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Tools to help find and fix problems. LED based UV CIPP Structural Point REpair Reinstatement cutters Get to know our partner in pipeline rehab pages 28-33 MS11-NG2 Inspection System – pg 5 M224 Flexible Shaft Cleaner – pg 27 Cable Attachments Nozzles Hose Parts Tools Factory Direct Support Inspection Systems Cable Machines Flexible Shaft Cleaner Jetters product catalog n 1-866-837-7972 SPRING 2023
inspection | Locators Inspection systems 3 Locators 8 Accessories / system parts 9 jetters Portable jetters 11 Carts and reels / jetter parts 16 Accessories 17 Nozzles 18 Jetter hose 23 Truck-mounted jetters 25 Flexible Shaft Cleaner M224 High-speed Cleaner 27 CAble Machines Cleaning workhorses 35 Reels, hardware, covers 40 Accessories 42 Machine parts 43 Cable - blades - ends Cable-in-reel units 40-41 Leader cable, back-end cable 45 Mainline blades and end tools 46-47 Mounting blocks, chucks 47 Sinkline blades, holders, fittings 48 49 Replacement cable 50-51 Loose ends, fittings 52 contact us PHONE 866-837-7972 M – F | 7am – 5pm (CST) FAX (651) 222-1739 EMAIL ONLINE /MyTanaManufacturing /MyTana_MFG /videoMyTana

Welcome to MyTana!

2023 will bring new and exciting ways we can help you expand your capabilities and improve your work flow. Look for new products that offer you more power and efficiencies than ever before—with the same quality of construction you count on.

In this issue, we introduce you to Pipeline Renewal Technologies, our partner in pipeline rehab. If you are considering adding relining or pipe repair to your lineup, PRT is a great resource offering industry-leading equipment for LED-based UV CIPP, reinstatement and point repair.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you, here's to a great year!

Sewer and Drain Tools Built
to Prevail
1 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Special Section pgs 28-33
INSPECTION SYSTEMS Complete Systems. Complete Support.

MyTana’s inspection cameras and locators help you identify problems lurking in sewer and drain lines, and know where they’re located. Manufactured with high-quality materials and precise workmanship, our inspection systems deliver industryleading clear, wide-angle footage.

Camera heads and push-rods are built to hold up in harsh environments, and everything is housed on rugged frames. Digital recording makes it easy to share footage with your customers.

With models suitable for work in 1½” to 12” lines, all are designed to be highly portable, accurate and easy to use. And all are backed with factory direct service and support.

Our inspection systems feature

Field-tested tough camera heads

– clear, wide-angle view

– self-levelling on midsize and larger systems

low-friction guides navigate over and around obstacles

– 512Hz transmitter built-in

Powered by household current or battery (rechargeable)

Daylight-readable monitors

– LED brightness control

– digital footage counter (n/a on DrainTracker)

All-digital recording

– record to internal memory, USB drive or stream wirelessly to your mobile device

(DrainTracker records to SD card only)

Rugged yet lightweight frames

– grab-and-go ease on smaller systems

– agile maneuverability and compact size on our larger systems

Durable push rod resists kinking

– field replaceable on mid-size and mainline systems

Replacement parts and additional products:

Locators pg 8

Accessories pg 9

Parts pg 9

draintracker for 11/4" - 2" lines

Msa-ng2 for 11/2" - 3" lines

Ms11-ng2 for 3" - 6" lines

Combo Kit for 11/2" - 3" lines

pgr200 for 3" - 8" lines

pgr400 for 4" - 12" lines

Inspection Systems 3 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Drain Cameras

for 1½" - 6" lines

Grab-and-go inspection systems integrate the monitor, controls and push-rod in lightweight yet rugged frames.

Push-rod guides help with feed and rewind. Camera necks are flexible to get around bends.

Two on-board USB ports.

MS11+ Combo Kit DrainTracker MSA-NG2
4 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

DrainTracker for 11/4" - 2" lines

This sinkline camera has a super-flexible 1/4" push rod, making it ideal for use in S- and P-traps. Its color camera head has adjustable LED illumination, and a built-in 512Hz sonde.

A 5" daylight-readable monitor is integrated just above the controls and the unit records to SD card (included). Remote control lets you view and manage recordings. Powered with household current or rechargeable battery (included).

MSA-NG2 for 11/2" - 3" lines

Mini Stand-Alone Inspection System

This lightweight, one-piece inspection system is built for ease of transport and clear images.

Color, fixed-position 11/16" dia. camera head has a 512Hz transmitter built-in. Record to flash drive, internal 64 GB drive or stream video wirelessly.

Monitor shows digital footage counter. Powered with household current or rechargeable battery (included).

MS11-NG2 for 3" - 6" lines Mid-Sized Inspection System

The MS11-NG2 is a versatile system that delivers crystalclear images from 3" to 6" lines. Add the optional MS11+ Combo Kit (below) to inspect 11/2" to 2" lines as well.

The detachable, self-levelling camera head has a 512Hz transmitter built-in. Durable push rod has a low-friction coat to deter catching and can be replaced in the field.

A daylight readable monitor is integrated on the frame and displays a digital footage counter. Record to flash drive, internal 64 GB drive or stream footage wirelessly. Powered with either household electric current or rechargeable battery (included).

MS11+ for 11/2" - 3" lines COMbo Kit

Requires the MS11-NG2 system

Includes a mini camera head that is inter-changeable with the MS11-NG2 mid-size camera head, and a protective case for both heads and all the guides.

Older MS11-NG2 models with an affixed camera head can be rewired so it can swap out with this mini camera head. Call for details.

HEAD Color .75" dia. fixed-position

MONITOR 5" daylight-readable

PUSH ROD 50’ mini push-rod

FRAME Powder-coated aluminum

SIZE 6.5" W × 15" L × 14" H

OP WT 15 lbs

INCLUDES SD Card, remote control

HEAD Color, 11/16” dia. fixed-position

MONITOR 61/2” daylight-readable

PUSH ROD 100’ mini push-rod

FRAME Powder-coated aluminum

SIZE 12" W × 16" L × 17" H

OP WT 25 lbs

INCLUDES USB flash drive

WiFi Router

SnoBall guide

HEAD Color, 11/2” dia. self-leveling

MONITOR 61/2” daylight-readable

PUSH ROD 150' or 200'

FRAME Powder-coated aluminum

SIZE 13"W × 20" L × 21"H

OP WT 43 lbs (200' push rod)

INCLUDES USB flash drive

WiFi router

Dialectic grease

set of Ice Ball camera guides 11/2”, 17/8”, 21/4” O.D.

HEAD Color, 11/16" dia. fixed-position

CASE SIZE 14" × 12" × 5"


Protective SnoBall guide

3" O.D. Ice Ball

A slot for everything included with the MS11-NG2 (above)

PUSH ROD PRICE 50’ $4,691 PUSH ROD PRICE 100' $5,845 PRICE $1,437 PUSH ROD PRICE 150' $7,717 200' $7,941
Inspection Systems 5 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
– learn about our Ice Ball guides on the next page

Mainline Push Cams for 3" - 12" lines

Maneuverable systems for laterals and small mains.

Compact frames have balanced weight for easy tilt and maneuver. Anti-skid feet stabilize during operation.

Reels have brake with adjustable drag.

Monitor mounts secure the control box, have full swivel, and are tilted for ideal viewing angle.

CBX-17 Monitor/Control Box

Included with both PGR systems

Large 12" daylight-readable monitor has LED brightness control and a digital footage counter. Control panel is water resistant, and the screen is shatter resistant.

All-digital recording to internal or removable drive, wiFi streaming. 2 USB ports.

Compatible with the Mini Push Cam (opp page) for small line inspection.

PGR200 PGR400
6 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

PGR200 for 3" - 8" lines

Mainline Inspection System

Get 200’ of push-rod and the CBX17 Control Box (see below left) to capture and record clear imagery from 3"- 8" lines. The detachable, self-levelling camera head has a 512Hz transmitter built-in.

Durable push-rod has a smooth, low-friction coat that reduces catches. It is housed on a compact, rugged reel frame. A reel brake with adjustable drag assists feeding and rewinds. The push-rod can be replaced in the field.

The PGR200 is powered with either household electric current or rechargeable battery.

PGR400 for 4" - 12" lines

Municipal Inspection System

Manhole to manhole inspection with up to 400' of push-rod and CBX17 Control Box. Durable, field replaceable push-rod resists kinking, and is housed on the rugged reel frame.

The detachable, self-levelling camera head has a 512Hz transmitter built-in, and the CBX17 offers all-digital recording (see below left). Powered with either household electric current or on-board rechargeable battery.

Includes camera centering skid.

Ice Ball Camera Guides

Our Ice Balls protect and guide the camera head over and around obstructions, letting debris pass by. Interchangeable in the field, no tools needed.

The larger 2 ¼” and 3” Ice Balls are great for jumping offsets!

HEAD Color, 11/2” dia. self-leveling

MONITOR CBX17 Monitor/Control Box

12” daylight readable screen


FRAME Powder-coated steel

SIZE 19” W × 32” L × 40” H (without CBX17 mounted)

OP WT 68 lbs (w/o-) | 81 lbs (w/ CBX17 )

INCLUDES Removable USB drive WiFi Router set of 4 Ice Balls

The Inspect and Locate Package

$18,299 save $968

Bundle the PGR200 with our locator, line transmitter and the mini push cam for complete diagnostic capability. See for more information.

HEAD Color, 11/2” dia. self-leveling

MONITOR CBX17 Monitor/Control Box 12” daylight readable screen

PUSH ROD 325’ or 400’

FRAME Powder-coated steel

SIZE 19” W × 32” L × 40” H (without CBX17 mounted)

OP WT 98 lbs (w/o- ) | 111 lbs (w/ CBX17 )

INCLUDES Camera skid, removable USB drive, WiFi router, 4 Ice Balls

Mini Push Cam $4,110 MSA-PCAM


Customize your system–we can cut the push rod to a length you specify. Call for information!

Requires MyTana monitor/control box. Has 100' push rod and a mini camera head to inspect smaller lines using the monitor included with our mainline systems. See for details. Options to work with both our digital and analog systems

Reel Splash Covers

Clamshell shaped covers for our PGR push-rod reels. Help prevent drips and keep debris contained. Removes easily with covered zipper, hose down to clean.

PGR200 Cover $119 PGR200-0101

PGR400 Cover $146 PGR400-0108

1½" 1⅞" 2¼" 3" PUSH ROD PRICE 200’ $11,578
Inspection Systems 7 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:


MT 512+ Locator

The MT 512+ Locator detects 512Hz signal from sondes and all MyTana cameras in all pipes including cast iron. It can also find 640Hz, 815Hz, 8kHz and 33kHz frequency sondes.

This is an update to our previous RL8873 model and features:

– a large daylight-readable LCD display which provides relevant data including continuous /real-time depth estimate, signal strength, directional arrows, and an alignment compass

– a user friendly interface with audio signals

Partner with the MT LineFinder Transmitter (below) to work with even more frequencies and operating modes to trace buried utilities. By Rycom for MyTana.

POWER Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable)

INCLUDES Charging cord Carry bag

LineFinder Transmitter

Expand the locating capabilities of the MT 512+ with this multi-frequency Transmitter. Find buried power cables, CATV cables, gas and water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, or fiber optic cables with sheath. A multi-channel processor offers simultaneous field detection from multiple antenna arrays to ensure accuracy.

If you are unsure where a drain line goes, use our MS11-NG2 or PGR system's push-rod as a conduit to trace the drain line.

Transmits with direct-connect clamps, clamps and ground rod included. Inductive couplers are available, call for information. By Rycom for MyTana.


$3,199 save $170

Includes the MT 512+ Locator and MT LineFinder Transmitter.

