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Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 2

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The Healing Prayer Understood .......................................................................................................... 8 If You're Happy and You Know It, Show Your Gratitude ..................................................................... 13 Gratitude Rocks! .............................................................................................................................. 16 10 Powerful Gratitude Quotes .......................................................................................................... 17 Ten Steps To Living Authentically ..................................................................................................... 18 Using Affirmations To Discover the Joys in Your Life.......................................................................... 21 Do the Things That Matter Most Everyday ........................................................................................ 25 How To Do an Angel Card Reading .................................................................................................... 27 An Attitude of Gratitude .................................................................................................................. 31 Have You Thanked Someone Today? ................................................................................................ 33 Cultivating a Mindset for Success ..................................................................................................... 41

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(No photo available) Dan Davison is a man with a vision. He is the Founder and CEO of Double Helix Management Services Ltd., a company whose vision and passion is the development of a global financial engineering service corporation specializing in global conservation, self-sustainable, and energy related programs. He has also developed a design for complete a Self-Sustainable Community that can be quickly duplicated around the world. Moira helps people get unstuck!

Coach Estelle is the Coach to Call when You are Ready to Eliminate your Limiting Beliefs, Get into Action and Achieve Your Financial Dreams!

Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck - we become the expert of everything that does NOT work… like the diet that failed, the exercise regime that was too hard, the goal setting ideas that did not apply to us or the affirmations that were a waste of time trying?

As a CPA with over 30 years of professional experience and as a Unity Chaplain and Law of Attraction Coach she has worked with individuals, small businesses and organizations to inspire and support them to:

The truth is that in order for a problem to exist - the solution must also exist! Moira has developed an innovative process called "The Get Unstuck Method" which will shift your mindset so that you are more solution focused, motivate you for change and create mindfulness in your life so that you can release stress and achieve the success you've been wishing for. For more information please visit her website:

Lisa Birnesser owns and works as a stress coach at Stress Relief Solutions. For over 25 years she has worked in the health care field, studying stress relief techniques. As a result, she has helped thousands of people reduce stress in their lives. Lisa helps relieve stress of successful women and entrepreneurs.

• Create Financial Freedom • Move beyond the limiting beliefs that have stopped them • Align their values, vision, mission statements with goals and action steps • Realize their unique gifts and talents and create the future they desire • Create strategic plans for their business and personal lives To learn more about Estelle, visit her website:

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(No photo available) Linda Bast is the Proprietress of Lakeside Gems Nature Shop & Studio in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada -- the Mineral Capital of Canada. Linda's mission is to use her enthusiasm and creativity to inspire people to honour, respect and appreciate nature. She has been working with stones for nearly 20 years and wishes to help you find your nature.

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The Healing Prayer Understood By Rev. Rita Marie Browning Healing is regarded as a co-operative endeavor. There are two people involved in all healings, the facilitator who conducts the session and the client, who is the healer. The facilitator will direct the energies through themselves with the guidance of Spirit. The healer builds an understanding and trust with their Spirit healers. Healing happens at many levels; physical, spiritual, emotional are a few. The one who is being healed has personal responsibility of accepting the energies. The healing will not be effective unless they are willing to face the fear or concern that is causing the disease. Disease is the result of not living harmoniously in this physical plane. Working in this threefold combination, healing is a result of the efforts of all, not just one. Here is just one prayer that can be used prior to a healing session. I have put in an explanation of the prayer to help you understand what the words mean to me. I have broken it down line per line. I ASK THE GREAT UNSEEN HEALING FORCE This is a request, a psychic demand, all in one, and the one who asks whether he/she be the client or the healing practitioner, must recognize how vital this first step in the direction of health is. Health, physical, mental and spiritual, is but the proper adjustment of the body, soul, and spirit. When this adjustment is disturbed, even in a small degree, then ill health is the result. When ill health is present, the first and main search must be for the cause of the disease, which may be deeply hidden and unsuspected.

HEALING PRAYER I ask the great Unseen Healing Force To remove all obstructions From my mind and body And to restore me to perfect health. I ask this in all sincerity and honesty And I will do my part. I ask this great Unseen Healing Force To help both present and absent ones Who are in need of help And to restore them to perfect health. I put my trust In the Love and Power of God.

The healing practitioner and client must strive to uncover this hidden cause. Call upon the Great Unseen Healing Force in Prayer, and with true honesty, that peace and a healing balance may be reestablished. TO REMOVE ALL OBSTRUCTIONS FROM MY MIND How very difficult it may be for the unenlightened to discover all the obstructions in one's mind and body. The petty annoyances common to mankind's every-day life, if allowed to, may, over a period of time, result in a complex, very destructive of peace and well-being, the effects apparently, being far removed from the real cause. Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 8

How many adults are haunted by a fear of the unknown because the parent or guardian besought obedience through recourse to the Bogey-Man idea? How many adults live in fear of malignant disease, because of the uninformed opinions which they have collected during their childhood days? Search carefully! What are your obstructions, Mental, Spiritual, and Physical? Do not suppress your fears. Do not suppress your wrongful habits but bring them to the surface, into the light of true spiritual Consciousness. Then carefully weed them from the garden of your understanding. They are real weeds and parasitic vines, strangling the beautiful flower of health and well-being. Superstition, lying, jealously, hatred and envy, FEAR, fear of death, of the unknown, of disease, mental and physical, all are the unlovely weeds of life. Carefully eliminate them, one by one, always remembering that "Weeds are best eliminated by the cultivation of the Flowers." Be honest and diligent in your efforts, and gradually the cultivation of the beautiful will eliminate all that is undesirable in your life. Patience and perseverance are necessary. You must do your part. Infinite Spirit will aid you.

AND TO RESTORE ME TO PERFECT HEALTH This statement implies that once the human family possessed Perfect Health.

expression of God in this life, man must seek to claim his heritage. You are asking God to restore your heritage, but you must be worthy. You must do your part. You look at yourself as in perfect health and not hold on to what you believe must be. We were all created by the same source, a perfect source.

I ASK THIS IN ALL SINCERITY AND HONESTY The key words in this line are Ask, Sincerity and Honesty. Again we must turn back to the principle of Asking, not begging. Man is not a beggar, spiritually. He is potentially, the most spiritually wealthy expression of Life on this planet; but he, himself, must realize the Spiritual, the Mental, the Physical wealth within himself. He must be utterly sincere and honest. To be sincere and honest, one must be consistent in prayer and honest enough to uncover and face all the wretched, unlovely habits and sincere enough to be consistent in the desire to be rid of them. Do not be superficial or hurried in your search. Be thorough. You have all eternity in which to work. As you progress with more certainty and assurance, each day will become a more blessed realization of the beauty and worth of living a true life. AND I WILL DO MY PART Here the words "I Will Do," are important.

