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Theatre department’s ambitious musical doesn’t disappoint

(CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT) SOUL MAN: Mickale Nelson (Jimmy), a soulful R&B man, performs “Fake Your Way To The Top,” one of the musical’s uptempo numbers. DREAMING: Sierra Willoughby (Deena) is serenaded by the smooth-talking Sineh Wurie (Curtis Taylor). SHE IS TELLING US: Amber Jordan (Effie), performs one of her show-stoppers. THE SHOW BEGINS: The Dreamgirls meet with their management team to discuss dreams of the future.



• Student/Staff basketball game • New laws for teachers


• Everett’s hidden mysteries • Pants on the ground


Everett’s spring musical, “Dream Girls,” is loosely based on the story of the successful Motown Records act, Diana Ross and The Supremes. It showcases the drama and struggle they went through to reach their dream. Many Everett students had high expectations for the opening night, Wednesday, March 16. “I feel the cast will do good because of all the hard work they’ve put in the production,” said senior Clinton Warfield. On opening night the “Dream Girls” cast looked nervous. The cast looked the part, but some Everett students who watched the play felt they didn’t act the part. “The females were good singers but I feel the male actors didn’t perform as well as they should have,” said senior Matthew Williams. Negative reviews were in the minority, though, as good buzz built. Many students and community members told their friends to be sure to see the show during its three-day run. Friday, the show played to a full house. “Friday was our best night, we got all the tech and stage glitches perfected for our final show,” said assistant stage manager Bre’Ante Thompson. The web site Greater Lansing Ubiquitous Theatre ( posted a review Thursday that lauded the show, its cast and directors. “Director Daryl Thompson can be proud of both cast and crew for running a fast-paced, smooth version of a very challenging, multi-scened script,” wrote GLUT email list coordinator Jane Zussman. “Highlights were “Effie”, Amber Jordan, who certainly has the pipes to deliver the diva songs -- and Mikale Nelson as Jimmy (the James Brown-esque character) had great character and energy.” The production benefited from a Thoman Grant, which allowed for the hiring of professionals to work alongside the students. The show’s director, musical director, pianist and actor were all able to be hired using grant money. The grant also made it possible to invest in upgraded costumes and advertising (like billboards and radio ads). “Working with professionals was probably the highlight of my experience,” said Thompson. “Our professional actor Sineh Wurie was a very talented actor and he really helped out with the high school actors.” Zussman’s review also credited dance teacher Heather Vaughan-Southard for her choreography, saying that visiting professional Sineh Wurie and junior Mickale Nelson were given “some great dance moves.”

•Lady Gaga • Kindle vs. Nook



Teacher accountability issues part of budget debate The phrase “Teachers are grossly underpaid” rings all too familiar in peoJustin Lundy ples’ ears these days. Whether it’s from the Reporter mouths of disgruntled educators or unhappy sympathizers, it’s a situation that is still debated. Some people believe that $43,000 annually should be enough to support themselves and a family, while others feel that for what teachers endure, it is nowhere near enough, and some students feel the same way. “Justice isn’t done to them. For what they go though, [their pay] is drastically low,” said junior James Curry II. “Especially since the cost of living has gone up.” While no educator would agree that they should work for free, some teachers do view their job as a privilege and feel a responsibility to nurture their students. “I truly believe this is a vocation, not a job,” said teacher Orlando Balcarcel. “I believe that I make an impact in these students’ lives, so I get paid in self-worth.” However, a new piece of legislation is working its way through state legislatures nationwide. It has already been passed in the state of Florida and is quickly making headway in Indiana. The idea behind the new bills is that a teacher’s pay should be based on the test results of their students. It’s simple: Higher test scores, more zeroes in their

pay checks, and lower test scores not only means less zeroes, but a higher chance of losing their job. Many students feel that this new method is not fair. “I think it’s biased,” said Curry. “Some students are able to excel, but are poor test takers. The teachers are teaching well, students just can’t grasp it.” Some teachers think this could be a good idea, but only if it is run the right way. “If it’s run properly, it has some pluses. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but it has to be run right, and I don’t see that happening,” said Balcarcel. In order to keep tabs on how well the test scores are and how well the teachers are doing, the administration would really have to buckle down on the teachers and make sure they’re doing the right things and keeping up with the curriculum “In general, it’s unfortunate that [some teachers don’t always do their job], but it falls on the shoulders of administration to notice and follow through with consequences,” Balcarcel added. According to an article in the New York Times, teaching unions, once opposed to any such idea as merit based pay, are coming to accept the idea as a positive thing as more and more school districts nationwide are testing out the idea. Still many teachers have serious concerns about such plans. “It’s a ploy to cover up the fact that they want to pay more teachers less,”

said Spanish teacher and union member Alfonso Salais. “While they pay teachers less, they pocket the rest.” According to Salais, there are many outside factors that can contribute to whether or not a student does well on testing, like the student’s home life. “I can’t control what [my students] do at home. When the final bell rings, I don’t know if they go home and do their homework, if they have a nuclear family, if they were able to go to sleep, or eat breakfast.” These factors can contribute to whether or not students perform well on testing, and Salais says it is not the teacher’s fault, so measuring the efficiency of teachers is unfair. Instead, Salais says teachers should be rewarded for professional growth. “If teachers have a master’s degree, they should be rewarded and they can help and encourage other teachers to help them improve.” Whether or not this new bill will be passed is yet to be seen; however, it is supported by Barack Obama. In a March 2009 edition of the Wall Street Journal, President Obama said, “”It’s time to start rewarding good teachers, and stop making excuses for bad ones. If a teacher is given a chance or two chances or three chances but still does not improve, there’s no excuse for that person to continue teaching.”

With spring approaching and summer bad as they feel May swiftly approaching. “I’m so close to being done that when it gets warm outside on its way, the snow starts to melt, and so I don’t even want to be in class,” Martinez. “ I just feel like I’m do students. Some students find it hard to concen- almost done, that I don’t need to put more effort in class.” Students said that there is simply more to do during summer trate on the teacher’s lectures while it’s so Irma Valdes nice outside. It’s a struggle waiting for the time, than in the winter. Also, the hassle of getting out into the Reporter cold and snow reduces the desire last bell to ring “There are so many things to head out. at two thirty as the sun shines on “During winter it’s cold outthem through the window. to do with warm weather side, most of the time it’s snow“There are so many things to do so it’s uncomfortable to be with warm weather outside,” said seoutside,” said senior Gabriela ing nior Gabriela Martinez. “Then being outside, especially to walk in the inside doing work and listening to the said sophomore Juan CarMartinez. “Then being inside snow,” teacher [makes it worse].” retero. Many students start getting lazy doing work and listening to the Is not only warm weather that and wanting to be out with friends. increases skipping but also sumJunior Brian Tweedy has a name for teacher [makes it worse].” mer relationships as well. that excitement for school to be over “I skipped to go see a girl that and summer to start. I liked,” said Tweedy “Its summer fever,” said Tweedy. “I just like to hang out with School is almost over don’t waste your time skipping you friends.” guys have approximately 103 days left . As the year starts to come to an end, it can be a huge tempta“I’m considered a Junior; my clock just started ticking,” said tion to leave class. For seniors, “senioritis” may kick in especially Carretero.

all photos Stephanie dunham

Nice weather: for some, it means hangout with friends... and skip

A sizeable crowd turned out to support the Students Vs. Staff basketball game, a fundraiser for the sophomore class. The staff won by one point, 53-52, in an entertaining match that featured staff decked out in Everett uniforms playing against white-tee clad students.

