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MARCH 2019 | ISSUE 11


MY TOWN A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE An Irish Blessing May your blessings outnumber The shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!

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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Niki Crow Rachel Trendler

A special thanks to these community supporters who are committed to making Broome a Great Place To Live.

Kelly Roma (Neighborhood Chef)

1st Ward Action Council NAC, NBT, UHS, GioV Viscotti Twin Tier Paving, Scared Heart Ukrainian Church -Clinton St. Café, Di Rienzo Bros. Bakery & Deli, Frank’s Italian Restaurant, Grande’s Italian Rest. & Pizzeria, Harry Tuft’s Public House, Irish Kevin’s, Lupo’s S&S Char-Pit, Moghul, Number 5 Restaurant, Phil’s Chicken House, Red Oak Restaurant & Diner, South Side Chubbie’s, The Beef Restaurant & Pub, The Grapevine Café, BelAire BBQ, The Pub at North and Main, The Wine Cellar Tavern, Touch of Texas, #buyinbroome # belocalbroome

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An Early Spring!

America’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, came out last month to tell one and all we can expect an early spring!!! Welcome news to many of us. This tradition goes back to the 1880’s with crowds in celebration waiting to see if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not. If Phil casts a shadow on Feb 2nd we can all expect a little more cold and snow. But like this year, when he doesn’t, an early spring is upon us!! Officially the first day of Spring this year is Wednesday, March 20th, which means we can all start to shed those winter coats and return to the outdoors for some of the season’s long awaited activities and festivities. But… this is Binghamton with weather that changes every minute. So please, if Phil is wrong, try not to hold it against him. He needs this job.

Gerry Smith

Roger Luther

The changing of the guard

For decades now you’ve known Gerry Smith as our Broome County Historian. A position entrusted with guarding, promoting, researching and sharing our very history. It’s from our past that we learn about who we are and where we come from. And it’s what Gerry tells us is the best part of his career… working with all the great people here and sharing in their stories.

Gerry grew up in Binghamton. His father and mother were no strangers to hard work having two farms and even a beauty shop that his mother opened when she was just 19. In high school Gerry loved anything to do with history but also enjoyed drawing and painting. His love for history brought him to B.C.C. and then SUNY where he received his

Welcome Broome County’s new historian Roger Luther, a position Roger was destined to hold. As Executive Director of the Preservation Association of the Southern Tier, Board Trustee for the Broome County Historical Society, published author of two publications Expressions of Faith – Exploring the Religious Structures of Broome County and Treasures of the Tier – Exploring Historic Properties in New York’s Southern Tier, originator and writer for his website, columnist for the Press’ Treasures of the Tier and daily post contributor of local news items “100 Years Ago Today” on the “Historic Binghamton” Facebook group Roger is the best qualified person any county could ever ask for.

Gerry Smith Continued... Masters. To pay for Grad School Gerry took a job at the Binghamton Public Library as a library clerk. It paid only $75 a week but it allowed him to continue his studies, and most importantly, it put Gerry on a path that would become the career he has enjoyed for some 40 years as he went from the Library Clerk to Library Assistant and then the County and City Historian, teacher and author. Gerry has helped our community in so many ways like putting together the Local History & Genealogy Center at the library, and the All-Wars Memorial. One memory dear to him was of a woman who lived in New England. She was born here and given up for adoption with almost no information of her biological mother except a hospital name. In just two hours Gerry was able to reunite the mother and daughter ending their 50 year search. That’s a memory we can all be proud of. Now retiring from his official role Gerry plans to finish writing his 6th book while continuing to teach at SUNY Broome, writing for the Press and helping out at the Library. Doesn’t really sound like a retirement, but he is happy to say he will now have more time to spend with family and take some long awaited trips. Thank you Gerry for all you’ve done to capture our history and being a friend to all! Roger Luther Continued... History is Roger’s passion. “I’ve had a strong interest in history and architectural photography dating back to my work with the historic R.A. Moog Company in 1972. On moving to Binghamton in 1999, I immediately began researching the New York State Inebriate Asylum and local history in general. Since then I have researched, photographed and written about hundreds of landmark structures in the area.“ Roger says there are so many incredible stories he has written including the discovery of 5000 glass plate negatives that were taken 100 years ago and finding a personal daily journal of a patent at the Binghamton State Hospital in the 1950s. Roger says “there are a few aspects of Broome County history that make it especially unique. From cigars to shoes to computers, in its heyday local industry supplied product globally, and in so doing, built this community by drawing families here from around the world. Local industry leaders set a standard of excellence for fair and ethical treatment of employees that I believe is unsurpassed to this day.” Roger hopes as the Broome County Historian he can make some changes including sharing our history through different outlets by various collaboration efforts. Roger says he is excited at the possibilities and “I look forward to discussing local history and learning more from visitors to the Local History Center. Please feel free to contact me anytime”. The Broome County Local History and Genealogy Center is located on the second floor of the Broome County Public Library. The Center incorporates the local history and genealogy holdings of the Broome County Public Library, the Broome County Historical Society, the Broome County Historian and the City of Binghamton Historian. The Center is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 9a.m. - 5:p.m. and Tues. 12p.m. - 8p.m.

