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Bringing History to life, again, in Regina

FALL 2013

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Pick up your 'In Case of Emergency' cling decal at our locations on Rochdale Blvd. or Victoria Avenue in Regina. $2 - All proceeds will be given to animal rescues.

Feature pets for adoption. These pets are sponsored by Metro Pet Market and SKY Magazine. Sheldon and Kenzie photos courtesy Jina Creighton

Metro Pet Market, People for Animals of Saskatchewan and Prairie Sky Dog Rescue: Together making lives better for pets and their people. Follow us online for exclusive sales, promotions, news and events! |




Publisher’s View The Colour of the SKY in My World

Lynn Armstrong

As the summer leaves turn from green to bright red, before they are whisked away by the wind, I bring you the Red Issue. Red is the colour of energy and possibility that surrounds us this time of year. Creating the Red Issue has been an odyssey, travelling to Saskatoon, Lumsden and Regina, meeting interesting people, learning about new businesses that are opening, celebrating milestones and anniversaries and finally meeting the horse named Red. The colour red called out to me once again as we happened upon a gentleman playing a bright red upright piano at the Regina Public Library. He explained that it is part of the Dunlop Art Gallery’s “Play” Installation. Given that I was in a red dress, I saw this as a sign from above for the perfect location for the publisher photo. (Thank you RPL). This issue must be read, pun intended. Have a happy fall and I will see you in the White Issue.

Publisher Photo: Reflection Cut-Out Blazer by Funkional, Queen V Fashion House; Frank Lyman red dress, NWL Dress Shop, Summer Solstace necklace by High Priestess, Queen V Fashion House, Christian Louboutin shoes, Lynn’s collection.


Bev Dubois, Stopping Traffic Bev Dubois is known to Saskatoon as a business woman, former city councillor, and as a volunteer committed to making the city of Saskatoon a great place to live, work and raise a family. Bev is instrumental in bringing a new business opportunity to the Saskatoon market. Line sweater, Alice + Olivia leather trim dress pants, Era Style Loft, Saskatoon; Moonbeam Necklace by High Priestess, Queen V Fashion House, Regina; Michael Kors shoes, Zoes, Regina; Hair and makeup by The Lemon Tree Salon & Studio Saskatoon; Purse custom designed for the photo shoot by Chicks and Girlies, Regina.

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01 Canadian Digital Network: Stopping Traffic in Saskatoon 02 The Women of James Street, Lumsden 03 Lorelei’s Muse 04 Clearly Looking Good, Northgate Optical 05 Dean Renwick: A Brand New Day

Publisher/Editor/Writer Lynn Armstrong Design Amber Moon | Facebook “the jetstar design” Sky Photographer Greg Huszar Photography, Lisa Landrie (Children’s Wish Foundation, Saskatoon) Printing PrintWest Distribution Canada Post Sky Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed to 32,000 homes in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Lumsden and Craven, Copyright 2013. All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher.

Be Seen in the White Issue. Lynn Armstrong, Publisher Telephone: 306.546.3873 | Cell: 306.581.0715 @sky_magazine SKY Magazine is created by SKY Publishing Ltd.


Stopping Traffic, Making Connections,

Being Seen anadian Digital Network is in the business of digital signage. Their goal is to revolutionize the digital billboard industry through a shared success business model. CDN brings together sign owners, landowners, investors, and businesses under a model that is based on integrity, accountability and providing a strategic advantage for those within the network. CDN’s products include outdoor digital billboards, in-venue digital signage and an advertising workforce who sell advertising to appear on the signs. CEO and Shareholder James McDonnell, Bev Dubois, Vice President of Operations and Community Relations and Lorne Piett, VP of Sales, are leading the expansion of the network in Saskatoon and beyond. Saskatoon knows Bev as a woman who has dedicated her career to making Saskatoon a great place to live, work and raise a family, including serving as a City Councilor for nine years and leading fund raising initiatives for community organizations. She has served as a Board member for many organizations, including the Rotary Club of Saskatoon; University of Saskatchewan Senate; Leadership Saskatoon and Tourism Saskatoon. She has received three volunteer medals over the years. Bev joined CDN in April to bring the company to Saskatoon and other

large markets, following its growth model initiative. “Saskatoon’s business community is alive and thriving. Our goal is to grow a digital billboard network that generates value for advertisers and sign owners alike,” says Bev. Canadian Digital Network is a Saskatchewan entrepreneurial success story that began two years ago in Regina when a group of digital sign owners came to together

in 2011, CDN represents 54 digital signs on the best locations with the best visibility and traffic. They have a presence in Regina, Saskatoon and many rural markets; and they are looking forward to being seen in other major rural markets in the near future. CDN also provides in-venue systems and advertising support, currently representing three venues, including Credit Union

