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The Big Givers That Changed My Life Time, Chance, And Faith

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here are a lot of “Takers” in the world, but it’s the “Givers” that always amaze me and capture my admiration. At this time of year, I look back and bring to mind, the top three people that “gave” to me, and made a difference in my life. This inaugural year of the “Big Givers”, I am proud to publish this story, and remember these three individuals that were so incredibly giving, not just to me, but to our community and the people and citizens of our fine city. Even during their own rainy days of 2015, they each found a way to look beyond their personal needs, and give of their hearts, with an outwardly focused attitude that is so rare in these days we are living. I commend each of these three individuals, and hold them in the highest regard, for they have shown me their true colors, of pure beauty, strength, and giving. Thank you Debby, Scott, and Shane!

DEBBY WRIGHT - GIVER Where do I begin? This woman is a miracle and an angel and a big heart of pure honesty, all in one. She has given me more of her time, and compassion, than I ever deserved. I met Debby about 10 years ago, and we’ve had business encounters on and off over the decade. Many times at Starbucks, our business meetings would

evolve into fascinating human behavior stories and insights, incredible conversations that I never expected. Always exciting to meet her and go into good conversation. Some of them, she shares how she is so wonderfully happily married to her husband, Dr. Jim Wright, and the love they share every day and night. I’ll be honest, as a couple, I don’t think you’ll find a better married couple in Las Vegas. Jim adores her and she idols him. They’re like Ken and Barbie, in love every day. And this is 12 years later, after they exchanged vows and I do’s. During this last year or two, Debby has consulted me on many areas of life, both in business and personal. Her wisdom and keen insight to truth, loyalty, and renewed happiness, is beyond words. She can size up a situation, and make more sense out of confusion, than any politician or professor. Her leadership skills are very rare and hard to find. Debby has given me renewed plans and dreams I thought were unreachable. She is selfless, open, honest, and sometimes brutally honest, and will show you ideals for living a beautiful and healthy life that are once thought lost. She has given me so much of her personal time, advice, and wisdom, when all I wanted to do was ask her a couple questions. Debby runs the dental office with her husband five days a week. She loves her free time, and has four awesome dogs that she calls her kids. Originally from Chicago, Debby and Jim sought the sunshine of Las Vegas to make their home, and have no regrets. They own Four Seasons Dental Spa, and run a fine staff of 15-20 employees. In December of 2014, I had the opportunity to travel with Debby and Jim to Hawaii for a week of, what I call a tummy twister. We laughed so hard, so many times, my stomach hurt on the plane ride back. Such a joy to travel with. We did so much there, and every turn was another opportunity for comedy. Debby sees the joy in everyone. Once a waitress came to our table here in Vegas, and Debby couldn’t help but notice her happiness, and with just a few words of joy, I think she took that waitress to even a higher level of happiness. That’s what Debby does! She can turn a negative into a positive… in seconds. Compassion is an understatement, when you’re describing Debby. She feels your pain, and holds you tight along the way. We

By Mark Shaffer

now go to lunches, almost weekly, and have our favorite, Caesar Salad at Sedona Restaurant. It was one day, about mid-October, when we were talking about how awesome her husband is. Her eyes starting watering up and I said “What’s wrong?”… She told me, “nothing”, she said it’s just when I think of him and how wonderful and amazing he is to me, I just cry! Omg folks, if you want to see what true love looks like, go meet Debby and Jim! It is so touching and amazing, to see that a couple could be so dedicated to each other. While I’ve never been able to find that, watching Debby and Jim makes me believe that my chance is coming. And Jim cherishes the ground she walks on. This year, I’ve really had the chance to enjoy time with Jim as well, and you can see it on his face, a man that loves his wife more than anything. So if you want to see what true love looks like, drop in Four Seasons Dental Spa, and say hi to Debby. Jim will probably be in the back working on a patient. And while you’re there, you might want to make an appointment for a checkup! Debby, if you’re reading this, thank you!! Thank you for your time, your compassion, your understanding, your heart and soul, and giving me more than I ever expected. I love you both so much! Best Friends Forever!


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