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Elise & Blake of The Mary Dream

With luxurious innocence in her voice, Elise Bellew, of “The Mary Dream,” brings its listener to a simple heartbeat. There hasn’t been an artist this skilled since Sarah McLachlan’s 1993 “Fumbling Toward Ecstasy. With her simple sounds, complex lyrics, and provocative musical messages, “The Mary Dream” has not only mirrored this style but has added to it in many ways; demonstrating equal maturity, beauty, and comparable acute musical intelligence. The Mary Dream, 2nd place winner of the national “Ultimate Band Contest,” playing on TV shows and radio stations, has already proven an inspiration to listeners and fellow musicians trying to make their mark. “LIAR” Elise tells a story with her soul-stirring lyrics. This narrative, reminiscent of Duncan Sheik’s lyrics in his breakthrough “ Barely Breathing,” is a soft, flowing piece of heartbreak: provocative lyrics that wander from blaming the one you love to resignation that what is done can never be changed. In “Liar,” Elise sings the same chorus line with subtle improvisation, carrying the song from verse to verse without too much repetition, resulting in a song that resonates lyrically with the listener long past the last note. She sings her original lyrics with melodic perfection, flawlessly mirrored by Blake’s guitar, which layers sad minor chords and emotionally provocative riffs. Muted percussion (Steve Brewster) carries the song effortlessly to the end. This song in three words: heart wrenching perfection!

“BEAUTIFUL WORLD” Once in a blue moon you hear a song that makes you feel good, so good that you play it over and over again…and for that moment, that day, that week, your outlook on life is altered. This song evokes an emotional journey that leaves you with tender thoughts of “your love” and how that love creates for you an almost unparalleled universe. Those of us fortunate to have this kind of love will be deeply moved by this song. In some ways it is reminiscent of Dido’s “thank you,” but with superior musicality, tone and melody, and even greater beauty. THE MARY DREAMS a “Beautiful World” is a poetic perfection, a musical masterpiece, and a symphony of singer and song. The Mary Dream is soon to be releasing its second and highly anticipated album, “This Kind of Life,” in early 2008. With Elise’s distinctively haunting voice and dreamy lyrics, Blake’s mastery on the guitar, The Mary Dream will soon be a household name. ABOUT THE CRITIC “Sometimes Girl©” a Wisconsin native, grew up surrounded by literature, art and music. She is a classically trained pianist and oboeist, whose love of music far outreaches classical to almost every music genre. She is a freelance music critic, writer, and business consultant currently residing in Illinois with her two children.

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Editors note: The Mary Dream was featured on MetaCreative Radio Indie Music Playlist # 8

MetaCreative Magazine - Winter / New Year 2008  

Metaphysically infused art and culture. Winter / New Year 2008.

MetaCreative Magazine - Winter / New Year 2008  

Metaphysically infused art and culture. Winter / New Year 2008.