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Chris Dyer- Positive Creations Chris Dyer is a human striving for the better in himself and humanity. He is a soul on a quest for new consciousnesses through meditation, physical traveling and natural drug experimentations. A medium of the Most High who opens his vessel and tries to let go of the temporary ego and complications of his mind. Chris is a true soul skater, despite all the bails.

Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru till the age of 17 where he engaged in such activities as surfing, banana-board skateboarding, and soccer fanatism (with his ex-street gang, SepUlcro). He now lives in Montreal where he continues his journey to self-realize, on a more peaceful vibe.



Chris Dyer-


Chris’ main objective is to do his part in raising humanity’s consciousness. According to all spiritual paths and science (Quantum Physics) we are Godly beings that create our own reality. Delivering positive images to the youth, via the skateboard graphics he produces, is the powerful seed that can manifest a better reality for us all. Career wise, Chris is responsible for a great part of the graphics for Creation, a true roots skate brand from San Francisco (if ya didn’t know). He also has done work for Think, Satori Movement, Equilibrium (Peru), Freak (Belgium), etc. He also has his own Hemp clothing line called Positive Creations, based in Montreal. As for his fine arts Career, he has had solid solo and group exhibitions in cities like Lima-Peru, Cancun-Mexico, San Francisco, Seattle, Whistler-BC, and of course Montreal. Belgium and Japan are next on the list for this year 2007. Other than these trips to expose his art, Chris has also done some extensive journeys through lands like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Guatemala, Hawaii, Burma, Bermuda, Belize, the States and Canada of course (where he worked as a tree-planter for 3 summers). All these experiences add to the cultural richness and oneness message of Chris’ work.

For more on Chris Dyer´s Art, photos, writings, etc, please visit http://www.positivecreations.ca And to check his grass roots clothing line please visit http://www.positivecreationsclothing.com


Nina and Joslyn Lyons: Mother and Daughter, Creative Force of Nature NINA LYONS - Mother Although influenced by the California school of “Funk” ceramic sculpture, Nina Lyon’s work, which has an unpretentious spontaneity, is at the same time insightful, contemplative and focused. Nina Lyons uses images of chairs, vessels, ladders and the female form in her painting and sculpture. Her drawings utilize the richness of earth tones, and when done on her sculpture as on paper, they have a wonderfully expressive textural quality. “One looks and gets a feeling of silence and timelessness, and even a sense that these images are detached from the ground they rest upon,” writes poet Wendy Jeanne Burch of the artist’s work. “It is an understanding I believe Lyons herself possesses, of an ever changing, restless human condition, coming to rest as a moth comes to a light, temporarily in a life made of dreams and ghosts.”

She has participated in several group exhibitions including shows at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, at the Oakland Museum Collector’s Gallery and at A New Leaf Gallery. Her figurative sculpture and fountains can be found in private collections throughout California. With this work Lyons continues a 20 year exploration begun during her studies at the school, utillizing the richness of the earth tones and


drawing directly on the clay. Capturing the feel of cave paintings and dream images, her pieces are thoughtprovoking, playful and engaging. “My art is about the confluence of dream, archeology, and memory and the alchemy that emerges in this context,” explains Lyons of her work. Born in Canada and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lyons earned her Master’s in Fine Arts at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Her work is collected both

Nina Lyons cont.


in the United States and internationally and have been displayed in both New Leaf Gallery in Sonoma and Sculpturesite Gallery in San Francisco, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery, and the Berkeley Art Center. Lyons’ work has also been lauded by the press. She’s been featured inThe San Francisco Chronicle,Guide to the Arts, andInterior Design, to name a few.

Joslyn Rose Lyons is one of today’s rising stars on the independent film scene. In 2002, she founded her own film house, Jog9 Productions, and directed and produced the award winning feature length documentary Soundz of Spirit. A riveting film that explores the relationship between the creative process and spirituality in hip-hop culture. The film features artists such as KRS-1, Common, Cee-Lo, Outkast’s Andre 3000, Saul Williams, Talib Kweli, The Last Poets, among many others. After screening at more than 50 film festivals globally, including it’s premiere at the HBO Urban World Film Festival in New York, it was released on DVD with an original soundtrack in 2005 through Urban Works Entertainment/Ventura Distribution.

