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Issue 15 - July 2012

Exploring the Pathworkings of the Tree of Life



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Manifest your perfect life

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Gardens and good Feng Shui Lazy Days of Summer

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2012 at Stonehenge

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Exploring the Pathworkings of the Tree of Life


Mystikal Dream Realms

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A Magnetic Adventure Part 3 of 3

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Manifest your perfect life


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Spiritual Commercialism

EDITOR Ed Mystikmaster | MAGAZINE DESIGN Simone Schreck ADVERTISING Ed Mystikmaster WEB PRODUCER Simone Schreck CONTRIBUTIONS: Ed Mystikmaster, Richard Hayes, Jenny Spirit, James Middleditch, Michelle Mahoney, Peta Panos, Jennifer Adele, Angi, Sian A. Turner

A Magnetic Adventure| 9

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Welcome to issue number 15 We have now past our half way mark of the year with Solstice celebrations in both the northern and southern hemispheres, many changes are occurring both within and without ourselves. Mother Earth herself being very unsettled as is the entire population of the World, both trying to find balance through change and sometimes this change can appear very harsh, but at the same time very necessary to bring about‌ peace, harmony, balance and freedom for all‌ a world where happiness and abundance will exist for all, so every man/woman and child also the animals will benefit. A world where the Earth is treated with respect as a living entity. At long last it would appear that we are growing up spiritually as well as physically and mentally, waking up from the long slumber at last. Enough of being serious, it’s time to continue celebrating, celebrating the fact we are indeed blessed to be alive during this exciting time of the Earths transition. Despite the strange toppsy turvey weather I have managed to start off my wine making with Elderflower and rhubarb will under way, all two gallons... several parties/magikal mystery tours planned and some already completed. Life is a Joy a wonderful adventure and this is my wish for you all.

Many Blessings MystikMaster


Exploring the Pathworkings of the Tree of Life By Richard Hayes


he Tree of Life is a spiritual diagram, which attempts to represent the nature of divine and human consciousness. In the picture, the Tree of Life is depicted superimposed on the aura of an Adept, showing how the nature of divine consciousness relates to humanity and provides a blueprint for spiritual development. Consciousness enters creation via the Lightening Flash shown at the top of the picture. It first illuminates Keter, and then proceeds to illuminate the other nine spheres of consciousness, ending in Malkut at the base of the diagram. By this process the ten levels of manifestation are formed and are shown as spheres, each with its distinctive colour and planetary symbol. The top three spheres shown on a pink background, form the Supernal (Spiritual) Triangle, and are the spheres of Divine Manifestation, Keter being pure spirit, with Hokmar being the male God form (Great Father God) and Binar being the female God form (Great Mother Godess). These spheres are above normal human consciousness and can only be approached after years of spiritual training.

Spiritual consciousness continually flows down the Tree into the world of matter, and creates the framework within which spiritual development takes place. The spheres of the Tree are connected by Twenty Two Paths, often depicted as cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and are the roots by which human consciousness is elevated through the spheres, to eventually reach enlightenment at Keter.

This is the process of spiritual development, which in human form releases the latent spiritual energy stored in the Base Chakra, to rise up through all the chakras, to eventually flower at the Crown Chakra as spiritual enlightenment. In the picture, the chakras are depicted as small spheres of energy, superimposed on the human form of the adept, and lie on the central column of the Tree of Life. Serpent Power, known as the Kundalini, is represented in the picture as Two Serpents – one male (red) and one female (blue) rising up the Tree of Life. In development, this serpent energy rises up the Paths of the Tree of Life in a manner similar to the energy rising up through the chakras. Below this level the grey area depicts the Abyss, In spiritual development, serpent energy rises up which separates the top three spheres from those the Tree, following the Twenty Two Paths to link of the lower tree, and acts as a barrier between all the spheres of the tree, as the consciousness of human consciousness and the world of higher the Aspirant rises up the planes from the material spiritual awareness. Below the Abyss lie the three world of Malkut to the spiritual world of Keter. spheres of the Ethical (Mental) Triangle. Shown against a background of yellow, these spheres As we Climb the Tree, we ascend up the planes depict the higher aspirations of human spirituality of consciousness, and absorb into our experience and ethical behavior, and are related to the human the energies contained at each level and in each intellect. It is at this level that rational spiritual sphere. This process of development is enhanced awareness resides and forms the basis of the by the study of the meanings connected with the intellect of the spiritually evolved person. Below Tree of Life, and also through the use of Guided this level is the everyday world, where the three Meditations on the different spheres and paths. spheres form the Astral Triangle. These spheres Normal humanity only embraces the Lower four are shown with a blue background and are linked spheres of the Tree, whereas those who have to everyday consciousness, and relate to the opened themselves up spiritually are able to Intellect and Intuition. All the forces of the Tree embrace the Middle three spheres. The Upper are collected in Yesod, and then descend to form three spheres are then able to be approached, but physical manifestation in the sphere of Malkut. only by a potential Adept who has been through The physical world is shown in dark green and extensive spiritual training. forms the base of the diagram, within which the Each pillar of the Tree forms a different path of Tree of Life is rooted. 4 |



