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Make the World a Beautiful Place to Live In “No Smoking, Quit Smoking” This all tag lines are only confined in news paper and broadcast medias. But its quiet surprising that application of these tags in the practical life has found to be nil. As smoking has captured everyone in such a manner that coming out from that circle has become too difficult. A research also says smoking kills around 6 million people every year. However these issues can be avoided only when we all get conscious and will sincerely take initiatives to eradicate smoking completely from our present society. Moreover effect of tobacco doesn’t come instantly as it acts as a gradual killer for human body. Although everyone is acquainted about harmful effects of smoking but still its quiet difficult for smokers to finally stop shopping. So let’s have a look at some fruitful ways to quit smoking cigarette smoothly: Honestly Decide To Stay Away: - As we all know “where there is will there is way”. Nonetheless take a positive step ahead by genuinely taking a resolution to completely remove smoking from your life.  If not completely Then Reduce: - If it’s difficult on your behalf to completely remove smoking then do reduce the quantity of your smoking. As in the era of modernization lot of healthy replacements of cigarettes coming in form of electronic cigarettes. You can easily adopt those techniques to reduce the risk of heart diseases Figure 1Mystic Vapors Deluxe Starter Kit (Pink) occurring due to smoking.  Try to Practise Meditation: - Meditation is considered as one of most excellent way to stamp out addiction. As it tactfully provides you the concentration that productively makes your body and mind free from any sort of addiction. Since after knowing effects about cigarette it’s well and good to quit smoking because your health matter a lot for you as well as your loved ones, thereby looking deep in this regard your one positive decision can give your life a better start ahead. However check out the revolutionary steps mentioned above to quit smoking and give the best gift to you and your near and dear ones.

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Make the world a beautiful place to live in  

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