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Has it really been a month since we distributed the July’s edition of MyValleys Magazine?

On Yer’ Bike Film Review

They say time flies when you’re having fun hey. With this in mind, I bet time is definitely flying in Spain after their epic World Cup win. My predictions were right and my adopted team for this tournament succeeded! Although I am a football fan, the importance of the game and life itself for me was put into perspective in July as my beautiful and very brave wife gave birth to another beautiful son. The staff at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport were superb during our time there and it is the thousands of the hardworking NHS employees that deserve the footballer’s wages, that’s for sure. Business owners will also be pleased to learn that we are now offering free business cards and even a free website when they sign-up to advertise with us for 3 or 12 months. Enjoy this month’s edition of South Wales’ fastest growing free monthly magazine. Welcome to the world baby Elliott!

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Places To Eat Your guide to the very best places to eat If you like your food and want to experience some of the finest and best value for money food in your area, then pick up the telephone, book your table and dust off your glad rags for a scrumptious dining experience. Enjoy!

Curry ÂŁ7.95

On Yer’ Bike! Mountain Biking The Penhydd Trail This month’s focus is the Penhydd trail in the Afan Forest Park set in the beautiful backdrop of the Afan Valley in Neath, Port Talbot. The park itself covers 11,000 hectres including valleys and hilltops and boasts five world class trails including Penhydd, Y Wal, White’s Level, Skyline and W2. The Penyhdd trail was voted as the trail to ride before you die by What Mountain Bike Magazine 2004, and was also chosen for the 2001 World Singlespeed Championships. This comes as no surprise when you visit the trail. It ascends Penhydd and takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the summit which is 340m above the Bristol channel, and the views are as stunning as you would expect. The Penhydd track is a 17km loop starting at the visitor centre and is a varied trail that keeps on challenging the biker. It contains narrow climbs up forest roads, with tight, technical swingbacks through mixed woodland. The trail is mostly single track narrowing to shoulder width in some places, with a sheer drop in many places adding to the adrenaline rush. It runs through areas such as Desolation, Green Run, Frogs Corner, Sheep Gully, and Bubble N Squeek to name but a few, so it’s easy to get your bearings at any given time, and to see how far along you are or how much further you have to go. The descent is rewarding after the physical exertion taken to climb the mountain, and can be fast

and chaotic at times. It has twists and turns down steep sections, but straightens out on the flatter sections. Throughout this trail you should expect an array of obstacles from boardwalks, berms, large rocks, medium steps, drop-offs, cambers and water crossings. The best way to tackle this trail is to read the terrain ahead, lean through the corners and only brake on the straights. Each of the tracks in Afan Forest Park are colour coded to show there ability level, making it easy to choose the correct one for your own level of ability. There is one purple trail, four red and one black. The purple trails are the family friendly ones, the red are the difficult, and the black is severe. In this instance, the Penhydd trail comes under the red category. The Penhydd trail should definitely be on the to do list of all the serious mountain bikers out there, as well as those of you who like a challenge but aren’t quite at the advanced level. It offers something for everyone and is incredibly rewarding. Needless to say, you need a high level of fitness and stamina, but the rewards are certainly worth the effort if you dare.

TRAIL STATS TRAIL NAME: Penhydd Trail CENTRE: Afan Forest Park DISTANCE: 17km CLIMBING: 360m TIME: 1.5hr - 3hr




Get Him To The Greek

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill work well as a double act, however, the film does lack some legs, despite Danny DeVito making an appearance in this romcom. Expect to laugh a lot and aloud during Get Him to the Greek. This is a vulgar comedy about a music exec (Hill) charged with escorting a faded, drug-abusing rock star (Brand) from London to LA's Greek theatre for a career-resurrecting concert. However, there are some periods in the film whereby you may find yourself a little bored. The characterisation is thin and the plot

Film Review

(a nominal race against the clock) has no real tension. That said, Brand plays himself with egomaniacal charisma, while Hill (from Superbad) is growing into a decent comedian.

familiar from other comedies, although one of them is the legendary Danny DeVito, cast as a sausage tycoon: "Encased meat is my passion."

Kristen Bell, who makes a brief cameo in Get Him to the Greek and was Brand's co-star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, takes the lead in When in Rome. Sarah Marshall plays a career-oriented art curator (at the Guggenheim in New York) who, attending her sister's wedding in Rome, takes coins from the "Fontana di Amore" and sparks an ancient curse whereby the coins' owners fall madly in love with her.

There is never the smallest dramatic tension about whether or not Aldous will make it, and the basic tonal problem is established right at the outset: we are being invited to laugh at exotic limey Aldous, whereas Brand's stand-up persona needs us to laugh with him and to see the world through his eyes. He never quite gets into his comedy groove.

The suitors are played by some irritating American actors vaguely

The general lack of comic inspiration is apparent, however, I guess it’s worth a watch if you like a chuckle or two.

Cool Motor

Triumph TR7

This month we’re looking at the super sexy, yet controversial Triumph TR7.

10 seconds, and had a top speed of 110mph, which didn’t quite match that of it’s predecessor making it a slight disappointment.

on to sell 112,368 hardtops with an additional 28,864 convertibles by the time production came to an end in 1981.

Production for the TR7 started in 1975 when it was released in the US as the new sports car to replace the popular TR6 model, and ran through to 1981 when it was replaced by the TR8. This car was in such high demand that it’s UK launch was postponed twice in order to meet order demands in the US, eventually being released here in 1981.

The design of the car was characterised by it’s ‘wedge’ shape allowing it to stand out from it’s counterparts of the time. It was a cheaper way to own a fast and cool sports car giving you all the feel of driving a Ferrari without the cost! It was, however, thought of as the cheaper relation to the TR6 and so ridiculed by true Triumph purists.

It did, however, still manage to keep it’s air of cool and became popular with TV producers who clamoured to have them on their shows including Joanna Lumley in The New Avengers, and Martin Shaw in The Professionals to name but a few.