Remote Sonde

$391 CV RT512

Strong 512 Hz transmitter for locations up to 20’ deep. From Rycom.

Compatible with the MT 512+ Locator

– 3/8” x 24 fine thread, mates with standard male end threads (like our push rod right)

– Powered by single AAA battery

POWER Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable)

INCLUDES Direct connect clamps Ground rod Charging cord Carry bag


SONDE PUSH ROD 120' with threaded fitting that mates with a sonde. Smooth playout and rewind.

Sonde Push Rod
BAG SIZE 6" W × 34" L × 13” D BAG SIZE 18" W × 9" D × 10" H $1,419 MT LineFinder Transmitter
Accurate, easy-to-use detection equipment designed for sewer and drain professionals.
RL8800 Complete Pipe Locator System
Bundle our locators, and
8 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
MT 512+ Locator

Camera Accessories

CBX17 Monitor/Control Box


Replacement monitor/control box for our mainline systems. 12" monitor is daylight-readable with LED brightness control and footage counter.

All-digital recording to internal memory or USB drive (2 ports), stream footage wirelessly to your device (Android or iOS).

Model ACB-18 is compatible with older MyTana analog systems and brings digital recording. $4,763

parts Inspection Systems

Replacement Camera Head

11/2" dia. color, self-leveling camera head, for use in 3"- 8" pipes. Includes NGIB-1 Ice Ball. Styles available for our digital MS11-NG2 and PGR systems, and our older Classic (analog) systems.


Replacement Push Rod

Quality MyTana push rod for our newer inspection systems with detachable camera heads. Replaceable in the field. Push rod for older systems also available, please call or visit

Camera Guides – Navigation Aids


Translucent, polycarbonate light-ring covers fit our 11/2" dia. camera head. Interchangeable.


Fits our 11/16" dia. mini-camera head.

See more online at

Tiger Tail Protect your push rod

Protects camera push rod from sharp edges on cleanouts, elbows, offsets and joints. Durable, crush proof material, even in sub-zero temperatures! 3’ length.

Tiger Tail opening size Price Part#

11/2" dia $42 TT115

2" dia $48 TT200

3" dia $61 TT300

Clarifii Solution $20 Helps prevent fog on outside of camera lens. 15ml bottle. JS

Purple: mainline (PGR) pushrod

White: mid-size (MS11-NG2) push rod

Camera Skid Fits our 11/2" dia. camera head. Skids that fit our older 15/8" or 21/8" heads are also available, see

Digital Systems $3,275 CAM 1-1/2 NGX Classic Systems $3,275 CAM 1-1/2 CL
PGR Systems–200' $1,361 MT PUSHROD NGX 200 PGR Systems–400' $2,333 MT PUSHROD NGX 400 MS11-NG2–150' $1,102 AY MS11 PROD DET 150 MS11-NG2–200' $1,361 AY MS11 PROD DET 200
1 1/2" O.D. $35 NGIB-1 1 7/8" O.D. $64 NGIB-SLMB 2 1/4" O.D. $84 NGIB-2 3" O.D. $91 NGIB-3
13/4" O.D. $55 SNB-MBLK
21/4" O.D. 3" O.D. 11/2" O.D. 17/8" O.D.
style– indicated by the push-rod connector
Inspection Systems 9 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Portable Cleaning Power. Reliable and Efficient.
portable jetters

Our family of portable jetters are built to get you where you need to go with the cleaning power you need.

Suitable for 1½” to 10” lines, they’re ergonomically designed with the highest quality pumps and motors on frames that withstand rugged use.

Electric models clear blockages from smaller lines and their lower flow makes them ideal for dealing with ice and grease. Partner our gas models with a specialty nozzle and take on roots or hardened blockages without damaging the pipe.

High-quality hoses and a wide selection of nozzles round out your system so you can focus on effective jetting.

Our portable jetters feature

Conveniently placed controls and gauges

– for efficient operation, monitoring and maintenance

Rugged frames with balanced weight

– easy tilt and transport – brakes and anti-skid feet keep jetters stable while in use

High quality and reliable components

– triplex pumps are optimized for jetting applications

– heavy-duty motors give pumps muscle to propel standard or specialty nozzles

Quick-disconnect couplings speed set up and tear down

Keep your jetter system up and running:

Carts and reels pg 16

Accessories and parts pg 17

Nozzles and kits pgs 18-22

Replacement hose pg 23

Pulse valves on all our jetters

– assist in tight bends and working through blockages

Thermal protection on pumps and motors

M20T for 11/2" - 2" lines

M20 for 11/2" - 4" lines

M30 for 11/2" - 6" lines

MV84 for 3" - 10" lines

Jetters 11 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Electric Jetters

Great on grease, soap, food and other soft obstructions.

Quality pump with pressure regulator

The pressure regulator on the M20/M20T pump allows for use on 15 AMP circuits.

A pulse-abler valve assists with getting around bends and difficult areas.

The pump has thermal protection and an easy-toreplace water filter.

M20T shown with optional 50’ of 1/8” hose M20 shown with optional reel and 115’ of 1/4" hose M20T with 1/8" hose M20 with reel and hose
12 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Robust 2 hp motor has thermal protection Stainless steel plumbing

M20T for 11/2" - 2" lines

The TrapBlast

The M20T is the M20 without the cart, although a cart can be added later. The carry handle makes it suitable for residential jobs and tight spaces, and it has a small footprint.

The beefy, 2 hp industrial motor with thermal protection lets the pump deliver 2.1 gpm to pull the hose through small lines. A 1/4 turn trap valve controls water flow.

We offer this model with 1/8" hose.

M20 for 11/2" - 4" lines

The FastBlast

The M20 is a versatile electric jetter with the same pump and motor as the M20T, but we include a transport cart so you can transport the pump/motor along with larger or longer hose in one trip.

The pump/motor unit removes easily from the cart if you need to work in tighter spaces.

A heavy-duty, 2 hp industrial motor with thermal protection lets the pump deliver 2.1 gpm at 1,500 psi even with the 1/4" hose. Control water flow with either a 1/4 turn trap valve near the pump, or a ball valve on the reel.

The M20 is ideal to tackle frozen lines.

The cart has a loading wheel and 10" pneumatic tires. Glides assist with going up and down stairs.

Convenience, built-in.

Our electric jetters have quick disconnect fittings where you hook up hoses often. An inline GFCI moves the bulky housing away from the plug for easier wall outlet connection.

MOTOR 2 hp electric

CAPACITY 2 + GPM at 1,500 PSI

SIZE 14” W x 24” L x 13” H

BASE WT 82 lbs


$2,316 no hose or nozzles


Include 50’ of 1/8” high-pressure hose $2,424

M20T Nozzle Kit: Cornering, Penetrating, Blind Thrust – 1/8” NPT JE NK M20T add $131

MOTOR 2 hp electric

CAPACITY 2 + GPM at 1,500 PSI

SIZE 20” W x 32” L x 39” H

BASE WT 128 lbs

BASE PRICE $3,447 no hose or nozzles

Transport Cart 20TCart add $1,258 PRICE

Include reel, 50’ of 1/8” hose and 115’ of 1/4” hose $3,786

Suggested set of nozzles: Cornering, Penetrating, Blind Thrust – 1 ea of 1/8” NPT and 1/4” NPT JE NK M20


Our Hex nose nozzles with steep 15° rear jets give you excellent pulling power and good cleaning with lower gpm jetters, see page 19.

We offer many more nozzles for smaller lines, including convenient Nozzle Kits to get you started. See pages 18-22.

add $274

Jetters 13 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

includes 50' jumper hose on a detachable reel for remote jetting

Gas Jetters

Tackle roots, harder incrustations, rubble and more.

Honda motors

Both the M30 and MV84 have a reliable Honda motor to power the pumps. Electric start and EZ start bypass.

Covered by Honda’s 3 year warranty.


M30 shown with optional reel, 115’ x 1/4" hose, reel stand and jumper hose MV84 M30 with reel and hose
14 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
MS84 model has a skid mounted jetter unit, no wheels

M30 for 11/2" - 6" lines

The MaxBlast

Our M30 MaxBlast gives you more power–and range–without sacrificing maneuverability.

A reliable Honda motor and efficient pump are both housed on a rugged cart that goes anywhere. Automatic throttle down and auto choke help the motor operate efficiently.

Features: – Thermal protection on pump, pulse-abler valve

EZ start by-pass 10 AMP recharge system

– Auto low oil shut off

– Deflector shield protects motor from drips, remove for access

– 10” pneumatic tires

Remove the hose reel for indoor jetting

MV84 for 3" - 10" lines Dual Cart Jetter

The MV84 delivers 8 gpm at 4,000 psi to efficiently clean and clear 3" to 10" lines, and excels at clearing roots in 3" to 6" lines. A powerful Honda motor is equipped with remote start/stop and throttle control.

Dual carts: a wheeled jetter cart and a separate hose cart are connected with a 50’ jumper hose to allow indoor jetting or access to hard-to-reach areas.

Jetter cart – Super duty triplex pump, positive displacement

– 12-gallon supply buffer tank keeps up with 8 gpm flow

– Accessible pressure unloader and pulse controls

Hand brake stabilizes jetter during operation

– Antifreeze Kit included for winter or low-use maintenance

Hose cart

Ball valve on reel provides on-off water flow

Crank handles on reel fold flat for storage


Use a nozzle suited for the job to get the best performance from your jetter.

See pages 18-22.

MOTOR 390 CC Honda motor w/ electric start covered by Honda’s 3 year warranty

CAPACITY 4.5 GPM at 3,000 PSI

SIZE 21” W x 32” L x 48” H

BASE WT 190 lbs

Include reel, 2 high-pressure hoses and reel stand

– 75’ of 1/8” hose and 200’ of 3/8” hose


$5,421 no hose or nozzles

50’ jumper hose $6,069

Suggested set of nozzles: cornering, penetrating, blind thrust – 1 ea of 1/8” NPT and 3/8” NPT


add $282

Pressure Washer Wand WW-KIT see pg 17 add $149

MOTOR 800 CC Honda motor w/ electric start covered by Honda’s 3 year warranty


SIZE Jetter Cart: 38”L x 29”W x 42” H Hose Cart: 22” L x 26” W x 48” H

BASE WT Jetter 300 lbs | Hose cart 150 lbs

MV84 – both hose and jetter carts have wheels

BASE MODELS Include hoses, nozzles and remote control. See prices below.

– 250’ x 3/8” high-pressure hose

– 50’ jumper hose

– set of nozzles (cornering, penetrating, blind thrust) $11,620

MS84 – hose cart has wheels, jetter cart is skid-mounted

– 250’ x 3/8” HP hose

– 50’ jumper hose

– set of nozzles (cornering, penetrating, blind thrust)


Diversify your jetting services with our jetter accessories

Be ready for ice or grease with the Hot Box hot water jetting unit.

Additional hose reels let you have larger or smaller hose ready to go on your truck.

Our Washer Wand gives you power washing capability, and is great to hose down cable reels.

Jetters 15 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Carts and Reels

All reels are customized with heavyduty ball valves and fittings. These carts and reels do NOT include hoses, we can install purchased hose (install charge: $100).

Small Hose Reel /

Caddy $761 MVRL-SM

Compatible with the Hose Reel and Cart (right). Also acts as caddy, with carry handle and rubber feet. Holds 100' of 1/4" hose, or 50' of jumper hose.

Hose Reel and Cart

$1,316 MVRL-LG

Rugged cart with XL hose reel. Holds 250' of 1/2" hose or 300' of 3/8" hose. Small hose reel (left) can be added later.

Complete Reel Cart

$2,070 MVRL-CT

Both the Small Hose Reel and Hose Reel Cart (left) with 3' jumper hose. This cart ships with the MV84 (and older model MV80).

