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mark shaffer

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Summertime is upon us, and Vegas is well known for those triple digit hot summer months! But we’ve got some cool ideas to get you through this sizzling season. First off, a big welcome back to Wet ‘n’ Wild! We’ve missed you, and we’ll certainly need you this summer, because the forecast is H-O-T! Speaking of hot, this issue of MYVEGAS is loaded with all new articles and tips for your summer fun. Starting off with our three exciting covers, Zappos’ very own Tony Hsieh, Four Seasons Dr. Wright, and Vocalist Nieve Malandra! You’ll also enjoy some of our cool new clients we have featured in this issue as well, starting off with MYVEGAS’ “Reader’s Choice”, and Top Doc’s and Dentist’s in the Vegas Valley! When you need the best, these Physicians come highly recommended, direct from our readers poll. The Mayor’s very own article “From the Mayor’s Desk”, answers questions you have asked. There’s a brand- new business section, called “My Business”, covering topics that can help you and your company. If you plan on spending time in your pool this summer, there’s Top Ten Tips for keeping a “Cool Pool” this season. We’ve also added a Home Services Directory, for those little fix ups we all need around the house. For the family, we brought you an up close inside look at the new Discovery Museum, a must for your kids this summer. And in addition, we made a Top Ten list of things to do with your tikes during this three-month school break. On theentertainment side of things, check out the “New Country” phenomenon that’s all the rage. This article features a wonderful story by Melissa T, Coyote Country Radio’s hot daytime DJ, in “It’s Not Your Daddy’s Country Anymore”, a great story on the current country scene. Lastly, remember that famous “Welcome to Vegas” sign? That’s what started it all in our city, and we look back on a neon history of the Las Vegas sign scene: the old, the new, and where they all went. Hope you enjoy this issue, and please know this is “your” magazine. If you have any good ideas and suggestions of what you would like to see in MyVegas, please feel free to email me at

Mark Shaffer 2 •

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From t he Mayor’s Desk

Ask the Mayor

Our lovely Mayor Carolyn Goodman has graciously agreed to answer some questions from MYVEGAS Magazine’s readers each issue. This woman has many words of wisdom, and as Mayor of the most fabulous city in the world, she is open and well suited to answer all types of questions from: Raising Children in Las Vegas, Dating in Las Vegas, Marriage & Children, Bullying, Buying a Car, Bettering the School District, Top Tips for Starting a New Business Venture, Go-To Meals for Families on the Go, and much, much more. Please email your questions to: for a chance to have your questions answered in a future issue of MYVEGAS Magazine! A special thank you to the Honorable Mayor Carolyn Goodman for her willingness to engage with the readers of MYVEGAS Magazine and the community of Las Vegas!

Q: Mayor, do you have any advice for

how I might be successful as a single man making his way through the Las Vegas dating scene?

A: Well, having raised three really great

boys here in Las Vegas who are all now happily married men, I can tell you it was not an easy task to find the “right girl” when they began to think about settling down. I have two initial pieces of advice: one, always be a gentleman and be yourself and don’t compromise these qualities; and second, go to places, activities and events where you might find women with similar interests, education, aspirations and appetites for what you enjoy, too.

Q: I’m concerned about the state of education in the country and here in Las Vegas. What are some changes that you think would improve the system in our community? A: The first change l would advocate

would be to divide our enormous, overburdened School District into manageable parts. A thorough and detailed examination of the district’s budget and where dollars have been allocated are a given to be undertaken, of course. Administrative costs no doubt are out of line and need to be reduced for I am a

firm believer that dollars need to be allocated to where there are proven to be most effective: to attract and retain the best in faculty for every position in every classroom, k – 12. Our goals should be to maximize the potential of each child no matter where he lives in our city or to whom he is born. We must help develop our young people into job- andlife- competitive candidates. Education must begin at the beginning, and early entry into the life of the child is best. Three and four-year-olds need exposure

and experiential learning opportunities, and five year olds need full-day kindergarten in which reading, writing, math and communication skills are taught and art, music, science, technology, and physical education are integrated into the day. Kindness and courtesy must be expected, and good manners taught in a positive, encouraging environment... and these are the simple starters!

Q: I’m a working mom and sometimes I feel like I’m not making enough homecooked meals for my children. Do you have any go to easy dinner recipes that I can make for my family? A: One thing I always tried to do when my four were young was to make something on Sunday that would result in some leftovers during the week. You basically get two for one and sometimes I’d even get a third meal out of them. How: by mixing all the ingredients together with a new set of spices and a different kind of vegetable or rice, potato, or pasta. Another great tool is a slow cooker or crock pot. You can put a roast and vegetables in before work, and it is ready to go when you get home. Another trick I still use is to prepare something easy like homemade Italian meatballs ahead of time and put them in the refrigerator. Then when I get home I simply cook up a pot of pasta, warm the meatballs in my own sauce concoction, make a salad, and we’re ready in just 20 minutes. YOU ASK IT! Please send any questions you may have for Mayor Carolyn Goodman to: for a chance to have your questions answered by our lovely Mayor of Las Vegas! • 3

my vegas

from the editor candice shaffer

From the New Desk of Candice Shaffer

Las Vegas locals know that summer always offers ways to discover new and exciting opportunities. As we explore all that our wonderful city has to offer this season, including the long awaited re-development of Wet ‘n’ Wild, us locals will hit the scorching streets of Las Vegas running this summer! I am pleased to announce that I will be taking on a new Managing Account Executive position to further assist local Las Vegas businesses with enhancing their marketing endeavors. MYVEGAS Magazine plans to assist this effort by organizing local fundraisers and events that benefit our future leaders. We are pleased to introduce Jenn Zenn as the new Editor to the MYVEGAS Magazine family. “From the Mayor’s Desk” is a new addition we are excited to introduce this summer. Readers questions will be answered by our wonderful Mayor Carolyn Goodman each issue. Another feature we are offering is our “Vintage Vegas” page, allowing readers to glance into the past by reminiscing on the good ol’ days of Las Vegas history via Vintage Vegas photos. Our expansion and growth here at MYVEGAS magazine is majorly attributed to our supporters and readers who make every effort worthwhile! It’s due to our supportive readers who make it possible to bring this localized, community media outlet to the forefront. As I move forward into a new role at MYVEGAS magazine, I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude and thanks to a few contacts that have encouraged our cause: • Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who has consistently offered her support and willingness to interact with the readers in “Ask the Mayor” • Patty Navarro of “Patty’s Closet”, for being such a pleasure to work with • Fun House Jumpers, who have offered support and local kidfriendly events • Neon Museum, for their great hospitality and knowledge on the history of Las Vegas neon signs • Top Docs and Dentists who take care of our community each and every day. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did putting it all together! We look forward to seeing you out and about at one of our local community events. Please feel free to contact me regarding being featured in a future issue of MYVEGAS Magazine at

Candice Shaffer

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on our covers

my vegas

This Issue

Every issue, we bring you three exciting covers featuring people and places that make Las Vegas a better place to live. Each cover comes with a great story, giving you an up close and personal look behind the scenes of our cover profiles. This issue features the amazing Tony Hsieh from Zappos, Dr. Wright from Four Seasons Dental Spa, and Nieve Malandra, a local singing sensation.

Tony Hsieh of Zappos- Anyone who has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Las Vegas has likely heard the buzz about retail giant, Zappos. Having moved to Las Vegas nearly a decade ago from San Francisco, Zappos prides itself on operating within the unique corporate climate of this city. What other metropolis has the capacity to support close to 40 million annual visitors while maintaining a small-town feel? Combining his savvy for entrepreneurship, a knack for online shoe-selling, and the funds to back up his endeavors, Zappos owner Tony Hsieh has set his sights on his next big project: revitalizing Downtown Las Vegas. (To read the full article, go to page 71)

Dr. Wright of Four Seasons Dental- Dr. Jim Wright, the only double-board certified holistic dentist in Nevada and founder of the Four Seasons Dental Spa, puts integrity above all else. His passion can be seen in how he treats his patients, who for the past twenty-five years, have come to rely on him for all aspects of dentistry. His patients are from all walks of life, from first-time locals, to celebrities, to those that fly in for his expertise. Dr. Wright says this is the golden age of dentistry… What’s possible today was yesterday’s dream. (To read the full feature, go to page 39)

Nieve Malandra, Local Singing Sensation- “I wasn’t sure what to expect,” says vocalist, model and mother Nieve Malandra of her new hometown, Las Vegas. “But for me, it’s a perfect city. It’s got that friendly, small town feel which is great for raising my daughter, but it’s also got a very exciting entertainment scene which is as good as any place in the country.” Born and raised in San Francisco, Nieve spent years working as a singer in Los Angeles before moving to Sin City in July of 2012. She quickly established herself as one of LV’s most versatile vocalists. (To read the full feature, go to page 67) • 5

my vegas

Client Manager Jessica Lovell Carro

From business leaders putting people back to work, to kids and stay-at-home moms looking for great deals and ideas to students and singles thriving in Las Vegas, we want to reach everyone. Hello! I am so excited you picked up the premier issue of MYVEGAS Magazine. We are a magazine for locals, by locals, reaching the surrounding areas and pinpointing the topics you care about most. We want MYVEGAS to serve as a resource for you and your family to live a better, healthy and fulfilled life in your community. We want you to get the most out of your city! At MYVEGAS I look forward to being in the community meeting our local business leaders, helping them spread their message and enhancing their business. As a former Las Vegas television news anchor and reporter with KTNV, Channel 13, and KLAS Channel 8, I enjoyed throwing myself into this city, and finding out what makes Las Vegas so special. I am also thrilled to be a contributing writer for the magazine and look forward to introducing you to the people who make this city such an exciting and unique place to live and play…and you are one of them! There are so many amazing people, places and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered and we know you will find them in the pages of MYVEGAS ! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our website at www.MYVEGAS I’d love to hear your feedback and comments, so please feel free to email me at To get your business featured in MYVEGAS , or for any advertising questions, please call me at 702.792.2378.

Jessica Lovell Carro

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my vegas

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Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness Page 71 • 7

My Vegas

by Dawn Gibbons

the way

I see it

Channel 3 takes the job of reporting the news seriously because your news is our primary concern.

Change is always happening in our lives, communities and businesses. There have been plenty of changes in my life as there have been for most of you reading this article. For instance, I once was a public servant. Some call them politicians. Back in the day, a reporter’s call gave me angst and could make or ruin my day depending on the story. But, that was then. Now, I work for Channel 3 and actually like newsies— my coined word for reporters, commentators and anchors. Like many other businesses, Channel 3 is undergoing significant changes as demand dictates. The public yearns for more information. They want to know how local politics and the economy affect them. Decisions the governor and legislature make during the legislative session and interim can greatly impact our daily lives or the ability of a business to sink or swim whether it is increased taxes, new regulations, or changing laws that are beneficially profitable. Our news team delves into these actions and behind the decisions so they can keep you fully informed. In that broader picture, news becomes like the fourth 8 •

branch of government –the one looking after the people’s interest. The public’s interest is driving the change at Channel 3. Nearly everything that happens in the city, county, state, nation, and the world affects every individual whether it is infrastructure, crime, schools, law enforcement, health, social services, environmental concerns, even the gas you pump into your car. This growing need from the community wanting to know the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of all that is happening in a community that never sleeps was a call for action and an opportunity for a local television station such as Channel 3 to fill that demand. Channel 3 is responding and will provide more local news, national and international news as it applies to the local population. And, to the extent that demand affects business, Channel 3 will be making more changes to fulfill that need. The station has already expanded its daily news and commentary programming by 90 minutes eliminating some syndicated programs. The 4 p.m.

newscast has been expanded to one hour. Two news and commentary programs were added to the station’s news and information program schedule. The half hour program with Jon Ralston is a statewide news and interview program on issues important to citizens of Nevada. Ralston asks tough questions from his nightly guests. His show is informative yet also makes for good entertainment. The Agenda airs at 12:30 Monday through Friday. Anchored by a liberal and a conservative, their discussions can be a bit heated. However, you get to hear both sides and form your own opinion. Filling an important role in a growing and complicated world, to operating a profitable television business in a world filled with hundreds of channels of syndicated programing, Channel 3 decided to focus on our core product, news, and information that is important to the citizens of southern Nevada. Channel 3 takes the job of reporting the news seriously because your news is our primary concern.

my business

Misty Chadwick (702) 451-­4409

Seminar Series

Patrick Becker (702) 473-­9800

(,/)'-#+)&#') '#()**,*&#')

Topics: • Future of Healthcare - Concerns & Conclusions  %  & #  %  !$ " • Estate Planning - Asset Protection

• (*+,+#('

• Business of Business


• ,*#'**( &%%,*#'**


Best Restaurant with a View

2 Dates (Limited Space) June 12th & August 14th 2013: 5PM '&     !++)#-*!* 



Best Spa


Complimentary Food Tasting & $" '&  

Best Wine Store

Best French Restaurant

...$*#'+)(& • 9

my business

better business

Relationships by Jeffery Rogers

Lets face it, improving our people or relationship skills is beneficial to everyone unless you plan on moving to a mountaintop and never interacting with the human race again. I doubt you are planning the latter, so let’s see if we can shed some light on mastering people skills. Most of my knowledge comes from my 16+ years as a facilitator and coach in the professional and personal growth arena, 29 years as a business owner, manager and partner and 21 years as a husband and a parent. While I have been, and continue to be successful in these areas, it is not without the application of specific relationship tools that I have applied in my daily life. Tools acquired by my own trial and error in addition to experience with my clients whom I train to be more effective at communication. In my training and coaching practice I am often asked, “how can I be more effective with people?” That’s a pretty broad stroke, yet a valid question for anyone who wants to be more effective in business relationships. My simple answer to this broad question, communication. Fundamental breakdowns in communication are the primary reason companies seek my expertise and when mastered, communication is the key to success in ALL business relationships. It is pretty common to think of communication as the spoken word. However, the focus of my training on communication is based on external and internal communication skills. While most people can be fairly effective at basic external communication skills, it is the internal communication skills that often fall short. Internal communication encompasses our ability to listen, hear and respond to our own in10 •

ternal dialogue and behaviors rather than being at the mercy of our automatic reactions or emotional responses to an interaction with another person which inevitably causes disasters in business. So how do you master your internal communication to be more effective in your business relationships? I believe the only way is to shift from a reactive way of communicating to a goal oriented way of communicating. To actually become aware of what and why we are communicating before we engage our mouths. Easier said than done, so I designed a technique called S.T.O.P for my clients to help them become aware and shift whenever they are communicating from a non-productive place. S.T.O.P. is an acronym that stands for; Stop whatever you are doing or communicating that is ineffective. Talk to yourself internally about your ineffective behavior or communication. Observe exactly what isn’t working and Proceed with that information in order to do something different. Realize that if we simply stopped more often as opposed to always being in a hurry, we might save ourselves some pain. I tell my clients, “3 minutes of observation can save you 3 years of aggravation.” If you’re open to a new result, give the S.T.O.P. technique a try in your next tough business interaction and see what happens. Jeffery Rogers is a successful and sought after seminar instructor, keynote speaker, corporate mentor, coach and owner of BrainStorm.

BRAINSTORM 7500 W. Lake Mead Suite 9293 Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 P 702-656-9888 | F 702-656-3399

my business • 11

my business

local networking organizations American Business Women’s Association (702) 483-0183 | American Society for Industrial Security BNI (702) 731-6065 | CEO-CFO Group 888-454-2922 | Cosmopolitan Connections (702) 328-4503 Henderson Chamber of Commerce (702) 565-8951 International Association of Business Communicators (702) 334-0839 | Large Vision Business Network Mixer (702) 639-6964 html Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce (702) 641-5822 Latin Chamber of Commerce (702) 385-7367 | MYVEGAS Mixers Network In Vegas (702) 253-7446 North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce | (702) 642-9595 Vegas Young Professionals (702) 735-2196 | Women’s Chamber of Commerce Nevada (702) 733-3955

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my business • 13

My beauty, Health & Fitness

health & fitness with Marie Mortera


14 •

“Get your sweat on!” a friend excitedly squeals before a recent class. For her, sweat is a sign of fitness success but when summer – or late spring rolls around – getting your “sweat on” isn’t difficult here in Southern Nevada. It’s easy to get a trickle down your forehead by simply walking to your car! By then, let’s be honest, some may already feel exhausted. If you’re looking for other means to workout but are looking for a break from the heat too, head to your local pool. And I don’t mean simply taking a leisurely dip but aquatic exercise: cardio and resistance training. According to the experts, aquatic exercise can promise more than just refreshment from triple digits: 1) A body can burn more calories in aquatic exercise because you’re working against water resistance. 2) Due to buoyancy, working out in the water, for example, walking can help those with joint or other mobility issues. 3) Staying upright in water forces you to focus on your core, helping with posture and alignment. 4) Aquatic exercise can be fun! It’s hard to find a frowning kid splashing in the pool, right? So, when the weather feels right to you, take a visit to your local pool, whether it is at the gym, recreational center or your backyard. Bring the safety equipment you need and at your own pace, try adding a jog, a bounce and a kick; if allowed, bring in new “toys”: fins, buoys, paddles. And don’t forget the smile! Find Marie Mortera anchoring weekday afternoons on News 3 or teaching a class at VegasHot! and Las Vegas Athletic Club.

My beauty, Health & Fitness

bootcamp las vegas Do you have the right stuff? by Carol Ann Weber

In 2004, Julie Johnston was 65 lbs. overweight and desperate to lose weight. After many unsuccessful diets and workout routines, she considered joining the military just to put herself through boot camp. Realizing this was not a good reason to enlist, she decided to create her own boot camp. She wanted to make folks crawl through the grass, throw logs, pull tires and push participants so far outside of their comfort zones that the fat had no choice but to melt away. Boot Camp Las Vegas was born. Since that time, more than 6,000 boot campers have earned their dog tags. She employs 13 full-time boot camp instructors, 3 CrossFit trainers, has 91 outdoor classes running weekly around the valley, and 25 indoor classes at the new Camp Rhino facility. Anyone can drop in and try the obstacles, Rhino CrossFit, or Boot Camp classes. Anyone can drop in and try the obstacles, Rhino CrossFit, or Boot Camp classes. She also provides training for corporate team building, the police and fire departments and the military. She believes that the promise of a tighter, leaner body gets folks to start Boot Camp Las Vegas, but it is the camaraderie and incredible sense of accomplishment that makes them stay to the end. MVM: If a person who has not worked out regularly wants to participate, what do they need to know? JJ: The toughest part of Boot Camp is having the guts to show up that first day. Beginners need to know that there are alternates for every exercise they can’t do. They need to tell the trainer about any prior injuries or issues they might have before they begin. They are encouraged to keep moving and do something they CAN do until the instructor can provide an alternate.

Julie Johnston MVM: What is the advantage of boot camps versus a regular workout program? JJ: At Boot Camp Las Vegas you will find yourself doing things that you would never do on your own. When was the last time you pulled a tire through the desert or hauled a log up a mountain? These types of challenges keep the mind constantly engaged and excited while pushing the body past its physical limitations.