It’s 1998cc four-cylinder engine gave 105 horsepower to the rear wheels, and it was fitted with a standard four-speed manual gear box with the option of a five-speed later on, and a three-speed automatic transmission by 1976. It did 0-60mph in just under

Quality problems dogged the TR7, and this tainted it’s image car enthusiasts. It was thought of as the cheaper relation to the TR6, especially as the former was so popular. This didn’t hold the TR7 back, and it went

The TR7 has gone on to become quite a collectable, and although it perhaps hasn’t quite made it into the classic car hall of fame, there are die-hard enthusiasts who’s loyalty will never waver from the Triumph TR7.

Motoring Guide to Tips MVM Second-Hand Cars


1. Do Your Homework Find out about the car you are considering. Check out any known mechanical problems with that model. Consumer magazines (e.g. “Which!”) and motoring websites (e.g. are very helpful.

2. Current Prices Check out the current second hand value for the car. Websites such as, and will give you a good indication on what the garages and

sellers should be asking. Also get your local paper and some of the specialist second hand car magazines and look up the prices of similar cars.

3. Running Costs Don’t overlook the running costs in relation to running a car, including:

are now taxed depending on CO2 emissions.

General running costs - fuel economy, servicing, tyres etc.

4. Proper Documentation

Insurance - do a quick check on the internet. Also do a search for the car's insurance band which will be quoted between 1-20, with 20 being the most expensive.

When looking at the car insist on seeing the registration documentation, the MOT certificate (if more than 3 years old), and any other paperwork relating the car.

Road tax - is the car currently

Chassis number - sometimes

taxed, if so when does it run out. Cars

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called the VIN (Vehicle Identification

Number). It will appear on both the Log book (V5) and on a metal plate under the bonnet. Make sure both match and the metal plate hasn’t been tampered with around the edges.

Registration address - make sure you view the car at its registration address. If this is not possible you should be extremely suspicious. Beware of meeting sellers at service stations or anywhere else other than the registered address of the vehicle or a trade premises.

Service records - the more

paperwork the better as this shows if the car has been regularly maintained. If a service record is not available has the owner kept any of the service or repair bills?

Any outstanding finance on the car? Ask the owner if the car

has outstanding finance. Take notes of what he or she says. When you get home check out the information with RAC Vehicle Status Check. If the car has finance on it, forget buying it and look for another.

6. Examine The Car In Daylight Carefully examine the car in good daylight. Look for signs of repairs and accident damage. Use scratches and other accident related damage to bargain down the price.

7. Is The Mileage Ligitimate? Make sure the car hasn’t been clocked. The average mileage is around 12,000 per year so be wary if the general wear and tear doesn’t add up to the mileage. Look specifically at the wear on the pedals, the surrounding driving mat and the driver’s seat. Also look at the tyres, if they need to be replaced soon (within 5,000 miles) factor that into the price you bid the owner.

8. Test Drive Always test-drive the car for at least 10 miles but make sure you’re insured to drive it - check with your current policy.

5. Ask A Knowledgable Friend 9. Independent It’s not always possible but if you Inspection have a friend who knows about cars, especially mechanics, then take them along and see what they say.

If you’re still interested in the car, think hard about getting it

independently inspected. Both the AA and RAC offer an inspection service for between £100 - £300 depending on whether you’re a member and what car it is. Another idea is to take it down to your local garage and see what they say. Before handing over the money - Never hand over any money until you have seen the results of the RAC Vehicle Status Check. Even then, don’t pay the present owner until you have all the documents relating to the car. Also, don’t forget to get a written receipt for the car which includes the sellers name and address.

10. Valid insurance Finally, make sure you have insurance in place from the minute you drive the car away as the last thing you want to do is to have a bump and not be insured!

Role Model or Dole Model?

The Rant

There's an old expression, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" which in essence suggests that what a person becomes in life starts with what they learn at home. Your parents and role models, through teaching and example, change how your life unfolds. Limits and boundaries are all founded in the furnace of the family crucible and although not all-encompassing can certainly steer our future course. These parental inputs run alongside other shaping guides such as our childhood schooling, our home town

and even the country, or valley, of our birth. All of these combine to hone our own moral compass and enable us to make choices during our lives Such role models can unfortunately have both positive and negative results. I'll wager that each and every one of you knows a Frank Gallagher of Shameless character, that sires an endless brood of misfit kids, with absolutely no intention of ever providing for their upkeep or welfare or guidance - professional layabouts that in their defining role as parent/ guardian/step-adult, teach their children only the black arts of milking the welfare state. How to artfully exploit the scratchcard social system and empty the federal fruit machine.



Charles Sinclair Believe it or not it is still perfectly possible in the UK to be successful through elbow-grease and hard work. Plenty of immigrants arriving here show us the way when it comes to ploughing their own furrow. When was the last time you went to a British owned shop that was still open at midnight? As a country we've lost a good deal of the hunger and drive that is needed to force hard work. Need is a rare stimulus and in truth few modern Brits are needy enough to apply the toil that in older generations was the driving force of the economy. From providing help to those with genuine needs we've

allowed a system to evolve where the safety net of benefits catches forever those it was originally designed only to save on a temporary basis. In order to change direction we need to find suitable examples of self-made men and women in Britain of all creeds and races and actively promote them as the role models the next generation of children should emulate. They are the catalysts we should be plugging. We want more Dragons in the den and less idle inertia. We don't stress enough the pride that comes from establishing yourself, independent of the umbilical cord provided by the welfare state. Unfortunately in Britain we can be subtle when it comes to celebrating the success of our peers. Too often we can begrudge the honest achievements of contemporaries however hard they've worked. There is, I'm afraid, a culture of jealousy - the "who does she think she is?", "forgotten his roots", "gotten too big for his boots" mentality. In America success is rightfully celebrated as something honourable