“We are looking forward to growing

the network in Saskatoon and beyond. We welcome sign owners, land owners, and advertisers to learn more about the business opportunity that we are bringing to the province.” to create a new standard for operating in the digital sign market. James McDonnell, Rob Thomson, Reg Howard, Todd Mintz and Jason Degelman created this game-changing company. They came together with a concept of joining their five digital signs and creating a successful joint business model with other affiliates/ sign owners. This model of shared success has been integral to the success of the network, and why the company is growing at the speed of light. CDN’s growth trajectory in just two years indicates change is happening at an impressive rate. Beginning with five digital signs

Centre in Saskatoon and Spectra Place in Estevan. “We are very proud to be partnering with the Credit Union Centre as their indoor and outdoor digital advertiser. As the largest public gathering facility in Saskatchewan, CUC draws over 650,000 guests annually for a variety of events from hockey to concerts. CUC will be the place for advertisers to promote themselves. Once the signs are installed in the network, CDN becomes the advertising sales force for its clients, under the leadership of Lorne Piett, VP of Sales. “Having the signage is the first step. Our job is to populate the

James McDonnell, CEO, Bev Dubois, VP Operations, & Community Relations, Lorne Piett, VP of Sales. Bev is wearing Twelfth Street tuxedo blazer by Cynthia Vincent, Rebecca Taylor pencil skirt and Joie Floral print blouse from Era Style Loft, Saskatoon, and Michael Kors shoes from Zoes in Regina.

signs with advertising so that sign owners can generate revenue and business can be promoted in the best locations. We guarantee our clientele a minimum of 864 messages per day, providing a clear cost per message. This way, we ensure optimum visibility for advertisers. We also create opportunities for businesses to advertise in all locations across the network, so they can reach their target market. Advertising rates are based on location and traffic counts, with a value

model to the advertiser.” “Canadian Digital has support from the business community with 125 stake holders in the network who have invested in the company’s vision. We envision having a network of digital signs in the best locations in Saskatchewan and ultimately Western Canada,” says James. “We are looking forward to growing the network in Saskatoon and beyond. We welcome sign owners, land owners,

and advertisers to learn more about the business opportunity that we are bringing to the province,” adds Bev. “CDN is proud to be a part of Saskatchewan’s growth, bringing new and dynamic opportunities for advertisers.” Canadian Digital Network 206 1402 Rose Street, Regina @canadiandigital | 306.775.1200 (Corporate Office) 306.260.2360 (Bev Dubois)

Interesting People and the Things They Do

Planning For Success by Ruth Pradzynski

Now is the time of year when everyone is talking about “back to school”. A recent study indicated that Canadians parents will spend on the average $428 on back to school purchases this year. Parents on the prairies will spend on average $450. Just last week I sent my son off to the United States for college. In terms of planning we did just about everything wrong. Three months ago, I talked to him and said, “Are you thinking about going to school in the fall, because if you are, we really need to get things

in order.” He said, “No mom, I like my job and I’m going to continue with it this year.” Then, three days before school starts, his employer laid off the majority of staff, and David rethought his priorities. “Maybe I should go to school,” he said. In a tearing hurry, we arranged by long-distance telephone for his scholarship, registration, and plane tickets. Now we’re trying to put together the rest of the pieces through long-distance. Most of the planning for going back to school involves short-term plans. Do I have the school supplies, does my child have a place to study and do homework, what sports is my child going to be involved in this year? However this is also a good time to ensure that you have good long-term planning in place for your children.

