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Cover Artist: Chris N. Varthalamis

‘Entrance to Bardo Thodul’ Digital Graphic Artist Entered into this realm: 08-08-75 From unknown dimensional star galaxies Purpose: to live, learn, love, lucidate in this dreamtime essence, through art, music, and noospheric connection to oneness. Tools used: Photoshop Illustrator Various plugins Sometimes I hear a tone, an underlying molecular structure, forming itself from consciousness, learning from itself. I attempt to act on the tone and ride it’s essence. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. That is the excitement of living here. The unexpected manifesting and bringing a learning experience, to never cease to try to connect with all that is from an egoless boundary. We all have a tone that we ride in our lives, each one is different to the individual, yet we travel on the same path. My hope is that my path, will harmonically resonate and attract positive love, light, and harmony with all that is, through art and music. No matter what the internal or external struggle at any given moment of time, the knowing that their is forever peace if you so choose it, is the drive to unite as one. Love and light to all. Chris N. Varthalamis www.psygarden.eu http://www.myspace.com/molecularsynpaticguru www.arahant30.deviantart.com


Scrollsaw Art by: Dave Danchuk

Death Masks



And Man Just Kept Walking

Dave eats sawdust in the name of art using a scrollsaw and any wood he can ďŹ nd. The majority of his artwork is made using a scrollsaw to cut up small pieces of wood. The pieces are then hand painted with acrylic paints and glued back together. Dave lives in Coquitlam, BC with his wife Annabel and their two children, Maya and Zack. www.amazedcreations.com www.myspace.com/amazed_creations and my shirt store at: www.cafepress.com/amazedcreations


‘The Individuals’ Take Time 4 Hemp by: Casper Leitch



The INDIVIDUALS + High Times Editor, Steve Hager = 2 great FREE MP3’s 7 time winners of the Global Marijuana Music Awards, The Individuals - along with editor of High Times Magazine, Steve Hager - take Time 4 Hemp. Both segments are free 2 download at http://www.Time4Hemp.com On Time 4 Hemp Music - The Individuals Straight from Chicago, this funky Rap/Hip-Hop group known as THE INDIVIDUALS took the world storm with their first 2005 CD release ‘SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO’. In May of that year, they received three 2005 Global Marijuana Music Awards: one for Best Rap Song; one for Best Reggae Song; and one for Best Video. In 2006, the group released their follow-up CD ‘SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO 2’, and received two more 2006 Global Marijuana Music Awards: one for Best Rap and one for Best Blues. One of their songs, ‘Let A Thug Smoke’, is featured in the Golden Globe Winning television series, ‘WEEDS’ on SHOWTIME. On Time 4 Hemp Today - Steve Hager The editor of High Times Magazine and an outstanding journalist who spent over 20 years working for the magazine as a reporter and editor, sat down and fielded question about his work on the magazine in this rare interview. Also free to download are other current segments featuring: -Allen St. Pierre (Dir. Of NORML) -Jack Cole (founder of LEAP) -Steve Bloom (former editor of High Times) -Muck Sticky (featured artist at Cannabis Cup 2006 and 2007). We’ve also launched the Time 4 Hemp Classics! These segments feature interviews from the ground-breaking television series I created in 1991. Featured guest include Willie Nelson, Dr. Tim Leary, Jack Herer, Keith Stroup, Kevein Zeese, Eric Sterling, and many more. I’ve worked hard to put together some great potcasts to feed brains the truth about Marijuana being used for paper, fiber, fuel, and medications. What’s more - the thing that makes the shows so great are the guests! Please be kind enough to share the http://www.Time4Hemp.com URL with everyone who you know would enjoy hearing what they have to say. Keep Strong! Casper Leitch Creator/Host: Time 4 Hemp


Rachel Cox – Orphic Art

Slumber Artist Statement: “My intent within Orphic Art is to create magical, beautiful art that soothes the soul, evokes the emotions, stokes the imagination, and supports one in their quest for personal transformation. Throughout the years our culture has forgotten how to dream and feel, sadly losing the magic and love of living. As a result, we’ve inadvertently lost our inner power. It is my hope that my art might remind people that magic and wonder remains inside of them, and that it is possible to have the world of your dreams.”



