West Chester, 513-603-3400

Kline Volvo, St. Paul 651-481-9600 800-328-9614



MISSOURI Autobahn Motors USA, Kansas City 816-531-3399 Brentwood Volvo, Maplewood 314644-9501 or 800-844-9502, Denis’ Volvo, Springfield 417-866-3300 Import Car Service, Springfield 417881-0101 Superior Volvo, Kansas City 800-7286102 Superior Volvo North, Kansas City 816-801-5550 866-382-2069 West County Volvo, Manchester 636227-8303 800-822-4521

NEBRASKA Gorges Volvo, Omaha, NE 68118 402-359-1500

Alan Byer Volvo, Syracuse 800-388-8228 Bay Ridge Volvo, Brooklyn 718-8337070 Best Volvo, Rochester 585-473-8530 Big Dee Auto Sales, Elmsford 914347-3377 (sales) 914-949-8618 (parts) Erie Vo-Vo, 315-736-8215 or 888-865-8613 Garfield Auto, Stephentown 518-733-5131 Jim Culligan Volvo, Williamsville 716-633-4000

Volvos & More, 330-828-0630 Weidner Motors, Mansfield OH: 800547-5555 or 419-529-7862 Warren Volvo 330-369-1678 or 888545-8095

OKLAHOMA Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa, Tulsa 918-249-9393 Passport Motors, Tulsa 918-633-3020 Volvo of Tulsa, Tulsa 918-280-6200


Karp Volvo, Rockville Centre 516-766-6282

Alpine Import Service, Springfield 541-726-1808

Keeler Volvo, Colonie 518-452-1100

DeLon Volvo, Salem 503-399-9541

Nemet Motors, Jamaica 718-523-5858

Herzog-Meier Auto Center, Beaverton 503-644-9121

Palisades Volvo, West Nyack 845-6893300 (service), 845-689-3301 (parts)

Jack Scoville Volvo, Corvallis 503-753-1694

Keystone Motors, Lansdale 215-8554586 or 888-483-4948 bshemeld@ keystonemotors .com Lehman Motors, Mechanicsburg 717-691-8400 Lehman Volvo, York 717-755-7676 888-306-8900 Pitcairn Volvo, Langhorne 215-741-4100 Star Volvo, Greensburg 800-362-7827 Stillman Volvo, West Chester 800220-7311 or 610-399-1300 Swedish Motors, Marietta, 717-4262202 Vienie’s Imported Car Service, Philadelphia 215-924-8711 Volvo of Fort Washington, Fort Washington 215-653-7300 or 646-7700, Hereford 800-334-0229 Wheel Collision Center, Bath 800292-7467

RHODE ISLAND Barry Volvo, Newport 401-849-5420

SOUTH CAROLINA Dick Dyer & Associates, Columbia 803-786-8888 European Automotive Service, Greenville 864-467-9006 Volvo of Charleston, Charleston, 800763-0282 Volvo of Greenville, Greenville 864-288-5555


Jim Fisher Volvo, Portland 800-295-5576 or 503-295-5571 Jim Sigel Import Center, Grants Pass 503-362-3825 Jim Smolich Motors, Bend 800-258-0734 or 541-389-1177 Peter’s Auto Works, Tigard 503-6843188 Southern Oregon Volvo 541-245-2000