Nina Lyons www.sculpturesite.com

Currently Joslyn Rose is directing and producing content for Los Angeles based Simmons Lathan Media Group, where she is developing projects for new media platforms. The first piece spotlights spokenword artists from the Bay Area’s eclectic and diverse poetry scene. “I’m honored and inspired to be working with Simmons Lathan”, notes Joslyn of her latest endeavor and adds that the poets she’s working with embody the spirit of this art form and shed light on one of the most important musical movements in a long time. “Joslyn is a very talented and inspired filmmaker”, says Lee Gaither, Executive Vice President of development and production at Simmons Lathan Media Group.” It has been a pleasure working with her so far…” JOSLYN ROSE LYONS

This filmmaker with a passion for hip hop has experience working with numerous television networks including ITVS, B.E.T. and PBS. Joslyn also served as director/producer for Alameda County’s Social Services Agency multi media campaign in 06’, with Sway (MTV), actor Delroy Lindo and Dwayne Wiggins (Tony Toni Tone), spearheading the movement to bring awareness to the Bay Area’s foster care and adoption crisis. Her work with the County has even extended to PSA’s spotlighting teen prostitution, and coordinated efforts towards establishing magnet schools in Oakland, a city that struggles to nurture and graduate the community of local youth. Aside from her new television ventures, she has exciting projects on the horizon as well, most notably a feature film set to co-star Cee-Lo, entitled Destiny, with Sponsorship from San Francisco’s Film Arts Foundation. Joslyn Rose Lyons www.jog9.com http://myspace.com/jog9


Liliana Sanches

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Liliana Sanches “People come to me and often ask what inspires me, and how I create such dark worlds and places. I never really know what to say except that I can spend hours looking at the horizon and just cleaning my mind, my soul. I don’t know what I’m thinking about or what I am looking at but somehow and someway I can find myself there.. in the infinity. Most people are very nice and kind to me, they comment on my works and always draw a smile on my face when I realize I touched them and that they understand my feelings. I don’t feel lonely anymore. Others don’t like my art, but that doesn’t get me worried. They say it’s too repetitive, empty and meaningless. I don’t care about it, all I know is that what I do helps me to grow, it’s my therapy, something I hold on to as precious. They ask me to change my art, but to change that I would to change all of my emotions, feelings and tears. And apart from that I have nothing.”


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Metaphysics by James Clair Lewis God is Reality, & Reality is God. There is no beginning or end to Reality. God encompasses all directions & conditions. The three attributes of Consciousness, Form, & Substance, permeate all of Reality. Consciousness is the organizing quality of God. The arrangements of molecules in a crystal is an example of consciousness in so-called dead matter. Consciousness manifests through Form. All shapes are, in fact, fields of energy. The organs of the human body take their shapes from fields of very subtle energies that allow us as Spiritual Beings to exist in the material universe. Substance is that which is organized by Consciousness and shaped by its Forms. Substance permeates Reality. There is no Void or Emptiness. Matter is created in the physical plane where the field energies of the higher planes intersect. The ancients called this basic substance the Ether. Now contemporary scientists speak about virtual particles, which fill the space within & between atoms, and also act as the stuff from which the elementary particles are created. It is quite likely that they are talking about nearly the same thing. Just as Infinity contains the finite within it, reality also contains many different universes. Each universe has a definite beginning and end, and operates according to its own Cosmic Laws. Our universe operates according to seven Cosmic Laws which can be described separately, but which interact and function in the World together. The first of the Seven Cosmic Laws of our Universe is known as Parallelism. All phenomena exist in parallel with each other & have correspondences between them. “As Above, So Below.” Everything is connected to everything else, in one fashion or another. This is known as Oneness. Patterns of manifestation on a transcendental level have correspondences in the lower Planes of our Universe. Because of Parallelism, it is possible to reason from one event to the next, or to develop language that describes the world we live in. We can learn much about God by studying nature, and by knowing God, we can discern the operation of any field of knowledge. The second of the Seven Cosmic Laws is Polarity. Everything has its opposite, and opposites manifest with a spectrum of polarities between them. Land has valleys as well as mountains. Magnets have opposite poles. People possess varying degrees of strength, intelligence & wisdom. Yin is complemented by Yang. Harmony is achieved by establishing and maintaining equilibrium between opposing forces. The interaction of Parallelism with Polarity results in the phenomena of reflections. Just as a mirror absorbs, refracts, & distorts the light that it reflects, so also can the reflections of Truth be very murky indeed! Supreme clarity of mind is required to discern what is actually real. The third of the Seven Cosmic Laws is Motion. Movement is inherent in the fact of Creation. The interaction of the Cosmic Laws is a dynamic motion which generates the patterns of Life. Everything is moving. There are no static conditions within our Universe. Space & time exist because of motion. At great acceleration or in close proximity to great concentrations of mass, time slows down, & space contracts. Once a thing has been set into motion, it will continue its course forever unabated, unless another force is brought to bear upon it: either changing its trajectory, type of motion, or altering its nature. This is the principle of inertia, which guides all kinds of motion whether physical or spiritual. The fourth of the Seven Cosmic Laws is Oscillation. All phenomena oscillate according to the qualities of their motions. Oscillation along a basically straight trajectory is known as vibration. Oscillation along a basically circular trajectory is called a cycle. The various frequencies of Light & sound are said to vibrate, while the cycle of the four seasons is created by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun at an angle. The repeating cycle of Life & Death is known as reincarnation.