Cancer 9

Melancholy Hearts 10

by Rachael Cox

POETRY The Song that was Samantha

Feeling the Magick

From the minute when you left this earth, From that moment, since your birth – A song was sung; it was strong, it was true – Such special music Samantha, that song sweetheart, was you…

Sweet nothings whispered across the harsh winds of Eternity Inspiration drawn by listening to whispers drifting through wind Coupled with the soft eyes deep as the love of the Goddess An embrace only appreciated by opening of blessed chakras Light only seems a pinprick unless accepted with open hearts Unbridled experimental creativity the only music the Universe sings One’s Being truly expressed when one’s intention resonates authentically Poetic ramblings left unwritten is one’s unique magick unshared A heart’s song left unheard is one’s dream now broken Sweet nothings never whispered leaves lovers’ intentions unfulfilled One’s energy flowing from within manifests the art of magick To see only 20 feet ahead embodies the moment in which the Universe thrives

Like butterflies on flowers…you wore your melody… And a smile that could match the sun – became your symphony. Like a soft breeze touches sunbeams, And dust dances in the air – The music that you made from life, was heard, and that is rare. …Then, there was a hush…and the song was gone, it seemed – But there was never silence…the notes became a scream… Like a million and one trumpets, that last note was played, And every ear that could listen – sang the song that you had made. If Angels sing in choirs – then the world heard a song… a gift in the wind, and we all sang along… To a sweet precious voice, we all prayed we could save… Her legacy was her song…and the lyrics were... Be Brave. Roylene http://myspace.com/blondebabyqueen

-Ryan Sise http://www.myspace.com/thirdeyeparable

I want to hear from you! Would you like to see a poetry section continued as a regular feature in MetaCreative Magazine? Send me your thoughts: mystikka@mystikka.com


POETRY {...mourning statue...}

Good Morning Day

A lantern light dancing away with the night. Swaying to and fro manipulating air with an imperfect glow. Warming the particles that drift by, & illuminating the statue with bloody tears and mourning eyes.

Out of bed Before the sun raises its head The lights of the night still glimmer in the distance

Capturing chaos in a trickling stream down the cheek. A hunger strike with vultures picking off the weak. Whimpering with a continuous wail. Holding the weight of all hearts conspired to fail. Freeze the frame yet time still ticking by with no change. A drop to the ground. Desertion is the emotion. The only one found.

Before the horns of rush hour when your latte is still a dream away there’s a calmness around that at no other time is found

Living in a lonely world draping with deceptive souls. Birth and death paying the tolls. Milking the mother and charging the infant with a bill to suffer. Toiling with labor and denying your maker. Wasted away with nothing more to say. A knife in the back. Everyone’s hand contributing to the attack. Filming the massacre in black and white. Enjoy the show everything is all right. Watch the statue as the pieces begin to crumble. Take note of the new language. It is nothing but mumble. The bleeding tears that rain on the base, Stains the marble & Erases the face. Christopher Michael Smith www.myspace.com/twiztid_hair


The sidewalks sleep The city seems at peace

The cool morning breeze plays like caffeine but the soothing sound of the river below may drift me back to sleep the comfort of the night so soon to fade away there’s nothing quite like waking with the day -Elbe 2007 (www.myspace.com/elbehobbs)

POETRY Forever Forgive

to the future

Help me forgive The thoughts of men Whose actions are untrue

look ahead to the future-where the visual spectrum includes colors never before perceived & forms not previously visible, where contact with involuted geometries brings influx of strangeness in a stained glass sky.