Free Standing Hose Reel

$624 MVRL-FS

Use as a free standing reel or mount in your truck. Has adjustable drag and locking pin. Holds 250' of 1/2" hose or 300' of 3/8" hose.

parts Jetters

Hose Reel

w/ Handle $470 MTR-SML

Portable hose reel. Holds 125' of 3/8" hose or 200' of 1/4" hose.

Large Hose Reel

$444 RLCOM-2

Has elbow, ball valve and mounting stem. Includes locking pin. Holds up to to 200' of 3/8" hose.

Hose Caddy $509 CMSM100

Accommodates 1/8" or 1/4" hose. Can also hold up to 100' of 3/8” hose.

Reel Stand and Handle $281 RLCST-1

2 piece set. Holds our large hose reel (left, not included). Great for remote jetting, this set is included with our M30.

at jetter-parts Inlet Filter $54 INLET-FILTER Protects your pump. High Pressure Ball Valve $107 8109260200
jetters 16 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Find more
3/8" FPT fits our cart jetters.

Jetter Accessories

RealTite Plugs CP--

Replacement Cleanout Plugs

Seal damaged cleanout openings and broken threads with the ONLY plug in the industry that will not come apart.

Complies with National Standard Plumbing Code and meets or exceeds ASTM Standards for permanent plug usage. Easy installation with our Hex Key tool.

6 sizes available, from 1.5" to 4". See page 43 or for more information and pricing.

Folding Ramp $1,063


Extra Wide – Heavy Duty

Great for your heavy equipment, water heaters and more! Ramp surface has texture for traction.

29 3/8" W x 71/2' L, folds to 47" L x 8" thick for easy storage. 350 lb capacity. Longer ramps available, call for pricing.

Tiger Tail

Extend the life of your jetter hose

Protects jetter hose and camera push rod from sharp edges on doorways, cleanouts, elbows, offsets and joints. Durable, crush proof material, even in sub-zero temperatures! 3' length.

Antifreeze Kits

MV84 Kit $100 AFK84

Tiger Tail opening size Price Part#

11/2" dia $42 TT115

2" dia $48 TT200

3" dia $61 TT300

Hot Box $4,295

Partner with the M30 to melt away ice and grease

Works with a Jetter unit, hot water stays downstream from the pump.

– 5 GPM up to 180°F

– Kerosene or diesel fuel

– Requires high-temp hose and 115V AC (15 AMP)

Insulated Gloves $10 ea


Order a dozen– SAVE $12!

Heavy-duty, waterproof gloves for handling jetter hose. Improves your grip and protects your skin from harsh chemicals and sewage. Insulated.

12" length. One size fits all.

Hydraulic Drain Flusher

Open clogged drains with water pressure Reuseable canvas flush bag expands to prevent back flow. Garden hose fittings.

For use on drains up to: Price Part#

11/2" dia. $52 HFB150

21/2" dia. $61 HFB250

3" dia. $88 HFB300

4" dia. $113 HFB400

4" to 6" dia. $145 HFB600

Hose assembly designed for our MV84 or MV80 jetters. Delivers antifreeze to pump and hoses including bypass hose.

Standard Antifreeze Kit $70


5 gal bucket with return port on cover, 6' hose and 1/4 turn spigot.

Pressure Washer Wand $149


36” sprayer with 5 nozzles. For use with our M30 (4.5gpm) or M20 (2.1 gpm) jetters (specify model when ordering).

Jetters 17 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
includes jumper hose


Find the nozzle you need for the task at hand. Our selection falls into two broad categories covering work in 1½” to 18” lines: – Drilled orifice nozzles

Nozzles with replaceable inserts

Nozzles with Drilled Orifices

Drilled orifice nozzles are inexpensive, but wear quickly especially if not maintained. Keep yours clean with our Tip Cleaners, see page 22.

Button Nose Nozzles

A short body and smooth round nose reduces hang ups and are ideal for working in turns, traps and elbows. Knurled sides let you generally hand-tighten. Suitable for general cleaning applications.

Pentrating Thrust

Excellent pulling power while penetrating blockages to establish flow in a blocked pipe. Good for general drain cleaning, good in elbows and tees.

Blind Thrust

Clean at a greater distance with maximum pulling power. Good for general drain cleaning.

Cornering Ideal for tight turns and elbows, good flushing action and reasonable pulling power. For general drain cleaning

Monster Flusher

Dual rear angles create a wide area of turbulence keeping sand, gravel and debris suspended while cleaning a pipe. Pulls well.

General Flusher

Excellent flushing, good pulling power. Effective cleaning of pipe walls after flow has been established in a blocked pipe.

Jetter Leader

A blind thrust nozzle attached to a 12" long flexible leader. Guides the nozzle through difficult situations with maximum pulling power.

Jets: 1 fwd @ 0° 3 rear @ 25° Jets: 4 rear @ 25° Jets: 1 side @ 90° 3 rear @ 45° Jets: 1 fwd @ 0° 3 rear @ 25° 3 rear @ 45 Jets: 6 rear @ 45° NPT PSI GPM HOSE PART NO. PART NO. PART NO. PART NO. PART NO. 1/8” 1,500 2.1 50' BNP18-2/1 $44 BNB18-2/1 $44 BNC18-2/1 $44 BNM18-2/1 $44 BNF18-2/1 $44 1/4” 1,500 2.1 150' BNP14-2/1 $48 BNB14-2/1 $48 BNC14-2/1 $48 BNM14-2/1 $48 BNF14-2/1 $48 3,000 4.5 150' BNP14-4/3 $48 BNB14-4/3 $48 BNC14-4/3 $48 BNM14-4/3 $48 BNF14-4/3 $48 3/8” 3,000 4.5 200' BNP38-4/3 $50 BNB38-4/3 $50 BNC38-4/3 $50 BNM38-4/3 $50 BNF38-4/3 $50 8 300' BNP38-8/3 $50 BNB38-8/3 $50 BNC38-8/3 $50 BNM38-8/3 $50 BNF38-8/3 $50 4,000 8 300' BNP38-8/4 $50 BNB38-8/4 $50 BNC38-8/4 $50 BNM38-8/4 $50 BNF38-8/4 $50 1/2” 3,000 8 300' BNP12-8/3 $56 BNB12-8/3 $56 BNC12-8/3 $56 BNM12-8/3 $56 BNF12-8/3 $56
Jets: 4 rear jets @ 25° NPT PSI GPM 3/8" 3,000 4.5 FJL38-4/3 $91 3,000 8 FJL38-8/3 $91 1/2” 3,000 8 FJL12-8/3 $170
3/8" or 1/2" NPT 18 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Hex Nose Nozzles

A mushroom shape allows for steep rear jet angles for more pulling power. Requires wrench tightening.

Hex Super Thruster

Maximum pulling power with one forward jet to penetrate blockages.

Jets: 1 fwd @ 0° 4 rear @ 15°

Radial Nose Nozzles

Hex Blind Thruster

15° thrusting angle for maximum pulling. No penetrating jet.

Jets: 6 rear @ 15°

Hex Degreasing / De-icing

Excellent pulling with 3 forward jets topenetrate grease or ice blockages.

Jets: 3 fwd @ 10° 6 rear @ 15°

Don't see what you need?

These charts show common nozzle specs which we stock. Many more are available, please let us know your hose length and gpm/psi needs.

Heavy weight nozzles ideal for larger jetters and jet-vac units. Smooth finish with wrench flats for tightening.

Radial General Thruster

For plugged lines or to utilize the maximum run capability of your system.

Specialized Forms

DeGreasing / De-Icing Nozzle

Flush grease or ice on shorter runs. Forward jets push debris forward while rear jets help clean the sidewalls. Limited pulling power.

Jets: 3 forward @ 10°

Radial Monster

A general purpose, dual angle nozzle. Thrust and flushing forces give superior pulling and cleaning.

Radial Flusher

35° flushing angle with good pulling power. An efficient general-purpose cleaning nozzle.

Radial Degreasing De-icing

25° flushing angle with 3 forward jets to loosen hard grease or ice.

Drophead Nozzle

Designed for navigating P-Traps, vertical drops and tight bends other nozzles won’t reach. Choose brass or stainless steel (S/S).

Jets: 3 rear @ 45°

Rotating Nozzle

A spinning head provides 360° of coverage. Use for finishing or polishing a pipe that has had some preliminary cleaning.

Jets: 2 side @ 90° 2 rear @ 45°

NPT PSI GPM HOSE PART NO. PART NO. PART NO. 1/8” 1,500 2.1 50' RHF18-2/1 $50 RHB18-2/1 $50 RHD18-2/1 $50 1/4” 1,500 2.1 150' RHF14-2/1 $54 RHB14-2/1 $54 RHD14-2/1 $54 3,000 4.5 150' RHF14-4/3 $54 RHB14-4/3 $54 RHD14-4/3 $54 3/8” 3,000 4.5 200' RHF38-4/3 $59 RHB38-4/3 $59 RHD38-4/3 $59 8 300' RHF38-8/3 $59 RHB38-8/3 $59 RHD38-8/3 $59 4,000 8 300' RHF38-8/4 $59 RHB38-8/4 $59 RHD38-8/4 $59 1/2” 3,000 8 300' RHF12-8/3 $65 RHB12-8/3 $65 RHD12-8/3 $65
Jets: 1 fwd @ 0° 4 rear @ 25° Jets: 1 fwd @ 0° 3 rear @ 45° 3 rear @ 25° Jets: 6 rear @ 35° Jets: 3 fwd @10° 6 rear @ 25° NPT PSI GPM HOSE PART NO. PART NO. PART NO. PART NO. 1/2" 3K-4K 12 400’ RNG12-12/3 $85 RNM12-12/3 $85 RNF12-12/3 $85 RND12-12/3 $85 3K-4K 14 400’ RNG12-14/3 $85 RNM12-14/3 $85 RNF12-14/3 $85 RND12-14/3 $85 3K-4K 18 400’ RNG12-18/3 $85 RNM12-18/3 $85 RNF12-18/3 $85 RND12-18/3 $85
NPT PSI GPM PART NO. 1/8" 1,500 2.1 DHB18-2/1 (Brass) $66 1,500 2.1 DHS18-2/1 (S/S) $92 1/4” 1,500 2.1 DHB14-2/1 (Brass) $70 1,500 2.1 DHS14-2/1 (S/S) $96
NPT PSI GPM HOSE PART NO. 1/8” 1,500 2.1 50' JND18-2/1 $47 1/4” 1,500 2.1 150' JND14-2/1 $50 3,000 4.5 150' JND14-4/3 $50 3/8” 3,000 4.5 200' JND38-4/3 $54 8 300' JND38-8/3 $54 4,000 8 300' JND38-8/4 $54 1/2” 3,000 8 300' JND12-8/3 $64
rear @ 45°
NPT PSI GPM HOSE PART NO. 1/4” 1,500 2.1 150' RJC14-2/1 $168 3,000 4.5 150' RJC14-4/3 $168 3/8” 3,000 4.5 200' RJC38-4/3 $212 3,000 8 300' RJC38-8/3 $212 1/2” 3,000 8 300' RJC12-8/3 $298
Hose specs for drophead nozzles: 1/8" – 50' hose 1/4" – 150' hose Custom specs are not available on this nozzle. 1/4" 1/2" 3/8" 1/8" Jetters 19 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Warthog Nozzles

Warthog nozzles use controlled rotation technology to slow nozzle rotation giving the jets time to penetrate and break up deposits. Pressure options up to 5,000K deliver superior results in nearly all applications. Easily serviced for long-term use in the field.

Nozzles with Replaceable Inserts

Durable, powerful nozzles engineered to take on the toughest blockages. With regular maintenance and repair, they have a long life span, reducing the cost of ownership.