i am


Comfort & Son Jewelers has been building relationships since 1932 when Harry Comfort and later Harry’s oldest brother Don opened a small trade shop doing watch repair work located above the Bluehaven Diner. Adam Comfort, said his grandfather Harry “apprenticed under his brother Don to become a watchmaker (repairmen). Around 18 years later my grandfather (Roy Comfort) bought the business and made the transition to retail moving from above the Bluehaven to around the corner on Broad Street. He started small and grew the retail side little by little establishing the theory in which we still do business today. Sometime later we moved to our 241 Main St location. My father Mike Comfort took the business over from his father and me from him. My father comes in daily and enjoys his time dealing with long time customers. We have always enjoyed and taken a great pride in the cultivation of relationships with our customers and often see multiple generations of families continue to do business with us.”Adam said Comfort & Son Jewelers, which is now located on the Vestal Parkway in Vestal, is the “PEOPLE’S JEWELER” that has been “giving back to our community for years. Though we don’t sit on Boards of organizations we seek those out that could use a little help and offer it. I’m not much for the attention good deeds bring; rather the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone out is enough. After all our community has been good to our family for years, why should we not pay that forward.” Comfort & Son Jewelers | 3951 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal, NY

Member FDIC

Bad Hair Day? No Problem! How many of you have been experiencing a bad hair day lately? I know between the cold and dry atmosphere my hair has been looking dull! Styling it everyday can be a pain and constantly highlighting or dying your hair is costly and damaging! Not to worry because I’m here to give you a 5 minute solution for the best hair day, everyday! Wigs! Wigs come in all different styles, colors, lengths and types. They also come in many different price ranges! So let’s look at a few!

$15- $25 Lace Front, Synthetic Wig from a Wig Outlet This wig is a very inexpensive wig! Typically with inexpensive wigs we will see a few flaws! With this one I noticed that the amount of hair was lacking. These aren’t very full wigs. Although surprisingly this was a Lace Front wig meaning it has a bit of lace in the front that you cut and it helps blend it seamlessly against your hairline or forehead. Lace Fronts are normally more expensive so this was a great price. However, the hair itself looks quiet fake and shiny. We see this with low quality Synthetic wigs often. There are a number of things you can do to make this look more natural but I would say these are best for trying out styles and colors before making a big investment. These are also fun to wear on a night out or a costume party!

$25-$45 No Lace Synthetic Wigs | Priseer App These Wigs are also a cheaper type of synthetic hair which gives them a very shiny and fake look. Because these didn’t have any lace built in, the transition from my forehead to the wig looks very harsh. They also have no part to them which makes them look fake and they have a poorly designed wig cap which peaks through the hair. These wigs aren’t great for anything other than costume parties or pictures. They wont be fooling anyone!

