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How to Talk to Your Kids About Moving Whether you are moving around the Tucson area or perhaps far away from it, you will need to have a talk with your children. Moving at a young age can be very difficult for kids, as they have to adjust to new schools, make new friends, and experience a world that is, to them, entirely foreign. Dialogue is key if the move is to be a true success. To help with your move, here are some tips when talking with your kids about moving.

Explain Why the Move is Necessary The first question many children will have is “Why?� Why do they have to move? Why do they have to leave their home and their friends behind? While the answer might be obvious for you, it can sometimes be hard for them to understand. For older children and teenagers, they might understand but still do not see why a move is necessary. Explain what the move means to the family and why it is an important and necessary step. Whether it is for a new job or for better opportunities, the move is the next step in the family’s story and one meant to improve their lives.

Discuss Other Important Decisions With Them A move can be overwhelming and make children feel as if they are not in control of anything in their lives. Because of this, it is important to give them a say in other matters of the move. How often can you go back to Tucson, or back to the area of Tucson where you lived? What sort of house will you be buying? What about furniture and decorations? Make sure that they have a say in matters both big and small so that the move can feel more of a family endeavor rather than just an adult one. Listen When all is said and done, your local Tucson movers are going to show up to your door regardless of your discussion. The move is finalized and there is really no turning back. Listening, however, can go a very long way with your child. Whether they are anguished, angry, or concerned, children and teenagers tend to have something to say, and you should give them the chance to talk about whatever they want to talk about so that it is all in the open.

Moving, even if just around the Tucson area, can be difficult for children. Discussion is a vital task to ensuring that your move is successful and your new lives can begin on a good note. To learn more about moving, consult your local Tucson moving specialist. To find out more or for a free moving estimate, visit

How to Talk to Your Kids About Moving