Have you asked a close friend or family member if they would be willing to be guardian for your children if something happens to you? Do you have that information in your will? Do you have a personal power of attorney set up? How about a living will? In order to ensure that your family is adequately provided for in all circumstances, it is important for you to have a complete estate plan. At A.R.E. Law we can help you develop an estate plan that will cover all eventualities. We will make sure to ask you the questions that you need to answer to help you plan for your family. Ruth Pradzynski A.R.E. Law 1758 McAra Street Regina, SK. P 306.352.1522

Blazing the trail to your retirement dreams Baby boomers are redefining retirement Baby boomers reaching the golden age of 65 may not pack up their desk and enjoy a quiet retirement lifestyle like their parents did. If their influence on social revolutions in the past is any indication, baby boomers are going to redefine retirement. If you’re part of this influential group, you will need to redefine how you plan for this exciting new chapter of your life. Different retirement lifestyles: Baby boomers have enjoyed higher standards of living than their parents. Healthier lifestyles and medical advances are leading to longer life expectancies. Baby boomers will be looking to enjoy higher standards of retirement. Careful planning can mean your savings are able to provide adequate income for you to enjoy the rest of your life on your terms. Times have changed – and so has the retirement age: Baby boomers may not be working towards the goal of retirement. Many individuals have found fulfilling careers to continue developing past the age of 65. Some plan on starting a second career after “retirement.” Retiring later may mean waiting longer before transitioning to strategies that protect your nest egg. If your dream is pursuing a new passion or to start a small business after you “retire,” you may need to save additional funds in order to avoid financial stress. To longevity and good health: Building health care costs into your retirement savings plan can ease your mind. Purchasing critical illness, disability and longterm care insurance can mean you and your family are able to focus on your health, and not the impact recovery has on your savings.

Free Retirement Projection Service from Barbara March-Burwell

Barbara can help you eliminate unnecessary risks in your retirement plan by showing you how to: 3 Avoid subtle pitfalls that can cost you 3 Find risk-managed investment alternatives for today’s ultralow interest rates 3 Boost your after-tax income 3 Ensure your surplus capital is not needlessly exposed to your high tax rate With her free service, you will receive detailed projections and recommendations based on your current situation. Most importantly, you will gain peace of mind knowing that you are still on track or, if you’re off track, how to get back on. To request a noobligation Free Retirement Projection, please contact Barbara today. Please contact us for more information about planning for your retirement. This article is supplied by Barbara Mareh-Burwell, an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. (Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund.) This article is for information purposes only. Please consult with a professional advisor before taking any action based on information in this article.

RBC Dominion Securities Barbara March-Burwell, CFP Investment Advisor & Certified Financial Planner T: 306.777.0543 | 306.745.4764 E: W:

Performance Services that Build Businesses B y L ana She p pard

You’re busy building your business. You oversee all aspects, including products and services, customers, employees, managing costs and improving quality. Sometimes you feel like you need to know everything, keep up with trends and do it all by yourself. This can be a lonely, stressful and sometimes isolated experience.

Horse Sense:

My Muse By Lorelei R. Johns, C.A.

His is a world not known to many, but revered by all. He symbolizes freedom to some, to others strength and power. He is the embodiment of nobility, grace and beauty. I am mesmerized by his beauty, as I stand in admiration and respect of his equine essence. His body muscular, yet fragile, has for centuries carried civilizations into times of war and peace, from captivity to freedom, from darkness to light. His eyes are soulful, as if to tell the stories of his herd, past and present. He is Red, and he is magnificent. Since joining the entrepreneurial world in search of the freedom to live and work in my own vision, Red has been my muse, my teacher and my friend. He inspires me to do good things and help others who would do the same. He inspires me to connect to the community in a way that makes a difference. And so I commit myself to helping non-profits and charitable organizations, who like Red, have a purpose to deliver people to freedom, to help others live a life of dignity and grace. I ask that you look to the community and ask how you can help by getting involved in charitable organizations and non-profits. If you see a need, start an organization that can fill that need. I would love to help you help others find their freedom and live well. Lorelei R. Johns, C.A.

Checks n Balances can help with our Business Performance Services. We know that in order for you to make decisions it is important to have sound financial data and excellent systems and processes in place. Checks n Balances is pleased to offer a one stop shop for small to medium sized businesses that includes experience, expertise, solutions and services through a network of carefully chosen advisors representing the “best practices” in their respective fields. We provide expert analysis and guidance to help business owners deal with the issues of running their business and offer an opportunity to discuss in confidence all aspects of the business. We focus on identifying opportunities. With this support, business owners can now have access to expertise and guidance to grow their business. Our ‘Business Performance Services’ can help with the financial and operational aspects of a business, optimizing costs and increasing cash flow to improve performance so that the business owner can adapt to the changing market and business conditions. Our services include: 3 Professional bookkeeping 3 Payroll Services – including direct deposit 3 Business Performance Advising 3 Financing or refinancing 3 Merchant Services 3 Business Plans 3 Business valuations You’re busy building your business. We’d like to help you make the most of your business. Call us for a consultation to find out how Checks n Balances can help you build your business. Checks n Balances BUSINESS SERVICES 502 – 45th Street West 2nd Floor, Suite 217 Saskatoon Saskatchewan, S7L 6H2 P 306.955.7855 | F 306.955.7856 |

Need it. Want it.


