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This is a collection of Member stories that are reproduced with permission and their views are not necessarily those of Shea Homes® or Trilogy® by Shea Homes® and its representatives.

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your Magazine, your Stories


2 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E

When the idea for #MyTrilogyLife Magazine first began gaining momentum in the fall of 2016, the motivation was simple: How do we capture the amazing stories of the real people living in Trilogy in a way that makes them proud? In concept it seemed simple, but there was much work ahead. As we quickly learned, creating a magazine from scratch is a daunting task. For starters, we hadn’t done it before. And importantly, we didn’t want our inexperience to take away from the incredible experiences Members were sharing. Many of the logistical concerns were cured quickly when an accredited journalist and an experienced publisher were added to the team. But even once we got a better handle on how to do it, we still faced a myriad of potential story ideas from across the country and only around eighty pages for content available. Ultimately, we’ve done our best to feature a variety of perspectives from locations throughout the network of communities. As they say though, the editing room floor is littered with great ideas (many of which we intend to highlight in future years).

We hope that what you feel as you read this inaugural 2017 edition is an overwhelming sense of pride in your own community and really the Trilogy® community as a whole. You share your streets, your clubs, and your free time with exceptional people who have seen and done many extraordinary things, only some of which we’ve been able to showcase here. In the coming years, we will continue to honor the many incredible stories in our midst. And, like we’ve worked to do this time, we’ll do so with as light a touch as possible, allowing Members to share their experiences in their own words. Until our next edition in the fall of 2018 – and on behalf of every team member who had the privilege of being a part of this project – we say a hearty thank you for exploring what we’ve created, and, perhaps more importantly, choosing to make Trilogy your home. Here’s to a happier life among friends and neighbors. Respectfully,

Ben Keilholtz Senior Contributor


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Trilogy® believes that, when provided the opportunity for self-reflection, we all ultimately recognize that what has been true from every civilization since the beginning of time is true for us as well: Sharing a friendly and secure environment among peers is the ideal platform for happiness. furthermore, we believe that nowhere is this opportunity for elevated happiness more acute than in the emerging “third act” of life, when a career transition is often occurring and children are starting their independent lives. We also know that – behind only water and food – shelter is the most vital of all needs. And that the home you live in and the community you share represent more than just sticks and bricks. Rather, when selected properly, they help us to forge a true connection with ourselves and to the world around us. finally, we believe that many take too long to recognize what could truly make them happy: freedom of choice; Wellness of body and spirit; and Connection to themselves and others. Thus they choose to resist change and simply succumb to the powerful force of inertia, accepting the status quo as good enough. We believe that “good enough” is not good enough. Trilogy communities have been proven to make people happier, and we feel passionately that it is our responsibility to share that message with those who may be unaware. Because we hold these beliefs so close to our hearts, Trilogy is compelled to create communities which are unique in execution but consistent in promise. Where discerning buyers can own a distinct home among distinct people who, over time, may become acquaintances, close friends, or even life-chosen family. Or, at the very least, friendly neighbors with whom trust is shared. And we believe that when we attract those who believe what we believe, together we reach what is the goal of all of us – more genuine happiness in our lives.


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FINDING PURPOSE How Giving Back leads to Getting more

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NEIGHBORHOOD BONDS When you need your neighbors most

connections TRILOGY®


Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to connect. Friends from high school, past jobs, old neighborhoods – finding friends, for those who want to reconnect with people from their past, is as easy as the click of a button. That said, not every friendship is rekindled through the internet. sometimes, an old friend is right before your eyes. Before we share how Bob and Karen o’Brien reconnected with ron and rosalie Keefer, let’s go back in time a bit. The year was 1958, and rosalie and ron were Karen and Bob’s Maid of Honor and Best Man. in 1959, Karen and Bob returned the favor when ron and rosalie were married. The four had been friends since their high school years and into the 1960’s. But both couples became busy raising families and pursuing careers, and over time they drifted apart and lost contact. “We didn’t separate deliberately,” said Karen o’Brien. “our lives got so busy with children and work that we just didn’t have the time to keep up with one another.” Karen and Bob lived in alameda, Calif., in the same house for 56 years while working careers and raising children and grandchildren. rosalie and ron lived in discovery Bay, also

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ren / B and Ka


and ron

T r i l o g y ® aT T H E V I N E YA R D S









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FroM leFT To rigHT: ron, rosalie, BoB, and Karen.

10 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i F e

working careers while raising children and grandchildren too. “Because we are all roughly the same age, our lives have been quite similar,” said Karen. “We were all still in the Bay area, going through similar phases in life at the same time.” speaking of same time, the 40-year absence between the two couples came to an end in 2015. While shopping at a local grocery store Karen noticed a woman who looked familiar but wasn’t sure who it was. “i kept looking up at this woman in the same aisle as me as i pushed my cart back and forth past her,” said Karen. “Then i realized exactly who i was looking at. it was my dear friend and Maid of Honor who i hadn’t seen in more than 40 years.” elated but nervous with anticipation, Karen approached the “THEN I REALIZED woman. “rosalie Keefer, is that you?” “Karen o’Brien! i can’t believe it!” exclaimed rosalie, who EXACTLY WHO I WAS recognized Karen right away. “What are you doing here?” LOOKING AT. IT WAS MY Karen went on to explain to rosalie that she and Bob had DEAR FRIEND AND MAID recently toured Trilogy at The Vineyards and had decided to relocate there and were moving into their new home in a OF HONOR WHO I few months. HADN’T SEEN IN MORE “ron and i live nearby!” said rosalie. “i can’t believe this!” THAN 40 YEARS.” it wasn’t long before rosalie and Karen were reconnecting in the middle of a grocery store, hugging one another and catching up. “We were getting excited about our new home, but we had no idea it would also be the place our friends from 40 years ago would be living as well,” said Karen. “What a treat!” since reconnecting after 40 years and living a mere four blocks from one another, the two couples have rekindled their friendships and now share in all the community has to offer. “The beautiful scenery, the wonderful clubhouse and pool—truly, the lifestyle at The Vineyards is what brought us all back together,” said Karen. “We are having so much fun reconnecting not only with rosalie and ron, but their families, too. and it’s not just about us four friends, there are so many wonderful people we’ve come to get to know since relocating here. it’s been a dream come true. ” n

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T R I L O G Y ® AT L A K E F R E D E R I C K


What began in 1929 as an organization for developing guide dogs to help the blind live full and productive lives, The Seeing Eye has become a preeminent U.S.-based organization for helping the visually impaired. How it works is simple: The Seeing Eye breeds German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Labrador/Golden crosses. When the puppy is about 7-8 weeks old, it’s given to a volunteer “puppy raiser” who cares for the puppy until it’s about 12-18 month of age. It then goes back to The Seeing Eye to be trained and matched with a blind or visually impaired person.

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13 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E

MEET ROGER & SHEILA Roger and Sheila Woodhour have been raising and providing basic training of puppies for The Seeing Eye, located in Morristown, NJ, since 1991.Their 32nd puppy, “Granite,” a male German Shepherd, arrived earlier this year at the age of seven weeks and will stay with them for training and exposure to a wide variety of environments until he is approximately 15 months old. Roger is the retired President & CEO of RollEase, Inc., an engineering/manufacturing company located in Stamford, Conn. Since his retirement in May of 2005, Roger has devoted additional time to his volunteer work at The Seeing Eye. His own dog (Luke) was a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International. Roger and Luke visited a variety of health care facilities including hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Also, Roger and Luke participated in the R.E.A.D. Program, a children’s reading program that involves animals, at a New Jersey Middle School. Sheila, in addition to being a puppy raiser, has been involved with The Seeing Eye as a long-term volunteer working at The Seeing Eye’s main campus as a receptionist, escorting puppy raisers on their “Town Visits” and working with blind students and their guide dogs at The Seeing Eye Downtown Training Center.

Roger and Sheila Woodhour of Trilogy® at Lake

“With permission we take puppies everywhere,” said

Frederick know The Seeing Eye program very intimately,

Sheila. “This includes restaurants, swimming areas,

having fostered an astounding 32 puppies, all of which

airports, trains, buses, cars, a person's workplace —

are part of the program.

virtually anywhere a blind or visually impaired person

“It’s a joy to be part of such an amazing organization

may visit during the course of their daily lives.”

as The Seeing Eye,” said Roger. “Our job is to help every

In addition to Roger and Sheila’s involvement with

puppy acclimate to living around other people, in everyday

fostering puppies for The Seeing Eye, the couple also

situations around the neighborhood.”

helps Trilogy residents learn more about getting to

“Our job is to help every puppy acclimate to living around other people, in everyday situations around the neighborhood.” When a puppy is delivered to a volunteer puppy raiser, it’s the responsibility for the volunteer to teach basic commands, instill discipline and also to develop

know their puppies and inquire about how they too can help support the mission of The Seeing Eye. “We don’t just develop a connection with animals,”

a sense of belonging and purpose for each puppy. “The

said Roger. “It’s also about connecting with those who

most important part of what we do is to let every puppy

need guide dogs to restore their dignity and independ-

know what it feels like to be loved,” said Sheila. “Even-

ence — which is the motto behind all that The Seeing

tually, they will be relied on by those who can’t see,

Eye does.” n

and we want every puppy to feel valued, loved and properly cared for in their early formative weeks.”


Seeing eye dogs are legally allowed in places where pet dogs aren’t. Even though not fully trained, part of the process in raising these puppies means they go


where fully trained guide dogs will, but only with permission from the venue since they have not completed their training.

