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My Sunny Wedding

Issue #1 September / October 2011 Inspiration, images and ideas for the Big day


Here we are. The first issue of “My Sunny Wedding” is shining brightly on your computer screens. It is incredible that just few months ago it was only an idea and a dream about this adventure! The e-magazine, which I like to call a collection of ideas, thoughts and images for the Big day of each bride– to–be, is our version of a blog with all the amazing things wedding. We wanted to create an eco-friendly, accessible for everyone and of course – beautiful – magazine, full of professional advice, interesting interviews and articles, gorgeous photographs and the spirit of true romance and beauty. I know it’s a first issue; we still have a lot of improving and growing to be done and mistakes to be fixed (for those I apologize in advance). But I can’t pretend and say that we’re not proud of what we have today. And I promise, with every issue “My Sunny Wedding” will be offering more and more tips and tricks, fun reads, inspiring images, great insights and advice from industry professionals, glamorous fashion, newest trends… I’m happy that YOU, my dear reader, took precious time of your life to go through these pages and I hope that you’ll be returning for more to our website and to our new issues. In the end, I want to thank all the contributors, who’ve made “My Sunny Wedding” happen – we wouldn’t be here without you. Yours truly,


Editor in Chief

“My Sunny Wedding” is an independent e-magazine and a blog with all things wedding. Find the inspiration, ideas and images for Your Big Day. Contributors of the first issue. Thank you all! Ann Lim, Rocky’s Boutique resort Thailand Ashleigh Taylor, Ashleigh Taylor Photography Cindy Taylor, LOL letterpress Danijela Pruginic, Danijela Weddings DJ Nahchey, Dash Entertainment Jackie Reisenauer, Munster Rose James Paul Correia, James Paul Correia Photography Jill Erwich, Jill Erwich Photography Joseph and Jenny Llanes, Llanes weddings Juli Vaughn, Juli Vaughn Designs Juli Vaughn Designs Kelley Jones, CK Events Kimberly E. Taft, The Green Kangoroo Designs Larry France, Chabil Mar, Belize Melanie Mayer, Grenzenlos Events Michelle Buckley, Mint Julep Social Events Monica Kau, Signature Bloom Floral Design Nicole Greene, Truffle Truffle Rachel Bowes, Finch & Thistle Event Design Renata Papadopoulos, Lovely Cakes Rima Campbell, Rima Campbell Photography Ryan Kenner, Ryan Kenner Photo Samar Hattar, Blissful Events Somchit Srimoon, Thailand weddings Stephanie Hunter, Stephanie Hunter Photography

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In the magazine My Sunny Wedding talks to Jen Campbell from Green Wedding Shoes ...........................................6-7 Interview with artist Jennifer Smith Contino ................8-9 Wedding planning and styling ...............................10 – 55 Wedding photography ............................................56 – 71 Real weddings ........................................................72 – 87 Destination weddings ............................................88 – 95 Wedding fashion ..................................................96 – 135 12 Wedding movies you must see before you say I DO ............................................136 – 137


Featured interview My Sunny Wedding talks to

Jen Campbell

from Green Wedding Shoes

Being Beingjust justa anew-born new-bornininthe the wedding world, „My Sunny wedding world, „My Sunny Wedding“ Wedding“isishappy happyand andvery very proud to feature an interview proud to feature an interview with withone oneofofthe themost mostinfluential influenpersons in the wedding industial persons in the wedding try. The charming and theand restindustry. The charming less Shoes“ the„Green restlessWedding „Green Wedding blog editor andeditor creative Shoes“ blog anddirector creaJen Campbell! tive director Jen Campbell!

3 main wedding styling trends you’ve noticed during this 2011 summer? Smaller weddings, lots of color and dessert tables replacing one cake.

3 biggest trends, which will rule 2011/2012 fall and winter weddings?

Vintage lace cap veils, a bit of a Home by Edward Sharpe & The return to elegance and non tra- Magnetic Zeros. ditional bouquets.

Wedding cake or wedding cupcakes?

Long or short wedding dress? Long.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (that was my wedding cake!).

3 main reasons why you love weddings and blogging about them.

Vintage wedding or ballroom wedding?

The stories, the details, and the photography

Vintage wedding.

Your wish for all the future brides, planning their wedding and feeling stressed.

Intimate or big wedding? Small + intimate.

Ultimate wedding movie. Father of the Bride.

Ultimate wedding song.

Just remember at the end of the day, you are marrying the love of your life. That is all that really matters.



The Queen is famous for her painted portraits you can have one of your own

Interview with artist Jennifer Smith Contino

Unique bridal portraits for your home gallery.

Could you tell a little bit about yourself and how did you start painting bridal portraits?

their brides. With gorgeous imagery, settings, and colors—the love affair began!

I grew up in a family of artists, who each really influenced my love of art. From the time that I was a little girl, my mom was giving us art lessons on everything from stained glass to basket making. When I went to my grandmother’s house, she would pull out her canvas and just let us paint. However, it wasn’t until about 9 years ago that my aunt introduced me to watercolor. I instantly fell in love with portraiture. With half a dozen friends who are wedding photographers, it wasn’t long before I began to ask about painting for some of

How does your work process look like? For a portrait, I begin with a sketch of the original image—taking into account the size of the finished portrait and any needed cropping or added details. Then, I begin with the lightest shades, and begin to add washes of color to get the desired effects and depth. Skin tones are especially challenging and fun! I also love capturing the detail on the bridal gown.

Images: Jennifer Smith Contino

What is unique about the wedding portrait? There is something about an original portrait that adds a sense of history, a one of a kind creation that can be passed through generations. Photos can be reproduced for the whole family, but a painted portrait is something exquisitely special. It was done for queens and royalty, and continues to be a tradition for established families. An artist can add a special touch that often photographs can’t do—to create a sense of dramatic color, a touch of light on someone’s shoulder, or placing a personal item hidden within the portrait itself.

How long does it take for you to finish the painting? Most paintings take me about 3 weeks to complete — depending on the size of the painting . Smaller paintings can take less time, and larger ones a bit more.

