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Curated by Jenny Dowd Four artists met at an artist residency at the Ucross Foundation in 2013, now they come together to inhabit at MoMA, New York.

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Jenny Dowd Jenny Dowd explores space and movement with a series of steel and Egyptian Paste vessels. The boats hover, dive and flock overhead while exploring the gallery in a playful dialogue.

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Ruth Boerefijn My process is experiential. I make visits beyond my self: to Iceland, to the store where the fishermen buy their supplies, to the library. The feel of manuscripts, photographs and maps give my hands something to articulate when later, in my studio, they work knotting and looping lengths of fishing line. It loses form over time, and can be reshaped; it is resilient. The line is a symbol of connection, of reaching into the depths for nourishment.

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Lindsay Glover Using multiple projections, Lindsey Glover transforms the Loft into a space for the exploration between perception, memory and experience. She collects photograph and video images that are later re-examined to find parallels in context, all the while focusing on the capture and storage of time.

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Mayme Kratz Mayme Kratz creates art from the natural life of the desert that surrounds her Phoenix home and studio. Viewing collecting as a way of archiving memory, she assembles a variety of natural forms—tangled birds’ nests, feathers, bones, seeds, snakes, and cicada wings—and captures them submerged in resin to create rhythmic, abstract sculptures and reliefs. “My collected specimens celebrate the endless cycles of change and rebirth in nature,” Kratz has said.

Mayme Kratz

Lindsay Glover

Ruth Boerfin

Jenny Dowd

03/08/2014 31/08/2014

Museum of Modern Art 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, United States