development. Ascent by the Left hand Pillar is via the Intellect, Scientific Thinking and Ritual Ceremonial Magic, to embrace the full power of the male personality, before final transcendence into the Divine Female power of Binar. The Right hand Pillar however, is via the Intuition, the Arts and the Rituals of Natural Magic, to embrace the full power of the female personality, before transcendence into the Divine Male power at Hokmar. Ascent by the Middle Pillar is via the path of Mysticism, and the Aspirant turns away from earthly things to concentrate only on spiritual growth. The ascent from Malkut to Keter initially brings the possibility of psychic powers, and these are followed by the development of a far greater spiritual understanding. This prepares the Aspirant so that they can cross the Abyss on the path of Mysticism to eventual union with the divine at Keter. The student of the Tree of Life attempts to follow all these paths, so that he is able to develop his personality and spiritual consciousness to its full potential.

The picture of the Tree of Life can be used as a Mandala for meditation, and also as a map to trace the pattern of our evolving consciousness. It contains within it extensive knowledge and wisdom, which can form the basis of spiritual development, providing the guidance by which we can integrate greater spirituality into our lives. It is a Universal Glyph, a picture of the nature of humanity and the divine energy which is the source of creation made manifest, in a form that can be assimilated by each student in the way that is appropriate for their development. Each student plants his own tree and nurtures it so that it can bring forth spiritual fruit, season after season. The cycle never ends until we eventually find spiritual fulfillment and grow into union with the Divine.


is a state of being that resides within and without us all that neither exists nor non-exists yet is eternally present in all layers of energy. The invisible to the human light, which scientists call dark matter is the bridge to what is termed the unseen world. This hitherto world may be glimpsed under certain conditions, a differing state of perception that the mind can be trained to perceive. What we first have to come to understand and realise is that which we see whilst in our present state of consciousness is merely a reflection of the Light on our physical eyes…and they are only perceiving that which they are physically capable of seeing, for instance a machine is only capable of performing the tasks for which it was built for. Over the millions of years of human existence we are evolving and refining ourselves to an ever-greater degree…as we improve spiritually so does our physical equipment, thus our senses, brainpower etc are becoming far more refined. 6 |


Mystikal Dream Realms With

issue fourteen I stated that I am firmly convinced that I live in two realms at the same time, the second one being the so-called dream state. Well ever since a small child I would return from sleep and then with great excitement relate to my Mother every tiny detail of what she told me were my dreams, this even at the early age of about 6 or 7 just did not seem right to me. How could such vivid meetings with such real people be a figment of my imagination? Furthermore I knew all their names, the names of the streets in which they lived, even wrote down the things that were told to me, this just had be as real as the world that I occupied during the waking hours.

world, so called was every bit as real as this so called world. I was in my early teens that the very first bit of evidence turned up, quite out of the blue. My Grandfather who was a high ranking Master of a what was known then as a certain secret society (my dear parents knew nothing of this) wished to introduce me to the society with the premise of becoming the Master when he became to tired (his words) he actually meant when he passed to the next realm. He firstly would have to introduce me to the members one by one, we had to go to a town in France (he explained this to my parents etc as he wanted to take me on holiday to meet some of our long lost relatives before he died)‌cutting a long story short, you could have not surprised me more as the first person I met was a lovely old lady (his sister) in a beautiful village‌..this was the lady that I been meeting and talking to in my so called dream state since a small child and furthermore I knew the house, garden and village every bit as well as I knew my own. At last I was starting to receive proof that this inner world really existed.

Well many years pasted by and both my parents More next issue. and school teachers just firmly believed I had a wonderful imagination and would one day make a great writer or teacher, but I knew this dream

MystikMaster 7

Summer Solstice 2012 at

Stonehenge by Jenny Spirit


those of you who have been to Stone Henge in recent years, you will be aware that the only way to appreciate the stones is from a distance. A roped cordon separates you and the stones as you walk anticlockwise around a path with all the other tourists. I have visited the stone several times since 2001 and have loved every visit. Even on my first visit on the way back from a weekend break in nearby Weymouth I sensed the energy of the place before we arrived. Personally I believe the energy of the stones emanates for several miles around the monument and that if you are tuned in, you can sense them, almost magnetically from quite a distance away. The sight of them never fails to inspire awe and wonder for me. Whenever I visit I soak up the abundant earth energies that are concentrated and ever present there. I take them home with me and always feel more relaxed and grounded than usual, well at least for a few days afterwards. I sometimes wonder if there was actually a way to measure spiritual energy, whether Stone Henge would be off the scale! Even people I know who are not spiritually inclined have commented that “it’s spooky, there’s 8 |


something about the place”… With previous visits in mind, we decided not to put off going to Stone Henge at Summer Solstice as “one of those thing we’ll get round to doing one day in future when we’ve got enough time”. So this year off we went! Ok, as most of you probably know, the UK has had its wettest June for over 100 years. Were we going to let this stop us from planning to go or enjoying the solstice? No! We arrived (dry) at 10pm and parked in the field leading to the Henge. Several thousand people were already there, enjoying the night’s festivities. We walked for almost a mile before we saw the stones - they had been obscured by the floodlights along the way. The sights and sounds that greeted us were not like anything we had seen before at the site. There was drumming and cheering coming from the people already inside the circle and people were touching the stones and looking energised and connected. I think the urge to touch the stones and connect was so strong because people aren’t normally allowed to due to the cordon - being able to physically touch them is I guess like some kind of sexual repression being released!! Many people were also sat around the edge having a bevvy and taking it all in.