2" - 4" lines

WV Classic

Navigate elbows in smaller lines to clear grease, fat, ice and fine roots. Low maintenance–no seals or bearings to service. WHWV-

Rotating Jets:

3" - 6" lines

WT Classic

Cut roots, clear ice and blockages. Small form navigates pipe bends. 2 NPT sizes. New 1/2" size maximizes a larger pump’s capacity. WHWT-


4" - 8" lines

WS Classic

Easily remove grease, cut roots, clear ice and soil blockages

Standard head, with whip hose or jointed inlet option. Descaling head available, please call. WHWS-

Std Rotating Head Jets:

1 forward @ 15°

enz® Nozzles

Manufactured for wear resistance and long life. Ceramic orifice inserts ensure they have outstanding durability, especially if working with less than clean water.

The rotating nozzles have a patented drive-and-brake design to limit the rotational speed while offering pressure vibrations which help disintegrate deposits.

Rotodrill REV

Powerful, rotating rear-facing jet propels the leading sharp edge to break through blockages. The jet then cleans and flushes debris when bringing it back. Gets around bends well. E-BR-



2 rear @ 30° (150°)


Powerful oscillating front jet removes sludge deposits and clogs.

Excellent cutting – clear roots or ice, remove wet wipes. Push material forward. Gets around bends well. E-RD-


4 front jets give a powerful forward attack as sharp edges cut, break and penetrate all blockages including roots or frozen lines.

Flush out at hydraulic thrust boring. E-CP-

1 rotating forward @ 7°
NPT 1/4” 3/8” 3/8” 1/2” 3/8” 1/2” PSI 3,000 3,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 Hose 150' 200' 150' 250' 400' 600' 400' 400' GPM 4.5 8 4.5 8 8, 12 12, 18 8, 12 12, 18 PRICE $450 $460 $375 $375 $245 $330
1 rotating rear @ 7° Jets:
rear @ 15°
Jets: 4 forward @ 15°
rear @
(3/8”) |
1 forward @ 15° 2 rear @ 55°
rear @
Jets: 1 forward @ 15° 2
NPT 1/4” 3/8” 1/2” 1/2” PSI 1200-5000 3,000-4,000 3,000-4,000 3,000-4,000 Hose 115' 300' 300' 400' 400' GPM 3 to 8 8 to 12 12 to 20 12 to 20 12 to 20 PRICE $520 $905 $1,005 $1,357 $1,357 Whip Hose Inlet Jointed Inlet
Whip hose inlet
inlet 20 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Ordering Nozzles These charts show common nozzle specs which we stock. Many more are available, please let us know your pump capacity, hose length and line size. Give us a call or complete form at

Rotating forward jet blasts a cone of water up to 4,000 PSI.

6" - 18" lines

WH Classic

The industry standard for cutting roots and blockages. WHWH-

Many more specs are available on all the Warthog nozzles, please call to order.

Rotating Head Jets: 1 forward @ 15° 2

Reaper Nozzles

A powerful multi-purpose nozzle. A rotating forward jet cuts, while the rear jets clean and flush. Heavy-duty construction—stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide seat and tip.


Grenade Bomb and Bulldog nozzles include an optional-use forward attack tip: screw in to help penetrate blockages or navigate bends.

Grenade Bomb

Heavy duty nozzle with strong traction removes loose rubble, gravel and soft deposits. Pre clean before using a chain flail head or cutter. E-GB-


6 rear jets @ 25°

Bulldog Nozzles

Jets on the rotating heads are designed for operation with recycled or fresh water, reducing transport and water costs. Remove grease, roots and harder deposits. Easy to handle, Bulldog nozzles are practically maintenance-free.


Effective performance even with flow as low as 6 gpm. E-BD-

Rotating Jets: 2 @ 50°

w/ KBR Head & Skid Suited for the removal of fat and soap E-BD050B

Rotating Jets: 3 @ 80° 3 @ 45°

Chain Flails / Scrapers

The enz chain scraper efficiently removes lime-scale, cement slurry, roots and more. Use it to prepare for restoration work, such as relining, grouting or applying coatings.

1/4" – works with flow as low as 4.5 gpm. E-CF14- cutting head and more. E-TJ38-

3/8" 1/2" 3/8" 1/2" 1/2" 1/4" 3/8" 3/8" 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 5,000 3,000 4,000 400' 600' 400' 600' 600' 150' / 200' 300' 300' 8, 12 12, 18 8, 12 12, 18 18 5 8 8 $335 $490 $2,010 $2,010 $2,270 $1,370 $2,315 $2,315
1/2" 3,000-4,000 2,000-3,000 400' 400' 12 to 20 24 $1,616 $1,616
rear @ 30° (150°)
Jets: 3 or 4 rear @ 20° 1 forward @ 30° (rotating) Jets: 4 rear @ 20° 1 forward @ 24° (rotating)
NPT New! 1/4” 3/8” 1/2” PSI 1,500 - 4,000 1,500 - 4,000 1,500 - 4,000 GPM 6, 8 6, 9 12 to 18 PRICE $530 $760 $1,092
Jets: 4 rear @ 20° 1 forward @ 30° (rotating)
Jetters 21 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Nozzle maintenance, accessories and kits

Warthog nozzles

Maintenance Kit for 3/8" WT Classic



Reaper nozzles

Whip Hose Assembly


Replace broken or frayed hose on WS classic nozzle. 2' hose with 1/2" NPT fittings.


Tip Cleaners

Centralizer for WS


41/2” diameter, for 5” or larger pipe.


Centralizer for WH


51/2” diameter, for 6” or larger pipe.


Keep your nozzles clean to get maximum performance from your jetter. These tip cleaners make cleaning orifices a snap!

Rotor Repair Kit


Repair your 3/8" or 1/2" Reaper nozzle in the field using the genuine Reaper parts included in this kit. Includes: rotor assembly, rubber boot, top insert, inlet screen, o-ring and seat retainer. Specify your nozzle size when ordering. 1003029-

Nozzle Kits

Nozzle tip cleaning tool

Multiple sizes of tips clean 1/8" to 1/2" nozzles, all in one case. NOZ-CLR

An assortment of nozzles in a storage case. Includes tip cleaner.

Kit includes:

– Cornering

– Blind Thrust – Penetrating Thrust

– Monster Flusher

– General Flusher

– Degreasing/ De-icing

Drop Head

Individual tip cleaners
ea White – for 3/8” and 1/2” nozzles TPC-45 Green – 1/8" and 1/4" nozzles TPC-35
1/8" NPT Nozzle Kit $324 2 gpm @ 1,500 PSI NK18 1/4" NPT Nozzle Kit $479 2 gpm @ 1,500 PSI NK14-21 4.5 gpm @ 3,000 PSI NK14-45 3/8" NPT Nozzle Kit $522 4.5 gpm @ 3,000 PSI NK38-4/3 8 gpm @ 3,000 PSI NK38-8/3 8 gpm @ 4,000 PSI NK38-8/4 1/2" NPT Nozzle Kit $646 8 gpm @ 3,000 PSI NK12
– Cornering – Blind Thrust – Penetrating Thrust – Monster Flusher – General Flusher – Degreasing/De-icing – Rotating 1/8"
Larger kits include:
jetters 22 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Jetter Hose

Standard High Pressure Hose

Piranha brand hose includes 1 rigid and 1 swivel end (1/8" has 2 rigid)

– Rated 4,000 PSI working pressure, 12,000 PSI burst pressure

– Temperature rated to 150° F

High-temp Jetter Hose

Hoses include 1 rigid and 1 swivel end (1/8" has 2 rigid)

– Ratings:

– Temperature rated to 212° F

Jumper Hose

3/8" NPT hose. Includes 1 rigid and 1 swivel end. Pressure rated 4K PSI.

Socket Quick Connect Brass. 3/8" FPT fits jumper hose. $15 7103

Size –I.D./ NPT Rec’d gpm Stocked Length Price PART NO 1/8" I.D. 2-3 50 ft $122 JE HoseHT 02x50 2-3 75 ft $182 JE HoseHT 02x75 1/4" I.D. 2-5 115 ft $286 JE HoseHT 04x115 2-5 200 ft $475 JE HoseHT 04x200 3/8" I.D. 4-8 200 ft $707 JE HoseHT 06x200 4-8 250 ft $863 JE HoseHT 06x250 4-8 300 ft $1,027 JE HoseHT 06x300 1/2" I.D. 8-18 300 ft $1,181 JE HoseHT 08x300 Size –I.D./ NPT Rec’d gpm Stocked Length Price PART NO 1/8" I.D. 2-3 50 ft $90 JE HoseJet 02x50 2-3 75 ft $103 JE HoseJet 02x75 2-3 100 ft $110 JE HoseJet 02x100 2-3 150 ft $164 JE HoseJet 02x150 1/4" I.D. 2-5 115 ft $206 JE HoseJet 04x115 2-5 150 ft $234 JE HoseJet 04x150 2-5 200 ft $295 JE HoseJet 04x200 3/8" I.D. 4-8 200 ft $412 JE HoseJet 06x200 4-8 250 ft $522 JE HoseJet 06x250 4-8 300 ft $605 JE HoseJet 06x300 1/2" I.D. 8-18 200 ft $790 JE HoseJet 08x200 8-18 250 ft $996 JE HoseJet 08x250 8-18 300 ft $1,195 JE HoseJet 08x300 8-18 400 ft $1,594 JE HoseJet 08x400 8-18 500 ft $1,985 JE HoseJet 08x500 8-18 600 ft $2,383 JE HoseJet 08x600 $4.35 $4.95 $5.35 $5.60 $4.50 $5.10 $5.50 $5.75 HoseJet 02 HoseJet 04 HoseJet 06 HoseJet 08 3/8" O.D. 1/2" O.D. 5/8" O.D. 3/4" O.D. 1/8" I.D. 1/4" I.D. 3/8" I.D. 1/2" I.D.
Length Price PART NO 50 ft $164 JE HOSE JUMP 06x50 75 ft $308 JE HOSE JUMP 06x75 100 ft $361 JE HOSE JUMP 06x100
Line up your
to the picture to find your hose size
Custom Length Price / Foot Custom Length Price / Foot
for availability on custom lengths. Custom length hoses are non-returnable. Size 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" Working pressure (psi) 5,075 5,000 3,500 3,000 Burst pressure (psi) 20,300 18,000 13,000 12,000
23 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
B Jetters

Truck Mounted jetters



Both models deliver 15 gpm @ 4,000 psi and include a hand-held remote, pulse action and auto-engine start.

ROM units perform in the harshest environments around the world. Tried-and-trusted technology is engineered into every product while components are accessible for easy operation and maintenance.


Hinged reel, rotating control panel

A hydraulic high-pressure hose reel swivels 225° and holds 300' of 1/2" hose. iRom control panel rotates with the hose reel as does the hinged hose guide. The second reel houses water fill hose.


15 gpm @ 4,000 psi

Gas motor, 58 hp 160 gallon tank 300 ft of 1/2" pressure hose

ROM truck-mounted jetters feature


– anti-vibration


– compact size to leave room for the rest of your equipment

take on plenty of water with stable road handling



– low maintenance pumps with dry run protection

– electric start on engines

– 300 ft hose included, different lengths and sizes available

swivelling, hydraulic high-pressure reels


– iROM technology to control pressure and water flow

– daylight readable screens

– waterproof touch keys

– handheld remote


3 reels: including 2 swiveling hp hose reels

Maximum power and versatility with two hydraulic hose reels that swivel 270° along with the control panel. The main reel has 300' of 1/2" hose, and can hold up to 550' of hose. The 2nd reel can hold up to 300' of 1/2" hose. Each reel has a hose entry guide. A third reel houses the water fill hose.