What else, besides the portraits do you do? I also do custom décor for weddings and receptions, as well as

Painting Parties for Bridal Showers in the Atlanta, GA area. The décor ranges from aisle runners and backdrops painted to match a wedding theme, or with the couples’ names or initials, to antique painted windows for bridal photo shoots and cake backdrops. I have had requests for hand painted invitations (watercolor) to painted seating charts (on windows) as well. The painting parties are called Kitchens & Easels. I bring canvas, easels, paint, brushes and other supplies for the bride and friends, and walk them through a complete painting in two hours. They can choose a custom design, or customize one that is in the current gallery. Of course, it’s a party! So it’s a time for conversation, eating and drinking too! You can visit Jennifer’s website at

Wedding planning and styling


Wedding pl Image: Lois Bielefeld Photography Design: Munster Rose

lanning and styling

Wedding planning and styling


9 questions for the wedding planner Wedding planner Kelley Jones from CK Events if giving her advice on how to bring a little bit of order into the wedding planning chaos. How much in advance should the couple start planning the wedding? For most weddings I suggest to start planning about 12- 18 months before the wedding depending on the length of the guest list and the budget. If the couple hires a wedding planner, 10-12 months should be enough. How to choose the perfect reception venue? There is no such thing as perfect, but the ideal reception venue is the one that gives you want for a price you can afford. One thing that most brides tend to forget Images: Splendid studios

is the distance to the airport and the hotel for out of town guests. The best choice is to find a reception venue that is close to these locations and close to the ceremony location. Indoor or outdoor wedding?

- Indoor wedding advantages Weather is not a factor More parking options Great for small weddings Can occur all year

- Outdoor wedding advantages Spacious location More open decorating options Great for large weddings Great for seasonal weddings

How to choose the wedding theme?

How to choose the wedding cake?

A wedding theme should incorporate flavor, culture, customs and traditions of the bride and groom. Whether it’s using family, cultural and religious traditions or some great moments of the relationship (the first kiss, the place they met, where he proposed, where they grew up), it should reflect who they are.

Nowadays more brides are choosing multiple flavors for their wedding cakes instead of the traditional white on white cake. No secret here – it’s whatever you like. I would suggest doing a tasting to ensure you’ll like your wedding cake.As for a cake type, in a warmer climate fondant holds better than butter cream – a melted wedding cake wouldn’t make a good wedding memory.

How to create the menu? The menu should be a reflection of the overall theme, wedding location and of course – the season. You will not serve Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the summer, right? Determining whether the menu should be buffet or formal also helps to narrow down the menu selection.

How to arrange the seating?

Band or a DJ?

Your tips for a bride “on a budget”.

If the couple wants more of an open feeling, their choice probably should be a band. If they want the simple option – a DJ will be great. A band offers more variations and versions of the songs; a DJ offers a routine popular music selection.

If you choose buffet style, you may want to let guests pick their seating. For formal dinner I’d suggest using place settings and seating mixed groups of each others family and friends at the same table.

If a wedding planner is not in your budget, I suggest looking for bargains, shopping early and negotiating, negotiating, negotiating. Make a list of must haves and stick to it.

Wedding planning and styling


Dance the night away...

DJ Nahchey, the owner of “Dash Entertainment“is sharing some tips on how to make your wedding reception to a party, remembered by you, your best friends and your grandma!. We’re talking about ROCKING THE HOUSE, of course! So, before jumping on the dancefloor, take five and read the interview!

DJ or a live band? Bands are great for bigger weddings. However, they usually come with a limited repertoire and you can’t make as many requests. A DJ is more versatile and can play any genre of music. Recently I have seen a trend to have both a DJ and a band,

where the DJ does more of an “after-hour” type set and the band finishes up a little earlier.

New or old?

Definitely a mix of both. I try to layer and blend the old with the The playlist new. For example, I often will play Journey’s “Don’t Stop BelievI think it works best when the ing” with just the instrumental half of the music played is from beat of Michael Jackson’s “Billie the bride and groom’s playlist and Jean”. Or since the theme is simthe other half is chosen by the ilar, I’ll mix Timberlake’s “SexyDJ. It’s important to inject the back” with Rod Stewart’s “Do couples personal taste and style You Think I’m Sexy.” That usually into the evening, but you have keeps everyone happy and pleasto remember that there are a lot antly surprised as well. of other guests at the party with different taste in music. That is Top 10 wedding party songs what the DJ is there for, to read the crowd and give them more of In random order. what they are reacting well too. When it comes to dancing people One more time - Daft Punk, Bewant something they are already ware of the boys - Jay Z vs. familiar with. Punjabi MC, Could you be loved - Damien Marley, Praise you Age differences Fatboy Slim, Long train runnin’ Doobie Brothers, Teenage WasteKeep the early set focused on land - The Who, Calabria - Enur making the older folks happy and (with Pitbull), Hypnotize - Biggie get progressively more current as Right Round - Flo Rida vs Dead the night goes on. After the cake or Alive, California Love or Emcutting you can usually get away pire State of Mind (depending on with slightly edgier songs. what coast I’m on) Most popular classics Don’t Stop Believing - Journey Billie Jean - Michael Jackson Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond e Perry

Wedding planning and styling



Image: Lois Bielefeld Photography Design: Munster Rose

Wedding planning and styling


Floral choices for your day Lost in creation? Have no idea where to start planning and choosing the floral designs for your wedding? Monica Kau, Owner/Lead Floral Designer from “Signature Bloom” floral studio saves the day with her wise advice!

Before choosing the wedding flowers ask yourself: What are my colors? What are my favourite and least favourite flowers? What is my vision and style? What is my floral budget? What are my priorities? It’s best to determine what your budget is before you shop around for a floral designer. Some are more expensive than others and floral arrangements come in different prices. By knowing your priorities ahead of time, you will be better prepared to make decisions when you meet with your florist. Know your priorities when you get asked a question like “is decorating the reception site more important than decorating the ceremony?”