MVM: What is the disadvantage? JJ: There’s no whining, no walking and no cursing at Boot Camp. MVM: What is one of the most frequently asked questions? JJ: Can I do it? Answer: If you are an athlete, you will be expected to train at a higher level than someone who has never exercised before. It’s all about pushing past your own personal limits. MVM: What is the question you don’t get asked but should? JJ: Can my instructor kick me out? Answer: Yes. We take our rules very seriously. People come to Boot Camp Las Vegas to change their lives and one negative or bullying person can hinder their progress. For more information contact Boot Camp Las Vegas at (702) 767-8797 or go to • 15

My beauty, Health & Fitness

Spa Mio M Resort Spa Casino

Spa Mio is a fourstar 23,000 square foot spa and salon complemented by a 5,500 square foot state of the art fitness center located within the M Resort Spa Casino. Their fitness center includes a variety of cardio and strength training state-of-the-art Cybex equipment, designed to improve physical well being, function and performance. Spa Mio offers a monthly membership with two different packages for those who still want to work out and enjoy the spa atmosphere. Package 1: $145.00 per month includes: • Complimentary access for 30 consecutive days to the Spa Mio Amenities & Fitness Center during the hours of 6:30am - 7:00pm

16 •

Package 2: $200.00 per month includes: • All of Package 1 AND • One Complimentary 25 minute service of your choice (manicure, massage, scrub) Must be used during purchased month’s membership. • 30% OFF on all spa treatments and services (excluding packages) • 20% OFF on all Spa Mio retail (excluding packages) • Three guest day passes for complimentary spa & gym access Each pass is good for one day. Passes can be given to friends or saved and used by member after membership expiration. Locals will especially appreciate the beauty, intimacy, and attention to detail upon checking in for your scheduled treatment. The Spa Mio staff are highly attentive to all your needs, even anticipating them before you ask. Just about every spa offers the visitor a private locker, a robe and sandals; however, Spa Mio adds that special personal touch by including grooming amenities and a bottle of water in every locker. After changing, enhance your treatment and relax in the steam, sauna or hot tub wet areas. Thirsty? Be sure to try their Cranberry Spritzer, a delicious blend of cranberry and pineapple juice in the relaxation room. Often a common theme of relaxation rooms is a fire or water element. Spa Mio has chosen instead continued on page 19

My beauty, Health & Fitness • 17

My beauty, Health & Fitness

18 •

My beauty, Health & Fitness

Spa Mio continued from page 16 to display beautiful, tranquil videos of landscapes, water, flowers and fish on a large screen television to further your relaxation. If you find yourself short on time but still want to enjoy the Spa, Spa Mio offers shorter versions of some of their more popular services. Some of the shorter services include:

• 25 minute Head and Foot Massage • 25 minute Aroma Salt Scrub • 25 minute Cleansing Facial • 25 minute Manicure • 25 minute Hydrating Facial • 25 minute Refresher Massage One of their most popular packages is back. The very best of Spa Mio is offered when you book your My Mio Time Package for just $185* which includes: • 50 Minute M Relaxation Massage • 50 Minute M Essential Facial *Cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials. Package components cannot be substituted and must be rendered on the same day. Management reserves all rights to alter or cancel these promotions at any time. In addition to these specials, locals can enjoy a 25% discount on all regular priced treatments seven days a week. Since the majority of spas only promote a 20% locals discount and only if you visit Sunday-Thursday, I suggest you treat yourself and book you appointment soon. Be sure to check their website for monthly specials on treatments and products. or call 797-1800 for reservations. Copyright © 2013 Tammy Kincaid All rights reserved • 19

My beauty, Health & Fitness

Invisalign • Implants • Cosmetic Dentistry visit our website for full services

David W. Gates, DDS General dentist

10410 S. Eastern Ave., Ste. 200 Henderson, NV 89052

CALL Today!

702-637-1741 ADV18340

20 •

My beauty, Health & Fitness • 21

My beauty, Health & Fitness

The Top 10 Advancements in Cancer Research 2.

1. Personalized Cancer Medicine: An increasing number of groundbreaking “targeted” cancer therapies are available. This new generation of cancer therapies are able to block abnormal genes or proteins that cause cancer cells to grow and spread.


U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves the first breast ultrasound specifically designed for dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue can increase breast cancer risk, and can make it difficult to identify small breast cancers once they occur (40% of women who undergo screening mammograms have dense breasts).

Computerized cognitive training that may be able to improve “chemo brain,” a term that refers to the cognitive problems women suffer during and after cancer treatment. This form of therapy may help to improve memory and mental health. (Clinical study published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment)

4. Evidence that higher levels of vitamin D may improve survival in patients with breast cancer (2012 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium).


Preoperative chemotherapy and radiation therapy double overall survival for esophageal and gastroesophageal junction cancers. Researchers report that preoperative treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy resulted in significant benefits: 29% of patients experienced complete remission of their cancer; median overall survival was longer (49 months versus 24 months), and the death rate was 35% lower in patients who underwent preoperative treatment compared with those who had surgery alone. (Clinical study published in The New England Journal of Medicine)

7. A new vaccine has been tested for advanced kidney cancer, and early results suggest that this vaccine may increase survival. (Developed by Dr. Howard Kaufman, formerly at Columbia University and now at Mount Sinai University)


Two new cancer drugs, ziv-aflibercept (Zaltrap®) and regorafenib (Stivarga®), were approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. These new “targeted” cancer drugs offer patients with advanced colorectal cancer important new treatment options.

6. The identification of four distinct genetic types of breast cancer, which could accelerate the search for better treatments for each of these subtypes of breast cancer, instead of the traditional “one size fits all” approach to cancer treatment. (Research from the Cancer Genome Atlas, part of the National Institutes of Health)

9. A new “smart bra” has shown to be more than 90% accurate at detecting breast abnormalities using sensors to detect small changes in breast tissue temperature over time, based upon preliminary research data. In three clinical trials involving a total of 650 women, the bra was able to detect the presence of breast tumors as many as six years before conventional breast imaging would have. (Developed and being tested by Nevada company, First Warning Systems. At this time, this device is not yet approved for sale in the United States, and additional research will need to be carried out before the findings of preliminary studies can be validated.) 22 •

10. The Baylor College of Medicine, Australian Pancreatic Center Genome Initiative, and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Pancreatic Cancer Genome Study recently carried out detailed genetic studies on 99 pancreatic cancer tumors, and identified almost 2,000 specific gene mutations associated with this deadly form of cancer. This detailed genetic information may lead to important new discoveries related to both the prevention and treatment of pancreatic cancer. Based on research published in 2012 © 2012 Rising Tide

my top docs & Dentists • 23

my top docs & Dentists

las vegas


DOCTOR & DENTIST listings Acupuncture Dr. Peter Lok Lok Acupuncture Clinic 1818 E. Desert Inn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169 702.732.4894 Dr. Jessica Walter The Pain Clinic 5445 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.368.0508 BARIATRIC SURGERY SPECIALIST DR. THOMAS UMBACH Blossom Bariatrics 3235 E. Warm Springs Rd, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.463.3300 www.blossombariatrics. com Cardiologists Dr. John Bedotto, FACC HealthCare Partners Cardiology 9280 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 320 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.534.5464 Dr. Thomas Lambert Cardiology Specialists of Nevada 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 135 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.598.3999

24 •

Dr. Cres Miranda Nevada Heart & Vascular Center 7455 W. Washington Ave., Suite 300 Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 702.240.6482

Dr. Jamie Spickelmeir Las Vegas Spine Injury Center 5642 S. Eastern Ave., Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.736.8535

Dr. James Mock 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 380 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.255.8877

Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr. Nayab Zafar Heart Center of Nevada 700 Shadow Lane, Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.384.0022 Chiropractors Dr. Robert DeMartino Superior Health Solutions 1661 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 280 Henderson, NV 89012 702.643.9900 Dr. Roper Dollarhide The Pain Clinic 5445 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.368.0508 Dr. Joseph Nicola Nicola Chiropractic 1049 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.252.7246 Dr. Peter Randall Randall Chiropractic & Rehabilitation 2202 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 7 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.385.5535

Dr. Samir Pancholi Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas 8068 W. Sahara Ave., Suite G Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.363.0240 Dr. Brian J. Parker Las Vegas Cosmetic & ReconstructivePlastic Surgery 9499 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.240.9500 Dr. Benjamin Rodriguez 3000 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.870.1114 Dentists Dr. Steven Avena 3117 W Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.384.1210 Dr. Afshin S. Azimi 820 S. 7th St., Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.759.0005 Dr. Gregory Bowman 8010 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 230 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.363.8001

my top docs & Dentists

top docs & dentists

Dr. Stephen Chenin & Dr. David Chenin Making Smiles and Changing Lives! READER’S CHOICE

The award winning practice of Dr. Stephen Chenin, and his son, Dr. David Chenin, has provided clinical excellence to patients of all ages for over three decades. The caring attitude of the father and son team along with their stunning treatment results makes them the top choice of families in Southern Nevada. Patients benefit from all of the following: High-tech braces & space aged wires developed by NASA that shorten treatment time, increase patient comfort, and lessen the need for extractions, ultra-safe digital x-rays, computer smile analysis, 3D imaging software for better treatment. Invisalign impressionless light scanning wand makes starting treatment a breeze! The treatment results from these wonderful doctors are unparalleled. It is to be expected with over 45 combined years of clinical orthodontic experience, a fantastic team with over 130 combined years of experience, and one of the first offices in Nevada to have two doctors who are Board Certified Diplomats of the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Stephen and Dr. David are Invisalign Elite Preferred Providers with over 13 years of Invisalign experience--more than any practice in Nevada. So you can rest assured you will have the most stunning smile when finished. If you have been told that you are not a candidate for Invisalign, then call the experts at Chenin Orthodontics. Dr. Chenin proudly provides patients with the iTero Invisalign experience that enables you to avoid the Invisalign impression process. As Invisalign Elite Preferred providers, they are also the #1 provider of Invisalign | Teen™ in Nevada. The experienced team can help you maximize your insurance benefits and offer very affordable payment options. Their clinical excellence, and on-time service, along with creative, fun, family approach to orthodontic treatment makes Chenin Orthodontics the top pick for much of the dental community. Making smile, changing lives. For more information visit: Chenin Orthodontics 10730 S. Eastern Ave. Henderson, NV 89052 | 702-735-1010 • 25

my top docs & Dentists

top docs & dentists

At Town Center Dental in Las Vegas, patient care and comfort take top priority. Whether patients are experiencing tooth pain or seeking to improve their smile, Dr. Phil Devore, Dr. Troy Trobough and their remarkable team ensure their individual dental needs are taken care of in a calm, relaxing environment. Dr. Phil Devore is a graduate of the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Devore has completed extensive training in oral surgery, implant placement and restoration, cosmetic dentistry, root canals and dentures. He’s also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, Southern Nevada Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, as well as a Pierre Fauchard Fellow, faculty member at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine and board member at CHABAD of Southern Nevada. Dr. Troy Trobough graduated from the University of the Pacific: Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. In addition, he’s completed advanced training in root canals, implants and invisible braces. Dr. Trobough is a member of the American Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, Southern Nevada Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. At their state-of-the-art facility, Dr. Devore, Dr. Trobough and their team utilize the most up-to-date technology and techniques in dentistry to provide the most proficient care possible. Town Center Dental offers first-rate general, cosmetic and restorative services. By emphasizing preventive and lifetime care, the doctors and team help patients achieve healthy, attractive smiles that last a lifetime.

26 •

phil devore, dds

troy trobough, dds

“We’re truly committed to providing patients with an exceptionally high level of care while taking a comprehensive approach.”


my top docs & Dentists

top docs & dentists

Dr. Michael J Crovetti Jr.

My life’s passion will improve your way of life.


Dr. Michael J. Crovetti loves his work. His passion for joint replacement and orthopedic surgery has resulted in the creation of a surgery and recovery center that is the first of its kind and promises to be a model for innovative joint procedures for years to come. Dr. Crovetti founded Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in 2000, The Coronado Surgery Center in 2008 and the Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites in 2010. The Coronado Surgery Center and the Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites represent Dr. Crovetti’s pursuit of excellence in orthopedics and joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Crovetti says, “I don’t hesitate to move ahead when I believe in something. I believed that I could build a better and safer facility for my patients by creating this facility, and we have done just that.” Dr. Crovetti takes pride in the tremendous growth of his practice over the last 13 years and explains, “The surgeons and staff at Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Coronado Surgical Center and Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites are proud to be part of the Summerlin, Las Vegas, Henderson medical community. We are very grateful for the trust that the patients in our city have had in us and we will continue to provide innovative surgical techniques, a safe and clean surgical environment, and a first of its kind surgical recovery experience with proven results. We’re proud to have helped our first 400 patients recover like Rockstars at our Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites, and we look forward to helping all those seeking the best and fastest path to getting back in their game.” When he’s not pursuing his orthopedic passion, you can find Dr. Crovetti spending time with his family enjoying snowboarding, sports and travel. Because he loves his own active lifestyle, Dr. Crovetti can relate to his patients. “I love these people. They are essentially me,” he says. “They’re hiking, skiing, playing tennis, cycling… They want to be better.” • 27

my top docs & Dentists

Dr. James Brannan 2655 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 304 Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.873.8201 Dr. Allan J. Cameron 5785 Centennial Center Blvd., Ste. 180 Las Vegas, NV 89149 702.385.7415 Dr. Todd Cressman Gentle Dental Spanish Trail 5527 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite A Las Vegas, NV 89118 702.367.4440 Dr. Bruce E. Crowley Crowley Dental 9510 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.838.9863 Dr. Jonathan Dean All Smiles Dental 4161 S. Eastern Ave., Suite E8 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.233.1222 Dr. PHIL DEVORE Dr. TROY TROBOUGH Town Center Dental 8504 Del Webb Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.360.8696 www.dentistin

Dr. Richard Featherstone 880 Seven Hills Dr., Suite 130 Henderson, NV 89052 702.914.4478 Dr. Jed Feller Feller Orthodontics 2871 N. Tenaya Way Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.341.8668 Dr. Steven Garhardt 3363 E. Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.944.7000 28 •

Dr. David Gates Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 10410 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 200 Henderson, NV 89052 702.616.0777 www.gates Dr. Benjamin Glick 1070 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 120 Henderson, NV 89015 702.331.1378 Dr. Jeffrey Glynn Willow Springs Dental Care 3450 S. Hualapai Way Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.871.2578

Dr. Karen Hom 7425 W. Azure Dr., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89130 702.227.6453 Dr. Blair A. Isom Isom Family Dental & Orthodontics 6690 Grand Montecito Pkwy., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89149 702.645.1323 Dr. Gregg R. Kolebuck 8685 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.838.5400 Dr. Tim Kuiava Dental Designs of Las Vegas 3975 S. Durango Dr., Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.254.1444

Dr. Gary D. Goaslind Periodontics, Ltd. 3811 W. Charleston Blvd.,Suite 201 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.259.1943

Dr. Ton Vinh Lee Distinctive Smiles 2425 E. Hacienda Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.456.7621

Dr. Jeffrey Hadley 3910 Pecos McLeod, Suite A-140 Las Vegas, NV 89121 702.454.7695

Dr. Adam Lousignont 9575 W. Tropicana Ave., Suite 5 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.248.0068

Dr. Rick D. Hargrave Silver Creek Family Dental 9708 Gilespie St., Suite A-101 Las Vegas, NV 89183 702.897.1330

Dr. Darren Loveland Rhodes Ranch Dental 7345 S. Durango Dr. Suite 112 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.270.3095

Dr. Garth Harris Silverado Family Dental 9777 S. Bermuda Rd., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89183 702.699.5551

Dr. Peter Luu All Smiles Dental 3225 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.220.8726

Dr. Gregg C. Hendrickson 2790 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 702.735.3284

Dr. Dwight Meierhenry 738 E. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.735.1115 Dr. Michael Mierzejewski Just Smiles 2285 E. Flamingo Rd., Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.307.9877

my top docs & Dentists

top docs & dentists

Dr. david gates “Even after 26 years of practicing, it’s still gratifying to see the dramatic changes in a patient’s smile, confidence and self-esteem after receiving great dental care. Smiles DO matter – a lot!”


Dr. David Gates and his outstanding team at the Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry are passionate about the attention to detail required to provide world class care. “It’s just got to be in your heart to love dentistry and to want to get it right every time,” says Dr. Gates. He and his team take pride in being a family dental practice, not a clinic. Whether patients need general dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry for a smile makeover, they help patients achieve healthy beautiful smiles. Dr. Gates received his dental degree from Marquette University School of Dentistry. Ongoing education is a big part of his career. Dr. Gates has completed advanced training in occlusion (the bite), veneers, orthodontics, cosmetics and implants. “My patients deserve a doctor who is on the cutting edge. People tell us it’s hard to find a good dentist in Las Vegas. Then, they tell us they’re so glad they found our office. They stay for good – the grandparents, the parents and the children!” Dr. Gates was the first general dentist in Nevada to become Invisalign® certified. Because of his success, he was invited to join the Invisalign faculty, where he now teaches advanced courses around the US, and internationally. Originally from Wisconsin, Dr. Gates has practiced dentistry in Las Vegas for over 21 years. He and Carole have been married for 30 years, have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. He participates in annual humanitarian missions to Central America, treating the dental needs of Hondurans and Guatemalans. Dr. Gates enjoys traveling, swimming, bicycling, and his church activities. The Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is the place to go for beautiful smiles. Call today at 702-637-1741 to schedule a visit. We’d love to get acquainted. • 29

my top docs & Dentists

Dr. Scott Miller 7480 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.562.2033

Dr. Thomas Puhek 3431 E. Sunset Rd., Suite 301 Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.435.3901

Dr. Dave L. Smith 5320 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.871.1808

Dr. Scott Mohlman 3200 Soaring Gulls Las Vegas, NV 89129 702.655.1611

Dr. Sayed Raiyn Aloha Dental 3955 S. Durango Dr., Suite B3 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.242.6777

Dr. Stephen Spelman Willow Springs Dental Care 3450 S. Hualapai Way Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.871.2578

Dr. Steven Rhodes 501 S. Rancho Dr., Suite E29 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.384.4894

Dr. Beatrice A. Stark Enhance Dental 1215 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite 230 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.437.1007

Dr. Thong Nguyen Eastwind Dental 2075 E. Windmill Ln., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89123 702.877.2378 Dr. Richard D. Occhialino Augusta Dental 1485 W. Warm Springs Rd. Suite 101 Henderson, NV 89014 702.616.1942 Dr. Alan Ozaki 6707 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.870.5783 Dr. Anthony Phan Dental Now 6116 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103 702.369.5551 Dr. christian A. Pham Crestview Dental 60 S. Stephanie St, Ste# 100, Henderson, Nevada 702.558.5788 Dr. Matt Phan Crowne Dental 8390 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.804.1500 Dr. James B. Polley 1875 Village Center Cir., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.873.0324

30 •

Dr. Bradley S. Roberts 3047 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.454.8773 Dr. Craig Rose Rose Family Dentistry 8490 S. Eastern Ave., Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89123 702.914.0000 Dr. Edward P. Ruggeroli 601 S. Rancho Dr., Ste A-3 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.382.2311 Dr. Patrick A. Simone 70 N. Pecos Rd. Henderson, NV 89074 702.735.2755

Dr. Ronald Taylor 3505 E. Harmon Ave., Suite A Las Vegas, NV 89121 702.796.1591 Dr. Martin Thompson 3026 S. Durango Dr., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.363.1500 Dr. Michele Tratos Desert Springs Dental Practice 3057 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite 300, Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.369.8730 Dr. Sinh Trinh Elite Dental 2805 W. Centennial Pkwy., Suite 105 Las Vegas, NV 89084 702.515.2508

my top docs & Dentists

top docs & dentists

Dr. jeffrey L glynn

“No man is an island, and I’m no exception.”