15 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E


16 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

E N C A N T E R R A ®, a t r i l o g y ® r e s o r t c o m m u n i t y



A CHRISTMAS STROLL let’s go on record and just say it: nobody does the holidays better than our members at trilogy®! among our favorite holiday celebrations is one that takes place every year at encanterra®, located in san tan Valley, ariz. Dubbed the “christmas stroll,” the event was spearheaded seven years ago by encanterra member Bob turner, who rallied more than 50 neighbors to meet on the first sunday evening of December to donate toys for the local toys for tots program. “i wanted to jumpstart the holiday season by doing something the whole community could do together to benefit a local charity,” said turner. “and it had to be something uniquely arizonan to take advantage of the beautiful weather we have in December.” once everyone arrived at the meeting spot the inaugural christmas stroll commenced with mr. and mrs. claus riding a motorcycle through the community. “it was so fun to see santa roll up on a motorcycle and kick-off our ‘stroll’ through the neighborhood, caroling and collecting toys as we headed towards the clubhouse,” said encanterra member tina o’connor. “and that magic feeling gets better every year.” fast forward to today, and the encanterra christmas stroll is one of the community’s most popular fundraising events. Just last year, more than 350 members participated in strolling through the neighborhood collecting toys, which are then donated to the u.s. marines to hand out to needy children. “the fun doesn’t stop with the stroll,” said turner. “We fill the evening with all sorts of great holiday traditions including my favorite — the best golf cart decorations

“It’s an honor and privilege to be able to hold an event and spend quality time with fellow Members... And to do so while giving back in a meaningful way is icing on the cake!”

contest. We also have lots of wonderful food such as homemade chili and delicious cider. it’s truly an incredible event to be a part of and gets everyone at encanterra in the holiday spirit.” last year, the christmas stroll provided 80% of the total donated toys needed in the local county. “it’s an honor and privilege to be able to hold an event and spend quality time with fellow members,” said o’connor. “and to do so while giving back in a meaningful way is icing on the cake!” n

17 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e



t r i l o g y ® at L A K E F R E D E R I C K

When it comes to creative expression, Trilogy® at Lake Frederick residents Frank and Josie Tilton have no shortage of inspiring stories to tell.

Josie tilton, a german-born immigrant, escaped the clutches of Soviet-led East germany when she was just 11 years old. Frank tilton met Josie while stationed in germany and they married six months after their first date. He's had a storied career with the U.S. air Force and as a middle school german and English teacher. an accomplished artist in multiple mediums, Josie began painting in 1978 while still living in germany, and since moving to trilogy®, she strives to paint something almost every day. “When i paint, i let nature and music influence how i approach the canvas,” said Josie. “growing up under the oppressed, gray and black colors of the iron Curtain, i now look towards the expressive use of vibrant colors in all of my paintings.” “Being a german immigrant opened my eyes to the world and the contrasts and colors from one place to another,” said Josie. “also, my career with the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce and the international trade association has inspired me to paint in vivid colors and draw experiences from various times and places in my life.” in addition to painting, Josie is also an autobiographer, having written a book that chronicles her family’s escape from East germany to the western side of the Berlin Wall. “When i worked for the Department of Defense, i used to give interviews to local journalism students about my family’s history. When i finally retired, i was able to write a book and tell how the experience shaped the rest of my life.” Frank has a longstanding career as a master expositor, having recently penned five books. “When i was with the U.S. air Force working stateside, my assignments were with air Defense Command and NoraD. When in Europe, i was with units committed to Nato,” said Frank. “My assignments involved writing and public affairs. i also wrote newspaper and magazine articles, radio/television scripts, and history books. My experiences provided inspiration for my writing then and now.”

19 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i F E


authors on amazon A Timely Revenge FrEDEriCk WySoCki

a mobster’s son has become a legitimate executive and his world is destroyed when a US Congressman seeks revenge and blackmails him. Worse, the blackmailer is a

No Time For Fools

financially creative US Congressman seeking to avenge

FrEDEriCk WySoCki

the death of an uncle who lost a business to the protagonist’s

Frank Moretti has a gunshot wound to his thigh, courtesy

father. Don’t miss this action-packed thriller featuring the

of his cousin aJ rizzo, who believes that he is the rightful

author’s popular anthony rizzo character.

heir to his father anthony rizzo's syndicate. Frank would gladly walk away, but his uncle anthony has made it clear

The Reluctant Spy

he will have Frank killed should he try. Will Naomi, his new

FrEDEriCk WySoCki

female bodyguard, be able to protect him from the rizzos?

in a race against the clock, Frank Moretti has been black-

Will Frank finally gain control of his destiny? time will tell.

mailed into performing a twisted mission in Moscow. the Cia orders him to find and verify who is responsible for hacking the US Military satellite system. With no help from the Cia, the mission seems impossible.While there,

The Start-Up FrEDEriCk WySoCki

Frank Moretti wants to land a good job, make some

the russians escalate their aggression prompting the

money and then marry his girlfriend. His uncle anthony

american President to order retaliation. Frank’s mission is

rizzo is an investor with a knack for investing in winners.

about to change in a big way.

anthony takes Frank under his wing and together they create ravven - a hot new software start-up company. in

Riding the Waves of Life with Lavinia Jill tUrNEr DarNEll

lavinia, the heroine who is a romani gypsy, takes you along on her life’s journey. Her connection with nature

the novel, Frank’s morals are challenged as he learns that a rizzo-funded CEo is ready to commit fraud and even murder. Will Frank's dream turn into a nightmare? or has it already?

and spiritual beliefs are echoed throughout this adventure. like all of us, lavinia learns that one of life’s hardest lessons is that events over which we have no control often cause our plans to change. We must adjust to the changes or risk losing our chance for happiness and the happiness for those around us.

Paulinha and the Lady of the Tree gEorgE DUFFy

little Paulinha is living happily with her parents on their coffee farm in Brazil, where there is a large old tree where Paulinha's mother would read stories to her. Paulinha's mother told her the tree has special magic. after her

Paulinha and Kalzar’s Pendant gEorgE DUFFy

Sixteen-year-old Paulinha is home from boarding school. Manuel, an eighty-two-year old, the Protector of this time, is killed and kalzar's Pendant is stolen. Unknown to

mother died, Paulinha continues to go to the tree, as she feels comforted there. one day, after enduring one of her aunt aneti's mean-spirited attacks, the lady of the tree appears to Paulinha and a strong bond quickly forms between them.

Paulinha, she is his successor. aliens from another universe are at Paulinha's farm. Some search for her, others are there to kill or take her prisoner – neither knows of the other. Paulinha has a guardian but is unaware of having one – her story is just beginning.

20 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i F E

additionally, as Frank matured as a writer in his profession, he took college level courses anywhere he could near where he was stationed. in doing so, he acquired two bachelor’s and one master’s degree. “those degrees became stepping stones to my second career,” said Frank. “i then taught English and german to a thousand middle school kids.” Frank credits his writing acumen to his inquisitive nature, and draws inspiration from the people and places in his life. “My characters are people i have known, though i have identified them anew and located them elsewhere,” said Frank. “My writing addresses problems and human shortcomings, then wrangles with solutions.” together, Frank and Josie have held art and book shows (sometimes together at the same show) to share their passions with members of the local community. “Being part of the community here at trilogy is truly special and it’s a privilege to be able to give something back,” said Josie. “With several other Members, i was able to start an art club that has grown to 25 Members who meet every week, many of whom have never painted before. When it comes to being creative, you’re never too old or young to start!” according to both Josie and Frank, the beauty in both painting and writing is in the creative expression, not necessarily selling art pieces or books. “We encourage anyone to be creative, no matter what artistic medium it is,” said Josie. “i like to tell people at our art club that painting is cheaper than going to a psychiatrist. it works wonders for your well-being.” “there’s no time for boredom,” said Frank. “We stay active in our passions and in our community here at lake Frederick. it’s easy to do when you feel like you live in a five-star resort.” a five-star resort indeed, however the friendly community vibe isn’t what first led the tiltons to trilogy. “We actually got to lake Frederick by accident—literally,” said Josie, reflecting on a car accident that left them stranded in Virginia for three weeks as their car was repaired. “We have a daughter nearby so we were able to stay with her and her family. and during that time, we ventured up into the Shenandoah Valley and stumbled upon lake Frederick. three days after that ‘stumble’, we signed a contract for our new home, headed back to indiana, sold our indianapolis home, and happily settled in May 2010 here at trilogy.” “if you’re not sure how to get started on something creative, check with your local activities coordinator,” said Josie. “and don’t be afraid to try different things! your passion may lie in painting, writing, photography or something else. and you’ll never know what it is until you actually try.” n

21 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i F E

E N C A N T E R R A® , A T R I L O G Y ® R E S O R T C O M M U N I T Y



Who would’ve thought Encanterra® could become one of the top outdoor concert venues in the Valley of the Sun?

22 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E

Encanterra’s® springtime concert series, The Good Life Festival™, typically attracts more than 5,000 guests to each show. It's not surprising since the outdoor setting has views in every direction and the artists, food, and libations are all top-notch. “The festivals have become signature events for our Members, and they bring a tremendous amount of exposure to the community,” said Trilogy's Area President for Arizona, Hal Looney. “Each year, we aim to host a diverse lineup that the community will be excited to see. Thus far, the formula has worked better than we ever could have expected." Over the years, the concerts have showcased a diverse array of acts, including Chicago, Lynyrd Skynyrd, BTO, Huey Lewis & the News, Michael McDonald, Kenny G, Heart, Kenny Loggins, and many more. Each year the goal is to branch out more and more, and look at artists from new genres. "Classic rock is definitely our wheelhouse, but we've also seen success with artists like Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar, and, on the country side, The Band Perry," said Looney. The venue takes place on Encanterra’s expansive golf practice facility, where in addition to music there is a variety of activities that celebrate “The Good Life,” including gourmet food and cooking demonstrations, specialty shopping, wine tasting, craft beer tasting, spa and golf demonstrations, and more. Members at Encanterra are provided advanced access to tickets and, when possible, preferred seating areas. “My husband and I are fortunate to have lived at Encanterra since that start of the Festival,” said Tina O’Connor, Encanterra resident since 2009. “We bring our friends and family and look forward to them each year. We would be crazy not to go—it’s right in our backyard!” For more information on The Good Life Festival, including dates and where to buy tickets, visit www.thegoodlifefest.com. IT’S A GOOD LIFE IN FLORIDA, TOO Beginning a few years ago, The Good Life Festival headed east to Trilogy® Orlando. A more intimate indoor venue with fewer than 600 seats brings guests closer to the music acts they love. The hope is to, over the course of time, expand the concert series throughout the Trilogy network. n

23 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E

trilogy® L AKE NORMAN




the experience of breaking bread with one another has long been a sacred ritual. When we share a meal with others, we share so much more than food. We share a small part of ourselves, and that sharing, over time, weaves the social fabric which connects communities together. in celebration of these experiences, each year we ask Members about their favorite foods and recipes. on the heels of some incredible feedback, we felt it was the perfect time to start our own ritual and feature a “trilogy Member-chef” in the #Mytrilogylife Magazine. to kick things off, we’d like to introduce you to trilogy® lake Norman resident Mitch Hadley, who shared with us his culinary origins along with a sampling of his favorite Southern recipes. #MTL: Mitch, can you tell us a little bit about your origins in the kitchen? Mitch Hadley (MH): As a child, i would get up early and pull a chair up to the stove and attempt to make pancakes or cook bacon. there were times when my grandmother was certain i would burn the house down, so she always stood with me as i learned to prepare food for others. Her influence is a big reason i love cooking so much. #MTL: How often are you able to cook for others these days? MH: As often as i can, and as the community here at lake Norman grows, i hope to be able to host more dinner parties and holidays among friends.