Student VS Staff Basketball Game

March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011


our voice

Facebook rumors lead to unnecessary fights, drama Rumor. Gossip. Facebook. It used to be whispering just through the classroom, note passing, and playing telephone. Now everything is intensified through the thousands of friends on facebook. People that you don’t even know can follow all the lies that are told online about you. Social networks make the problem of fighting even worse because rumors and lies travel faster than ever before. Before facebook got popular, most lies were just told face to face about others. Now they can spread it to thousands of friends with just a click. Many times people don’t know all of their friends on facebook, just adding other people to be nice... or nosey. But when they gossip on their statuses, that rumor is spread to everyone, whether they know them or not. Online lies don’t seem as bad as other types of lies. People think that things aren’t as bad if they are said online, because it isn’t as real as one to one communication. At the moment things are posted, not all your friends see it. But once there is something online, others tell the rest of their friends so they can get online and read it. For many people, Facebook

is very entertaining, especially when there is drama happening. It gets tiring that other people seem to know things about you that you never knew about yourself. The Internet is also a place for people who like to instigate just to see something interesting in their lives, without thinking of how they could hurt other people physically or mentally. It all starts at some point online on some wall post, picture, status, or messages. Some little lie turns into a huge rumor that then turns into fights. People should be really be careful with what they say online before they post it, and delete those that they don’t know. Stop being nice. It’s true that it’s your facebook, and it’s your choice to post your thoughts. But others can stretch the truth and add things to it. It then leads to lies and fights. Be careful what you start on facebook. Think twice! CORRECTION: Last month’s editorial (“Sex on the dance floor at Everett”) should have made clear that chaperones of the Snowflake Ball repeatedly asked students to stop dancing inappropriately, and that such behavior is not condoned.

Stop the fights, it’s time to become young adults There have been a lot of fights this year at Everett. Some place Frankie Price the blame of Reporter many of the fights on the new freshmen. Fights this year are immature, and shouldn’t be expected to be found in high school; we come here to better ourselves as young adults. Some people think it’s very entertaining to see other kids fight. “I like to see people bang out 24/7 unless they’re friends or something,” said Phillip Moore. Freshmen should focus on school instead of worrying about who’s talking about who and worried about a boyfriend. “[I wish] as much effort [were being] put into your future. We need to replace people with punching bags,” said Ms. Hill. Kids need to grow up and stop fighting all the time. I think this year had the most fights since I’ve been going to Ev-

erett. It’s ridiculous that freshmen have come into Everett and started acting like that. I think kids should come into high school ready to learn and with their head on their shoulders. “I think it’s crazy that we cant just come to school and do what we have to do,” said Stanley Pates. Freshmen should really start thinking hard about what they’re doing and what they want to do in the future. The closer they get to senior year it will get harder; you have to be focused. I think freshmen come into high school thinking that they have to fit in and impress the people that are there. Freshmen should come into high school and act like young adults. Freshmen get into fights because they are new faces and some may feel that the older kids want to know if they have what it takes to be in high school. Being a freshman in high school is almost like being a freshman in college... the other grades size you up to see if you can handle the pressure. One sure way to show you can’t handle high school is to start fighting. That’s a sign you still belong in middle school.

The Fame Monster “Lady Gaga”

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Clarissa Gonzalez (Editor-in-


Irma Valdes Reporter Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, is one of the most successful singers of this era at the young age of 24. She has been compared to great figures in the music industry such as Madonna. “She’s an example of success,” said DJ and senior David Torres. Lady Gaga is an amazing role model for people who feel different and have low self esteem. Gaga supports everyone; it doesn’t matter what race you are, what religion you are, or what sexual preference you have. She loves all her “little monsters” (her fans). She is someone who shows people how to be comfortable in their skin and tells them to never feel like they’re not good enough. She tells this to people through her amazing songs. Her newest one with great supporting words is “Born This Way.” Even though some people might think of her as a weirdo, she is a great example of perseverance. She is someone to The cover of Lady Gaga’s new, soon-to-belook up to. When you think released album “Born This Way” shows off her you’re about to give up on your dramatic, alien look. dreams, you have an example that if people are interested in is seeing famous you work hard you can accomplish them. figures of the industry in a vulnerable After all, Lady Gaga was just an aver- situation. age 20-year-old living in New York City by She has used this for her advantage herself struggling in life. Gaga is such an by dying on stage, making controversial inspiration because she is not one of those videos, and wearing crazy outfits. She acts stars who had everything handed to them eccentric to draw attention to things that like some actors or singers. Gaga had to she wants people to focus on, like her mustruggle till a door finally opened up for sic instead of her personal life. Lady Gaga her and gave her her first chance to start uses the paparazzi as much as they use her amazing career. her and I’m not talking about one of her She grew up feeling different and un- greatest hits. comfortable about herself, thinking she “One of my greatest [accomplishwas always less. Now, she is strong and ments] is the art of fame, I’m a master confident. Gaga is multi-talented: she can of the art of fame” said Gaga on 60 Minsing, dance, play the piano and even com- utes. pose her amazing songs. Lady Gaga is a great role model not Not only does she do all that but she only for teens but also for other famous is also a student of fashion and fame in a celebs, because people and the press notice way. She has mastered the art of fame by her for her talent and not her downfalls. giving people what they want to see. Even though is hard to admit, all that many

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The Lansing School District is committed to a policy of providing equal opportunities to all qualified people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or physical or mental ability.

March 23, 2011


Get out the way; I wanna get to class When students get to school they like to talk and gossip with their friends or go to class early to get some extra help from their teacher. But some students also like to find a place to sit and talk with their friends. For some, that place to sit is on the stairs. But people are sitting down on the staircases and not making an effort to move so that people can get up and down the stairs. What upsets most students is the fact that the people sitting on the stairs make no effort to get up so that people can get to class. They just continue to sit there and stare as people walk around them and step over their belongings to make it up just one step. In the front foyer there once were benches placed by the windows so that students could sit down and relax. Then about four years ago Everett administration removed them. After the benches were removed students began to sit on the heat vents, which began to break, because they were definitely not made to sit on. The heat vents were

just removed this past year because they eventually broke completely, which gives students no place to sit at all. “I removed them because I was tired of seeing kids sitting there when they

should be getting their butts to class,” said Public Safety Officer Curtis Couthen. Everett administration should invest in placing new benches so that students can have a place to sit and relax before the bell rings in the morning. The staircases are for walking on, not to sit on. The longer students wait for new benches (if

we ever get new ones) the more students we will have to walk around to get up the stairs. “The school should upgrade so that they don’t have to sit on the stairs,” said junior Kortnee Richardson. There are both positives and negatives to adding new benches. Adding the new benches will give students a nice and relaxing place to sit before and after school. But adding the benches could also increase the tardies for students because they will rather sit and talk to their friends, than get to class on time. The only way benches would be allowed is if the administration could find a way to get students to class; like standing and monitoring the benches so that they can make sure the students get off the benches and go to class. The students sitting on the stairs every morning just need to get up so others can get up the stairs. They need to find a new place to rest their butts; it’s getting a little old having to walk around them and to try not hitting them in the face with your belongings. Just get up and find somewhere else to sit, like on the floor against the lockers or in a classroom... as long as it’s not on the stairs!