Dr. Jeffrey L. Glynn moved to Las Vegas from Hackensack, New Jersey in 1963. He graduated from Clark High School in 1973, and then graduated from the University of Nevada, in Reno with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Science in 1978. He went on to dental school at University of the Pacific School of Dentistry graduating in 1981. After dental school, Dr. Glynn returned to Las Vegas and started his practice. He then married Sharon Foster, and is now a proud father to his son Bryan. In partnership with Dr. Stephen W. Spelman, they built their dream office and opened it in 2004. “We wanted an office that would reflect our philosophy of excellence and dedication to dentistry that was a comfortable, caring and relaxed environment for our patients and ourselves. We wanted a completely modern office where we could continuously update to the most modern equipment and technologies. Patient comfort was always foremost in our thinking!” It has always been his philosophy to do the best dentistry possible and to always respect people’s time. “I don’t like to make people wait, so we really try to always keep in mind that people’s time is valuable. We don’t like to waste it.” Dr. Glynn continually takes education courses to stay on the forefront of dentistry. Implants, Invisalign orthodontics, Cerec one-day crowns, and oral sedation techniques are just a few of the recent courses Dr. Glynn has taken. “No man is an island, and I’m no exception. I could not have such a successful practice if it wasn’t for my wonderful staff. My office manager Traci has been with me for 22 years, my hygienist Jen and Grace have been with me for over 20 years! Wendee is my newest hygienist, Janice and Helen are my assistants, and Dusti is the front office receptionist. They are just the best and I rely on their skills daily.” Dr. Glynn is truly grateful for all opportunity that practicing dentistry has given him, and looks forward to practicing for many years to come. Please call our office to find out about our New Patient Specials at 702368-0305. We are located at 3450 South Hualapai Way, Las Vegas, NV 89117 just south of Desert Inn. • 31

my top docs & Dentists

Dr. Jim Wright Four Seasons Dental Spa 8855 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.309.4600 www.fourseasons Dr. Paul Vrenon Desert Breeze Dental 8650 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.869.0032 Dermatologists

Dr. Terry Truesdale 2381 Renaissance Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.798.1060 Dr. David J. Trylovich Periodontics, Ltd. 3811 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 201, Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.259.1943 Dr. Ron Wagner Wagner Dental 2045 Village Center Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.878.5599 Dr. Michael Wanlass Wanlass Dental 2625 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite C100 Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.367.1233 Dr. James J. White 1140 N. Town Center Dr. Suite 170 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.562.8833

Dr. Steven Wilson Spanish Hills Dental 8910 W. Tropicana Ave., Suite 5 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.257.9444 32 •

Dr. Reuel Aspacio Summerlin Dermatology 8310 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.243.4501 Dr. H. L. Greenberg Las Vegas Dermatology 653 N. Town Center Dr., Suite 410 Las Vegas NV 89144 702.456.3120 Family Practice DR. CURTIS BAZEMORE Encompass Care 6424 Losee Rd., Suite 100 N. Las Vegas, NV 89086 702.677.2273 Dr. Randy Butler Butler Family Medical Center 653 N. Town Center Dr. Suite 502 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.242.4102 Dr. Stephanie C. Casalman Decatur Family Practice 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 570 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.648.6228 Dr. Cornell Clark Sunset Clinic 4830 W. Lone Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89130 702.645.8555

Dr. Mark Day Alamo Medical Clinic 56 N. Pecos Rd., Suite A Henderson, NV 89074 702.456.9100 Dr. Dana Forte Forte Family Practice 9010 W. Cheyenne Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89129 702.240.8646 Dr. Alina Garcia ARC Health and Wellness 2500 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.221.0190 Dr. Elana B. Garcia Box Canyon Primary Care 2647 Box Canyon Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.363.5575 Dr. Robert Karl Nevada Family Care 100 N. Green Valley Pkwy., Suite 239 Henderson, NV 89074 702.933.1485 Dr. Steven Lampinen 517 Rose St. Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.366.1206 Dr. Alvin Lin UNSOM Family Medicine 2410 Fire Mesa St. Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.992.6888 Dr. Jeffrey Ng Jacobs & Modaber Primary Care 2870 S. Maryland Pkwy., Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.735.0258 Dr. Susan Shields Forte Family Practice 9010 W. Cheyenne Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89129 702.240.8646

my top docs & Dentists

top docs & dentists

Dr. christian a. pham, dmd

Dr. Christian A. Pham has a real passion for dentistry, as is evident in his commitment to continual education.


Dr. Christian A. Pham has a real passion for dentistry, as is evident in his commitment to continual education. Dr. Pham had his dental training at Boston University School of Dentistry with a scholarship from the United States Air Force. Upon graduation, he entered active duty status as a Captain and was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base. There, for three years, he served the men and women of the Air Force in giving them better oral health, so that they can serve our country more effectively. From there, Dr. Pham went on to the University of Maryland School of Dentistry where he received advanced training in cosmetics, implants, management of gum disease, treatment of teeth needing root canal therapy, and much more. With an advanced and comprehensive training in the art of dentistry, Dr. Pham entered private practice and have been contributing to the improvement of the public oral health. In line with Dr. Pham’s commitment to continual education, Dr. Pham continues to take dental courses to keep updated on the advances of dental sciences and technologies. Such courses was a two years program in Orthodontics with an advanced level in Dentofacial Orthodontics, giving by the world renowned Progressive Orthodontics Group. Dr. Pham is also currently working on a Master Program in Orthodontics with the International Medical College in Munster, Germany. Dr. Pham’s ultimate goal with higher continual education is, in the end, to provide the best possible dental care that he can for his patients. In light of Dr. Pham’s commitment to higher education and to excellence in dental care, Dr. Pham is recognized as “America’s Top Dentist” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America”, and “Top Dentist of Nevada” by “The International Association of Dentists”. Dr. Pham is currently practicing at Crestview Dental in Henderson, Nevada. Office Address: 60 S. Stephanie St, Ste# 100, Henderson, Nevada Office Phone: 702-558-5788 • 33

my top docs & Dentists

Dr. Kochy Y. Tang Seven Hills Family Practice 12300 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Henderson, NV 89044 702.837.1265

Dr. Naomi L. Chaney Internal Medicine Spring Valley 5380 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 218 Las Vegas, NV 89118 702.319.5900


Dr. Robert Chiascione Box Canyon Primary Care 2645 Box Canyon Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.363.5575

Dr. Gregory Kwok Gastroenterology Associates 3820 S. Hualapai Way, Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.796.0231 Dr. Wai Li Ma GI Excellence 9280 W. Sunset Rd. Suite 422 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.476.2822 Dr. Frank J. Nemec Gastroenterology Associates 3820 S. Hualapai Way, Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.796.0231

Dr. Ethan M. Cruvant KE Centers for Advanced Medicine 8205 W. Warm Springs Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.724.8888 Dr. Desha A. Frankel 1040 Wigwam Pkwy., Suite 110 Henderson, NV 89074 702.558.6430

Dr. Raja Mehdi Hope Cancer Care of Nevada 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 330 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.508.9128 Dr. Danka Michaels Bluepoint MG 7373 Peak Dr., Suite 160 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.869.6190 Dr. Cal Noorda Internal Medicine Associates 2901 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.228.4088 Dr. Seema Sood Green Valley Primary Care 8440 S. Eastern Ave., Suite A Las Vegas, NV 89123 702.269.0204


Dr. Theresa Steckler 653 N. Town Center Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.243.7483

Dr. Warren Wheeler Nathan Adelson Hospice 4141 Swenson St. Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.733.0320

Dr. Justin Striblen Sundance Medical Center 500 E. Windmill Lane, Suite 307 Las Vegas, NV 89123 702.263.4795

Internal Medicine

Dr. Monica Wall 2779 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 230, Henderson, NV 89052 702.614.4476

Dr. Mahfoud Beajow Internal Medicine Associates 3006 .S Maryland Pkwy. Suite 400, Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.369.5582 Dr. Dina S. Burke Diagnostic Center of Medicine 5380 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 120 Las Vegas, NV 89118 702.233.3444 Dr. Benito Calderon Calderon Medical Group 3100 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 202 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.877.9511

34 •

Dr. Gary Grossman Internal Medicine Specialists of Southern Nevada 201 N. Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.242.2737 Dr. Li Yee Guo Li Yee Guo, Ltd. 7918 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.360.6148 Dr. Lindsay Hansen Las Vegas Concierge Medicine 653 N. Town Center Dr., Suite 506 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.240.8111

Dr. Robert Whipple Internal Medicine Specialists of Southern Nevada 201 N. Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.242.2737 Naturopathic Physicians Dr. Valorie Davidson Renaissance Medical Centre 2820 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.258.7860

my top docs & Dentists

top docs & dentists

thomas umbach, md, facs, fasmbs

Where expertise meets real compassion


Unlike most doctors you’ll ever meet, Dr. Thomas Umbach is friendly, casual, down-to-earth and far more interested in helping his patients change their lives for the better than anything else. Most clients realize this the moment they meet him. He sits at a table with them, listens carefully and spends as much time as they need. He gives every client his cell phone number and is there for them whenever they need him, before and after their procedure or treatment. He personally sees every client at every office visit. He tries to save clients money by recommending lover-cost treatment options and support services whenever possible. He provides comfortable seating in an open, informal office environment. He uses today’s most advanced procedures to reduce treatment times, recovery periods and postoperative pain to the point where most clients claim to have little or no postsurgical pain. Most of his clients do not require postsurgical painkillers. Unlike most doctors you’ll meet, he takes a common sense approach to pre-surgical and postsurgical care and teaches clients about nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle related topics. Unlike most bariatric programs, he offers maintenance services to help clients keep their weight off. Dr. Umbach is also fluent in English and Spanish. BOARD-CERTIFIED: American Board of Surgery FELLOW: American College of Surgeons, American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons FELLOWSHIP-TRAINED: Minimally Invasive Surgery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA MD: Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA MEMBER: Society of the American College of Surgeons, Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons Blossom Bariatrics 3235 E. Warm Springs Rd, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89120 | 702.463.3300 • 35

my top docs & Dentists

Neurologists Dr. John Arthur Anson Neurological Surgery 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 250 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.851.0792 Dr. Luis L. Diaz 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 520 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.233.0755

Dr. Darlene K. Mullon Clinical Neurology Specialists 1691 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Henderson, Nevada 89012 702.804.1212 Dr. Venkat Veerappan Desert Neurology 3025 S. Maryland Pkwy., Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.732.2600

Dr. Kimberly Farmer Women’s Specialty Care 10170 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 160 Henderson, NV 89052 702.255.3547 Dr. Deborah Hughes Women’s Specialty Care 6990 Smoke Ranch Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 702.255.3547 Dr. Brian K. Iriye Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine 870 Seven Hills Dr., Suite 103 Henderson, NV 89052 702.382.3200 Dr. Jerry Jones Women’s Health Care Assoc. 400 Shadow Ln., Suite 103 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.384.5400


Dr. David Kartzinel Ames & Kartzinel Ltd. 3196 S. Maryland Pkwy., Suite 410 Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.731.6000

Dr. Aury Nagy Nevada Brain & Spine Care 8285 W. Arby Ave., Suite 220 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.806.0009

Dr. John V. Martin The OBGYN Specialists 2050 Mariner Dr., Suite 120 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.255.2022

Nutritional Science

Dr. Donna Miller Essential Women’s Health Associates 2821 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 130 Henderson, NV 89052 702.862.8862

Dr. Rhonda Henry 7231 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 198 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.269.8120 Obstetrics and Gynecologists Dr. Gerald Casas Horizon Women’s Health 3005 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 702.898.7226 Dr. Frank Delee 700 Shadow Ln., Suite 330 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.388.9655 36 •


Dr. Keita Sakon West End OBGYN 7190 S. Cimarron Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.870.3921 Oncologists Dr. Ann Wiermann Comprehensive Cancer Care Centers of NV 7445 Peak Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.952.2140

Optometrists Dr. Paul Hiss The Eye Care Associates of Nevada 501 S. Rose St., Ste 150 Las Vegas, Nevada 702.384.7770 Dr. Brian Miller Advanced Eye Care 7901 W. Tropical Pkwy., Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV 89149 702.737.3937 Dr. Mark Miller Advanced Eye Care 7901 W. Tropical Pkwy., Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV 89149 702.737.3937 ORTHODONTICS DR. DAVID CHENIN DR. STEPHEN CHENIN Chenin Orthodontics 10730 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 702.735.1010 Dr. Dave Smith 5320 W Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.871.1808

my top docs & Dentists

Dr. James White, DDS

Dr. james white, DDS I increase “face value” with outstanding cosmetic dental makeovers. Custom Turbyfill denture construction helps set me apart for those patients wishing to have beauty and function permanently fixed to implants. I help to make the world a little more beautiful, one patient at a time. READER’S CHOICE

top docs & dentists

Building upon a solid foundation has allowed Dr. James White to focus his attention on providing patients with the type of dentistry they demand and deserve. His lifelong dedication to dental excellence is a continuing journey that began when he graduated Northwestern University. But it didn’t end there. He discovered that the one way to be a great dentist is to keep learning. That’s why he stays at the forefront of dental technology through additional training, continuing education courses and participating in professional organizations. Dr. White’s office can take care of almost any dental need. Everything from preventative care to cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry is performed with skill and compassion. He often works alongside other professionals in the industry including oral surgeons, periodontists, plastic surgeons and ear, nose, and throat specialists to ensure that his patients receive the care and attention they deserve. “My commitment to dental excellence was honed in one of the most discriminating healthcare environments, Greenwich, Connecticut. Practicing in this discerning community for over 25 years formed the foundation of my practice philosophy: To maintain a dental health facility dedicated to optimal dental care and to create a welcoming atmosphere for patients and staff based upon trust, the value of service delivered, honesty and integrity. It’s this philosophy and continued commitment to dental excellence that keeps me practicing.” FELLOW of the Academy of General Dentistry FELLOW of the Academy of Dentistry International Alumni of L.D. Pankey Institute and Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study • 37

my top docs & Dentists

Orthopedic Surgeons DR. MICHAEL CROVETTI, JR. Crovetti Orthopaedics 2779 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 200 Henderson, NV 89052 702.990.2290 Dr. James R. Dettling Prosports Orthopedic 801 S. Rancho Dr., Suite F2 Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 702.877.6781 Dr. Abdolreza Raissi Desert Orthopaedic Center 2800 E. Desert Inn Rd., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89121 702.731.1616 Dr. Steven Thomas Knee and Shoulder Institute 9499 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.933.9393 Pain Management Specialists Dr. Daniel Fabito 10561 Jeffreys St., Suite 211 Henderson, NV 89052 702.990.4530 Dr. James G. Marx 608 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89107 702.878.4568 Dr. Steven Victor Kozmary Kozmary Center for Pain 2851 El Camino Ave., Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.380.3210 Pediatrics Dr. Shazia A. Kirmani Pediatric Center 2050 Mariner Dr., Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.228.9066

38 •

Dr. Kenneth Misch Saint Rose Pediatrics 10911 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 702.564.8556 Dr. Vincent C. Thomas Children’s Heart Center 3006 South Maryland Pkwy., Suite 690 Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.732.1290

Radiologists Dr. Howard Tischler Desert Radiologists 3920 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.734.0071 Surgeons

Primary Care

Dr. Mark T. Hoepfner 700 Shadow Lane, Suite 335 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.382.6591

Dr. Jenny Ha Siena Hills Primary Care 2789 Sunridge Heights Pkwy., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052/ 702.614.0850

Dr. Francis Teng Advanced Surgical Care 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 508 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.838.5888

Dr. Raji Venkat 2629 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 140 Henderson, NV 89052 702.818.3207

urgent care

Psychologists Dr. Louis F. Mortillaro 501 S. Rancho Dr., Suite F37 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.388.9403

DR. CURTIS BAZEMORE Encompass Care 6424 Losee Rd., Suite 100 N. Las Vegas, NV 89086 702.677.2273

my top docs & Dentists

7 Dentists & Specialists to Serve You in One Location. Offering Exceptional Cosmetic, Orthodontic, Implant, Surgical, Periodontal, Holistic, Biological & General Dentistry. Sleep Dentistry & Full Sedation available for all procedures.

Dr. jim wright, DDS Most important to me is treating every patient with kindness, respect and compassion, a precise, scientific diagnosis and delivering beautiful, artistic dentistry that patients love.


top docs & dentists

Dr. Jim Wright, the only double board certified holistic dentist in Nevada and founder of the Four Seasons Dental Spa, puts integrity above all else. His passion can be seen in how he treats his patients, who for the past twenty-five years have come to rely on him for all aspects of dentistry. His patients are from all walks of life, from first-time locals, to celebrities, to those that fly in for his expertise. Dr. Wright considers this to be the golden age of dentistry because what’s possible today was yesterday’s dream. Local celebrities Michael Godard, Zowie Bowie, and Jennifer Lier see him because of his perfectionism and artistry. He is rated the #1 Cosmetic Dentist in America on HealthTap, a reflection on his expertise, talent, and passion for helping patients. Regularly chosen as one of Las Vegas’ Top Dentists in local publications, Dr. Wright delivers beautiful, healthy and functional new smiles, with the highest quality general and holistic dentistry. To see his before-and-after patient photos is truly amazing. What’s more astonishing is that his patients’ receive his cell number and can reach him anytime. Accredited by International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) and International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM), he is on the forefront of biological, holistic dentistry. He removes mercury filings safely and follows the protocols of IAOMT and IABDM. He protects his patients and employees from mercury vapor and particulate during amalgam filling removal. He replaces old silver fillings with advanced BPA free fillings. Dr. Wright’s philosophy is to conserve as much tooth structure as possible. He prefers Lumineers and Holistic Veneers, which do not require drilling and the removal of healthy tooth structure. Dr. Wright is a member of the ADA, AGD, SNDA, IAOMT, IABDM, Holistic Dental Association and Academy of Laser Dentistry. He regularly is a guest on TV and radio programs. • 39

My Home & Garden

40 •

My Home & Garden

Blue Heron Homes Thinking and Building “Outside the Box” by Candice Shaffer

MY VEGAS Magazine recently caught up with Tyler Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Heron Homes. Tyler was born and raised right here in Tyler Jones, CEO and co-founder of the Valley, and Blue Blue Heron Heron homes is one of Las Vegas’ premier homebuilders. He grew up around the architectural design aspect of the business while learning contracting by working with his father’s other company, Merlin Contracting. After high school, Tyler went to Architecture School in Colorado, then returned to Las Vegas in 2004 and partnered with his dad, Steve Jones, with the idea of creating a design/build company, which they named Blue Heron. Although the concept of having the architecture, building and design under one roof isn’t entirely new, it is relatively new to the Las Vegas Valley. Blue Heron also provides Interior Design and Landscaping Design for their clients. Building exclusively in their hometown of Las Vegas, Blue Heron currently has 2 active subdivisions in Henderson. They are ex-