Images: Munster Rose

Wedding planning and styling Get what you want. After you meet with a florist, he or she will send you a proposal in writing with all the bouquets and arrangements that you are buying. However, be flexible with any last minute substitutions as flowers are a product of nature and sometimes unpredictable due to weather conditions.


Image: Lois Bielefeld Photography Design: Munster Rose

Floral choices for the indoor and outdoor weddings. If you are going for a classic formal affair in a grand ballroom, tall candelabra arrangements will fit right in. If you are having a less formal garden wedding, you want simple romantic centerpieces. When you have an outdoor wedding you can use a lot of materials that are inspired from nature and in some cases use less floral decor depending on the beauty of your surroundings. If you are having a ceremony in the summer and you know it's going to be boiling hot, pick flowers that can withstand the heat better. Tropical flowers like orchids do best in hot climates. Other weather conditions like rain and wind can also affect your floral decor.

Wedding planning and styling


Flower trends: go for the unique look Latest trends, colors and most beautiful flowers – we crack the secrets just for you! “My Sunny Wedding” is talking to Jackie Jackie Reisenauer, owner and designer of a floral studio “Munster Rose”.

Images: Neela Brian, Ardent Story Photography Designs: Juli Vaughn Designs

Color Trends Today the brides are looking for more unique color palettes - grays, taupe, dusty lavender, apricot. These hues can compliment more traditional tones and add depth and richness to a color palette, making it more personalized and unique.

Design Trends Most brides are searching for something out of the ordinary. Whether it's non-floral elements like paper pinwheels, textured seed pods, fruit and vegetables, or maybe just a bit of vintage lace.

Flower Trends There seems to be a trend toward more romantic, "petally" blooms - flowers that have softness to them. Peonies and garden roses are a favorite these days, as are thetextural elements like berries, seed pods, and grasses.

Wedding planning and styling


Image: Lois Bielefeld Photography Design: Munster Rose

Make the color palette more personalized and unique.

Wedding planning and styling


Image: Luis Loo Design: Signature Bloom


Bridal bouquet

Centerpieces are a great way to personalize your wedding - be creative. Are you a literature major and obsessed with the old classics? Have your florist build centerpieces with vintage hard-cover novels and candles. If you're into craft beer, start collecting pretty beer bottles and use those as your centerpiece containers. If you collect antiques then the possibilities are endless! Use old tins, mason jars, and serving ware for floral blooms.

The bridal bouquet sets the tone for the rest of the wedding. The bride should ask herself what aesthetics she gravitates toward (Vintage, Romantic, "Garden-y", Modern, Urban...). She should spend time flipping through magazines and checking out the latest wedding blogs to see what inspires her. It usually comes down to choices of color and texture, so think about those elements specifically.

Image: Chyna Darner Photography Design: Signature Bloom

Wedding planning and styling


The Gree

June wedding Saddlerock Ra Malibu, CA

Planning: Mint Julep Social Eve Photography: Stephanie William

en Dream

g in anch, A

ents ms Photography

Wedding planning and styling


Get ready for the

Autumn and Winter


Image: Catherine Ritchie Park, My Life Photography Design: Juli Vaughn Designs

Wedding planning and styling


The romance of the falling leaves and snowflakes… Wedding planner Samar Hattar, founder and coordinator of “Blissful Events” shares her vision and priceless advice about amazing seasonal autumn and winter weddings.

Autumn/winter wedding: Yay or Nay? Pro. More photographer and event site availability. You are likely to find your perfect venue and vendors to match in autumn and winter as it is the "off season."

5 things a couple should have in mind while planning an autumn or winter wedding. Negotiating power. Since many venues are not as busy during this time of year, you are more likely to be able to negotiate better rates.

Con. Unpredictable weather. This really just means that as a bride, Season attire. This is a great you should be sure to have a plan time for brides to find a very B in place in case of rain. unique look for their wedding. Adding a soft scarf or jacket to Pro. Easier on the budget. Duryour dress can be the ticket to ing the "off season," many vencreating a look that is both "winues and vendors will lower their tery" and gorgeous, just like you! rates to get more clients. This is a great advantage for your budget. Food of the season. What better time to treat you and your Con. Holiday season. Always guests to a winter feast. This is make sure you are not planning the time of year that most of us your wedding around the big holi- look forward to a great holiday days as guests are less likely to meal. Share with your guests attend. your favorite holiday food and drinks. They will feel as if they Pro. Guests are more apt to be were at a great holiday party. home. Since most people tend to take vacations during the sumAutumn is a photogramer, you are likely to find that pher's dream. Overcast and guests are more willing to attend rainy weather make for amazing a wedding during the winter sea- pictures. When you go out to take son as they are less busy. photos, make sure to grab a cute umbrella as that can make for some playful photo shots.

Wedding planning and styling


Image: David Pullum, wedding planner - Grenzenlos Events

Wedding venue for the seasonal wedding. Paved surroundings. Make sure that you inspect the outside of your venue to ensure that you and your guests will not have to walk through grass. No muddy shoes on your red carpet! Evergreen trees. These are the best trees to have around for an outdoor wedding as there are no dead leaves to rake the morning of your wedding. These trees stay green and lush and will look amazing on your wedding day. Beautiful backdrop for photos. Choose a venue that has pretty surroundings such as Sonoma and Napa Valley. These areas have an amazing backdrop for photos. Destination wedding. Don't be afraid of venturing out and having a destination wedding. This is a great time of year for it, as guests are usually looking for a a fun, warm place to go for the holidays. Wedding theme that reflects the season. Think of what you like to do during this time of year. What is your

favorite holiday? Having a holiday theme can be delightful, e.g. Halloween, New Years. Your wedding theme should also bring out your personality as a couple. Put together a list of all the things you love to do together during this time of year and incorporate those into your wedding. Wedding design items that would help to create the seasonal mood. Incorporate pumpkins into the wedding decor. Pumpkins are festive decor pieces that are easy on the budget and a pretty pop of color. Cinnamon scent. Have some cinnamon candles burning throughout your reception area as guests come in. They will be enticed by the wonderful seasonal aroma and will instantly be "in the mood." Ideas for the menu to reflect the season. Butternut squash ravioli Pomegranate garnish with green bean casserole Crab feed Prime Rib

W edding planning and styling


Styling your seasonal wedding “My Sunny wedding� has asked the floral experts to share their tips and insights about fall and winter wedding styling.