and something to emulate without prejudice. The successful people are rightly afforded respect not envy . I would suggest that the British media have unfortunately driven this mentality along. None of us are immune to the daily attack from TV and papers and radio. The media love it when another "instant-Icarus" appears. They provide all the hot air needed to propel the new champion to lofty heights and then the very same media watch with glee as the wings unravel and the latest-greatest plummets back down as gracelessly as they previously ascended. Danger awaits these transient roller-coaster role models. These inexperienced souls beamed up to the top by the media's brutal spotlight haven't learned the skills necessary to cope with it all. They've had no time to acclimatise to the thin air up there in showbiz's giddy heights. This doesn't worry the media as it provides grist for the mill. After all, there are entire racks of magazines devoted entirely to imploding reality celebrities. We need our youngsters to stop adoring these rootless weeds

and seek out better more sustainable role models that teach them about life and not about the unattainable or unsustainable. As I grew up I idolised Daley Thompson and Steve Cram and our Olympians. I was encouraged to do so by my parents. They were quite simply the best in their fields of sport. My parents stressed that they were at the top due to sustained, applied effort. This lesson has stood me well. I expect results from hard work but I don't expect them instantly. Goals and aims don't happen easily but when they come they are to be appreciated. I encourage my children to appreciate the likes of Jessica Ennis, our champion Heptathlete, or Nicole Cook, our Olympic Gold medal winning cyclist, to learn that hard work alone delivers it's own rewards. We must collectively and carefully provide our kids with worthy role models, and equally teach them to show nothing but contempt for dole models.

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Aussie Rules British surfers love to travel. It’s not that we don’t have decent waves over here - more the mechanical consistency and tropical nature of foreign shores that beckons us away. For a young surfing traveller fresh out of school, Australia seems to be the initial right of passage. However, me being me and not wanting to do things quite by the book, I bypassed the tourism Mecca of the east coast and “Surfer’s Paradise”, and instead joined some friends in the much wilder and rugged west coast. It goes without saying that I was buzzing with excitement on my first surf trip to the town of Margaret River. My friends acted as tour guides and we pulled up at a well-known spot. As we got changed in the car park, they calmly informed me that this was the same break that the last fatal shark attack in the whole of Australia occurred - some 9 months beforehand. And there was only six of us paddling out! My shark fears didn’t last long though as we rounded the corner and had

our first glance at the waves. There was a big swell, and some of the big ones were breaking at doubleoverhead. Two guys were already out with a jetski, towing into the right hand section of the wave which was bigger and gnarlier, whilst us 6 paddled into the lefts.

They calmly informed me that this was the same break that the last fatal shark attack in the whole of Australia occurred My first wave was a medium size - I took it too late, made the drop and then got crumpled by the lip before I could turn off the bottom. Then ensued the worst working of my life, as I was turned over and over like a sock in a washing machine. When I came up for air, I was left in

Surf’s Up

Oli Salisbury the impact zone to take another 5 set waves on the head. Each time I tried duck-diving, but my energy was draining fast and I couldn’t get far enough under them. As a result, I was getting washed closer to the bouldered shoreline with every working. Eventually, I decided to quit trying to paddle back through the waves, and instead to try and guide myself onto the beach through a less rockinfested route than the path I was currently being dragged. Breathless, I pulled myself up on the beach, just as one of my mates caught a cracking wave out the back. For a second, I contemplated paddling back out - then either the fear or a bit of sense grabbed me and I did the walk of shame round the corner to surf on the “baby point”. Fine, my pride might have taken a blow, but when is all said and done it makes for a great story. As I joined my friends later in the day, they just chuckled at me - “Welcome to Australia, mate”.

Rohan Annesley Photo: Coastalwatch

Featured Town

The History of Blackwood Blackwood was founded in the early 19th century by local colliery owner John Hodder Moggridge, who lived at nearby Woodfield Park Estate. The first houses in Blackwood were built by Moggridge in an attempt to build a model village. Deplorable working conditions at the time of the Industrial Revolution, however, led to Blackwood becoming a centre of Chartist organisation in the 1830s. The South Wales Chartist leaders John Frost, Zephaniah

Williams (a Blackwood man) and William Williams met regularly at the Coach & Horses public house in Blackwood. The decline of the coal mining industry throughout the later part of the 20th century affected South Wales in general - the major source of employment was lost and the pictorial landscape left daily reminders of what had been. State backed rejuvenation schemes have gone some way to rejuvenate the wider Blackwood area, including the relief road and various light industrial areas.

In 1912, the Titanic’s distress signals were picked up by amateur wireless enthusiast Arthur (Artie) Moore who resided at the Old Mill, Gelligroes, just outside Blackwood town. Artie Moore went on to work as a senior scientist for Marconi and was involved with the invention of the transistor for telecommunications. James Dean Bradfield, Richey James Edwards, Sean Moore and Nicky Wire all grew up in the town and attended Oakdale Comprehensive school nearby, where they formed the influential rock band Manic Street Preachers.

Top Hair & Beauty Tips


Flaunt Sexy, Stylish Hair In Minutes

Blow-drying your hair upside down for about 10 minutes could help add more volume and make your hair look bouncy.

Maximize Your Hair Style

Do you need to look your best tonight but have no time to rush to the Hair Stylist or a Beauty Salon? Don’t worry. You can fix your hair at home in minutes with some of the Hair-Styling products that are available in the markets today. For example, you can add volume and bounce to your hair, make your hair look wavy, curl the ends under or straighten it with a Texturising Cream. All you need to do is dry your hair with a towel after shower and rub the Texturising cream through your hair.

Let Your Hair Smell Good

Most people think they can set their Hair well by constant blow-drying, but this is far from true. Truth is, your hair will set best when it is cooling off after the blow-drying. To maximize your hair-style, apply a hair spray to your hair while using blow dryer and hot rollers.

If you have wavy or flyaway hair, rub a small amount of hand lotion in your hair then straighten them by combing them downwards with your fingers.

Having A Flat Hair Day?

Spray your Comb or Hair Brush with your favourite perfume and then brush your hair. It’ll add a subtle fragrance in your hair and make you feel good!

Thin Down Your Hair Conditioner and Shampoo

If you’re tempted to get that “Salon style blowout hair affect” at home, towel dry your wet hair and segregate it into many sections. Pick each section at a time and blow dry using a round brush.