15 gpm @ 4,000 psi

Gas motor, 58 hp 305 gallon tank 300 ft of 1/2" pressure hose (main reel can hold up to 550')

Both models include a handheld remote, pulse action and auto engine start.

high-pressure jetting units fit medium-duty commercial vehicles and clean lines up to 24”. Unblock and clean drains, smaller pipes and sewer lines; use for surface cleaning as well. or call for more information.
Jetters 25 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Flexible Shaft cleaner Intelligent. Robust. 26 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Get unparalleled operator control with this powerful new tool. The M224 high-speed cleaner rotates up to 1,580 rpm to remove roots, scale, grease and more.

Get 2-hand cable control and SmartDrive™ torque management all in a lightweight, grab-and-go package.

M224 for 2" - 4" lines

High-Speed Flexible Shaft Cleaner

Quickly and efficiently chew through roots, scale, grease and more in 2" to 4" lines.

The M224 has a robust internal motor to power the flex shaft cable while remaining exceptionally quiet. It allows you to always have two hands on the sturdy shaft so you can completely focus on the resistance coming from the blockage, while starting or stopping the machine with the foot pedal.

As you work, the SmartDrive electronic torque controller auto-adjusts the speed and torque limit to the obstruction in the line to help protect you and the shaft. No manual setting or adjustment is needed as you move from job to job.

Should you ever have damage to the flexible drive shaft, it can be repaired or replaced in your shop.

Transporting the M224 is easy with a luggage-style telescoping handle and wide-stance wheels. Non-skid feet stabilize the unit during operation.

MOTOR DC electric, 15 amp source

SPEED up to 1,580 rpm

SIZE 11.5" W × 19" L × 21" H

OP WT 52 lbs

Unique one piece design prevents crushing of hardware. Carbide tips scrape and clean.

Includes flexible shaft cable foot pedal and hose Flexible Shaft PRICE 75’ $3,750 MT M224-0100 Chain Flail DIA PART NO. 3" AY M224-1100 add $117 4" AY M224-1200 add $122
Flexible Shaft cleaner 27 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

We help you fix pipes.

Infrastructure contractors depend on innovative technologies to be more profitable in pipeline rehabilitation.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies delivers that innovation to processes ranging from pipe point repair to relining and lateral reinstatement.

Cutting edge technology, combined with dependability and support, have made us the industry's partner of choice.

PipeLINE Rehab Pipeline Renewal Technologies PHONE: (866) 936-8476 WEBSITE: 28

UV Cure

LED-based UV cure for CIPP that lets you cure faster, tackle challenging applications, and reduce costs and potential failures.

Rehab Cutters

Perform reinstatement and prep with multi-axis agility

Point Repair

For standalone point repair, or for pre-lining under high infiltration, Quick-Lock sleeves restore a pipe’s structural integrity and seal out groundwater. Caps finish off CIPP liner ends.


Equipment only has value when it gives you a competitive advantage. Our philosophy of innovation focuses on your return-on-investment, emphasizing unique capabilities, superior productivity and low cost-of-ownership.

Rent, Lease or Buy

Depending on your budget, business objectives and the duration of time for which you need the capability a piece of equipment provides, we can offer rental or rent-to-own purchase options that minimize your risk, maximize your profit, and give you the confidence to expand your business as new opportunities allow.

A Team to Support Yours

Technology is only as good as the people who stand behind it. In the punishing world of pipe rehab, Pipeline Renewal Technologies stands committed to maximizing your competitive advantage; delivering superior training and support; and minimizing your downtime and cost-of-ownership.

View our product line on the following pages. Contact us anytime for more information or with any questions you have!

PipeLINE REhab Pipeline Renewal Technologies PHONE: (866) 936-8476 WEBSITE: 29

LED-based UV Cure

UV curing technology has produced thinner, stronger liners and given installers a simpler, faster and more reliable method for curing. Flexible liners are able to smoothly cover bends, deformations and drastic diameter changes. No mixing, shelf life or working time considerations. Can be wet out remotely or on-site.

SpeedyLight VX

Designed for in-house and vertical applications. Cures faster than ambient cure methods. Features a compact, portable frame with 82' or 125' hose.

LINE SIZE 2" - 6"

HOSE 82' or 125'




UV Cure for mainlines and laterals. The patented cooling technology reduces overall working and cure time. Electrical power requirements are lower as is the cost of other equipment. Create custom reports from a tablet or mobile device.

LINE SIZE 6" - 24"

HOSE 656'


HEADS can control 4 to 8 modules at same time

QuickPatch LED

LED cure GFRP pre-pregs for spot repair in 6" to 24" lines. Shadowless technology guarantees full radiation reaches the entire surface of the liners. Compatible with SpeedyLight+ heads.

LINE SIZE 6" - 24"

HOSE 164'


HEADS 4 modules 4 packers

SPEED 3-5 min cure time per patch


Cure felt and GFRP liners up to 4.92 fpm with no styrene

LINE SIZE 2"-16" (felt liners) 2"-24" (GFRP liners)

HOSE 328'

SpeedyLight+ cures at speeds up to 4.92 fpm—close to five times faster than traditional technologies. Because it’s compatible with felt liners (as well as invertible glass fiber), SpeedyLight+ can cure 90° bends (even in lines as small as 2") as well as other challenging geometries like transitions and verticals.

Free of styrene and amines (and the odors), UV-based cure technologies like SpeedyLight+ raise fewer objections from the public and your crew.

The SpeedyLight+ reel holds 328' of 0.8" rigid elastic hose to carry power, video signal and compressed air (for head cooling and liner pressurization).


HEADS XXS Kit – for 2"-3" pipe (includes 100W head)

300W – for 3"-8" pipe

600W – for 4"-10" pipe

1200W – for 4"-12" pipe

1800W – for 6"-24" pipe

SPEED Up to 4.92 fpm

PipeLINE Rehab Pipeline Renewal Technologies PHONE: (866) 936-8476 WEBSITE: 30

CIPP Drums & Rollers

PRT’s CIPP accessories prepare you for efficient, complete and cost-effective trenchless rehabilitation. Our performance calibration rollers and drums are rugged, easy to operate and available in a variety of sizes.

Inversion Drums Compact Design for Simpler CIPP

This line of inversion drums stands out for its portability and ease of use. Six drum sizes offer compatibility with many different sizes of liner. Perfect for UV cure, as well as steam, hot water or ambient cure, and a variety of applications. With a wider access than other brands, they are designed for ease-of-use and maneuverability.

Liners and Resin

We'll help you choose the right lining materials for your CIPP project.

Liners and Calibration Tubes

Our quality felt liners and tubes curve, stretch and accommodate up to 90° bends, and are specifically developed for optimal results in a variety of applications and pipe configurations.


We offer odorless, styrene-free resin formulated for UV cure. Safe to use under basements, garages and behind the walls of commercial buildings.

Electric Calibration Roller

A Clean, Complete Cure Every Time

Electric calibration rollers from PRT are the easy, worry-free way to evenly distribute resin through-out a liner. Precise height adjustment and roller spacing. Convenient foot pedal provides hands-free control of pull-through speed during saturation.

Manual Calibration Roller Small Dia.

For Rehab Pros on the Move

The Calibration Unit Micro features an ergonomic hand wheel and manual height adjustment, it is suitable for pipe up to 8” in diameter. The compact unit can be mounted on a table, or includes a handle for portability.

Need answers quick? We are here to help and would love to hear from you! (866) 936-8476 PipeLINE REhab Pipeline Renewal Technologies PHONE: (866) 936-8476 WEBSITE: 31

Reinstatement Cutters

Air-driven, multi-axis cutters that power through any material

Robotic rehab cutters from PRT deliver unmatched versatility and power, giving you the confidence to meet every challenge head-on. Whether you’re working in residential service lines, commercial laterals or grinding offsets in mainlines, PRT’s air-powered cutters get the job done.

Drive / Drive +

Mainline cutter with powerful air-driven speed and torque for reinstating laterals or grinding offsets in mainlines. Self-cleaning, color camera.

LINE SIZE 6" - 16"


PROPEL Self-propelled

CONTROL Twin joystick / 3 axes

DISPLAY 10.1" tablet

Micro Automatic +

Automated inchworm-style movement has vertical climbing capability. Cutting power and a large viewing screen. Self-cleaning, color camera.

LINE SIZE 4" - 6" (8"-10" avail)

HOSE LGTH 164’ and 230'


CONTROL Joystick / 3 axes

DISPLAY 10.1” tablet


Compact model for small lines. Push horizontally or drop vertically, stabilize with remote-inflated air bladder. Snakes easily past bends.

LINE SIZE 3" - 4"




DISPLAY 3.5" LCD, image capture

Micro S Light+

The perfect tool to tackle lucrative small-diameter rehab work

This small-diameter cutter fits in small access openings and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Excellent flexibility in bends and perfect for both horizontal and vertical work. Joystick control offers three axes of motion: 400° rotation, 90° swivel and 4" axial feed. The sealed head carries an IP54 rating, accepts various cutting bits and detaches for easy transport.

LINE SIZE 4" - 6" (8" & 10" opt.) 3" straight lines w/ 90 DCX Angular Cutting Motor



CONTROL Joystick / 3 axes

DISPLAY 10" monitor

CAMERA Self-cleaning, color

Cutting Bits We've got a wide assortment of bits to handle any situation.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies PHONE: (866) 936-8476 WEBSITE: 32
shown with the optional 90 DCX Angular Cutting Motor Contact PRT for more info on any of these products!

Point Repair

Trenchless, structural pipe repair

For standalone point repair, or for pre-lining under high infiltration, these products restore a pipe’s structural integrity where vulnerable, and seal out groundwater.


Target failing pipes with point repair sleeves and caps that installs in minutes

Positioned by a crawler and expanded pneumatically with an air compressor, Quick-Lock’s rehab caps and sleeves provides structural, trenchless pipe repair and sealing. Use a push-rod to position in lines as small as 4".

Installs in minutes with minimal manpower and overhead. Quick-Lock is chemically resistant against sewage, thinned acids, lye, and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Heavy-gauge 316L stainless steel construction has infiltration abatement with an EPDM rubber gasket. The patented locking system ensures that the sleeve stays permanently in position. After rehabilitation, the sleeve has its own static capability and absorbs the natural tectonic movements of the pipes.

Meets ASTM F3110-14 for mechanical trenchless point repair. Sizes to fit 4" to 72" lines.

Fracture systems, shard formations, impaired pipe statics Water penetration Ingrowing roots
PipeLINE REhab Pipeline Renewal Technologies PHONE: (866) 936-8476 WEBSITE: 33
Leaking sleeves Sealing blind inlets
Position deflections
Cable Machines Rugged Workhorses. Built to Last.

We’ve been building reliable cable machine workhorses for over 60 years. Our lineup tackles 1” to 10” lines with customizable cable styles, lengths and fittings.

All our models are designed to build torque quickly, while giving the operator sufficient time to react and work through obstructions. A spring and cleat mechanism lets you change reels quickly: add another section of cable for longer runs, or swap in a closed reel if your next job is indoors.

Cable loads into reels counterclockwise on all our machines, stacking against the outer wall of the reel.

A wide selection of replacement tools and parts (high-quality cable, fittings, blades and attachments) will keep you up and running.

Our cable machines feature not all applicable to the M500

Quick reel change

Operator safety

– convenient tension release mechanisms

– foot pedal activation

– watertight electrical switches and boxes, built in GFCI

Quiet operation

– from heavy duty electric motors


– cable lengths and core

– open or closed reels are available for most models and cable sizes

– multiple styles of fittings for cable and attachments: threaded (including Autry style), slip-joint, interlocking, slot-lock, Ridgid and bulbhead styles

Replacement parts, cable and tools:

Reels and components pgs 40-41

Accessories and parts pgs 42-43

Cable and fittings pgs 45, 50-52

Blades and attachments pgs 46-49

Rugged frames

– tubular steel construction

– pneumatic tires

– balanced weight for optimal mobility

Autofeed-Retrievers available – standard on some models

M500 for 1" - 2" lines

M661 for 11/2" - 4" lines

M81 for 3" - 8" lines

M888 for 3" - 8" lines

Cable Machines 35 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Cable Machines

for 1" to 4" lines

Compact, lightweight workhorses get in to tight spaces. Quiet operation.