Image: Catherine Ritchie Park, My Life Photography Design: Juli Vaughn Designs

Play within your season– pick a few things you love about them and have fun. For autumn I’m seeing a lot of sun-inspired hues: amber, butter-yellow, and gold.

Juli Vaughn, “Juli Vaughn Designs” Some of the most popular wedding flowers for fall are mini Calla Lilies, Roses, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Asters and Daisies. Incorporate some fall fruits and vegetables in your arrangements. Crabapples, pumpkins, acorns, and peppers are all good additions to reflect the season. Add some nice texture to your arrangements by using some grass, berries, pods and vines and don’t forget the beautiful fall leaves!

Monica Kau, “Signature bloom” Antique hydrangea, andromeda heather, anemones, amaryllis, and even peonies are available during the fall and winter. We're seeing apricot, terra-cotta, plum, and dusty lavenders. Or burgundy and mauve with hints of taupe - still rich seasonal colours, but executed in a more nuanced and interesting way.

Jackie Reisenauer, “Munster Rose” owner and designer

Wedding planning and styling


“Incorporate fall fruits and vegetables in your arrangements�.

Images: Brandon Werth Photography Designs: Munster Rose

W edding planning and styling


Winter For winter there is a draw towards jewel-inspired tones: deep purple, fuschia, turquoise, and shades of red. I keep being asked for the feel of early 20th century design as well: from the romance and sparkle of Old Hollywood Glam to the comfort of a 1950’s family affair with bold geometric black and white prints mixed in to give a little “pop”.

Juli Vaughn, “Juli Vaughn Designs” Winter flowers are no longer just white, white. Now it’s grey and taupe, muddy pinks and ivories, and lots of added texture.

Jackie Reisenauer, “Munster Rose” owner and designer

A winter wedding can be absolutely beautiful without the price tag of a summer wedding. White and red are very popular colors during the winter, but don’t be afraid to explore other colors to make your wedding stand out. Amaryllis and Anemones are beautiful winter flowers. Other popular choices are Roses, Calla Lilies, and Ranunculuses. Sparkles, crystals, candles and up lighting all add magic to a winter wedding and if you like feathers in your bouquet - this will be a great time to have it. Monica Kau, “Signature bloom”

Images:Mandy Busby, MBPhoto Designs: Juli Vaughn Designs

Wedding planning and styling


September wedding A gorgeous fall wedding in Los Angeles public library.

Planning: Mint Julep Social Events Photography: Michael and Anna Costa

W edding planning and styling November wedding

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, Ojai


Planning: Mint Julep Social Events Photography: Amy and Stuart

Planning: Mint Julep So Photography: Michael and A

ocial Events Anna Costa

November wedding

The Wilshire Ebell, Los Angeles

Wedding planning and styling


Image and design: “LOL Letterpress�

Get the invite right! Cindy Taylor from “LOL Letterpress” gives a few tips on chossing your wedding invitations!

Feel inspired Often the inspiration comes from places that you wouldn’t imagine – your favorite throw pillow, handbag, a postcard – just go with it! Custom stationers can design around just about anything that inspires you. To get started, know your color story and overall theme of the event: simple & elegant, modern & fresh… This will help to narrow down your search and start the conversation with your stationer.

Reflect the venue The brides who really want to capture the spirit of their wedding venue should think about what sets your event location apart from the rest. What made you fall in love with it? Is it the gorgeous garden, the stunning architecture, or the breathtaking views? Take a few photos and have them handy on your search for the perfect invitation.

Have style We’re definitely seeing a resurgence of all things vintage, but it’s not just all lace and pearls. There’s a lot of interest for classic styles like French chic or traditional Victorian, reworked with a modern edge. Introduce hints of unexpected colors or patterns to update the look and make it different.

W edding planning and styling


Charming and cute

e by “Teardrop Weddings”

Autumn motives by “LOL Letterpress”

Classy with an edgeby “Green Kangoroo designs”

Wedding planning and styling


Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey! Nicole Greene the chef and owner of gourmet chocolates and confections company “truffle truffle� shares her ideas about the sweetest part of your wedding. Mmm...

Wedding sweets Every detail of the wedding is an opportunity to add a personal touch, and that is certainly the approach we recommend for the sweets! Embrace the opportunity to add an element to the celebration that is truly unique, and have fun with it! These days couples are looking past the traditional options to incorporate sweets that reflect their personality, shared history and favorite indulgences, whether it's an exotic

sweet table inspired by the couple's first vacation in Asia, a custom truffle grooms' cake covered in beer & pretzel truffles, or takehome favors with the couples' favorite late night sweet snack!

Seasonal sweets Sweet treats have a strong nostalgic element for most people, and, especially during the holiday season, it is fun to tap into those memories with flavors evocative of cherished celebrations. Pumpkin spice & cranberry ginger truffles, Mexican hot chocolate caramels and gingerbread s'mores are some of the fabulous ways we've embraced an autumn/winter flavor profile in our signature collection, and to our custom treats as well. “Truffle truffle is an artisan chocolates & confections company, with a passion for personalization! We specialize in combining artisan confectionary techniques with hand-finished packaging to create gourmet gifts that are designed to spark a smile, as well as customized “sweet support” for special events of any size and budget. From our “sweet suite” of signature handmade truffles, caramels & s’mores, to our limited edition collections, and custom treats, we handcraft every detail to appeal to the eye as much as the palate, guaranteeing a truly “perfect bite” every time.” Nicole Greene, Chef and Owner truffle truffle Images: Truffle Truffle

Wedding planning and styling


Images: Jeff Millies

Wedding cakes Cut me a slice of heaven....