Most hair shampoos and conditioners are very thick so you can save some bucks by thinning them down with water and increasing the quantity.

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Object of Desire

I Want One

Falcon 2000DX Private Jet The new Falcon 2000DX affords more companies the opportunity to move up to the wide-cabin comfort and 3250 range of a larger jet - while still enjoying the short-runway agility and fuel economy of a much smaller plane.

Climb And Range The Falcon 2000DX is capable of climbing to 41,000 feet in just 17 minutes and sprinting up to 3250 nautical miles at Mach 80.

Agility The 2000DX is the only business jet that can land with nearly a full fuel tank. Which affords you the flexibility of being able to hop from city to city picking up passengers as you go, then leap across the continent without having to stop and refuel.

6 Feet 2 Inches Of Headroom With a width of 7ft 8in, and 26ft 2in of passenger seating space can be designed as a number of smart configurations that convert for meetings, work, entertainment, or sleep.

Engine The special PW308C engine, developed by Pratt & Whitney Canada, delivers 7000 pounds of thrust each on takeoff (up to 30°C at sea level) to climb 41,000 feet in just 17 minutes. The stingy fuel consumption of the 2000DX offers an efficiency that's above any competitor in its class.

STATS SEATS: 19 BRAND: Dassault PRICE: $10,000,000+ RANGE: 3,740 miles CATEGORY: Business CRUISE SPEED: 528mph TAKE-OFF DIST: 4,800ft LANDING DIST: 2,615ft RANGE: 3,250nm

Efficiency The Falcon 2000DX's efficient wings and powerful engines will master short runways even at high altitudes and in hot weather - and gives slower/safer landings.

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Gadget of the Month


Cash Stash Keychain Running out of money sucks - just ask an Icelandic banker. More realistically, ask anyone who’s woken up in a taxi minus their wallet. Failing that, ask anyone whose card has been eaten by the cashpoint, or anyone who’s underestimated the price of that final round. We’ve all been there. And that’s why we all need the Cash Stash Keychain. Simple but ludicrously smart, this unobtrusive little keyring-friendly doodah has been created to store emergency funds. Simply unscrew

the capsule, wrap your notes around its internal stainless steel clip and hey presto – a secret stash of emergency cash. Assuming you don’t lose your keys you’ll never get caught short again. Yes, we suppose you could stuff a score in your sock or shove a tenner where the sun don’t shine, but the Cash Stash Keychain is so much more convenient, not to mention hygienic! Plus, we doubt your underwear is made of aircraft grade aluminium. And unless you’re reading this from the care home, it’s probably not waterproof either. Thankfully this

sturdy little life-saver is both, so next time you fall into the sea from 39,000ft you’ll be able to buy your rescuers some nuts to go with their shandy. At under a fiver, the inexplicably inexpensive Cash Stash (try saying that with a bellyload of beer) is one of the greatest investments you’re ever likely to make. What’s more it makes a stonking gift, especially if you pop a bit of cash inside. If that’s too much of a stretch you can always shove in an IOU. Or a note explaining that you’re tighter than Rick Waller’s jeans!




Moving House...

Make It Easy

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This month brings fresh and vibrant energy allowing you to feel at your best, although you will want to reinvent yourself. This won’t always go down well with a partner, but you must do it for you. This will be a period of self-discovery and you must not let feeling of loneliness hold you back.

July is the month for order and structureand both your finiances and home require reorganisation, but fear not as help is close to hand if you know where to look. Previous challenges within your family life will resurface though you are feeling calm and capable, and the upheavals won’t phase you.

It is time for you to take care of yourself instead of everyone else and have some well deserved relxation time. Any initial relief you may feel for your financial situation may be premature as the 24th to the 27th will bring some setbacks with it to your plans.

Holistic Dani Taurus

The challenges of the past month within your family life are finally easing and you are feeling recharged. July will be a good time for you to begin a new project and your burst of energy will carry on through to August.


This month requires you to focus on yourself more allowing you to deal with the challenges that life throws at you. The changes that you make during this time will attract new adventures and experiences and the the support you will need to tackle them.

Nutritional Well-being Class

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Angel Readings & Reiki Healing

Advice and Guidance divinely channeled using Angel cards.

Also Reiki Healing & Tuition to Master/Teacher level. both available at Shop Holistic, Bedwas For more information visit my website, or call me: (07929)658581


July is all about planning for the future be that reaffirming alliances, making new ones or making plans for the future. The 10th will be a good day strengthening your abilities to do this.

Libra This month will be a powerful one for your career, and it is important that plans are be prioritised to make the best of the situation. This new confidence may make you feel uneasy but will bring in the respect you deserve from others.

Scorpio Throughout July you will see life from fresh eyes. It’s time to make changes within your career in order to keep you on top. A few problems may arise, but these along with new responsibilites will all help you move along.

Saggitarius July will bring a more realistic outlook for you. It is time to prioritise your finances and to finally sort out and any debts or loans that you have hanging over you. This month will require you to focus on your development both personally and professionally which should allow you to grow as a person.

Capricorn It’s time for you to focus on your love life throughout this month. Reorganise before the 11th ready for a fresh start towards the end of the month. July will also be decision making time about the direction of your eductation and existing projects.

Aquarius The month of July will bring great activity within both your love and work life. This will keep you busy as you work through the details and organise these areas of your life. The times of self doubt preservation will come to a close leaving way for new interests and activities.

Pisces You should see July as a month of fun and joy in all aspects of your life. You will be feeling more carefree and less burdened as the month progresses allowing you to also feel more creative in life.