Blush Beauty Bar Blush Beauty Bar | 2230 14th Avenue | Regina | 306.205.3628 | | MIYU Beauty teas and skincare pairings allow women to care for their skin from the inside out, while serving as a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.

The Lemon Tree Salon & Studio

have it!

One of a Kind Leather Handbags

Chick and Girlies | 306.924.2150 | Chicks and Girlies Limited Edition Collection will be ready early November with 8 beautiful new styles and sizes of bags including structured bag, hobo style, clutch, small cross body and diaper bags, each in 4 different amazing color combination. We are also excited to bring you the much awaited wallets for women and men.

Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil

The Lemon Tree Salon & Studio Suite 102 1526 8th Street East, Saskatoon | 306.955.0441 | | With eight of the most technologically advanced anti-aging ingredients label.m Therapy Age-Defying is designed to reverse the visible signs of aging, leaving hair looking strong, radiant and youthful.

Timeless Creations on the Runway of your Life Amaranth Designs 306.525.3438 Amaranth-Designs @reaharbus “My designs are for women looking for something special.” Rea Harbus

Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio | 3420 Hill Avenue Regina 306.347.7829 | Kahina delivers the highest quality moroccan argan oil and a skin care line which is infused with this incredible oil. Argan oil has been credited with clearing acne, eczema and extreme dryness. Organic. Luxurious. Pure.

Make a Statement Northgate Optical on Rochdale 4313 Rochdale Boulevard, Regina | 306.545.2020 | “These beautiful Dolce & Gabbana glasses (with matching cases), definitely make a fashion statement! Animal Print and Black Lace... your choice.”

Era Style Loft

Model: Railin Knaus (black coat),Brianne Punk (charcoal coat), Edge Agency Photo: Peter Scoular

Era Style Loft, 234 21 Street East, Saskatoon 306.652.2770 | Our Rebecca Minkoff Amourous Tote features playful and subtly edgy designs that can be spotted around the world on young women and celebrities alike. Era is thrilled to be apart of this amazing and ever expanding brand.

Dean Renwick:

Brand New at the Moustache Bash Dean Renwick spends his days looking through the eye of the needle, creating a new clothing line that will walk off the runway in Regina and into the retail markets at home and in cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. On November 30, Dean Renwick is hosting the Moustache Bash, a fundraising fashion show in support of the Prostate Assessment Centre, southern Saskatchewan’s first one-stop leading edge diagnostic centre for prostate cancer. “We are rolling out the blue carpet, celebrating men’s fashion and men’s health. Each man will be gifted with a tie or bow tie of his choice to wear at the event. For the women in their lives, we will give them the gift of a clean shaven man. Ragged Ass Barbers and the Hotel Saskatchewan Barber Shop will be offering straight razor shaves and moustache trims for a donation of $35.00 to the Prostate Assessment Centre.” The event will be held at Regina’s most exclusive car dealership, Mercedes Benz, featuring a men’s fashion show and the launch of Dean Renwick’s brand new line. “I would like to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Creative Industries Transition Fund, my business partner Crystal Spooner, Bradbury Design, Edge Agency, and Eye Inspire Events who are helping make my dream a reality.” “I can’t wait to share my new line and new life at the Moustache Bash.” Dean Renwick Design Studio Moustache Bash November 30, 2013 Mercedes Benz Showroom 777 S Broad Street, Regina

For tickets or sponsorship opportunities, contact: Lisa Peters, Eye Inspire Events 306.539.5339

Special Feature: Lumsden Odyssey


JAMES STREET By Lynn Armstrong

SKY Magazine is a proud sponsor of the Moustache Bash.