Wedding cakes by “Lovely Cakes”

Images: “Lovely Cakes”

Wedding planning and styling


Wedding favors by Catbird

Give your guests a pleasant surprise! 1. Brothel Tokens 2. Maison Bouche Fleur de Sel Caramels 3. Saipua Peppermint Pumice Soap 4. Saipua Rose Geranium Soap 5. Saipua Saltwater Soap 6. Catbird Travel Candles 7. Linea Carta Wishing Bracelets

Seasonal wedding favors A day to remember....

1. Bottle Stopper. Amagnificent maple tree ablaze with autumn’s most vibrant colors 2. Fall Coasters. When we think of autumn, we think of cool, crisp, clear sunny days and Mother Nature’s spectacular leaf-changing extravaganza. 3. Apple Cider Mix. Bring your guests cozy warmth during the cooler fall months. 4. Snowflake Ornament: Beaded snowflake ornaments can be used all winter long - to decorate a tree, on a door knob, hung from a rear view mirror... 5. Bottle Stopper: Like icicles on a crystal clear winter day, this snowflake bottle stoppers bring the essence of the season to any occasion. 6. Sugar Cookie Mix: Show the sweet and tender side of the new couple with an edible sugar cookie mix favor.

Favors from: The Favour Shoppe


Images: Danijela Weddings


g photography

P hotography


Engagement photo shoot: how to make the best of it? “My Sunny Wedding� is talking to Ashleigh Taylor from Ashleigh Taylor photography and Stephanie Hunter from Stephanie Hunter photography and opening a box of professional secrets of how to get the best of your engagement photo shoot.

Images: Danijela Weddings

How to choose the perfect lo- photographer for some suggescation for the photo shoot? tions.

Ashleigh Taylor:

The best thing you can do when selecting a location for an engagement shoot is to choose a place that you love. Someplace with significance to your relationship, or some place you love to go together. Or even someplace you find beautiful or have always wanted to visit. If you have some sort of genuine connection to the location, the pictures will be that much more meaningful. If you are stuck, think about the vibe you are after (vintage? glam? urban? upscale? nature? beach? casual?) and then approach your

Stephanie Hunter:

Start by finding a location that speaks to the both of you. Maybe you met in a library and want some shots inside with the books. Or maybe you love the outdoors? I'm a big fan of natural, organic locations. Open fields or wooded areas always rock my world! If you're scouting locations, make sure to visit them during the same time your shoot will be. Harsh light can be an issue in early to mid afternoon, so search for shaded areas to avoid squinty eye syndrome!

P hotography

How to relax during the photo don't consume anything to help you shoot? "relax" for your shoot - I'm talking alcohol, anti-anxiety pills you don't Ashleigh Taylor: typically take, or anything else. The first thing I would say is, hire Products that alter your mood a photographer you trust. Talk to while you may feel at ease - have a him/her before you book, get to way of making you not-present and know the personality. Is this some- unable to focus. If you can't listen one you could hang out and have to your photographer and be in the fun with? If yes, there is no need to moment, the photos will suffer. So be nervous! Allow yourself to relax just come sober and prepared to by knowing that your photographer have fun. will take care of you and make you look fabulous. Don't psych yourself Stephanie Hunter: out either and think about all the The biggest thing? Don't sweat the "what ifs." Have faith it's all going small stuff. If a blemish or two to be great! I always tell my clients pops up, the photographer can that all they have to do is show up take care of that easily in postand be ready to have fun and hang processing, so don't concentrate on out with me. One thing I will say is, that during the session. Try to get


Images: Ashleigh Taylor Photography

an early start the day of the shoot. Running late can cause stress and tension and nobody wants stress and tension during a romantic engagement shoot! When you're in front of the camera, breathe and have fun. Let the photographer direct you, but let your personalities shine. The little moments are sometimes the sweetest photos.

day, and gives a girl a little confidence boost. Showing up to the shoot ready to show off and play is half the battle, so if getting your make up done aids that, I am all for it! However, if you do take the DIY approach you do want a little more coverage/color than usual but at the same time don't cake it on or have it look unnatural.

Should the couple wear make-up?

Stephanie Hunter:

Ashleigh Taylor:

I don't fuss with the guys, because that typically makes them uncomfortable. But I always suggest that women get their make up professionally done for the session. A professional make up artist understands how the make up will photograph and will apply the right amount. Another reason I love a bride to get her make up done is that I find it makes her feel pampered and prepared for the shoot. It adds to the excitement of the

Personally, I don't want the bride to show up looking like someone else, but a little color doesn't hurt. A lot of brides use the engagement session to schedule make-up trial sessions. As for the groom, it's not necessary to wear make-up, but it's entirely up to him. If it makes him feel better, I say go for it!

P hotography

Biggest mistakes couples during the photo shoot?

Ashleigh Taylor:

The biggest mistake is not trusting your photographer, not listening to him or not being willing to try things! Your photographer is not there to mock or judge you while you pose or ruin your outfit, they just want to create the best images for you! So if they ask you to pose or interact in a way that's silly, just trust them and go for it! It's usually not the pose or moment itself we are after, but all the giggles and smiles that happen in between. If your photographer asks you to climb in a bush or lay on the grass in your white dress, you should do your best to trust them. They have a vision for something amazing, and they wouldn't ask you to do it if they thought you'd get hurt or actually permanently ruin your clothes! Let yourself have fun during the session!


Lastly, GO FOR IT. The worst thing you can do at your session is to hold back. You only have about 1-2 hours with your photographer to create amazing images, so now is the chance to really let go and give it 110%! And really what do you have to lose?

Sephanie Hunter:

The biggest no-no for me is when a couple has been (or still is) fighting! If you are mad at each other for whatever reason, you'll probably get some pretty disappointing photos. That's why I always recommend relaxing and getting an early start so that everything comes together smoothly. Just try to remember that you're doing this session because you are in love and committing your lives to one another - try not to let any tension you may have get in the way and focus on enjoying your time together in front of the camera.

5 things a couple should do before the engagement photo shoot.