Life n’ Sole


Shoes are a girl’s best friend wardrobe Wondering why you need extra space ladies?

age woman has some 19 Recent research reveals that the aver . Even more alarming pairs of shoes stashed at any one time se of their lifetime women that this, it is said that over the cour s, boots, trainers and shoe on will spend more than £16,000 sandals., a third of In a recent survey carried out by GoC g that they just couldn’t women said shoes were the one thin could afford it or not. resist buying regardless whether they pair at the age of 14 and It is thought that they buy their first year for the rest of their a s pair n then go on to purchase seve s. The average spend on a days, equating a staggering 469 pair d will be over £16,000 pair is £35, meaning that the total spen over a period of 67 years. there tutting and shaking If you are a man, you may well be sat that there is a method note se plea , your head at this, however ey of 3,000 women found to this buying habit. The recent surv that shoes are bought for a purpose. sandals, pumps, flip flops The average female has six pairs of and three pairs of winter ths and wedges for the summer mon winter months. It is the in cosy sies boots to keep their toot e pairs of heels for formal found that women usually have thre ition to this, they also add occasions and special occasions. In nature for nights foxy e mor a of r have four pairs of footwea two pairs of sensible out on the town. Not forgetting the pairs thrown in for good work shoes and another two random measure. they owned a pair of Fifty three percent of ladies wished e were Jimmy Choos rabl desi t mos designer shoes and they Manolo Blahnik (29%). (61%), Christian Louboutin (42%) and another woman by the Four in ten women said they judged shoes that she wears. why a girl needs her So fellas, I hope you now understand shoes.

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Tonypandy Riots 1910


The 100th anniversary. The legacy we must not forget. In 1909, management at the Ely Pit in Penygraig, owned by the Naval Colliery Company, wanted to open up a new seam. Problems arose when they claimed that the miners were working deliberately slow during the test period so they could demand a higher price per ton of coal. In August of 1910 the mine owners pasted up lock-out notices, and shortly afterwards the miners went on strike, followed by thousands of their comrades in other coal mines. This demonstrated the incredible strength the miners could muster when they stood side by side. The miners were enraged at the below subsistence wage that they were being offered, and unrest soon escalated. The miners were not intent on violence and despite mining leader Will John appealing for calm, emotions spilled over. Police were drafted in from Cardiff, Swansea,

Bristol, and later Metropolitan Constabularies, and during one protest a miner - Sam Rhys - died as a result of being hit by a policeman’s baton.

In August of 1910 the mine owners pasted up lockout notices, and shortly afterwards the miners went on strike

Tonypandy Riot (just one day in August 1910) 80 policemen and over 500 others were injured. After court appearances, several of the strikers were sent to jail for periods of up to six weeks, and in protest up to 10,000 miners marched in their support. This was a fight they were destined not to win, as hunger amongst the poor families hit hard. The strikers returned to work for a wage of just ÂŁ2.1s.2d - a wage barely on a level where a family could exist. After almost one year on strike the brave miners returned to work. Wales cannot and should not forget this legacy.

The military - at the behest of Winston Churchill - were drafted in, and one fracas is recorded whereby the striking miners (many accompanied and aided by their women) fought with troops who were wielding rifles with fixed bayonets. During the actual

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Oh What A Wonderful World... Opinion

“I see trees of green, skies of blue...and I said to myself, oh what a wonderful world.” Louis Armstrong I am not, but despite it being 5.05am on a Sunday morning, I’d like to share these thoughts with you. My wife and I are very lucky to have just experienced the arrival of our third beautiful child in the form of a bonny baby boy who was successfully delivered by those marvelous professionals at The Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport. A big thanks to you all. The whole experience has triggered a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts in my grey matter which I have to get out of my system. We may well have skies of blue, trees of green, and a wonderful world - but I can’t help thinking about what a strange place us homo sapiens have created for ourselves. My experience this weekend I am sure is by no way unique. Upon entering the hospital, we walk past a small army of smokers standing outside getting their essential fix of the dreaded nicotine; many of whom pyjama-clad, drip-wielding and some even heavily pregnant.

This just goes to show the terrible grip that this permitted drug has on people, and if this is not reason enough for a government or political party to have the balls to stand up and say “we will abolish smoking and make it illegal”, then I really do not know what is.

Ross Porter again, I miss coughing up my phlem in the morning and I was really quite attached to my nicotine stained fingers.” Yes the tobacco industry brings in a massive amount of tax revenue to the economy, but how much is it costing our depleted NHS and what damage does it continue to do to our society as a whole? I’ll leave you ponder.

Yes, such a drastic and bold decision would cause uproar and may even lead to some mysterious disappearances along the way due to the shear might of the tobacco industry and its mafia-like power, but seeing these people so hooked on nicotine that they place it at the top of their priority list even whilst being treated for smoking related conditions is heartbreaking. Would the government rubber stamp the products of the tobacco industry if they were introduced to the market as a brand new product today? No? Exactly. Would the smokers amongst us really feel so strongly if a government was to ban smoking altogether after a few months when the traces of nicotine have left their systems. Would they really be saying, ”I hate being able to breathe properly

Upon entering the hospital, we walk past a small army of smokers standing outside getting their essential fix of the dreaded nicotine

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Granny Moi’s

Recipe Corner Scrape off the BBQ, crack open the cold beers and get your teeth into these little beauties!

What do you need? 1lb lean Welsh lamb mince 1 onion finely chopped 2.5oz fresh white breadcrumbs 3 tbsp chopped fresh mint 1 egg beaten 1oz butter cut into four slices 1 tbsp of sunflower or olive oil Salt and pepper



What to do:


Mix the mince, onion, breadcrumbs, mint and beaten egg in a large bowl and season to taste. Divide the mixture into four and shape into burgers. Make a small ‘pocket’ in each burger and insert a slice of butter and re-seal the ‘pocket’ (this will help to keep the burgers moist). Lightly brush with oil and grill for 4 to 5 minutes each side on a medium to hot grill. Serve on toasted rolls and add salad.

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Green Fingered Monster! Gardening

Growing your own fresh, organic vegetables is so easy to do and freshly harvested vegetables taste fabulous. Anyone can grow them and there is no need to have a large garden. Even if you only have a window box you can grow cut and come again salad leaves, radishes, salad onions and if you have room for a hanging basket then tumbling tomatoes to go with your salad! If you are growing vegetables on your patio then any container or pot will do as long as it is at least 25cms or 10 inches in diameter and approximately 12 inches deep.