Crown Honda-Volvo, Chapel Hill 800-672-7021 or 919-929-0242



Toyota Volvo, East Swanzey 800-445-6171

Crown Volvo of Greensboro, Greensboro 336-852-0600

AAA Small Car World-Greenleaf-Used Parts, Fort Worth 800-433-7880 817831-0946

Wentworth Motors, Exeter 800-4865843

Maxwell Volvo, Burlington 800-444-2277

Burdumy Motors, Huntingdon Valley 215-947-6363 or 215-947-8100, parts


Swedish Auto Parts, Indian Trail 704-821-7757 or 800-334-6064

Bill Gray Subaru Volvo, Pittsburgh 412-344-0100, ext. 107, 108

Austin Vol-Tech Services, Austin 800366-4147 or 512-251-4107

Bridgewater Volvo, Somerville 908526-7700

University Volvo, Charlotte 704-547-1095

Autobahn Motorcar Group, Fort Worth 817-336-0885 or 800-433-5602

Cherry Hill Volvo, Cherry Hill 856-665-4050

Volvo of Cary, Cary, NC 27513 919-238-2140

Brown-Daub Volvo, Nazareth 610-7591000 800-220-3282

Garden State Volvo, Manasquan 732528-7500

Volvo of Charlotte, Charlotte 800-4768890

Kundert Volvo, Hackensack 201-2888984 Sister store in Englewood, 201-567-3133

Volvo of the Triad, Winston-Salem 336-723-4111

NEW HAMPSHIRE Capitol City Motors, Concord 603225-6681 Lovering Volvo at Concord, Concord 603-225-6681 Lovering Volvo at Nashua, Nashua 603-888-7070 Merrimack Street Volvo, Manchester 603-623-8015 Royalty Automotive, Somersworth 603-692-4022

Montclair Volvo, Montclair 973-746-4502 OMP Racing USA, Dover 800-275-4667 Paul’s Garage, Hawthorne 973-4272530 or 427-2255 www.paulsvolvo. com Prestige Volvo, East Hanover 973884-2400

Serafini Nissan Volvo, Vestal, 607729-3561 Swedish Treasures, Fayetteville 866-637-3840 Volvoville U.S.A., Massapequa 516798-4800

NEVADA Drive For Life Volvo-Saab Service Las Vegas 702-646-3849

Weaver Bros., Raleigh 919-876-6611

OHIO Beechmont Volvo, Cincinnati 800-255-3601 or 513-388-3700 Byers Volvo, Columbus 614-864-0780 Frank Z Imports, Dayton 937-890-5323


UTAH Garff Enterprises, Salt Lake City 800-451-4760 or 801-521-6600 Ken Garff Volvo Southtowne, Sandy 801-523-5460

VERMONT Almartin Volvo, Shelburne 800-6395088 or 802-985-1030

VIRGINIA Alcon Automotive Service, Center, Chesapeake 757-549-8899 Don Beyer Volvo-Falls Church, Falls Church 703-237-5050 or 800-3363338 Don Beyer Volvo-Dulles, Dulles 703421-5700 Don Beyer Volvo-Alexandria, Alexandria 703-768-5800 Fairfax Volvo, Fairfax 703-273-6700 591-1820 Hairston Motor Company, Danville 434-792-6092 Import Service, Inc., 757-498-3783 fax 498-5367 Phillips Volvo, Hampton 757-265-3400 Phillips Volvo, Virginia Beach 757497-4864 Volvo of Roanoke, Roanoke 540-7773033


Clayton Volvo, Knoxville 865-5600050 800-346-8762 Darrell Waltrip Volvo, Franklin, 615791-1101 Pat Patterson Volvo, Memphis 901373-3000 Volvo of Nashville, Nashville 800-456-5867

Barrier Volvo, Tukwila. 425-455-5522 Import Motors, Bellingham 800-2237951 or 360-733-7300 importmotors Kathy’s Northern European, Simply Volvo, Seattle 206-284-4445 Ravenna Motors, Seattle 800-869-7019 or 206-525-5424 Sandberg Northwest Volvo 425-741-1400 parts 608-3170 Topping Volvo of Olympia, Olympia 360-943-0111 888-273-7935. Volvo of Tacoma, Fife 253-922-7878 800-562-6047


Diversified Automotive Services, Easton 610-923-9670

Roger Beasley Motors, Austin 80027volvo or 800-880-2101

Earl B. Lehman Volvo-Saab, Harrisburg 800-692-6239 or 717-564-5410

Hoy-Fox Volvo, El Paso 800-289-4697

Hicks Chevrolet, Buick, Volvo, Greencastle 800-811-0662 or 717-597-2172

Southwest Auto Sales, Dallas 800738-6586 972-488-2525 jkhowes@

Jim Wynn VW-Volvo, Norristown 610-539-1100

Volvo Center, San Antonio 800-880-1432 or 210-824-3214

Strandberg’s Auto, Centuria 800-4485121

Keystone Motors, Berwyn 800-8324880 or 601-647-1800 or

Volvo of Clear Lake, Webster 281823-5000


Keystone Motors, Doylestown 610-927-6822 or 348-9438

Volvo of Dallas, Carrollton 972-4281200 Volvo of Richardson, Richardson 800498-7402

Bergstrom Premier, Appleton 866-968-5600, 920-968-7333 Dave Kasten Motors, Schofield 715359-3638 www.davekasten.subaru .com Jenkins Imports, Milwaukee 800-6388383 or WI: 800-242-7278.