You walk into a very glamorous store with your best friend to find a dress. When Katie Fay you walk in you noFeatures Editor tice that the store is split into two different sections; small sizes and large sizes. Now you either have to split up or shop one at a time. Where’s the fun in that? Separation of sizes is ruining the fun experience of shopping with your friends. Friends of different sizes can no longer shop together, but must shop on different sides of the store. In the dress store the smaller and bigger dresses are almost completely separated by a floor-to-ceiling wall. If you and your friend are different sizes you have to either shop for one person at a time or shop separately. Not only is this ruining the shopping experience but it’s creating a larger issue of being put into categories of size. The stores could argue that it’s easier

to keep organized when separating sizes into two different categories, but there has to be a way to keep things organized without separating society into sizes. Being heavy is often seen as a stigma, and stores that separate big from small only add to making people feel bad just for being who they are. “As a former plus-size girl who would squirm over the awkwardness of having to discreetly meander to the plus-size section, I always felt a vague sense of indignation,” wrote Anita Little in the “Ms.” magazine article “Separate But Equal? The Politics of Plus Size.” “Instead of staying with my other high school friends, I was being forced to the most foreboding area of the store.” Nobody should feel bad about being themselves. In The Los Angeles Times’s “Fashion’s Invisible Woman” by Emili Vesilind, it says that 62% of women in America are in the plus size range. This means the majority of women in this country are treated as a minority. Didn’t

we get rid of segregation in the 60’s? Women should be able to shop together in one place. Little sums up the topic well by saying, “Women’s clothing stores have become estranged from the reality of women’s diverse figures. If we’re going to accept all forms of beauty and put an end to the body politics that single out and alienate our larger sisters, one of the biggest battlefronts is on the racks of department stores, clothing retailers and fashion chains.” Things need to change. Stores should not be segregated, forcing people to feel bad about themselves. If you think it’s wrong, do something about it! Go into stores and ask them why they separate sizes on different sides, write letters to stores, or call and ask about it. Give the stores ideas of how they could stay organized without segregating. There is no need to put girls into categories based on their body style. We are all one thing: human.

Girls being put in categories by body style

4 Q:A friend of mine is depressed and cuts (him/her)self, what should I do?

A:This is a serious problem and you’re probably not the only person that deals with this. According to livescience. com in 2007 46% of teens have hurt themselves intentionally. “Cutting” is the act of harming oneself by using a sharp object. People that cut themselves usually feel powerless in everyday life, and are trying to exhibit some sort of control. People have stress in high school, but you have to find a way to deal it a way that doesn’t involve putting yourself in danger. “Try to find healthier coping mechanisms, discus why you do it, and have a support system,” said counselor Erin Falsetta. According to social worker Holly Triestram “coping skills” are tools that each of us use to manage stress, anger, frustration and etc. Friends of people that hurt themselves need to make sure that they are

there for their friend. “Continue to be supportive, be a good friend and if the problem escalates let an adult know,” said Falsetta. The following places are where people can go or call for help: Community of Mental Health Crisis Lines:(517)-346-8460;(800)-372-8460 Listening Ear (24 hour crisis line): (517)-337-1717 & Michigan Crisis Line: (800)-273-8255 Real Talk is a monthly column of advice for teens. If you have a question for Real Talk, you can email or place a note in the box in the main office.

Low patience doesn’t mean you can cut in line

As you walk in line for lunch with a feeling of stress, you wait patiently as Alan Yang the line starts Online Editor to move along. However, right when you’re about three people away from the lunch lady, someone cuts in line ahead of you. As soon as this person starts to cut, others begin to copy what that person did, even if it will lead to a catastrophe. Every day, people who get their lunch are always reminded that their time is limited to 32 minutes, despite the fact that there are only four or five lines that provide food to students. Sometimes we even slow ourselves down just to choose which food we want to eat. Even though there is a crunch for time, students shouldn’t push ahead of people and get their food just because they can. There are others who have been waiting to get their lunches also, and have tolerated this absurd behavior. This behavior causes a “monkey see, monkey do” trend in students. When one does one thing, the other does it too, but that only make things more complicated when everybody does it. What happened to “being nice” or “respecting” others who have waited there more than you. If I was that person, knowing that I‘ve waited more than five minutes in that line and people are cutting in line, I would be mad and dis-

respected that these impatient people do not care about others but only for themselves. Scenarios like these can lead up to many effects, the worst being a fight. Senior Jessica Terry had her own experience with this when she was put to that spot. As she got in the line, there was a random male student who went in front of her. She told him to not cut her, but as he turned around he was acting like he wanted to start a “scene.” Students should not have to worry about being able to get their food, or students trying to cause trouble when they are disrespectful. As people try to cut, and those in line try to stop them from cutting, the lines get crowded and out of order. We all know how to get in line and wait until it’s your turn, so why do people practice the habit of cutting in line? Why do we have to wait for security to tell us to get in line properly? After ten years or more in school, we should be able to handle a simple task like lining up. So I call upon all the students, to tell all these cutters to “get in line in the back” and to remain in your spot, because as the line starts to get bigger and bigger, it’ll just cause more time for you to wait your turn. And I know you don’t want to wait that long. For the impatient people who want to cut in line for lunch, wait for your turn. Or, if you hate people crowding the lines, wait in the lunchroom until the lines die down.

Features 5 Student spotlight: Blake Howe Prom ‘11: 8 Ways to ruin the night March 23, 2011

Last year, Howe won the MVP award and his freshman year on the swim team he won most improved. Blake Howe is one of the many exceptional students at Everett who make the school look good. He says Everett has been a good place for him to go to school. “It’s a good place to be if you’re with the right people,” said Howe. To be this good, it takes dedication. To keep in shape year Junior swimmer Blake Howe beams with pride as he displays round, Howe swims his award for “Swimmer of the Meet” at the CAAC Conference for the Spartan swim meet. Howe has broken records this year with his swimming, and he looks to do even more his senior year. club. In his free time social life and free time to stay dedicated Howe enjoys playing video games like Rock Band and Guitar to swimming. “My life is swimming,” said Howe. Hero, but he has to give up a lot of his

courtesy to Marie K. Savala

Blake Howe is a guy who likes to win. He will not let anything get in his way and Katie Fay he won’t back Features Editor down from a challenge. “Go big or go home,” said Howe the day before he went off to states as the only Everett swimmer to qualify in the past two years. He took 8th place in the butterfly and 7th place in the backstroke. After being encouraged by his mother to join Gardner middle school’s swim team in 8th grade, Howe found that he was good and has been swimming ever since. As a junior, Howe holds the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke records at Everett and also holds a pool record in the 100 backstroke at Holt high school, which he broke at the conference meet. Just this year Howe has won six gold medals; two at Dewitt, two at Haslett and two at the conference meet, where he was chosen “Swimmer of the Meet.”

