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A collection of art and poetry from Everett High School Students & Staff

chelsea ingram

“Art Attack!” is published by Viking Designs: Ty Bragg Brittany Harris Brooke Harris Xavier Harris Cindy Howard-Harless Chelsea Ingram A’Lexis McClain Destiney Morton Robert Perez Devin Richmond Estefania Santamaria Amanda Thomas Erica Wilson Magazine Production: A’Lexis McClain Cover Design: Chelsea Ingram

“Art Attack!” contains work from the following contributors: Hermance Akono Joseph Brooks Dalia Carpenter Kemonee Casey Marissa Collins Joy Currie Jamie Dickerson Juan Carlos Domenech Cynthia Fields Fernando Gomez Juan Gonzales Cierra Grimes Maddie Heck Pacha Her Chelsea Ingram Cara Jackson Andrew Johns Destiny Johnson Deborah C. Lamb-Babcock

Elvedina Kalem Kauye Mussa Camila Nicholson Andy Oviedo Robert Perez Carlos Puertas Maria Ramsey David Schmidt Tiffany Tartamella Amanda Thomas Jacob Tito Catherine Troyer Monquie Trigo Tu Tu Sierra Wiloughby Tashawna Young

Everything’s not perfect One stormy night I think of all the pain I don’t understand the way you let go As I’m cry my tears fall down the drain Thought you’d be here forever but it’s not so As I’m trying to force myself to sleep My pillow soaken wet with all my tears The pain I’m going through is way too deep After you left I start to face my fears Things are different when you’re not around Everything has changed since you left my side When someone mentions your name my heart pounds I’m so sorry for all the times I lied I had all the care in the world for you I was your little girl but now I grew. -Cynthia Fields


Do not give me roses love, That gaudy flower that once was life But now is common and profane, Smelling of mortuaries and The closets of decaying old women. Give to me instead Morning glories Or daisies grown wild Sacred, hallowed Lingering with primordial life. Joy Currie


In A Place Tashawna Young

Silent creeping Lonely sleeping I see my old bad memory coming Again It’s playing with my mind making me unwind In A Place Where it is cloudy Where there’s no showering just hollering In a Place You never can be... DEAD SILENT

jamie dickerson

hermance akono

Challenges To The Student Mind Tariq Brown

Black holes are here, opportunity is weak. Power is what we all seek. Is there any way to handle this despair? Today there is trouble in the air. Will you keep up, because tomorrow will not be told. Shall you keep the mind wide and gold? Be good at all, we must be kind to our foes. Held in your hands in the future, down it rows. By any means necessary. You keep it high, although it is scary. Keep your morals, practices, and whims. White lights are starting to turn dim. Down but not out, looking for a new way. Forever we strive for a better day.

kauye mussa

Pacha Her

Running and running, where are you going? Trying to find a place where you are long Everything to you feels like UR flowing Playing a piano singing a song Life’s a sweet melody but it don’t Last You are lost in a world full of violence Forgive and forget Leave it to the past When all it does is hush to you in Silence Finding a color in a shade of gray Why suddenly my life is feeling low?

lah thee



To My Mother From Whom I Come Deborah C. Lamb-Babcock

She stands tall, grandmother does, reaching her arms to the sky, her skirts outstretched to catch her children within the wrinkles of her apron. Strong. Vibrant with health – Skin folding Crinkling Full of ridges and knots, she bends and sways to the winds that pummel her. Her tears, Golden rivulets that

Destiny Johnson

T R I C K L E With glacier-like speed As she stands Looking out at her children. The veins in her body dig deep into the earth grabbing it absorbing it receiving strength and life from it holding the blood within her scraped and twisted veins, veins made strong though age and exposure to life. She stands guard Never sleeping Whispering Whispering Her love for me.

JUAN carlos domenech

pam collins

The truth comes out Cierra Grimes One look into my eyes that’s all it takes All over my face like an open book As time passes people can see the breaks You’re trying to change the way things used to look You may be able to erase pencil I knew in my heart we would never last, Overlapping my life like a stencil I wish I could just let go of the past. I knew this whole time you were never mine As it hit me I felt a shearing pain, My tears gleam and glow just like the moonshine But in the end I had nothing to gain In the beginning you seemed so truthful, But in the end you were nothing useful....

Hermance akono


Poem 3 Tiffany Tartamella

Listen To you and me We are the only ones in the room This is a private love affair

destiny johnson


anissa alaniz


pam collins


lah thee

My Crush Cara Jackson

I looked around and I finally found, So sweet and true when you’re talking to me, I think with you I will always be bound, Sometimes I think that it will never be. I could never make a step towards the door Feeling like I am always in a trance You were the one that I was looking for I always think, “Do I ever have a chance?” There is a chance that I cannot get you, I cannot believe it is so unfair, Well if you would ask, I would say I do, Sometimes I think it is too hard to bear. I get lost in everything that you say When I’m with you I want to fade away.


tu tu

fernando gomez

Power Struggle The Smack is so loud in the silent haze; None other Than a fight for dominance, Their power struggle leaves them in a daze; Blood, sweat, and tears: a dire circumstance. They’re identical in flesh, blood, and mind; Twins with pure love in a deep connection, Their souls like lovers forever entwined, Interchangeable, intense protection. But how can this be, with both love and hate? Variables push them towards the edge And secrets daylight will illuminate, But their twin love is a permanent pledge. Obstinacy is both curse and blessing When for dominance the goal is stressing. - Catherine Troyer


The unknown By: Monique Trigo

In the silence lays my heart, To awaken from the bruises and aches, Day time comes as nights realize it’s time to part, Time to fly free in my heart with no brakes, Walking alone lost in the dark of the night, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Pleading and hoping to shine my bright light, He breathed life into me with his very breath, I’m wakening to the brightly lit sun, While I was sleeping I could not see, Sleeping in the silence is totally done, There in God’s love is where I will always be, Finally now my heart lays awake, Hope that throughout time it will never break.

juan carlos domenech




LO VE ve o L

viking designs


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e whom you really You hate someon ot whom you cann t bu e, wish to lov nts you. ve pre elf ms hi he love. Perhaps d form of love.� That is a disguise

Hate Sri Chinmoy

viking designs

Art Attack!  

Everett High School's literary magazine, containing artwork and poetry from students and staff.

Art Attack!  

Everett High School's literary magazine, containing artwork and poetry from students and staff.