Many people are born with inherited tendencies toward disease, but that which was once perfect may become so again. Through the mazes of doubt, seek the true light of Infinite Intelligence. As the

Jesus said, "I and the Father are one" and this is the object of the True Healing Practitioner, the earnest student, the sincere patient, the EGO personality which you are is but one Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 9

manifestation of the Whole, "I" which is Infinite Intelligence. When one realizes this, a great new potentiality is uncovered for your enfoldment. You have promised to "Do Your Part" and in the doing you become thrillingly conscious of co-operation with Infinitude. To know that one is not away from, but is within and a part of Infinitude produces an effect of calmness and peace, comparable to no other sensation. The At-Oneness with the Infinite "I" is the real core of all physical, mental and spiritual progress. Many people achieve this readily because of right spiritual attunement. Others, because of variable sensitivity, must strive long and assiduously to attain and to hold the right spiritual attunement. When once fully achieved, its joy and harmony are realized constantly, without effort or strain.

I ASK THIS GREAT UNSEEN HEALING FORCE This, the first line of the second portion of the Healing Prayer, is a repetition and its greatest value is achieved in repeating it over and over, that one may become more closely drawn in attunement with the Ideal.

TO HELP BOTH PRESENT AND ABSENT ONES This line causes one to realize that absence of loved ones is real only to the physical senses. Infinite Intelligence is Omnipresent, and neither time nor space can intervene nor interfere.

One may, through spiritual contact, be as fully conscious of the friend in another city as one may be of the friend close at hand. The key word in this line is help. To help another, to aid another, whether present, or at a distance, places the healing practitioner or the student in the position of asking that greater power may vibrate through his consciousness for the unselfish purpose of helping others, or serving others in need. This is a beautiful demonstration of strong, positive brotherly love sent out to the Infinite, for others for their relief from all degrees of disease, discomfort and unhappiness.

WHO ARE IN NEED OF HELP It recognizes the pains and sufferings in the world of which one may not be conscious, but for the relief of which he wishes to offer his mite of sympathy and prayerful helpfulness. Response to Prayer is living proof of the Omniscience of Infinite Intelligence and evidence of lack of barriers to intervene. Thus we become Universal in our prayer to help the body, mind and soul of mankind. The Healing Practitioner or student must learn, and must practice the great lesson of unselfish service. Only by this understanding can one be free from the reproach of selfseeking, and make spiritual growth and progress.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 10

AND RESTORE THEM TO PERFECT HEALTH Here the emphasis is placed on "Them". The Healing Practitioner or student is giving himself in Service, and is praying in clear, definite understanding to Infinite Intelligence to help them, the brothers and sisters of human-kind. To properly appreciate this, one must clear the consciousness of self. The garden of the Soul must be cleared of the weeds of self-seeking, so that the clear, pure light of Spiritual Realization shining through, shall bring about the spiritual health growth required by them. All healing energies sent is never wasted or implied that it must be received. When the receiver is ready, the energy will be accepted. I PUT MY TRUST The emphatic word in this line is Trust. Trust is that supreme confidence in the power of Spirit to heal which knows neither doubt nor fear. Infinite Intelligence (Spirit) is the motivating power, expressed always through Natural Law. One must be conscious that the desired effect of our prayer is not a miracle, but is the result of the action of Natural Law. A realization of the exact functioning of the One Law in the universe must be attained. The patient must be brought into the great spiritual garden of perfect health. Consciousness of disease must be eliminated, so the perfect health, which is the complete expression of Natural Law, shall be realized. The Power of the Law is Infinite

Intelligence. Place your Trust in the pure source of all Power. IN THE LOVE AND POWER OF GOD Love, Power, God, are the three great words of this line. The Healing Practitioner, student, client must cast out fear, that they may realize perfect harmony. We must learn that harmony is the chord of the universe. Fear of falling is a natural instinctive knowledge of lack of balance. Balance is the secondary note in harmony. Without balance there can be no harmony. Therefore all unnatural fears which have accumulated in the lives of men must be cast out. To achieve perfect harmony in life, one must seek to understand and to finally appreciate Natural Law. Honesty must compel one to recognize the paralyzing effect of all fears and to cast them out. Power is the great realization of the truly unfolded, unbiased soul. To be truly conscious of power is to be conscious of the one great Force of the universe. The minor notes in the universe all blend together to make the one great chord of harmony. God is the directive Intelligence behind all expression. Love, Power, God, three mighty notes in the rising scale of the song of truly healthful, spiritual living. Say them over and over again and rise to new heights of truly balanced spiritual understanding.

Rev Rita Marie has been working along with Spirit for 20 years. She has a Certificate with a Stonebridge Associated Colleges: Psychic Counsellor Diploma, A Reiki Master/Teacher, as well as a Registered Spiritual Healer with Ontario Healers Network. Rev Rita teaches Mediumship and various spiritual healing courses. She is also the Founder, Minister and teacher of Ministry classes with the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth in Ontario. Rev Rita Marie can be contacted by email

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 11

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 12

... Show Your Gratitude! by Helena Bowers

I haven't been able to get the kid's song "If You're Happy and You Know It" out of my head today. But instead of clapping your hands, my words keep coming back to saying thank you. I should've maybe changed the title to "If You're Grateful and You Know It" because that's really what this article is all about. Showing gratitude. Happiness and gratitude go hand in hand. You can't really show or feel gratitude when your unhappy, and you can't be unhappy when you're being grateful. Nice circle to be caught in ... not a vicious one at all! I'm probably dating myself, but there's a line in the Sound of Music song "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" that goes something like "love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay - Love isn’t love 'til you give it away." It's the same with gratitude. As William Arthur Ward said "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." Which makes me think that gratitude isn't really much more than a thought until you give it away. Unfortunately we live in the age of assumption. So many people think things, but never actually say them out loud. And so we may feel love, or happiness, or gratitude for someone and they won't have a clue because we never get around to telling them. We either assume they already know, or we assume they will reject our feelings and so we say nothing. Let your feelings out and tell another person how you feel about them. I can tell you from experience that I absolutely love it when you email me or leave a comment on my blog and tell me you liked something I've written. You can't see my smile online when that happens,