Photos by: Blue Heron

panding rapidly and have built a total of 6 subdivisions in Las Vegas. Tyler anticipates several more to follow, and states “We’ve never been busier.” Blue Heron accommodates anything from custom homes to semicustom homes anywhere in the city. The incredible technology the company currently uses in the development and building phases shows their intricacies in surveying absolutely every detail of the lot and/or land they develop. With projects in Summerlin, MacDonald Highlands, Southern Highlands, Anthem and Seven Hills, they are actively

building throughout the entire Valley. As you walk through a Blue Heron home, you can’t help but notice the extraordinary effort and resources put into the planning phases which are truly unsurpassed. At Blue Heron, every angle,

corridor, privacy issues, view opportunities, sun angles, and more are taken into consideration for each home site. The design process is a big part of what makes Blue Heron homes so special. While the many awards received by Blue Heron are noteworthy, one in particular stands out. The LEED Platinum Rating was achieved for their current model home. This is the highest rating that can be achieved for green building technology and sustainability. The New American Home is a great example of this highest level of excellence and Blue Heron continues to raise the bar. The research that goes into the planning phases is extensive, and every product, system, and method that Blue Heron uses is state of the art. Because our climate is so conducive to utilizing indoor/outdoor living spaces, Blue Heron has merged the two to create the most magnificent living spaces in Las Vegas! Tours are available for the 2013 New American Home. Visit our model home daily from 10:00 a.m. - 5 :00 p.m. daily or call 702.531.3000 to schedule your personal tour. • 41

My Home & Garden

42 •

My Home & Garden


your home

The rising temperatures equals rising cooling costs. Making a few changes can make quite a difference in your energy costs while keeping your home cool and comfortable. Closing your curtains, windows and door blinds prevent the hot sunlight from heating up your home. You might consider buying solar screens. They are effective yet inexpensive window treatments that will prevent direct sunlight from coming into your home. They also protect your furniture, carpet, and blinds from UV damage and fading. It is important to change the filters in your heating/cooling system every month to allow for greater airflow. Limit your use of ranges, stoves, dishwashers, dryers and washing machines during these times. Use them in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Setting your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher in the summer will result in a substantial savings in your energy costs. There is about a 5 to 10 percent savings on the operating cost of an air conditioner for every two degrees of cooling you’re willing to give up. Ceiling fans or pedestal fans provide a breeze that can make you feel at least 5° cooler as well as circulating air throughout your home. Another change that is important is checking your window and doorframes for unfilled gaps and cracks. These can let in as much warm air as leaving a window open. It is important to fill these with caulking and weather stripping. You want to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. Use landscaping to create cool shade for the exterior of your home. Consider planting trees and large shrubs to block sunlight from coming into your windows. Brought to you by Homes Illustrated Magazine

h o m e SE R V I C E

DIRECTORY Here are some great companies we recommend for your home! Air Conditioning

Garage Repairs

Best Refrigeration 777-BEST

Anytime Garage Doors 269-9713

Yes! 997-5223

Precision 386-0106

Alarms/Home Security Alarmco 637-2212 ADT 637-2202

Carpet Cleaning All American 434-0716 ChemDry 487-7223

Closet Organizing Classy Closets 207-2201

Computer Repair Pro-Tech IT 285-9891

Electrical Services Vegas Electric 637-0464 Mister Sparky 487-3465

Handyman Mr. Handy 875-4477 Payless Handyman 796-5013

Landscaping MAC Landscaping 221-8049 TRUGREEN 546-9606

Maid Services Merry Maids 436-4362 A Maid For You 368-4737

Painting Services Fine Interiors 208-3692 The Painting Company 637-0397

Plumbing Services ARS 487-3448

Larkin 475-9879

Pool Services Pool Masters 373-7185 Poolmasterspoolservice. com VIP 546-9514

solar screens SolarScreens by Lotsmart! 321-5278

Water Delivery Crystal Springs 475-9841 Nevadacrystalpremium. com Tahoe Springs 433-4545

Window Cleaning Services Looking Glass Window Cleaning 868-1320 Lasvegasprowindow Window Masters Inc. 794-4321

To get your business listed in the Home Service Directory, call 702-792-2378 or email • 43

my kids & Family

the new discovery children’s museum Opens Downtown in Symphony Park by AnnaKay Johns

It’s finally here! The Discovery Children’s Museum has opened at the Donald W. Reynolds Discovery Center in a 58,000 square foot, three story building. The new museum is state of the art with nine hands on exhibits that combine science, art, culture, nutrition, fun and learning into one extraordinary place. No matter what age you are, you will take something away from the experience. Whether you learn something new about water pressure, discover your artsy side or realize you are strong enough to lift a car using a pulley, it’s a day you will never forget. As soon as you enter the museum you notice the impressive Summit tower that extends up all three levels and even peeks through the roof. It is definitely a must that you climb to the very top and experience one of the best views of the city. Don’t worry, getting to the top is an adventure with games and activities along the way. Of course there are stairs to every level, but you may just prefer to 44 •

Photo Credit: Phil Cox use the multi level slides and climbing tubes to move up and down. While on the first floor make sure to visit Water World and yes, plan on getting wet! The museum does provide waterproof ponchos and aprons if you prefer. Water World has an interactive model of the Hoover Dam and a water vortex that will whirl around then spin out the plastic balls you can drop in. Other play stations allow you to use water cannons to make music by shooting streams of water at wind chimes, or you can fit together plastic tubes to change the flow of the water. There are lots of different water experiments to participate in. Next-door is Fantasy Festival where you enter a realm of costumes, theatre, puppets and make believe. Jump aboard the pirate ship, grab the wheel and sail off on a quest for treasure. Make sure you use the interactive treasure map to plot your course to the “X marks the spot” treasure island. On to the next adventure, the medieval castle, with lots of

costumes for princes and princesses and a throne room for the king. If you prefer a more modern story, then it’s off to the working stage with lights, props, curtains and more costumes for the stars. Of course if you just want to be an audience member, there are bench seats for that too. Through Fantasy Festival is the entrance to Toddler Town for the visitors under 5 to safely explore and play. There are several different table activities for little hands and a couch to sit and listen to a book. Toddlers can also play on an activity center with a slide and a train, and then use a wheel barrel to haul beanbag rocks to overhead buckets. The Crawl Zone is for the very smallest guests; it’s fully enclosed with hands-on age appropriate activities. After Toddler Town, head up to the second level where there is a 5,000 square foot space, featuring temporary exhibits that will travel from other museums around the country. The exhibit space opened with “George Washing-

my kids & family

ton: New Views from Mount Vernon”. Next stop Eco City, which is a city promoting green living with a downtown main street that includes a construction site showcasing green building materials. Get a job at one of the businesses, earn a paycheck, then take it to the bank and make a deposit while learning about managing money and the importance of saving. Don’t forget to shop for some groceries, take your car for a tune up and pick up your dog from the vet’s office. While you’re there, check out the scorpion, tarantula, millipede and giant cockroaches on display in their own habitats. Last stop is the airport, say goodbye to Eco City and fly off to the next exhibit. “It’s Your Choice” is about learning while having fun playing game show style games, for example “Cleaning Out the Fridge”, “Find Your Balance” and “Let’s Make A Meal Deal”. You will learn about portion size, reading nutrition labels and choosing the right types of food. Be sure to play “Your Heart: Pump It Up” to learn about physical activity and keeping your heart healthy. Then head up to the third level to visit “Patents Pending”, which is an invention laboratory. Stop by different stations with various materials to experiment and build your own inventions. Create paper airplanes and Lego racecars, and then test them out in the Air Towers or on the Track Maker. Once you have finished remember to go to the Patent Office, fill out a patent applica-

“Solve It!” the last of the nine exhibits, provides a very unique experience learning about the art of investigation. If you love a good mystery then this is the exhibit for you! First watch the orientation video that gives you the background of the mystery you will be investigating. Second, make sure you pick up your Field Notes to help you record the data that you find. Then third, head out to examine clues at different stations and utilize the touch screen computers to analyze the data and help out along the way. After you have solved the mystery, submit your final report just like a real investigator! Every level is easily accessible by the stairs or an elevator located by the restrooms on each floor. There are plenty of friendly and knowledgeable staff members in each exhibit to answer questions and make sure you get the most out of your visit. On your way out stop by the gift shop and pick something up to make sure you will always remember your first trip to the new Discovery Children’s Museum.

tion and drop it in the box for review. Next head over to “Young At Art” and discover your artistic side while learning about Elements of Art. Draw your masterpiece using various mediums including chalk, crayons or paints. You might also like the large computer screen with special wand for digital drawing and painting. If you need some inspiration use the microscope to get a close up view of different textures.




www.! 9340 W. FLAMINGO ROAD, LAS VEGAS, NV 89147

702.778.9382 • 45

TOP 10 THings

my kids & Family

to do with your KIDS this SUMMER! by Stefanie Van Aken

1. Wet-N-Wild Las Vegas is the place to be this summer. Nevada’s premier water park will offer over 25 slides and attractions. Several of the attractions are named after famous landmarks in the Southern Nevada region. Stay up to date on latest developments at

to ride. Day-cation? Rent a cabana. Prices range from $175- $300., 702.386.8100.

Photo Credit: Golden Nugget

Rendering provided by Wet ‘n’ Wild

2. Discovery Children’s Museum, now located at The Smith Center, boasts an additional 23,000 square feet and three levels full of new and improved exhibits. All ages can enjoy this summer activity for $12 per person.; 702.382-KIDS.

Photo Credit: Discovery Children’s Museum

3. Summer Camp at Springs Preserve offers nature walks, tree climbing, gorilla nest exploring, a Rainforest Exhibit, and Gila Monster interactions. Plus, new activities each week include swimming at the nearby YMCA, and a chance to act with the Drama Kids International. Pricing starts at $180 with weekly sessions June 10- August 23rd, 9-4pm, ages 6-12. Visit, 702.822.7700. 4. The Tank at Golden Nugget will give kids a thrill! A three- story slide wrapped around a 200,000 gallon live shark aquarium plunges into the pool below. Non-hotel guests can purchase a day pass for $20 (12 and up). Littles can enter for $15 (3-11), but must be 48” tall 46 •

5. Looking for Shows on the Strip to entertain all ages? Try Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo for a blend of visual stimulation, eccentric music and witty humor. Recycled Percussion at The Quad gives each guest a drumstick and instrument to play with the band during the show. The Blue Man Group parades through the Monte Carlo daily at 6:15pm. Get tickets for Blue Man Group at, 877.459.0268, Recycled Percussion at 6. Gold and Silver Pawn Shop fans of the History Channel show will love a visit to the most famous pawnshop in the US. Locals with ID go straight to the front of the line. Bring an item to pawn (also serves as a line pass), or stroll through the intriguing collection from around the world. On filming days one Pawn Star is available for Meet and Greets for an hour. Open daily 9am to 9pm. No age restriction. 713 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101,, 702.385-7912. 7. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is a world class facility located right here in Las Vegas. See ferocious piranhas, a Komodo Dragon, a rare Golden Crocodile, and the electrifying Jelly Fish tank. Ocean aficionados will love the Touch Pool, and all will be awed by the 1.3 million gallon tank with over 30 different kinds of sharks. Nevada Residents with ID receive discounted tick-

ets. Ages 4 and under are free. 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV,, 702.632.4555. 8. Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Gardens and Dolphin Habitat at Mirage Las Vegas has an impressive 2.5 million gallon dolphin habitat and Big Cat Conservation area. A sanctuary houses Black Panthers, Golden Lions and White Tigers to reflect a natural habitat. Try Trainer for a Day or Painting with the Dolphins for a memorable experience. 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109,, 702.791.7188. 9. Spring Mountain Ranch and Super Summer Theater enjoy a summertime tradition in the Las Vegas Valley. Spring Mountain Ranch is a Nevada State Park, and the Supper Summer Theater offers popular outdoor plays. Show tickets can be purchased after May 1. Arrive early to explore the park and the Main Ranch House owned by Howard Hughes. Highway 159 in Blue Diamond,, 702.594.PLAY.

Photo Credit: Brett Marshall

10. School of Rock Las Vegas West offers several one-week camps and one two-week camp. Their camps accommodate musicians of all skill levels. Students will develop and learn new skills in a fun and creative environment. 9340 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 117, Las Vegas, NV 89147, 702.778.9382

my kids & family • 47

my kids & Family

RINGLING BROS & BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS June 13th - 16th Thomas & Mack Center 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy., LV, NV 89154 SKATECITY INDOOR SKATE PARK June 18th - July 20th | $125/week 4915 Steptoe St. #600 LV, NV 89122 COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE June 21st - July 19th Music 4 Life Inc. 2975 S. Rainbow Blvd., #B LV, NV 89146 ENSEMBLE ARTS BRASS QUINTET SUMMER CAMP | $125 August 5th - 9th, 2013 | 9am - 3pm Ensemble Arts Academy 7280 W. Azure Dr. LV, NV ART CLASSES FOR KIDS Group Art Classes Downtown: Kim’s Home Studio 1509 S. 6th Street, LV, NV 89104 Summerlin: Grace in the Desert Episcopal Church, 2022 Spring Gate Lane LV, NV 89134 TEEN TUESDAYS | Every Tuesday 3pm - Centennial Hills Library

48 •

joel jarvis’s

top 10 1

KoMex Fusion Express

My favorite fusion restaurant in town, they have Mexican fused with kimchee Korean, cheap eats, but the best in town. Say Bulgogi at the counter. 633 N Decatur Blvd, Ste H Las Vegas, NV 89107 (702) 646-1612


Pho Kim Long The best of many Vietnamese PHO restaurants in Chinatown, quick service, reasonable prices, and stellar “phood” 4029 Spring Mtn. Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 220-3613



Hands down the best innovative sushi place in town, every menu item is posted on the wall in Japanese and in English. Date night will be a smash! 4355 Spring Mtn. Rd Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 367-3151


Gilcrease Orchard

Do you want fresh vegetables and rock bottom prices? Pick your own, all at $1 a pound or less, $3 to drive in, free to walk in. 7810 N Tenaya Way Las Vegas, NV 89131 (702) 645-1126

my vegas

Las Vegas Hidden Gems


Park on Fremont

Floyd Lamb State Park

If you are up for a STRENUOUS hike to the peak of a mountain, here you go, bring water. The BEST view of Las Vegas you ever seen, try this peak. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area W. Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV (702) 515-5000



Turtlehead Peak at Red Rock

This is such a great park, they have four stocked fishing ponds, as well as, and the old bunkhouses, stables and buildings $6 per carload, $1 if walking or on a bike. 9200 Tule Springs Rd., LV, NV 89131 (702) 486-5413,


Bachi Burger Another fusion restaurant I discovered for burgers, they have two locations W. Sahara, and Henderson. Oxtail Chili Cheese Fries and Kiki Burger, awesome! 9410 W Sahara Ave., Ste 150 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 255-3055,

The newest addition to the downtown scene on east Fremont, this one is eclectic, sexy and will be the talk of the town. 506 E. Fremont Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 834-3164


Dupar’s at Golden Gate

This is a rebranded classic little diner inside the Golden Gate hotel, and when I say old fashion, it takes you back to the 50’s. Fresh pies, amazing food, and great counter girls, and best ever pancakes! Inside Golden Gate Casino 1 Fremont St Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 385-1906


Chinatown I think everyone knows about this hidden gem in Las Vegas, but have you gone lately?

470 E Windmill Ln., Ste 100, LV, NV 89123 (702) 242-2244

Joel Jarvis • 702-304-7839 • • 49

my dining & drinks

what’s the


with Shawn Tempesta! |

Las Vegas has many great locals restaurants, and while the decor varies from one to another, few are able to capture a “homey” feeling. Enter Honey Salt. You are immediately met with a brick finish, an aged Honey Salt logo painted on it upon it (tastefully, not tacky). The tables and chairs seem pre-loved. The wood accents and shelves are a rare find in these parts. It is incredibly unique. The menu features farm-to-table inspired courses that are sure to please. A must-get starter is their New England Fry. Honey Salt has fresh clams flown in from the fishing community of Ipswich, MA. After adding fresh Calamari, the seafood is then perfectly fried, dressed with blistered shishito peppers, and served with a deliciously addictive cured lemon aioli. The freshness continues to show in their salad options, with a kale-infused Caesar Salad to “My Wife’s Favorite Salad” (that’s the actual name), featuring duck confit, arugula, frisée, pine nuts, pomegranate, and a poached egg. Daring creations that will surprise you. For dinner, their tastes run the gamut from delicious pizzas to Grass-Fed Filet Mignon. “Mary’s Free Range Brick Oven Chicken” is cooked to perfection with natural jus and alongside a Kale & Anaheim Pepper Mac N’ Cheese that will leave you feeling full, not busting at the seams. For seafood lovers, the sea scallops are to die for. For dessert, you will be hard-pressed to find an apple pie better than Honey Salt’s “Brown Bag Baked Apple Pie” served up with vanilla bean ice cream. It is a guaranteed winner. Honey Salt has quickly become a star in Las Vegas cuisine, and with one visit you’ll understand why. If you are a fan of simple dishes done sensationally, make your reservation now. Honey Salt Restaurant 1031 S Rampart Blvd., LV, NV 89145 (702) 445-6100 50 •

my dining & drinks

the pizza man This Man Knows Pizza! In my travels I found a true authentic pizzeria called Mark Rich’s New York Pizza and Pasta. We met Mark Rich, originally from New Jersey, and he knows pizza. His thin crust pie is considered one of the better pies in the Las Vegas valley. Mark shared that the fresh pizza dough is made twice daily, and all of the pizzas are hand tossed and just like in New York and New Jersey, everything is made to order. Guests are encouraged to tell Mark Rich’s how you like your pizza and they will make it the way you like it. Pizza favorites offered are “The Works” (Green Pepper, Pepperoni, Olives, Onions, Mushrooms, and Sausage) and the “White Pizza” (Three Cheeses and No Red Sauce). Mark Rich’s also has Sicilian Thick Crust as well as Gluten free Pizza and Pasta. They offer very popular dishes like Baked Calzones, Fettuccini Alfredo, Shrimp Scampi, and Grilled Sausage and Green Peppers with Ziti. Sandwiches are also on the menu including such choices as Sausage Parmigiana, Italian Beef Cheese Steak and many, many, more to choose from. Mark Rich’s has two locations and both offer wine and beer service with a great “Back East Ambiance” and a real at home feeling. They are located at 7930 West Tropical Parkway Suite 130, Centennial Center, 702-363-7272 and 11710 West Charleston Blvd. Suite 150, 702-645-3337. Hours of operation at both locations are Sunday through Thursday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM and Fridays and Saturdays 10:00 AM – 10:00PM.