They are just misled And need guidance instead Of punishment and ridicule The greatest of men Share pasts of when They were not great at all We all are blessed With nothing less Than God’s love – it’s in us all This being true A bond is here That links us all as one With this in mind There’s no room, nor time To hate another one Why can’t we learn To understand The answer’s all so clear I guess the reason is Nothing less than Friends That’s why we’re here. © By Edward Namerdy aka Dharmacist and taken from his first book; Another Place In Space [which is Earth] www.anotherplaceinspace.com www.myspace.com/anotherplaceinspace www.myspace.com/dharmacist

look ahead to the future-where shadow enemies seep through walls of smoke & wink out like dreams broken by gunshots, where my reflection in her chrome mirrorshades makes ripples in time & opens wells of mystery. look ahead to the future-where the planets are familiar destinations & landscapes of vision are mapped by neptune girls, as iconoclastic equations hurl cybernauts beyond space thru primordial scenes vast & stunningly remote. look ahead to the future-where the terminal node calls up vague responses out of a longing born before the universe, where multiple suns burn afterimages into vivid memory cells resonating in a cosmic mind. zed mizar www.myspace.com/zedmizar


Advice for Marketing Your Self-Published Book By: G.L. Giles

First, congratulations for having the determination to see your dream materialized into your own book. That’s quite an accomplishment! Now, if you’re like me, you want to get it into as many hands, or in as many hands interested in your subject matter, as possible. When I self-published V2: B4 (The Vampire Vignettes Prequel) through Xlibris (www.xlibris.com), I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about making my goal happen. I knew that getting exposure was key along with keeping my spirits high, even in the midst of rejections from many bookstores, Independent and Major alike, at first. I’d subsidy published a novelette entitled The Vampire Vignettes before V2:B4, and one of the girls working at that publishing company managed to get my book listed in Amazon’s Vampire Library (www.vampirelibrary.com) which gave my novella some clout as only a limited number of vampire books have been accepted for listing there. Likewise, I started getting the word out online about my second book, V2:B4, on my own by learning how to easily copy and paste HTML code to create my own MySpace, Yuwie, Vois, etc. pages. Through MySpace, etc., I was approached about listing on websites such as www.vampress.net, etc. All of this was free advertising!!! Furthermore, when my third book, V3:The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped was released, I approached magazines, etc. online that I thought would be interested in reviewing my book and publishing their reviews in their magazines, etc., and I was amazed with the results. I offered to e-mail them a copy of V3: The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped which cost me nothing (no postal expenses that way). I’ve had “fangtastic” outcomes with this. I’m happy to say that some of the magazines, etc. currently reviewing V3: The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped are: Gorezone (UK magazine), Fiend Magazine, Target Audience Magazine, Fangirl Magazine, Mink Magazine and Debris Magazine. Then there’s the marketing within bookstores. I’ve been signing for eleven months straight so far. I’ve had over eighty signings at various Borders, Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks stores. And I’ve also had Independent bookstore signings during this time. I’ve learned a lot. In my opinion, it’s less expensive and more efficient to have fliers versus bookmarks the majority of the time, for one thing. I fold my fliers into attractive table toppers with one of the illustrations from my books showcased, and I have a large area to explain my book’s plot, subplots, reviews, etc. when the table topper/flier is opened. All that information wouldn’t fit on a bookmark. Bookmarks do make nice giveaways as well, however, and when someone buys a book, I frequently hand them one then, but I’m not just giving them away to someone who may not be interested. As far as getting into the major bookstores if you’re self-published, or an “Indie Author” as I like to refer to myself, it generally takes a lot of perseverance and a good attitude. I was turned down at a Barnes & Noble four times before finally making it in on my fifth try (forget third time’s the charm_), and I’m so happy that I had the perseverance to keep on trying there because my book V2:B4 (The Vampire Vignettes Prequel) later made it on their Top 25 Bestsellers table. When I told this story to a fellow self-published author a while back, he said that it sounded like a lot of work. I was surprised because yes it indeed is, but if you’re accomplishing a dream, then it’s worth it. I think having a burning desire to see your dreams happen is frequently a prerequisite. One way a lot of major bookstores started taking notice of me and my books, is the fact that I went way beyond my comfort zone at the time and appeared on television shows talking about my books. It put my name out there, and soon people were calling the bookstores and requesting that my books be carried there. It worked!! So, I’m very grateful for my fans’ devotion and the bookstores that have given me the opportunity to set up in their venues. ^V^


G.L. Giles, Author of V3: The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped Copyright 2007 www.TheVampireVignettesRevamped.net