However, from a transcendental perspective, the total of your incarnations may be, as events in a single life, like a succession of days & nights. Great power can be obtained through the mastery of vibration in the fields of thought, & sublime insight can be attained through the understanding of the patterns & rhythms of Life. The fifth of the Seven Cosmic Laws is Attraction. Positive attracts negative. Motion along the spectrum between opposite polarities proceeds from the negative towards the positive. Lightning is a good example of this in the world of nature. In human life there is the evolution from ignorance towards knowledge. We all grow from experience.....at least we do, if we are to survive. The attraction of negative toward positive generates a great deal of friction, competition, & struggle (entropy). This is neither good nor bad...it is simply the way of this world. Equalizing or balancing the power of opposing forces can ease severe conflict. It is also true those things possessing the same qualities of polarity & vibration tend to repel each other. From this arises individuality which is a reflection of the Oneness of Transcendental Infinity into the finite reality of the World of Nature. The sixth of the Seven Cosmic Laws is Gravity. Things that are in harmony, gravitate together. It is a phenomenon of attunement, & with things that are in harmony, what affects one, will affect the other in the same way. Consider the process of tuning a guitar: when a string is set at the correct pitch, it will sound or vibrate when you strike the tuning fork. Mass determines the degree of gravitation between material objects, but it is the force of thought which can be used to gravitate desired conditions into your life. Be aware of how you think: dwelling upon disaster or things that you fear, has an equal power of gravitation as positive thinking. To know the Truth, you must embody it in your life, then you will be able to recognize Truth wherever it may be. Attunement with the Divine Mind (the Seven Cosmic Laws) will enable you to perceive the Ultimate Principles of Reality, & receive Divine Knowledge concerning all things. The last of the Seven Cosmic Laws is the culmination of the previous six. It is known as Karma: the law of cause & effect. Every cause has its effect, & every action brings its reaction. What you do, will come back to you. This implies that the nature of the Universe is cyclical, & that every beginning results in an ending which forms the basis for a new beginning. The Big Bang that started our Universe some 20 billion years ago will eventually lead to a collapse of all matter into a tremendous Black Hole at the end of Time. From this, will emerge a New Universe on a higher scale structured by different Cosmic Laws. Karma is primarily a Spiritual Law, rather than a physical one. Cause & effect for an individual manifests as states of mind & attitudes towards Life which then act to make various situations & conditions occur. Since we are all co-creators of the world we live in, it is our collective activity which makes things the way that they are. In this unenlightened world, disasters fall upon everyone with more or less equal force. You may or may not be responsible for the hand that Life has dealt you, but you are responsible for how you play it. Within you exist (at least potentially) all of Qualities & Powers of the Creator. The seven Chakras or great energy channels within you correspond directly with the Seven Cosmic Laws of our Universe. As you evolve Spiritually, these channels will open up, & the Cosmic energy will flow through you. While Insight comes in a flash, Wisdom accumulates gradually. It requires the patience, perseverance, & dedication of a lifetime (or many lifetimes) to attain. This is known as the Mastery of Life! Now go, and live your life, and live it well, with kindness & good humor. Be creative, and always remember that what makes it all happen is Love. James Clair Lewis’s website contains the accumulated Knowledge of 40 years of Practice on The Path. The articles are written from experience, rather than from book knowledge. The focus is upon learning how to apply the Principles of Metaphysics, so that you can learn how to figure things out by yourself. http://www.jamesclairlewis.com