The Best Sushi Bar & Teppan Table

in Northwest Las Vegas

of One! e c i r P Two fornyaki Dinner Teppe

Lunch Specials (Until 3 p.m. daily) Dinner Specials (Starting 3 p.m. daily) Sashimi / Chef’s Recommendations Udon & Donburi

7101 W. Craig Road (U.S. 95 & Craig Rd.) Las Vegas, NV 89129  (702) 655-5782 • 51

my dining & drinks

52 •

my dining & drinks

That’s What

She Said cantina laredo

Chr istie’s


hic Studio

Restaurant Reviews by two gals who know food and know Las Vegas! Michele Polci, CMP, CPCE & Lisa Lynn Backus, CMP, CPCE

Perhaps we were inspired by the farmers market as we made our way through Tivoli Village. But from the moment we sat down for lunch in Cantina Laredo, that same idea of freshness was a common theme throughout our meal. In the past, one of us has been guilty of judging Mexican restaurants based on chips and salsa, but Cantina Laredo passed the test with flying colors. The chips were light with just the right amount of seasoning. They were served with two types of salsa, one a roasted tomato salsa and the other a roasted tomatillo salsa served warm. Only occasionally do we disagree, but here was one of those occasions -- Michele preferred the roasted tomato salsa with its kick while Lisa Lynn favored the tomatillo salsa and its warmth. Our amazing server Vivian could recite the menu and each item’s ingredients … and probably, if asked, tell us each food’s DNA. You’re pampered by her attention as she prepares your order of Top Shelf Guacamole tableside. This bowl of

eternal happiness came to life as a mix of “secret spice,” fresh squeezed lime juice, jalapenos, green bell pepper, cilantro, tomatoes and of course the main attraction, the avocado. This was so good that at one point we started eating it with our forks out of the bowl – the chips got in the way! A surprise treat was the Ahi Mini Taco with its fresh and mild complements to our starter items. From there, we quickly graduated to the Brisket Tacos and Carnitas Tacos. As with most dishes these were elevated to the next level with sauces like Chipotle Wine and components like the Slaw accompaniments and garnish. The love-at-first-bite award goes to the Enchiladas Veracruz. This tasty chicken delight was married with spinach and marinated vegetables and presented with garnish sauces that you wanted to hang on your wall as art!

If you are a vegetarian you will enjoy Cantina Laredo. If you’re eating glutenfree, like one of us, you will find plenty to love here. And if you are a carnivore you will hit the meat progressive jackpot. The Camaron Poblano Asada is a happy meal for adults: a poblano pepper with baby shrimp, spinach and mushroom prizes hidden inside with melted jack cheese, all wrapped with a thin blanket

of asada, finished with a chimichurri sauce. Served with our favorite morsel of the day, the butter-sautéed green beans. Even though we were stuffed we ate all of them -- they were that good!

And if you just broke up with sugar, like one of us has, you will have a happy reunion with their bombshell of dessert. This was Mexican Apple Pie on a sizzling cast iron plate, crowned with cinnamon ice cream, which gets rained on by brandy butter. This surprise one-two-three punch of sweetness is a knockout and shared by two we were able to go the distance. The restaurant is bright, cheery, contemporary and yes fresh, much like the food itself. In the words of Chef D, it’s “Modern Mexican.” The cantina side of the restaurant will salute you with a towering wall display of bottled tequilas. The margaritas are all made to order with only fresh ingredients. Lisa Lynn’s full disclosure is save a forkful of guacamole as a condiment for your last savory bite of that loving feeling and Michele exclaims the Camaron Poblano Asada is what dreams are made of. And “That’s What She Said.” Cantina Laredo 430 S. Rampart #110, Las Vegas, NV 89144 (702) 202-4511 • 53

my dining & Drinks

Q & A: chef angelo sosa

of poppy den by Candice Shaffer

Q: At what age did you realize your passion for the culinary arts? A: I was always cooking; starting at about 6 years old I was always my Father’s little sous chef in the kitchen. I had a big family and I’d always help my father cook and do all the prep work, and he’d do all the main cooking… But it was my Aunt Carmen- my Dominican Aunt, who really taught me the passion and the love for cooking. I was maybe 8 years old and I remember we lived in Connecticut and she lived in Queens, NY. On the weekends we would visit her and it was 7 kids in my family; so all my brothers and sisters would just explode into the house and run past the kitchen to the outside to play on the swings or whatever, and I would literally run into the kitchen just because of the aromas and the kitchen would just draw me in. I have such vivid memories of her and I think she truly inspired me to cook, so I’d say around 8. Q: Was there a particular chef- and that may be your Aunt Carmen, who inspired your love for food? A: Yeah, 100% my Aunt Carmen. My Father definitely taught me, and he was in the military so he also taught me a lot of discipline that I think that made me very meticulous and focused on the details, but 100% my Aunt Carmen with her love for cooking, and just watching her cook. To watch her, and then to taste it, I could see how important it is to be connected to the two. Q: What was your first job in the kitchen? A: My first job was… I worked at a retirement home (laughs) in Connecticut 54 •

and I was a waiter and I would always pester the chef, and eventually he just gave in cause he was tired of me asking so many questions so eventually I would just do whatever and I became so obsessed with cooking. Q: Where did the inspiration for the Asian Gastro Pub concept come from for Poppy Den? A: It’s really interesting because I think the term Asian Gastro Pub has a different meaning to it to many different people, but Asian Gastro Pub because we serve Asian food here, and a pub traditionally is a celebration of obviously the people coming together- but it’s typically heavier food, but it’s really trying to focus on the essence of simplistic food using high end ingredients with Asian flavors. The poppy seed has this kind of this long lineage of spices and it’s used in many different cultures, and then we wanted to have a concept that brought people together, and that’s the concept of the den. Typically a den is a lot of people, and it’s more of a meeting place with good Asian flavors. Q: What flavors have you mixed that you think go really well together? A: One of my favorite combinations is fish and cheese; which I think is the most magical combination. I do a dish with a seared Bass with warm Brie cheese. The combination of fish and chocolate is also magical. Specifically white chocolate, because white chocolate is very buttery and sweet; it balances with something

smoky like chorizo or chipotle. I think it’s a great combination. Q: What was the draw to come to Las Vegas and open a restaurant in a local location? A: I think a lot of other chefs from other cities, or restaurateurs, they come to go on the Strip. I think it’s really exciting to come off the strip. I think it’s very appealing to feed the people, the locals, and I think it’s pretty amazing to have an offering that stimulates their palettes, and their senses, and that really excites me. Q: If there were one main ingredient you had to choose from for no particular dish, and/or one main ingredient you couldn’t live without, what would that be? A: I’m going to say… Ooh… I’ll say two, ok? I’ll say salt… I need salt… I like things seasoned, and I love Sriracha. I could take a bath in Sriracha. (Laughs) Q: Lastly, what is next for Angelo Sosa? A: Well, I’m going to get on a flight tomorrow, back to New York City (laughs)… It’s interesting because if you asked me this question years before it would be a different answer. I prefer to take the initiative of taking one day at a time. Because I think it’s what you have in your hands today that could easily be gained or lost within the same day so I would rather nurture what I have and keep my focus on that. Instead of, you know, seeing too far in the future and losing perspective on what’s given to you today. Poppy Den at Tivoli Village 440 S. Rampart, Ste. B130, LV, NV 89145 702.570.7400 |

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Mexican Restaurant Gaming r Cantina r Catering

1 mile west of The Palms 4930 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103


summer wines? try rose!

The key to a wine’s color is in the grape skins and the time the pressed grape juice has had contact with with Les Kincaid! those skins. Rich red wines made from say Zinfandel grapes or you can have fruity “blush” wines (you know what I’m talking about) made from the same grapes. It’s all up to the winemaker. Fortunately, living in Las Vegas it’s those wines that are pale pink or rosé that, when well made, not only provide refreshing relief on a hot summer day, but are also ideally suited to complement such light summer fare as grilled chicken, baked ham, egg salad, grilled salmon, burgers, ribs and charcuterie. They also are perfect matches for spicy Asian cuisine and any dish made with garlic (think garlic chicken with Parmesan).

So, before you turn up your nose at the notion of pink or rosé wine, let me make it clear that I’m not referencing the sweet wines you may have had once-upon-a-time (remember Mateus? Lancer’s?). It’s lighter, fruitier, drier, well-made, easy-to-like rosés I want you to try this summer. Provence and the Rhone River Valley regions of France are where some of the best rosés in Europe are made (some 50

percent of all wine produced in Provence is rosé). The grapes used in Provence are Mourvèdre, Grenache and Cinsault, and

some reliable names to look for include Domaines Ott, Jean-Luc Colombo, Domaine de Terrebrune and Château de Roquefort. Syrah and Grenache are the predominant grapes in the Rhone. Spain also produces some very good, somewhat richer, rosés, including Tapeña, Muga and Marqués de Cáceres. And for something really different, pick up a bottle of Montes Cherub Rosé from Chile (made from Syrah grapes) or Goats Do Roam Rosé (primarily a Syrah and Grenache blend) from South Africa. With so many choices — they’re all good — and available in a range of prices, it would be a shame to not “drink pink” this summer. It’s hot out already, and it isn’t going to get any cooler soon. Save those cabernets and Syrah for a cooler season and enjoy these thirst-quenching, party-and-food-friendly rosés now. When you go shopping take this article with you so you will not forget all these choices. • 55

bonefish grill

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Fresh Fish Experts Bring Happiness to Las Vegas with Innovative Recipes and New Brunch Offering

LAS VEGAS (March 18, 2013) – Las Vegas’ dining scene now has a new hot spot in town as Bonefish Grill opens its doors today at the restaurant’s newest location at the Las Vegas Town Square, 6527 Las Vegas Blvd. South. The grand opening follows a sold out charity event which took place on Saturday, March 16, benefitting Olive Crest and helping the group to raise over $8,000. Proceeds from the event will support Olive Crest’s continuous efforts to prevent and treat child abuse through services to at-risk children and families in the greater Las Vegas area. The ZAGAT award-winning, polished casual restaurant brings its woodgrilled fish, seafood and chops, innovative sauces and indulgent desserts to the area’s top dining and shopping destination. Coupling great-tasting food with a welcoming bar that features an array of ‘bar-fresh’ cocktails, extensive craft beer selections, and an adventurous wine list, Bonefish Grill will excite and delight guests no matter what their mood. “We are thrilled to open our doors and become an active member in the Las Vegas and Town Square community,” said Craig Leedom, managing partner of Bonefish Grill in Las Vegas. 56 •

“By partnering with Olive Crest we’ve taken an important step toward building a foundation of goodwill and helping the community. We’re excited to show Las Vegas what we do best, with knowledgeable and attentive chef’s coat service that brings fun, inviting dining and a big-city bar to the area.” The “fresh fish experts” will tantalize taste buds with signature appetizers and handhelds including Bonefish Grill’s famous Ahi Tuna Sashimi, PEI Mussels Josephine and “American Style” Kobe Beef Burgers. Guests can choose simply-grilled fish with a choice of four signature sauces or truly indulge with market-fresh “Specials” which change daily to offer guests a variety of seasonal flavors and selections from around the world. Midweek is always cause for celebration at Bonefish Grill as every Wednesday is Bang Wednesday, where signature Bang Bang Shrimp – tender crispy shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce – are offered for just $5. Happy Hour drinks specials will run seven days a week from 4 – 6:30 p.m. and food specials will be offered during Happy Hour from Sunday – Thursday. And now on Sundays, Bonefish Grill will be serving a delectable brunch from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., featuring favorite breakfast dishes like omelets, French Toast served with freshly whipped cream, and chocolate croissants.

The restaurant also offers an evolving wine list, regional craft brews and inventive hand-crafted cocktails. Bonefish Grill relies on pure ingredients and signature mix recipes made fresh daily in house to complement each unique spirit served, and to deliver on its commitment to serving “Bar-Fresh” cocktails nightly. The restaurant is open for dinner seven nights a week: Monday through Thursday, from 4 – 10:30 p.m., 4 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. on Friday, 12 – 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, and from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Sunday, serving brunch from 11 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. While reservations are not required, they are available by calling (702) 407-0980. An ample number of seats are available nightly for walk-ups. For more information about the restaurant, visit www.BonefishGrill. com, or on Twitter,

Local dignitaries celebrate the opening of the Las Vegas Bonefish Grill with a ribbon cutting. (From left to right, Mike Wethington, Town Square Las Vegas Manager; Bill Fisher, Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce; Daniel Martins, Bonefish Grill; Marcus Powers, Bonefish Grill front of house manager; Steve Sisolak, County Commissioner; Craig Leedom, Bonefish Grill Managing Partner; Alex Rey, Bonefish Grill; Jim Hyllengren, Bonefish Grill Joint Venture Partner; Kristin McMillan, Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce; Doug Coombs, Olive Crest, Executive Director; John Schreiber, Director of Convention Center Sales, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority.)

6527 S Las Vegas Blvd LV, NV 89119 (702) 407-0980

Poppy Den by Chef Angelo Sosa Bradley Ogden Hops & Harvest – Open in May Echo & Rig Steakhouse and Butcher Shop – Coming Soon BRIO Tuscan Grille Cantina Laredo Kabuki Japanese Restaurant Leone Cafè Pizza Lounge View Wine Bar & Kitchen

dine alfresco at many of our tempting restaurants FOR AN EXPERIENCE OUTSIDE THE ORDINARY



my vegas calendar of events

COOL BY THE POOL HAPPY HOUR Daily 4pm-8pm (3rd floor pool deck) Tickets: FREE/all ages LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 3000 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109

SATURDAY NIGHT JAZZ ON THE LAKE Saturdays: $5 Lake Las Vegas 15 Costa di Lago Henderson, NV 89011

HELLDORADO DAYS May 16th-19th, 2013 Downtown Rodeo Grounds 7th and Stewart

58 •







Fridays 3pm-7pm Town Square 6605 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89119

Every Saturday 10am-3pm Anthem Village Market 2550 Anthem Village Dr. Henderson, NV 89052

May 18th, 2013 Springs Preserve 333 S. Valley View Las Vegas, NV 89107

Nightly (dark Fri.) 9pm Tickets: $49-$100 / 4 and up Call 702-732-5755 for tickets LVH Theater– Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 3000 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109

Every Tuesday: $10 Sunset & Vines 40 Costa di Lago, Ste. 120 Henderson, NV 89011

May 24th and 25th, 2013 Boulder City Downtown

Sponsored by:


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LAS VEGAS 5K COLOR VIBE May 25th, 2013 Tickets: $43 Sam Boyd Stadium 7000 E. Russell Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89122

FREE FISHING DERBY June 8th, 2013 7:30am Floyd Lamb Park

LAS VEGAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL June 20th-23rd, 2013 LVH - Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 3000 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

CRAWFISH FESTIVAL May 25th, 2013 10am-11pm Henderson Pavilion 200 S. Green Valley Parkway Henderson, NV 89012

AMIE JO ON THE GO - HONORING OUR COMMUNITY STARS” GALA June 13, 2013 6:00pm For ticket info please call: 855-246-6678 Texas Station Hotel and Casino 2101 Texas Star Ln. N. Las Vegas, NV 89130


June 5th, 2013 FREE Admission Gordon Biersch in Boca Park 750 S Rampart #16, Las Vegas, NV 89145

FATHERS DAY BRUNCH & DINNER AT VIA BRASIL STEAKHOUSE June 16, 2013 $34.99-$44.99 1225 S. Fort Apache Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89117


WEIRD AL YANKOVIC THE ALPOCALYPSE TOUR July 6, 2013 7:30pm The Smith Center 361 Symphony Park Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89106

July 17th, 2013 FREE Admission Blue Water in Henderson 9510 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV 89123 Brought to you by 702 Events. For more local Las Vegas events go to: • 59

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It Ain’t your

Daddy’s Country by Melissa T., Coyote Country 102.7

The days of turning on the radio and hearing Hank Williams and Conway Twitty twangin’ over the airwaves are over. Not that we don’t still appreciate the “yeehaws” and fiddles of those ‘ole boys, but in recent years, country music has taken to a whole new sound and to a new kind of audience. There has been an evolution revolution in country music. Let’s just say, the music industry is taking note of the wants of the new generation of country listeners. They haven’t

forgotten their proud roots- but just as equally, they are not ashamed to be caught listening to a catchy tune with a mouthful of reggae in it. (Country band Sugarland was the first to do that with their hit, “Stuck Like Glue.”) Thanks to artists like Taylor Swift, Carrie Under60 •

wood and Jason Aldean- country music is now up beat and insightful, with a pop twist and a bit of rock. In a world where country music is known for its tragedy, tractors and beer, the foundation of country remains. Like them hot biscuits mama always talks about, the recipe for new country music is on the menu of more listeners worldwide, than ever before… it ain’t your daddy’s country anymore! The Music - 1 Times are a changin’. Songs that are considered “Country” are now recognized as diverse and mainstream and can get major airplay on nationally recognized Top 40 and Hot AC radio stations across the globe. Artists like Taylor Swift among others, have jumped on the “cross over” bandwagon: they’ve released country tunes that have done so well, they “crossed over” to pop music charts and topped those bringing in new listeners on an international scale. An example of alternate crossover into country music is former lead singer “Hootie” of the 90’s rock band “Hootie and the Blowfish.” His transition into country music has contributed to its new vibe. He took “the country leap” and the

country audience couldn’t be happier. “Hootie” now wears a cowboy hat and goes by his real name, Darius Rucker. Since his entry to country music back in 2008, he’s had 6 number one hits, has released 3 country albums and has won, “Best New Artist” At the Country Music Awards. He is from South Carolina, after all. Guess the old term rockabilly has come full circle.

The Scene - 2 Las Vegas - the city that never sleeps. Known for its majestic casinos, provocative strip clubs, neon lights and… country music? The country scene is getting bigger and better than ever, as everywhere from big casinos, to local dive bars cash in on the hot new trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon: country music. Some of the biggest names in country have passed through town and continue to whether it is on a world tour or concert. In fact, you don’t need to drive farther than to the strip to see amazing live country; including Shania Twain’s “Still The One” at Cae-

my arts & entertainment

sar’s Palace, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “Soul2Soul” at the Venetian. And we can’t forget the one who started it all – country legend Garth Brooks who was the first to lock down a residency at the Wynn. For those of you who like to listen and dance, Las Vegas has a variety of different bars or what I like to call “Country Clubs.” Revolver Saloon and Dance Hall in Santa Fe Station is one of the hottest bars in town. In fact you can join me broadcasting live every Wednesday night for Ladies Night. Other local favorites include Gilley’s Saloon at Treasure Island and Stoney’s at Town Square. ’Cause come on, who doesn’t love to see cowgirls in short skirts shaking it? That leads us to… the dance… The Dance You may talk the talk- but do you walk the walk? Line dancing ain’t just about “spinning your partner ‘round and ‘round.” There are over a 100 different line dances. Most of them were created for a specific country song; although sometimes DJ’s will use techno or hip hop songs too. Just another example of how country and other genres are constantly crossing over in some way, shape or form. When you are dancing around town, you may even see Las Vegas’ King and Queen of line dancing; Deanna and Mateo Kelley (shown above) okay, they didn’t actually win any official crowns, but they are such creative dancers and

they’re always so cute and dressed up; we can’t help but love ‘em! If you do see them, don’t be shy; say hi- and they may even give you a dancing tip. If you’re looking to learn, there are free line dance lessons all over town. Revolver Saloon and Dance Hall offers them on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 8:15pm. Gilley’s Saloon does theirs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7p-9p. And Stoney’s starts at 7:30p every night. Some folks even hire dance instructors for personal sessions. Or of course you can do I what I do, get your laptop and YouTube them dances, while practicing in your living room. Hey at least you’ll get to laugh and dance!

Melissa T’s Summer Country Picks: 1. Florida Georgia Line: Get Your Shine On

The Look/The Gear While many things in the country and western world have changed, one thing remains the same: Cowboys and Cowgirls dress to impress. They look good and they know it. And let’s be honestthey are some of the hottest specimens on the planet. The Southern wardrobe still goes as follows: wearing a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat and boots look the part. But these days, folks take it a step further. One word: Bling. I’m talking rhinestones on hats, belts, boots and bracelets. One of my favorite places in town to get “countrified” is Boot Barn on Las Vegas Boulevard. Oh and one more thing on bling- it’s not just for the ladies. I’ve seen many a-cowboys pull off a rhinestone belt. Glen Campbell may not have known it way back when, but he was definitely onto something when he wrote “Rhinestone Cowboy.” However you decide to dress just remember southern hospitality still lives in the blood of country music and its listeners so always be sure to smile and just have fun!