but if you show or tell someone in your physical life that you appreciate them you will definitely see their smile. So how can you show your gratitude? We already covered telling someone you love them and are grateful they're in your life. Here are few other ways you can show gratitude... Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you. People hardly ever write by hand anymore. Taking a minute to send a card with a handwritten message is a great way to show gratitude. I know my insurance lady will be getting one this week for finding me a great deal. :) Smile at someone on the street or in line at the checkout. It doesn't cost you anything, and you can show your gratitude and spread a little happiness by smiling at someone when you're both waiting for streetlight to change or in line at the store or the bank or the coffee shop. Give a friend a hug. It's easy to assume your friends will always be there. Too often we take them for granted, and forget to show them how much we appreciate and love that they are in our lives. Giving a friend a hug is a great way to show your gratitude for their presence in your life. Head outside and appreciate the sunshine and fresh air. It's also way too easy to take nature for granted, especially if you live in an area where there is an abundance of open space. But believe me, when you live in an area where you don't get that or don't have a way to easily get to it, you really begin to appreciate every moment that you get to spend outside. Show your gratitude for the environment by doing Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 13

whatever you can to preserve it, and get out there and enjoy it whenever you can. Volunteer your time. What better way to show your appreciation for everything you have in your life by helping out someone who has less or is going through a tough time. There is so much hardship in the world right now that we should, as human beings, be helping each other through them. Giving even an hour of your time each week is a great way to share your gratitude for all the good things in your life.

When you share your gratitude, you also benefit from it. Being grateful is a core part of the Law of Attraction -- what you put out is what you get back. Sharing gratitude and appreciation with others also sends more gratitude and appreciation back to you. And when you feel appreciated you can't help but also feel happier and more positive about your own life. So, to paraphrase that wonderful children's song ... If you're grateful and you know it ... Show it!

Helena Bowers is a writer, blogger, WordPress wizardess, and all around geek girl. She is the creative force behind Ritchie Media and the co-founder of Helena is passionate about her role as a creative consultant, taking care of all the technical details of running a website so that others can focus on doing what they do best. In this way she truly is the person behind the curtain, while her clients take centre stage.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 14

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 15

by Linda Bast Esther & Jerry Hicks through the channelling of information from Abraham Hicks tell us that...we are born into this world of contrast by choice. We can learn by simply paying attention to what we like and continuously moving closer and closer toward what we like and therefore further away from what we don't want or like. Living your life with gratitude is in line with this idea and is an excellent way to ensure that we are attracting all that is good into our lives. We can raise our vibrational frequency through conscious attention to gratitude. “An important reason for being in a state of appreciation as often as possible is that when you are in such a state, you are in one of the highest emotional states possible. “When you are in a state of appreciation and gratitude, you are in a state of abundance. You are appreciating what you do have instead of focusing on, and complaining about, what you don’t have. Your focus is on what you have received… and you always get more of what you focus on. “And because the law of attraction states that like attracts like, the more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract, and even more to be grateful for. It becomes an upward-spiraling process of ever-increasing abundance that just keeps getting better and better. “Think about it. The more grateful people are for the gifts we give them, the more inclined we are to give them more gifts. Their gratitude and appreciation reinforces our giving. The same principle holds true on a universal and spiritual

level as it does on an interpersonal level.” ~ Jack Canfield A rock of any kind can be an excellent reminder to be consciously grateful. By simply carrying a rock in your pocket, you will be reminded to stay or return to the state of gratitude every time you touch your gratitude rock. In “The Secret”, Lee Bower talks about the gratitude rock and how it not only transforms his life daily but how it influenced the lives of his friends in South Africa. I believe firmly in the gratitude rock and have been carrying stones around in my pockets. Now, what type of rock you might ask? The Pocket Rock of the day -- choices, oh so many choices. Generally, I suggest you chose your gratitude rock based on what you need to bring more of to your life. For example, choose a darker stone to help keep you grounded in your gratitude; a quartz to help you focus; a blue stone to aid with communicating and creativity; a green stone for health, wealth and abundance; a yellow stone to attract money into your life; the list goes on....Most importantly, pick the stone that feels right – its just that simple. Gratitude Rocks! Linda Bast is the Proprietress of Lakeside Gems Nature Shop & Studio in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada -- the Mineral Capital of Canada. Linda's mission is to use her enthusiasm and creativity to inspire people to honour, respect and appreciate nature. She has been working with stones for nearly 20 years and wishes to help you find your nature.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 16

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. -- Gilbert Keith Chesterton We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. ~ Albert Schweitzer It is impossible to feel grateful and depressed in the same moment. -- Naomi Williams There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy. -Ralph H. Blum Gratitude is the memory of the heart. -- French Proverb God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" -- William A. Ward He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. --Epictetus The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. -- William James To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven. -- Johannes A. Gaertner As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. -- John F. Kennedy

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 17


Step 1. Be aware of your needs: The first step in this process is to accept who you are. Remember that the "unconscious" part of your brain really knows who you are. You may be "acting" on the outside to be cool, accepted, or hiding your feelings, but your inner soul knows all about you. When you force yourself to act tough, cool, happy, loving, and calm, it will show and people will usually see it. If you feel that life is not fair, that you victim of your family, or this world -- admit it to yourself and start to do something about it. Walking around depressed or angry will not bring one good thing to yourself. Do something toward meeting your needs today.

Step 2. Let your needs be known: Let people know how you feel and what you need, without being a bully, criticizing someone else for not meeting your needs or attacking others. If you feel needy as an adult, it is not your parent, lover, society or family that is responsible. Tell them how you feel without attacking them or projecting anger.

Step 3. Demonstrate behavior that shows that you respect yourself: This will show through body language and attitude. If you look alert and interested in others and life, and use an honest, cheerful smile, then others will recognize the good feelings you have about yourself. If you have no good feelings about yourself, make a written list of all the good things that you are and can do.

Step 4: Take steps to improve yourself by: Learning -- start reading; enroll in some courses; take time to read about selfimprovement or watch videos, find positive people to meet and talk with. Challenges -- every few months, do something new that seems interesting or fun. Go camping

fishing, walk in the forest, build something, do a piece of art Physical health and appearance -- improve what you eat, stop smoking or cut down, get more rest, get some exercise, drink lots of water Spirit -- spend time with good, positive people. Take time each day to give to someone and be generous with no need to accept anything back. Do a kind deed for someone who is hurting. Control your tongue, and don't criticize one person for a day.

Step 5. Stop negative thoughts and comments about yourself and others: Become aware of how much energy you put into judging and criticizing other people. Remember, that "attitude" and put downs only come from very, very insecure people. If you are happy with yourself then you have no need to put anyone down. We only do this to make ourselves look better, but it does the opposite as we look weak and negative.