The versatile M661 No matter what size cable you start with, you can swap in a different size later to work in larger or smaller lines.

See our REO units (pg 40) to purchase M661 reels with 1/4" to 1/2" cable.

The convenient Mainline Cleaning Kit for the M661 includes a reel of 1/2" cable, a set of blades and a pair of work gloves.


Optional accessories help you work even more efficiently:

– connect an Elephant Trunk to the M500 or M661 to help guide cable

– a Mini Autofeed assists the M661 with cable feed/rewind

– the Little Work Cart eases M661 transport, especially when using a reel of 1/2" cable

M661 is shown with revolving arm and... 3/8" cable-in-reel (left) 1/2" cable-in-reel (below) M500 is shown with cable installed, and optional elephant trunk requires hoop for mounting, 2 sizes available M661 Little Work Cart M500 M661 with 1/2" cable and cart
36 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

M500 for 1" - 2" lines Mini Workhorse

The M500 tackles bathtubs, urinals and sinks. It has a heavy duty drive train and a rugged frame that can be operated horizontally or vertically. 2 speeds.

Cone and funnel design prevents cable from flipping

– Forward / reverse switch

– Optional elephant trunk cable guide available

M661 Little Workhorse

All cable machines can be ordered with wire-core cable or different end style, additional charges may apply. excludes M500 for 11/2" - 3" lines

Our versatile M661 Little workhorse can run 1/4”, 5/16", or 3/8” cable, and up to 100’ of 1/2” cable. Start with the base, then add 3/8" or 1/2" cable to suit your work needs. Swap in a different size later, see our REO units, pg 40.

for 3" - 4" lines

Bundle and save with our M661 Complete Package

See what is included at

MOTOR electric

SPEED variable, up to 280 rpm

SIZE 12.5" W × 18" L × 16" H

BASE WT 23 lbs (with cable)

Include 1/4" hollow core cable, hook end

Closed poly reel

M661 BladePak BladePak 234

Quick Reel Change

or elephant trunk

Elephant trunk guide MT M500 ELE TRUNK add $ 58

MOTOR 1/3 hp electric, belt drive

SPEED 144 rpm

SIZE 14" W × 18" L × 18" H

BASE WT 41 lbs (no cable)

Include 3/8" hollow core* cable in reel

threaded ends*

open steel reel (closed reel avail same price)

revolving arm also included

Include 1/2" hollow core* cable in reel

– threaded ends*

– closed poly reel (open reel avail same price)

– revolving arm also included

$ 1,758 no cable, reel or rev arm

$ 2,276

$ 2,312

Mini Autofeed, small hoop (for 3/8” cable) SH-MAF add $ 842

Mini Autofeed, large hoop (for 1/2” cable) LH-MAF add $ 842

Transport cart M661 CARTCOMP add $ 337

Suggested BladePaks

M661 BladePak (see pg 49)


M661 for 3/8” cable

threaded fittings add $ 66

General fittings add $ 139 for 1/2” cable

BladePak 234 (see pg 49)

Most of our cable machines have a drive spring that connects to a cleat on the drive arm. This makes reel changes easy so you can:

– add an additional section in a long line

– change out damaged cable

– swap in a reel with a different size of cable:

– the M661 accepts reels with 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” or 1/2” cable

– our M81 and M888 can run reels with 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 11/16” or 3/4” cable

– using a special revolving arm included with the SK34 Sinkline Kit, the M81 can even run a reel of 3/8” cable for work in smaller lines

threaded fittings add $ 66

SJ, GE, IL or RE fittings add $ 93

PRICE $ 1,174 no cable
$ 2,138
$ 2,170
$ 2,196
Cable Machines 37 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:


Machines for 3" - 10" lines

Gearbox drive on these workhorses pushes the cable up to 400’

Cast aluminum housing and hardened steel shaft and gears offer years of reliable service.

M81 shown with 3/4" cable-in-reel unit installed M888 shown with 3/4” cable-in-reel unit installed M81 M888
38 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

All cable machines can be ordered with wire-core cable or different end style, additional charges may apply. excludes M500

M81 for 3"-10" lines

Big Workhorse

Options for smaller lines

The M81 is a workhorse that’s been serving professionals for years in industrial, commercial, or residential settings.

The sled-style, rugged steel frame gives a low profile and the ability to easily split the weight into two parts when transporting. Balanced weight aids mobility.

Quick reel change design makes adding an extra lengths of cable easy—the gearbox can push up to 400' of cable. 8" fully pneumatic tires minimize tracking dirt.

Like the M661, the M81 has many options such as our Autofeed/Retriever and Cable Reel Cart to help you work even more efficiently.

The M81 can even accept a smaller reel of 3/8" cable and adapted revolving arm for work in 11/2" - 3" lines. The SK34 Sinkline Cleaning Kit is available online, see

M888 for 3"-10" lines

Upright Workhorse

Maximize power and portability with the M888. The compact size and upright design gets into tight spaces. And because the transport handle is at operator height it eases strain on your back.

Features include:

– autofeed/retriever included

built in stair glides assist with transport, flip down to lock wheels while in use

– 10” fully pneumatic tires

With MyTana’s easy reel change design, you can quickly add additional lengths of cable, the gearbox can push the cable up to 400 feet.

MyTana's large Autofeed/Retriever

Makes feeds and rewinds easier, works with 1/2” to 3/4” cable. Optional on the M81, included with the M888.

MOTOR 1/2 hp electric, gearbox drive

SPEED 132 rpm can be set faster

SIZE 26” W × 36” L × 30” H

BASE WT 84 lbs (no cable)

Include 3/4” hollow core* cable in reel

– slip-joint ends*

– 11/16” cable available, same price

– open steel reel (closed reel avail same price)

– revolving arm, 3' leader cable and 5' back end (anchor) cable also included

BASE PRICE $ 3,668 no cable, reel, rev arm or autofeed

Large Autofeed AUTOFEED LRG see pg 43 add $ 551

Cable Reel Cart CRC see pg 42 add $ 497

MOTOR 1/2 hp electric, gearbox drive

SPEED 150 rpm

SIZE 26" W × 35" L × 47" H

BASE WT 117 lbs (no cable)

Include 3/4” hollow core* cable in reel

slip-joint ends *

– 11/16” cable avalable, same price

– closed poly reel (open reel avail same price)

revolving arm, 3' leader cable and 5' back end (anchor) cable also included

BASE PRICE $ 4,894 no cable, reel or rev arm

5,552 125’ $ 5,615

Cable Reel Cart CRC see pg 42 add $ 497

Manhole Cable Guide see pg 42 add $ 564

Suggested BladePak for M81 or M888

ME, SJ, GE or IL fittings add $ 177 RE fittings add $ 205

$ 4,519
$ 4,582
PearShaped BladePak BLADEPK PS see pg 49 Cable Machines 39 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:


Open reels – welded steel cages with a durable, powder-coat finish

Closed reels – molded blue polyethylene with drain hole, won’t rust, impact resistant

Reels for M661

1/4" cable

All reels include unless noted otherwise

• drive spring

• anchor hardware

These components are also sold separately.

PART NO.s are listed in blue boxes, see bottom of page for prices.


WO46 FG $133

Drive Spring DS21 Anchor Joint J255

5/16" or 3/8" cable

reels hold max 80' of 3/8" cable, see below for 100' 1/2" cable or 100' x 3/8" cable

anchor joint NOT included WO44 FG $132

anchor joint NOT included WO44P FG $193

Reel Components

WO43C FG $157

anchor joint NOT included

WO43CP FG $236

Drive Springs

Shock absorbing spring connects the reel to the drive arm.

All reels w/cable (REO units) include

• installed ends on the cable

REO prices shown are for threaded ends

See for prices on other style ends


Wire core and Installed ends are not available, cable will have open hook end







REOs with 5/16" or 3/8" cable are available with ME or GE ends only

REO units with 3/8" cable are available with ME or GE ends only

Anchor Hardware Hardware to attach cable (or back-end cable) to the reel.

• Anchor joints fit OPEN reels

4 J252


Cable Sz Lngth Hollow Core Wire Core PART NO
RC2 Drive Spring DS21 Anchor Joint J251 Reel Cover RC3 Drive Spring DS21 Anchor Bracket J238 Drive Spring DS21 Anchor Bracket J212 1/4" 25’ $199 N/A MT REO103 - 25 40’ $219 N/A MT REO103 - 40 50’ $231 N/A MT REO103 - 50 5/16" 40’ $238 $257 MT REO104 OR - 40 80’ $287 $315 MT REO104 OR - 80 3/8” 50’ $273 $291 MT REO105 OR - 50 80’ $310 $339 MT REO105 OR - 80 5/16" 40’ $282 $301 MT REO104 CR - 40 80’ $331 $359 MT REO104 CR - 80 3/8" 50’ $317 $335 MT REO105 CR - 50 80’ $354 $383 MT REO105 CR - 80 3/8" 100' $412 $431 MT REO105 OR - 100 1/2" 80' $426 $463 MT REO661 OR - 80 100' $467 $504 MT REO661 OR - 100 3/8" 100' $456 $475 MT REO105 CR - 100 1/2" 80' $474 $511 MT REO661 CR - 80 100' $515 $552 MT REO661 CR - 100
Reel Cover RC1 Drive Spring DS21
Reel Cover
Part No Price
Part No Price J255
8 J251
Cable Machines 40 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Larger Reels (this page) empty – or REOs with 9/16" or larger cable – also include

• a back-end (anchor) cable Specify end style

Reel for M745


does NOT have a drive spring

Reels for M81/M888

See for more information and expanded pricing.


Brackets and fittings fit CLOSED reels

Reel Covers

Heavy-duty, acid resistant, splash covers for open reels. Optional, not included with any reel purchase.

WO745 $200 WO745
11/16" 100’ $683 $744 MT REO202 OR - 100 125’ $759 $836 MT REO202 OR - 125 3/4" 100’ $726 $790 MT REO204 OR - 100 125’ $798 $881 MT REO204 OR - 125 11/16" 100’ $739 $800 MT REO202 CR - 100 125’ $815 $892 MT REO202 CR - 125 3/4" 100’ $782 $846 MT REO204 CR - 100 125’ $854 $937 MT REO204 CR - 125 WO42 $294 WO42P $385 WO43A $197 1/2" or 9/16" cable Sinkline Kit uses WO43CP FG (opp. page) 11/16" or 3/4" cable Anchor Fitting J745-916 9/16" cable Anchor Bracket 745-0602 Drive Spring DS22 Anchor Joint J251 Reel Cover RC4 Drive Spring DS22 Anchor Joint J251 Reel Cover RC5 Drive Spring DS22P Fitting J253 Bracket J258
1/2" 80' $474 $511 MT REO745-12 - 80 100' $515 $552 MT REO745-12 -100 9/16" 80' $503 $535 MT REO745-916 -80 100' $535 $581 MT REO745-916 -100 1/2" 80' $420 $457 MT REO106 -80 100' $461 $498 MT REO106 -100 9/16" 80' $449 $481 MT REO108 -80 100' $481 $527 MT REO108 -100 125’ $542 $598 MT REO108 -125 5/8" 50’ $420 $443 MT REO110 -50 75’ $466 $497 MT REO110 -75 100’ $564 $610 MT REO110 -100
threaded male slip joint spartan general ridgid
larger reels Part No Price J238 $ 14 J212 $ 17 Part No Price J745-916 $ 13 745-0602 $ 18 J253 $ 13 J258 $ 18
Part No Price RC1 $ 43 RC2 $ 44 RC3 $ 48 RC4 $ 54 RC5 $ 56
1/2", 9/16" or 5/8" cable CLOSED OPEN CLOSED OPEN Cable Sz Lngth Hollow Core Wire Core PART NO Cable Machines 41 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Cable Machine Accessories

Waterproof Gloves

Order a dozen– SAVE $12!