Fill your containers with a good sterile compost which can be mixed with top soil to aid water retention but not garden soil as this can contain diseases. Putting a good layer of well rotted manure in the bottom of the containers not only acts as an organic fertilizer but also helps with water retention, though they will still need watering regularly, as well as being fed every two weeks with a good general purpose fetiliser The list of vegetables that you can successfully grow in containers is endless. I said earlier tomatoes can be grown in hanging baskets, one plant per basket, try Tumbling Tom or Balconi Yellow.

Dwarf runner beans Hestia, dwarf french beans Purple Teepee and Kenyan Safari are great in pots and need no support. Give Pak Choi and beetroot a try. These are both easy to grow and the beetroot leaves can be cooked like spinach. One thing that you mustn't forget is cut and come again salad leaves and salad onions. Buy a mixed selection of salad leaf seeds so you are guaranteed a colourful and tasty side salad. Remember to water and feed the vegetables, enjoy growing them but most of all enjoy eating your own grown, organic vegetables!!

Playing For Love Or Money? Has the rise in footballers wages seen the end of their loyalty to their clubs? When I was a young lad I often attended testimonial games that were held to raise much needed funds for long serving players at my football club, the criteria being that they had to have been playing for the club at least ten years. That money was a lifeline in those days and a boost to the retirement fund of the players, many of whom were earning decent money for their short careers but not huge salaries. Back in1960, George Eastham was refused a transfer by Newcastle United and they were allowed to keep him at the club without pay until he signed a new contract. As a result he was not allowed to move clubs so was therefore in limbo until he agreed to his clubs’ wishes. Newcastle eventually decided to off load Eastham to Arsenal for a substantial fee, but George fought back and won an high court decision. The result was a complete overhaul of the English transfer system, and saw the introduction of transfer fee tribunals for players that refused to sign a new contract with their clubs. This was at the dawn of higher player wages, and a number of schemes were introduced until Jean Marc Bosman, the Belgium player, won

Football Focus

a tough court case in Luxembourg during December 1995.

Paul Corkrey

The Bosman rule has shifted the power from the clubs to the players and their agents. The main issue resolved during the 1995 case was Bosman and all other EU football players given the right to a free transfer at the end of their contracts, with the provision that they were transferring from a club within one EU-based Football Association to a club within another EU Association.

nurtured Joe from the age of nine and provided coaching, training and medical treatment for the lad for over 14 years. Then Celtic came along in July 2010 and took Joe to Scotland on a free transfer leaving Cardiff City with no financial reward.

Some fans are blaming Joe for playing the system and leaving his parent club in the lurch This rule change has benefitted players because they can now refuse to sign a contract with their parent club in the knowledge that a new club that maybe interested in them will give them a large signing-on fee and a great contract because no transfer fee has been paid. Joe Ledley is an example close to home at Cardiff City...the football club

This case was even more frustrating for Cardiff because Ledley was under 24 and therefore was lined-up to bring in approximately £2million compensation to the Welsh club. However, because Celtic are based in Scotland and play under another Football Association, Cardiff were informed they would receive no compensation. Some fans are blaming Joe for playing the system and leaving his parent club in the lurch, but is it actually the system that is to blame and not the people using the system for their own benefit? You rarely see players staying with the same club for ten years these days and testimonials are no longer very common as there is now so much money to be made by players using the transfer system. It’s sad really that football is so dominated by finance, instead of kindred loyalty and the good old fashioned desire to play for the love of the game.

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Cool Bike

Harley Davidson Fat Boy Special 2010 This year sees the launch of the new highly awaited Harley Davidson Fat Boy Special 2010.

it’s celebrated for. That said, this latest edition commands as much presence, perhaps even more, as its predecessors, easily living upto it’s name.

As the name suggests, this latest edition to the Harley Fat Boy range is a gleaming hunk of metal that will satisfy all those who have eagerly waited with nail biting anticipation.

It also has an extra sixth gear that, although may sound a bit of an unusual addition to a bike designed for cruising, but it works well. If you’re cruising along the motorway simply stick it in sixth and you’ll have a gear that drives from 30 to 80mph in pure comfort.

The Fat Boy Special 2010 doesn’t really hail much more than a lowered suspension and seat with a new paint job and retains the majority of the characteristics that

The ride you get from this bike is what you would expect from any

Specification Seat height: 680mm Ground clearance: 125mm Wheelbase: 1630mm Fuel capacity: 19.7L Oil capacity: 3.3L Fuel system: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) Dry weight: 313kg Running order: 330kg Air cooled, twin cam 96B engine, displacement 1584cc, 6 gears. Price from £15,850

Harley Davidson, easily suited to the open roads stretching out in front of you.

Are You Posh? Take The Test! I say old bean, does one believes one is posh? There's only one way to be sure, and that's to do our test. Whatever happens, amuse one's self with these tests, and please remember they are only meant for fun and not to be taken too seriously. If you comes up positive for Poshness and blow all your money on fancy things, we cannot be held responsible for setting free the inner toff within oneself.

11. Do you call your evening meal Dinner / Supper as opposed to Tea?

24. Do you have your papers delivered?

Yes No

12. Have you ever had a ski lesson?

Yes No

13. Did you call your parents 'mummy' and 'daddy' after the age of 10?

Yes No

14. Do you own a barbour jacket and/or green hunter wellies?

Yes No

1. At home, do you have a different set of cutlery for guests?

15. Does your household own more than two cars?

Yes No

Yes No

2. Do you take off your shoes before you enter your house?

16. Does your house have a name rather than a number?

Yes No

3. Have you ever paid extra for a first class ticket?

Yes No

Yes No

17. Do you insist of buying quilted toilet paper in colours that match your decor?

4. Can you ride a horse?

18. Do you or any of your friends have double-barrelled surnames?

Yes No

5. Do you pronounce garage 'garahhj'?

Yes No

6. Have you ever had a room called the 'study' in your house?

Yes No

7. Do you own a 4x4 vehicle which has never seen mud?

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

19. Do you have a real christmas tree at christmas?

Yes No

20. Have you ever been to the ballet/ opera?

Yes No

21. Do you know how to use a bidet?

8. Do you have a mantelpiece?

22. Have you ever used a french phrase in casual conversation?

Yes No

9. Have you ever seen a polo game?

Yes No

10. Do you eat your evening meal at the dinner table?

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

23. Do you know a 'Rupert' or a 'Philippa'?

Yes No

Yes No

25. Do you do your food shopping at Sainsbury's/Marks & Spencers / Waitrose?

Yes No

26. Do you wear a fashion scarf/ pashmina?

Yes No

If you score 20 or more then you are officially posh!