VDR Volvo Foreign Auto Repair, Laramie, WY 82070 307-721-2984 Red color indicates new or updated listings.

September/October 2007





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b o o ks & l i t e r a t u r e We offer a series of Volvo-related publications to our members at 20-30% discount below bookstore prices. The prices include shipping (U.S. orders only). Buy online at or send your order to VCOA Book Orders, PO Box 16, Afton, NY 13730. Enclose check or money order payable to VCOA.

The Volvo Performance Handbook, by Paul Grimshaw (ZOD Publishing). Details how to modify the chassis, suspension, engine, and brake systems of Volvos from the 200- to the 70- series cars. , 126 pages, 99 figures and tables. ($34.99) $28.00

Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management by Charles O. Probst (Bentley Publishers). Explains theory, troubleshooting, service, tools/equipment, high-perfomance tuning of Bosch systems. 224 pages, 352 illustrations/diagrams. ($29.95) $21.95

Volvo 120 Amazon Ultimate Portfolio. Sixty-four articles from six countries trace the development of the 120-series from its inception in 1956. Road and comparison tests, new-model introductions and updates, specifications, performance and technical data, long-term and used-car reports, and plus advice on acquiring a classic Amazon. Softbound, 208 pages, 350 b/w illustrations. ($29.95) $23.00

The Gothenburg Bible by Paul Grimshaw. Eight detailed and easy-to-read chapters describing function and maintenance needs of most Volvo systems from 444 through 850. Focus is on preventive maintenance. Includes tips on corrosion protection and winter storage. ($25.00) $20.00 Haynes Repair Manuals • 120 & 130 Series and 1800 1961–73 • 240 Series 1976–93 • 740 & 760 1982–88 • 850 1993–97 ($19.95) $16.00/ea Rolling Back Issues Most back issues of Rolling from 1987 until today are available for purchase. Some are in limited quantities. Please contact club office for availability. $3/issue for members, $4 for non-members. SU Carburetors Tuning Tips & Techniques. Detailed manual providing the techniques to achieve improved performance from your SU carburetor. Information on basic design and function, overhauling and fault finding, mixtures and tuning, dismantling and assembly. Also covers all SU fuel pumps. Softbound, 187 pages, 166 b/w illustrations. ($17.95) $14.00 Volvo—Safety with Style by Richard Dredge. A mix of lively text and good photography gives an overview of Volvo’s history from its formation in Sweden in 1925 until today. The cars are described in fascinating detail; giving technical information, buying tips and personal impressions of individual models. Hardcover, 160 pages, 110 color and 40 b/w photos. ($34.95) $25.00 34


September/October 2007

Volvo 240 Series Service Manual: 1983-1993 by Bentley Publishers. A comprehensive single source of service information, including the latest factory updates, electircal wiring diagrams, transmission overhaul and much more. ($49.95) $40.95 Volvo 1800—The Complete Story by David G. Styles. Volvo’s P1800 was designed in Sweden and Italy, built in England, Scotland and Sweden, and sold throughout the world. David Styles traces its design and development through to its launch in 1961. He covers the various variations of the 1800 coupe and the 1800ES sportwagon. Complete history of all 1800 variations, full specs for each model, and advice on buying and maintaining an 1800. Hardcover, 192 pages, 8 color and b/w photos. ($34.95) $25.00

Volvo Fuel Injection Fault Tracing Reprinted with permission from Volvo Cars of North America by VCOA. Prepared by Robert H Foltz. Topics covered: Precautions when troubleshooting fuel injection system; cold engine difficult to start (will not start); warm engine difficult to start; engine runs rough; engine stalls intermittently; low top speed and low power; High fuel consumption. $7.00

Volvo Problem Solver. Advanced edition. 242 pages for advanced DIY and professional mechanics. 165 problem areas addressed. ($70.00) $56.00 Weber/Zenith Stromberg/SU Carburetor Techbook by Haynes. Paperback, 8.25” x 10.75”, 352 pages, 1,111 b/w illustrations. ($16.95) $14.00 Classic Volvo Note Cards and Prints Note cards created from original line paintings by tia lynn. Printed on smooth ivory card stock with matching envelopes. Cards measure 5” x 7” when folded. Individual cards come in a protective sleeve; sets come in a white presentation box with clear lid. Single card/env $3.00 + $0.50 shipping Box of 5 $12.95 + $3.00 shipping Box of 10 $19.95 + $3.50 shipping Matted prints of the original line painting by tia lynn come with an acid-free back in a protective sleeve. Ready for framing; image is 5” x 7”, outside measurement is 8” x 10”. Choose from red, gray, black, or green matte. $19.95 + $3.50 shipping.