I went on an odyssey, in search of the places where the land meets the sky, where souls are renewed in the warmth of the summer sun, where people embody the spirit of past pioneers, and the entrepreneurs of the present and future. With Bon Jovi’s “Lost Highway” blasting, I hit the open road. I don’t have to go very far before I have to stop and take in the beauty of what I can see. Fifteen minutes from north Regina off Highway 11 is Lumsden. Immediately I feel at home. I am drawn in by the inspiring sunrise, the warm summer air, the horizon of green trees that will soon turn a beautiful shade of red before the leaves are whisked away by the wind, and the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. It was there that I met the women of James Street, who embody the dream of living well in Saskatchewan. I am pleased to introduce you to them. L-R: Jody Beaudry, Breanne Dmytriw, Deanna Perry, Shelly Korchinski, Sarah Kowalchuk, Gloria Korchinski, Lesia Matheson, Twila Parcher, Shannon Kaytor, Paulette Kaytor

A Personal Shopping Destination Housed in a 105 year old Heritage Building, behind the cedar plank exterior is the closet of your dreams in Lumsden. Owner Jody Beaudry opened her doors five years ago with a vision to create the “closet of your dreams” experience. The key to success:  “I love what I am doing, and I love giving my customers a personable and enjoyable shopping experience.”   Thr3e Clothing Connection is a boutique-shopping destination that offers a collection of the most up to date trends for your life.

Thr3e Clothing Connection:

“We can dress you for a day in town shopping, a meeting, or a night out.” “Splurge parties are a big hit at Thr3e,” adds Breanne. “We reserve the store for a group and serve wine and food, while our guests enjoy trying new looks as if they were in their very own walk in closet with their friends.” Thr3e carries women’s lines, including Hudson Jeans, G-Star, Covet, iT, Gentle Fawn, BB Dakota, Fidelity, Desigual, DEPT, Pink Martini. Thr3e’s collection of “to die for” shoes and boots include MJUS, Fly London and Luxury Rebel, accessorized perfectly with Matt & Nat bags and wallets, Brave belts as well as watches, jewelry, and earrings. LEFT Jody Beaudry, owner with Breanne Dmytriw Thr3e Clothing Connection, 215 James Street North, Lumsden 306.731.3346 | |

Wildflower Esthetics & Sugar Studio Natural, clean and classy are the first words that come to mind as you enter Deanna Perry’s private spa nestled in a heritage building on James Street, Lumsden.

Body sugaring hair removal, another one of Deanna’s passions, is also done naturally, using only water, sugar and lemon juice.

Through every treatment you experience at Wildflower, you will feel the peacefulness and serenity that Deanna holds dear to the Lumsden Valley where she grew up and still lives.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness at Wildflower. In her desire to take her client’s wellbeing to a higher level, all instruments and tools are cleaned using a statim, a sterilizing unit that dentists use to clean their instruments and tools. If it can’t be cleaned in the statim, it is disposed of.

Eminence, a handmade organic skin care line from Hungary, is used in all services and retailed as well. “It is like the clean eating of skincare,” Deanna explains. “Their moisturizers are full of vitamins and nutrients extracted from the fruits and vegetables that are used in their making. Aging doesn’t stand a chance against nature’s combinations like pear and poppy seed, strawberry rhubarb, gooseberry and black currant, cucumber mint, key lime and vanilla, which are infused in the Eminence serums, cleansers, masques and exfoliants.”

Indulge in the finest facials, pedicures, manicures, and body treatments at Wildflower Esthetics & Sugar Studio or treat somebody with a gift certificate. Visit the website or call to book ahead before your next excursion to Lumsden, and prepare to bask in Eminence. Wildflower Esthetics & Sugar Studio Suite 1 - 215 James Street North, Lumsden 306.731.9121 |

Fourth & James Bakery Fourth & James Bakery | 375 James St. N., Lumsden 306.731.3552 | | Caramelized onion and smoked cheddar quiche, cinnamon buns, pesto cheese twists, diablo cookies, peanut butter cupcakes, chocolate quinoa cupcakes and pizza at noon – oh my. You will make a special trip into Lumsden to stop at Fourth & James Bakery, wander around some pretty shops in Lumsden, sit on a bench and say “hey” to passersby. Owner Lesia Matheson was trained at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute in Vancouver. She has a passion for food that tastes good and feels good, and an experience that feeds your soul. “At Fourth & James, we love to listen to good music while we bake, and we think that being kind and creative is a great way to be. We also love the marriage of function and form, good jokes and Scrabble.”

