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Global Shipping We are currently developing a Global Shipping Module to allow anybody to purchase easily. This will not be operational for a number of months but we regularly ship globally via a manual process.

Does Sound Unlimited ship globally? Yes, we regularly ship to many countries including Norway, Japan, FInland, US, Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Russia and many others. Which items can be shipped? Almost everything can be shipped. The only problems can be 4x12 Cabinets which can weigh too much to ship to all countries. Does Sound Unlimited ship Orange Amps? Yes, we ship Orange Amps regularly all over the Globe. 4x12 Cabinets are sometimes not possible to ship due to their weight and dimension but there have been no problems with all other products. If you would like a quote please email us at - we will be delighted to help. How much does it cost? Obviously prices vary. For small orders, like accessories, we charge an extra £4 over our existing carriage. On bigger items, such as Orange Amps, we calculate on an individual order. How do I purchase? If you are in the EU you can make a purchase via PayPal. We will then confirm and email an additional invoice for £4.00. For countries outside the EU we recommend contacting us via email. This is because we deduct the VAT from our prices. Please email for enquiries LIVE PERSON - Staff Online Please use Live Person chat at the Top Right of our site to chat directly to our staff.