Stephanie Hunter 1. Talk to each other about what kind of look you want to go for. Be sure to relay your desires to Ashleigh Taylor: the photographer prior to the 1. Spend time chatting about the shoot. things and the places you, and 2. Choose a location! Choose your dreams for your future. Tell somewhere that speaks to you as your photographer! The more a couple. he knows, the easier it will be 3. Coordinate your wardrobe. Try to bring your true selves to the to stay away from super crazy shoot. patterns and bright reds. Choose 2. Come up with a theme or idea clothing that you will be comfortand begin making or collecting able in and is representative of props. who you are. 3. Hire a make up artist to do 4. Choose your props (if any). your make up. I've seen books, old suitcases, 4. Decide on a location. quilts, maps, flowers, old chairs 5. Don't over think things! Your and sofas, guitars, etc. photographer will make sure eve- 5. Get plenty of rest and water in rything turns out amazing! the days leading up to your shoot and remember that this is a fun time in your have fun!

Images: Stephanie Hunter Photography

hotography PPhotography


Royal engagement shoot in Montreal

with James Paul Correia Photography

"Right from the get go, Jackie and Jonny eased into witty banter and flirtatious smiles, a perfect recipe for great images. We chose the Old Port in Montreal because it has so much history and character. This part of town had cobblestone streets, doubledecker buses, tandem bicycles, and a tad of nature; an elegant feel to match their 'royal' wedding plans. Throughout the photo shoot Jackie was a bubble of energy which easily came through in the images, while Jonny was cool and calm, a perfect balance. At the end we beat the heat with some ice cream; what could be a better way to end off a summer photo session?"

Images: James Paul Correia Photography

P hotography PICTURE PERFECT wedding


Rima Campbell from Rima Campbell Photography is sharing her proffessional advice on how to have your wedding pictures perfect! Should the couple do all the shooting on the wedding day? It depends on the couple and the nature of the wedding, but I love the emotions that come out on the actual wedding day and I think

they contribute a lot to the final portraits. Can some pictures be done ahead of time or the day after? Of course, and I do it all the time, but I think couples should always set aside at least 30 minutes for portraits of just the two of them on their wed-

ding day. For most couples, this is the only alone time they get together on the day of the wedding -- it's a precious time and helps to slow down the pace and allows the couple to breath a little bit before going back into the reception.

Images: Rima Campbell Photography

What kind of locations could you suggest? I prefer non-distracting locations that don't take away from my clients. I tend to gravitate toward simple green spaces and rustic backdrops such as abandoned train stations, leaky tunnels, old bridges and cracked walls. Backdrops like these make the couple stand out and look shiny in comparison. With a little exploration, you can always find a space like this near the church or venue.

Photos with the guests – what are the combinations? I like to do one big portrait with both extended families surrounding the newlyweds and then whittle my way down to just

the bride and groom so family members can make their way to the cocktail hour and not feel like they need to wait around. Then I do the bridal party portraits and then the couple portraits. Once we get to the venue, I ask the couple if there are any friends they would like a portrait with and do those at some point during the reception.

P hotography


Katie & Corey March photo shoot in the City of Angels by Llanes weddings

P hotography


“Let me see you, hon!”

“A hot-dog?”

“Katie and Corey’s wedding was on New Years Eve of this year, but since they didn't have time to do portraits together on their wedding day, they got dressed up for us in March! We all agreed that a Los Angeles photo scavenger hunt would be the most fun. It was a blast! We started at a barber shop, then headed to the Griffith Park, and ended up in Hollywood. Their love for adventure and fearless spirit shine through in the photos.” Images: Llanes weddings


Real weddings

Image: Jonathan M Steinberg Photography

R eal weddings


Chelsea &Jamie

A wedding in San Juan Islands

(S)HE’s THE APPLE OF MY EYE Chelsea and Jamie decided to get hitched in one of the best places in America. The San Juan Islands sit in the northwest corner of Washington state. They are a small portion of a larger archipelago sporting the typical rugged beauty of our region. These two fell in love with the place while dating and chose the Odd Fellows Hall on Orcas Island was the place to exchange vows.After the ceremony in the Hall everybody headed down to the public dock to take portraits. The day was fully of awesome details and accents as well as some custom apple designs by Chelsea's family....No surprise here - they're in the apple business out in Wenatchee! Coordination: Finch and Thistle Events Images: Jonathan M Steinberg Photography

Real weddings


A kiss to remember. Images: Jonathan M Steinberg Photography

R eal weddings


Who needs flowers or decorations when you can play with umbrellas?

Images: Ryan Kenner Photography

Johnny &

ic flood in h p o tr s ta a C break t o n id d le Nashvil wedding e iv it s o p e th sional s fe o r p f o wedding dancers ts r A rte a e Th lex FranA d n a y n n Joh coviglia, day beg in d d e w The ate and m ti in o s e cam ht much g u o r b it t a fun th s and rer o o d in th warm astating v e d e th m lief fro enario! outdoor sc

Alex Ain’t no rain strong enough!

Who knows your favorite song better than you do?

R eal weddings


Kelly & Paul West Palm Beach wedding Ain’t no rain strong enough! Vol.2. In Florida you can see when the storms are going to pass, but also when they are here to stay. The day of Kelly and Paul's wedding this May was of those. The original plan was to have a lovely ceremony on the beach, but on the way there it was clear that the plans are about to change - it was way too rainy! And if the bride with her bridesmaids were lucky to stay dry, the boys got back soaking wet. Inspite of that, the ceremony could no longer wait so after a quick dry it started under a beautiful arch of lights in the Hibiscus House courtyard. Most of the vendors were friends of Kelly and Paul's, including the officiant, who made everything about the wedding very personal. Kelly and Paul are outgoing, fun and energetic people, so their party had the same amazing spirit! Images: Jill Erwich, South Florida Photography

R eal weddings


Let’s go for a hike, honey! Jennifer and Robert had wanted an all vegan wedding with an intimate outdoor feel, so they had their guests take a small hike to the ceremony location in the middle of the California redwoods where they said their "I Do's." A sophisticated, fun and relaxed wedding - simply a dream come true!