$80+ Lace Front Synthetic Wig | This wig was amazing! It has a ton of hair! The lace blended seamlessly and looked natural! The part on this wig in particular was non existent because of the hairstyle but after playing with the hair and parting it myself it looked natural! Although the hair is synthetic it is a higher quality and looked less shiny and more natural! This is great for everyday wear or to change up your look. You can style these with hot tools and because there is so much hair you can create beautiful elaborate hairstyles!

$290+ Smart Lace Front, Monofilament Top Synthetic Wig | This is the most expensive wig but also the best wig on the list. This wig comes in different sizes so it fits your head perfectly! The smart lace front means you don’t have to cut it yourself which makes it extremely easy to wear right out of the box. The Monofilament top lets you part the hair wherever you want while always giving you a natural looking part. This wig however wasn’t as thick as some of the others but it did have layers cut right into it which gave it a ton of body! This Synthetic hair is very high quality and isn’t shiny like most! It is soft to the touch and looks as real as your own hair! This is perfect for everyday wear or extended wear! Get The Look with Niki Crow

ADOPT! Open Your Heart and Home Winky is about 8 months old and LOVES to play fetch. She enjoys tiny stuffed animals (like her bear) that she enjoys carrying around and some would call her a “stuffed animal thief.” She would do well in a home with other cats and wouldn’t mind sharing a home with a dog, as long as it was quiet. If you are interested in learning more about Winky she thoroughly enjoys visitors and will be waiting by the door in her room at The Humane Society! To adopt Winky contact: Amberly Ondria, Shelter Manager The Humane Society 167 Conklin Ave | Binghamton, Phone (607) 724-3709 Ext. 103

Cheers to Dos Rios for hosting The Broome County Arts Council’s Celebrity Bartending Night A 2019 UCF Campaign fundraiser! The celebrity bartenders where Jeff Lake Regional President of NBT Bank, Emily Jablon, local artist at Jablon Studios, Michael Fosbury, President & CEO, Columbian Financial Group, and Debra Colon Columbian Financial Group 2nd VP Compliance and Asst Secretary. These bartenders did a great job serving and entertaining the never-ending flow of people who came through the doors. For those of you who do not know, BCAC has been promoting and advancing the arts in our community since 1986. Last year, they awarded 5 General Operating Support Grants. Grantees included The Goodwill Theatre, EPAC, Roberson, Tri-Cities Opera, and the Philharmonic. In addition to these, the Broome County Arts Council awarded 14 Project grants to individual artists and small arts organizations. 100% of the money raised goes directly to arts organizations, including BCAC (it is how they keep the lights on!).

“We feel it is our responsibility and duty to give back and support our wonderful Community. Being a Good Corporate citizen is key to who the Gault Family is and has been since inception, way back in 1934.� Connie Gault

Gault Chevrolet was started in 1934 by James Robert “J.R.” Gault in Hannibal New York, originally selling new vehicles out of his hardware store located in the town square. Unsure of the future viability of the car business he encouraged his son William to find a secure profession and so he enrolled in the Simmons School of Embalming and Mortuary Science and became a licensed Mortician. Eventually Bill decided he preferred the automobile business and after serving in the navy during WWII, became the 2nd generation dealer in 1948. Operating the Chevrolet agency in the small-town Bill was selling as many as 250 vehicles per year in a town with a population of 500. In 1956 Chevrolet Motor Division recognized his success and encouraged him to buy the agency that was for sale in Endicott. Building the current facility in 1964 he operated the dealership until 1984 at which time he turned over the operation to Robert “Bob” Gault.

The Toyota Franchise was added in 1988 and BMW in 1997; currently employing son Rob and son-in-law Allan Eagles II as General Managers of Chevrolet and BMW and Toyota franchises. “We are inspired by the local populace whose parents and grandparents came to the area in great number around the turn of the century to find work and the American dream as offered by the Endicott Johnson Shoe Company”. And much like George F. Johnson, the Gault family has been dedicated to helping their community ever since they first opened their doors 62 years ago. JR Gault was honored by the Mayor of Hannibal for making a positive difference in the people’s lives in the 30s and 40s. In the 50s and 60s some of the organizations Bill Gault gave to included the United Negro Fund and he started a William and Mary Scholarship at Binghamton University. He gave to the United Way and was a Shriner who gave every year to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. He also donated and dedicated a room, in his friend’s honor, Steve Yurch, at the United Methodist Homes. The Gault family continues to expand their giving in so many ways including giving to many local schools, Traci’s Hope, United Way, Mom’s House and the Gault Gives Back Program that