The event itself was more like a giant night time festival and for almost three hours we enjoyed being able to walk around, touch, hug and sit against the stones until the heavens quite literally opened! Being able to walk through the circle means you get to know the stones better. Although most of them are about 25ft high, I found one that was about the same height as me and felt compelled to give it a hug! There was also a small stone embedded in the ground that (due to the darkness) people kept tripping over, I stood over it for a little while imagining I was some sort of guard of the stones! We then retreated in to a cavernous dent in one of the larger stones and enjoyed the atmosphere before the impending precipitation prematurely ended our night!

Jenny and James enjoying the night energies in the circle

I would highly recommend visiting the Henge at solstice - it’s completely different to the daytime experience. There’s also plenty of facilities including food vans so you can warm yourself up like we did with a burger and chips if you get wet and cold. Just one word of warning – bring waterproofs!


A MAGNETIC ADVENTURE Part 3 of 3 by James Middleditch

“There are no coincidences – we were all meant to meet here today.” Lynn, to her daughter, in St Catherine’s Chapel, Abbotsbury

Moving Forward

away, leaving me in the campsite in the pouring rain with a one-man tent, I felt a strange pang of homesickness. It lasted only moments. A brand new feeling took its place - a type of excitement and pride I had not experienced before. It was a kind of peace and balance that soaked through my body and made me even more confident that I could experience positive magnetism fully. I love my friends of course, but being alone, rather than something to be feared, introduced me to a new friend – myself.

In the last Issue I explored the principle of ‘magnetism’ as a way of ensuring that the correct influences arrive in life at the correct time; a state of mind that allows things to work out for the best. I focused on daily life, and the ways in which we can raise the positivity of our magnetism. There comes a time, however, when this idea can be put to the test, when instead of watching it unfold at home, at work or with friends, we can make magnetism a guide for an adventure, to places we have never been before, when The weather was the first thing to seem to respond our faith in our own positive magnetism doesn’t just to my new solitude and positive magnetism. The bring things to us, but moves us across distances to arrive where we need to be for maximum development. pouring rain cleared at the time that I wanted to go This is what I experienced one summer a few years ago. I had wanted a new start in life, having cleared the decks of negativity that had been shackling me for some time. I spent a few months consciously trying to raise my positive magnetism, and I wanted to be brave and try something brand new. With plans of future travel across Europe, I decided to practice the art of positive magnetism on a smaller scale, by taking a solo journey across the southern English county of Dorset. This would be my first holiday alone, and I had no idea how that would feel. As it turned out, magnetism would ensure that it was exactly what I needed to do, giving me some of my most memorable experiences along the way…

A New Beginning

It’s a strange feeling, being in an unfamiliar place, alone, with days of solitude stretching ahead. I had started the holiday with friends, but when they drove 10 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

for a walk and find some food. The clear skies allowed the exact amount of time I needed for a beautiful walk along the cliffs; as I returned to my tent at the end of the evening, the first spots of a new shower began. I initially doubted whether my plans would have to change straight away, as I wanted sunny weather for the next day’s beach walk. I would learn to have more faith. While I fell asleep to the sound of pouring rain on the tent’s roof, I awoke to blazing sunshine pouring through the doorway when I opened it. My beach walk allowed me to undertake the perfect affirmation of being alone, and to continue to focus on the cleansing and ‘new start thinking’ that I needed. The rain stayed a respectful distance away; so close that I could actually see it falling from black clouds across Poole Harbour, but far enough away to ensure that I was bathed in sunlight the whole time. As well as being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, not far from the World Heritage site that is Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, the beach I found myself on (completely by chance I should add!), was a nudist beach. What better place for a symbolic shedding of the past, and all the masks and barriers I had been wearing for so long?! I would never have done anything like that before, but I felt empowered to do so. It was part of the ritual of that journey, a chance to bond completely with the nature around me, with no pretence or shame. It served to increase my

sense of positive magnetism even further than before.

A Perfect Moment

The next part of my journey involved a visit to the small village of Abbotsbury further along the coast, close to the extraordinary Chesil Beach, and strip of beach stretching miles with sea on either side. On this day, the rain returned, but by then I had the confidence that this was as it was meant to be. It was a pleasant, warm drizzle, actually heightening the moody beauty of the landscape, and ensuring, as I would discover, that only the right people would venture out. I was being drawn to a particular place in Abbotsbury – St Catherine’s Chapel, high on a hill overlooking both the village and the ocean, a survivor of Henry VIII’s rampage due to its strategic position for ships. Magnetism was drawing me there, I knew that. That small, stone building, standing alone but proud on that mist-wreathed hill, was calling me. Inside, in the empty, sandy-floored space, with the wind howling around the roof, I found a woman who was meditating. Her two daughters were playing nearby, respectfully allowing their mother her time and space. I sat on a ledge at the back, and when she had finished, I apologised in case I had disturbed her peace. She introduced herself as Lynn, and we talked about the nature of the place we had found ourselves, randomly, sharing.