Reporter In The Water Growing up on the coast in sunny Wales seems to install a saltiness in your blood so I am lucky that my day to day work revolves around the ocean. I recently got in touch with the folk at MyValleys Magazine to tell them about a group of divers who voluntarily carry out clean-up dives in Wales. In no time at all MyValleys had kindly sponsored a clean-up dive in Wales’ only Marine Nature Reserve. While the impacts of litter washed up or left on our shoreline can easily be seen, the same cannot be said for marine litter that is below the surface

of the ocean. Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners, or NARC for short, are a voluntary group of divers with a passion for keeping the underwater environment as nature intended. NARC can be found at a number of sites along the coastline throughout the diving season collecting litter that has a negative impact on the habitat and the wildlife it supports.


Dave Jones line retrieved from dives all around the county. The impacts upon wildlife are only too apparent with fishing line often cut from spider crabs and lobsters, dog fish released from hooks, and AWOL lobster-pots picking up fish as they drift.

Everything from shopping trolleys, car batteries, bikes, fishing tackle and, quite literally, the kitchen sink are removed by divers before being cleaned and recycled where possible.

The most popular clean-up sites are around Pembrokeshire and include Hobbs Point, Skomer Marine Nature Reserve, and Stackpole Quay where 740 lead fishing weights were collected around a popular ledge in a day’s diving!

The highest presence of litter is from recreational fishing with weights, rods, hooks and endless amounts of

If you would like to know more please check out the website

Rug Wash Service using large Industrial machine designed for horse rugs. Rug Reproofing Service. Rug Repair Service. Other Horse items washed. Pick up and drop off service can be arranged. Opening Times Thurs – Sat : 9.30a.m. to 5.00p.m. Sun : 1.00p.m. Unit 15, Dyffryn Business Park, Ystrad Mynach. CF82 7RJ. (Just off A469 bypass between Caerphilly & Ystrad Mynach) Telephone: 07530742115 E-mail : Website

Aleks Georgijev: Ex-Gladiator and Seven Times Mr Wales Q. What was the funniest moment whilst filming Gladiators? We filmed the first series (9 programmes) over 5 days, 2 shows per day. I know a lot of people were under the impression we went back to the NIA every week but that wouldn’t be cost effective. After filming one day we went back to meet the crowds of people who had come to view the recording. There were hundreds of children who had been ‘grabbed’ from a local primary school in Birmingham purely to fill seats. We were all signing autographed photos and chatting to them. I saw one lad, aged 10, who was standing on his own and asked him ‘’so which gladiator would you like to be when you grow up? ’ To which he replied in a broad Brum accent ‘’F*** off, I’m gonna be a Power Ranger!’’

Q. Are you still in touch with any of your fellow Gladiators? Get the occasional call from Mick Wilson ‘Cobra’ but the others just seemed to get lost in their new personas. I didn’t really want to be part of that.

Q. Who is the most famous person you have ever met? I would say the most famous people I’ve ever met were the Queen & Prince Charles when I was a team leader for the Princes Trust in Merthyr. But I was entirely more impressed in meeting Tom Jones & Shirley Bassey Welsh Royalty!

Q. If you could have a workout with anyone in

the world, who would it be? This is going to sound cliché and sad, but the only person I’d want to train with is Arnie back in the early 70’s when he was in his prime.

Q. Who is your inspiration? Even more cliché here! My father was my inspiration. He was a true man’s man. A steel-worker of Russian decent, he was a man of few words who commanded great respect from all who knew him. He was always encouraging me to be physically strong. He’d make me equipment like chest expanders from upholstery springs and he cast me a set of dumbbells when he worked in a foundry.

Q. How long have you been bodybuilding? I’ve been training since I was 17 years old and have been at it for 27 years I’ll let you do the maths.

Q. What competitions have you won? I first competed as a bodybuilder at 19 and since then I have won the overall Mr Wales seven times, the Amateur British Grand Prix, and a couple of other things.

Q. How many times a week do you train? I train almost every day, but only train each body part once per week. I believe that if you workout properly with maximum intensity, it’s not really possible to hit body parts more often than this.

Q. How many calories do you eat a day? I keep my diet tight all year around,


I’m still competitive so believe it’s easier to keep my body fat low rather than bloat out in the off-season. I eat a lot less than I used to when I was younger, I’ve found my metabolism has slowed, but I still eat between 6-8 meals daily.

Q. Have you any advice for any up and coming builders? As far as advice for up and coming bodybuilders I would say make sure you have the important things like training and diet absolutely sorted. Find a reputable gym where you can get good advice and don’t believe everything you read in the magazines and the internet. Too many youngsters coming into the sport think that expensive supplements or steroids are the quick way to a great physique. They’re not. The truth is there’s no quick way. It takes patience and dedication and a good work ethic. I think the phrase ‘consistency, intensity, insanity’ sums it up best!

Dear Claire...