Red Leaf Boutique Red Leaf Boutique | 4-20 2nd Avenue, Lumsden 306.527.9194 | | Red Leaf Boutique is the place to stop for the active little people in your life. Owner Twila Parcher, and her children Emily, 11, Quin, 9, and, and baby Eve, 2, are inspired by a unique, eclectic style that not only looks good but can stand up to the play test. Twila carries Benchkids, Blu, Yogini, Underarmour, and Losan to name a few. Twila’s collection of children’s clothes is always changing and evolving, just like her “growing” customers.

Fin Salon La Vault Decor La Vault Décor | 215 James St., Lumsden | 306.731.1003 | For a turn of the century experience, visit La Vault Decor, a boutique that specializes in restoration inspired furniture, accessories for the home, lighting and handcrafted pieces. Owners Shelly and Gloria are inspired by a fusion of texture, metals, reclaimed wood and glass.

Fin Salon | 20 – 2nd Avenue, Lumsden 306.731.9122 | | Sarah Kowalchuk is Lumsden’s rock star-artist- hairstylist with a love of sustainability, creativity and imagination. From the salon’s name, Fin, which is borrowed from J.R.R. Tolkien’s finnish language in “Lord of the Rings”, to the hand crafted earthy and elegant design of the space, Fin Salon is inspired by Sarah’s love for the earth and its natural beauty. She is committed to using eco-friendly products, including Aveda and ammonia free colour and sustaining the beauty of the land and its people.

The Painted Parasol Gift & Toy The Painted Parasol Gift & Toy | 220 James St. N. Lumsden | 306.731.2201 | | Once you walk into The Painted Parasol, located in the old brick post office built in 1931, you will feel like you stepped into a simpler, happier time. For owners Shannon and Paulette Kaytor, The Painted Parasol is a dream come true. “Our passion is finding new, exciting and unique items for everyone on your list. The candy section is a big crowd pleaser.” They also carry a wide variety of home décor, purses, jewelry, toys, specialty baby items, housewares, as well as bath and body products.

History Reborn:

Regina Civic Museum Housed in Regina’s Warehouse District on 1375 Broad Street will be the Regina Civic Museum, featuring a curated collection of Regina’s history since our inception. There are pieces of the original Albert Street Bridge, collections from the majestic 1500-seat Capitol Theatre built in 1921 that once stood on the corner of 12th and Scarth, a fur press, and thousands of other artifacts that tell our story. “The largest piece in our collection is the steam locomotive now sitting at Casino Regina.The smallest articles are stamps and pieces of jewelry. The collection tells us stories about whom we are and how we came to be where we are ,” says Shari Sokochoff, Executive Director. “There are amazing pieces that celebrate the beauty of our city, as well as give memory to the dark days. The Museum is home to the large stained glass window, which is the largest surviving artifact of

Inspired Clothing and accessories for trendsetters and tastemakers This September, Queen V Fashion House is celebrating its one year anniversary as a Regina retailer. A destination women’s fashion boutique located in the Warehouse District of Regina, Queen V has received tremendous accolades from the provincial fashion community. Owner Fallon Mazurkewich and the Queen V team are excited to house a curated collection of top brands from all over the world. Queen V Fashion House #101-1118 Broad Street | Regina (306) 206-1331 |  | |  Photo by Carey Shaw

the Knox Presbyterian Church that was damaged in the Regina Cyclone of 1912.” The initiative to re-invent the museum began in March 2012, when the Board of Directors of the then Regina Plains Museum established a new strategic direction to become Regina’s civic museum, preserving and representing the history of our city. The new direction was approved by City Council, recognizing the Regina Civic Museum as a community partner and a core functional organization in the city. “As the city grows and evolves, it will be important for those who shared in the creation of our city from its inception to revisit these artifacts and what they mean to them. For new comers to our city, the Regina Civic Museum will be the place to learn about the city they now call home.” Shari Sokochoff, Executive Director Regina Civic Museum 1375 Broad Street Regina 306.780.9435

Lindsay Hopkin’s


At 11, Lindsay Hopkins was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumour the size of a golf ball. She faced surgery with a 50% chance of survival, or a 25% chance of permanent damage. At 14, the tumour grew back. She endured a second surgery, this time sustaining losses to her balance and long term memory.