24 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Mitch Hadley


ingredients 1

/4 1


cup chopped country ham cup heavy cream

/2 cup shredded smoked gouda 1 1/2 cup cooked elbow macaroni

directions • Bring two quarts of water to a boil. Add a splash of oil to the water, then add macaroni. Cook al dente (slightly underdone). • Add strained macaroni, cream, cheese and ham to a large mixing bowl • Mix while warm. • Place mixed ingredients in an 8x8 baking dish. • Cook at 400-degrees uncovered until bubbling. remove from the oven and let stand for five minutes before serving. • Salt and pepper to taste.

#MTL: What’s the most important thing you think about when preparing a meal now? MH: i always start with the most crucial element there is to any meal: how it tastes. #MTL: in your lifetime, what meal would you say tasted the best? MH: Among my favorite flavors are those that come from the Carolinas, otherwise known as the “low country.” one of the best-tasting meals i’ve ever had came from a restaurant in Charleston called Poogan’s Porch, and it was their Country Ham and gouda Macaroni & Cheese. i often try to recreate this at home with a similar recipe. #MTL: Sounds delicious! Would you say that taste is what makes a meal great? MH: Admittedly, no. for me, taste isn’t the only thing that goes into a great meal, but looks too! i’ve had some incredibly beautiful meals in my day, and among them is the thanksgiving dinner served at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Beautiful ice sculptures, a harp player in the lobby, multiple carving stations, beautiful art and furniture, porcelain dishes, crystal wine glasses and desserts as far as the eyes can see. that meal was certainly the best-looking meal i’ve had.


ingredients 1

/2 /2 3 5


pound (2 sticks) butter cup vegetable shortening cups sugar eggs

3 /2 1 /2 1 1

cups all-purpose flour teaspoon fine salt teaspoon baking powder cup milk

directions • Using a mixer (with the paddle attachment), mix butter, shortening, and all dry ingredients together. • Add eggs one at a time while mixing, and add milk a little at a time to make a smooth batter. • rub loaf pan with butter, pour batter into the pan. Cook in a preheated oven at 350-degrees for 50 – 55 minutes. • remove and let cool before serving.

#MTL: Was that thanksgiving Dinner your favorite meal of all time? MH: No way! While it tasted delicious and was the best presentation i can remember, i don’t think it was the best overall. for me, a great meal should be all-encompassing – good friends, good laughs, and, of course, good food. [i find that] food memories can really be impacted by smell, which is why one of the best foods i still love to this day, is fresh, homemade pound cake cooking in the oven! #MTL: So, then your favorite meal is made up of those key elements: taste, look, and smell? MH: yes. But for me, the key ingredient which helps make the perfect meal is love! i was raised in a home where fresh bread was cooked for every meal, and living in the South meant cornbread was our staple. every time i taste or smell that bread, i think of my grandmother, grandfather, and other family members sitting across the table or gathered in the living room eating together, breaking bread as one. So, that is my answer: my all-time favorite meal is each meal we’ve had, and will have, as a family. And love is the ingredient which makes a meal the “best meal i’ve ever had!”













#MTL: thanks, Mitch. Any final thoughts? MH: Please pass the cornbread, y’all!




ingredients 3 2 11/2 1 /2 1 /3

cups self-rising cornmeal eggs cups milk (buttermilk, if available) cup water cup oil

directions • Mix milk and eggs in a bowl. Add cornmeal and stir. Add warm water until the batter is a little thicker than pancake batter, but not like dough. • Preheat the oven to 425-degrees. Cornbread is best when cooked in a cast iron skillet or deep glass pie pan. Pour the oil in the skillet (or pan) and place it in the oven for 5 minutes. CArefUlly, remove the hot oil and pour most of it in the batter. Stir the oil into the batter then pour the batter back into the hot pan. it should “fry” a little. • Cook for 20–25 minutes in the oven until golden brown. • Serve hot with butter, honey, or just plain. this is great stuff! 26 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i f e







movie: gone with the Wind

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Dirty Dancing, the godfather, it's a Wonderful life

tv show: Big Bang theory

HONORABLE MENTIONS: game of thrones, grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey

band: the Beatles

HONORABLE MENTIONS: eagles, led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band

T R i l O g y ® V E R D E R I V E R TM


miles and counting F E AT U R I N G R O B E R T & D E N I S E H E R T Z B E R G

Robert and Denise Hertzberg have a penchant for adventure and discovery. The couple had lived in the Philadelphia area for more than 30 years, and upon retirement, sought to explore the country and hopefully find the perfect place to relocate and retire. A little more than four years ago, the couple embarked on what was to be a one-year RV expedition across the country to visit several national parks, landmarks, cities and towns. The journey they ultimately made turned out to be much longer, and much more rewarding. “Our adventure was originally planned to last one year,” said Robert. “But we had such an incredible time in our RV that we extended our journey to two years, then to three!”

27 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Along the way, the Hertzbergs visited 43 national parks (with plenty of hiking and mountain biking at several of them) and traversed in their RV more than 35,000 miles across the United States and Canada. “We could have gone anywhere, but there is so much of the U.S. and Canada that we hadn’t seen,” said Denise. “it was also a tremendous opportunity to visit different communities and consider where we wanted to live after our extended road trip.” The Hertzberg’s journey led them to not one, not two, not even three or four visits to different Trilogy® communities. in total, they visited seven before settling on the one that best accommodates their newly nomadic lifestyle. “even though we were searching for a home, we still had plans to keep exploring in our RV—at least during the summer months,” said Robert. “Summer is the best time of year to drive an RV. it’s when the weather is best, most national parks are open and when many cities host festivals and events.” “This is why we chose to build a home at Trilogy at Verde River, (near Scottsdale in Arizona)” said Denise. “it has everything we could ask for in terms of beautiful scenery and a home that has the perfect look, feel and floorplan to match our ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. And it’s not uncommon for residents here to take extended vacations in the summer like we do—meaning when we are home and not on the road, it’s likely our friends and neighbors are home at the same time.” “We’ve gotten to know several other snowbirds who spend their summers on vacation elsewhere,” said Robert. “We’ve also had a tremendous time sharing with our new friends and

neighbors about what it’s like to travel the country in an RV. Recently, we hosted an open house to show people what our RV is like, and to answer questions about life on the road.” “Once a neighbor of ours saw that our RV had a washer and dryer in it, she and her husband went and bought one of their own,” said Denise. “i’ve explained to many people that when you travel in an RV, home is wherever you are! But even still, with all the modern-day conveniences available in today’s incredible RVs, it’s always nice to know you have a real home somewhere to go back to.” Since visiting multiple Trilogy communities across the country, the Hertzbergs realized a distinguishing trait that separates Trilogy active-adult communities from non-Trilogy ones. “No matter what Trilogy community you live in, you’ll find people who are looking to make new friends,” said Robert. “We toured several communities on our journey and the single-most important deciding factor for us was the friendly people. There’s just a particular vibe we were drawn to that we didn’t find anywhere else.” What’s next for the Hertzbergs? “Among our favorite areas to explore is the Pacific Northwest,” said Robert. “The scenery there is so different from where we come from and where we live today. Plus, summer is a wonderful time to visit there.” “We love calling Trilogy our home,” said Denise. “And we love being on the road, too. To be able to live in a community with other like-minded adventurers and travelers like us is a dream come true!” n

28 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Paws-itively Precious PET PHOTO CONTEST In the summer, Members were asked to submit their favorite photos of their furry friends. After much debate among our animal-loving editorial team, we expanded what was supposed to be a single page and single winner into ďŹ ve full pages of fun photos. How could we not, with our winners Aston, Francis, and CheechBo having just edged the ďŹ eld in a paw-ticularly tough competition. We hope you enjoy checking out your four-legged friends from the neighborhood.




contest winners 1 ASTON / Patti Owens / The Polo Club 2 FRANCIS / Carolyn and Rich Luhrs / Lake Norman 3 CHEECHBO / Richard Pawloski / Lake Frederick