gives $5000.00 each month, two $2500 checks to local not for profit organizations. In addition Gault also supports our local BOCES vocational education program and as a member of the BOD of the Boys and Girls Club and Family Center of Western Broome, Bob supports the efforts of this organization to build a better future for our youth. Gault was recognized in 2018 by the Greater Broome Chamber of Commerce with the Corporate Citizen of The Year Award, and in 2017 by BOCES with the Community Service Award. They also received recognition from Toyota Motor Company with the President’s Award for 22 years. This award recognizes “the best of the best”. Connie, you and your entire Gault family are the best of the best. Thank you for making Broome County your home and making this a great place to live.

Hearts for Hope Broome County came out tonight to support A Room to Heal and the children and families they connect with. It was standing room only at The Holiday Inn with all the great people and sponsors in attendance showing their love and raising money for a great cause! A Room to Heal is an all volunteer organization that creates a healing environment in the homes of children affected by serious medical conditions in our community. Look them up and help make a difference in the life of a child!

Run With Your Hun Valentine’s 5K It’s always a good day to run at the Vestal Coal House. Today was the 7th anniversary of the Run With Your Hun Valentine’s 5K. This tradition is a great way to raise money for The American Heart Association while welcoming in Valentine’s Day in a race with a lot of heart. Congratulations to all! And a special congrats to Stephen Mazikewich, winner of the individual division!

“Excuses are the building blocks to nothing. Those who excel in them, seldom excel in anything else! Perseverance!”

FIT FOR LIFE : Dave Burch, a Virginia native now living in Binghamton, is a retired Triple City Jets minor league football team player, father to two girls and family man. With role models like Arthur Ashe, Bob Dandridge and Willie Lanier sports was very important in his neighborhood. Mr. Burch first got into football in his middle school days. “The lessons of sportsmanship and teamwork were invaluable to being successful. Without this, any attempts to excel in anything would have been a difficult challenge.” In high school Dave played football and ran track at Maggie Walker’s Governor’s School. He excelled in sports which led to scholarship offers. He accepted and played for Johnson C. Smith University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Physics. After college he accepted a job with IBM here in Binghamton but it wasn’t long before he found out that Binghamton had a minor league football team, the Triple Cities Jets. From 1970-77 Mr. Burch played as a defensive end and linebacker for the Triple Cities Jets. Now retired from Lockheed Martin he manages a ”non-profit agency, American Football Associates (AFA), which provides services to minor league football organizations nationwide.” The AFA was founded in 1980 and Mr. Burch was named President in 2007. Dave also serves as “Commissioner of the Empire Football League which is currently celebrating its 50th year.” He also assists with non-profit organizations such as SCORE, Animal Care Sanctuary, Salvation Army and the NFL Alumni. Mr. Burch has had the privilege of competing against and alongside some of the most talented athletes on this planet and enjoyed the opportunity to learn and emulate their behaviors as well as listen to their advice and counsel. If furthering a career in sports management is something you would like to pursue Dave advised that discipline and perseverance are key. Arm yourself with the right tools to succeed and never stop learning.

Kelly Roma March’s Neighborhood Chef This recipe is a family favorite to make around St. Patrick’s day after cooking a ham. It’s passed down from my great-grandmother, Filomena Silba, and this method is the way my mother’s side of the family has always cooked ham and cabbage soup. At one point, very early on in their marriage, my mother who is Italian told my Irish father that she was going to make ham and cabbage soup for dinner. He was surprised but excited. He loves ham and cabbage soup. When my father sat down to the table to eat, he was confused about what he was seeing. The soup he grew up eating never had pepperoni in it, nor was it red in color. He didn’t mention anything (smart man) and ate it anyway, absolutely loving it. This recipe is hands down how he prefers to eat it now. These are common occurrences when an Irish man marries an Italian woman. Irish/ Italian fusion food. Ham and Cabbage Soup (Italian style) Ingredients • • • • • • • •