Step 6. Allow and plan for success: Emphasize what you do well. Make a list of things that you are very good at accomplishing. Review this list and value this part of you. Forget what others have told you or what they might think about your lack of goodness. Remember, that all successful people have failures on a regular basis, but they do not allow themselves to be defeated by the failures. Don't give up when you fail.

Step 7. Think Positively: Keep a small journal or list of your good qualities. Remember, the best qualities are not just physical. These qualities should be an equal list of spiritual qualities (the good you feel and do for yourself and others), your emotional qualities (ability to love and be loved), your intellectual qualities (your ability to learn, have knowledge and make good decisions) and physical (your looks, cleanliness, physical fitness and health). All of these are equally important. We all are stronger in some areas; that is what makes us unique, and Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 18

someone will really love and appreciate who we are in every way.

Step 8. Learn to escape when it is better: It is good to meet problems head on, but occasionally side-stepping or walking away may be a good decision. People often set unrealistically high goals for winning every time. This causes frustration and anger when things don't go as we planned. We either blame ourselves or someone else. When frustrations come because we are disappointed with someone or ourselves, redirect this energy and do something interesting. Adopt an attitude where you "go with the flow" and adjust to change. Don't wait for someone else (like a partner, friend, family or society) to make your life interesting. Do it yourself.

Step 9. Find ways to help others: The happiest people in the world are those who enjoy helping others. Try not to be a needy person, always seeking someone to take care of your needs. Be mature enough to take care of yourself, and have some energy left over to help someone else. Giving will help and heal your hurts and the needs caused by less than desirable childhood living. It is a sign of maturity and good emotional and mental health. Serving another person is a sign of strength ...not weakness. Try to show interest in another person in conversation. Listen to them carefully, and don't be so anxious about making sure you get your point across. Share ideas and feelings.....don't sell them. Don't talk over them or cut them off.

Step 10. Be willing to seek help when you need it: There is absolutely no shame in seeking help if your life and relationships are not going welt or failing The wise and mature person seeks help. One year of counsel or therapy could mean 40 years of a happy productive life. It is stated that one in ten people in North America have sought help for emotional, mental, psychological problems. Much of this is related to addictions which ultimately destroy our lives and relationships. Professional help should be found if you are constantly "screwing up" in your families, relationships jobs and society.

Always Remember… The power to plan and build the future all comes from self-confidence and a healthy feeling toward ourselves. Forget what you are trying to show others in the way of being cool, tough, smart, and successful and listen to the inner voice that knows the truth. If the two do not match and you are acting, or trying to show a life of success on the outside, you are seriously lacking in self-confidence. Remember, the coolest person, with the most attitude, is often the most insecure. There is only one way to change all that… Take action today toward finding the real person inside and begin loving that person. Being yourself causes good people to love you; being phony only causes confusion. YOU ARE AN AWESOME HUMAN BEING, FULL OF GOODNESS AND LOVE! ALWAYS BE YOURSELF … YOUR TRUE SELF. Dan Davison is a man with a vision. He is the Founder and CEO of Double Helix Management Services Ltd., a company whose vision and passion is the development of a global financial engineering service corporation specializing in global conservation, self-sustainable, and energy related programs. He has also developed a design for complete a SelfSustainable Community that can be quickly duplicated around the world.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 19

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 20

Using Affirmations to Discover the Joys in Your Life Affirmations are simple statements we can use to improve our self-esteem, help us reach a goal, break a bad habit, find love, or even discover joy in our lives. Positive affirmations work hand in hand with our subconscious to make lasting changes for the better. Many times we may already experience joy, but we don't know celebrate it enough. Sadly, at other times, we aren't even aware that it's present. Positive affirmations can help you rediscover that joy, peace, health, and happiness! Here are some examples of positive affirmations and how they can improve your life: 1. 4.

2. 5.


Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 21

6. -

Welcome to Mystical Creations Gift Gallery. We are a metaphysical centre located on 8 Hastings St. North in Bancroft, Ontario. We specialize in many New Age Products such as books, crystals, minerals, oils, tarot and oracle cards, a line of Wiccan Products, music and much more. We also provide services to support your individual healing, and personal growth. Ask us about Alternative Healing services and Intuitive Readings including Tarot Readings, Angel Readings, and Spirit Readings. Contact us for your New Age Products. Online Readings Now Available!.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 22


What if there was a formula for success, happiness and true abundance… a formula that, once you knew it, you could follow to create a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance and love? There is. The Abundant Mystic series features a stellar lineup of guides and mentors that includes John Gray, Marci Shimoff, SARK, Marcia Wieder, and many more, all coming together for The Abundant Mystic Series to share this formula with you and the specific ways they have used it in their lives so that you, too, can create a life of TRUE Abundance. If you’re like me you sense and acknowledge that there’s more to our existence than what we can perceive with our physical senses. And you’ve probably felt a calling from a source other than your mind… a Higher Guidance. So you know that being “successful” without being aligned with that higher calling is an empty success. It feels hollow and unsatisfying and leaves you wondering what else there is. And if you you’re like so many Modern Day Mystics you probably also know the other side of that equation… that aligning with your higher calling and attempting to live in that place of alignment while you're struggling to get by in this physical world leads to a deep frustration and, if you stay there too long, can even lead to hopelessness and despair. Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 23

That’s why we're thrilled to share this complimentary training series with you. Every one of the guides and mentors in this series has used the formula for aligned success and created of TRUE Abundance. And what is that formula? It’s actually quite simple:

And the 28 Abundant Mystics that you’ll have access to will share the secrets to their success. You’ll learn the tools and techniques, insights and information as well as the powerful processes and simple daily practices they have used to create truly awesome lives while contributing their gifts and messages to the world. The series begins October 15th and goes all the way through December 19th. So go and register now so you can take advantage of all of these transformational training sessions that will help you break through your blocks to TRUE Abundance and propel you into a life of personal prosperity while serving the highest good of all. To reserve your complimentary space in this virtual training series click on the link ==>The Abundant Mystic

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 24

By Lisa Birnesser Photo: Š Can Stock Photo Inc. / Anke

The holiday season is a time when everyone wants to make lasting memories. The house is filled with the aroma of turkey and freshly baked pies. Every decoration is perfectly in place. Children are wideeyed with wonder and filled with the joy of the season. Families and friends join together to share peace, love and thankfulness.

choices made out of obligation rather than valuedriven decisions that matter most. Acts of love and kindness that come deep from your heart can give peace. Calmness and generosity is then a gift passed from person to person. This is not necessarily something we buy. It can be a deed that only requires a helping hand.