7 10











22 23

















17 18







opposite page 1 COOPER / Lloyd De Martini / Monarch Dunes 2 WILLIE / Leah Zisserson / Lake Frederick 3 JAMISON & WINSTON / Gene Rogers / Vistancia 4 VINO / Julie Ann Moretti / Vistancia 5 MICKEY / Yvonne Coaplen-Trice / Lake Norman 6 CHUCKLES / Rikki Schmidt / Encanterra 7 FERGUS & ELLIOT / Richard Dym / Monarch Dunes 8 BIGBIRD / Donna Schenck / Encanterra 9 LILY / John and Nancy Lewis / Vistancia 10 SOPHIE / Joan Jensen / Encanterra 11 CUBBY / Melody Scott / Monarch Dunes 12 OZZIE / Arnold Gopin / Vistancia 13 STORM / Kathy Nolen / Orlando 14 OLIVE / Shelda Orlando / The Vineyards 15 SIENNA & NEELA / Janice Augustine / Ocala Preserve 16 ZOE / Doris Hinton / Vistancia 17 ZIGI & ZOI / Joyce Adams / Vistancia 18 OWEN / Jon Horton / Vistancia 19 GRYFFIN / Jim and Andrea Oppy / Lake Norman 20 HARLEY / Robyn LiCausi / Encanterra 21 PRINCE / Sandra Saucier / Orlando 22 SAMI / Mark Granoff / Vistancia 23 CHLOE ANN / Joan Stais / The Vineyards this page 1 EIGER / Dave and Jan Lanier / The Vineyards 2 JO / Perry and Julie Gere / Vistancia 3 BRAVEHEART / Janet Drozda / Vistancia 4 SADIE / John and Lesly Jarosz / Lake Norman 5 ROCKY / Tammy David and Dan Belshaw / Monarch Dunes 6 MINNIE MOUSE / Bill and Judy Morse / Vistancia 7 CHLOE & BENJEE / Leni Cayabyab / Encanterra 8 CHLOE / Barbara Ohme / Vistancia 9 KONA / Michael Gagliardo / Encanterra 10 BUDDY / Jon and Annice Jones / Encanterra 11 BELLA / Iris Abelson / Vistancia 12 COLT / Shirley Gillespie / Vistancia 13 EMMIE LUV / Elizabeth Seekford / Lake Frederick 14 FINLEY / John McCarthy / The Vineyards 15 JETER / Vickie and Gary Brown / Ocala Preserve 16 HARLEY & GINGER / Terri Halbert / Vistancia 17 HARRY / Barbara Helbling / Orlando 18 OLAF / Linda Briggs / Orlando 19 COCO / Dennis Marks / Vistancia 20 OLLIE / Susan Forslin / The Vineyards 21 MULLIGAN / Glenda Jackson / Vistancia 22 TANNER / Jean and Bill Akers / Vistancia 23 OTIS REDDING & OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN /

John and Donna Young / Lake Frederick



















19 21 20





















opposite page 1 COCO / Cory Levetan / Vistancia 2 JOSH / Dana and Carol Palmer / Encanterra 3 PUTTER / Richard Emerton / The Polo Club 4 JAFFA / Ed and Jerri Cook / Lake Frederick 5 CODY / Debbie Graziani / The Vineyards 6 HARLIE / Robin Blake / Vistancia 7 GRACIE / Jan Geyer / Encanterra 8 BOBBY / Angie Podgurski / The Vineyards 9 TOBY / Steve and JoAnn Pendley / Orlando 10 TIPSY / Rhonda Alley / Encanterra 11 SOPHIE / Susan Pisciotta / The Vineyards 12 ABBEY / Larry and Karen Valdez / The Vineyards 13 DC / Jo Ann and Willy Herzig / The Vineyards 14 FIONA / Richard Dym / Monarch Dunes 15 EMMA / Gene Rogers / Vistancia 16 TRISCUIT / Patricia Ore / Encanterra 17 DAISY MAE / John and Nancy Lewis / Vistancia 18 WOODY / Craig and Sandi Boyce / Vistancia 19 LUCY LOU WHO / Kent and Trisha Campbell / Vistancia 20 TAJ / Jan Geyer / Encanterra 21 KODIE / Jane and Dave Folsom / Vistancia 22 BERNIE / Sondra Skipworth / Encanterra this page 1 BUCKLEY / Howard and Marilyn Morris / Monarch Dunes 2 CLYDE / Lexi Sargent / The Polo Club 3 ZOEY / Michael Getz / Vistancia 4 SPINNAKER / Steven Parker / Vistancia 5 SEBASTIAN / JoAnn Kolar / Vistancia 6 FOXY / Rikki Schmidt / Encanterra 7 ZOEEE, MILI & ROZZ / Gayle Nix / Monarch Dunes 8 SPARKY / Diana Israel / The Vineyards 9 SAKE / Kay Taylor and Cameron Harris / Vistancia 10 KARMEL / Eugene Sholtis / Lake Norman 11 MAXX / Nicki Berman / Orlando 12 SCOUT / Sharon Butcher / Encanterra 13 LULU / Gene Mascoli / Vistancia 14 OLLIE / Laurie Cline / Ocala Preserve 15 AUGGIE / Leon Wilkins / Lake Norman 16 HIGGINS / Janet Smolak / The Polo Club 17 BARNEY / Evi Alford / Monarch Dunes 18 ISABELLE / Carol Diener-Plummer / Orlando 19 BUCKLEY / Rick Wysocki / Vistancia

love their pets TRILOGY® MEMBERS

about 1/2



4 8%



t r i l o g y ® at T E H A L E H ®


Winston Churchill once said, “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” At Trilogy® communities throughout the country, many residents take Churchill’s motto to heart and spend their free time giving back to local charities and organizations in need of volunteer help. Of the many who spend their precious time volunteering, we were able to sit down with Roger and Mardel Tanquist at their beautiful home in the Trilogy at Tehaleh community located in Washington’s South Sound. We wanted to learn more about how they turned challenge into celebration, hardship into happiness and how giving back led to getting more. WitH rogEr & MarDEl taNQUiSt

34 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i f E

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two meet? rogEr: funny you should ask. Mardel used to be my boss when i worked as a volunteer at ocean Park retreat Center up here in Washington. i was also a substitute teacher at the time and Mardel had served as a disaster volunteer coordinator for several months. We found a shared passion for volunteerism. and in case you were wondering, she’s still my boss! That’s funny, Roger. But tell us more… rogEr: i moved to the Northwest in 1993 because i was facing some major challenges in my life. i had become newly single and both my parents were ailing, so i relocated up this way to be closer to them and help when and where i could. During that time, i met Mardel, who had recently lost her husband. i was smitten with her love for adventure and her zeal for helping people. Volunteering, if you have the time to do it, is incredibly rewarding and helped me get through some tough times. and it’s even better if you can participate with someone special in your life. 35 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i f E

Mardel, what was your first impression of Roger? MarDEl: roger has a real gift with people. He often says, “i’m the bright light in his life,” but if that’s the case, he’s the light switch. together we’ve shared some truly extraordinary experiences in helping people in times of need. i’ve seen roger’s upbeat personality make a huge impact on people, not just in times of distress, but also in daily life. When we met in 1993, he had recently volunteered with flood victims in iowa and Missouri, whereas i had just returned from helping those affected by Hurricane andrew on the East Coast. roger's passion was, and still is, in serving others. in 1994, we got married. How have you two juggled volunteering with the rest of your lives? MarDEl & rogEr: Volunteering is something anyone can do, and better yet, it’s often something you can do with friends and loved ones. We look at volunteering as an opportunity to not only help others, but also to share in doing something meaningful together. through the years, we lived a modest lifestyle, even spending several years living in a travel trailer so we could volunteer full-time. it was a choice we made so we could have more time together, without our work or careers getting in the way. That’s incredible and a real breath of fresh air in today’s hurry-up lives that we live. MarDEl & rogEr: thank you, and we appreciate that. But it wasn’t always easy! in 2001, we lost our trailer in an accident and we were forced to relocate. With new expenditures, we couldn’t do the kind of volunteering that we wanted to do. But, we had a plan. Mardel went back to get her degree in Social Sciences (which she started working on 40 years prior) and roger went back to substitute teaching. We worked hard for a few years with two goals in mind — to relocate and find a vibrant community that we can be a part of. and of course, to find time to start volunteering again.

36 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i f E

From building homes to sorting donations to organizing fundraisers, Mardel & Roger's energy seems boundless.

How did you settle on Trilogy® at Tehaleh®? What is it about the community that reeled you in? MarDEl & rogEr: We may be in our golden years, but we thrive on being around families of all ages. With 15 shared grandchildren between us, we love being around children, young parents and senior citizens all the same. in the trilogy neighborhood it's always peaceful, but in the rest of tehaleh it’s mostly families, which is a perfect blend for us. the people are friendly, and there are plenty of activities. it’s just such a beautiful place to be and the community is growing by leaps and bounds. Are you still volunteering? MarDEl & rogEr: oh yes. it is and will always be a central part of our lives. We spend our winters in California and arizona working with NoMaDS, a faith-based volunteer labor organization that helps a wide variety of causes from building and repairing homes and schools to disaster relief and much more. You’re an inspiration to us. We’d like to give you the chance to tell other Members at Trilogy communities across the country why they should consider volunteering, too. MarDEl & rogEr: Volunteering brings a real sense of value, especially in your retirement years. a common cause for depression is a lack of purpose — a reason for living if you will. Volunteering brings that purpose back. and the best part is, it doesn’t matter how you help a person, place, cause or organization. the key is to get involved and help. finding time to do unto others is the best medicine and for us, and volunteering has brought us more happiness and contentment than we could’ve imagined. living in the comfort and security of tehaleh has provided us with the ability to continue pursuing our passion for volunteer work. it’s a blessing to both be able to help and share in the fellowship with friends, neighbors and family—and to help anywhere, anything or anyone in need. n Thank you, Mardel & Roger!

37 | #M y T R I L O G Y l i f E

T r I L O G y ® AT T h e P O L O C L U B

All across the country at various Trilogy® communities, you’ll find a wide array of extraordinary people doing amazing things. Among those are people who have dedicated their lives to helping those in need of moral support as they endure a variety of physical and mental challenges.



Lending a hand to residents throughout the Coachella Valley, the Angel Volunteers at Trilogy at The Polo Club in Indio, Calif. have helped dozens of people facing difficult challenges in their lives. “We are a group of neighbors looking to help each other in a time of physical or emotional need on a short term or emergency basis,” said Janet Malek, an Angel Volunteer board member. “Our team of volunteers is here to assist people in many ways such as transportation to medical appointments throughout the area, delivering prepared meals, grocery shopping, picking up mail or prescriptions, and more.” “The most amazing thing about the Trilogy Angels is their ability to rally behind a neighbor in need whether they are a stranger or friend,” said Jackie Guy, Lifestyle and Membership Director at The Polo Club. “The immediacy of their action in providing meals, driving assistance, walks and much more with dedication and anonymity is a breath of fresh air. I am humbled by their kindness, it makes me emotional just thinking about it.” n

Thank you, Angel Volunteers!