Ham bone 1 onion (any type preferred) 2-3 Potatoes Chicken stock (enough to cover your whole ham bone). Cabbage- 3/4 of a head Carrots- 2-3 peeled and sliced 1 large stick of premium pepperoni Salt & pepper

Directions Place the leftover ham bone in a large pot and fully cover it with chicken stock. Make sure you add quite a bit of chicken broth. Cut an onion in half and add it to the pot (large pieces or halved because it will be removed later). Simmer for an hour and a half. While simmering, clean, peel (if preferred) and slice the potatoes. Put them aside. Peel the carrots if needed. Put them aside. Slice 3/4 of the pepperoni stick into round slices and set aside. After an hour and a half, remove the ham bone and the onion from the broth. Cut the ham left on the bone off and set aside. Toss out the bone. Add the cabbage, potatoes and carrots to the broth and slow boil until the potatoes are tender. (About half an hour). Add in the ham, and pepperoni and simmer for 10 minutes. Ladle into a bowl and add salt and pepper to taste! If you have a recipe you’d like to share, write us at

i am


Meet Michael Osborn and Amanda Willard, owners of Ozzie’s Brisket BBQ Grill, a mobile BBQ Caterer that travels throughout the State from March to October serving up delicious hardwood smoked BBQ brisket, pulled pork, ribs, meatloaf, macaroni salad, and gumbo. Michael and Amanda’s mobile business also has their famous bottled BBQ sauce and ribs and a 1500 watt sound system to give a music filled eating experience. Ozzie’s has been in business for ten years and they are all about giving back to the community. Ozzie’s has donated to so many local charities including the Humane Society (Duck Derby), Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome, and a BBQ Bash for the Family Enrichment Network. Thank you to Michael and Amanda for helping to make our area a great place to live!

Check out MY TOWN magazine’s favorites places to eat...

WHERE TO EAT FOOD + DRINK Clinton Street Café A Great American Café serving Breakfast and Lunch - Come in for the BEST Sausage Gravy anywhere!! 52 Clinton St. • 724-9927

Di Rienzo Bros. Bakery & Deli Great Pizza, Baked Goods & Fried Fish. Open 7 days/week. Across from the Rumble Ponies. Look for the truck! 152 Henry St. Bing. • 722-1220

Grande’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria Great Italian Food & New York Style Pizza! Your Italian Restaurant! Dine In/ Take Out 7 Days/week. 1250 Upper Front St. Bing. • 231-2865

Frank's Italian Restaurant Traditional Italian recipes bringing you the best of the Old & New World! Amazing New Bar . 2633 Rte 26 Maine • 323-5445

The Grapevine Café

Red Oak Restaurant & Diner

Where charm, incredible food & great people come together. Plus craft beer, wine & more!! 220 Main St. JC • 729-1000

Providing home-style meals since 1976. Stop in today and see what everyone is talking about!

Harry Tuft’s Public House

Phil's Chicken House

Come for the food. Stay for the fun! Classic American Dishes Where everyone is family! 203 W Main Endicott • 786-5242

Number 5 Restaurant Serving the Southern Tier since 1978. Prime Steaks, Fresh Seafood, Live Music Friday & Saturday 33 S Washington Bing • 723-0555

Irish Kevin's Irish Tradition redefined. Amazing Music, Hearty Food & Drink, Friendly Banter. 7days/wk. 47 Riverside Dr. JC • 237-0188

Lupo's S&S Char-Pit Home of the Char Grilled Spiedie Sub & Sandwiches. Dine In, Take Out, Incredible Catering. 6 W State St. • 723-6106

Moghul Fine Indian Cuisine & Tapas Bar! Traditional Dishes w/ a modern approach to fine dining. 4700 Vestal Pkwy E. • 729-2266

Bel Air BBQ Diner Authentic Southern Style BBQ in a 50’s Theme Diner. Smoked meatssides-award winning beans. 9 Wash. Ave End. • 953-8262