St Catherine’s Chapel, Abbotsbury 11

I had only previously spoken to people I knew well in such a way, but found the words coming easily; we talked about energies, and described the sensation that the middle of the floor seemed to be a kind of swirling vortex. We talked about the feminine nature of the place, and the re-balancing of masculine and feminine power that seemed to be beginning at the time, towards the end of the first decade of the new Millennium. This led us to a ritual. Again, I had never done such a thing with someone I didn’t know, seeing meditation and ritual at that time as private and something to be kept secret. I was nervous at first. But we stood, all together in a circle, in the centre of that windswept chapel, and worked with the vortex of energy to find the balancing point of our masculine and feminine energies. No-one interrupted us, but even if they had, I don’t think we would have stopped. Her children, having obviously been brought up with such things, took it all in their stride, and played their part. We had no set plan; it was instinctive and spontaneous. It was one of the most powerful things I have ever done, and it shaped my soul in a way that remains today. We took our separate paths afterwards, thanking each other for this unique moment. I have never seen her in person again, but that doesn’t seem to matter. It was of that time, that perfect moment. Positive magnetism had worked its magic.

The Nature of Solitude

This experience, and others during that holiday, made me understand more about the nature of solitude than ever before. I had been brought up to understand the word ‘alone’ to be a bad thing. ‘Solitude’ seemed to be a kinder, but still melancholy description of the same thing. Both, I had discovered, were beautiful. As well as my meeting in the Chapel, through my solitude, I encountered other people at just


the right time, especially when things went a bit wrong! Never having been the most practical of people, I discovered too late that I was carrying too much for one part of my journey. By coincidence, a good friend with a car was in the exact same area at that exact time, and I was rescued. On the way back from Abbotsbury, I was so mesmerised by what had happened that I missed my stop on the bus to where I was staying. I ended up stranded in the now heavy rain, miles from anywhere. I put all fear aside, trusted in the Universe and the magnetism I had built up, and hitch-hiked my way back. The man who picked me up worked in my home town, on ‘conflict resolution’, an area of interest for me. Later on, I took refuge from the rain in a nearby pub. I treated myself to a grand meal, with no sadness about eating alone, chatting with the kind bar people occasionally, watching the rain out of the window. I was as happy as I could be. Solitude to me now doesn’t mean being totally alone. It means clearing space for exactly the right people to arrive, for the most magical moments, at exactly the right time. It means befriending our own selves again, because in everyday life it seems easy to become distant or fall out with ourselves. It means we can share tender moments with other beings than people; with flowers, with pathways through woods, with beaches and skies, with sunshine and rainclouds, stone chapels and cosy pubs. It means allowing positive magnetism to cast its spell truly, fully and magnificently.

To be concluded… In the final part of this series, we will explore the effects of positive magnetism on a global scale, looking at the way in which both the planet itself, and our own souls, are magnetic… perhaps uncovering a secret of The Mystik Way itself…

View out of St Catherine’s Chapel, Abbotsbury


Lazy Days of Summer with Tarot Summer

tends to be a time for many people to rest, rejuvenate and just relax. The days are longer, the air is warm, and it’s easy to just lose yourself sitting outside watching the grass grow.

For summer I like to do a reconnect spread. Nothing too deep, nothing too fancy, and definitely nothing to think too hard about. In the center, place a card that represents you. This may be one you choose for yourself, but I often like to let the Tarot choose for me. I almost always ask the Tarot to let me know something about myself that I need to be open to or that I need to learn more about. Lay out your cards as pictured: The card in the center represents you. The cards around are read as North, East, South, West clockwise beginning at the top of the page. 14 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

North represents Earth or your physical body. There are a lot of changes going on at This would generally correspond to discs or Kick-Ass Business News (http://www. pentacles. right now, and I am putting together an entire plan with my East represents Air or knowledge. This is mentor. represented by swords in the associations I use. In the South we see the Ace of Coins. I’ll take South represents Fire or drive and is represented this as a sign that my business plans are working by wands or staffs. and new money will start to pour in. West represents Water. It is represented by It’s a little hard to see this card, but it only has cups. one coin right in the middle of the card. This Let’s see what this might mean in the spread above. The Page of Cups is in the center and represents me. Not surprising, as I am going through a lot of new things emotionally lately and we are getting ready for a big move halfway across the country.

deck is the Arthurian Tarot, and it has what are called non-interactive or non-scenic pip cards. This means it only shows one coin on the Ace or 1 of coins, two cups on the 2 of cups, three swords on the 3 of swords, etc. There are no people or animals interacting with the objects on the card.

It is worth mentioning that I tried to scan this in correctly several times, and each time the Page of Cups turned a little wonky, which could mean this move and other changes over the same might throw me a little more off-kilter than I expect.