One size fits all.

Heavy-duty, waterproof gloves for handling sewer cable. Improves your grip and protects your skin from harsh chemicals and sewage.

Both the yellow Ugly® and black gloves have embedded PVC chips to aid your grip and prevent creasing or getting caught when working with sewer cable.

Cable Reel Cart

$497 CRC

Make loading and transport of mainline cable reels easier with this specially designed 2-wheel dolly. Reduces strain on your back and shoulders. Curved base and locking/ratcheting reel strap hold reels secure. Includes stair glides and loading wheel.

44" H x 20" W

Manhole Cable / Hose Guide $564


Guide your cable into openings while protecting it from sharp edges. 3 steel pipe sections extend up to 12ft from manhole opening.

M661 Transport Cart $337


Eases transport of the M661.

8" pneumatic tires give smooth ride and minimize tracking of dirt. Cord wrap keeps power cord clear from wheels.

Easy release mechanism lets you remove the Little Workhorse quickly.

46" H x 17" W

Folding Ramp


Extra Wide – Heavy Duty

29 3/8” wide ramp surface with 350 lb capacity. Great for your heavy equipment, water heaters and more! Textured surface for traction.

71/2 feet long extended, folds roughly in half to 47" x 8" thick for easy storage. Longer ramps available, call for pricing.

Ugly Gloves – $14 ea PVC chip coated palm, jersey-lined interior. Black Work Gloves – $10 ea PVC chip coated palm. cotton, canvas-like cuff knit cuff Regular – 10” GLOVE-BL REG Long – 13.5” GLOVE-BL LNG Regular – 11” UGLY GLOVE REG Long – 12” no cuff UGLY GLOVE LNG
Cable Machines 42 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

RealTite Plugs Replacement Cleanout Plugs

Seal damaged cleanout openings and broken threads with the ONLY plug in the industry that will not come apart. A compression action of rings and gaskets seals any pipe opening permanently or temporarily, regardless of the condition or threads. A stop bolt ensures no parts will fall into the opening during installation or removal. With a flush finish, RealTite Plugs are suitable for cleanouts near doorways or where carpeting will cover. Complies with National Standard Plumbing Code and meets or exceeds ASTM Standards for permanent plug usage. Easy installation with our Hex Key tool.

parts Cable Machines

Foot Pedal, Hose, Switch

Large Autofeed Retriever $551

For our larger cable machines, assists with feed and rewind of cable with a quick and simple movement of a lever. Take the hard work out of removing a large bundle of roots. Best suited for 9/16" and larger cable.

Air-actuated pedal, hose and switch activate reel rotation on all our cable machines. 2 styles:

• Newer – the switch fits OVER the hose, secures with a lock nut.

Foot Pedal only $20 FT PEDAL ONLY

Pedal & hose - new $35 FT P&H NEW

Switch only - new $52 TBS329A

Complete Set $86 FT SW COMP

• Older – switch has a male barb fitting to seat INSIDE a thicker hose. Same prices as newer style. Order online at to get correct part no's.

Revolving Arms

Replacement arms for our cable machines. See for legacy models.

Fits M81, M844 and M98 $172 REVARM M81

Fits M888 $172 REVARM M888

Fits M661 $107 REVARM M661

If you need to replace the entire set, the newer style will work with older MyTana machines.

NEWER style switch and hose

Find many more parts online at cm-parts

Mini Autofeed Retriever prices on pg 37

For our M661 (requires a hoop* to mount). Assists with feed and rewind of 1/4" to 1/2" cable. Compatible with Elephant Trunk guide.

* 2 sizes for larger or smaller reels, shown: Mini Autofeed on large hoop. Feed and hoops also sold separately.


Replacement bushings for our larger sled style machines, M81, M844 and M98. Fit in the front casting on the frame.

Autofeed Drive Wheel Bearings

Parts available for both our large and mini Autofeed Retrievers.

Steel Bushing (front) $23 S100A

Brass Bushing (rear) $15 S100B

Large Autofeed $17/ea AF110

Mini Autofeed $13/ea MSF110

Size Relaxed fits ID of: Expanded seals up to: Cover O.D. Price Each PART# QTY: 1-49 50+ 1.5" 1.64" 1.95" 2.5" $ 17 $ 16 CP15 2" 2.09" 2.33" 2.5" $ 18 $ 17 CP20 2.5" 2.72" 3.19" 3.63" $ 20 $ 19 CP25 3" 3.04" 3.48" 4" $ 20 $ 19 CP30 3.5" 3.82" 4.15" 4.78" $ 22 $ 21 CP35 4" 4.20" 4.61" 5.375" $ 22 $ 21 CP40
Cable Machines 43 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Check out our NEW Drain Borer Cutting tool. Chew through roots and debris easily while navigating bends – pg 47
Cable Ends Blades

Our US-made sewer cable is precision-wound from premium music wire. Whether you need hollow core or wire core, count on MyTana cable to deliver the perfect blend of control, torque response and strength.

Our largest cable has flexibility options making it suitable for both MyTana machines and competitors' with a tighter bend. We also offer fittings compatible with other brands.

Leader Cable

Flexible section of cable attaches to the front of your main cable to help lead it through the pipe. 3' length, custom lengths available. Includes installed end, please specify your choice (see left). DESCRIPTION

SUPER-FLEX for 11/16" or 3/4" cable $43 LE151

SUPER-FLEX for 3/4" cable – Ridgid ends $68 LE151-RE

5/8" SUPER-FLEX for 5/8" or 11/16" cable $41 * LE149

9/16" leader for 9/16" or 5/8" cable $37 * LE147

1/2" leader for 1/2" or

Bulbhead Leader Cable

For 3/8" cable, 2' length.

Includes Bulbhead fitting

Bulbhead Leader with threaded end $29 LE143-ME

Bulbhead Leader with General end $29 LE143-GE

Back-End/Anchor Cable

5ft long. Fits between main cable and reel to simplify reel changes when using multiple reels.

Back-end cables include:

• installed cable connection end specify end style

• anchor fitting to attach to reel specify if to be used in open or closed reel

SIZE PRICE PART NO. 9/16” cable $55 BE5 9/16" 5/8” cable $55 BE5 5/8" 11/16” cable $55 BE5 11/16" 3/4” cable $55 BE5 3/4"
9/16" cable $35 * LE146 5/16" leader for 5/16" or 3/8" cable $29 LE145 1/4" leader for 5/16" cable threaded end only $23 LE144 and your choice of threaded or General end ME GE * Prices with RE end may vary. ME SJ IL GE RE threaded slip joint spartan general ridgid
Cable Cable installed in reel (REO units) pgs 40-41 Leader and Back-End cable this page Replacement cable – loose sections pgs 50-51 Ends Installed pgs 50-51 Loose pg 52 Blades, end tools, fittings Mainline blades, specialized tools pgs 46-47 Mounting blocks and chuck units pg 47 Sinkline blades, tools and blade holders pg 48 BladePacks pg 49 Cable | ends | Blades 45 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Mainline Blades

For use with ½” to ¾” cable

Pear Shaped Blades

NEW Most* blades this page now sold in packs of 3

Prices reflect 3 blades of same size in a pack.

*Mounted larger blades still sold as single unit.

Smaller Blades

All are 1" wide, flat bases.

Larger Blades

Single blades, 1" wide (unless noted otherwise)

Edge Some blades have a choice of a knife/plain edge (P) or a serrated/ toothed edge (T).

Pear shaped blades have some flex to fit in smaller openings, then expand. Rounded bases fit bracket below. Suitable for 3"- 6" lines. Blades are 1” wide (except paddle blades) All have teeth.

Mounting bracket

Fits 1” wide pear shaped blades. Brass.

$14 ea BH500

Mounted blades include block, washer and nut. Prices are for ME style block – all other styles add $5/blade ($15 per 3-pack)

Mounted blades include cones, bolt (ME or SJ style only) and nut.

Prices are for ME style bolt – SJ style add $5/blade

Width Edge Price/pk PART NO. 21/4" T $39 PS2 3" T $48 PS3 4" T $48 PS4 6" T $63 PS6 Paddle 3" T $63 PS35 4" T $66 PS5 Length Edge Price/pk PART NO. Price ea. PART NO. narrow –3/4" wide 4" P T $36 KN6-3/4 $45 KN75 (1 blade) $51 KN76 (2 blades) 4" P T $36 KN6-1 $45 KN75-1 (1 blade) $51 KN76-1 (2 blades) 6" P $36 KN7P $51 KN77P 8" P $36 KN8P $51 KN78P Angle cut 4" P $36 KN6P ANG CUT $51 KN76P ANG CUT 6" P $36 KN7P ANG CUT $51 KN77P ANG CUT
mounted with 2 blades only in chuck
mounted with 1 or 2 blades in chuck Style Size Edge Price/pk PART NO. Price/pk PART NO. Single 2" L P T $27 KN4 $51 KN5 3" L P T $39 KN24-3 $66 KN25-3 4" L P T $39 KN24-4 $66 KN25-4 Double 2" W P T $36 KN19 $63 KN20 3" W P T $39 KN26-3 $90 KN27-3 4" W P T $39 KN26-4 $90 KN27-4 Double Offset 3"|41/2" L 4" W T $48 KN28T $102 KN29T P T
Cable | ends | Blades 46 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
In chuck length, add ~1" for blade only length

Specialized Tools

Tools designed for specific applications.

Mounting Blocks

For our smaller blades (KN4-KN28T). All blocks include lock washer and nut.

Order 12 or more and save!

1" dia 11/2" dia 2" dia 3" dia

Standard (shown) fits cable with male threaded end. Other end styles require mounting block, (right).

Blade Holder fits 1" wide blades


Threaded (ME)

Block and B503 holder

These tools have fittings built-in, please specify end style.

Prices are for ME style block, other styles add $5/blade.

Slip Joint (SJ)

Female SJBH


Spartan / interlocking (IL)


General (GE)


Ridgid (RE)


Chuck Units

Cones and chuck units (bolt and nut) hold our 3"-4", 6" and 8" KN blades

Order 12 or more and save!


Creates a churning action for clearing

Mounted tools incl. cones, bolt and nut.

edge in chuck unit –ME or SJ fitting only

Prices are for ME style chuck – SJ style add $5/blade

Threaded (ME)

and nut


Bolt, nut and cones


Slip Joint (SJ)

Bolt and nut


Description Price ea. PART NO. NEW! Drain Borer 4 sizes. Penetrate
rotating teeth, good in bends. $60 DB1 $75 DB15 $10750 DB2 $18750 DB3
Tail Retriever 3" – Wraps around cable or obstruction for firm hold $26 LE148
Cutter 21/2" L – Great boring tool, has teeth on front and back $38 SPC250 Grease Spring /Retriever 12" L – Penetrate grease, retrieve large blockages $42 RGS148 Cone Retriever 7" L – Extract large blockages: towels, blankets, etc. $43 CRS150 Saw Blade 4" dia – Cuts roots, has teeth on both sides $40 SB400 Medium Drop Head 3" L x 1" dia – Swing bulb facilitates vertical drop $26 DH150 Chisel Head 23/8" x 3/4” W – Punches drainage hole thru hard blockages $20 CH115 Spade Cutter 2" W – Cuts drainage hole thru softer obstructions $34 SC200
obstructions. Loose 4" $16 KN44 6" $17 KN46 Mounted in chuck unit ME or SJ fitting only 4" $37 PB144 6" $40 PB146 Triple Blade Three 4" cutting blades with knife
1-11 12+ $5 $4.75 $8 $7.75 $12 $11.75 $12 $12 $12 $12 $20 $13 1-11 12+ $20 $19.75
through tough
muck, other soft
$11 $10.75
Block only
Cable | ends | Blades 47 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Sinkline Blades

For use with ⁵/��” or ⅜” cable

Sinkline Blade

and Ends

3-pack pricing on all holders and ends

NEW Most* items this page now sold in packs of 3

Prices reflect 3 items or blades of same size in a pack.