T r I L O G y ® AT T h e V I N E YA R D S




Marcie Schwartz, a Member of Trilogy® at The Vineyards, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994. An aspiring fashion model at the time, Marcie went through chemotherapy, losing her hair in the process. “I faced cancer head on,” said Schwartz. “Through my experience, I learned how important it was to keep a positive mindset and to remember that cancer doesn’t make you any less beautiful.” Using her fashion background, Marcie learned how to wrap her head with designer scarves—a trick she learned working in a Christian Dior fashion show back in the 1970s. “I have seen and met many women who just don't know what to do once their hair starts to fall out. I then give them a bit of a makeover to help lift their spirits while undergoing treatment.” In addition to helping cancer patients facing chemotherapy feel more confident, Marcie also provides moral and emotional support. “I offer contact information for women to call me 24/7 if they have questions or wake in the middle of the night and are frightened,” said Schwartz. “I want them all to know they are not alone, that there is hope and most of all,

they have a friend they can talk to about anything.” n

Thank you, Marcie!

If you’re interested in learning more about Marcie and her scarves for life, you may contact her at marcieschwartz1@gmail.com






6 7



12 10


40 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E



16 15


J O I N T H E M O V E M E N T. L I V E H A P P I E R .TM

See a photo that's one of yours? Let us know who's in the shot and where it was taken by posting the image and the corresponding number on your Trilogy community's Facebook page or share on your Instagram feed using the hashtag #MyTrilogyLife. Want to see your photos in next year’s edition of #MyTrilogyLife Magazine? Be sure to tag your future photos on social with the hashtag #MyTrilogyLife!





21 22

41 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E













35 36

42 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E














52 53 50


43 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E





57 other includes: through church, library, education, the arts, historical institutions and others



favorite sport to watch: 12% BASEBALL






other includes: bowling, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, grandkids sports and others


favorite sport to play:

60 61




other includes: walking, swimming, hiking, table tennis, yoga, bowling and others


*Totals do not necessarily equal 100, as Members were able to select multiple answers. 44 | #M Y T R I L O G Y L I F E

t r i L o g y ÂŽ at W I C K E N B U R G R A N C H

FROM COAST TO CANYON Finding Home and Happiness WitH tom & Lorraine Brodek

When Tom and Lorraine Brodek moved to Hawaii five years ago, they had a plan. The goal was to retire in paradise and enjoy all the majesty and splendor that you’d expect (and envy) from living high on a hillside in the quintessential Hawaiian town of Hana, Maui. So, how did they end up in a cowboy town in the Arizona desert?

45 | #m y T R I L O G Y L i F e

“Living in Hana was a dream of ours for many years,” said Lorraine. “We lived most of our lives in and around the hustle and bustle of Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Los angeles, raising a family and pursuing our careers. Hana was to be our refuge away from it all.” speaking of hustle and bustle, it’s worth stating early in this story that tom and Lorraine both had spectacular careers in the entertainment industry. tom is a longtime film and television producer, having cultivated hit films such as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and the stephen king miniseries Rose Red. Lorraine’s accomplishments are also far and wide, which includes becoming kUsC-tV’s first female station manager, pioneering the Friends of public television (Channel 8) volunteer program, and working as Vice president of direct marketing for Warner Bros. Hana, maui was to be the celebration of all their hard work. according to the Brodeks, living in Hawaii had tremendous benefits. “For starters, i loved that we could roam the island without the fear of bears, lions or other human-eaters,” said Lorraine. “and all the islands of Hawaii have no snakes!” other perks that came from living on maui included awe-inspiring sunsets and 360-degree panoramic views. “Where we lived, we had a view of the ocean that harbored some of the most incredible vistas you can imagine,” said tom. “and when it rained, the clouds and rainbows were truly something to behold.” as remarkable as maui was — and still is for the Brodeks — living in such a remote place meant they had to make sacrifices. the first of which was convenience. “Hana is an extraordinary location, but it’s certainly not convenient,” said Lorraine. “there is one highway to get to Hana from other cities on the island—which sometimes, meant commutes were gridlocked. getting to and from simple places like Costco or a local shopping center could take hours.”

it's a treat to take a vacation to a remote place, but sometimes living in one presents significant challenges. Case in point, there are 57 bridges on Highway 360, which makes it difficult to travel – especially in inclement weather. Before we go any further, the Brodeks want to make something abundantly clear: living in maui was a wonderful experience and they were extremely happy and incredibly fortunate to have lived there. “despite the remoteness and the challenges with daily conveniences, our time spent in Hana was tremendous,” said Lorraine. “But something was missing in our lives. there was just something that we wanted to experience that we just weren’t finding — even in paradise.” Family played a big part of the Brodeks’ island fever. the Brodeks were far removed from their daughters (one lived in southern California, the other in delaware). Being far meant missing opportunities to make quick visits and connect in person. “We needed to be closer to our family,” said Lorraine. “We hoped to find somewhere we could live that our daughters could visit frequently.” the Brodeks had no idea where to start, but they did know one thing: they loved arizona. tom and Lorraine lived in paradise Valley at one point in their lives, and have fond memories of their time in the grand Canyon state. “We’ve always loved arizona—we have history here. tom worked in production, i worked in public television and our daughters went to college here,” said Lorraine. “We figured it was a good place to consider relocating to.” a simple internet search led the Brodeks to sheaHomes.com, then to trilogyLife.com. “We were intrigued with both the homes and lifestyles that trilogy presented online,” said Lorraine. “since we were making the complex move from maui to the mainland, we were committed to making sure wherever we decided to live, was the right place for our lifestyle.”

46 | #m y T R I L O G Y L i F e

“To us, Wickenburg Ranch is the perfect mix of community and independence.”


47 | #m y T R I L O G Y L i F e

the Brodek’s journey began with a three-night stay at another trilogy® community, encanterra®. “We were hooked after night one,” said Lorraine. “We knew trilogy was right for us because it had the sense of belonging that we hadn’t found anywhere else. From neighbors to staff, to the local mail carriers—there is a friendliness at trilogy that we have never experienced before.” “We loved encanterra, but wanted a location that was a little closer for family in southern California to visit without having to fly. our daughter drives from the Los angeles area and is in Wickenburg in less than 5 hours,” said tom. “even in just a few months since moving in, our home in Wickenburg has been an absolute blessing.” the Brodeks moved into their new home at trilogy at Wickenburg ranch in may 2017, combining residences in Hawaii and also from Beverly Hills. “We’re here for the long haul, having combined our homes to one central place of belonging,” said Lorraine. “What we found here is a community that truly enjoys living an active, healthy lifestyle. and we especially like how convenient everything is.” Furthermore, both tom and Lorraine have found what so many fellow members attest to being what makes trilogy so special. “to us, this is the perfect mix of community and independence,” said Lorraine. “Whether involved in the community or spending time to ourselves, there is never a sense of pressure or any fear of missing out.” they’ve come to love the desert landscape too. “the desert has a beauty all to its own,” said Lorraine. “at our home, we swapped a coast view with a canyon view—both are beautiful. But i’d be remiss if i didn’t mention the one thing that i’m still not used to—snakes! yes, even with snakes and other desert critters, we still feel more at home here at trilogy than we have anywhere else in a long time.” Without question, the trilogy movement is felt by the Brodeks. “the folks say they’re dedicated to helping us live happier,” said tom. “For us, that’s just the beginning. We’ve discovered that no matter where you live, no matter how beautiful, remote or idyllic the setting, ultimately, it’s the people in your life that matter most.” n

48 | #m y T R I L O G Y L i F e


In 2017, TrilogyÂŽ Members had the opportunity to participate in a number of once-in-a-lifetime adventures as part of Explore 360, Trilogy's inter-community travel program. From a National Parks adventure (which included some unexpected summer snow) to a trip through Europe on a small-ship cruise, Members from across the country came together to enjoy one of the most common interests in the communities - travel. In a 2016 survey of Trilogy Members, 96% said they want to take a trip at least once annually, with destinations of choice touching all ends of the globe. (We even had someone who placed a SpaceX trip to the moon on the top of his bucket list.) Whether it's Club Med or the Galapagos or a golf trip to Bandon Dunes, Members can expect more fun adventures in 2018 and beyond as the Explore 360 program continues to expand. 49 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Flagship National Parks may 13-19 | eight members from four different communities went on a whirlwind adventure through yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. accompanied by Nicole mcShane, lifestyle Director from the Verde River Golf & Social Club in Rio Verde, ariz.; Trevor Sunderlage, lifestyle Director from the Twin mills Club in Denver, N.C., and two guides from Off The Beaten Path, members spent the week admiring some of the United States’ most beautiful sites, all while developing new friendships.

Trip Highlights MAMMOTH TERRACES | The first stop in Gardiner, mont. was

the mammoth Terraces where guides from Off the Beaten Path guided members on a hike along the boardwalk of the geothermal hot springs. The day concluded with exploring the albright Visitor Center and touring the historic fort yellowstone. The first of many buffalo was seen here! GRAND CANYON OF THE YELLOWSTONE RIVER | from

1,200 feet above the yellowstone River, members took in breathtaking views of the canyon and yellowstone River. Some even spotted water falling for hundreds of feet to the mouth of the river! OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER | While the group experienced all seasons

of weather on this trip, the journey to Old faithful screamed wintertime with crisp temperatures and even some snow. members explored the boardwalks as the thermal pools boiled beneath their feet. JENNY LAKE BOAT TOUR | Despite the winter weather, the

group braved the conditions and gained a different perspective of the Grand Tetons from the waters of Jenny lake. While bundled up in blankets and winter gear, they learned about the history and geology of the area. JACKSON, WYOMING | a trip favorite by far was the quaint

cowboy town of Jackson Hole, Wyo. Comprised of local shops, restaurants, and live music, this must-see is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Grand Tetons. The group made a stop at the million Dollar Cowboy Bar where the manager shared the history of the world-famous spot. 50 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Oh, The Places We Went! mammOTH TeRRaCeS lamaR Valley DaN HaRTmaN STUDiO HayDeN Valley GRaND CaNyON Of THe yellOWSTONe RiVeR BRiNk Of THe lOWeR fallS UNCle TOm’S TRail aRTiST POiNT yellOWSTONe lake OlD faiTHfUl GeySeR THe UPPeR GeySeR BaSiN BlaCk SaND BaSiN BiSCUiT BaSiN miDWay GeySeR BaSiN lOWeR GeySeR BaSiN SNake RiVeR JeNNy lake BOaT TOUR JaCkSON HOle, WyOmiNG

The Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras Cruise ?