Every single gesture you do is born from the spirit of giving during the holidays. Time-held traditions and values have meaning, from family recipes to get together time with friends. So, what happens when you have exhausted all of your energy in getting every little detail just perfect? Each year might be filled with things that just aren’t important or valued. Guilt or perfectionism drives you to fit everything in regardless of your wellbeing. This can leave you feeling empty, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Gratitude. Gratitude is not only an offering to you but to everyone around you. Thankfulness is truly wealth that does not necessarily come from a bank account or wallet. A common teaching in gratitude is to step outside you by giving to another person. Giving yourself pity gets you stuck. By helping out the next person, you break the cycle of focusing on only problems. Your perspective changes immediately.

What if you made choices that were guided by what you value most? The holiday season is just an example of how days can be filled with some

Goals. When stressed, it’s so easy to get lost in the number of things on a list versus what you value most. Think about adding the following goals to your list. Take time to step away and be with your loved ones. Close your computer up and share time Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 25

with your partner. Maybe you value having dinner every night with your family. Review your goals and make sure your list contains more than productivity tasks. Go Do What Matters Most. You know what your grateful for and you have made goals around the,

Now go do the things that matter most. Don’t put off something that means a great deal to you and your loved ones. The best gift ever given is just being you. Every day can be a holiday. Go celebrate!

Lisa Birnesser owns and works as a stress coach at Stress Relief Solutions. For over 25 years she has worked in the health care field, studying stress relief techniques. As a result, she has helped thousands of people reduce stress in their lives. Lisa helps relieve stress of successful women and entrepreneurs.

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How To Do An Angel Card Reading We have all asked the question, what does the future hold for me? We look for these answers sometimes daily and don’t even realize it at time. I have had these questions and more asked of me for the last 20 years. I always look to Spirit for help. I can talk directly to them through what I refer to as Mediumship. I can use an article such as a ring or something of importance to the person, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and the list can go on. For the next few months I will give examples of different tools that could be used in reaching into our very soul to find answers to some of our life questions. This month I am going to talk to you about having the Angels help guide you to your own truth. Angels are always bringing us messages about our lives. They want us to make choices that bring us joy and peace. Using different types of Angel Oracle Cards are a great way to connect to your angels. Doreen Virtue has many different types of Angel Oracle Cards available. The Deck that I use the most is called Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards. When buying a set of Angel Oracle Cards, look for those that talk to you. Place your hands on them and let your inner soul pick them. Below is an example of a simple spread that you can start off with.

The Three-Card Spread Hold on to the deck and place your loving energies around them and in them. Shuffle the deck until you feel that you are ready to stop. There is no right or wrong way of doing the shuffle. Whatever feels more comfortable to you. While shuffling the deck, ask your angels to come and help you with a specific question or just to help give you some insight on what you need to know right now. When you are ready, proceed to lay cards down. Lay three cards down. You can pick them from the top, bottom or any place you feel drawn to. Again this is your reading from the Angels.

The first card on your left signifies what has just been happening in your life. The cards that that cast a light on the current situation. (Resent Past – Where have I been?) The middle card signifies what is happening right now. How you are feeling and experiencing at that moment. (Present -- Where am I now?) The last card on your right signifies what can happen in the near future based on the first two cards. It may help in decision making. (Future – Where am I going?) Now look at the cards and feel them. If the message does not make sense or seem to answer Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 27

your questions, step back, close your eyes and ask the angels to help you understand what has been given to you. If you need to, ask the angels to help

you pick another card. You may pick it from the top or any place within the deck. Meditate on them. Your Angels will guide along the way.

An Example Reading For this reading I have chosen to use - Present, Immediate Future and Three Months Ahead Here is the question given to me by Roseanna: Is it the right time for me to consider a new relationship?

Present - Fiona "Now that you’ve asked the angels for help, be open to receiving Divine guidance and assistance. You deserve Heaven’s Help" The angels have watched you struggle with situations that could easily be resolved if you would let the angels help you. Give the angels a signal or prayer that you would like them to rush in and help. You believed that you did not deserve help or that making necessary life changes was too threatening; remember that we are here to help you ease your mind. We need you to trust our guidance. You are fully supported by heaven as you follow your Divine guidance.

Immediate Future - Opal "Your children on earth and in heaven are happy and well cared for by God and the angels." Your worries about your children have been received as prayers here in Heaven. We understand your concerns, so we surround the souls and bodies of your children with our loving care. This is the time for you to release your children to God, and know that your Creator is their true parent.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 28

Three Months Ahead - Chantall "New romance is imminent either with a newcomer or through reignited passion in your existing relationship. Be open to giving and receiving in love." You have been hungering for more romance and passion and your prayer is answered. I am a Romance Angel, and I am here to help you. New love is on its way to you, and you can open the door to this romance by opening your heart. The more that you welcome new love with open arms the romance will come your way. This also means that you must express yourself romantically toward your partner. I will give you guidance along the way, and it may involve actions that seem unrelated to romantic love. Yet you will know it is me who encourages you to join a gym, enroll in an evening class, or meet a new friend, for example. The more that you follow my guidance, the faster the romance will be delivered to you.

My Interpretation When I look at these cards, this is what Spirit says to me. You are ready to move on but one of your major concerning is your child. You need to know that all will be taken care of. We do not lose our children or leave them behind when we move ahead. We bring them strength from our abilities to love another. Situations are being put in front of you that you need to reach out to. You need to let go of thoughts of underserving or not good enough. Life is just waiting for you, so make yourself ready by reaching out. Everything is in place for you right now. Next month I will show you more Angel Spreads. If you would like to ask me a question, and have it answered here, please send your questions to me at Rev Rita Marie has been working along with Spirit for 20 years. She has a Certificate with a Stonebridge Associated Colleges: Psychic Counsellor Diploma, A Reiki Master/Teacher, as well as a Registered Spiritual Healer with Ontario Healers Network. Rev Rita teaches Mediumship and various spiritual healing courses. She is also the Founder, Minister and teacher of Ministry classes with the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth in Ontario. To book a private reading with Rev. Rita Marie, visit her online store at Mystical Creations Gift Gallery, or email her at

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An Attitude of


Practicing an attitude of gratitude is a simple way to give yourself an Attitude Adjustment. Being grateful shifts your focus from lack to abundance. Research has shown that giving thanks makes people happier, more resilient, strengthens relationships and can improve your health and reduce your stress. How does this happen? Gratitude is an emotion – one of the most powerful emotions you can have. If you look to the principles of the Law of Attraction, the barometer for your vibrations is your emotions and gratitude is an emotion that vibrates at a high frequency. Whenever you feel and have emotion about something, you create a vibration for it and that vibrational frequency- like a radio transmitter, draws to you those things that vibrate at the same frequency. As you focus on gratitude by thinking, speaking and feeling grateful you are attracting like energies to you and you will experience more things to be grateful for. That’s why it’s important to be grateful for what you have right now.

