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MySocialTab is a social networking service that enables users to send gifts to each other, pool together for gifts, share their likes, experiences and recommendations and get notifications for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates of their friends.

Send & Receive Add your family, colleagues or friends from different social platforms and surprise them with their favourite gift or get surprises from them on your special day or days. ________________________________________________________________

Follow & Share Tab products you like or add them to your wish list. Follow friends to view their choice in products or the products they tab. See latest product insights from experts or tab masters. Visit Our Online Gift Store:- ________________________________________________________________

Contribute & Pool Pool in with your friends, family or peers to get contributions and jointly gift with just a click. ________________________________________________________________

Remember & Wish Use the MySocialTab calendar or their unique profiler to help you remind an array of dates such as birthday, anniversary and more and wish them with ease. ________________________________________________________________

Why MySocialTab A friend's socialtab gives you access to various details about him or her that you wouldn't have known otherwise, be it their likes and dislikes, their vital statistics or important dates in their life.       

Send and receive gifts from friends and family. Reveal your wish lists and get valuable contributions. Share your likes, experiences and recommendations with friends. See what your friends are upto and get their recommendations. Pool together in groups to contribute and send valuable gifts. Discover important dates of your friends and get reminders. MySocialTab is an online gift store that has products from over 300 different partner stores and have over 50,000 products in multiple product categories for various festivals, occasions, feelings and relations.

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MySocialTab - Social Gifting & Social Shopping Network  

MySocialTab is a Social Gifting Network that enables users to send gifts to each other, pool together for gifts, share their likes, experien...