Lucid Play Publications and the Art of Tantra Bensko



Tree LucidPlay Publications is proud to announce two Liminal Art of the Imagination books. One is pure Visionary Art, the other a Tantric Training Manual making use of both art and text and suggested exercises to be done while gazing at the images. These images in MetaCreative Magazine are found in one or the other of these books. The Metaportal series of art is ineffable, enigmatic, all suggestive of going into the doorways into the larger self that is simultaneously coming at us through the doors. As we approach the glorious divine, we see it is also us. Tantra is the art of forming a conduit between the individual self that is agreeing to the limitations of the human perspective and the larger self who made the agreement knowingly. As we condition that conduit, the two levels of the self are able to communicate more and we evolve beyond the limitations and are able to inspire others to do the same. We are able to lucidity the dream.

http://stores.lulu.com/LucidPlay www.LucidPlay.com


EXPRESS YOURSELF by: Cristin (Mystic Wonder)

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in compromising positions and situations in which we feel trapped or vulnerable. Events can occur, leaving us stifled and rejected. Our emotions tend to control our thought process and sometimes even our ability to express our true intentions, heart-felt desires or even our dismay toward someone or something. Have you ever found yourself in a relationship in which it seems as though the other person has no concern for your opinions or desires? Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who literally controls the dialog and when it comes time for your input, they just disregard it? Have you ever loved someone and was too afraid to tell them for fear that things would change? Have you ever been in a situation where someone has made you feel belittled, and you didn’t have the courage to stand up for yourself? Have you ever chosen to not express your true feelings or intentions because you’re afraid the other person will think you’re stupid? If you answered yes to any or all the above questions, it’s time to sprout some balls (yes, females too, hehe) and be who you ARE! Feelings Are Never “Wrong”:


It’s perfectly natural to feel as though you

can’t say what you want to say for fear that you’ll cause more damage than good. To constantly ridicule someone or criticize someone’s life because of his or her situation or the way they look is just ridiculous! There’s nothing WRONG with expressing dismay toward a family member, friend or lover regarding wrong doing or being treated badly. You HAVE to let them know how their words and actions are affecting your self-esteem and the relationship. Remember that your feelings are NEVER WRONG. They may not be in alignment with other people some or all the time, but if you hold them inside nobody will be able to understand your point of view. Being OPEN and UNDERSTANDING to other people’s thoughts and opinions is the first step to having great communication. We’re not telling you to CHANGE the way you feel to appease someone else’s Ego, but we are saying that you need to be open to their opinions, just as you’d like them to understand yours in effort to compromise. Fear Fear is the #1 reason why people CHOOSE to not express their emotions and desires. My mother always used to say, “Try it; you might like it” to my sister Laura who is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to food. If she doesn’t like the smell or look of it, she won’t even bother because she fears the taste will be exactly how it looks. As silly as it sounds, the same goes for expressing emotions. It’s important to take the chance that someone may not agree with your point of view, just so you’re not stuck with the negative energy that holds you back from reaching the next step on

your path. Fear equals failure. The minute you allow fear to take over your ability to tell someone how you feel, you’re allowing yourself to live in a small box without holes, therefore no air or light will be able to come through. Like attracts like. If you constantly fear a negative, that’s absolutely what you’ll attract. You may be surprised at the actual end result when you do voice your opinion. Avoiding Confrontation There are many reasons why some people avoid confrontation. I used to be that way. I used to FEAR that my opinion wasn’t good enough or it may hurt someone else’s feelings. That changed when I met someone who was afraid to express his or her feelings to ME. Wow, what a reality check. That whole situation made me take a long, hard look in the mirror. My God! I was guilty of the same thing they were and I didn’t even know it!

ent. Some would say that I’m not very articulate, but I don’t care. I am who I am and I speak the only way I know how. I’m sure I could brush up on my skills, but I wouldn’t be unique if I sounded like everyone else. I won’t get what I want anyway... You’d be surprised. Keep thinking like that and you’ll never go anywhere, let alone get what you want from a particular person or situation. Again, like equals like. If you’re not open, the person at the other end won’t be open either. I’m tired of hearing how “wrong” I am...

