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... Along the coastline of Mersin, it is possible to grow many tropical plants:

In addition, 115 endemic species are grown in Mersin. So, these plants are grown only here in the world. Blue snowdrops and straillatrus orchid are two examples of those species

Also, unlike the neighboring provinces and all other regions in Turkey, Mersin has extremely humid climate even in driest periods, by the help of Cyprus Anatolian Taurus Mountains circulation. This situation increases varieties of plants and makes these varieties healtier and durable.


PSTALOVIAUS MERSINAS (CUSHION OF SNAKE) This kind is known as ‘cushion of snake’. because of its poisonous effect. In ancient times people used to spread of this plant’s water on their walls to keep away insects and parasites. Cushion of Snake is also known as a cure of leprosy.

From Taurus Mountains (Mersin Hacgediği Region) From a roadside…

Myrtus communis ( Murt) It is a kind of shurb that blossoms between the months of May and June. It has white-colored flowers, and it is 1-3 meters tall. It is useful for flue and for the inflammation of the lungs and it can be used as a disinfector, a hemostatic, an appetizer, an antiseptic and wound healer when it is used externally.


Anamur’s Banana It is one of the most beautiful fruits that can be eaten raw. It can be eaten as fruit salad. When it is green it can be eaten by firing. Banana, herbs, reknowned as the brain food. It includes many minerals like potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium etc.

CITRUSES     



The benefits of strawberry Strawberry , which is grown in summer and which has a nice colour, smell and taste, has a lot of advantages. It is pretty rich in terms of B-C and K vitamins.

PURPLE CAMEL’S THORN Purple Camel’s Thorns are grown spotaneously in farms and by the waysides, woods , wasteland and even in the sand dunes.These are generally purple or purplish,red and sometimes white and light yellow flowers.Their roots and leaves are covered with hard thorns.


The most important special feature of Carob is that it is effective against “asthma” . There is no more effective active ingredient in other plants. It can easily be used in asthna problems that allergy causes, too.


Olendar grows in the side of streams and water. It’s the strangest plant for drought. It doesn’t throw away it’s leaves in winter.In addition it is grown as ornamantel plant in gardens.

RED PINE(TREE) It’s found that small island clearly to be seen the Mediteranean climate in the microclimate zones. It likes hot. It can be grown in convenient climate and muddy soils and can be grown in hot warm winter,in hot summer and dry,poor in terms of soil,rocky,chalky or sandy places.

CEDAR It’s from abietic family; it’s about 40 meter and it’s very attractive and huge. Its branches are horizoantal. Its leaves are like a neddle and bunch. Its colours are dark green when it’s young.

JUNIPER It’s a consonant green tree that doesnt’ fall out its leaves in winter. Its leaves are small, scaled or in the shape of needle and each leaf is 1-2 cm




Many vegetables, fruits and trees are grown in Mersin

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