Be Grateful for what you have you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never, ever have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

How to Choose an Attitude of Gratitude Sometimes we are thankful when good things happen or if it’s a special occasion or celebration but we are often in the habit of thinking negatively or seeing things through a negative filter. You can make a choice today to turn that around! Focusing on the positive is a choice. Here are some suggestions to shift your attitude towards gratitude: 1. Focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want. 2. Find the positive in the negative – when you encounter a challenging or difficult situation, find something positive about it. Some people call this finding the silver lining. It may be a lesson learned, an unexpected outcome or learning to be patient, compassionate or empathetic. 3. Say Thank You to the people around you each day – find something positive about them or something that you are grateful for and focus your attention on that. Everyone has positive and negative traits – focus on the positive! 4. Keep a gratitude journal – journal or write down at least one thing each day that you are grateful for. You can use your journal throughout the day or wait until the beginning or end of the day.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 31

5. Send a thank you card or email message to someone once a day, once a week or for a period of time (21 days). Make a list of family, friends, coworkers, teachers, colleagues in your life to choose from. 6. Create a Gratitude Jar in your home, office or classroom and jot down on a slip of paper what you are grateful for each day or several times a day. Invite your family and co-workers to participate. 7. Post on Social Media - create a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ post and state what you are grateful for.

Here’s a list to get you started on writing in your Gratitude Journal: A Person A Place A Thing A Moment A situation or experience A Big or Small Success A Life Lesson A Health Status A Heroic Deed

A Peaceful Thought...

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Have You Thanked Someone Today? More Ways To Show Gratitude "Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful." -- Buddha Something to think about, isn't it? If we're not dead, we have a lot to be thankful for. Sounds rather silly, but it's true! Each day, blessings come to us that make our life better in some way, if not today, then tomorrow or the next day. So it's important to rejoice and be glad! The benefits of showing your appreciation are many: 1. When you feel gratitude, your blessings multiply. Feeling grateful for the good things in your life sends out vibrations that attract even more good things. This is one of the ideas behind the Law of Attraction! 2. When you show gratitude, your friends multiply. People have a basic need to feel appreciated. When you fulfill that need, you bring great joy and happiness with you. As a result, showing your appreciation to others draws them closer to you and, in turn, they're more inclined to go out of their way for you. 3. Showing your gratitude brings you more success in both your personal and professional life. Your family ties are strengthened. Friends, co-workers, and business associates become very loyal indeed. Your relationship with your partner becomes more enduring and passionate. Does this mean if you want these benefits you need to spend all day running around like a gratitude hound?

Not at all! Showing the people in your life your gratitude and appreciation is easier than you think. Keep reading for tips you can use to easily and effectively show your appreciation every day. When you show others that you care, everyone will reap the benefits!

Give thanks for your blessings Every day, remember to give thanks to your Creator for the many opportunities, successes, and life lessons. Each day brings you new things to be thankful for and new opportunities to make your life wonderful. If the sun rises, it's a good day! 1. Count your blessings. Each day, just after you wake up and before going to bed, count your blessings, feel gratitude, and give thanks. 2. Keep a gratitude journal. Ask yourself, "What good things happened today?" List them in your journal and reflect on them. 3. Use your talents to help people. You were given many unique qualities and talents. Sharing your gifts with those less fortunate is an excellent way to show your gratitude for your blessings. It helps others and brings satisfaction and fulfillment to you as well. Give a portion of your money or time to those who are in need. Volunteer at your local school, library, shelter, food bank, or community organization. Get involved in a cause you feel passionate about and do whatever you can to help.

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Shower your spouse with gratitude There are plenty of opportunities every day to let your partner know how much you appreciate them.

teaching them manners, like "Please" and "Thank you," but you're also nurturing them to grow into strong, secure adults who show their own gratitude toward others. Use these tips to show gratitude to your children:

One of the great things about this is that once you start showing your appreciation to your spouse, they respond by showing more gratitude to you!

1. Say "Thank you" every time they hand you something, do you a favor, or listen to instructions.

Wow! Don't you just love to be appreciated? So does your spouse.

2. Let the hugs, kisses, compliments and rewards be plentiful in showing your appreciation:

Here are some common situations that are perfect for showing your gratitude:

You can say things like: Thank you! Great job. I love the way you did that. Thank you. You were so sweet to help me sort the laundry. Thanks. Thank you for helping me cook dinner. Now we can enjoy our meal together. Thank you for helping me clean the house! Thanks to you, I can get some time to relax! Thank you for being you. I love you just the way you are! I'm so happy we get to spend the day together! I'm so glad you're my son! I love having these Mother/Daughter days! It's so fun being with you!

1. When your spouse helps with the household chores, don't take it for granted simply because you do your share of chores also. Show your appreciation: "Thank you for doing the dishes. I really appreciate it! It gave me some time to relax." 2. Even when your spouse messes up something they're trying to do for you, remember it's the thought that counts. For example, if the food is a little overcooked, be sure to thank them anyway. If it's still edible, here's a good one: "That's okay, honey, I like it like that." 3. If they call to say they'll be late, rather than getting upset, be thankful that they let you know about it: "Thanks for calling to let me know." 4. When you see that your spouse is really beat, offer to do her chores rather than waiting to be asked. 5. Leave Thank You notes where your spouse will find them during the day. Thank them for anything and everything.

Let your children know you appreciate them

3. Thank and congratulate them for their wise choices when they make good decisions.

Thank your parents It's important to show gratitude to your parents for their love and support throughout the years. You became who you are today because of the sacrifices your parents made for you. 1. If you aren't very close to your parents, make an effort to reach out to them. 2. If you live far away, make the effort to call or visit them often.

Your children, more than anyone else, need to see, hear, and feel your gratitude. Not only are you Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 34

3. Talk about your fond memories and how you appreciate those experiences. "Remember when‌?" 4. Offer to do things for them, like their yard maintenance or shopping.

2. If your office or workplace is smaller and you enjoy closer relationships, letting your boss know you're grateful for your job because it has made a positive difference in your life is appropriate and appreciated.

Let your employees see appreciation 5. Cook a nice dinner or go out to eat with them frequently.

Show gratitude to your friends As with other relationships, your friendships must also be nurtured. Even if you think that your friends already know how much you care for them, it's still important to express it through words and actions. 1. Remember to say "Thank you" for their kind thoughts and deeds. 2. Always be there when they need you. In this way, you're showing your gratitude through your actions. 3. Send them a card or personal note for no other reason than to thank them for being your friend. This kind of surprise can go a long way.