305 Front St. Bing. 722-0440

Amazing Rotisserie Chicken BBQ Restaurant since 1965. Dine In or Out, Famous Catering. 1208 Union Ctr Main Hwy Endicott • 748-6855

The Pub at North and Main Incredible Food, Awesome Burgers, Great Pizza. You’re going to love it here! Live Music. 2906 E Main Endwell • 239-5565

South Side Chubbie’s We’ve got it all!! Incredible Food & Great People! Plus Karaoke, Trivia & Live Music! 301 Conklin Ave. • 217-7223

Touch of Texas So. Tier's Premier Entertainment Venue. National Acts! Area’s Largest Dance Floor & Bar 1240 Upper Front Street Bing. • 771-1000

The Wine Cellar Tavern Vestal’s Neighborhood Tavern! Meet friends for a drink, catch a game or just unwind! Weis Plaza, 100 Rano Blvd. Vestal • 797-6960

The Beef Restaurant & Pub For The Love of Beef & the perfectly poured Guinness. Stop in & make a friend. Live Music. 62 Leroy St. Bing. • 729-2333


Fabulous Senior

Dream Big Meet Hugh Reynolds, a man from Endwell that dared to dream big and make a difference in his life and the lives of those around them.

Hugh is a 1st generation Irish-American who in every chapter of his life followed his dream. He has given back in so many ways including joining the Air National Guard as a firefighter and rising to the rank of Technical Sergeant.

He became a Fire Chief in West Elmira and later joined Vestal’s volunteer Fire dept where he became the Safety Officer as well as the President of the department. Hugh also belongs to the Vestal Rotary Club for 20 yrs where he held many positions including President. He has been the Grand Marshall for the AOH parades. And at the present time he is the President of GSVE Council and GSVE Association and the Chairman of the Appearance Committee and Resident Incident Team and a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of GSC. And he is proud to say he is still giving back in so many other ways. But when I met with Hugh I realized that his story is not his alone. For he, like many of the others I have interviewed in the past, has a right hand person that has been instrumental in making his dreams come true. That person is his wife. And perhaps this is where I apologize for all the other significant others who have been only mentioned as a footnote in stories for they are the lifeblood, the brains, the muscle, the essence of a team focused on success. And this is something that should never be reduced in our minds nor in my writing. With that said, Hugh’s wife, Maureen, is an amazingly beautiful woman who is such an integral part of his success both professionally and personally that I found her to be finishing many of his sentences. She met Hugh when they were young and have raised two sons and two daughters and are the grandparents of twelve and one great granddaughter. Maureen studied to be, and became a well respected, nurse but chose to leave her profession to take a gamble with her husband on starting a franchise business. The franchise was with Hobart Manufacturing, now known as Hobart Corporation, a food service equipment corporation. Working in unison with one goal in mind – success – they are proud to say they had amassed 3 Hobart franchises in Vestal, Elmira and Gillet Pennsylvania by time they retired in 1977. We at My Town are proud that they chose this area to make their dreams come true.

Remember When Century after century we’ve been a community known for our parades. Here’s a glimpse of the Fireman and Odd Fellows parades from 1898-1907. Just think, your grandparents or great grandparents might even be in one of the photos. Special thanks to our Broome County Historian Roger Luther, the Broome County Historical Society and the Broome County Public Library for all their help.

1. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade wasn’t in Ireland but rather took place in Boston in 1737. 2. The world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in the Irish village of Dripsey. It was only 26 yards, spanning the distance between the village’s two pubs. 3. Chicago has been celebrating Saint Patrick Day by dying the Chicago River GREEN since 1962. It takes 40 tons of dye to get the river just the right shade! 4. There’s no corn in Corned Beef. The term “corned” historically referred to the large grains of salt used in curing beef. 5. Legend has it that Leprechauns actually make their fortune by making and mending shoes. 6. The first green beer was made by a physician in the Bronx for a St Patty’s Day party in 1914. 7. First introduced in 1759 it’s estimated on St Patrick’s Day we will pour some 15 million pints of Guinness Beer. 8. The Shamrock is Ireland’s National Flower 9. About 125 million Americans will celebrate and share in a great Irish heritage this St Patrick’s Day. That’s about 26 times the population of Ireland.