Here are some reasons why people avoid confrontation:

Look, we can’t be right all the time. In relationships, there isn’t always a right or wrong way to do things. People are people and we all have different views. If someone says you’re wrong, that’s just his or her OPINION and sure you need to respect it, but please, let’s not allow that to create negative selfesteem. If you’re tired of hearing “You’re wrong, you’re wrong” from a certain person, maybe it‘s time to kick that person‘s holierthan-thou ass to the curb.

I don’t want to feel belittled...

My opinions are just silly...

Nobody does, but if you ALLOW someone to make you feel that way, you’re just as guilty as they are. Yes, some people get their jollies off making people feel stupid and having complete control. Never let anyone control your ability to be who you are. Never allow someone else to control the zipper that resides on your lips.

They are? Then by all means, make me laugh because I could use a good one. Feelings, thoughts and opinions are NEVER WRONG because THEY’RE YOURS.

I’m afraid I’m not articulate enough... Everyone’s communications skills are differ-

I don’t want to be criticized anymore... Sometimes criticism is good. It helps us learn and grow. If you look at criticism as “suggestions”, you’ll stop fearing other people’s opinions of you. Maybe you just might get a stronger backbone! Some people criticize for


that very same reason. Of course, there are always the punks who get an Ego boost from making someone feel like crap. So what? Obviously they‘re projecting their issues on to you, so please don’t ever let someone demean your personal affinity. I’m a lover, not a fighter... Me too, but I can’t always avoid conflict. We’re human beings, not robots programmed for perfection. You can be a lover and still fight for what you believe in. Sometimes fighting can strengthen your relationship, depending on the subject matter and the personalities involved. I don’t want to hurt the other person... Sometimes the truth hurts, let’s face it. We can’t be shiny, happy people all of the time. For example: You are in a friendship with someone and they’ve expressed a romantic interest in you. You don’t feel the same. Ok. You HAVE to be honest with them! If you’re not interested in them, please, for the love of God, DO NOT lead them on in any way. Be direct about it and stop dancing around the issue. They may not be pleased about it then, but later they’ll be grateful they didn’t waste time, spinning their wheels in the wrong direction.

press yourself, how WOULD they know you felt that way? Not everyone uses their telepathic ability and those who do can’t possibly use it 24 hours a day! Like I said before, if you stop being afraid to say what you feel, you’d be surprised how many negative situations could be avoided and how much better you’ll feel about yourself! The Child Within Children are so expressive. They are absolutely fearless. Well, with the exception of “the dark” and monsters. We need to revive the child within. If the kid doesn’t like asparagus, he or she will tell their mother it’s gross without any hesitation what so ever. Yes I understand that children aren’t usually tainted by society until they start school, but why allow adulthood to change who you are and how well you express yourself? We can’t always make nice with every single person or situation that enters our path. Remember that things happen for a reason and it’s usually to teach us a lesson. With all of this in mind, you’re still very much in control of how you view life and how you communicate with other people.



Have you ever held emotions in so long that you just burst out with the information during a fight with someone? That happens a lot, but did the other person say, “OMG! If I would’ve known you felt that way, I would’ve stopped doing that a long time ago?” Assumptions, assumptions. If you don’t ex-

Cristin, also known as Mystic Wonder, is a professional psychic-medium and self-empowerment author. Website: http://www.mysticwonder.org/

Seattle band comes Out From Underneath for “Webcast” SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (November 1, 2007) Seattle band, Out From Underneath, has been enjoying success throughout Washington state for several years now, even having toured the club scene in Los Angeles in 2006. Seattle screenwriter/director David DeLay heard them on a local radio show contest and knew they had to do the soundtrack for his upcoming feature film “Webcast”. He even wrote and produced their first music video, “Happy” this past July, parts of which will also be included in the film. DeLay knows the genre of his film isn’t knew, but the filming is. “’WEBCAST’ blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, and never before have viewers been able to watch a film being made from casting to final cut. Writing the band in was easy as we have them practicing in Sidnie’s (main character) house as they’re a band she manages. Rather than hire actors, we’re using a real band, but most film goers won’t know that at first.” Fronted by Jamie Love, the band is rounded out by Mike Wuellner on guitar, Lui Williams on drums and backing vocals, and Jason Shavey on bass, who also mixed the soundtrack at his commercial studio, Synergy. Although the soundtrack was a year in the making, it was released in early August 2007, before the movie has actually filmed as part of the marketing strategy. “Webcast” is slated to begin lensing in February 2008. More information about “Webcast” or Out From Underneath can be found at www.webcastthemovie.com