JUly 18-27 | Bienviendos! estas listo para una adventura? - “Welcome! are you ready for an adventure?” in Spanish. Twelve Trilogy members said “Si!” to an adventure through the mediterranean Sea. accompanied by seasoned traveler and lifestyle Director from the kiva and mita Clubs in Peoria, ariz., Gregg Snyder, these couples, girlfriends, and a mother-daughter duo spent their days feeling like a local on the Riviera. “This was the most fun i’ve ever had with my daughter,” mayren arredondo said. “The excursions were wonderful and the scenery over the top. my favorite part was learning how to make pesto in Portofino.” members cruised the mediterranean aboard the Windstar Breeze, a smaller cruising yacht which accommodates 220 passengers and 170 staff to see to their every need. “The smaller ship allowed for our group to enter breathtaking smaller ports that larger cruising ships can’t squeeze into,” Snyder said. each port featured fresh markets, small caf`es, boutiques and breathtaking surroundings, sprinkled with several historic castles, villas and museums which members visited while on shore. “i think one of the highlights for everyone was the farm-to-table bistros with the local cuisines, cheeses, desserts, cafe` s and wines at each port location,” Snyder explained. among the beauty of the ports and all of the amazing things members experienced, one of the biggest takeaways was that they did it together. “meeting other people from different Trilogy properties was so interesting and fun. We already have plans to meet up with some of these people,” said margaret Szulwach. “i hope everyone in the communities takes full advantage of these adventures. you will not be disappointed!”

Here & There

Trip Highlights MONACO | One of europe’s most exclusive ports, members enjoyed a full day in monaco.

must-sees included The Grand Casino, the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace, and the tomb of Philadelphia-born Princess Grace. PORTOFINO, ITALY | a favorite stop for many members was at the Villa Durazzo where they

experienced a pesto making lesson, italian wine pairing and cuisine tasting along with live music while overlooking the bay of Portofino. PORTOFERRARIO, ITALY | The port of Portoferrario immediately made the group feel welcome

with its laid-back italian atmosphere and abundance of historical sites. The group stumbled onto a local farmer’s market and then strolled through the old quarter full of quaint shops. This stop made for some amazing photos!

96% of Trilogy Members plan to Travel within the next year

35% of Trilogy Members travelled to another continent in 2017

56% of those Members plan to travel internationally

Trilogy Members Preferred… A Beach - 89% to an Amusement Park - 11% Flying - 60% to Driving - 40% Luxury Hotel - 95% to a Cozy Tent - 5% Domestic Travel - 52% to International Travel - 48%

Erin Hills Golf Experience OCT 10-14 | ever wanted to feel what it’s like to win a U.S. Open Championship? Our members were able to feel what golfer Brooks koepka felt (well, almost!) when he won the 117th U. S. Open at erin Hills Golf Club in erin, Wis. members enjoyed playing three of Wisconsin’s best courses: erin Hills Golf Club and two other Wisconsin staples: The Bull at Pinehurst farms and Hidden Glen Country Club. “The fact that our top golf destinations are all public is what makes a golf trip to Wisconsin so appealing,” said Jason kauflin, owner of Wisconsin Golf Trips. “you don't have to have an ‘in’ or know somebody special to enjoy courses that you have seen on TV hosting major tournaments.” “Generally considered to be one of the more difficult tracks around, The Bull showed off the beautiful fall colors that many Wisconsin courses are able to offer,” kauflin said. “Hidden Glen Country Club is one of the top private facilities in the milwaukee area. Compared to The Bull, there are barely any trees that come into play during your round. it has modern country club styling with some amazing green complexes and tricky greens.” accompanied by Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia General manager Scott mattiello, the members enjoyed four days, and a lifetime of memories in america’s Dairyland. "it was the trip of a lifetime for me, and i think everyone who came along agreed," said mattiello.

Looking to travel the world and make new friends in 2018? Be sure to check out the Explore 360 page on MTL, or email explore360@bluestarresorts.com for more information.

Trip Highlights | a top-ranked course in the United States and the only Jack Nicklaus Signature Design in Wisconsin. THE BULL AT PINEHURST FARMS

ERIN HILLS GOLF CLUB | Home of the U.S. Open

and the group had the opportunity to stay on-site in the luxurious clubhouse accommodations. HIDDEN GLEN COUNTRY CLUB | The challenge of

100 bunkers and 11 holes with water in play.

54 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

GET MOVING! for most people, “active adult” is just a euphemism, but for Trilogy® members, it’s everyday life. With more than 500 fitness classes happening each month across all communities and even more fitness-related activities happening among member-led clubs such as hiking, water volleyball, pickleball, tennis, softball and more, there’s no shortage of ways to be active. Here’s a quick sampling on how some of our members are staying fit and living healthier.

55 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Trilogy® aT THe vineyards

HIKING THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL 2,160 miles. 10 years. 1 Hiker. on may 14th, 2002, in the small “trail town” of damascus, va., Trilogy® at The vineyards member frank Kaylor completed the last of 21 sections of the appalachian Trail totaling 2,160 miles in what became a nearly decade-long adventure. “i celebrated with my wife, who had driven 750 miles from Boston, mass.,” Kaylor said. “i was elated with this accomplishment!” Kaylor completed the appalachian Trail as a section hiker, which is someone who completes the full trail in sections rather than a straight through hike. What was Kaylor’s favorite section of the trail? “Hiking across new Hampshire including the well-known ‘Presidential range’ first with my son scott, and then with my daughter Carolyn, is my most memorable section of the trail,” said Kaylor. “How many fathers get to spend a full week alone with each of his adult children like that? it was so great!” However, frank spent most of his trip hiking alone, as many often do when they hike the appalachian Trail. “even though my favorite part was with my children... i backpacked solo for 75-percent of the total miles on the trail” said Kaylor. “it wasn’t uncommon to go days or nights without seeing another hiker [on the trail.]” since completing the appalachian Trail, Kaylor has joined the 4000-footer Club of the White mountains by climbing to the summits of all 48 peaks, thru-hiked vermont’s 270-mile long Trail, thru-hiked California’s 220-mile John muir Trail, section-hiked the 800-mile arizona Trail and hiked nine times to the bottom of the grand Canyon including three rim-to-rim trips. Today, Kaylor leads the Hiking Club at Trilogy at The vineyards, where he’s led neighbors on more than 130 hikes since 2011. n

56 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Trilogy® orlando


since moving into Trilogy orlando in 2015, marianne Becton has been teaching weekly fitness classes at The athletic Club including Cross Train, Body Tone, spin and Healthy movement. “i’ve been privileged to teach classes that enable me to share my fitness philosophies and knowledge among my peers,” Becton said. “Keeping fit is an ongoing balancing act that is one of the key pillars of a healthy lifestyle. as we age, and things become more challenging, staying active is imperative for a long and healthy life.” a healthy lifestyle is nothing new to Becton. “i started teaching classes in the evening and weekends when i was about 27,” Becton said. “i continued to do it part-time and in 2007, i became certified as a personal trainer.” in 2008 she started her business, fit for you Personal Training, part-time. in January 2009, it became a full-time gig. “i simply love to teach and the best part is the difference it makes in people’s lives,” Becton said of her business. “Understanding movement and the relationship between activity, nutrition and wellness is the key to a healthy life.” since then, Becton’s added a specialty in spin, strength conditioning and barre, as well as becoming certified as a Health Coach. so, who’s benefitting most from Becton’s Passions? definitely her fellow Trilogy members. “not long after i started taking [her] classes i had a tight trap, neck and shoulder issue and after class she got to work on me, which was totally unexpected,” said fellow member sherry Welsh. “fifteen minutes later i felt so much relief! i was just amazed that someone i was just getting to know would take that much of a personal interest in my well-being.”

“When i started i couldn't get up from the floor without help,” said another frequent participant. “Her instruction, guidance and encouragement resulted in significant strengthening of my core as well as improvement in my balance, flexibility and overall strength. i love going to that class!” if you're around or visiting Trilogy orlando, be sure to sign up for one of marianne's classes. she'll guide you through a workout you won't forget! n

57 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

3 3%

of memBers Prefer Using THe Treadmill aT THe gym over a sTaTionary BiKe, THe elliPTiCal, free WeigHTs, and roWing

2 8%

of memBers PraCTiCe some form of yoga or mediTaTion


Coming in 2018: Trilogy's® "smallesT Winner", an inTer-CommUniTy Wellness CHallenge foCUsed on exerCise, nUTriTion, and overall Wellness

3 1%

of memBers say THeir favoriTe fiTness aCTiviTy is WalKing or rUnning

3 3%

of memBers’ favoriTe fiTness Class is aqUa fiTness, WiTH mediTaTion or yoga in aT a Close seCond WiTH 28% of THe voTes

no sUrPrise Here!



of memBers say groUP Classes are THe Way To go

of memBers’ favoriTe sPa TreaTmenT is a massage

Trilogy® ORL ANDO


DALE ROLAND legendary food icon Julia Child once said, “The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who's close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.” Truer words have never been spoken, especially when talking about Trilogy® orlando resident Dale roland. Dale has become a fixture in emma's Culinary garden, where she teaches how to create delicious dishes to residents in the area. But it’s not only her cooking that has made her so popular — Dale is also an active member of a variety of causes and initiatives, supporting both civil rights and an animal adoption advocacy. We were lucky to ask Dale a few questions about her love for cooking, her experience on the food Network and her commitment to the local community.

