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Enlightened Eating & Livingby Amaritday H

ello You Lovely, Perfectly Imperfect Being, Divine as you are and Sacred beyond measure! Ama’ritday – The Sacred Health Doula here and wishing you light, love and bright blessings. I am so glad to be here with you as we take another turn of the wheel and it is yet again time to get some Enlightened Living and Eating pearls! Nothing in life comes easy, like the pearl we are created by irritation. So let’s think in terms of brilliance being created than being surrounded by negativity. All the challenges we face are creating our brilliance not our defeat. The Divine doesn’t bring us to the ocean to drown us but to cleanse us. We have just finished the celebration of Ostara and soon will be celebrating Easter. We can still carry that vibration of gratitude, of seeds being planted, new beginnings, great and abundant intentions with us, as we are thawing out from the long winter’s rest.

We all deserve the best but sometimes we can get in our own way and sabotage our own best efforts, leaving one to feel deflated disappointed and adrift in a challenging and quickly changing world. So I say start from the beginning ask yourself what can I do? We can take good care of ourselves on a budget or with no budget. We have to decide what we will invest in ourselves. Ask yourself what is that you need to move forward feeling confident, empowered and on fire for your life? You only have one life. How do you choose to you live it? As a victim or a victor? April is the fourth month and we moving through the year quite expeditiously. What intentions are we going to plant and what will we do to insure that they grow to fruition? Every day that we procrastinate is a day we won’t get back. So start where you are! What will you do this month to move toward the life of your dreams? Remember to take time to re-connect with mother Gaia and all her wondrous offerings. If you have a yard get to know it, watch the dawn, or plant some seeds once the last frost has gone. Pick up any trash you see, Pretty Please and Thank you! Mama G needs our help. Get outside connect with the plants and trees. Visualize yourself as one with them getting to know them like you would yourself or a lover.

She is here again as always. I say Thank You Green Lady. Hail and Welcome, Divine Beautiful Goddess!

You can include a ritual to enhance the Deciding that we are responsible and connection. accountable for our success or failure is the key. 38 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

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