Conformity by Dr. Jeanine

The other day I bumped into a quote by John Fitzgerald Kennedy that stopped me in my tracks. With my mouth agape, I read, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” For some reason, this quote by JFK had eluded me until now. Perhaps only now, in my own personal development would I be impacted in such a direct way by the honesty and succinct nature of this quote. I began to wonder, when we conform, how much of our freedom and our personal growth do we forgo? What is the price that we pay by consciously or unconsciously conforming, if any? Ken Wilber, renowned prolific writer and consciousness map maker discusses in his Kosmic Consciousness CD-set that few people grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually from their mid-twenties to their fifties. One has to wonder if this is because we are all busy chasing the trappings of conformity; possibly without even realizing it!


When I write about conformity and choosing not to conform, I’m not talking about reactive rebellion. Some types of rebellion do have a place in the world. We must rebel against cruel forces in the world. But rebelling, for the sake of rebelling, is just another trap. Rebellion of this type is another enemy of growth. Knee-jerk rebellion may look like growth to some; but it is only spurious growth. Non-conformity, in its healthiest form, is borne from reflection and consequent authentic expression.

The world is such a small place because of the internet, movie access, ubiquitous televisions and numerous television channels, magazines and global travel. Sometimes we don’t realize that our choices are made in attempt to be accepted and conform to these values, ideals and images. If we take a holiday from these reference points and spend time in reflection, we may come to different conclusions about how we want to express ourselves. Charlotte Bronte wrote “Conventionality is not morality” nearly two hundred years ago. However, her words remain powerful today. When we dissent from the dominant society or group, it may seem to them we are breaking a moral code. When people are brave enough to do something that is their own choice, separate from and perhaps unpopular with the masses, they are often seen as immoral. Even small gestures away from the conforming masses, may be a threat to them. When I think about the reactions I experienced from people when I dyed my hair blonde (huge mind-bending reactions), chose a new spiritual perspective, went to Europe, Australia, New York and Mexico alone, became a vegetarian, grew waist length hair, home schooled my children, moved to a horse property, waited to have children, eloped, decided to pursue my Ph.D., etc… the reaction from many others wasn’t simply a “Why are you doing that” or “Oh, tell me more about that.” The responses I heard from many were along the lines of suggesting (to different degrees) that I was an immoral dissenter.

When we are judged by others for our non-conformity, we may be tempted to see these people as those who don’t really love us, or those who love us only very conditionally. What I’ve come to realize is that many of those who love us, don’t embrace our non-conformity not because they don’t love us, but because they fear they may lose us. They also fear they may lose the ability to relate to us and us to them. Maybe they fear they have done it (fill in the blank) or are doing it (fill in the blank) wrong. They may fear how others will respond to us now that we are acting differently from them. In fact, they may fear that our choices may be the beginning of choices that will separate us perhaps intellectually, emotionally, geographically and spiritually. In some ways, they may be right. Our love ones and communities may not get us, but the price to pay for blind conformity is a great one, most especially if we end up living someone else’s life.