60 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

61 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

We have to start with the Food Network appearance. What was it like? Dale roland (Dr): i was a contestant on a show called “Clash of the grandmas” on food Network, where i competed for a $10,000 prize—and won! The whole experience was truly amazing. There was so much action and excitement with the cameras and all the people around—it was pure adrenaline. You spend quite a bit of time in Emma's Culinary Garden. What goes on there? Dr: emma's Culinary garden, named after one of the early founders of the groveland area where we live, is, to me, the heart of the magnolia House [the resort club at Trilogy® orlando]. We have several events that take place here, including a cooking club where i teach. We do recipe demonstrations, live cooking classes and seasonal get-togethers. We even do wine, scotch and bourbon tastings here as well. How did you get into cooking? Dr: When i was young, probably as early as age 4 or so, i would watch my grandmother teach my mom the fundamentals of italian cuisine. But it wasn’t so much the food that captivated me. my grandmother had such passion about the food and techniques she was teaching—i was hooked from that moment on. i sometimes think of my grandmother when i teach a new class, and hope to have half as much energy and passion as she did!

Did you work in restaurants? Dr: Back in the 1970s i worked as a chef at an italian restaurant in New Jersey. later, in Brooklyn, N.y., i worked as a Director of recreational youth Programs where i often taught students how to cook. i continued to teach cooking as a special education administrator and educator, and catered all of the holiday celebrations held at the school. Since moving to Trilogy in 2015, i still teach cooking and absolutely love it. What are some of your specialties or what’s your favorite dish? Dr: i don’t have a particular specialty, but if i had to choose one it would be italian seafood dishes and soups, with everything made fresh with wild seafood and organic ingredients.

Pasadena rescue No Kill, Dachshund rescue South florida and equality of florida. You’re an inspiration to us, and we want to give you the opportunity to share some advice for people who are thinking about trying something new (like cooking) or getting involved in helping a charity or good cause. Dr: Believe in yourself and never be afraid to take risks. Try new things that you might enjoy. in your travels, be sure and experiment by tasting food from the land. No matter where i am, i bring home ingredients to cook from so i can try and replicate what i liked. As for getting involved in causes that matter, don’t feel limited by what you think you can or can’t do. Speak up and get involved and you’ll discover how you can make a difference. The key is to just do it! n

Cooking for you seems to be more of a passion than a profession, right? Dr: Absolutely. Cooking is a way for me to share my passion and love of preparing various foods with my own recipes in the kitchen and cooking club. i am a foodie and the techniques i’ve learned throughout my life, sharing my knowledge with others, and watching my cooking club members grow gives me much joy and happiness. in addition, i find cooking is a form of meditation and love for me. We’ve come to know you as a foodie and chef, but you’re involved in a variety of other causes too. Can you tell us more? Dr: first and foremost, i am a woman that believes in civil rights for all. Since i was 16, i’ve been involved in fighting for all by protesting, petitions, fundraising and speaking engagements to promote civil rights and equality for all people, regardless of race, religion, age or sexual preference. Also, my animals are my heart and soul and i view any animal/pet as a family member. i’m an active supporter of a variety of initiatives including The Annie Appleseed Project,

63 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e


64 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

107.9 FM

in 2012, mike Stephens, a Trilogy® at monarch Dunes resident, had an idea. He wanted to see if it was possible to contact the federal Communications Commission and apply for a license to broadcast over the fm airwaves. He had hoped to get permission to broadcast, but deep down knew it was a longshot – there are thousands of submissions sent to the fCC every year asking for airtime on one of the limited frequencies available. Only, his idea was far from a longshot—it became reality! Stephens, along with several members of the Trilogy at monarch Dunes community, were granted access to 107.9fm, which broadcasts throughout Nipomo and other nearby communities. “We were surprised at first, and didn’t expect to get approval with the fCC,” said Judith Richards, a member of the Trilogy media Club and host on monarch Radio. “We had essentially no resources, no equipment, no show schedules and no experience running a radio station! But after some hard work, we were able to procure all the tools necessary to start broadcasting. And since 2014, it’s been more fun than any of us could have imagined.” monarch Radio, which is aired from 6 to 10a.m. every day, includes a wide array of programming, all run by active members of the Trilogy media Club. The station is non-profit and community/listener supported, and can also be accessed via online streaming. “The old-time radio shows are an absolute blast,” said Stephens. “We try and do them the same way they were done many decades ago, with multiple speaking parts and actors, sound effects and more. it’s truly a lost art and we’ve found our audience absolutely loves to tune in.” Additional programming on monarch Radio includes live broadcasts from community events, restaurant reviews, travel tips, interviews, music and more. monarch Radio also implements the emergency Alert System, which a national public warning system to rebroadcast emergency information provided by local, state and federal officials. “Whether it’s our very own rendition of a War of the Worlds alien invasion, an interview with a local politician or a review on a new restaurant in town, it takes a lot of teamwork behind the scenes to make each and every monarch Radio show happen,” said Richards. “it’s a labor of love for us all and intensely gratifying. Better yet, we encourage all our local Trilogy members to bring their ideas to the table and consider the possibility of their own broadcast about whatever it is they are passionate about. We make it fun for everyone to get involved and who knows, you might become a star!” To learn more about monarch Radio and how you can tune in, or better, support the Trilogy media Club, visit monarchradio.org. n

65 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

trilogy TEHALEH


66 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

It’s been more than a decade since I began providing naturopathic and integrative medicine for Trilogy® Members. Since then, we’ve published well over a hundred articles; seen thousands of patients; coordinated group wellness efforts; and given countless lectures on naturopathic remedies. I can say with full confidence, I have the greatest set of patients and participants any practitioner could ask for! you might be wondering, what is integrative and naturopathic medicine in the first place? Well, integrative medicine takes into account a person’s whole being (body, mind and spirit) and naturopathic medicine emphasizes optimal health through the use of natural ingredients and therapeutic methods to promote self-healing. if you want to know whether a naturopathic or integrative provider might be able to help you, just ask yourself a few simple questions. Do you have good daytime energy? Do you sleep well? Do you have good metabolism? Are you happy and not anxious?

67 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

if you answered “no” to any of these questions, alternative medicine can probably help. our first step in integrative care is to look at your diagnostic work with a finer-toothed comb than other providers might have done. frequently, hormones, blood-sugar balance, thyroid, and even adrenal health can progressively, although sometimes only slightly, decline over the years. “Weight gain, lowered However, even slight declines can begin to add up, ultimately producing symptoms. Weight gain, lowered energy, mood disturbance, energy, mood disturbance, poor sleep, and other symptoms associated with aging don’t have to be poor sleep, and other accepted as inevitable. often, hormones, thyroid symptoms associated with medication, and/or blood sugar support are initiated to combat metabolism and circadian rhythm errors aging don’t have to be that we find on diagnostic work or suspect from your symptoms. other times, nutrients, herbs, and accepted as inevitable.” acupuncture can be used to support the function of these systems to make you sleep better, feel better, and use energy more efficiently. in addition to investigating the errors in metabolism listed above, an integrative provider will focus on prevention. Prevention is important throughout life, but as an active adult, it becomes imperative. With every patient, the goal is to determine risks based on personal history, symptoms, diagnostic work, and family history. in many cases, we can decrease those

68 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

risks with lifestyle modifications and nutrition. Particular vitamins and nutrients can improve heart health, kidney health, brain function, and digestion to ensure “Prevention is important many more healthy and happy years. throughout life, but as i also recommend my patients seek a review of their medications. Sometimes it an active adult, it can be your medications keeping you from feeling your best. Common prescriptions becomes imperative” can easily deplete nutrients vital to energy production. Digestive aids and heartburn medications deplete B12, magnesium, and other nutrients. likewise, common heart medications, diabetes medications, and anti-depressants all come with their own risks for nutrient depletion. An integrative provider can review your medications and help you to fill nutrient gaps. thousands of patients and countless presentations later, my goal remains the same: to help my patients feel their best. Come in to see me, or find a provider in your area, to help you investigate what is limiting you. n

And here’s to the decades to come!

69 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i f e

Finding Amy Dr. Amy Whittington practices naturopathic medicine at the Alvea Spas at Trilogy® at Vistancia in Peoria, Ariz. and Encanterra Country Club in San Tan Valley, Ariz. She has been Trilogy's chosen naturopath for more than a decade. Replete with a wide array of spa and salon services including massages, facial and body treatments, hair and nail services, Alvea Spas offer a variety of custom wellness treatments. Among Dr. Amy’s offerings include full-body health assessments, acupuncture, collagen injection therapy, skin tightening treatments and detoxification programs. To learn more or to schedule a visit, call (623) 215-6290.

Arctic circle











Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress

70 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i F e







sAn FrAncisco


seAt tle


PArk cit y


new york


PAlm Desert


Jersey shore




Ever read the book or seen the movie

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? If not, here’s the premise: four friends are linked together through a single item of clothing that each teenage girl wears at different times in their lives. The pants link the girls together and help them stay in touch. 2



71 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i F e







1 JAn crAwForD / La Alhambra, Spain 2 PAige BArrett / St. Petersburg, Russia 3 cinDy hArt / Park City, Utah 4 connie hAnkins / Paris, France 5 / 10 BArBArA ohme / Santorini, Greece 6 Dee Dennis / San Francisco, California 7 mAureen BouDreAult / Beijing, the Great Wall of China 8 trAcey clArk / The Good Life Festival at Encanterra® 9 nAncy rehm / New York City, New York

72 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i F e

inspired, a group of friends at trilogy® at Vistancia® in Peoria, Ariz., passed along a black and white summer dress as they traveled to different places throughout the year. the dress, which according to trilogy at Vistancia member Barbara ohme, “magically fits anyone who wears it,” has been worn by 10 women (and counting) to more than 17 countries and has taken several trips across the united states. “the best part of the experience is getting together and sharing stories with other likeminded and adventurous travelers,” said ohme. “whoever wears the dress, it’s required that they post a photo and short article about their experiences wearing it on Facebook. And by the way, the dress has become so popular, we have a waiting list to get their hands on it!” “the diverse styles in which the dress is worn shows our uniqueness,” said Jan crawford, who has traveled internationally while wearing the dress. “the fact that the dress fits us all, shows how alike we are. Also, to have a ‘sisterhood’ at this time in our lives is very special. oh, the places we’ll go!” the “trilogy traveling Dress” has its own Facebook group and has inspired more women to join and be part of the fun. “the dress is fun to wear, it’s comfortable and it really does fit anyone who wears it!” said nancy rehm, who has worn the dress to multiple states in the u.s. “everyone who wears it brings a new style and look to the dress, and it’s been so much fun to participate.” “if you ask any of the women who have worn it and they’ll tell you—the dress has personality all to its own,” said ohme. “it makes both traveling with and wearing it so much fun!” n