Bosses need a thank you, too No matter how gruff your boss may seem, it's still important to show your appreciation. Unfortunately, many employees never once say "Thank you" to their employer. More often than not, the only things the boss hears from others are the problem, complaints, frustrations, and annoyances. 1. Because of the business relationship, you may need to be careful how you handle this one. Overdoing it when expressing your gratitude, especially in a larger company, could be construed as "looking for points." Many times, a sincere "Oh, thank you!" will suffice.

If you're the boss, you can raise morale and create more loyalty, job satisfaction, and motivation when you express appreciation to your employees for their hard work. 1. In employee surveys, cash is the number one reward sought by employees for company incentives. If your company can afford it, small gift certificates or bonuses for a job well done will show your gratitude for their extra efforts in a big way. 2. Recognition in front of their peers is also a great way to show your appreciation. Have an Employee of the Month ceremony where you present your chosen employee with a plaque or certificate. Also, display the awards in a special public place in your building. 3. Even if you can't afford pay raises for outstanding employees, have a meeting to show your gratitude and give them a more advanced job title that recognizes their accomplishments. It may seem small, but a better job title may benefit them when it comes to future jobs.

Be grateful to your colleagues Your co-workers have a strong influence in your life, and it's important to show them gratitude for the things they do for you. Sometimes it might be something big, like staying late to help you finish an important report, and other times it's no more than lending a sympathetic ear to your tale of woe. Regardless of what the favor is, whether it's big or small, they still need to feel like you appreciate them.

Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 35

The key ingredients in showing your appreciation to your co-workers are: Be sincere. Use their name. Say "Thank you." State why you appreciate their action. Try these strategies to show your gratitude at work: 1. When your co-worker helps you complete your work, offer to return the favor. For example, "Thanks, Sue, for helping me with that report. Frankly, I don't know what I would've done without you! Let me know if you're ever in a bind and I'll return the favor."

2. Every so often send customer appreciation discount coupons or offers to your clients. It lets them know you're grateful for their business and will also boost sales. 3. Have a customer appreciation social function once a year for your VIP clients. Many companies do this during the holidays, but you can do it any time of year, such as hosting a picnic in the summer.

Thank others for their quality service When someone has made your day a little easier by doing a good job for you, let them know you appreciate their efforts.

2. When a team member does an outstanding job on their part of the project, you can say, "This is wonderful, John! I can see the hard work you must have put into this. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job on it. This is really going to help our project."

Whether it's the plumber who just fixed your flooded toilet, the UPS man who walked down your driveway in the rain to deliver your package, or a polite and concerned clerk who helped solve your problem, they each made sure to do something special for you.

3. Here's another showing of gratitude: "Thank you for being there for me yesterday, Cindy. I really needed to rant."

Showing your gratitude will brighten their day, too. Plus, you may get even better service the next time because of your kindness! Make eye contact, smile, and say, "Thank you! You just made my day!" or "Thank you very much. You'll never guess how much that helps me out. I really appreciate your going out of your way for me!" Give them a firm handshake to show your sincerity.

Customers like to know you care If you own a business or work directly with customers, your financial future depends on the happiness of your clients. Show them that you appreciate their business and they'll be happy to do business with you again and again. 1. Keep a file with your customers' birthdays and send them a birthday card each year. Handwrite a short note and personally sign it. Your note doesn't have to be any longer than, "Happy Birthday, Bob! Thank you for your business this past year."

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to show your gratitude and appreciation. In most cases, you don't even need to go out of your way to show it. A kind word here and there or a simple "thank you" is one of the simplest of actions that will warm people's hearts. Use these tips to show your gratitude every day and you'll find your life being filled with more and more things to be grateful for.

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What was the last song you listened to? There is a reason you were so drawn to listen to it. It might have put you in a great mood or eased your worry. It might have brought back memories from days gone by. Understanding the effects music can have on your mind can help you make the conscious decision to listen to music a part of your daily life for its incredibly beneficial effects!

What Can Music Do for You? Listening to music can help you remember your first kiss. It can motivate you to keep on going. It can calm you down after a long, hard day. There are so many wonderful things music can do for you! It's absolutely fascinating to understand why it has such an impact - and what you need to be doing to take advantage of that fact.

How Does Music Affect Our Body and Brain? Music appears to be processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. The way we experience music also affects our nervous system. There are different neurons that respond according to what kind of music is playing. Music can affect hormones, encourage the production of cortisol, testosterone, and oxytocin. Music can even trigger a release of endorphins. Beyond the biology and the actual responses of your body, there are definite responses of the mind as well. You're aware of how you feel when you listen to music, but how do you know that it's actually having any sort of effect on you? There is scientific evidence of the way it can affect your mind! It's clearly more than just a suspicion - it's fact!

The most famous experiment related to this is probably the one that was performed at the University of California at Irvine. College students were assigned to three different groups. The first group listened to Mozart's sonata for Two Pianos in D Major. The second group listened to a relaxation tape. The third group listened to nothing at all. After listening, they took a Stanford-Beinet reasoning test. The results were clear - those who had listened to Mozart had improved scores!

Music Can Improve Memory Therefore, it's thought that music has the most effect on the part of the brain that deals with memory. Unfortunately, the effects were not found to be long-lasting. Still, there is nothing wrong with getting a consistent music boost to improve your memory, mood, and sense of well-being over all! Interestingly enough, music even seems to have a positive effect on the memories of those who are suffering from Alzheimer's. In some cases, music can help these people remember things and events they had long forgotten. This is an amazing gift for many Alzheimer's patients!

Why Does This Work? You might be wondering why this works the way it does. Dr. Alfred A Tomatis theorized that it's because music (specifically that of Mozart) helps to retrain the brain, in a sense. The different frequencies can help to 'exercise' the brain and provide great benefits. Many people use music to achieve different states of mind as well. Playing a cheerful song at the end of a long day can go a long way toward improving your mood. Playing mellowing music can help you get to sleep at night. Playing upbeat music can help you get into the right mood to go out and have fun Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 38

with your friends. Classical music is the most beloved among those who subscribe to musical therapy. It has a variety of positive uses, including increasing focus, and, as we discussed above, memory. It's all well and good to understand that music can have amazing effects on your life. However, it's important to start making a conscious effort to include music every day. There are specific types of music that can help you achieve whatever state you might need to be in. You can become more creative, enter into a meditative state, relax whatever you want! The science is there, and you've seen it yourself. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are in your life right now, or what you want to achieve, the power of music can help you get there.