Bad language found in the halls, classrooms, offices

W h e n walking down the hallways you hear “B” this and “F” Keora Grace that. AccordReporter ing to public safety officer Curtis Couthen cussing is a problem at Everett and high schools in general. Some people say that cussing is an attention grabber or is used to get their point across. “People cuss so that their point gets across, people hear you when you cuss,” said Junior Krissi Witley. According to wordnetweb. a curse word is defined as “an obscene or profane expression, usually of surprise or anger.” As you walk around the school, you can hear people cursing for what seems to be no reason at all. Sometimes people are unaware when they curse because it comes naturally, and some people curse but know that there’s a time and place to do it. “I don’t cuss at home around my son, but I do curse here sometimes to get students’ attention,” said Couthen. People can learn cuss words from the homes they grow up in or

friends they hang with, but not all students are influenced by what others do. “I don’t cuss because I don’t need to,” said Zanita Williams. It’s not just students at Everett that cuss; it’s also the teachers and administration. Students feel as though it’s unfair or hypocritical for the teachers to curse, yet the students get suspensions for cussing. “I’ve heard almost all of my teachers cuss at least once or twice but if I were to cuss in class I’d probably get kicked out,” said Krissi Witley. Some say that cussing, name calling, and other profane language can lead to fighting and other violence. “When I was a security guard at Dwight Rich the principle gave three-day suspensions to students

Prom is an event that many students look forward to once they enter high Shaquila Doss school. People invest a lot of money Reporter and effort into making the night something that will be memorable. Although many want it to be a “perfect” night, many things could go wrong. To help students avoid prom pitfalls, a survey was given to a group of random seniors. Here, then, are the top eight ways that your prom night could be ruined.

problems. The seniors want to enjoy their night and many want to do it without the underclassmen. The underclassmen still have time to enjoy their high school years and should wait (like many of the seniors have) till their senior year and attend their own prom.

1. Bad DJ The number one way your prom night could be ruined would be having a bad DJ. The music plays a major role in the over all prom night. People want to dance and have fun with their friends and make memories. “I hope the DJ has a better selection of music than at previous dances that we have had,” said senior Kendel Smith.

6. Spills on dress/ suit. What people wear to prom is the most important part of the night. A lot of money is put into buying things that will make someone look “amazing.” “People should watch what they eat before prom so they won’t spill anything on their tux,” said senior Kevin Woods.

2. Bad Weather The weather in Michigan is very unpredictable and could change at any moment. The last thing you want is a rain storm on prom day. “In past years it has been lots of rain on prom and I hope it doesn’t rain on our prom day,” said senior Jamie Crawford. 3. Bad Venue Where prom is held is a major thing because you have to make sure there is enough room for all the guest . The decorations have to be nice and you have to transform the space. 4. Underclassmen Many seniors believe that the underclassmen could cause a lot of drama and

Student Code of Conduct: School citizenship Rules “4. Student will not use abusive and obscene language or gesture.” that were heard cussing,” said Couthen. He said he thought the crackdown on swearing helped keep the number of fights there low.

5. Drama People just want to enjoy this night and not have to deal with the childish drama. The last thing you need at prom is people fighting and arguing. “Save the drama for ya momma,” said senior Drevon Pruitt.

7. Car problems Transportation is important because you have to make sure that you make it to prom. If your car gets a flat tire or breaks down that could be the end of your entire night. “It would suck if you don’t have a nice ride to prom or your car breaks down,” said senior Josh Williams. 8. No Date The last way that people believe prom night could be ruined would be if you don’t have a prom date. Everyone would like to spend this night with someone special. “What’s a prom with no date? You can’t take a nice picture and it could ruin the rest of your plans,” said senior Jalynn Jones.

Features 6 The art of flirtexting: the do’s and don’ts March 23, 2011

You met a really cute guy at last Friday’s party. The two of you hung out the whole night and you had a lot of fun laughBre Hoskins ing together. At the end of the night, right before you leave, Reporter you exchange numbers and say those two magical words. “Text me.” Forget face to face connections, texting and Facebook are the latest ways to flirt. There is even a book about the best ways to flirt via text (or flirtext) called “Flirtexting- How to Text Your Way Into His Heart” by Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz. A flirtext according to Goldstein and Baniuszwicz’s book is “any text message sent between you and a boy [or girl] you would like to date or are currently dating. These texts are normally comprised of the flirty, witty banter that you throw back and forth with each other that typically leads to a date...You love this type of flirting over text because it’s a noncommittal way for you to let him know you are digging him.” There are pros and cons to flirtexting. A pro would be being able to say things you would usually be too shy to say in person. A con would be not being able to understand someone’s intended tone. There is definitely a difference between a regular text and a flirtext too. Regular texts can be about anything normal like the weather; but a flirtext are more thought through and tend to compliment the person you like. “You know someone is [flirtexting] you when they make comments on your looks, but guys are different because they don’t care if it’s offensive or not,” said junior Alexus Root. There are some major dos and don’ts when it comes to flirtexting also. Friendliness without going overboard tends to be the biggest “do.” “Do be generally friendly. Not phony, because you want to be sincere with the person you like. And make plans to hang out when you’re [flirtexting],” said Root. “That not only shows that you’re interested but also helps get the two of you face to face more.” One “don’t,” according to “Flirtexting” is using a whole bunch of emoticons or abbreviations. Typing this: “Lol :D 2nite was da gr8est. :) Can’t w8 2 do dat again :]” will scare him off and give off the impression that you are an airhead. Also, the book says some response times are a don’t. For example, anything under five minutes when you first start flirtexting means that you are a “Desperate Jane.” This means you are so desperate for a guy, any guy, that you will respond back with lightning speed even if it took him a half hour to text you back. Another don’t for both guys and girls is breaking up with your significant other over text. “Even if your relationship started that way, it’s insensitive and shows a lack of respect to break-up with someone over your handheld device,” said a msn lifestyle article on the “Flirtexting” book. A really big flirtexting don’t is if you’re in a relationship and flirtext with an ex. Your current beau will take offense

to this. “Any sort of playful message exchange with someone other than your significant other could be grounds for “infidelitexting” (just ask Tiger Woods), so it’s best to tread lightly when it comes to this matter. If the person sending you the messages knows you’re in a relationship, it’s okay to ignore them and their advances until it stops. That should get your message across,” said the same article. “ If they don’t know you’re in a relationship, try sending: “I’m flattered, but you’re X years too late. I’m currently not in the market for a jealous [girlfriend/ boyfriend]. Hope you understand.” Finally, the big enchilada itself: SEXTING. According to “Flirtexting,” Sexting is defined as “descriptive (sometimes explicit) sexual conversations through text with the intention of arousing the person on the receiving end.” Also, Google definitions says that sexting is taking a “sexually-explicit photo of yourself and sending it [via text]”. Some people are all for it, while others say it is one of the biggest no-nos ever. “Flirtexting” and Root agree that sexting isn’t a horrible offense but should be done within limits. “Flirtexting” encourages sexting but only if you are in a long-term relationship and make sure to keep it classy. “May we remind you that you’re also friends with your boss? Proceed with caution.” However, not everyone thinks sexting is the way to go. Some think sexting is risky and has serious consequences. “I don’t sext because you might think you have a good relationship with someone and you send [compromising] pictures, but anything could happen when they’re mad,” said sophomore Dareese Robertson. “They could send that picture around, and you’d be sorry you let them have it in the first place.” Others are afraid that sexting sexy pictures could lead to internet problems. “It’s just nasty,” said freshman Sierra Russey. “And it is easily put on facebook for everyone to see or be sent to all the [recipient’s] friends. To top it all off, some advice to follow: “They say be careful what you put on the Internet, but these days you have to be careful what you text, because people can and will use it against you,” says Root.

More News. Less Paper.