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business resources Business card ads are available to members who wish to maintain a standing ad in Rolling (available to members only; you may not change your ad from issue to issue). • $100/year • You may submit regular business cards for scanning, but they will be reduced to the size below. • Please contact Mike Dudek, Vintage Volvo Dealership

Classic and Specialty Volvos, Parts, Service and Restorations

Mike Dudek Best 1800 parts inventory

8505 Church St #17 Gilroy, CA 95020 Tel: (408) 847-1544 Fax: (408) 847-2740 Mobile: (408) 981-1242 Email:


Olof Malmberg Proprietor P.O. Box 1517 Point Roberts, WA 98281

Tel: (604) 992-9664 Fax: (604) 943-9603 e-mail:

Building Filled with Parts Volvo Hobbyist – Enthusiast Used parts for 1800, 120, 240, 262, 740, 760, 780, 850 Always cars for sale – drivers, show cars and unique cars Buy-sell, advise and technical help

John Adamchak 2709 Woolley Road Wall, NJ 07719

(732) 245-4428 9 AM-7 PM EST

DON THIBAULT SPECIALIZING IN P1800 SERIES VOLVOS • New and Used Parts • Restoration • Sales • Technical Advice • All Types of Gaskets and Seals in Stock 372 Route 6A, Sandwich, MA 02537 E-mail:

(508) 888-9715 (508) 833-9026 (24-hr fax)


September/October 2007





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classifieds Members are allowed one free classified ad (max 35 words not counting name, e-mail, and phone number) per issue. Additional ads, or ads exceeding 35 words, are charged at $25/35 words. Non-member rate is $25 for 35 words (no charge for name, e-mail, and phone number). Please include payment with your ad. Classified ads run for one (1) issue. You may submit your ad at (members only), via fax 607-639-2280, or by mail to VCOA, Rolling, PO Box 16, Afton, NY 13730. Deadline for the November/December issue is October 1.

CARS FOR SALE 1968 122S Wagon 25,000 mi on auto transmission. Engine (150,000) runs great! New rear-end bearings, new starter. Proud classic needs good home. $1,800 obo. Ron Gordon 650-364-0652 1969 1800S Bare, straight shell with title, incl. doors, hood and trunk lid. Bead blasted, most bodywork done, painted acid etch epoxy. Perfect for restoration. Pictures and detailed description available. $900. Gregg Morris 604-469-1216 604-802-2298 (cell) 1971 1800E Aqua, new tan leather seats, a/c, 126K miles. Pet elec ign, turbo wheels. Everything works. Extras: new W/S in carton, new side spears, htr motor, lug rack. Second owner, all original documentation available. Roy Cash 901-490-1329 1972 164E 4-sp/od, 127K mi, very clean, runs great. New clutch. Major rehab 5 yrs ago. Rebuilt susp, brakes, fuel injec36