Jeanine Austin, Ph.D. Doctor of Life Coaching ~Simply Divine Solutions~ Personal Coaching for Women Worldwide 480-491-0770

Dr. Jeanine provides life coaching sessions to women from all over the world via the telephone. The ultimate goal of her coaching is to help women to actualize their lives. With loving support, Dr. Jeanine’s clients are able to transform and transcend their challenges by developing their strength and spirit. Dr. Jeanine has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in clinical social work and a doctorate in life coaching. She has nearly twenty years of experience in helping professions. The breadth of her career has incorporated many aspects of clinical work with children and adults in a wide variety of settings. She is no longer practicing psychotherapy as she now coaches full time. Dr. Jeanine is also a published author. Additionally, Dr. Jeanine is a mother who enjoys all types of spirituality, traveling, flamenco dancing, reading and meditation.

www.simplydivinesolutions.com jeanine@simplydivinesolutions.com


Pamela Kritn

Pamela Kritner

WYnot Design I’ve done so many things... I have always been an artist, never entertained the idea of being anything else. I started as an apprentice for a well know Georgetown artist while still in high school. Jackie Chaulkey took me under here wing after I left home as a teenager and I did production ceramics for her. I also was fortunate enough to work in an auto paint shop called the Spider Web, where I did custom work on motorcycles and had one of my tanks in the World of Wheels. A Molly Hatchet cover as I recall. Soon after graduating high school I took off on a ten year journey across the United States in a converted school bus that we turned into a motor home. I spent those years learning other mediums and making a living doing lapidary, stained glass, leather work, candles, lost wax casting and working in theatre as a special effects and make up artist. Later after I had my son, I went home to take care of my folks till they passed away and decided to go back to school. I earned an Associates degree in graphic and


web design that earned me a scholarship to go to the University of Baltimore where I earned a B.S. in Communications, a B.A. in Psychology and later a MA in Publication Design. I taught graphic design and animation at the local Community College for a few years and while finishing grad school. Once completed it was time to move back to where my heart was happy so I came to Wyoming. Here I was finally able to begin doing the type of art I enjoy for myself again. I was at a loss at first, it had been so long since I’d done anything I wanted to do. My love for animals kicked in.. I had run a small rescue and fostered animals for many years. So I decided, why not show them as I see them and began what I do today. I do wildlife, take photos of peoples pet and make portraits of them and of course I do the occasional Sci-fi / fantasy piece. I continue to do stained glass and am dusting off the airbrush to star doing side work paint-

ing custom cars and motorcycle tanks again... funny how life seems to come full circle. I intend to do more fantasy pieces and have been asked to do more Native American designs and some landscapes of the local country side. So over the winter I will concentrate on those. I plan to go to Renaissance festivals and see what I can get into there... maybe lost wax casting in silver again. It feel wonderful to be back, like starting life over again fresh and with some understanding and knowledge of what I’m doing this time around.... Hope you enjoy. www.wynotdesign.com info@wynotdesign.com




Lumonics is a “light and sound sanctuary� that came to be as a result of a spiritual experience. Lumonics is...light sculptures that illuminate the space, delight the eye and fire the imagination...Lumonics is...the performance - an explosive mixture of art, sound, light and motion that has the power to transport you through time and space...


Lumonics is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida www.lumonics.net www.myspace.com/lumonics


Jeremy Tucker

Division upon inoculation of enlightenment…

”Set upon the psychic journey of the arborous in search of escape, Ionce more stand before the guardian of remembering. The knowledge keeper of whom I wish not to have faced, being that the creature is the keeper of one’s own mind. Seeking a point in my path became the understanding of my own nature’s duality. Within the charged air of selves, confrontation of the whole is elongated from its point of grounding and electrified into a division of being.


Jeremy Tucker Executive Director Rake Art Gallery 325 NW. 6th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97209 http://rakeart.org http://myspace.com/rakeart

The two egos, self divided yet in balance on a point, make ready the positively charged soil of the spirit in the mind for the seeds of enlightenment to take root in its garden. The serpent of the garden, Feng Shui, the dragon, the breather of the cosmos, in whose breath can be seen the devoured consciousness of those the guardian has cast from the path. Breathed back into existence to beginning anew, oblivious to what had been, to suffer the journey of life with the unawareness of past experience.�




Julia Surba continued by Mystikka

Mystikka: What is the greatest adventure you have experienced as a result of your creative path thus far? Julia: My 3 years of living in a wild taiga-village in Siberia without internet, telephone, television, radio, money, or sometimes without electricity :) Mystikka: How can interested readers find your art and projects online? Julia: Just go to www.pyrography-design.com and to the links given there.