Photo courtesy of Grandpa’s RV Productions Amy B. Taylor Executive V.P. Cedar Grove Agency Entertainment P.O. Box 1692 Issaquah, WA 98027-0068 425-837-1687 Office 425-391-7907 Fax www.webcastthemovie.com

Editors note: Out From Underneath was featured on MetaCreative Radio Indie Music Playlist # 8 www.metacreativeradio.com



Elise & Blake of The Mary Dream

With luxurious innocence in her voice, Elise Bellew, of “The Mary Dream,” brings its listener to a simple heartbeat. There hasn’t been an artist this skilled since Sarah McLachlan’s 1993 “Fumbling Toward Ecstasy. With her simple sounds, complex lyrics, and provocative musical messages, “The Mary Dream” has not only mirrored this style but has added to it in many ways; demonstrating equal maturity, beauty, and comparable acute musical intelligence. The Mary Dream, 2nd place winner of the national “Ultimate Band Contest,” playing on TV shows and radio stations, has already proven an inspiration to listeners and fellow musicians trying to make their mark. “LIAR” Elise tells a story with her soul-stirring lyrics. This narrative, reminiscent of Duncan Sheik’s lyrics in his breakthrough “ Barely Breathing,” is a soft, flowing piece of heartbreak: provocative lyrics that wander from blaming the one you love to resignation that what is done can never be changed. In “Liar,” Elise sings the same chorus line with subtle improvisation, carrying the song from verse to verse without too much repetition, resulting in a song that resonates lyrically with the listener long past the last note. She sings her original lyrics with melodic perfection, flawlessly mirrored by Blake’s guitar, which layers sad minor chords and emotionally provocative riffs. Muted percussion (Steve Brewster) carries the song effortlessly to the end. This song in three words: heart wrenching perfection!

“BEAUTIFUL WORLD” Once in a blue moon you hear a song that makes you feel good, so good that you play it over and over again…and for that moment, that day, that week, your outlook on life is altered. This song evokes an emotional journey that leaves you with tender thoughts of “your love” and how that love creates for you an almost unparalleled universe. Those of us fortunate to have this kind of love will be deeply moved by this song. In some ways it is reminiscent of Dido’s “thank you,” but with superior musicality, tone and melody, and even greater beauty. THE MARY DREAMS a “Beautiful World” is a poetic perfection, a musical masterpiece, and a symphony of singer and song. The Mary Dream is soon to be releasing its second and highly anticipated album, “This Kind of Life,” in early 2008. With Elise’s distinctively haunting voice and dreamy lyrics, Blake’s mastery on the guitar, The Mary Dream will soon be a household name. ABOUT THE CRITIC “Sometimes Girl©” a Wisconsin native, grew up surrounded by literature, art and music. She is a classically trained pianist and oboeist, whose love of music far outreaches classical to almost every music genre. She is a freelance music critic, writer, and business consultant currently residing in Illinois with her two children.

The Mary Dream: http://www.myspace.com/themarydream Sometimes Girl: http://www.myspace.com/passionateprolificwriter


copyright 2007 by sometimes girl©

Editors note: The Mary Dream was featured on MetaCreative Radio Indie Music Playlist # 8 www.metacreativeradio.com


by Sue Miller


FANTASY ART by Sue Miller

The Artist behind the Art Sue Miller was raised Susan Pacheco in South Dartmouth Massachusetts. She began painting at a young age and was inspired by her artist father Tony Pacheco. She graduated from Dartmouth High School and attended South Eastern Massachusetts University (now called University of Massachusetts), where she studied fine arts. Sue also had private art lessons with legendary painters Milton Healey and Rachel Farrington and Margret Lashoot. Sue enjoyed a career of 20 years as a professional graphic artist. She worked in advertising agencies, art departments, newspaper art departments, department store art departments etc. During these years as a graphic artist, Sue was able to express her creativity on the job. She considers herself lucky to have been able to draw and design daily for so many years. Today Sue runs her own business called The Magic Palette Art Studio where she has taught thousands of students to draw and paint for the past 15 years.


