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College Students Embrace Yoga!

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Kenesha Reed Spelman College Fall 2012 Yoga

Once in a while, students inspire the teacher and together, they inspire the world. ~ Felesha Love

A collection of magnificent students and their work

About the author

Felesha Love is a college educator who has been teaching mind, body, spirit integration and physical fitness for over twenty five years. She designed the curriculum for

beginning yoga and intermediate yoga college credit courses which she currently

teaches. Since 2008, student enrollment fills to capacity within hours of the first day of pre- registration.

Students claim that Love’s philosophy is a refreshing as she teaches life changing

skill sets designed to improve fitness, reduce stress and encourage self exploration

through yoga. Students overwhelmingly report that meditation and their personal path toward enlightenment are a valuable part of the class experience. Felesha claims that yoga is more than exercise on a mat. It is an opportunity to enrich lives, improved happiness and personal freedom.

Dear students,

This is a tribute to you. A special thank you to those of you who granted permission to share your brilliance in an effort to motivate and inspire others. I know that there are many of you who also granted permission but please be patient. It wasn’t long, after I began working on this project, that I realized I could produce volumes.

While I only have one short semester with you I want you to know that it brings me great joy to witness your personal growth. Thank you for the exquisite exchange of

intellect and positive energy. I am most proud of you for making a commitment in class to do your best to make the world a better place in all that you do. I remain you biggest cheerleader. Namaste’,

Felesha Love


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College students embrace yoga! Students learn key fitness concepts and how to cultivate healthy lifestyles through mind, body, spirit integr...