And of course I’m on myspace http://www.myspace.com/kuzhebar_design , and exactly because of that you can read this interview now. Dear Mystikka found my page here and invited me to give the interview for this cool online magazine, which I really appreciate. Thank you Mystikka and much success for your project!


Indigo – A Children’s Story

By: Christine Jordan

CHAPTER ONE Introducing Indigo Ever felt special? Ever felt different? Ever felt like you didn’t fit in? Well, that’s how Indigo felt. She didn’t like it at first but then, when she began to understand more about life and more about her self, she knew that it was just a wonderful feeling to be different and special. ‘That’s a strange name,’ children at school would say to her. Her answer was always the same ..... ‘Do you think so? My mother called me that the day I was born. She said I had an indigo coloured aura.’ The next question would always be the same ….. ‘What’s an aura?’ Indigo would smile and explain that an aura was a field of energy surrounding the body. ‘We all have them. It’s just that some people have a gift to see the energy colors and my Mum has that gift.’ Then the reaction was usually one of two….. ‘Cool. Can I come back to your house after school today?’ Or… ‘You’re weird. That’s just rubbish.’ Usually, it was the second one. Indigo didn’t mind the ‘weird’ reaction. She would smile sweetly and simply walk away, her willowy figure swaying like a reed in the wind. That really bugged them then. She didn’t do it on purpose. That was just who she was. Going with the flow of life rather than struggling against it. An unusual child in many ways, she had the kind of personality that lit up a room instantly. Her positive, happy presence turning negative vibrations to positive. For some, this was a source of irritation and jealousy but Indigo managed to rise above other people’s negativity. It really didn’t bother her if other children thought she was weird or different. Whilst they were desperately trying to be like each other, pestering their poor parents to have the latest fashion accessory, the latest trainer, the latest mobile phone or the entire set of “whatever”. Indigo just got on with her life. Don’t get me wrong – she wasn’t a Nerd or a Chav. Anything but. Not one to be a slave to current school trends she often wore unusual accessories – not the kind that came from Claire’s or Accessorize. Again, the question from her school friends was always the same….. ‘Where did you get that from?’ And again, her answer was always ….. ‘From my Mum, she’s an artist. She makes them. This was a special present, it represents my untapped potential.’ Indigo would proudly show them the pendant that she always wore. It was made from platinum and coiled into three spiraling circles. Her mother had told her that the symbol represented her dormant feminine energy and her potential psychic powers. Whether they were from the ‘cool’ or ‘weird’ group they would always take a closer inspection. And so, that’s how things were for Indigo. Until one day….... Christine Jordan was born in Yorkshire, UK She has one daughter named Fern who is the inspiration for the character of Indigo. Christine saw ‘the light’ in 2005 following a period of deep darkness in her life. She was inspired to write this novel while visiting her lightworker friend in Spain. She is now a full time writer www.myspace.com/indigoadventures




Internet Romances By: Mystikka

Excerpted from Chapter 13 of ‘The Love Crisis Survival Guide.’ Most of my clients are straight women, and that group is whom I will be addressing in terms of the gender references made throughout the following article. However, if you are a straight male or you are homosexual, the dynamics explained throughout this book may still apply, because love is universal. In this day and age of a computer-oriented era, online relationships are as convenient as they are seductive. Interacting parties tend to feel safe revealing certain areas of their lives to each other when they can hide behind the keyboard and shut off the equipment at any given time. Therefore, a bond of intimate communication can be easily formed between practical strangers in cyberspace. Dating and networking websites are a breeding ground for fantasy. The internet allows men and women to put their best foot forward and only showcase qualities that they wish for others to see. It is impossible to understand how a person behaves in real time flesh and blood based on their online persona. Some men may seem very genuine, caring, and attentive during an instant messaging chat session, but after they end the conversation with you they may turn around and say the same things to a number of different women. You don’t really know who he is, for sure, beyond what he chooses to show you. Infatuation colored glasses can cause a person to dream up lot of excuses to keep the excitement alive in a romantic internet connection. Even when we are being selective and guarded, it is naïve to give a man that we have only corresponded with online and by telephone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his relationship integrity. I’m not suggesting that you assume the worst about him; rather, I am asking you to assume nothing for certain. When couples spend most of their time communicating online, the keyboard can create a comfort zone that not everyone wants to expand into a real life arena. To treat your emotional investments with care, I would strongly suggest that you limit the amount of online chat time with a perceived potential partner to roughly ten minutes a day, three times a week. This self-disciplinary strategy will help to keep you from becoming too dependent on the chats for your emotional stimulation.