“In math, I went from 98% to 60% to 51%. I don’t remember parts of my childhood anymore.” Part of the tumour is in her brain and cannot be removed. She sees it as a part of who she is. Frustration, she says, is pointless. She practices acceptance, positivity, embracing life and being grateful for what she has been given. Her mantra passed on by her parents is ‘I am only given what I can handle. I am strong enough to endure my struggle’. “If it wasn’t me, it might have been someone else who may not have had the support of their family and friends that I have.” She is grateful to her neurologist who referred

her to the Children’s Wish Foundation. At 16, she was granted her wish. At 18, she took her family on a Caribbean cruise. But her dream is bigger still. Her dream is for all kids and families to know they do not have to suffer alone. At 27, Lindsay is living her dream. She earned a degree in English and Education (Honours) from the University of Saskatchewan, now looking forward to her first teaching job this fall. She is also an advocate for the Children’s Wish Foundation. “I want children and families to know that they do not have to suffer alone. I want doctors to be aware of the impact they can have by referring a child to the Children’s Wish Foundation.” Lindsay spoke at the CWF ‘Swing and a Wish Golf Tournament’ receiving a standing ovation. “I thought it was kind of funny that I was speaking about my golf-ball sized tumour at a golf tournament.”

“My mom always told me to live each day to the fullest and live it like it’s your last. You need to take it one step at at time and enjoy as much of life as you can. It’s hard to be in that spot. Keep going, things will be brighter.” The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada / Saskatchewan Chapter Gay Oldhaver, Director Box 309 Saskatoon, SK. S7K 3L3 Email:

This story was proudly sponsored by



September 13&14 November 8&9 Conexus Arts Centre | Regina

TCU Place | Saskatoon

Saskatchewan’s top boutiques and lifestyle services New York style runway fashion shows | DJs and entertainment Premium spirits and cuisine Contact us to include your business Presented by S3StyleShoppingSpirits |


Meet “Tiffany Rose”, a jasmine flavoured green tea with pink and yellow flowers. This beautiful flowering blossom warms up a fall day. Tiffany Rose is a perfect way to treat yourself or a friend with the gift of colour and warmth. Cuppa T 2732 13th Avenue, Regina 306.352.4411 |

Northgate Optical on Rochdale:

Clearly Looking Great By Lynn Armstrong

A flickering fireplace lights a quaint sitting area, where I sit, pondering the virtues of Coach, D & G, DKNY, Versace, or Vogue. Bold? Brassy? Contemplative? High fashion? Euro Fashion? Northgate Optical on Rochdale is a beautiful blend of modern Zen and cozy home comfort. Rich woods and cappuccino tones create warmth, while crystal lighting creates sparkle and bling. Owners Alex and Bonnie Horvath and Partner Jerry Schellenberg provide personalized service, guiding customers through the experience from shopping for the perfect frames, to ensuring the lens is perfectly designed for clarity. As the most established optical dispensary in Regina, their selection of frames is beautiful, and their approach is seamless, timely and 100% personalized. It is a high tech experience that leaves you looking great and seeing with absolute clarity. They use the Essilor Visioffice System to measure personal visual behavior so that your lenses will be uniquely created and tailored to your needs. Choosing the frame is also much easier with new technology. The OptiKam takes highresolution digital photographs, which help to provide a new perspective on choosing frames. Can’t decide? They offer multi-pair solutions, I learned, so I could have more than one pair of glasses for my lifestyle. I need that, so I am in. After I left, I tweeted about my experience and one of their customers responded: “20 years for me and 30 years for my parents! Great customer service. They treat you like family!” Northgate Optical on Rochdale 4313 Rochdale Boulevard, Regina 306.545.2020 |


Don’t be afraid of the dark.. Au Noir is a shirt line made from the finest luxury cottons. With it’s flattering fit and lavish size range; seeing is believing and wearing is knowing.

Exclusively at

Trinos MensWear

2445 Quance Street (East Landing Mall) Regina 306.522.4667 | | follow us

Available at

Featuring Eileen Fisher Sara Pacini Rebecca Taylor

Regina’s newest premier women’s fashion experience opening SEPTEMBER 2013 3221 Quance Street East, Regina 306.543.2013 |

3418 Hill Avenue | Regina | 306.359.7773 Northgate Mall | Regina | 306.352.7773 | kitchengear | kitchengear

Sky fall2013