PHOTO OF THE MONTH Photo by: Cindi F. Cooper of Binghamton. Date: Jan 28, 2019 Location: was taken while on a walk through the Port Dickenson Park.












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First Friday Folk Fest Returns to Chenango Stage

St Patrick’s Day

Three Decembers Tri-Cities Opera · Binghamton

MARCH 2 St Patrick’s Parade Day

MARCH 5 Save them All Mardi Gras Ball Dress up in your finest Mardi Gras garb and join Water Street Brewing Co. For an evening of Fat Tuesday festivities Broome County Regional Farmers Market · Bing

MARCH 8 11th Annual Green Tie Dinner Cocktail Reception featuring: Basket Raffles, Bourbon Tasting, Entertainment 2019 Richard Bucci Excellence in Teaching Award. Holiday Inn Bing.

MARCH 9 Binghamton Dance Marathon Binghamton University This year, our goal is to raise $30,000 for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital · Bing Tanya’s Slumber Party! · Invite your friends, start shopping for pajamas and come celebrate a much needed ladies night out! Holiday Inn Binghamton

MARCH 14 Classical Mystery Tour with the BPO | Binghamton, NY Forum · Bing

MARCH 20 Wednesday Beer Run Water Street Brewing Co. · Bing

MARCH 23 Traxxas Monster Truck Tour Arena

MARCH 24 Finding Neverland You like Broadway In Binghamton. The winner of’s Audience Choice Award for Best Musical. Forum · Bing Forks XV Chenango Forks High School · Bing Home Grown: A Farm Artisan Market Broome County Regional Farmers Market · Bing

MARCH 26 Binghamton Restaurant Week Spring ‘19 Every Restaurant Week, your favorite spots offer fixed price threecourse meals that will leave you grinning ear to ear. · Bing

MARCH 30 Relay for Life Team Event American Cancer Society Boscov’s · Bing

Always check the venue for changes in times and dates. For more arts & entertainment listings go to

Use the QR code with your cell phone to look up the month’s Live Performances anytime from anywhere.

March 1st

Mar 9th

Three Decembers @ T.C. Opera Rooster & RH @ Number 5 Hummel’s Mug @ Ransom Stl Comedy @ Watermans Peaches & Crime @ Cyber CW Old Friends @ McGirks

Bands @ Number 5 Molina @ Cyber CW Mathew Cornwell @ Watermans Last Call @ McGirks

March 2nd Greg Neff @ Number 5 Univ. Symph @And Ctr Two Dollar Pistol @ TO Texas Scott Danger @ Cyber CW Under the Rug @ McGirks The Stoutmen @McGirks

March 3rd Karaoke @ Callahans Three Decembers @ T.C. Opera

March 6th Bands @ The Beef Open Mike @ Ransom Stl Rick Lacovelli @Cyber CW

March 7th Mike Davis @ Ransom Stl Karaoke @ LDC Acoustabees @ McGirks

March 8th Bands @ Number 5 Ship of Phools @Callahans Frostbit Blue @Ransom Stl Comedy @ Touch of Texas XXXtraBees @ McGirks

Mar 10th Karaoke @ Callahans

Mar 11th Alex Creamer @ McGirk’s

Mar 13th Bands @ The Beef Budd Ash @ McGirks

Mar 14th Bing Phil/ Beatles Tour @Forum Karaoke @ LDC Giant Steps @ McGirks

Mar 15th Splash @ Number 5 Joe Nichols @ TO Texas Rum Runners @ McGirks

Mar 16th T.C.O. Preview Gala @Traditions Bands @ Number 5 Kid Bess @ Ransom Stl The Shambles @ McGirks

Mar 17th Karaoke @ Callahans Vollmers, Yadas +++ @ McGirks

Mar 19th

Mar 29th

Paw Patrol Live @ Arena Mar 20th Paw Patrol Live @ Arena Bands @ The Beef Mikele Buck @ Watermans Rob Stachyra @ McGirks