March 23, 2011



Mysteries of Everett: hidden doors, unfinished art Every day, students walk the halls of Everett, caught up in their routines. But, once in a while, Justin Lundy some may stop and Reporter think “That’s weird. I wonder what’s up with that?” Everett has some mysteries. This article seeks to solve a few of them. The Disappearance of Room 7 Here’s the scenario: You’re on your way to class in the basement, and you notice room number 7, or what was once room number 7, but is now occupied by a wall. What’s the deal with that? Students here have some pretty interesting ideas as to what this wall-door really is. “It’s obviously our local entrance to Hogwarts,” said senior Caleb Strickler. Some students have a much more sinister idea about it. “Here’s what I think happened,” senior Cameron Riddle said. “They put all the...slackers in there and just sealed them up.” Officer Mark Langschwager provided the answer about this door/wall thing. “It was when they were doing renovations. They were expanding the science rooms and the door had to be removed to make room,” he explained. “Sorry, but

there’s no kids locked up in there.” The Unpainted Arts If you go down the performing arts hallway, you will see the different performing arts painted on the walls. However, something is wrong with them. Some of the words are fully painted, but some are only partially painted, stopped in midstroke. Many students take notice and find it very annoying. “It bugs the crap out of me,” said senior Sam Adame. “How hard is it to finish? Give me a brush and I’ll finish it myself.” Others see it as another one of those “it’s-because-we’re-Lansing-and-we’repoor” things, and others see it as something to joke about. “We don’t need more paint,” Strickler joked. “We need smaller words.” No matter how we view it, seeing halfpainted words on the walls begs the question “Why couldn’t they be finished?” Art teacher Pam Collins helped provide an answer. “If you look really close, the walls are painted with two different shades of blue. One is cracked, which is tempera paint, and the other is acrylic paint,” Collins explained. “I wasn’t here when they started it, but whoever started the project was using acrylic paint and whoever finished it

used tempera.” The acrylic paint is made to last permanently, but tempera paints aren’t. After a while, they fade and become cracked, which Collins feels is the reason why they didn’t finish the project. “I keep meaning to have students fix it up,” she says. “However, the year goes by so fast and there is not enough time to do so.” Because of this article, however, Collins has a group of student volunteers who will re-paint the hallway later this spring. The Forgotten Tragedy Above locker C2-069 on the second floor, there is a slightly crooked screw. In passing, it may not seem like a big deal, especially when there are other screws above other lockers. However, this particular screw is a memento of a distant event at Everett, and a reminder of the tragedy of school violence. On February 22, 1978, student Roger Needham, a Nazi enthusiast who always wore a Nazi party pin on his trench coat, was pushed over the edge by peers Bill Draher and Kevin Jones. On this day, Jones was giving Needham a hard time about his pin. Needham pulled out a .38 special German Luger that his father owned and aimed at Draher, who was shot in the jaw. Needham then took aim at Jones but he ducked and the bullet only grazed his

scalp and needed stitches. It was this bullet that became lodged in the locker. Jones took off running down the hallway, warning the mob of students. Needham then aimed the gun at Draher’s head and shot him once more. He then gave the gun, a box of ammunition, and a knife to a teacher and said, “Here, I give up.” The shooting was one of the country’s first school shootings. It was the first school shooting in Michigan, and the third in the country. Needham was arrested, but laws prevented him from being tried as an adult, so he was sentenced to receive psychiatric help from Green Oaks, an institution for criminally insane boys, near Ann Arbor. He eventually received his GED and after four years was released for exemplary behavior. He enrolled in the University of Michigan and received a Ph.D in mathematics and is currently a professor at the City College of New York. Cross-country coach Rich Helder wrote a play about the incident, and he feels very strongly about this subject. “School shootings are an issue for me,” he said. Some of his students have been the victims of shootings. As for what

happened in 1978, it was very eye opening for him. “Its shocking to me that either students know about it and don’t talk about it, or they flat out don’t know.” Helder wrote the play because it had such a profound effect on him. He felt he needed to bring this story to life and make it real for others. “Its a story that needs to be told at Everett,” he said. Some see this story as proof of how far we have come since then. If something similar were to happen today, the person almost certainly wouldn’t get away with only serving four years. If anyone is interested, there is a plaque in Bill Draher’s memory hanging on the wall outside the student center next to the mural.

Even for saggers, the trend’s appeal is unclear For quite some time now, the teenage male species and hip-hop/ rap icons Bre Hoskins have had the biggest infatuation with preReporter senting their rumps for the whole world to see. For reasons unknown to adults and teenage girls alike, guys are in love with this trend. They enjoy wearing flashy boxers or basketball shorts under their pants or skinny jeans and letting them droop down to knee level. There are questions that arise as to where this trend started. Such as who were the pioneer saggers? Did sagging really originate in prison? It has been widely rumored that sagging started in prison with homosexual inmates sagging their pants to advertise that they are ready for a sexual relationship with whoever is interested (this is supported by, a rumor clarification site). Another rumor is that the fad started when one inmate was on suicide watch and wasn’t allowed a belt, his fellow inmates wore their pants low in protest (also found on With such a negative connotation, why would teenage guys adapt this style? Implying that they want to be another guys’ “girlfriend” doesn’t seem to be

something they’d do voluntarily. “Sagging is stupid because it came from jail,” said junior Alex Bodiford. Rappers that teenage boys listen to such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and Eminem all sag, and even older icons such as Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, and Ll Cool J still sag today. So is looking like them the attraction? “Just like girls purposely buy tight jeans, guys sag their jeans,” said junior Jeff Walker. “This is just what we do, it’s our swag.” However some guys say they don’t sag to be cool. They do it unintentionally or without thinking about it. “Sometimes your pants are just baggy and they naturally fall down, and you might not have a belt at hand that day,” said junior David Levario. When asked, a lot of guys couldn’t explain why the sag. They said they simply just sag because that’s all they know. That’s the trend and they stick to it. “I don’t really know why I [do it], that’s just the style,” said sophomore Anthony White. “It looks cool.” However, not every guy sags. Some guys don’t like this dernier cri (trend), and choose to keep their pants at their hips. Some don’t agree that sagging is cool or trendy.

“I don’t like to sag,” said junior Diamond Jones. “I think it looks stupid and it feels stupid too.” Levario had some strong opinions on the topic of sagging, and made it clear how asinine he thinks sagging is. “[Sagging] makes you look dumb, like you have crap in your pants,” he said. “It’s also really dumb when people wear belts and then sag. It’s like, what’s the point?” Some parents turn a blind eye when their son walks by with his pants on the ground, but some parents don’t find this trend to be respectable. Many parents think this look makes teens seem like hoodlums, and makes their generation look bad. They don’t agree that presenting your derriere is “cool.” “It’s disrespectful to the public!” said father Shawn Hoskins. “Why should I be subject to looking at your underwear? If that’s the case then why doesn’t everyone just walk around in their underwear? It’s just rude and downright ugly.” There’s definitely a generation gap when it comes to this style. “When I was growing up, you were looked at as a bum if you sagged your pants,” said Hoskins.

March 23, 2011



Lady Gaga makes headlines with outrageous style, bizarre behavior Lady Gaga’s crazy style and fashion taste is always visible at Grammy awards and all Pah Chang different kind of Reporter events. Even when she’s strolling around the block for a walk, something will definitely catch your eyes. Lady Gaga has been known for her outrageous outfits. Some of her outfits are gorgeous and creative, and some of them smell like meat. Her meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards was actually made from real meat. The dress was made from “real meat from my family butcher,” designer Franc Fernandez told “MTV Style.” Gaga said that the dress was to make a political statement. “If we don’t stand up for what we believe in, if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones,” Gaga told Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Not every one can pull of the Lady Gaga look. She is always wearing

“I think she is very versatile and I like her style.”

something new and astonishing that no one would ever really think of. “It’s just too exotic for me,” said senior Mary Nguyen when asked if she would ever wear something that Lady Gaga wore. At the 53rd annual Grammy awards, Lady Gaga came carried in what many have mistaken it to be an egg. According to Hussein Chalayan, who designed it, it’s actually a “vessel.” “[Chalayan] said, ‘Make sure you tell everyone it’s a ‘vessel’,” said Gaga on the “Tonight” show. For some, the way she dresses up looks more like she’s putting on a costume. “It’s like Halloween every day for her,” said Senior Windy Cha. Other young artists think that her fashion taste is a little off. “People say it’s artistic and stuff. I’m just like, you’re an egg,” singer Justin Bieber told “Chelsea Lately” host Chelsea Handler. Many of Lady Gaga’s outfits have meanings behind them. Her outfit of coming out of a vessel was meant to be a representation of being born,

“She’s weird because of the way she dresses.”