Coordination: Blissful Events Images: Splendid Studios

Jennifer & Robert California Redwoods wedding


Real weddings


Greer & Peter

Sonoma Wine Country wedding Greer and Peter got married this fall in the Sonoma Country at a gorgeous winery overlooking the Napa Valley. The couple shared their most romantic moment at a sunset ceremony and danced the night away under the stars.

Coordination: Blissful Events Images: Carmen Alvarez Photography

R eal weddings


Avila Beach Golf Resort for your Californian wedding

Arts Incubator Event Loft for the Kansas City wedding

Destination weddings


Wedding MISSION: winter wonderland Destination: Austria

The main focus in Rudi and Vikki's wedding has been on the initials of the Bride and Groom. With a lot of attention to every single detail and creative ideas a unique atmosphere has been created. The initials have been drawn through the whole design starting from the handmade cake topper with Swarovski crystals to the huge traviata stands topped with white roses and evy on each table. Weddingplanner: Melanie Mayer/Grenzenlos Events Photographer: Claire Morgan/Vienna

D estination weddings


Wedding mission: Exotic Getaway Destination: Thailand

Hayley and Andrew got married in Thailand, Kho Samui island this April 2011 in a western style Legal ceremony. With one of the wedding highlights - an elephant ride - the couple and their guests have enjoyed the fire dance, fireworks and an amazing party. Wedding organized by: Rocky Boutique Resort, Kho Samui island,Thailand.

Image: Rocky Boutique Resort Thailand


Image: Rocky Boutique Resort Thailand

D estination weddings

Chiang Mai, Thailand: culture, adventures, romance Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand offers ideal weather from November through March: not too hot and just prefect for exploring. The best about Chiang Mai is it friendly and welcoming locals. They make you feel like you belong and are proud to have people come to their small corner of the world. Getting married in Thailand is a once in a lifetime experience, the kind that you will remember and share for years to come. Chiang Mai is a vibrant and lively place, rich in culture, tradition and full of love for life that is contagious. Somchit Srimoon Thailand Weddings

Image: Chabil Mar

Belize wedding: intimate, unique and mystic A Belizean wedding offers all kinds of choices that will reflect your unique bond. Do you both crave a little adventure? Or would you prefer to be one with nature? How about a more intimate event, where walking down the aisle barefoot is completely acceptable? In Belize, Central America, just a two hour flight from the mainland of the US, you will find landscapes so distinctive and diverse the possibilities to achieve your oneof-a-kind wedding are infinite. Be one with the wonders of the rainforest, be one with the Maya mysteries of the past, be one with the Caribbean Sea. Chabil Mar Placencia, Belize

Destination weddings

Image: Rocky Resort Thailand

A smile tells a million words....


Image: gown Sasha from Alma Novia 2012 collection


Bridal fashion


Gems of Art nouveau

Rosa Clarå 2011 line. inspired by the Art nouveau. Spectacular jewelled stones are combined with simple dresses created from extremely lightweight fabric. Volume has held a significant role in the collection and the skirts, combined with fitted bodie cinched at the waist are inspired by draper’s corsets.


All the gowns from the Rosa Clara 2011 collection





Bridal fashion




Bridal fashion ON THE




Rita Vinieris

“Inspired by Central Park in the Spring with its trees in full bloom! Tones of blossom and patina are combined and layered with tones of ivories ranging from light ivory to almond. Fabrics used in effortless volume range from silk basket weaves tulles, to frothy silk gazars, supple silk/cotton� Rita Vinieris


Alll the gowns are from the Rivini 2012 spring collection




Bridal fashion ON THE




CHRISTOS gowns have long stood out for their impeccable heirloom quality. Her use of the finest silks, French laces and silk organza are staples of the collection. CHRISTOS designs are especially known for their use of Alenรงon lace, or point d'Alenรงon, a type of needle lace created in a French town by the same name. Alenรงon, a small town in Normandy, began manufacturing lace in the sixteenth century. This same lace is used today to create CHRISTOS classic romantic designs. Andrea

All the gowns are from the CHRISTOS bridal fall 2011 collection





B ridal fashion


Crystal brooches, fantasy flounces, romantic laces and silk Mikado, taffeta or chiffon. The new Alma Novia Collection expresses free-flowing, delicate shapes that outline the silhouette suffusing it with charm and glamour.

chrystal clear glamour ALMANOVIA


All the gowns are from the Alma Novia 2012 collection


Bridal fashion




Bridal fashion







All the gowns and headpieces are from Elizabeth Fillmore “Woodland Forest” Spring 2012 collection


SO PRETTY IN WHITE Elizabeth Fillmore bridal

gowns and headpieces: Sophistication, Femininity and a little bit of “Bohemian”...


Bridal fashion



All the gowns are from the Douglas Hannant 2011 fall bridal collection

Luxury Beauty Fashion Style Love

Bridal fashion




Suzanne Suzanne EE gowns gowns “C “C mode mode Because Because gi gi have have ff

WE Vava



Erman Erman bridal bridal Classic Classic with with aa ern ern twist”. twist”. irls irls just just wanna wanna fun, fun, right? right?

DO! Volta

B ridesmaid fashion

They were, always wil for y They ar


“Empire, trapeze, or close fitting waist, with bustier low neckline or open back.�


Marina Cage en Typhanie All the gowns are from the Suzanne Ermann 2012 collection

, are and ll be there you. re your


Manuella Volant

“Lamé, satin or tulle fabrics are coloured in coral pink, sky-blue, taupe, navy blue, black, golden or silver.”

Bridesmaid fashion

“Simply stunning!“



“You and your best girlfriends...�

Marina Volant en V

B ridal fashion Modern Vintage


“We want to give a bride that edit she’s been searching for—with heirloom-quality wedding gowns, artisanal hair adornments, footwear, and lingerie. And we want happy bridesmaids—in mix-andmatch frocks with rich hues and unexpected details.”


