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Enlightened Living & Eating by Amaritday

Hola and Welcome Beloved Enlightened Readers! Amaritday - The Sacred Health Doula here to share what is in my heart. Loving the life you live - Holistically Aesthetically Sacred. Know and trust that Mother Nature HAS a remedy! For a more amazing and vibrant new year let’s try to implement some new habits that will help you to honor and nourish the god or goddess within.

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HAS WISDOM Daily Mantras I am Sacred and Divinely Created I am sacred and Divinely beautiful I am Sacred and Divinely loving I am Sacred and Divinely perfect just as I am

The next turn of the wheel is perfect for realizing the greatness that lives within Sacred Seven Daily Nutrition Tips: each one of us. This sabbat is special to me for many reasons but Brigid is my mama Drink more fresh clean water Goddess and she helped in so many ways to Eat more greens & super foods find my light and love. This day is HERS! This is a time for communing with her, and Eat more fruits veggies & whole grains tending the lighting of her sacred flame. At Eat less meat, sugar & processed foods this time of year, the lighting of multiple candles, white for Brigid, for the god usually Loving movement 15 minutes a day yellow or red, to remind us of the passing of (Exercise) winter and the entrance into spring, the time of the Sun. This is a good time for initiations, Laugh & Smile Daily be they into covens or self-initiations. Thank If you are interested in making some for loving me beyond and back Mama B changes, need to learn more about real whole xoxox food, learn how to do a cleanse properly, Imbolc is traditionally a great festival and maybe one of my programs is just what you honoring of Brigid (Brighid, Bride, Brigit), need. If you aren’t sure take advantage of 38 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

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The Mystik Way Magazine is a monthly read, produced by an open spiritual group centered in, but not limited to Portsmouth England/Avalon and...

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