Long Term Effects Many musical therapy experts recommend making music a part of your daily life, because its effects can improve with time. There is evidence that, over time, your language skills, creativity, happiness, and more, can improve with regular musical therapy. There are even some incredible effects that can come along with playing a musical instrument, if you're inclined to do that! Whether you're listening to music or playing it, you can consider it to be like exercise for the brain --

only, much more pleasant! It will have great benefits right away and the benefits will only increase over time. Sure, you might listen to music already, you might even find that you gravitate toward it. However, by seeking out specific types of music, you can see more desirable effects. By consistently seeking out the right kind of music, you can see incredible effects over time. The great thing about this is that you can get started today. Music isn't something that will take up your time -- it's something you can focus on or just have in the background. Having calming music playing more consistently will completely change your life for the better. Mind music is one of the easiest changes you can make for positive effects in your life! The effects of music on the mind are absolutely incredible. Whether you listen to music for meditation, relaxing sounds, Mozart music, or something else altogether, there is something out there for you. There is a reason so many experts in the world practice and recommend music therapy - it's because it is something you truly can't go wrong with. Do what you can to start investigating its effects on your own life today. The music of Mozart is a great place to start. There are other options available, depending on what your goals are. Soon, you'll start to gain an even deeper appreciation for all of the wonderful things music can bring into your life.

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Based in Bancroft, Ontario we are a metaphysical teaching centre founded by Rev. Rita Marie Browning. The Centre will be offering classes on a variety of metaphysical topics and healing arts beginning in the Fall of 2013. If you would be interested in attending one of our classes, please contact Rev. Rita Marie for dates and course availability.

FALL 2013 Animal Healing Communication Reiki Ministry - through the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth Hypnotherapy Crystal Healing Bowls Crystal Colour Therapy Angel Work Shops Learn Tarot Chakra Balancing Contact Rev. Rita Marie Browning for more information: If you are interested in offering your teaching skills, contact Rev. Rita at for more information.

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Cultivating A Mindset For Success By Helena Bowers

One of the most important assets you can have when it comes to being successful is your mindset. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete introvert, or the most extroverted person on the planet. If your mind is not geared toward success and prosperity, you will find the journey a difficult one. If, however, you can get yourself into a mindset of prosperity and success, not only will your path become easier, it will also be one of the most rewarding. In business and in life how you think plays an extremely large role in your success. Defining a Successful Mindset So what the heck is a successful mindset? That was the first question I asked when I started learning about the idea of mindset and how your thinking affects your life. A successful mindset, in its simplest form, is one where your thoughts are centered on prosperity and abundance in your life. And I don’t mean just in terms of financial success, although that is certainly a big part of it. Being successful is a lifestyle — one that can give you prosperity and abundance in ALL areas of your life, if you play the game right. It’s also a mindset that is geared to action. There is no magic pill that is going to make you successful overnight. That kind of thinking, while a nice fairy tale, will get you nothing but frustration and desperation. Developing a successful mindset means that you are focused on taking action every day — action that Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 41

improves not only your health, wealth, and happiness, but also the health, wealth, and happiness of the people you come into contact with.

in your desire to learn and take things seriously they’re more than happy to answer your questions and help out. Planning and Goal Setting

Developing Your Success Mindset Developing a prosperity mindset is not something that comes easy to a lot of people. I know that it didn’t for me. Mindset is something that I have to consciously work at every single day. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to give yourself a helping hand, whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for a while. Here are a few things to pay attention to when cultivating a successful mindset: Watching Others Planning and Goal Setting Positive Thinking Persistence Coaching and Mentoring Each one plays a role in developing and maintaining the mindset you need to achieve success and abundance. Watching Others Learning by example is the easiest way for many people. And fortunately with social media playing such a large part in our lives now, it’s very easy to do. The best way to go about this is to find someone that is already successful and watch what they do, then try and emulate them. Read their blogs, subscribe to their newsletters, buy their products, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The worst they can do is say no, but nine times out of ten you’ll find that as long as you’re respectful most successful people are happy to help.

If you’ve read any personal development books at all, you know that the first step in any mindset is knowing what you want to achieve. If you don’t have a plan and a definite goal in mind when you start out, you could spend years (literally!) wandering aimlessly through the maze that is your life. Do not get caught up in the “shiny new object” syndrome where you go off and check out every single new thing that comes your way. Not only is it not productive, it will drive you crazy in the long run because there is always something new to see, a new book to read, a new blog to check out… you get the idea. A major key to developing a successful mindset is to be able to put blinders on, and not let anything distract you from what you are trying to achieve. Practice Positive Thinking I could fill a whole section with positive thoughts and quotes like these: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t — you are right.” ~ Henry Ford “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve” ~ Napoleon Hill Positive thinking is an integral part of a successful mindset. You will only be as successful as you believe you can be. It’s very easy to let yourself be overcome with doubt about yourself and your abilities, especially when you’ve never done this before. A few things you can do here are:

What you’ll often find through this is that most successful people started out just like you are, and had to go through this process too. They love to give back to the community and if you are sincere

associate with positive people read positive quotes and sayings Mystical Voices ~ October 2013 ~ 42

write out positive affirmations every day (I do this every morning to start my day) create a vision board of your goals and dreams

Get a Coach or a Mentor When you’re ready, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a coach or a mentor to help you get to the next level.

Be Persistent Persistence goes hand in hand with positive thinking when it comes to developing a successful mindset. Your success can be measured in direct proportion to the amount of motivation and dedication you have to see things through and achieve your goals. It’s easy to give up and let yourself get sidetracked. Don’t do it! This is where positive thinking comes into play again. Keep your goal in mind, stare at your vision board when you need inspiration, and keep going. Change course if you have to, but always keep taking action to move forward. If you allow yourself to quit, you’ll never know how close to success you actually were.

A coach or mentor can help you identify the issues that are blocking you from achieving success, and help you break through them. They can also help you create goals and plans that will work for you as an individual. When it comes to success, there is no one-size-fits-all. For every five people you talk to, you will hear five different stories of success (or failure). For many people, the decision to work with a coach is the final piece in the puzzle. If you’re not ready for one-on-one coaching, you can always try being part of a community of like-minded people. Developing the proper mindset is a huge asset when it comes to achieving success in life, however that looks for you. Sure, you’ll still have put what you learn into action, but when you take time to cultivate the mental aspects everything else flows so much more easily.

Helena Bowers is a writer, blogger, WordPress wizardess, and all around geek girl. She is the creative force behind Ritchie Media and the co-founder of Helena is passionate about her role as a creative consultant, taking care of all the technical details of running a website so that others can focus on doing what they do best. In this way she truly is the person behind the curtain, while her clients take centre stage.

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