2. Blake Shelton: Sure Be Cool If You Did 3. Miranda Lambert: Mama’s Broken Heart

4. George Strait: Give It All We Got

5. Kelly Clarkson featuring Vince Gill: Don’t Rush

6. Toby Keith: Red Solo Cup

7. Brantley Gilbert: Kick It In The Sticks

8. Little Big Town: Pontoon

9. Kenny Chesney: Pirate Flag

10. Gary Allan: Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) • 61

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62 •

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bright lights! big city! The neon Story of las vegas

Photos Courtesy of Neon Museum

by Carol Ann Weber

Newspaper clipping provided by: Marji Holland (Daughter of Betty Willis) There is no question that when anyone thinks of Las Vegas, they think of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Created in 1958, it is the iconic representation of our city’s personality which invites the entire world to come join the fun. The sign’s designer, now 90 years old and retired, recalls what the city was like back in the day. “I was

64 •

a woman working in a man’s world,” says Las Vegas native Betty Willis, “and making a woman’s wage.” But just because Western Neon didn’t offer her equal pay, it didn’t stop this artistic and engineering genius from creating the most famous sign in the world, as well as hundreds of other famous neon art including signs for the Moulin Rouge, the Blue Angel Motel and the Stardust. According to Betty, the “little sign that could” (25 feet tall, and thanks to Ms. Willis’ brilliant engineering, able to withstand the desert winds) went unrecognized for almost 50 years. Then, with the 2005 Las Vegas Centennial year-long celebration promoted by Mayor Oscar Goodman, the recently installed parking spaces around the sign had to be expanded to accommodate the new rush of

tourists. (Oscar’s 2008 bikini show held in front of the sign only added to its notoriety.) On May 1, 2009, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign received listing approval on the National Register of Historic Places. Our sign was now a rock star. But wait, there’s more! Just walk down Fremont Street East starting at Las Vegas Boulevard and you’ll find the Caballero on the Palomino Horse (from the Hacienda Hotel), the slowly turning Silver Slipper, the Binion’s Horseshoe sign, the Bow and Arrow Motel and Aladdin’s Lamp, all restored and in working order. The Las Vegas Signs Project, in partnership with the Neon Museum and the City of Las Vegas, continues to add more iconic neon all over downtown, including the 5th Street Liquor sign on Casino Center and Garces, and the Landmark Hotel sign on Paradise Road near Convention Center Drive. On North Las Vegas Boulevard sits the Neon Museum aka the Neon Boneyard. As I entered the building made of pieces of the La Concha Motel designed by the famous architect, Paul Revere Williams, I knew this was going

Photos Courtesy of Neon Museum

to be an amazing experience. Our tour guide cautioned us to take care where we walked as we followed her outside. It felt like I was on an archeological dig of an ancient burial ground as we proceeded down the twisting gravel path. With each careful step, we encountered

my arts & entertainment

Photos Courtesy of Neon Museum

the rusted and damaged remains of one neon “bone” after another. The first sign greeting us was the old Golden Nugget “1905” sign, created in 1956, commemorating the year Las Vegas was founded. Back then, it was Helen J. Stewart’s sale of her ranch to William A. Clark that established our great city. Although Mrs. Stewart wrote that she foresaw “the glint of the rails, the smoke of the trains, and homes and church spires in the grain fields on the hill,” I doubt she ever imagined the neon lights of the city we now take for granted. The next major “bone” was Betty Willis’ Moulin Rouge sign, which is now in pieces, a few of which are realigned to say “IN LOVE,” for couples who choose to book an engagement portrait session or get married there. Betty spent months researching the French font styles until she came up with the unique French letters. She says she always enjoyed creating art that was difficult to turn into neon, as was the diamond-shaped candle-levered Welcome to Fabulous Las

Vegas sign, because she loved pushing the envelope. A true Las Vegan to the bone! Then came the Binion’s Horseshoe sign from a casino purchased in 1951 by Benny Binion, who believed in treating small-time gamblers with the same comps given to the big-money guys. He was the first to carpet his casino and set the craps table limit at $500, which was ten times higher than any other casino in Las Vegas at the time. Benny also spent some time in prison for tax evasion, although it was rumored that he may have killed a couple of guys, too. His son Jack began hosting the World Series of Poker tournament in 1970, and his other son, Ted, ended up banned from entering his family’s casino and stripped of his gaming license for his continued association with a known mobster named “Fat Herbie” Blitzstein. It only took a piece of the old Flamingo Hotel sign to recall Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel’s vision for Las Vegas when the Strip was nothing but dirt and

Photos Courtesy of Neon Museum

tumbleweeds. Naming the hotel for his girlfriend, whose red hair and long legs inspired her nickname, “the Flamingo,” Bugsy opened the partially constructed hotel on December 26, 1946, closed it down two weeks later, and reopened it in early 1947. It is widely believed that his partners in organized crime had him killed on June 20, 1947 because they suspected he was cheating them out of their investments. As I slowly passed by other “bones” from imploded or revamped hotels, like the Algiers, the Dunes, the Sahara, the Frontier, the Stardust, the Aladdin, the Tropicana, Fitzgerald’s and the Barbary Coast, I realized that each one represents so many people, so many experiences, both good and evil, and so many changes in one of the fastest growing

Photos Courtesy of Neon Museum

cities in the country. Considering the first neon sign ever made was displayed in Paris, France in 1910, and the first known neon sign to appear in Las Vegas was on the Overland Hotel in 1928, we wasted no time finding the flashiest and most exciting way to shameless self-promotion. That may be why our town continues to grow and change at the speed of light, or rather, neon. When I asked Ms. Willis if she had another sign still rolling around in her head, she paused and then replied, “Yes. A ‘Welcome to Overton’ sign with a huge ‘O’ at the entrance of the city. I’m still figuring out the best design for it.” Since Ms. Willis, and her daughter, Marji, now reside in Overton, it may be no surprise to one day soon find an amazing sign created by this famous artist greeting travelers as they enter her little town. Las Vegas was also a little town once. For more information on the Neon Museum, call 702-387-6366 or go to Tours are now available 7 days a week. • 65

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We Really Do Love Locals by Lori Nelson, Station Casinos What’s New at Station Casinos? Part of the fun of coming to one of our properties is knowing we’re always working on bringing you new and exciting entertainment attractions and amenities. 2013 is no exception. We always want you to continue enjoying all the entertainment, gaming and dining staples you already know and love and as you make your summer plans, check out what’s new. Bingo Opens at Green Valley Ranch Bingo is part of our DNA. After all, the company’s first property was founded and actually named “Bingo Palace” in 1977 until ultimately the property further expanded to become Palace Station. With the arrival of a brand new bingo room at Green Valley Ranch, there is actually a bingo room at every Station Casinos’ property. The bingo room has 400 seats with the majority dedicated as a non-smoking section. Every day, we offer eight sessions beginning at 9 a.m. that run on the odd hours until 11 p.m. New Café opens at Fiesta Henderson Café Fiesta recently opened its doors offering guests around-the-clock great food and value in a casual environment. The Cafe was designed to be inviting and contemporary with a lively Southwest feel. The extensive breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night menu features a wide variety of items including banana bread French toast, soups from scratch and its popular New York Steak Dinner. The best part is, all entrees on the menu are under $10. Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que is coming to Red Rock Resort this summer Best known for its authentic Southern-style barbecue prepared “slow and low,” Lucille’s uses the finest cuts of meat cooked from scratch and prepares its 66 •

Bar-B-Que at a constant temperature of 225 degrees for hours on end using hickory wood inside a dining room smoker. Popular dishes include baby back ribs, smoked “Bar-B-Que” chicken, Texas style beef brisket, “Bar-B-Que” tri tip, fresh pan blackened catfish, “Bar-BQue” shrimp, certified Angus beef New York steak, jambalaya, smoked salmon, Southern fried chicken and New Orleans gumbo to name a few. Look for its opening in July/August. Red Rock Resort also recently introduced LA’s famous Pink’s Hot Dogs located by the Race and Sports book and unveiled the newly designed Lucky Bar, the center bar on the gaming floor. Mobile Sports Wagering arrives at Station Casinos with Sports Connection Mobile Station Casinos has launched the most innovative, rewarding and technologically advanced mobile sports gaming program to the Nevada gaming market that allows you to wager from anywhere in Nevada and exclusively rewards you for your play. Sports Connection players also earn rewards towards free entertainment and dining for every wager placed through the popular Boarding Pass rewards program. Sports Connection Mobile is free available as a mobile app, as well as intranet through Cox high-speed internet (PC or Mac). Until next time… We know you have many choices this Summer for your entertainment fun and hope you’ll think of us when it’s time for a great dinner, game of bingo game, concert, massage, bowling or even a movie. We pledge to put a smile on your face!

Concert Hot List Nashville Unplugged Various Artists and Times Fri., May 17 - Sat., July 27 Rocks Lounge, Red Rock Resort Little River Band Sat., May 18 | 8pm Chrome Showroom, Santa Fe Station Boulder Blues Coco Montoya Thurs., May 30 | 8pm The Railhead, Boulder Station Zowie Bowie Every Friday | 10pm Rocks Lounge, Red Rock Resort Richard Cheese Fri., June 14 | 8pm Rocks Lounge, Red Rock Resort Michael Lington Sat., June 15 | 8pm Chrome Showroom, Santa Fe Station Aaron Lewis Fri., July 19 | 8pm Chrome Showroom, Santa Fe Station Aaron Lewis Sat., July 27 | 8pm Rocks Lounge, Red Rock Resort Jonny Lang Sat., July 27 | 8pm The Railhead, Boulder Station Eric Benet Sat., Aug 10 | 8pm The Railhead, Boulder Station Dennis Wise - “King for a Night” A Tribute to the King Sat., Aug 17 | 7pm Boulder Station

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NIEVE MALANDRA Multi-Talented Vegas Superwoman by Steve Catanzaro

“I wasn’t sure what to expect,” says vocalist, model and mother Nieve Malandra of her new hometown, Las Vegas. “But for me, it’s a perfect city. It’s got that friendly, small town feel which is great for raising my daughter, but it’s also got a very exciting entertainment scene which is as good as any place in the country.” Born and raised in San Francisco, Nieve spent years working as a singer in Los Angeles before moving to Sin City in July of 2012. She quickly established herself as one of LV’s most versatile vocalists. On weekends, she can be heard singing jazz standards early evenings at Marche Bacchus in Summerlin. Those sophisticated sounds are followed by late night, high-energy appearances with Chris Phillips’ Zowie Bowie band, a long time Vegas institution, at Rocks Lounge in the Red Rock Casino. “People often ask me what kind of music I like singing best, the older music or the contemporary songs, but the truth is, I like both,” she says. “I appreciate the classics and I love singing Cole Porter, Gershwin, and Jobim, but I also love the high energy of the current hits and connecting with the crowds at Rocks Lounge, Fremont Street, Blue Martini, or wherever Zowie Bowie plays.” The multi-lingual chanteuse, who sings in French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, started with Zowie Bowie in November, after receiving a text that Phillips was looking for a replacement for long-time partner Marley Taylor. “I was visiting New York City when I heard about the opening” she says. “After the first few gigs, Chris told me that I was ‘part of the family’ so it was all very natural and unforced. I didn’t find out till later that over 700 girls had auditioned for the band.” In addition to her busy singing schedule, Nieve’s stunning good looks keep her working as a model as well.

“I’ve done everything; trade shows, conventions, spokes-modeling, print ads, fashion shows, and calendar shoots. One gig I’ve recently started doing that I really enjoy is ring-girling for Corona

on Showtime Boxing.” In fact, she might be pulling off an entertainment industry first; “Next week, I’m going to ring girl and sing the National Anthem at the same fight! I don’t know if that’s been done before, but I’m excited to try it!” As a seasoned entertainment business pro, Nieve is not usually star struck, but one person who’s talent she stands in awe of is her four year old daughter Gigi. “She is my love, my heart” she says, “and also an amazing talent.” Like her mother, little Gigi has perfect pitch and has memorized a wide variety of songs. And just like Mom, she is a working model. “She just got her first gig modeling Halloween costumes. She is such a natural; she is totally blasé until they say action, then she lights up! The photographer was shocked and told us “She’s so good, I’m intimidated by her!’” Nieve’s commitment to children

and the arts doesn’t end at home, either. She also heads up iPianolab, a program designed to bring keyboard lessons into Clark County schools. “Unfortunately, because of budget cuts, music programs are being taken out of schools, and that’s very sad to me. I feel music has been such a healing force in my life, and it’s so important that kids are exposed to it at an early age. With iPianolab, we bring keyboards to the schools and get children interested by showing them how to play their favorite songs.” With all that on her plate, Nieve certainly seems to be filling the role of a Vegas Superwoman, but in person, she comes across as anything but a Super Diva. “I’m just having fun and feeling very blessed being able to do what I love for a living, and being able to raise my daughter in one of the most amazing cities in the world.” She is similarly down-to-earth and unpretentious about her future in the business. “I’m just enjoying the moment,” she says. “A lot of people come to

me with this or that project in mind, but for right now, I’m happy doing what I’m doing, and I’m loving my life here in Las Vegas!” • 67

my arts & entertainment

68 •

Vegas Unlimited TV: Your source for all things Vegas! Meet Michael “Mikeyâ€? Steven and Rane Rose, Creators and Executive Producers of Vegas Unlimited TV. Vegas Unlimited TV show will cover entertaining features in fashion, dining, local hidden treasures, businesses and personalities. MYVEGAS Magazine caught up with Rane and Mikey for a quick chat on set while */(+)/2"#$%(*("%* &)% MYVEGAS Magazine%!/-((/%+(%# Mikey #%($""/(%#%$*%/ #+* $%-",($ )) $,$%$)%%(-/()$%- MYVEGAS Magazine*%($""/(%+*/%+( Mikey+) 1,*(,"""%,(*-%("+)%*$*-"""-/) &(*%# MYVEGAS Magazine$/%+1(")%*#$%)*%*)%-(* )*)* */&%2"**$*()*)/%+ Rane Rose ) / 2" % )*+/ ) (%)*$ $  ,  #)*(1) ( $ %##+$*%$ )( $ "*%+ 1, $ $  %(&%(* )**$ -(  ."" #%)* $ #&"%/ #$#$*  " ** #/ (* ) "-/) $ ()(,%(*)$+)*(/ 1#&&( MYVEGAS Magazine*#/%++/)*%%)%- Mikey""&()%$""/ ,#//))*%$(*$$&(%+$#%,)$ $  (%)) &*) $  &(%+*%$ ** -1( %* -%(!$ %$  )&$* )%# *#*"!$$)%,(**-,*)#&"%)%&/$+)$))$, )#"(%")%*,$$,%",$),(")%-)%('+*-"$%- $%+*%!$%-*$)$%+*)%*+)$)))%-)*(*&+**$*(**# *%*(*%-%(!%$),("&(% *)$"+$)$"#*

Rane Rose, TV Personality Creator/ Executive Producer, Vegas Unlimited TV Media Contact: 716.406.RANE Photo: Raen Badua Photography I FacesStudio Vegas HMUA: Make Up by Feralene !&!$ ( 1 %( +.+(/ %)#*) Clothing: Daily Blues

MYVEGAS Magazine%-/)%-%+*)/%++/) Rane Rose""$"%,-* ))-$**%$%(#*,*%*"%")$ ($$+&*)$%%"2$))%-,)*%()""*+$)*+***/$%$* */$*"")*%(/%+**)#0$*/*%&%&"""%,(*-%("

           The CW. Please visit their website at for more information.

Michael “Mikey� Steven Creator/ Film Director/ Executive Producer Media Contact: 661.34RMPRO Photo: Michael Herb Photography • 69

my arts & entertainment

V egas St rEATS Slides Thru Its Second Year

Photos by: chucknlv

Over the past two years, Vegas StrEATS has brought street food, banging music, and local art and fashion to downtown Las Vegas. It began in March 2011, when a restaurant/food truck company named “Slidin Thru” partnered with El Cortez and some of their buddies, Ric Guererro, Alonzo Valencia, and Jordan Hutchinson. They wanted a place to showcase and celebrate the culture they grew up in and that has shaped their lives. What better venue than the streets of downtown Las Vegas? After the overwhelming success of their first party, it became a regular event every second Saturday of the month. Vegas StrEATS has played a major role in legitimizing the food truck industry in our city and has brought 4000 - 6000 people to the downtown area every second Saturday since its inception. The crowd is diverse and colorful; consisting of foodies, music lovers, families, college kids, hipsters, skaters, ravers, clubbers, and artists, with an age range average between 18 - 30 year old.

70 •

On March 9, 2013, this rockin’ street festival celebrated its two-year anniversary. For foodie fans, on the scene was Japanese fusion truck Fukuburger, that didn’t disappoint with its egg covered tamago burger. Sauced Truck was on point with its drunken tots that consist of smashed potatoes seasoned with garlic and onion mixed with fresh cilantro and fried to a crisp golden brown. Of course, “Slidin Thru” slider truck delivered with the people’s favorites, “Yaya” and “Pep Pep.” And if anyone’s sweet tooth was aching, Funnel Cake Café

brought out a special S’Mores Funnel cake, topped with chunks of chocolate, crushed graham cracker and melted marshmallows. But what really sets Vegas StrEATS apart from First Friday and any other downtown street festival is the music.

Thrilling music fanatics with past appearances by Mayer Hawthorne, Johnny Cupcakes, Fly Union, Eprom, Sexy Sax Man, Nom Nom Truck, and its anniversary celebration did not disappoint. Appearing on stage were the Mass Distractors, who made their Vegas StrEATS debut with a mix of ska, punk, reggae, and indie vibes. And there was Freestyle Fellowship member MYKA 9, who debuted his new project, “Sovereign Soul.” Air Stegosaurus also dominated his set using only an iPad and the filthiest of beats. Headlining the festival, Atlantabased DJ Klever was dropping the best in “trap” and “electro house.”

There is no question that downtown continues to grow and flourish with so much artistry, food, fashion, music, excitement and local love. And Vegas StrEATS brings all of that and more. Please follow them on twitter @VegasStreats, Instagram @VegasStreats, & Like them on and for information, raffles, & contests. To get involved with performing or vendor booth please email CONTACT@


my vegas


by Jenn Zenn & Jessica Lovell Carro

zappos’ Tony Hsieh’s downtown project.