Finally, in the West we find VII The Chariot. This is the second Major Arcana card in this spread, which really is a Big Deal. In a spread of only a few cards, you might pay attention to any Majors that come up, but definitely pay special attention if more than one appears!

III The Empress is hanging out North in the Try your own Lazy Summer Spread and see Body position. As a woman, I will be careful to what the cards have to say to you. Remember, make sure I take my birth control regularly. The don’t over-think it, and don’t try too hard. It’s Empress can sometimes indicate pregnancy, and summer, after all. that’s not in my plans. This card could serve as a warning for me to make sure it’s not in my plans. Michelle Mahoney, BAFB In the East we find the King of Swords. Make note that this is a swords card in the swords position of this spread, which gives it more power and credence. Swords may represent business power and intelligence.


Manifest your perfect life

by Peta Panos


manifesting f i n a n c i a l abundance for example – on one side of the money pole is debt and on the other, financial abundance. If you focus on debt, then that is what you will create more of. If you focus on the feeling of having financial freedom and abundance, then that is what you will attract.

onsciously or unconsciously, you There are many websites, books and have manifested every thing that it is your life up to this point. Manifesting seminars on how to use the law of attraction consciously is exceptionally powerful so it to manifest, so I will just briefly touch on them is imperative that you manifest only for the here with the following steps: highest good and without interfering with a. Be crystal clear on what you want. any body else’s free will. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with someA key aspect to manifesting, using the law body else’s free will (e.g. I want to make him of attraction, is to remember that every-thing love me) and be clear on your intentions. If is energy and already exists. You don’t need you want to attract the perfect partner for to create it - you just need to attract it. For you for example, focus on the traits of your example: Money or the perfect partner for perfect partner and how you would want to you already exists. Using the law of attraction feel in the relationship, rather than an actual is about raising your vibration so that it is person. in alignment with what you want. Desires reside in higher vibration (soul energy) so by b. Write a story in the present tense about raising your vibration through your thoughts, the life that you want to create – only use words, feelings and actions, you attract your positive words and cover all areas (health, desires like a magnet (when our vibration wealth, important relationships, career, increases, so does our magnetism). When personal development and spirituality) OUR you manifest, you step into the experience story is who WE define ourselves to be and we can change our story whenever we of what you desire. want to. Focus is equally important, as is remembering that there is polarity in every-thing. Using 16 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

c. Close your eyes, ground yourself and go

into soul energy. Visualize yourself having achieved every-thing you want to manifest. Notice the emotions you feel, how your heart sings as the joy spreads through your body. Once you have basked in the energy of it until it permeates every cell of your being, see your vision shrinking onto a ball of light and take this ball of light into the centre of your chest (heart chakra) The ball of light has a high vibration to it and every time you have thoughts, feelings, use words or actions, you feed the light (or diminish it if you are negative or fearful about not receiving what you want) Like energy attracts like energy and it will expand on itself. As you feed and grow the light, you raise the vibration and expand the energy until it meets the vibration of what you want to attract. d. Keep thoughts, words, feelings and actions simple so you can be consistent and create a habit of attraction. While you activate and align these 4 energy points, you also release energy that is not aligned with what you want to experience. e. Put up reminders of the life you want to create every-where f. Create a vision board g. Regularly visualise yourself living this life; immerse yourself in the feeling of living this life so you can connect into it easily, at will. Your positive emotions invoke the law of attraction as like attracts like. Remember Financial Abundance is a feeling, not a bank account balance.

of you with a magnet in it. Fill the bubble with the emotions of living your chosen life and all the details in the story you have written. Once your creation bubble is complete, visualise a cord to your solar plexus (the chakra that deals with fear issues). This cord represents the fear of not creating your chosen life. Ask Arch Angel Michael to cut the cord with his sword of light and see the bubble being freed, to take your creation bubble to God/ Source and with this, handing the when and the how to the universe. Give thanks and allow it to be. k. Know and trust that the universe has your order and will be delivering it to you. Do not worry about how it will happen. Surrender to the roll out process with grace and allow the universe to deliver it to you in its own magical way - usually in a way that you could never have imagined. True surrender is when you open your heart and accept the direction your soul and the universe is taking you. Go with the flow rather than stopping the flow by worrying about things that which have already happened and about things which may never happen.

Written by: Peta Panos Facebook: Spiritual Quest Journeys Twitter: QuestJourneys LinkedIn: Peta Panos

h. Take baby action steps every day towards your goals. The 4 key energetic points are: thoughts, words, feelings and actions so ensure these are aligned with what you are attracting. i. Keep a gratitude journal and focus only on the positive – this will attract more of it in your life j. And now the critical step – to release the fear of not being able to manifest what you really want. Start by grounding yourself and going into soul energy. See a bubble in front 17

Gardens & Good Feng Shui by Jennifer Adele


ood feng shui design in your garden will help attract it might look something like this… Southeast (Money & nourishing, high quality feng shui energy to your Abundance); East (Health & Family) and North (Career home, as well as delight all your senses. & Path in Life), are excellent areas for water feng shui element energy. When it comes to a good feng shui garden design, the size of your garden is not the main criteria. Yes, of course, “Wind chimes are a wonderful addition it is wonderful to be surrounded by a big, lush garden; but to any garden, as their gentle sound if all you have is just a small space to work with, you can creates healing feng shui vibrations in still create a good feng shui garden design. the air.” The main feng shui tools used in creating a good feng shui garden design are the same tools you use in creating a good feng shui home. You will need to know the Bagua, or energy map of your home, as your garden Bagua is an extension of your home Bagua. Hiring a consultant that is well versed in these areas is always a benefit, especially if you intend to keep the same garden design and layout year and after year. You will also need to understand the five elements theory and know how to strengthen each area to bring auspicious energy, and a good consultation can provide you with that as well.