73 | #m y T R I L O G Y l i F e


In 2016, Trilogy® began to think boldly about the way active adult communities are envisioned. We took it upon ourselves to answer a question that had been brewing in our collective consciousness for some time:

Is there a way to incorporate Trilogy into a more urban setting? Never shy to take on new challenges, we’ve embarked in doing just that with the all new Trilogy in Summerlin® Las Vegas, where home sales began in fall of 2017. Set on just about 50 acres in debatably Las Vegas’s most desirable master-planned community, Summerlin, Trilogy is a cosmopolitan enclave of just more than 350 residences. A blend of patio homes, duplexes, and condominiums, the community has one feature noticeably absent — there are no detached homes. This is one part by requirement, and another part by design. “There are many elements that make the Trilogy environments distinct,” said Jeff McQueen, president of Trilogy. “The most important is the way the community design encourages meeting neighbors, making friends, and experiencing life. I suspect we may be even more successful at delivering on those goals as we increase density.” While the freestanding homes may be absent, the resort club continues to act as the community centerpiece. Case in point is the community’s Outlook Club, a nearly 15,000 square-foot desert contemporary clubhouse complete with fitness, relaxation, pool, courts, a dramatic rooftop deck with views of the Strip, and much more. Expected to be unveiled as soon as late 2018, Outlook Club will include some of the boldest design choices Trilogy has ever made – a luxury made possible by the progressive designs showcased at the resorts throughout the city. Homes in the community are expected to begin in the mid-$400’s and range in size from 1,500 to nearly 3,000 square feet. Summerlin Village – which includes restaurants, shopping, attractions, and more – is just minutes away. Early interest in the community has been strong, reinforcing Trilogy's long-had interest in southern Nevada. “One of our tenets since the beginning has been innovation,” said McQueen. “As we now craft a community in one of the boldest, brightest cities in the country, we see this as another step in keeping Trilogy at the forefront of the active adult space.” INFORMATION ON TRILOGY IN SUMMERLIN IS AVAILABLE BY VISITING TRILOGYLIFE.COM

T r I L O g y ® aT O C A L A P R E S E R V E

COMMUNITY BONDS There’s nothing quite like the bond between community members and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there are others nearby who care about you and your well-being. “The recent hurricanes that struck us in Florida really showed what our friends and neighbors are made of,” said Trilogy® at Ocala Preserve Member, Bill Isaza. “We had neighbors in our community helping Floridians affected by Hurricane Irma, and several of us took special care to look after the homes of neighbors who are out of town. It’s like one big family, and that’s why I love it here so much.” Hurricane Irma hit Ocala, Fla. as a Category 4 Storm in September. With it came high winds, heavy rains, power outages, and debris around the community. While residents may have lost their power for a short time, everything and everyone came out mostly unscathed – a result which can be attributed to a combination of good fortune and the caring nature of their neighbors. “Not that anyone wants to go through something like Hurricane Irma, but if there’s anywhere I’d want to be during a storm like this, it would be here,” Lifestyle

Director Olivia Lopez said. “It just helps knowing there are people around who are willing to help you out no matter what.” From before the storm blew in until after the sun returned, residents were helping one another; from moving outdoor items inside to shield them from the storm, to sending photos to neighbors who elected to go north out of Irma’s way, to simply offering an open door and a warm meal so they could wait out the storm together, among friends. “My wife Martha and I make a point to get to know [other Members] so well that we can count on each other in times of need,” Isaza said. The relationships forged paid dividends as the storm came through. Between efforts to help not only their immediate neighbors but their fellow Floridians, Trilogy Members came together and did what they do best. “It’s truly heartwarming to see,” Lopez said. “Our community has always felt pretty tight-knit, but seeing how our Members offered assistance to not just each other, but to the team here at the club as well, has been awesome. It’s really what being a community is all about.” n

76 | #M y T R I L O G Y L I F e

77 | #M y T R I L O G Y L I F e



WITH JEFF MCQUEEN PreSIdenT Of TrILOgy By SHeA HOMeS Let’s start with a hearty congratulations and happy anniversary!

There’s also an incredible amount of diversity at Trilogy. Do you find it easy to relate to the Members?

Thank you. 2018 marks the twentieth year “of Trilogy , and looking back on the past two ®

decades – of which I’ve had the privilege of being a part – I couldn't be more proud of our progress.

What have you learned in those twenty years? But what stands out is that while we build homes, “weLots. aren’t simply homebuilders. We develop land, but we do much more than most developers. What we work to do is create environments where people live a richer life than they would otherwise.

relate to that experience. My wife and I are recent empty-nesters. Our kids remain a hugely important part of our lives, but on a day-to-day basis, it is different. We are building a new rhythm with one another, and, pleasantly, rediscovering the joys that brought us together in the first place. This includes developing new friendships, something we see happen all the time in our communities.

Thank you, Jeff. Any parting words you wish to share? believe to my core that living “in aI Trilogy community provides the

Trilogy has developed a reputation for having some of the friendliest, happiest communities around. Why is that? happier is huge part of what Trilogy is all about. In the “2017LivingMember Survey, 84 percent of Members said they were happier since they moved to Trilogy. We believe that a lift in the true, genuine happiness of our Members – not just superficial fun – is the ultimate measure of our success. I want to see that number at 100 percent in the future.

What advice do you have for people approaching the next chapter in their lives?

who come to Trilogy usually do so at a point in their “livesPeople when they want to start a new chapter. I do feel like I can

opportunity to live a richer, more fulfilling, happier life. To those who have already made the choice, I say thank you. And to anyone currently considering Trilogy, I encourage you to visit and spend time with some of our Members. If it feels right to you, you'll know it.

Here’s to the pursuit!

Here are some of my favorite bits “of counsel I’ve heard from Trilogy Members as I've visited the communities. It's simple but seems to be working for them. 1. Make more friends. 2. Try more things. 3. See the world.

80 | #M y T R I L O G Y L I f e

Jeff has been with Trilogy since its inception in 1998, progressing to the leadership role he has today in 2015. He and his wife Kim live in Phoenix, and enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits.

eAcH yeAR We suRVey All memBeRs AcRoss tHe countRy to Get A BetteR unDeRstAnDinG of WHAt ouR ResoRt cluB teAms ARe DoinG Well AnD WHeRe We cAn continue to innoVAte. tHe finAl Question AlloWs ouR memBeRs to mAke A comment ABout HoW, oVeRAll, tHey feel ABout life At tRiloGy ®. HERE IS SOME OF WHAT WAS SAID.

I recently hosted a party in my home for over 40 people and could have easily have invited 100. This after only a year in the community. Great place to meet new friends.

(other than marrying my spouse!).

“It’s like cruising on land!”

“I was happy when I moved into Trilogy ten years ago and I'm still happy today! Thanks for all you do!”

Living in Trilogy is the best investment in happiness I've ever made

“We want all our friends to live here!” “Wish I moved here years ago.” “Just love it.” “[Living here] is the best decision we ever made.”

monarch Dunes, Rio Vista, and Vineyards sales: shea Homes marketing company (calBRe #01378646); construction: shea Homes, inc. (cA cslB #672285). Rice Ranch sales: shea Homes marketing company (calBRe #01378646); construction: shea Homes limited Partnership (cslB #672285). Polo club sales: shea Homes marketing company (calBRe #01378646); construction: shea Homes limited Partnership (cslB #855368). Vistancia, Wickenburg Ranch and Verde River and encanterra sales: shea communities marketing company (AZ DRe #co001121000); construction: sHAlc Gc, inc. (AZ Roc#291056). orlando and ocala Preserve sales: shea Homes marketing company (fl #cQ1034437); construction: sHAlc Gc, inc. (cBc #1260716). Jubilee and tehaleh sales: shea communities marketing company (WA #19548); construction: sHAlc Gc, inc. (WA #sHAlcGi863P9). Ardiente sales: J.f. shea co., inc. (nV #B.144675); construction: sHAlc Gc, inc. (nV #nscB0080574). trilogy las Vegas sales: shea communities marketing company (nV #B.144675); construction: sHAlc Gc, inc. (nV #nscB0080574) lake frederick sales: shea Homes limited Partnership; construction: sHAlc Gc, inc. (#2705152813). lake norman sales: shea communities marketing company (nc #c25840); construction: sHAlc Gc, inc. (nc #75061). Homes in encanterra, Rio Vista, Vineyards, orlando, Vistancia, lake frederick, lake norman, ocala Preserve, Ardiente, tehaleh and Jubilee locations are intended for occupancy by at least one person 55 years of age or older, with certain exceptions. encanterra Resort community, Polo club, and Wickenburg Ranch are all-ages communities with select 55+ neighborhoods. Verde River, monarch Dunes and Rice Ranch are all-ages communities. this is not an offer of real estate for sale, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, to residents of any state or province in which registration and other legal requirements have not been fulfilled. trademarks are property of their respective owners. Pricing does not include options, elevation, or lot premiums, effective date of publication and subject to change without notice. All square footages and measurements are approximate and subject to change without notice. WHeRe APPlicABle, A PuBlic RePoRt is AVAilABle on tHe DePARtment of ReAl estAte WeBsite. Verde River, Wickenburg, Polo club, and ocala: use of the golf course and club is at the pleasure of the club owner and golf courses are planned to be private. owners must purchase a separate golf membership from the course owner. equal Housing opportunity. models are not an indication of racial preference.

We are about to move into our 3rd Trilogy community (Monarch Dunes), and we can’t wait.

LIFE IS ABOUT TO GET A WHOLE LOT HAPPIER Stay in the know by making MyTrilogyLife.com part of your daily routine

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