-Taylor DeBerry, 11

“I like her style and the clothes that she wears.”

which goes with the theme of her latest song “Born This Way.” Another outrageous outfit was a latex condominspired outfit she wore to an interview on “Good Morning America” because the topic was about safe sex. Lady Gaga has influenced lots of people’s fashion tastes. “[She definitely influences] the sunglasses for girls,” said senior DJ David Torres. Torres says that girls tend to wear sunglasses that are more Lady Gaga fashioned. As a DJ, Torres can see the influence that Lady Gaga makes. From the music requested and the clothing people wear, Lady Gaga is a growing role model. “I think she is a role model for success,” said Torres. Torres’ advice is to have her as a role model of ambition if you want to go into the music entertainment industry. Lady Gaga is a very successful artist that has been topping the charts. Imitate her drive, but don’t try to imitate her unique style. “Lady Gaga is a good person, but don’t try to imitate her,” said Torres.

“She has a unique style; people may have different opinions about it but it’s hers.”

“Some of [her dressing] is ridiculous... it’s different.”

-Dehean Dismuke, 9

-Bernard Wilson, 12

-Madelyn MacCreery, -Chase Moreno, 11


Kindle and Nook dominate electronic book options If only there was a way that you could carry every single book you own Amanda Robertsonwith you wherever you went, without Reporter the hassle of lugging around tons and tons of books. Actually there is, and there are even a couple of options. The device that was created to solve your book-carrying dilemma while fulfilling your reading pleasures is known as an “e-reader” or “e-book reader.” An e-book reader is a portable electronic device that’s designed mainly for the purpose of reading rooks. The most popular e-book readers are the Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle. Apple products like the iPad and certain iPods can be used to read e-books as well. Amazon’s Kindle, priced at $139 dollars for the Wi-Fi version, and $189 for the free 3G + Wi-Fi version, utilizes wireless connectivity to enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read ebooks, newspapers, magazines, blogs, as well as other digital media. “What I like about my Kindle is that instead of having to carry around a whole lot of books you can have very many books on a Kindle,” said freshman Anissa Dawsey. “I also like my Kindle because I’ve been reading books that I’ve never even heard about before and most of them are really good.” Although the Kindle has many good qualities, there’s also a down side to it. “What I don’t like about my Kindle

though is that if you want to get a book you have to buy it. You can’t just download it [for free] and that’s just dumb to me,” adds Dawsey. “I also don’t like that you can’t read it without having a light on. I always thought the screen glowed but I guess I was wrong.” And then there’s the Nook. The original Nook includes Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G wireless connectivity. Unlike the Kindle, the Nook has a Micro SD expansion slot for extra storage and a user-replaceable rechargeable battery. The Nook’s battery can be charged through either an AC adapter or a microUSB 2.0 cable (both included with new Nooks). The Nook also includes a web browser, a built-in dictionary, Chess and Sudoku, an audio player, speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Nook’s price, starts at $149 dollars, and the Nook Color is priced at $249 dollars. The Barnes and Nobles Nook was called the “Best of the best…” at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Although e-readers can be great for people who love to read, they’re not for everyone. Some would rather use devices like an iPad or iPod to read their e-books, whereas others read their books the oldfashioned way. “I like reading books to pass the time. Personally, I would rather read a regular book because you’re actually holding it in your hands and turning the pages yourself, so I wouldn’t get distracted,” said junior Adriana Sanchez.

March 23, 2011



At The Movies: The top ten big screen hits of 2011, so far March is a slower month for movies, because it’s right around the time where Christmas movies go away and the big hit movies are getting prepared for theaters. Some movies that are pretty popular and being watched right now are I am number Four, Pahoua Chang Unknown, and Never Say Never. There are not many movies out this earlier half Reporter of 2011, so movies from the end of 2010 are still popular, like the movie Black Swan. Every movie haves its own charm and cast that makes it popular. “I like horror movies and suspense,” said Ozema Braddock. I Am Number Four is directed by DJ. Caruso. It stars Timothy Oliphant, Alex Pettyfer, and Dianna Agron. It’s popular with younger teens. It’s like a combination of Transformer and Twilight, according to movie critic Michael Philips. It’s a very good movie for people who are into sci-fi, action, and thriller movies. “I Want to see I am Number Four,” said Junior Brandon Barker. Unknown is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. It stars Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, and January Jones. Unknown is about a man who wakes up from a coma and loses his identity, and not even his wife believes in him. He sets out on a journey to prove his identity. “I didn’t like it, [but] it was okay,” said Barker. Never Say Never is a popular movie for younger girls. This is all part of the Justin Bieber fever. All his fans can enjoy his concert and get to know him even more from the documentary. Even though the critic’s ratings for the movie have not been high, Justin Bieber was able

to make his movie rise to the top with the help of his thousands of fans out there. His movie is standing firm in the top box office hits “I like the fact that it wasn’t just a concert movie, but a documentary,” said senior Hermance Akono. The over all most popular movie genre is comedy, according to an online Dunlop survey of movie genre popularity. For those who enjoy comedy, the latest big screen comedy is Hall Pass, starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. Hall Pass is a comedy about what happens when a group of guys get a “free pass” from marriage for a week. “It looks funny, it just haves that vibe,” said Barker. If you want more comedy, go watch Big Mama’s Like Father Like Son. Martin Lawrence reprises his cross-dressing role, this time bringing another agent into the dress-up action. “It was really good and it was really funny, and I like how they dressed up as girls,” said Barlin Mire. Box office hits ranking one through ten are: Hall Pass, Gnomeo and Juliet, Unknown, I Am Number Four, Just Go with It, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Big Mamas: Father Like Son, The Kings Speech, Drive Angry 3D, and True Grit according to IMDb. According to IMDb the top five movies based on users’ reviews are I Am Number Four, Unknown, The Next Three Days, Black Swan, and The Kings Speech. The movie meter is measured by the user votes on the site.