In designing your feng shui garden, be sure to allow gently curving pathways for chi, or universal energy, to flow smoothly. Straight lines are rarely present in nature, so use relaxing and flowing shapes and pathways for your feng shui garden. Colors are also important considerations as you bring lawn art into the arrangement.

Wind chimes are a wonderful addition to any garden, as their gentle sound creates healing feng shui vibrations in the air. There are a variety of wind chimes on the market – from metal to bamboo – with various symbols, colors, and numbers of strings. While each element of the wind For example, if the Northeast area of your particular chime design is important, I would say the sound of the garden is connected to the energy of personal growth and chime is always a deciding factor for me (along with the self-cultivation, then the feng shui element needed in this look, of course.) area is Earth. Logically, this could be an excellent area for a contemplative Zen garden with beautiful rock formations. Enjoy creating your feng shui garden and bring in items, colors, and nature elements that bring you pleasure to If you are looking to add a water feature to your garden, look at. The more joyful energy you put into your garden, then the feng shui areas associated with that for your the more joyful and healing energy the garden will reflect individual space should be considered. As an example, back to you, as well as to your home. 18 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

MYSTIK WAY HEALING LINK Every evening at 9pm GMT (UK time) we hold a Global healing link where spent a few moments or more sending out LIGHT and healing thoughts around the world and to the various trouble spots. We are joined by several other groups and individuals from facebook with numbers well over the thousand mark. Join us when you are able and add your light and energy. “WHERE YOUR THOUGHT GOES YOUR ENERGY FLOWS” The Universe is pure energy and is continuously flowing, it is manipulated by thought….the vibrations of our feelings and thoughts become reality according to the power of them. By sheer number we can effect change in the situations with the influence of all thinking exactly the same thing. Light a candle send your thoughts out on the flame around the world and join over a thousand people seeking peace, abundance and happiness for everyone including all creatures and mother earth.

Blessings MystikMaster.


Licorice Latin name: Glycyrrhiza glabra by Angi

Common names: Chinese Licorice, Gan Cao, Licorice Root, Sweet Wood, Kuo – lao, Ling – t’ung Medicinal part: Rootstock

How Licorice Root Is Used Peeled licorice root is available in dried and powdered forms. Licorice root is available as capsules, tablets, and liquid extracts. Licorice can be found with glycyrrhizin removed; the product is called DGL (for “deglycyrrhizinated licorice”).

World view of the Licorice Root As this herb has been used for a wide variety of ailments, for the purpose of this article I will limit those to the most commonly utilized along with any recent research findings related to the medicinal usage of the licorice root. Most herbal preparations are made from the dried fruit of the plant.

In the East Indian or Ayurvedic (Sanskrit: आयुर्वेद; Āyurveda, “the knowledge for long life”) culture, Licorice is thought to be a “liquifier of the stomach”, aiding in the digestion process, Again respiratory conditions appear to be minimized with the use of licorice root, specifically in cases of asthma, bronchitis and colds. The East Indians believe that the licorice root can strengthen cases of fatigue Licorice is a perennial plant that can be found in southern as well as promote eye sight. Arthritic conditions, urinary and central Europe and in some parts of Asia. Licorice complaints, fevers and circulation can all be improved is popular in its natural form in Italy (particularly in the with treatment of this herb. South) and Spain. The root of the plant is simply unearthed, washed and chewed as a mouth freshener. Licorice is Looking at the North American Indians, licorice root not only the number one DRUG used in the world today was commonly administered for sore throats, bronchial but it is also the most frequently administered herb by conditions and for calming an upset stomach. Like the herbalists for themselves. Europeans use the licorice root Cheyenne, licorice was taken for gastrointestinal issues for the treatment of chest pains, cough, congestion, overall such as diarrhea. Ear aches, fever and toothaches were fatigue and constipation. The root is more commonly used treated with licorice root by the Dakota and Pawnee. The in India and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Navaho used the root as a mild cathartic (laxative) also as compared to North America, making it more widely used a form of cleansing which was prepared as a decoction ( than any pharmaceutical drug on the market today. Also water solution of plant extracts which is boiled). known as the “Great Adjunct”, the “Great Detoxifier” and the “Grandfather of Chinese herbs”, licorice is thought to Modern confirms that the pharmaceutical licorice is be beneficial in the treatment of conditions that affect the beneficial in the following situations: stomach, kidneys, lungs as well as the spleen. It can also be As an estrogenic, anti-allergic, expectorant, antiused affective in the treatment of auto-immune conditions bacterial, anti-viral, anti-convulsive, choleretic, antiincluding lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis and tussive ( relieves coughing) , anti-hepatotoxic (strength and animal dander allergies according to TCM. 20 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