Anyone who has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Las Vegas has likely heard the buzz about retail giant, Zappos. Having moved to Henderson nearly a decade ago from San Francisco, Zappos prides itself on operating within the unique corporate climate of this city. What other metropolis has the capacity to support close to 40 million annual visitors while maintaining a small-town feel? Combining his savvy for entrepreneurship, a knack for on-

line shoe-selling, and the funds to back up his endeavors, Zappos owner Tony Hsieh has set his sights on his next big project: revitalizing Downtown Las Vegas. Appreciating Vegas’ ability to constantly evolve and change, Hsieh views the expansion possibilities of this city as a way to bring much needed revenue into the local economy. Providing hundreds of jobs to local residents, Zappos’ vision is to take purpose, add entrepre-

neurial culture, Downtown integration, a secure infrastructure and sense of selforganization, and add it all up to equal the ability to change the world. This formula for success is what Hsieh plans to plug into the Zappos Downtown expansion endeavor. Keeping in mind that not all jobs are created equal, Hsieh credits Zappos with the ability to cultivate jobs that are likely to advance socially, including creative class jobs and entrepreneurial positions. Long-term success • 71

my vegas

stems from a city’s capability to grow, and keeping jobs is just as important as creating new ones. So, what makes Zappos such an attractive place to work? There is credible research proving that companies who base their foundation on maintaining a sense of community, have better success in the long run. Jobs that encourage the feeling of family amongst their staff tend to financially surpass those that don’t support the same standards. Hsieh has attributed a great deal of his personal success to creating work environments that cultivate creativity, while working toward a goal of societal gain. Hsieh also likes to support a work-hard, play-hard ethic among his staff, and has always been an advocate of fun! Noted for having brought in a live petting zoo (equipped with exotic llamas, one of Tony’s favorites) into the Zappos workplace, Hsieh has a reputation toward the eccentric and surreal. Weddings in the office, rap videos made about the Zappos

72 •

golf cart, and a live chicken impersonator are just a few of the unusual occurrences that are commonplace at Zappos headquarters. Streaming live from the Twitterfeed of Tony Hsieh, office events like “Ugly Sweater Day” keep the Zappos team in good spirits and encourage a friendly sense of camaraderie. In addition to lively social antics in the office, Hsieh has been known to throw a party or two…or three. Often hosting functions in his home, Hsieh caters to Downtown Project and Zappos employees, as well as guests from around the globe. His home (which is the combined space of three apartments) houses a jungle-themed party room, as well as a private pool house. Hsieh owns a few Vegas properties, and often uses other spaces (including a 12,000-sq. ft. house recently purchased for $1.4 million) to host gatherings and house guests. Never far away from cultivating his next big idea, Hsieh uses Post-It notes to mark down concepts for new endeavors. One

of the walls in his home is filled entirely with a colorful array of Post-It notes, each marked with ideas for downtown Vegas. This idea-wall includes inspiration from Tony’s team and visitors of his home. A space has been arranged for the students of the local Discovery Charter School and their ideas for the future of Downtown - including a local Gold Mine and a Dinosaur Park. As always, along with corporate expansion, comes a great deal of personal change- and working for Zappos is no different. Being a part of the big Downtown Las Vegas revitalization movement has meant a ton of change, both for the Zappos family and visitors to the Downtown area. Over the years, Downtown Las Vegas has forever been known for the Fremont Street Experience, classic hotels and casinos, and an overall sense of what is considered to be the older part of the Las Vegas culture. In recent past, Downtown Las Vegas has expanded to include community events such as “First Friday”, which Downtown Project has recently bought the rights to. The monthly event encourages visitors and locals to support the Arts scene. Downtown visitors can take in some of the community flair by sampling cuisine from locally-operated food trucks, visiting antique shops and small businesses, and network with Vegas entrepreneurs. Other additions to Downtown include The Smith Center, a new city hall, and growing work opportunities for Las Vegas residents. The move toward making the Downtown area of Las Vegas a more desirable place to be hasn’t been easy, and those involved have had to focus not only on expansion, but cleaning up the area as well. Hsieh has thought of the city as a startup, and is using that analogy to help create his vision for how his team can contribute to the Downtown revitalization process. He considers that the large amount of people involved in the revitalization project have the ability to make a difference on many levels. It’s this work-as-a-team spirit that propels the Zappos and the Downtown Project empire into a communal type of forward thinking.

my vegas

Essentially, the Downtown Project is an effort to transform Downtown Las Vegas into the world’s largest community-purposed city. With a budget of $350 million, funds are being used in set increments toward real estate investments, small business and technological startups, as well as improvements in education. Pioneered by Hsieh, the Downtown Project aims to take on such bold ventures as expanding residency by more than 100 people per acre. The idea behind residential expansion is that, the more individuals there are who live closely together, the greater the sense of community. A major part of the Downtown revitalization process is encouraging people who are passionate about something that’s important to them, to move Downtown and become part of this newly expanded and communal mecca. Hsieh is intimately involved with both the efforts of Downtown Project, as well as the continued success and expansion of his brainchild, Zappos. However, Hsieh has credited much of his ability to evolve and succeed to his network of volunteers and employees. Hsieh is the first to say that he couldn’t do everything himself that he aspires to achieve- nor would he want to. It’s this decentralized organization of people from a variety of backgrounds working together as a team, that motivate and inspire Hsieh’s ideals to expand and touch entire cities- like Las Vegas.

One of the current points of focus for Hsieh’s team is activating Inspire Theater, which is a theatre space that’s over 15,000 sq. ft. in size located at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Fremont Street. The structure will feature a rooftop balcony, as well as a 150 seat art the-

atre space that aims to offer education and recreation to the community. Another one of Hsieh’s projects in progress is Container Park, scheduled to open in October 2013. The concept for Container Park was inspired by the usage of repurposed containers in other cities that have been used effectively to quickly create new spaces for small businesses. Hsieh’s team has put a unique spin on the project by using containers on a scale that hasn’t been done before. In an area like Downtown Las Vegas, the largest obstacle for community development and expansion has been the availability of empty spaces to house new businesses. Abandoned buildings and empty land space have afforded the Downtown Project room to grow. By incorporating buildings created from repurposed shipping containers, Container Project promises to expand on revitalization plans even further. With efforts to make Las Vegas the shipping container capital of the world, some of the Container Project community spaces being created are cafes, outdoor seating areas, and retraceable shade structures. With all the expansion going on in Downtown Las Vegas, hundreds of small business inquiries have flooded

Hsieh’s offices over the past year. Both locals and visitors to Las Vegas who have had a chance to experience the Downtown scene, have innovative ideas about new ways to improve the commercial and social climate. International visitors who have had a chance to take in all of the changes happening Downtown are blown away by the neighborhood, and the energy that surrounds the events taking place. From a Zappos perspective, Hsieh is excited that by moving his headquarters and employees to the Downtown area (into the former Las Vegas City Hall building), there will be an opportunity for them to socialize more often outside of the office. Moving Downtown also means the potential exists to take the company culture to an expanded level of recreation. In terms of how these changes will affect the community as a whole, Hsieh is inspired by Zappos’ employees ability to play a contributing role in impacting the residents and local Downtown small businesses. As Tony Hsieh has noted throughout this expansion experience, “…how many opportunities do you have in a lifetime to help shape the future of a major city?” • 73

my love & marriage

Love is in the Air! Summer is here and everyone’s fancy turns to LOVE. But how do we find it, how do we meet the people we want to meet, without the worry or risk involved in meeting online or meeting strangers at events or bars? Upscale singles often experience the difficulty of meeting others like themselves. They are successful, selective, attractive, and simply too busy. So how do they meet the person of their dreams? We found one company that offers a solution… “Interactions”. This company is amazing… they carefully screen, evaluate and select candidates’ for membership, on a “personal” level. They tailor introductions to each client’s special values and levels of achievements. Matchmaking marvel Elaine Casale owns Interactions and has an 88% success rate. “My people are Choosers not losers. Losers are waiting for something to happen, Interac-

74 •

tions members have their own personal matchmaking service and know that they are making something happen”. Interactions works for their members because they put people in touch with other people that have the same inter-

ests and likes by way of one-on-one introductions at the client’s discretion. There are no videotapes at Interactions or computers trying to match you with a cyber questionnaire. Success results from an old-fashioned compatibility test. It’s a “Meyers Briggs” type assessment combined with personal matching. “I listen to people, I hear what they are saying, sometimes I get a great feeling about someone that will match with them right away, but it does take patience and time and the right attitude.” Elaine says. Sometimes a match is made right away and sometimes it takes a few introductions. Elaine is constantly networking. From charity events, business networking events, expos and even in the pages of the popular Vegas magazines. Elaine mentions, “I will approach someone if they appear to be someone that will match up with one of my clients and ask them if they are single, and give them my card and take theirs. Then we call them and make an appointment to meet with them at our office so that we can show them how Interactions works.” So, if you’re tired of kissing a lot of frogs waiting to find your prince, let “Interactions weed out those frogs for you and save your precious kisses for Las Vegas’s successful singles at Interactions Dating Service”.

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Getting in Married Las

Little Church of the West

When it comes to Las Vegas, the “Wedding Capital of the World,” there are numerous ways to tie the knot and all of them memorable and unique. We’ve narrowed down the Top 10 ways you can have the wedding of your dreams in Las Vegas. Top 10 Incredible Ways to Get Married in Las Vegas 1. Country Club Weddings: These offer a gorgeous wedding on a pristine golf course with green fairways, glistening lakes, soothing waterfalls and towering palm trees offering brides a luxurious and elegant wedding experience. 2. Chapel Weddings: Getting married in a chapel combines a romantically private union with levels of grandiose fashion. Decor styles range from traditional to modern and from simple to extravagant. 3. Airplane Weddings: For the more adventurous bride and groom, you can hover over the amazing sites of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the magnificent Grand Canyon. Land on a pri-

vate bluff and exchange your vows while overlooking the Colorado River. 4. Resort Weddings: Get married under the Eiffel Tower or at The Venetian, overlooking the canals throughout old world Venice. At the Bellagio, watch the fountains on the Terrazza di Sogno. The rooftop terrace at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas gives breathtaking views. Caesars Palace has a beautiful stained-glass chapel and a private courtyard. The JW Marriott ballrooms are decorated with crystal chandeliers and detailed wood finish. 5. Unique Weddings: Chapel of the Dreams at Madame Tussauds is a setting unlike any other. The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay surrounds you with 1.3 million gallons of seawater and 15 species of sharks. Treasure Island provides an intimate wedding within Sirens Cove. Glide along the Grand Canal in The Venetian and capture the romance of Venice on a beautiful gondola. 6. Mountain Weddings: The Resort on Mount Charleston serves as a warm and romantic venue. Natural rolling beauty is found at Las Vegas Paiute. Dedication Point at Red Rock Canyon displays the unique grey limestone and red sandstone. The top of a mesa has beautiful views of the Calico Basin. 7. Restaurant Weddings: Whether brides want a fun, German-themed event at Hofbräuhaus, a tropical paradise at Cili at Bali Hai, a posh lounge at Boa Steakhouse, or a family-style affair at Buca di Beppo, she can find it in a restaurant venue. Welcoming dining rooms and patio seating are available at Sushi Roku. Maggiano’s has beautiful rooms offering privacy with elegant table settings. Personalized menus or exceptional banquet menus are a pleasant option for the bride and groom. 8. Waterfront Weddings: Flowing willow trees set the stage for romance at

Vegas Lakeside Weddings. An elegant gazebo can be used for ceremonies at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa. At Ravella, a Tuscan-inspired chapel overlooks the lake from a bridge modeled after Italy’s famous Ponte Vecchio. For a beach wedding at Mandalay Bay, stand on the sandy shores of a lapping wave pool decorated with tiki torches and palm groupings. 9. Private Venue Weddings: Venues have indoor and outdoor options including beautifully landscaped courtyards glittered with lights and lush landscape. A beautiful venue is Rainbow Gardens where palm trees and tropical plants serve as a backdrop.

The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa

10. Garden Weddings: Private gardens create a peaceful setting at The Secret Garden. During the day, natural light generates an inviting atmosphere. At night, the open air and glowing park lamps create a moment worth savoring. No matter what your dream wedding is, allow one of Las Vegas’ extraordinary wedding venues to become your reality. Congratulations on your new love and your new life! Order Your FREE Copy of Beautiful Bride of Las Vegas! Go to www.lasveg • 75

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76 •

my love & marriage • 77

my legal affairs

getting Your legal affairs in Order

The Most Important Documents Everyone Should Have by Kelly Thomas Boyers, MBA Life can be complicated. From marriages, divorces, children, stepchildren, business partners, aging parents… These are issues that impact many of us today, and sadly, death, and end of life issues can be even more complicated due to these circumstances. Given that accidents are the leading cause of death, the sudden onset of the need to be prepared; pre determined, or lack thereof, can further complicate things. I have been in the unlucky, not prepared for, position during the sudden loss of two immediate family members. Facing decisions in times of compromise and crisis is not optimal for anyone. The best we can do as individuals responsible for the legal decisions of others, as may be the case in various situations, is to have the basic legal documents updated on our behalf and accessible for our loved ones. This allows the focus to be on good byes and memories not on weighty decisions. There is an adage many attorneys know, that was shared with me by my mother’s attorney after the loss of my mother, “There is nothing like the three D’s that cause strife and havoc in otherwise normal families: death, divorce, dissolution of a business.” Updated legal documents, clear communication with family members or executors, and a relationship with the right attorney for you and your family is your best game plan to avoid unnecessary, additional negative experiences during times of loss. The right legal documents for your needs established with the right lawyer, right now is a vital investment in your and your heirs’ future. It also gives incredible peace of mind. So what are the right basic legal documents everyone should have whom have assets or a family? I posed 78 •

this question to local attorney, John G. Gubler. John has over 30 plus years of experience in wills, trusts, guardianships, and probate. But aside from his experience he and his team exemplify commitment to community. My favorite attribute of John’s is his ability to listen to the individual needs. Here is a summary of our discussion to get our readers and myself on the right path.

Q: What are the most important legal documents anyone should have?


• Will • If you have minor children, the establishment of a guardian for them upon your death • Health Care Power of Attorney • Directive to Physician • Nomination of Guardian (naming a guardian for one self) • Trust (If you have assets between $200-300K) Trusts can be “expensive wills” if you do not fund the trust with your assets. Trusts can be pricey to establish. Talk to your attorney or shop around for pricing and the value it brings to you and meeting your needs. Who should retain the original will? Your attorney should keep your

original will. Make sure your loved ones have your attorney’s contact info. Keeping a copy in your safe deposit or safe also advised. While I was the Executive Director of the Clark County Bar Association and The Clark County Law Foundation, I answered many a calls from children living out of state trying to locate their parents local attorney. If the attorney was not a member of our association, tracking them down often became cumbersome for all. Health care directives and POA copies should be given to your health care agents, your first and second nominee. Q: How often should you update your will? A: Wills are good forever. However, when you have a life change (marriage, divorce, children, step children etc) you should update your will. For most of us, revisiting this document every 4-5 years should be sufficient. Q: How do I find the right lawyer? A: Options: Visit the State Bar of Nevada website. The State Bar is a mandatory Bar, which means to practice law in Nevada, you must register and obtain a license number through the Nevada State Bar Association. The Clark County Bar Association is an optional Membership association that any attorney, with a state bar number, active or inactive, can join. During my tenure there, I developed the website: as another option for consumers to find the right attorney. If you have any questions or want to pose a question for a future legal consumer column, send it to

my senior life

in search of overall health & wellbeing by Megan Mathis When I turned 50 years young I started to notice subtle changes in my physical abilities and my overall health. Since I hold a strong resistance to aging, I leaped at the chance to add more cardio, increase the weights, take more vitamins, drink more good water, etc. The years keep passing and I continue to search for the perfect diet, the perfect supplements, and the perfect exercise program for optimal health and wellbeing - but to no avail. Even though there is an overwhelming amount of information on this subject, I have simply found the whole process exhausting! No matter what I try or where I look for answers, I could not seem to find a combination that works for me. Then I read that something that changed my perspective entirely – that we are all microcosmic universes. This means that one diet, or supplement or exercise program is not going to work for everyone. While I really liked this idea, it seemed to put more pressure on me to keep trying new things. I shared the notion with a lovely lady in the Cleveland Airport while waiting for our flight, and she agreed completely. Then she added – “But if you don’t find peace of mind first, you will never find perfect health.” Wow! I have been searching for perfect health so I could have peace of mind – just the opposite is true. Seek first your peace of mind and overall health & wellbeing will follow. Can I get an Amen?! Visit for your free copy! Phone: (702) 269-9290 Email:

80 •


my senior life

There may be snow on the rooftop but there’s still fire in the furnace!

by Carol Ann Weber My quotable dad used to love to remind us that his fire was still burning, no matter how old he got! And to see him chasing my mom around the house to steal a kiss (OK, he was actually trying to pinch her behind) was pretty hilarious, since he needed a walker to really get moving. In any case, here are a few reasons why you want to keep the home fires burning:

1. Sex Burns Calories:

According to, the total calories you burn having sex, including foreplay, is around 670. Anyone for some horizontal aerobics?

2. Sex Relieves Stress:

Lowers blood pressure and promotes overall stress reduction, according to findings published in the journal Biological Psychology.

3. Sex Relieves Pain:

When I interviewed Beverly Whipple, author of “The G-Spot and Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality,” she offered tons of research showing sex relieves headaches, even migraines, as well as other aches and pains in the body. Sex is ten times more effective than typical painkillers because immediately before orgasm, levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by five times, causing a huge release of endorphins which calm pain. Sure beats taking an aspirin!

4. Sex Strengthens Your Heart:

The more active your sex, the more your heart pounds. Great for circulation, too, since it pumps blood throughout your body.

5. Sex Increases Your Life Span:

There’s a lot of research that shows you live longer when you have regular sex. Most of the studies have been conducted on men, but I’m pretty sure it works for women too.

6. Sex Cures Depression:

Abstinence is known to contribute to anxiety, paranoia and depression. In her book “Why We Love,” anthropologist Helen Fisher determined through research on couples passionately in love that chemicals released into the system during arousal, like dopamine, serotonin, nitric oxide and epinephrine/ norepinephrine, create for lovers an incredible natural high. Unlike dangerous drugs, a sexual high can stimulate your brain to produce a deliciously heightened mental and emotional state with none of the negative side effects.

7. Sex Builds Self-esteem:

At least according to the sexperts, Don’t you feel really good about yourself in the after-glow?

C’mon Baby Light My Fire

But, you say, your sex drive is way down and you have lost interest? One of my favorite quotes is from Suzanne Sommers spoken on “Larry King Live” a few years back: “Healthy people have sex. Unhealthy people don’t.” If there was ever a good reason to get yourself healthier, to become more active and make better food choices, sex is way ahead of whatever is in second place. Establish a Regular Exercise Routine: Find one or more activities that you enjoy and integrate them into your daily routine. Play golf, tennis, pickle

ball (the new craze for the 50+ crowd), basketball, go bowling, go dancing, take regular walks, take yoga or zumba or work out at the gym. It’s best to make it a social activity so you have group support to keep going. Eat Whole Foods: Making the right food choices is no harder than shopping around the outside aisles of the super market. That’s where the fresh produce is. Eat more whole fruits and veggies, fresh meat, chicken or fish from the butcher section. See if you can fill your refrigerator with delicious ingredients, none of which have a bar code. If the item does have a bar code, make sure the ingredients don’t contain anything you can’t pronounce or is more than 3 syllables. Schedule a Regular Date Night: Remember when you couldn’t wait for your husband to show up at the door to take you out? Put the romance back into your relationship and reprise those romantic dates. Feel Sexy Again: Do things that make you feel sexy and your partner feel sexually attracted to you. And tell each other how hot he or she looks. Do those special things that only the two of you do for each other. You know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing sexier than healthy, mature people who know what they’re doing and still have the energy to do it! So c’mon, light each other’s fire! • 81

my senior life

82 •

my senior life • 83

my charities

Spirit Therapies

non-profit therapeutic riding center by Donna Streeter

Spirit Therapies is the only Premiere Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center certified by (PATH) in Southern Nevada, an area where special needs children and adults are increasing each year. Spirit Therapies can be described as “The Miracle of La Madre Way”. Tucked away amongst just ordinary houses is a magical world of healing, joy and laughter. Equine therapists bind together with human spirits and serve as special conduits for God to work through. The lame walk where before they took no steps; the quiet talk where before no words were uttered; the shy sing out where before there was silence and the boisterous learn to listen to a still small voice encouraging them that they can accomplish what before was deemed impossible.