Sesame Street Live @ Forum Outside Mullingar @Cider Mill Bands @ Number 5 Opera @And. Ctr Reggae @ Ransom Stl 7800 Fahrenheit @ TO Texas

Mar 21st

Mar 30th

Shrek the Musical @ EPAC Humble Begin @ Ransom Stl Karaoke @ LDC Celtic Popes @ McGirks

Sesame Street Live @ Forum Outside Mullingar @Cider Mill Bands @ Number 5 Bendher@ Ransom Stl

March 22nd

Mar 31st

Shrek the Musical @ EPAC Bands @ Number 5 The Look @ McGirk’s BSBP @ Ransom Stl

Jo Koy @ Forum Tea for 3 @ Firehouse Stage Outside Mullingar @Cider Mill Opera @ And. Ctr Karaoke @ Callahans

Mar 23rd TRAXXAS Monster Truck @ Arena Bing.Phil :Wagner’s @ Forum Shrek the Musical @ EPAC Bands @ Number 5 Woodshed Prophets @ McGirks

Mar 24th Broadway In Binghamton presents: Finding Neverland @ Forum Arts Adventure @ Roberson Shrek the Musical @ EPAC Steve Parish @ Cyber CW Karaoke @ Callahans

Mar 25th Jazz Session @ Firehouse Stage

Mar 27th Bands @ The Beef Rick Pedro @ McGirks

Mar 28th Jazz @ Ransom Stl Karaoke @ LDC

Bartender of the Month Rick Koritkowski At one of our celebrated Irish traditions in Broome County you’ll find our Bartender of the Month, Rick Koritkowski of the House of Reardon est. 1922. Getting to know Rick is pretty easy since every one at Reardon’s is happy to tell you all you need to know - from how genuine he is, and how he is a part of all their families, to even how good of a golfer he is. Rick grew up in Connecticut. In high school he played basketball, baseball and soccer and even enjoyed being in a Polish dance group. After high school he began his career in bartending, working in a pretty busy club before making his way to New York. Once here Rick went for a degree in Business Management at B.C.C. all the while bartending at some pretty famous places in Broome County. You may remember like Chumley’s in Johnson City, and Edigan’s and Eclipse in Binghamton. If school and work weren’t enough to keep a guy busy, Rick was still able to be a stay at home Dad putting his two children Carlee and Kyle first. Today Rick is proud to have found his home at The House of Reardon’s surrounded by so many friends, a number that may be too big to count as they welcome in Parade Day and St. Patrick’s Day. When you come on down you’re sure to find plenty of your favorites, like Guinness and Jameson, but you can also ask Rick to make you any one of his popular specialties. From Rick and everyone at The House of Reardon, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The House of Reardon | 25 Grant St, Binghamton, NY

The Broome County Celtic Pipes & Drums Band You just can’t have a St Patrick’s Day Parade without a Pipe and Drum Band, and we’ve got one of the best in the country !! Back in 1987 the B.C. Celtic Pipes and Drums Band formed giving us the first Bagpipe band in Broome County. Shortly thereafter we all got to see them in their first St. Patrick’s Day Parade right here in Binghamton. Celebrating over 30 years now they continue to entertain crowds locally and abroad at parades, festivals and benefits to include many public and private charitable events such as the Wounded Warrior organization and Police & Firefighter venues. They’ve also played in some of the largest St. Patrick’s day parades in the country, including Savannah Georgia’s and the New York City St Patrick’s Day Parade where they have been ranked amongst the best of the best. Recently in 2018 they even performed in Edinburgh & Ceres Scotland at the oldest Highland games becoming the first Bagpipe Band from New York to ever perform at the games. Thanks to all the B.C. Celtic Pipes and Drums members for making us all proud ! If you’re interested in learning to play the Bagpipes or Drums the Band offers free lessons every Tuesday at St Patrick’s Church in Binghamton. You can also learn more on their FB and Web page and are invited to come to their open house in April.






MAY 15 & 16 A portion of the M&T Bank sponsorship will benefit the Broome County Arts Council

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