stimulant for the functioning of liver), and antineoplastic a more comprehensive understanding of this powerful herb. (to prevent, inhibit or halt the development of a tumor). Licorice has been proven to regulate estrogen metabolism as well as stimulate the immune system which has been instrumental in the treatment of CFS and Fibromyalgia by increasing cortisol activity and reducing stress levels. Evidence suggests that this herb inhibits the growth of RNA and DNA in certain viruses such as herpes among others. Various studies suggest that licorice root is highly effective in the treatment of ulcers, inhibits toxicity in the liver and has a cortisone-like action as an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory. This is good news in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis which affects many people in the older population.

Licorice root may cause water retention, raise blood pressure and should not be combined with medications that are used for heart conditions. One must be extremely cautious when taking any pharmaceutical drugs with any herb, herbal preparation of supplement as harmful interactions can occur. These include OTC medications and prescription medications. When in doubt ask a herbalist, or wholistic therapist, or naturopath with training in herbology. Ensure that you provide your medical professional as well as your herbal advisor with a list of all the medications you are using at the time.

According to the many sources I have consulted licorice root is used to eliminate side effects from other herbs. The compounded carbenoxolone is derived from licorice. Some studies indicate that it inhibits 11β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1, an enzyme that is highly expressed in liver and fat tissues, where it plays a role in metabolism, and in the brain, where the same enzyme is involved in stress response that has been associated with age-related mental decline. The herb is primarily used in medicine for respiratory conditions such as: allergies, bronchitis, colds, and sore throats. It is also used as treatment for acid reflux, heartburn and stomach ulcers, digestive tract inflammation, diseases of the skin, relief from physical and emotional stress, and certain diseases of the liver. Licorice can be used to treat ileitis, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease as it is antispasmodic in the bowels.[20]

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Spiritual Commercialism by Sian A. Turner Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Practitioner


hen I began to write this article, it was born out of a reaction I had on receiving a Holistic Event Magazine. I think what had initially struck me about this particular publication was how completely focused on ‘money’ it was, although from the way it was presented, this fact was nicely disguised.

Before I go any further let me say, I do understand that because of the way our society currently views money, it is a big influence in all our lives regardless of how we feel about it. I also understand that money is simply an energy form – a giving and receiving; neither good nor bad but can be perceived as either by the way humans use it. Two aspects need to therefore be addressed: a) Our relationship to money b) Where this relationship comes from It may be useful to spend some time jotting down your own thoughts to these two aspects. Going back to the Holistic Event Magazine, this was to be an enormous event held in one of the largest venues in London. I could appreciate the reason why this was such a large event; to attract, and potentially help, as many people as possible. By help I mean provide the tools necessary for coping with the issues society faces today – the high levels of stress; pollution; inadequacies – and put ourselves back in control to make the appropriate changes or additions to our lives and restore courage, trust, balance, peace, love and harmony… I would hope this was the intension.

be a truly enlightening experience, and was comparable to any other festival magazine. There seemed to be no cohesion and I did not get a sense that ‘we are all one; a universal connection,’ which is ultimately what all holistic practitioners strive towards?? It felt very individual, almost like ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality. Have our modern day holistic teachers/practitioners become so attached to having us attend their lectures and workshops that they have lost sight of the bigger picture? Do they teach for the betterment of humanity and to find ways for us all to embrace change and move forward? Does this type of event truly come from the heart? In fairness, I would have been interested in attending quite a few of the workshops, but the unattractive prospect of going to such a potentially busy, impersonal place, superseded this desire. I am of the belief that when I am ready to learn something new, I will. “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears” St. Germain At the opposite end of the spectrum however, is a willingness to provide treatments for free or by donation. I believe this could be where an imbalance arises. On the one extreme there are practitioners making a very lucrative business and on the other, practitioners making nothing or just enough. Why are some people attached to the idea of ‘not charging’ for this worthwhile and valuable service? What message does this send to the recipient and is it empowering for them? This is another aspect of what we as practitioners and therapist are aiming to achieve: The empowerment of our c l i e nt s to take responsibility for their own healing and life situations. If

the practitioner does not place value on the treatment, how However, the impression I first received from flicking does the recipient know how to through the magazine was that it seemed like a PR exercise value it? for business people and very commercial. We may possess spiritual gifts that are Nothing stood out to make me feel as though this could freely downloaded from Spirit, but we are 22 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