In addition to art lessons that she teaches out of her home studio, Sue is almost always involving her creativity to paint in some capacity every day. For Sue this can mean the preparation involved in beginning a new project or putting a brush to canvas. She has been known to be working on two paintings at one time. A day without painting in some faculty

is like a day without water for Sue. Sue’s work has been published in countless magazines and e-zines. She has also been blessed to with Authors to provide the cover art for their children’s books. A visit to Sue’s home or online gallery will have you immediately drawn to the diversity of her art. Her paintings include a variety of subjects from angels, fairies, elves, nature, wildlife, children and pets. You will also notice that Sue especially enjoys painting the seasons. There is a vast collection of art to cover every Holiday of the year. Sue’s models of her paintings are often her art students and her nieces that help bring about the humanistic qualities that adorn her art. She resides in Northwestern New Jersey with her husband of 25 years, musician Vern

Miller and their “baby” autumn their golden retriever. Their home has been quoted by many people and popular newspapers as “The house of art and music” Sue’s art has been features in the following magazines Faerie magazine, Moon Shadows, The Aquarius, Art’s and Entertainment Magazine, Mystic Pop, Pathways Magazine, The Writer’s Post Journal, Inner Realm, Dream Weaver, Angels Magazine, Angel Times Magazine. Angel Yellow Pages, The Papoose, Celestopea Times E-zine, Susan Weed’s Wise woman E-zine, Fantasy is Love E-zine Empowerment for Women E-zine.and more. Sue currently holds licensing contracts for the following companies. The Fairy Society, Heaven and Earth Designs, Tate and Company Enchanted Tattoos Fantasy Fabric Blocks, The Fantasy Tea Shop Heaven and earth Designs, Creative Imaging Licensing and Management Scarlet Rose The Fairy Court Creations, www.Costumesfairy.com

Sue’s Art work has appeared in the following books. 500 Fairy Motifs How to Draw and Paint Fairies by Linda Ravenscroft Visions of Atlantis by Ellen Million How to Draw and Paint Dragons by Vicky Visconte How to Draw and Paint Fairyland by Linda Ravenscroft In addition, Sue’s art has graced the cover of children’s books Princess Melia by Malea Sammy’s Christmas Miracle by Anne Duhaine Angels of the Cross by Anne Duhaine And will also be appearing on the front cover of the forthcoming book entitled Timothy Tom by Jeanne Jack Sue would like to welcome everyone to visit her vast gallery web site and fantasy art gift shop at www.suemillerart.com Sue many be contacted also at 973-663-4120


My work is described as ‘Abstract Expressionism’, ‘Psychedelic’, and ‘Organic Flow’. I have sold a number of paintings and prints internationally. www.myspace.com/artbyanastasia Music has also been a major influence on my art. I am the female vocalist on the 2 music pages below:

PELLERIN: www.myspace.com/2pellerin SEXCE$$: www.myspace.com/sexcess Thanks for your interest, Anastasia Pellerin



“Purple Rains”

I am self-taught and have worked on canvas and wood with acrylic; watercolors, pastels and acrylic on paper, and digitally with Painter Classic, Photoshop and Photo Studio, for a combined 15 years.

“Abstract Wispp”

Anastasia Pellerin

New Years Resolutions – Your Opinions: I asked: Are New Year’s resolutions positively motivational or are they way to set ourselves up for failure? What are your ideas about New Years resolutions? Here were a few of your responses: I feel New Year Resolutions set us up for a possible, if not probable failure. How many people will make a resolution, only to see it broken? It is strange, that we human beings, are fixated with dates and numbers. We seem incapable of making rational decisions, without first consulting with the stars, the horoscopes, and numerology, as in the significant first day of a New Year. It seems logical then, to make a resolution at any time of the year; as choosing to wait until a specific day, already tells us, we are “not ready” to make the resolution in the first place. North http://myspace.com/northdesigns