Pleated Fantasy Gown

Cascading Goddes Gown

Zinnia Gown

Tiered Tulip Gown

Twirled Sweetheart Dress

Savoy Dress

Bridal fashion

Greenbow Lace Gown


Indigo Mist Dress

Aqueous Column Dress

Bridal fashion

Petal Panes Bolero


Hambleton Cardigan

Feather Bolero

Adorned Bolero

Vapor Cardigan

Bridal fashion

Bow-topped Slingbacks

Wrapped Aureate Heels

Threashold Slingbacks

Threashold Slingbacks

Shimmering Lattice Skimmers


Moonlit Peep-Toes

Beaded Brocade Slingbacks

Agave Peep-Toes

Deco Beaded Clutch

Unabashedly Gloves

Gilded Trillium Kisslock Clutch

Polka-dot Crochet Gloves

Emerald Fields Kisslock Clutch

Bridal fashion

The Nathalie

Photo by Studio Brooks

Be fiery. Be special. Be yourself. “The name Serephine means "fiery one," and was chosen to represent the women who wear my accessories: women after my own heart who enjoy fashion and like to turn heads. I find my inspiration comes from beautiful gowns, nature, and my own personal tastes (every piece is one I would wear--and do!). I meticulously handcraft each piece, never using pre-formed elements aside from the rhinestone jewelry, out of premium fabrics, feathers and embellishments, ensuring they are top quality, that each one is a little bit different, and that they are completely gorgeous before they go out the door. The very best part of my job is hearing back from a bride, once she has received her piece, that she loves it and can't wait to wear it!”


Erin Brooks, owner and designer of “Serephine”


w i t

The Daphne

Photo by Studio Brooks

Photo by Sara Gray Photography

The Caroline

The Natalie was inspired by my desire to create a small and airy piece. It's made of two

organza rosebuds with floaty ostrich thrill centers, and secures with a silver alligator clip. Available in white and ivory.

The Caroline was inspired by a wedding gown my friend wore at her wedding in France, and is made of tulle and feathers on a feather covered felt base, held in place with a silver alligator clip. White or ivory, custom color accents are available.

The Daphne is a piece inspired by the floaty look of the Sabine, with a slight change and on a smaller scale. Made in white, ivory, or both, out of chiffon, tulle, french veiling, feathers and a rhinestone center, attaching easily to the hair with a silver alligator clip.

The Kaia is inspired by a woodland princess look and is comprised of a flexible Swarovski crystal rhinestone forehead band that attaches easily in the hair with hair snaps. The feather accent is made in a combination of white and ivory and attaches with a silver alligator clip for choice in placement.

The Mallory Veil with the Sabine fascinator, inspired by an ethereal look, are both available in

The Mallory

Photo by Studio Brooks

The Kaia

Photo by Studio Brooks

white, ivory, and the flower is available in a combination of the two colors and black as well. Veil is hand-sewn illusion tulle with bobby pin attachments. Flower is made of feathers, organza and tulle with touches of French veiling, a rhinestone center and attaches with a silver alligator clip.

Bridal fashion

Cozy morning before the big I Do’s

Bohemian, ethnic, Parisian, Moroccan, island-inspired, 70’s hippie-luxe, 60’sglam. Plum Pretty Sugar




ridal fashion

The Wedding Garter

Don’t you forget about it ...

The wedding garters from The Garter Girl,

Here comes the bride, here comes the groom....

1. J. Lingnau Arielle Studs 2. Satomi Kawakita Diamond Bar Earring 3. Catbird Chained to my Heart Earrings 4. J. Lingnau Arielle Necklace 5. Katrina Lapenne Twisted Band – HIS 6. Conroy and Wilcox Moon Ring 7. Carla Caruso Medium Blade of Grass Ring 8. Tocca Brigitte Solid Perfume 9. Perfume Atomizers 10. Deborah Lippman Some Enchanted Evening Nail Polish

Bridal fashion



Couture A



Last page

12 Wedding movies you must see before you say I DO

Now, we do not suggest you follow the movie script. Our plan for you is take a couple hours off from your wedding planning, grab a bag of popcorn and laugh, laugh, laugh....Here are 13 wedding movies “My Sunny Wedding” has picked out for you! My Big Fat Greek Wedding ('02) Toula has a problem: she’s Greek, but loves a guy who has nothing to do with Greece! Toula tries to do everything it takes to make her family start loving the fiancé. Wedding Crashers (‘05) John and Jeremy have an interesting hobby– they like to sneak in to the stranger’s weddings and take advantage of vulnerable women there. Everything happens to go well for them until John meets Claire and seriously falls for her.

about her, but he becomes another prey for the insecure Maggie. My Best Friend's Wedding (‘97) Julianne has made a pact with one of her best male friends, that if neither of them is married in ten years, they would marry each other. One day he calls Julianne and tells her that he‘s finally found the one. Father of the Bride (‘91) George is the father of the bride and he is not ready to accept the fact that his little daughter is getting married. The preparations for the wedding become simply comic..

Bridesmaids (‘11) Annie can‘t get herself together – everything is falling apart. To top that, her best friend is getting The Wedding Singer (‘98) A musician Robbie can‘t find hapmarried! And she gets to be the piness in his life. He almost got maid of honor! Whaaat? married, but his fiancé left him at the altar. Julia, the waitress, Runaway Bride (‘99) Maggie is famous for leaving her is about to get married to a jerk. Luckily, Miss Fortune decides to fiancés at the altar. Ambitious help them get together. reporter decides to write a story


27 Dresses (‘08) Jane has the perfect dress, the perfect cake and the perfect flowers. Just one problem - the wedding is not hers. Will the Jane ever get to wear the white dress herself?

same day. Soon the friends become the rivals for best wedding of the year. Four Weddings and a Funeral (‘94) Charles is a snob, who loves visiting his friend’s and even stranger’s funerals and weddings. One of these events becomes more important than he thought, because he meets HER.

The Wedding Planner (‘01) Mary is a successful wedding planner. She knows exactly what to do to make every wedding unforgettable and amazing. But one Something Borrowed (‘11) day she breaks one very imporRachel felt something for Dex tant rule: don‘t fall in love with since college. Now her best friend the groom. Darcy is about to get married to him. And just before the wedBride Wars (‘09) ding, Rachel does very stupid They are best friends. They are thing – she ends up with Dex. both getting married. On the

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