in physical form and so need to consider charging both for our time and the effort that has gone into learning our wonderful art. Having said this, there is nothing stopping us from coming to different arrangements for each of our clients while still maintaining a sense that this is of mutual value. The ability to use any form of alternative or spiritual healing modality (which we all have access to if we so choose) ultimately aids in improving the quality of all life, including the Planet, and needs to reach increasing numbers of people so that the flow of Universal Energy continues to expand? Coming back to the idea that ‘money’ is energy; there is always enough, although this view depends on personal perception and the conditionings we have been subjected to as we have journeyed through life to this point. Therefore, what are these conditions and where have they come from? One possibility is likely to be from past experiences in this and other lifetimes. If you perceive yourself to have a so called ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ relationship with money and have grown up listening to phrases such as: ‘Money is the root of all evil’ ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ ‘Work hard for a living’ ‘Means to an end’ You first need to transcend or de-school this conditioning and find a way to detach or eliminate it from your life. Negative thoughts about money block the flow; positive and nurturing thoughts towards money aid the flow. Is it through guilt and fear over thousands of years of indoctrination, being told that we are ‘born into sin’* (see end note) that we do not trust in our true ‘Self ’ to provide a Universal Healing Service that is capable of sustaining us as well as others? When we find ourselves doubting our true ability, does it come back to this deeply rooted idea of ‘original sin’*? The issues we face today may also be due to how money has been manipulated, mainly by banks but also by governments (or the corporations behind governments) and religious institutions. ‘1% of the Worlds population holds 40% of

the Worlds monetary wealth’ - Zeitgeist Movement By allowing us to perceive that the flow of money is being controlled, power is gained over the masses. Money in and off itself has no value. The paper notes in circulation today are simply IOU’s, replacement for gold. How we perceive ‘money’ is what provides it with energy. However, money can be looked at as a form of gratitude. A service is provided, as way of thanks money is exchanged. Paper is easier to trade than, for example livestock, food or blankets, and has been established as the worldwide currency to provide an easy-to-use exchange rate for commodities. “…in the old days there was not money so a person gave something of great value to help them. Just to talk to a medicine man they would bring him a horse. Later on as blankets were of great value to them, they would give a medicine man some blankets. Today’s form of barter is usually money. What is wrong with that?” Peter V. Catches – 38th generation Lakota medicine man. Excerpt taken from Reiki Shamanism – Jim PathFinder Ewing. It is useful to remember that our entire system and way of living at the present moment is set up for ‘exchange’, for example, breathing: gaseous exchange which is fundamental to our very existence. If you are offering a free holistic therapy, what exchange is there? Both sides must learn to give and receive otherwise an element of imbalance or disharmony is introduced and the flow of an elementary Universal Law ceases. The two go hand in hand and if one is consciously or unconsciously blocked, the flow ceases and Karma is mitigated in the attempt to prompt the ‘flow’ and bring back harmony to the Law of Cause and Effect. In conclusion, I think we all generally find it easier to give rather than receive and this goes for compliments, time, energy - anything. Although for some the reverse is true, they take more than they give. It may be one of our assignments or lessons while we are on the physical plane to learn to harmonize the two. When people are faced with the option of only donating, there is no structure or direction for them to follow, potentially creating confusion. On the one hand we all like to get ‘something for nothing’ but on the other, if we are seeking spiritual or holistic healing we are looking for 23

some form of guidance. Each practitioner is knowledgeable in his or her chosen field of this spiritual arena and others will be attracted to them for the potential enhancement that can be introduced to their lives, regardless of cost.

At the end of the day, each of us must do what we consider is the right course of action for us. As long as our heart and intention is in the right place; the work comes from a space of love and we remember there are two people in this equation – the practitioner and recipient, both of whom need to equally share in acknowledging the part they play – we will be working for the highest good of all concerned.

Returning to the previous questions, ‘have holistic teachers/practitioners become attached…..lost sight of bigger picture?’ Essentially the answer is no, they haven’t. As I have already mentioned there is enough in this world Knowledge of any kind is here for us to share! More for all, but now I extend this meaning beyond material importantly than anything else – even money – is our objects to encompass every aspect of personal life; joy, authenticity to share our spiritual knowledge; to trust harmony, love, peace and happiness. Everything that in ourselves to be able to deliver it in a way that will be happens is for our experience and growth. beneficial to us and others. By trusting in ourselves we therefore trust in the Divine Essence of everything! We do a dis-service to humanity and ourselves by not speaking our truth. Now, in the Age of Aquarius, when we are faced with the reemergence of claiming our Divine Power, we must start to believe, respect and love ourselves enough to know that we and our services are of value.

Therefore, at this type of event knowledge is being shared on a grand scale. Being an optimist I will presume that it is being shared ‘for the betterment of humanity to aid us in moving forward’ and is done with and through Love. At this time, I think there is a need for these commercial events to be a focus or spark for all those still left with questions, so that awareness spreads and those who are not so sure and do not know where to look are attracted.

*In 387 AD, the fourth century philosopher St. Augustine was a very influential man in the church and he introduced the concept of ‘original sin’ based on the story of Adam and Eve. He stated that Eve and therefore every women, was the ‘Devil’s temptress’ and subsequently all humans are born into sin. However, this is based more on his personal life than anything that can be deemed credible in the Bible. Because of his influence at the time, this statement has plagued humanity for the last 1700 years, especially women, as his statement was intended as a direct insult towards all women. (Information taken from the series ‘Divine Women’ presented by Bettany Huges on BBC 2, in conjunction with the Open University).

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