Blades for cable with threaded or Bulbhead fittings

Specialized Tools for 11/4" to 2" lines

Choose threaded (ME) or General (GE) style fittings


Coupling 105 for 2 ME type cable ends

Bulbhead End BU41 Channel adds stability

Blades for cable with General or Bulbhead fittings

GE Blade Holder GE41BH for General style fitting

GE male fitting GEM3/8 for 3/8" cable

GE female fitting GEF3/8 for 3/8" cable

Mini Spade Blades

Cuts drainage hole thru softer obstructions

Mini Spade Blade Holder


Threaded fitting for 3/8" cable

Prices/pk Fitting Cable | ends | Blades 48 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Learn the best applications for any of our Cable Machine attachments by requesting our poster at

Price ea. PART NO. Drop Head 2" L Swing bulb facilitates vertical drop ME $22 107 GE $30 GE107 Chisel head 1" L x 1/2" W Punches drainage hole thru hard blockages ME $22 109 GE $30 GE109 Flexible Grease Spring 6" L Penetrate grease and soft blockages ME $16 106 GE $21 GE106 Retriever 12" L Extract blockages: towels, ME $22 108 GE $30 GE108 Style Length Price/pk PART NO. Single 1" $15 101 11/2" $15 102 2" $15 103 Double 2+" $24 104 Style Length Price/pk PART NO. Double Offset 1" $21 11DO 11/4" $21 13DO 11/2" $21 15DO 2" $21 21DO Width Price/pk PART NO. 1" $24 SR1 13/8" $27 SR2 13/4" $30 SR3
GEF3/8 also fits Mini Spade Blades $33 $48 $36 $36 $42
*Specialized tools still sold as single unit.


Mainline BladePaks

Pear Shaped BladePak

Suitable for 11/16" and 3/4" cable. All blades are serrated. Two each: 2", 3", 4" and 6" pear-shaped blades, and four BH500 blade holders with fittings – specify style needed:


• ME threaded SJ slip-joint IL Spartan or GE General $177

• RE Ridgid $205

BladePak 234

Suitable for 1/2” to 3/4” cable. 1 ea. knife edged single 2" and double 21/8", and 1 ea. serrated double 3" and 4" blades. All are in mountings, specify style needed:


• ME threaded $66

• SJ slip-joint IL Spartan GE General or RE Ridgid $93

Mainline BladePak

Suitable for 11/16" and 3/4" cable. 2" to 6" blades, some mounted, plus a pig tail retriever. See for detailed list of what is included. Specify mounting style:


Sinkline BladePaks

M661 BladePak

Suitable for 5/16" and 3/8" cable. Sets of 1" to 2" blades and drop head swivel.

Threaded Fittings

Also includes 6" grease spring, 1 spade blade and holder, threaded coupling, lockwashers and nuts.


General Fittings

Also includes three mini-spade blades, GE blade holders, female fitting and allen wrench.

BLADEPK M661 GE $139

• ME threaded

• SJ slip-joint

Muni BladePak

Suitable for 11/16" and 3/4" cable. Set of 2" to 8" blades, some mounted, plus a pig-tail retriever and spearhead cutter. See for detailed list of what is included. Specify mounting style:


• ME threaded

• SJ slip-joint $343

Specialized Tool Kit 1

Suitable for 1/2" to 3/4" cable. Includes 4" paddle blade, 12" retriever/grease spring, pig-tail retriever and spearhead cutter. Specify mounting style:


• ME threaded

• SJ slip-joint IL Spartan GE General or RE Ridgid $164

Specialized Tool Kit 2

Suitable for 1/2" to 3/4" cable. Includes spade, medium drop head and chisel head. Specify mounting style:


• ME threaded $77

• SJ slip-joint IL Spartan GE General or RE Ridgid $98

Bulbhead BladePak

Suitable for 3/8" cable. 1" to 2" single, double and double offset blades, 1 bulbhead fitting.


Mini Spade BladePaks

Suitable for 3/8" cable. Sets of 1" to 13/4" mini spade blades and allen wrench.

Threaded Fittings

Also includes 3 mini spade blade holders.


General Fittings

Also includes 1 female end.


Cable | ends | Blades 49 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Cable flexibility options are only offered for 3/4" and 11/16" cable. Specify preference when ordering.

FLEX (more stiff) designed for MyTana and sled style designs


bend into reel RED FLEX (more flexible) designed for General, Spartan, Ridgid upright designs

• Smaller dia. reels

• Sharper bend into reel

Installed ends REQUIRED on all WIRE CORE cable.

Please specify style when ordering

Installed ends OPTIONAL on Hollow core cable.

Installed Ends for Big and Medium cable

Medium Cable For 3"- 6" lines Big Cable For 3"-10" lines 3/4 11/16
commitment to quality.
Sewer Cable Our
ME Threaded $14 ea SJ Slip-Joint $18 ea IL Spartan Style $18 ea GE General Style $18 ea RE Ridgid Style $24 ea Male 5/8 9/16 C209 5/8" C212 9/16" 50' 75' 100' 125' 80' 100' 125' $143 $202 $254 $327 $184 $223 $284 $139 $198 $250 $323 $180 $219 $280 $135 $194 $246 $319 $176 $215 $276 $166 $234 $304 $386 $223 $272 $346 $162 $230 $300 $382 $219 $268 $342 $158 $226 $296 $378 $215 $264 $338 C210 3/4" C211 11/16" 100' 125' 100' 125' $327 $398 $294 $357 $321 $392 $288 $351 $315 $386 $283 $346 $396 $488 $357 $437 $390 $482 $351 $431 $384 $476 $346 $426 Price / Length 3+ 2 1 length Price / Length 3+ 2 1 length HOLLOW WIRE CORE
Buy more and save! Buy more and save! PART NO. Cable Size CABLE LENGTH (ft) BLUE FLEX RED FLEX
• Larger dia.
• Gentle
Cable | ends | Blades 50 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Independent tests show that our cable, made from music wire provided to internal, exacting specifications, are more durable and more consistent than those competitors tested.

Sinkline Cable

For 1 ¼" - 2" lines

Right Hand Wound Cable

Designed for handdrill type machines

is also available as Bulbhead cable



C214 3/8" C215 5/16" C216 1/4" 50' 80' 100' 40' 50' 80' 25' 40' 50' $88 $126 $159 $65 $83 $117 $34 $44 $58 $86 $124 $157 $63 $81 $115 $33 $43 $57 $84 $122 $155 $62 $80 $114 $32 $42 $56 $108 $159 $194 $85 $102 $145 $106 $157 $192 $83 $100 $143 $104 $155 $190 $82 $99 $142 C213 1/2" 80' 100' $173 $218 $169 $214 $167 $212 $212 $270 $208 $266 $206 $264


Open Hook cable ONLY (wire core not available)

GE41MINST GE41FINST General Style $18 ea 3/8 5/16 5/16 1/4 1/4 1/2

Open Hook ends STANDARD on 5/16” and 1/4” RHW cable

Installed Ends for Sinkline cable

BU41INST Bulb head fitting (3/8" only) $18 ea

Cable | ends | Blades 51 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Installed ends NOT AVAILABLE on RHW cable.

1. Cables are over-torqued by the operator — the most common reason.

2. Cables that are used in clogged drains that contain acid based drain cleaning chemicals can become brittle and break.

3. There are minor imperfections in the wire used to make the cables which can cause the cable to break. Most of these imperfections are discovered when the wire is rolled into the cable.

C215 RHW 5/16” C216 RHW 1/4" 25' 15' 25' $46 $27 $35 $45 $26 $34 $44 $25 $33 $58 $57 $56
ME41INST Threaded $14 ea Female
NOTE: It is very difficult to warrant sewer cables. Our experience is that sewer cables can break for three reasons.
is also available as open hook cable Installed ends not available on 1/4" cable

Cable Ends – Loose



Interlocking Ends

Ridgid Ends

Splicing Cores

3/4" 11/16" 5/8" 9/16" 1/2" 3/8" 5/16" Prices /pk Threaded Ends includes washer and nut ME 3/4 ME 11/16 ME 5/8 ME 9/16 ME 1/2 ME 3/8 $19.50 ME 3/4 AUTRY ME 11/16 AUTRY ME 5/8 AUTRY ME 9/16 AUTRY N/A ME 3/8 AUTRY $51 Couplings connect cable to cable, leader to cable, etc. J260 J260 J260 J260 J260 105 $19.50
Ends Fits MyTana and ROTO-ROOTER includes 5/32 cap screw and washer SJ 3/4 SJ 11/16 SJ 5/8 SJ 9/16 SJ 1/2 N/A $36
Ends Fits MyTana and GENERAL includes 5/32 cap screw and washer Male GEM 3/4 GEM 11/16 GEM 5/8 GEM 9/16 GEM 1/2 GEM 3/8 $36 Female GEF 3/4 GEF 11/16 GEF 5/8 GEF 9/16 GEF 1/2 GEF 3/8 $36
Fits MyTana and SPARTAN Not compatible with “magnum style” fittings includes roll pin Male ILM 3/4 ILM 11/16 ILM 5/8 ILM 9/16 ILM 1/2 N/A $36 Female ILF 3/4 ILF 11/16 ILF 5/8 ILF 9/16 ILF 1/2
Fits MyTana and RIDGID Male REM 3/4 REM 11/16 REM 5/8 REM 9/16 REM 1/2 N/A $51 Female REF 3/4 REF 11/16 REF 5/8 REF 9/16 REF 1/2 N/A $87
Replacement Cap Screws $7.50 / pk of 3 Replacement Roll Pins $ .75 / pk of 3 11/16" or 3/4" 1/4-20 x 5/8" BHS 025 0625 20 11/16" or 3/4" ROLPN1/4X3/4 5/8" or smaller ROLPN1/4X5/8 5/8" or smaller 1/4-20 x 1/2" BHS 025 0050 20 Bulbhead End BU41 $33 / pk of For 3/8" bulb head cable Replacement Cap Screw $7.50 / pk of 3 1/4-20 x 1/2" BHS 025 0050 20 Roll Pin Tool LPT10 Replacement Cap Screw $7.50 / pk of 3 10-24 x 3/8" SHCSS 104 0038
Repair kinked or broken cable 3/4" cable SP3/4 11/16" cable SP11/16 5/8" cable SP5/8 9/16" cable SP9/16 1/2" cable SP1/2 5/16" or 3/8" cable SP3/8 $18 (all sizes) NEW Items* on this page now sold in packs of 3 *Excludes Roll Pin and Hex Key Tool PART NO'S LISTED IN TABLE BELOW FOR SIZES AVAILABLE CABLE SIZE Prices shown are per pack of 1 size Cable | ends | Blades 52 PHONE: ( 866) 837-7972 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

MyTana LLC

746 Selby Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55104

(866) 837-7972

Monday - Friday 7 am - 5 pm CST FAX (651) 222-1739

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See for more warranty information and exclusions.

Repairs – Cable machine and most jetter repairs can be completed in the field. MyTana stocks repair and common wear items for your convenience.

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Hex Key Tool

Folding Ramp pgs 17 or 42 Gloves for cable: pg 42 for jetting: pg 17 Tiger Tail pgs 9 or 17 Replacement Cleanout Plugs pg 43
opposite page
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