Upcoming 2011 Movies • Water for Elephants- April 22 • Prom- April 29 • Thor- May 6 • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – May 20 • The Hangover 2- May 26 • Kung Fu Panda- May 27 • X- Men: First Class- June 3 • Green Lantern- June 17 • Cars 2- June 24

‘Bieber fever’: it’s pretty outrageous and contagious Nearly all of world has fallen into the traps of this contagious pop disease. The symptoms include senseless cries of joy at concerts, outrageous sending of fan letters, and uncontrollable fainting. This disease has not yet Kani Caldwell reached its heights; it only seems to Reporter be getting bigger and spreading faster. Most victims are unaware of the devastating effects of the disease. They can last over a life time in many cases. While doctors are trying to find cures, the astounding sickness is striking teenage girls everywhere. It’s clear to see that the world has caught a case of the BIEBER FEVER! Justin Bieber has become a pop star phenomenon. According to the Billboard Hot 100, Bieber became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album chart. At the age of seventeen he has already had an album go platinum and won Artist of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards. While many of Bieber’s fans admire his determination, many industry-watchers also say that this pop idol is definitely on the right track in his career. He has caught the attention of the public with his remarkable talent. “I like his music and [his] flippy hair,” said junior Brianne Spare. Internationally, he is well known for his top-ten single “Baby,” which escalated him towards one of the pinnacles of his career. With a movie out that has a record for the biggest opening weekend for a concert film, Bieber is considered a teen idol, but there is still controversy concerning his popularity and image. His popularity has caused safety concerns. Some think that many of his dedicated fans have taken their acts of support to a new level. “They [are] taking it too FAR,” said junior Kortnee Richardson. “It’s gone extreme!” Mobs of screaming girls have caused the singer to no longer be able to perform at venues without seats because of the fear that fans will get seriously injured. “In December, Bieber had to stop a fan fight in Pitts-

burgh, after several girls fought over a towel he threw into the audience,” reported gossip site Severe restrictions are being put in place due to the tactics of his beloved fans. While a large group of Justin fans gathered outside his hotel in Liverpool before his concert, BBC News reported that a girl was sent to the hospital after being trapped by the mob. Police also had to block off the road for Bieber in order for him to leave. Many teen and tween girls want a piece of Justin Bieber, but most realize that there comes a point where lines need to be drawn. Recently, Bieber’s new love interest, Selena Gomez, has caught the eye of many of his fans in a negative way. Many of Bieber’s fans were upset to hear the horrific news that their crush was no longer single. Rumors state that threats have been sent out towards Gomez on her Twitter. Also it was that she was punched by an upset fan, but Gomez’s rep denies the claim on Senior Lauren Dowland said that if it actually happened, attacking Bieber’s girlfriend would be “crossing the line.” Dowland suggest that it’s normal for every teen girl to have a crush, for she has had one herself, but the disease of “Bieber-itis” is one that seriously needs to be tamed. Junior Adriana Lopez, agreed that obsessive fans can be over-the-top. “They’re [definitely] crazy!” said Lopez. It’s clear to see that this profound fever has taken over the lives of many people in the world. From teens to adults, this may be one of the biggest epidemics of our time. Some think it could be just a simple celebrity crush, but with teen girls living on hopes to one day become Mrs. Justin Bieber, we may soon find that it’s a lot more serious than we thought. So while cures have not yet been found, take great precaution; the fever can hit you at any time. Take Justin Bieber’s advice and “Never Say Never” when dealing with the fan based illness. It will have you calling out “Baby” while you looking for “Somebody To Love.” And for “One Time” you’ll feel like “One Less Lonely Girl” “Stuck in the Moment” and caught in bottomless traps of the Bieber Fever.

Symptoms of ‘Bieber Fever’ • You began to think his music is ‘catchy’ • Your heart melts when he smiles • You think you and he are meant to be • You own at least one of his albums • You have given him a nickname, such as ‘Biebs.’

My World 2.0 sold over 283,000 copies, making Justin Bieber the youngest solo male act to top the billboard chart since Stevie Wonder in 1963. Infatuation with Bieber has created a phenomenon that some call “Bieber Fever.”

“I like his music and his flippy hair.” -junior Brianne Spare.

March 23, 2011



Runners positive for upcoming season Bottom Left: Coach Marcelle Carruthers shows his runners proper form. Bottom Right: Sophomore Re’Gene Thompson and Freshman Jhalycia Smith run at practice.

Capitol Area

Driving School, LLC 484-2421

New classes forming! Call today!

Stephanie Dunham

Stephanie Dunham

Stephanie Dunham

Left: Sophomore Sammie Johnson runs the halls with seniors Jordan Walker and James Jenkins.

As the snow melts, runners get out their spikes, jumpers start leaping and the throwers Stephanie Dunham reach toward the sky. It’s Reporter track season. Conditioning has begun and a lot of people have decided to give it a try. “If we get a lot of people then we should be good,” said Coach Marcelle Carruthers. Having more people on the team makes the team look full, you have a lot more people to do different things and if a person gets hurt you can replace them with someone else. More girls have shown up and the coaches can see this being a good year. The coaches for both girls’ and boys’ are the same, but the four coaches are divided amongst the events. Coaches work with their event and then try to make the members of their event do the best they can. “As long as everyone keeps their grades up and stays dedicated to track this could

• Lansing teachers for instructors • Classes will be held at Everett High School

Please call and schedule an appointment.

Capitol Area Driving School offers: • Lansing teachers! • Convenient times! • Convenient location!

• Classes are generally Monday thru Thursday for three weeks

Segment I

May 2 – May 19 3:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. Summer classes available! Call for more info.

Segment II

Cost is $45. If interested in Segment 2 classes, call 484-2421.

Other sessions and times available!

• Cost is $310.00 • Any missed classes can be made up in the next class session

We also do ROAD TESTS.

be our year,” said junior Janaye Haynes who placed 1st in the 100 last year. Most team members share the positive attitude of Haynes. Team members are starting the season with a very confident mindset. “I know we are going to states this year,” said junior Will Bowman, who runs the 800 and 1600. He has been running since last year. Bowman isn’t the only runner with such a positive outlook. “I think we have a shot at going to states in the 4x4 and the 800,” said senior Jordan Walker. The new members of the team will have to work just as hard as the rest of the team for them to make it to states. Although there are members of the team that know what they want to succeed in, there are some who are not sure. “I have never even done track, but this should be interesting, I think the team is going to be pretty big and hopefully we will all get along,” said junior Jenaya Naftse.

sts e T d a o R lot in

To register, call:


g (you must be 14 years, 8 es parkintadium lm o H t s s ll We a b t months old to enroll) foo front of make an

-2421 to . Call 48a4ppointment

Capitol Area Driving School is a private school renting from the District.

March 23, 2011



Softball season focused on improvement

Softball season began on March 14 with thee days of try-outs. Because of a lack of interest from students in Shaquila Doss previous years, there will only be two teams this year (junior Reporter varsity and varsity). Many new players are looking forward to their first season being a part of the Viking softball team. Although each person may be at different skill levels each will be able to gain experience in the game and improve. Freshmen, especially, are new to the Vikings and hope to be able to play on the team. “I like softball, it is something that I would like to continue,” said freshman Hailey Cleveland, who has played softball for four years.

Returning players are also looking forward to this season. In recent years the softball team has had few wins and has had conflict. This year, players are thinking of ways that they can improve and have a more successful season. “I hope that this season will be better than previous years and that the team improves and we have better attitudes,” said junior and varsity player Tiffany Faulkner. Returning players also are thinking about what the coaches want to see from them this year. Each year the players and coaches have goals for the season that they hope to meet. “I believe the coaches expect players will work hard, have good attitudes, and believe in the team and themselves,” said senior varsity player Brianna Black.

This year the tennis team is looking forward to a good season. Practiced started last week and lots of girls came to practice. Most of the tennis players that Keora Grace played in previous years are planFeatures Editor ning on coming back this year and hoping for an even better season than last year. “ I’ve played tennis since freshmen year and now I’m co-captain,” said junior Elizabeth Taylor. There are many different reasons why students chose to play sports in high school. It keeps students motivated and focused. But the main reason being,

they’re fun. “ I play tennis because it’s a fun and self motivating sport, and it also helps me get my anger out,” said Taylor. Tennis may look like an easy sport, hitting a ball back and forth with a racket but according to Elizabeth, it’s not. “ It’s so much harder than it looks it takes a lot of work,” said Taylor. Last year the team had a pretty good season and a strong team. “ I played tennis last year and I feel we had a strong team,” said sophomore Janelle Lewis.