If you already are emotionally dependent on the online chats, limiting them is one of the first actions you can take that will help you to break that habit. If you are simply looking for a casual friend-

ship or a temporary cyber fling with no strings attached, then these precautions are not necessary for you. When a client begins to develop an online infatuation, I will often tell her to meet the man of interest in person if he will cooperate, at a neutral public place where she can stay alert, before she falls too deeply in love. Breaking the anonymity in real time will dispel a lot of inaccurate preconceived notions one might be apt to fall in love with over the computer screen. If the situation becomes uncomfortable in person, she can always excuse herself from the date, and chalk it all up to a learning experience. Although many people do meet someone online and get married, most internet romances do not go as planned. Beware of the tendency to concoct an image of the future in your mind. It is important to resist the urge to speculate about the destination of a budding romantic connection, whether it begins on the internet or not. One of the most difficult aspects of an online breakup is the feeling of not having had a fair opportunity to sail across the full potential of a relationship before its ship has sunk. Most of us who have faced the ending of a love affair that had a significant amount of physical distance involved understand the dynamic of unexplored territory. The unfulfilled curiosities of an unrequited connection that once seemed so promising can create an insatiable desire for resolution or closure that won’t let a woman get a decent night’s sleep! Even when non-internet related, real time relationships break up, the haunting desire for closure often handicaps the host, temporarily keeping her from being able to move on to greater things in life. The cold, hard truth of the matter is that no one else is truly responsible for our own sense of closure. Closure is something that happens on the inside of you, deep down underneath your emotional longings. Closure happens when you release the need for his permission to move on, his approval, his understanding, his karmic payback, or anything else that involves him as a participant. - Mystikka is a professional empathic psychic who has been providing relationship guidance to an international clientele since 1993. She is also the host of MetaCreative Radio, founder of MetaCreative Magazine, and the author of “The Love Crisis Survival Guide.” For more free chapters of ‘The Love Crisis Survival Guide,’ please visit: www.lovecrisis.info Mystikka’s official website: www.mystikka.com


MetaCreative Radio is proud to present an interview with the incomparable and dynamic sacred sex expert, Alexyss K Tylor! Alexyss is an ordained minister, author of “Vagina Power,” “Penis Power”and “Sperm Power.” She is the host of the controversial “The Alexyss Tylor Show,” which got its start on local cable access in Atlanta, GA. She has made waves in her local community and all over the world via internet television and videos on youtube, myspace, and a variety of other sites as a result of her bold, deep and bluntly spoken analysis of the power of the vagina, penis, sperm and spiritual sexuality. Alexyss K Tylor

Stop by www.metacreativeradio.com to listen to Mystikka’s two-part interview with the brilliant and lovely Alexyss. These episodes are sure to expand your mind and entertain you in the process! Visit Alexyss K Tylor’s official website at: http://alexyssktylorvaginapower.com Support independent artists! If you know of any independent musicians that you would like to see featured in an Indie Playlist Episode of MetaCreative Radio, please email me the links to their official websites and/or myspace pages to: metacreativeradio@gmail.com To listen to some of my musical discoveries on the indie circuit, check out my free playlist episodes on one of the following websites: http://metacreativeradio.com http://myspace.com/metacreativeradio http://mystikka.com Peace, love and abundant blessings, Mystikka


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MetaCreative Magazine - Fall 2007  

metaphysically infused art and culture - Fall 2007

MetaCreative Magazine - Fall 2007  

metaphysically infused art and culture - Fall 2007

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