Major programs include:

Therapeutic Riding - Mounted therapy in which people with disabilities ride horses to relax, and to develop muscle tone. All these measurable therapeutic benefits come without the rider even being aware of being in therapy! The benefits are not only physical in nature or reserved for individuals with physical disabilities. There are emo-

and interpersonal interaction produces profound benefits for individuals with special needs working to reach their full physical, mental and social potential Equine Assisted Learning - Spirit Therapies recognizes that not all therapy using horses involves riding and has

recently introduced the Equine Assisted Learning program. Unlike therapeutic riding, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) focuses on experiential, ground-based activities. - The EAGALA Model followed is unique because it utilizes a team approach and focuses on ground-based activities. In addition, EAGALA’s approach is solution-oriented and adheres to a professional code of ethics. It is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that has an incredible impact on individuals, youth, families and groups. EAP addresses a variety of mental health and human development needs including behavioral issues, attention deficit disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and communication challenges.

Horses Healing Heroes:

tional and psychological benefits as well. Horses are non-judgmental; they do not laugh when told secrets. They provide a strong shoulder to lean on and they do not shun people who are a little different. As our rider’s skills increase, so does their self-esteem and general well being. Research has proven that exercise 84 •

Officially launched on September 11, 2009, Spirit Therapies’ Horses Healing Heroes therapeutic horseback riding program is designed to serve both active duty military personnel and veterans who have been diagnosed with physical and/or mental challenges. Spirit is extremely excited about having the opportunity to give back to the men and women who have served our country. The Horses Healing Heroes program

was featured on HLN (CNN) on March 27, 2012 and October 27, 2012. All of Spirit’s programs serve to educate or reeducate its participants in activities and skills of daily living. In addition, Spirit Therapies serves the community without regard to “race, color, religion, sex, age or disability. Spirit operates with the assistance of 1 fulltime staff member and 3 part-time staff members. Volunteers from the community are the backbone of our organization. Founder and Executive Director Laurie Willmott’s natural sense of nurturing is just one of the valuable attributes she brings to the organization. She is emotionally and physically invested in each one of the individuals’ lives she serves.

Spirit Therapies mission statement says it well:

“Spirit Therapies is a non-profit therapeutic riding center that positively impacts the lives of the physically and mentally challenged through connecting with trained therapy horses, certified instructors and compassionate volunteers. We will educate and bring awareness of this valuable therapy to the public, and one day be able to offer therapeutic riding free of charge.” For more information about Spirit Therapies, please contact Donna E. Streeter, Board Member at (702) 373-7607 or Executive Director Laurie Willmott at Spirit Therapies 9140 La Madre, Las Vegas, NV 89149

my charities

Southern Nevada Chapter We are dedicated to making sure that the teen mom, the stressed family, the mother overwhelmed in sadness is supported in the rst moments of the child’s life. Find out how you can help or where you can donate gently used baby items: (702) 459-4464 SouthernNevada • 85

my charities



local charities your Time, Talent, Treasure!

You can donate any of these and make a difference in someone’s life. A Home for Spot 239-7986 | Adam’s Place for Grief | 339-0848 Adopt a Rescue Pet | 798-8663 Alzheimer’s Association Las Vegas 248-2770 | American Heart Association 367-1366 | Andre Agassi Foundation 227-5700 | Baby’s Bounty 485-2229 | Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada 731-2227 | Boys and Girls Club 367-2582 | Boys Town | 642-7070 C4S G.I.R.L.S. Club | 855-246-6678 Candlelighters | 737-1919 Caring 4 Kids Foundation | 544-1400 CASA – Child Appointed Special Advocates for Children 455-4306 | Catholic Charities of So. NV 385-2662 Diabetes Association (JDRF) 364-5604 | Dinosaurs & Roses | 258-1187 86 •

Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. | 735-5544 DJs for PJs® | 702.944.2464 Dress for Success of So. NV (DFSSN) 684-6412 | www.dressforsuccess FUPI Foreclosed Upon Pets | 272-0010 Goodwill 214-2066 |

Opportunity Village | 259-3700 Ronald McDonald House 252-4664 | Safe Nest 877-0133 | Salvation Army | 870-4430 www.salvationarmysouthern Shade Tree 385-0072 |

Habitat for Humanity | 638-6477

Southern Nevada Newborns in Need southnevada | 916-276-6171

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society 227-5555 |

Speedway Children’s Charities 632-8242

Helping Hands Surgical Care 242-5393

Spirit Therapies | 373-7607

i.m.perfect 807-8433 |

St. Jude’s Ranch 294-7100 |

Las Vegas Binky Patrol 459-4464 |

The Cupcake Girls | 879-8195

Las Vegas Rescue Mission 382-1766 |

The Rape Crisis Center | 385-2153

Lights for Love 489-6007 |

Three Square 644-3663 |

Miracle Flights for Kids | 261-0494

Trial by Peers | 333-8277

Muscular Dystrophy Association of Southern Nevada 822-6920 |

United Blood Services | 228-4483

Nevada SPCA | 873-7722

United Way of Southern Nevada 892-2300 |

New Vista Ranch | 457-4677

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada 967-0530 |

NV Childhood Cancer Foundation 735-8434 |

WestCare | 385-2090

my charities • 87

My Pets & Puppies

keep your pet cool & comfortable this summer Summer is here in Vegas – and that means temperatures soaring well over 100 degrees for much of the summer. Pets have a higher internal temperature than humans and they can get hot very quickly. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe and cool during the hot summer months. Most important - NEVER leave your pet in the car unattended. It is surprising how many people still leave their pets unattended in their cars when they run into a store for a few minutes. On a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes. Animals can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in 15 minutes or less. Always keep plenty of cold, fresh water available. Exercise in the cooler times of the day. Carry water and a foldable water bowl on walks and hikes. Avoid hot pavement, which can burn the pads of your dog’s paw. Many dogs enjoy a quick cool down bath. Use a garden hose or use wet towels to cool down your dog or cat. If your pet really loves water, a child’s pool can be an excellent way for them to play and stay cool. The above tips will help you keep your pet safe and cool this summer. However, it is important to know the warning signs of overheating in pets. Symptoms are excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor or even collapse. If you think your pet may be overheated, get your pet out of the heat and into shade immediately. Applying cool, wet towels to the groin area, stomach, chest, and paws can also help. It is important to get them to a vet ASAP. Brought to you by the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine lasvegaspetscene 88 •


My Pets & Puppies

upon pets Bernie and Animal Rescue

His name was Bernie. No, not a dog or cat, Bernie was my Little League baseball teammate back in 1963 on the Westfield, New Jersey Mets. We had just lost a game. I walked into the dugout and saw Bernie sitting on the bench bent forward with his face buried in his glove. I looked over to a nearby teammate and whispered, “What’s wrong with Bernie?” The teammate let out a sigh and answered “We lost”. I went over and put my hand on Bernie’s shoulder and asked, “You okay, what’s wrong?” Bernie looked up at me. His face was drenched with his tears and dirty from the dust on his mitt. “I struck out,” he replied. At that moment I knew that Bernie thought that he had single handedly let down the team because he had had a bad day at the plate. I couldn’t help from smiling a bit and said “Hey! we all strike out, don’t worry we’ll get’em next time.” Bernie nodded slightly as another tear formed at the corner of his eye. I, as most of the rest of the team, didn’t understand how Bernie could get so upset about one lost game. Bernie recovered by the next game and was more embarrassed by the situation than anything else.

Now fast forward 50 years to the current day. I am heavily involved in animal rescue because I loved my dog, I love animals and I just wanted to help homeless animals a little. When I first got started, little did I know how bad the situation was in Clark County. I honestly didn’t know that because of animal overpopulation an average of 30 to 35 thousand animals had to be put down every year. I always assumed that injured, sick and extremely aggressive animals sometimes had to be put down for humane reasons but I never imagined that it could be 30,000 plus per year just in the Las Vegas area. That hit me hard.

I am very proud to be a volunteer and work with the Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc. (FUPI) volunteers. I think our team does a remarkable job. In four years we have re-homed 2,662 dogs and cats. FUPI continues to re-home more each year with 352 in 2009, 473 in 2010, 781 in 2011 and 1,056 in 2012. When you work with as many dogs and cats as we have over the years, you know that we will re-home any animal that comes into the FUPI system. We have never failed to place a dog. Old or young, grouchy or mellow, healthy or ailing, house trained or messy, we have always been successful in the placement of our FUPI dogs and cats, but WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 30,000 PLUS?

Unfortunately, I can’t get the numbers out of my head. Knowing that we have been so successful, I can’t help but think that we have let down the ones that don’t get in the FUPI system. Saving an average of 3 animals a day in 2012 is very significant for our organization, but it’s no match for the 95 that are put down every single day in Clark County. I ask myself, “What can I do to save all of them?” That’s when my remorse sets in because, like Bernie’s remorse back in 1963, I feel helpless; I feel that I have let down the team. I know that FUPI cannot save them all and that’s what hurts the most. They all deserve to live. Every day seems like another lost game. Each year we are defeated by animal over population. We can only try harder to wipe out animal euthanasia. We must 1) Recruit more fosters and volunteers, 2) Educate the general public about the importance of spay/neuter and micro-chipping cats and dogs and 3) explore new avenues of increased animal adoption. One day we will win but we should never forget the loving dogs and cats whose time ran out. If you are interested in adopting, donating, and/or volunteering to Foreclosed Upon Pets, please contact them at or 702-272-0010 This article is sponsored by: Hot Diggity Dog Daycare • 89

my career & education

How to WIN at the GAME of Office Politics By Chris Tamura

Although office politics can seem pointless, it is a fact of life that we have to deal with. Follow these simple steps to help combat the negativity and turn it in to a positive work environment. It is time to learn how to play the game.

Listening is a skill and talent that seems to be a trend of the past. The world does not revolve around one person and neither should work. Always include your team in any accolade.

1. Throwing people in front of busses can be way too strenuous on your back.

If you are looking for your next soul mate at work, do not expect to keep moving forward with the company. Dating fellow employees can be a distraction and a red flag for a promotion. A company romance will create water cooler talk along with a lot of negative attention. The worst is if the relationship does not pan out. In addition to dealing with your ex, you may have to deal with Agnes the secretary. Surf the net for a dating site instead.

There are people that you will encounter who are waiting for the chance to tell their boss that someone else did a bad job. Your role should be non-existent when encountering those types of situations. It is best to not get involved with spreading negativity about others in the workplace. You will never know if the person who you are taking bad about may be your future manager someday.

2. Always share your cookies.

Food is the fastest way to gain favor in the work environment. Sharing a bag of cookies or a freshly baked creation can go a long way in earning respect. Most people enjoy being offered a delightful snack to enjoy together.

3. Strive to be second best!

Overachieving is accepted everywhere except work. Being too productive or overly innovated may be a sure fire way to become a sitting duck for target practice. Although this may sound like ridiculous advice, co-workers and supervisors usually do not want to be outshined to the point that they are disposable. If you have to see your colleagues every day and maintain a positive relationship, it is best to not over perform in your area.

4. It is not the me show, it should be the we show! If you are only good at talking about yourself, write books for a living and stay away from the people sector. Most people do not want to come to work to listen to someone is too self-absorbed. 90 •

5. You are better off finding a catfish than dating at work!

6. You might have to change your favorite sports team to the team that your boss likes. Let’s face it. You cannot play office politics or get approvals for promotions without the approval of your manager. If you are able to get the manager to like you and invest, you have a great chance to advance in your company. Chris Tamura is the Student Affairs Program Manager and an instructor at The International School of Hospitality. Chris offers career advice and guidance and has a wealth of experience in various Human Resources and Hospitality Management positions. For more tips and career education opportunities, visit


my style & fashion

MYVEGAS Magazine stopped into Patty’s Closet to check out their Summer Looks! Take a look at some of Patty’s Closet’s Summer Looks for 2013!

Summer Looks

Mint Chiffon Blouse with Silver Embroidery | $25.80 Royal Blue Velvet High Waisted Shorts | $28.80

Photos by Larotonda

Patty is a Las Ve fashionista who gas native and Las Vegas with is continually dressing fun, fashionabl e styles.

Peach Bandeau 2-Piece Bathing Suit $21.80 Yellow & Gold Statement Necklace $18.80

Coral Chiffon Blouse Tank | $24.80 Striped Coral & Ivory Hi-Low Skirt | $26.80

Blue and White Striped Hi-Low Dress | $29.80 Neon Geometric Clutch | $30.80

Red Halter Cotton Dress | $26.80

Bohemian Printed Top | $25.80 Kelly Green Cotton Shorts with Bow Embelishment | $25.80

Visit any of Patty’s 7 locations in Las Vegas | Shop online: The Pink Store (Rainbow) The Purple Store (St. Rose) The Teal Store (Summerlin) 7920 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste 115 10271 S. Eastern Rd., Ste. 115 9040 W. Sahara Ave., Ste. 135 Las Vegas, NV 89139 Henderson, NV 89052 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 263-6452 (702) 233-6452 (702) 432-6452 The Coral Store (Northwest) The Red Store (Town Square) The Yellow Store (Galleria Pavilion) The Green Store (Aliante) 7010 N. Durango Rd., Ste. 120 6659 Las Vegas Blvd., Ste. B110 605 Mall Ring Circle, Ste#: 120 6592 N. Decatur Blvd., Ste#: 125 Las Vegas, NV 89149 Las Vegas, NV 89119 Henderson, NV 89014 Las Vegas, NV 89131 (702) 395-6455 (702) 617-6452 (702) 558-6342 (702) 655-6452 • 91

Lena Walther, Paulina Sparkuhl, Ninon DeVere De Rosa, Marco Varela

Yvette Brown & Mark Shaffer


Event Photos MYVEGAS Magazine & Cosmopolitan Connections

Yvette Brown & Candice Shaffer

came together on some co-op events in Spring 2013. Locals Party was at Gordon Biersch in Boca Park. Fashion Rooftop Pool Party was held at SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center Justin Ellenbecker, Stephen Jacobs, Eric Auger, Richard Duran

MYVEGAS Magazine Locals Party was held at Queen Victoria Pub, in The Riviera Casino & Hotel

Nancy Carlino, Candice Shaffer, Adrianne Carlino Gentile

Photos Credit: Roger Bennett

C.A. Murff, Somedi Abaygar

Cherie Tonkin

Erica Bennett & John Pinnington

Lillian Aguilar

92 •

Mishell Davis & Suzi Babbio

Joey Saccavino, Kay Kolbo, Yvette Brown

Kendall Ricci, Rane Rose, Valerie Erisman-McClaskey

Giada Glad, John Kawano, Nicci Lease, Teia Essaqi, Joie Alta

Gary Hart

Malik Lewis, Sara Soto & Tory Brown

Marco Varela, Ninon DeVere De Rosa, Jonathan Warren, Yvette Brown & Mark Shaffer

Sabrina Chapman & Te Ann Lakeotes

Lillian Aguilar, Stephen Jacobs, Jenna Hess

Candice Shaffer, Misty Forest, Misty Lovebug, Melinda Condry, Briana Gomez, Lala Olmos, Lexie Rowland &Yvette Brown

Mark Shaffer, Carolyn Goodman & Candice Shaffer

Amanda Kouretas & Mark Shaffer

Austin & Coco

Event Photos

OUT & ABOUT Various events throughout Las Vegas, MYVEGAS Magazine Launch Party, Keep Memory Alive at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health | Cleveland Clinic, One Drop at Bellagio

Chris Tucker

Holly Madison

Clint and Kelly Homes

Carla Pellegrino

Clair Sinclair

Deborah Berry & Elta Rahim

Photo Credit: Phil Cox

Chaka Khan

Alex Baum, Rebecca Smith, Allee Bennett, Kate Whiteley, Camille Yameen, Stephanie Chavez, Erica Benken, Cathy Vo

Jessica Lovell Carro & Jessie Reid

Amy Poehler • 93

of Las Vegas


Camping World is America’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, providing over 8,000 RV parts and accessories plus recreational vehicles for every lifestyle. With nationwide access to nearly 10,000 new and used RVs from top manufacturers like Itasca, Thor Motor Coach, Keystone, Dutchmen and others, Camping World RV Sales has the vehicle to fit your needs. Stop by your local Camping World RV Sales location today!




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2 Roadside 0/&:&"30'

Good Sam

MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES**: tSavings up to 30% BU$BNQJOH 8PSME4VQFS$FOUFST/BUJPOXJEF 0/&:&"30' tFREE "OOVBM1PJOU37*OTQFDUJPO t$800JO.POFZ4BWJOH$PVQPOT t$1,000PG'3&&$BNQJOH tAND MUCH MORE! RV must be purchased during 2013 calendar year. Not retroactive on previous RV purchase.



3 TravelAssist Good Sam


Over 10,000 Products & Accessories ™ Installation On Everything We Sell Service & Maintenance On All Major RV Systems! OVER 80 Service Locations Nationwide!


S. Las Vegas Blvd.

E. Silverado Ranch Blvd.

145 . wy





t. R

k hP


RV Sales on-site

13175 Las Vegas Boulevard South


AMERICA'S #1 RV DEALER! Based on Statistical Surveys 2012

877.871.0290 |

^One year Good Sam Roadside Assistance included with every retail RV sold. Prior sales excluded. Benefits and services provided by Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc. for Members residing in Alaska, Alabama, Utah and Virginia; and by Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC for Members residing in all other States. Note: All program benefits are subject to limitations set forth in the current Member Benefit Brochure, which will be sent to you upon approval of your membership and is accessible at â&#x20AC; Each RV purchase will receive a Good Sam TravelAssist Individual Membership. A Plan Description will be sent to you. Please read it carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions and limitations. LVN24087-0513

My vegas â&#x20AC;˘ 95

my vegas

Vintage Vegas

Photo Courtesy of UNLV

An enthusiastic corps of publicity directors introduced the pleasures of Las Vegas to America through a slew of fun, innovative PR gimmicks. This 1954 photo, orchestrated by Sands PR Director Al Freeman, shows casino patrons enjoying craps, blackjack, and even slots in the cool comfort of the pool. The Sands Hotel was open on the Las Vegas Strip from December 15, 1952, to June 30, 96 â&#x20AC;˘


Libraries, Special Collect

1996. It was located next door to the Desert Inn Hotel. Today, the Venetian stands where the Sands Hotel used to be. Famous Entertainers of that era used to mix and mingle with the audience in the lounge after their late-night performances. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. were just a few of the artists who performed together on stage in the Copa Room.



B M Wof L A S V E G A S . c o m

6 675 S T E N AYA WAY L A S V E G A S , N V 8 9113

70 2-­ 4 5 4 -­ 6 B M W


3320 North Buffalo Dr. Ste 102 Las Vegas, NV 89129


Zappos’ Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project Reader’se Choic


Ask the MAYOR Adopt A PET



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