May/June 2007

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tion, interior, paint. Additional instruments and features. Extras. $3,500. Ira Eisenberg 202-244-4570 1975 264 GL Maroon, repainted original color. New seats and carpet. 150K miles. Runs almost as well as new. Jules Morgenstern 804-276-0569 VA 1979 262C One owner, new paint, int perfect, seats soft and supple. Drive anywhere. Locally maintained. Scott 866-8762080 405-409-4754 1979 265 At Carlisle? My gorgeous glacier blue 1979 265 was there! All original, fully optioned, flawless condition. 38K miles. AACA SR. 2004. Serious offers considered. Harold 1982 GT Turbo 35K on crate engine; 1966 PV544 stock; 445 wagon project car; 1956 PV444 Swedish gauges, project car. $7,500 for all. Call for details. Conie Robertson 530-6232678 (evenings) 1983 240 SW Be the only guy on the block with a brick! 4spd with good OD. New timing and other belts, new loom, plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Lt. blue, clean interior, 4 Cibie lights. Good Diehard, only 5W50 Syntec used. Just passed VA Safety and Emissions tests. $1,100 obo. Brent Beeson 703-425-8560 Fairfax, VA 1991 240 Wagon 5-sp; only 100K meticulously maintained, garaged miles. Great paint, interior, engine, cold a/c, no rust. Runs, looks, drives great. $5,000. Chris Christenbury 904387-9051 1993 240 Wagon 130K, gold/tan vinyl, automatic. Arizona car, no winters! 240 Classic wheels, books, records and receipts. Award winner Eurocar 2006/2007 competition. Best offer. Chris Frye 315-727-5687 1993 240 Wagon Red with black interior, 164,640 mi. Third seat, cold a/c, good rubber, brake pads and rotors in ‘07, Sony CD with mp3, maint. records. $4,000 obo. Bret Stevenson 240-475-4817 2002 S60 T5 Silver/black leather, moon roof, Geartronic, Evolve spoiler, polished aluminum wheels, trip computer, power front seats. 48K miles, full service records. VG cond, 22/30 mpg. $18K obo Charlie Lewis 919-370-4335 2005 V70R 23K mi., magic blue, dk blue leather, 6-speed rocket. Show room condition, cert to 100K miles, new tires. Asking $31,000. Will send pics. Mark Hall 724-625-2025

PARTS FOR SALE 140 Parts Many items available including interior trim, rims, lenses, instruments, glass, mechanicals, etc. E-mail your

wish list. Tom Hamilton 203-264-2874 544 Parts HD sway $50; unused Koni set $300 or trade for P220 set; kingpin kits $40; stone guards $5; real axle blocks $15; B18 master cylinder $100; upper A-frames $30; lower Aframes $50. Tom Lopez 520-826-1612 Car Cover Wolf Evolution custom fit 88/92 760/780. Used indoors two winters. Half price $75. Ken Sternberg 603-7421835 New and Used Parts 1800, 122, 140, 164, 200- and 700series parts from my 30+ year collection. New dash caps, rebuilt SU carbs, 1800 re-chromed bumpers, new 200- and 700-series wiring harnesses, rebuilt 1800 E/ES speedos & tachs, new B20 and later OEM piston sets, 544/122/1800 rebuilt temp gauges, and much more. Lii Montgomery 505763-6134 Super Lite Wheel Rims Set of four, 15x6, 5 lug, 4½ inch bolt pattern. $125/ea plus shipping. Bill or Tricia Rose 239-5931185 (M-F 8AM to 6PM EDT) Volvo GT R-sport Instrument Cluster Circuit Boards Brand new. These reproduction boards perform better than the originals. Original MSRP was $120. Mine are $100. Contact for details. Roger Patricio 239-945-3534 Volvo Manuals Factory and aftermarket; 500 different. Alex Voss, 4850 37th Ave So., Seattle, WA 98118, 206-721-3077 Volvo Original Sales Brochures All models, interiors, features. All prices per year: 1957-59 $35; 1960-65 $18; 197079 $15; 1980 – present, $12. Add $3.85 shipping. Specify year, model. Walter Miller, 6710 Brooklawn, Syracuse, NY 13211, 315-432-8282, Volvo Tethys Alloy Wheels Set of four (4) in good condition from partial year use. Volvo p/n 8623719, size 7.5JXx17x49. Orig. equip 2002 S60 T5, S80. $800 for set + s/h obo. Charlie Lewis 919-370-4335

PARTS WANTED 2003 XC90 Sales Brochures Ken Jarvis 414-852-3883

SERVICES Any new, used or European delivery questions? 17 years experience selling Volvos in the northwestern USA. Henry Moss 503-295-5571



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Hot air balloons floating in the June sky over the Royal Palace in Stockholm at 11 pm in almost full daylight.

Photo Margaret Michel

Stockholm Harbor overlooking the small islet Kastellholmen (left foreground) with its small citadel Kastellet. The round red brick tower was built 1846-1848. Slightly to the right of the tower, on Djurg책rden (another island), lies the Vasa Museum. The ship sank not far from the foreground of the picture. The large building in the center is the Nordic Museum. Photo Greg Sievert



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PRSRT STD U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 356 York, PA

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Team H채llered performing on two wheels with a pair of C30s for the VCOA group in Sweden. The cars are stock with automatic transmission, but the tire pressure has been increased to 90 PSI. Tires had to be replaced frequently due to sidewall wear. Photo John Holtzapple

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Rolling Sep Oct 2007  

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