My take on the New Year’s Resolution is that they are a lame way of goal setting. Why lame? Because virtually no one I know of - including myself - has ever successfully kept one. While I have witnessed practicing Catholics hold true to their Lent sacrifices, I have yet to see anyone stay the course for a New Years Resolution. I have gained success with using a mindset of creating a realistic goal for the coming year and a plan to make it. This I do in 3 month blocks of time, so that I have a way of tracking my progress and achieving the goal in small increments which are much easier to monitor. In a way, you could say that the goals I set for myself on December 31st are indeed a New Years Resolution, however it’s just that I do not call them that. Rather I give them the distinct name of “52 Plans” for the number of weeks in each year. Brother Moloch 969 www.molochsorcery.com

tion itself is flawed, it’s more the approach and attitude of the person making it. In my experience, I think most people create a resolution with a pretty vague commitment as to what they want to change or do; I’ve also seen grossly obvious hypocrisies. I can’t help but point to the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t understand that everything they’re experiencing (be it relationships, finances, etc.) started with their own thoughts. When a person wants or needs to make a change in their life, they must look within to understand their own thought patterns that manifested their current situation. Personal change requires work; simply saying “I want a great relationship with a woman that’s sexy inside and out” won’t just give that person their soul-mate within the week. Without investigating what aspects of themselves need improving, this resolution will go unfulfilled. It all boils down to what that person is willing to do for their resolution. Sure, voicing one will provide a beacon of sorts, but personal growth isn’t provided on a silver platter. Without personal conviction, a New Year’s Resolution is a series of meaningless words. Ryan Sise http://myspace.com/thirdeyeparable

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MetaCreative Magazine News and Notes By Mystikka – www.mystikka.com

First of all, I want to give a big shout out and ‘THANKS’ to Pam Kritner, who has designed the layout for both this issue and the previous Fall issue of MetaCreative Magazine! Pam is available for hire for those who need art and graphic design services. Please visit her website at: http://wynotdesign.com MetaCreative Magazine – What’s In Store For 2008? 2007 was a great year for The MetaCreative Network! MetaCreative Radio was launched in Nov 2006, and MetaCreative Magazine was conceptualized in March of 2007 (and launched in May). Since then, I have worked with some of the most talented and interesting metaphysically inclined artists, musicians, and writers in both the independent and mainstream international circuits. My goal for 2008 is to publish content that will provide inspiration and information that ‘cultural creatives’ can utilize to expand their network, skill, and creative opportunities. Speaking of which… Social networking, like we do on myspace, is all the rage for artists, actors, entertainers, authors and anyone else who wants to expand their potential for business and personal connections. Now you can earn extra pocket money by posting your artistic content and simply doing all the blogging, commenting, and messaging you already are doing. Read more about it here: http://mystikka.com/socialnetworks.html


The Spring issue will be released in April 2008 and I am already in the process of gathering fabulous ‘metaphysically infused art and culture’ for that! By the way, I am open to working with any publishing companies that wish to partner up to create a print edition of the zine that can become available by subscription. If anyone out there can send me some direction on this, please email me at mystikka@mystikka.com. What’s on the vines for Mystikka? I must admit that the moment I placed MetaCreative Radio in the background of my projects and allowed myself some time to rest up and regroup, I suddenly had an artistic burst of energy that had me creating more than a dozen new pieces of digital art in less than a month (which I have never done before).

To support my artwork or view my gallery, please visit: http://mystikka.deviantart.com/store

So where does that leave MetaCreative Radio? The best way to stay current with MetaCreative Magazine, MetaCreative Radio, or Mystikka, is to subscribe to my newsletter on the front page of: http://mystikka.com By the way, I am running specials on psychic readings for my newsletter subscribers, and am also having a drawing for a free empathic psychic email reading that will be taking place once per month in 2008! Much love and light to all my peeps… Mystikka


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MetaCreative Magazine - Winter / New Year 2008  

Metaphysically infused art and culture. Winter / New Year 2008.

MetaCreative Magazine - Winter / New Year 2008  

Metaphysically infused art and culture. Winter / New Year 2008.

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