Dear Claire, my husband is obsessed with his sports car and spends more time cleaning and polishing the damn thing than he does with me. What can I say to him to make him see that I want him to spend more time with me and less with that piece of metal? Jane. Jane, the car is obviously his pride and joy and has probably worked hard to have bought it. If this is the case, then you must try and understand these strange creatures they call men and your their passion for their cars. It baffles me, but surely there are worse things he could be doing with his spare time? Claire x Dear Claire, I am worried about my weight. Since leaving college 5 years ago my weight has ballooned from 12 stone to 17 stone and it is now making me sad. I really wanted a job when I left college but I wasn’t able to find one. It’s making me sadder every day and my only comfort is food. I only go out of the house once a week and that is to buy my food and I am spending a lot on pizzas and takeaways that are delivered to my house. My gran died 2 years ago and left me some money which I have been using to live off, but what do I do when it runs out? Please help. Liam. Liam, you need to sort your act out. Get yourself out and about as the longer you lock yourself away eating, the less exercise you are getting and the more withdrawn you are becoming from society. There are jobs out there, but in this day and age, you must actively go out and find them. At least this way you can actually get out and get some gentle exercise done in the

meantime. It doesn’t cost anything to go for a walk. Claire x Dear Claire, I have been going out with my boyfriend for 3 months and I really love him. The problem I have is that he keeps flirting with other girls who are prettier than me when we are out. I am worried about losing him. What can I do? Jodie Jodie, first of all, can you really be sure that you love this man after just 3 months? I would recommend you slow down a bit as it takes quite a while to get to know people. Tell him that his consistent flirting is making you unhappy and if he doesn’t stop then either turn the tables on him and get a little flirty yourself when you’re out or dump him. Life’s too short to be unhappy! Claire x Dear Claire, I have just moved into a new house which I absolutely love. It is one of these modern link houses with obviously thin walls between each property. My neighbours seem really nice people and I am very happy with my new home, but there is one problem that I need you to help me with... My neighbours, who are a young couple living together, on one side are very loud when they are making love and the noise is keeping me awake when I really need to be sleeping. They seem to be at it every night. I work in a care home and start at 5am everyday, so my sleep is precious to me. What can I do? Sarah. Sarah, it’s a tricky one. It may be best to say something is a joking manner in order to try and get your message across. If they are at it

like rabbits, and it sounds like they are, then perhaps you may want to sleep in another bedroom maybe? One suggestion would be to tell them to get married as that way you’d only be kept awake once a week maximum! Good luck. Claire x Dear Claire, my wife really wants a boob enlargement operation and is putting pressure on me to take out a loan in order to pay for them. Although I love her dearly, I am on a low wage and we really cannot afford to spend £4,000 on this operation. What can I say to her? Damion. Damion, you really need to sit down with her and make her see sense. Put your case to her clearly and express your feelings. Has your wife done her research into this major operation and has she read about the horror stories of when things have gone ‘bits’ up literally? She needs to see reason and don’t feel pressured into getting into financial difficulty just for a set of new boobs! hope this helps. Claire x Dear Claire, I have a real problem on my hands now the World Cup is over. I am now finding myself having to sit down and actually talk to my wife in the evenings. We have only been together for 15 years and we are still getting to know each other. What can I say to her? David David, I am sure your wife is as concerned as you are as you sound like an absolute gem of a husband that she really wouldn’t want to lose. I am sure that your natural charm and wit will result in many a pleasurable evening for your lucky wife. Claire x

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Oh...What’s Occurring AUG

Tenby Spectacular Tenby. Displays by Tenby Coastguard and Tenby RNLI, deathdefying aerial aerobatics above the natural amphitheatre of North Bay, live bands and the traditional climax of the event, a spectacular firework display. Event Telephone Number: 01834 842402.


Local Cider And Beer Week. Event Times: 12pm - 5:30pm. Selection of Beers from Tintern’s very own Brewery and Wye Valley Ciders.



02 08

Feathers and Flight at Cilgerran Castle. A fabulous display of archery, living history and falconry at Cilgerran Castle, with plenty of opportunity to get close to the birds of prey. For event times please phone. Event Telephone Number: 01239 621339



07 08

Grand Medieval Melee. Event Times: 10am - 5:30pm. For some serious time-travelling, stroll around the colourful encampment on the Castle Green and enter



14 15

a medieval world - a world of sword fighting, archery, field and table games and soldier’s drills. Authentic costumes and armour to try on, archery techniques to hone, this event is sure to be a highlight of the summer holidays. Special event ticket: Adults: 3.95 Seniors: 3.25 Children: 2.50 This ticket allows you access to the grounds of the Castle to view the Medieval Mêle. Event Telephone Number: 02920 878100 Knights of Olde take over Picton Castle. Event Times: 11am 4pm. Drake the Dragon Tamer and his trusty serfs present themed family fun aimed at young ‘uns with both outdoor and indoor fun an entertainment. There’s room indoors so fun whatever the weather. Dress the part and you could win a prize – fancy dress parade at around 3.00pm. Event Telephone Number: 01437 751326



Twilight Woodland Walk (2). Event Times: 7pm - 9pm. Discover what comes out at night in the woods as the light fades and darkness falls ..... A fascinating family-friendly evening



What’s On

walk in conjunction with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, led by community ranger Kiri Howells. Drink and biscuits included. Booking Essential: 01834 811885 Cardiff Harbour Festival. A feast of nautical entertainment for all the family with spectacular aerial and water displays, Tall ships, sea craft displays, walkabout entertainers, a continental market plus a superb music- line-up, the British Fish Craft Championships, plus the ‘Welsh Oyster Opening Championships’. Event Telephone Number: 02920872087



28 30

Big Splash - Live bands on Outdoor Stage. Fabulous live music from around the world. Free on the riverside, ticketed in the theatre. Venue: Riverside / The Riverfront Theatre. Event Telephone Number: 01633656679



29 30

(Please note: The dates and times of events could change at any time. Please contact the venue directly for confirmation)

,s LIvEs rEadEr

we challenge our ever-growing other publication...each month Not to be confused with a certain little mag, email them to us at zzy selves holding our sna them of ure pict a take to ers read of army mates and don’t be shy as your k. Get out and about, grab your and best of the bunch and there’ll year we’ll be selecting the daftest mother wasn’t! At the end of the d! Tidy butt! wor So get snapping and spread the be some great prizes to be won.

Don’t be shy...your mother wasn’t! Send your pics in today


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MyValleys Magazine - August 2010  

They say time flies when you’re having fun hey. With this in mind, I bet time is definitely flying in Spain after their epic World Cup win....