Amidst all his recent problems and scandals, Tiger Woods can add one more thing to his list of reasons he’s hated: spitting on the green. Xia Thao During his final round in Features Editor the European Tour, Woods spat on the 12th green, which prompted an outrage. According to Woods spitting on the green was “fuelling outrage.” The European Tour acted quickly and found him guilty of a code of conduct breach of etiquette. He was fined an undisclosed amount. “The Tournament Director, Mike Stewart, has reviewed the incident and feels there has been a Breach of the Tour Code of Conduct and consequently Tiger Woods will be fined,” the European Tour said in a statement. Golf is known for its etiquette and being a gentlemen’s game. So when Woods spat on the green, viewers of the game became disgusted. Commentator Ewen Murray said on air that is was “one of the ugliest things you will ever see on a golf course.” Murray also said “...It does not get much lower than that.” Many agree with Murray saying what he did was wrong.

“[What he did is] just not golf etiquette,” said English teacher Jonathan Wakeman. What Woods did was out of conduct and many became angry, but some people believe that Woods spitting on the green was not such a big deal. It was blown out of portion because he is Tiger Woods. “[It became an] issue because of him being Tiger Woods,” said officer Couthen. He also stated it was also because Woods is the “face of golf ” that the issue became so big. Couthen, who is a golfer himself and has coached golf, understands why Woods is getting the heat. Couthen stated that it is a “ gentlemen’s game,” and that it was “inappropriate.” After being fined and put on the spotlight Woods himself apologized, saying that what he did was not golf etiquette. “The Euro Tour is right- is was inconsiderate to spit like that and I know better. I Just wasn’t thinking and want to say I’m sorry,” Woods wrote on his Twitter page. The Etiquette of golf should be respected because it is what golf. “Etiquette is more a thing3 for golf than other sports... etiquette is kind of built into golf,” said athletic director Cynthia Short.

Tiger Woods spits on green, breaking golf etiquette rules

Chad Sanders

Tennis team looks to build on its strength

New golf coach Scott Goodman shows his players proper form for a golf swing at practice in the cafeteria March15.

Getting into the swing of a new coach As this season continues to have Baseball, Softball, Track and Women’s Soccer, there is still one more sport that many student left behind, Alan Yang Golf. Although it wasn’t able Online Editor to grab the student’s interest, there are still others who would like to participate in the team. After hearing the announcement about finding a new coach, Biology teacher Scott Goodman has taken place for the new coach for the Golf team. Coach Linda Seibold recently resigned, and science teacher Scott Goodman decided to take the reins. “Since Mrs. Seibold had resigned this year, we were in search for a team coach until I heard that Goodman had some experience in golf,” said Athletic Director Cindy Short. A new coach was found within a week, which was a good thing, since practices started in only a few days. “When we cannot find a replacement in time, then what we do is called an “Instant Hire”, a process where any staff member wouldn’t have to go through [the regular, more lengthy] process of interviewing and procedures,” explained Short. With the need for an Everett golf coach, it was decided for him to be the replacement for coach. “I was asked to be the coach a few weeks ago. When I realized that Everett had a need, I decided to commit to coaching the team.” Even with enjoyment that he likes to do, it is a “great combination of factors for me.” “I really enjoy golf, I really enjoy teaching and

mentoring students and I enjoy being outside,” said Goodman. Before Goodman took over the coach, he had a lot of coaching experiences with many different sports. Goodman says, “I have a lot of coaching experience with soccer which I coached for 7 years and baseball which I coached for 10 years. I have played golf over the past 30 years”. Even with the few players that they have, these students have enjoyed having to participate in the team, especially Sophomore Khalil Young. “I do enjoy being on the golf team, because it is a fun thing to play and great to learn,” said Young. As the team goes to practice, they deal with many routines and exercise that should be focused on. “During practice, we focus on techniques and firm for an accurate hit,” explained Young. “I will focus on swing techniques and the mental aspect of the game and improving each time you go out and golf,” said Goodman. Instead of being just a sport, there is an aspect of learning from this sport. “What you learn is patience, that’s all golf really is,” said Young. “Golf is a challenging and fun. It will test your patience and shows you what you can do on your own in competition because it is a single person game, even though you compete as a team by combining score,” said Goodman. With Goodman’s capability that represented this school, he states that he wants this school to be a great school and he will continue to keep working to promote Everett and its students.

March 23, 2011



Spring Sports Schedule











Saturday 3/26 9:00 am Girls Tennis @Owosso



4:00pm Boys Varsity Baseball vs Owosso 4:00pm Boys JV Baseball @ Owosso Girls Soccer @ Lansing Catholic JV @ 4:00pm Varsity @ 5:30pm 4:00pm Girls Varsity Softball vs Owosso 4:00pm Girls JV Softball @ Owosso 4:00pm Girls Tennis @ Ionia







Girls Soccer vs Waverly JV @ 4:00pm Varsity @ 5:30pm 4:00pm Girls Varsity Softball @ St. Johns 4:00pm Girls JV Softball vs St. Johns 4:00pm Girls Tennis vs Corunna

10:00am Boys Golf @ Perry 4:00pm Boys Varsity Baseball @ Battle Creek Central 4:00pm Boys JV Baseball vs Battle Creek Central







Spring Break No Games 4/11

4/12 3:00pm Boys Golf vs Charlotte 4:00pm Boys Varsity Baseball @ Mason 4:00pm Boys JV Baseball vs Mason Girls Soccer vs Bath JV @ 4:00 pm Varsity @ 5:30pm 4:00pm Girls Tennis vs Leslie

4/18 4:00pm Boys Varsity Baseball @ Charlotte 4:00pm Boys JV Baseball vs Charlotte 4:00pm Girls Varsity Softball @ Charlotte 4:00pm Girls JV Softball vs Charlotte

4/19 9:00am Boys Golf @ CAAC Jamboree @ Arbor Hills 4:00pm Girls Tennis @ Sexton Girls Soccer @ St. Johns JV @ 4:00pm Varsity @ 5::30

4/13 4:00pm Girls Varsity Softball @ DeWitt 4:00pm Girls JV Softball vs DeWitt 4:00pm Boys/Girls Track @ Holt


3:30pm Boys Golf @ Williamston 4:00pm Boys Varsity Baseball vs Perry 4:00pm Boys JV Baseball @ Perry 4:00pm Girls Varsity Softball vs Perry 4:00pm Girls JV Softball @ Perry Girls Soccer @ Ionia JV @ 4:00pm Varsity @ 5:30pm 4:00pm Girls Tennis @ Grand Ledge

4/21 4:00pm Boys Varsity Baseball vs Portland 4:00pm Boys JV Baseball @ Portland 4:00pm Girls Tennis @ East Lansing 4:00pm Boys/Girls Track @ Olivet College Girls Soccer vs Grand Ledge JV @ 4:00pm Varsity @ 5:30pm

4/16 9:00am Girls Varsity Soccer @ Stockbridge 9:00am Girls Varsity Softball @ CAAC Kick-Off Tournament 9:00am Girls Tennis @ Corunna 10:00am Boys/Girls Track @ Grand Rapids


4/23 9:00am Boys JV Baseball @ MidMichigan 9:00am Boys Golf @ Mason 9:00am Girls Tennis @ City Tournament 9:30am Boys Varsity Baseball @ Haslett 10:00am Boys/Girls Track @ Sexton

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