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Strengthening Families He decided that he would be the change he wanted to see in his family. If he wanted his children to become the men and women he’d always hoped them to be, he had to start leading by example. This led him to SINDA’s parenting workshops. Change didn’t happen overnight but Mr Gunesekaran could see the value in the workshops, and he kept at it. He slowly learnt how a father’s role in the family went beyond just providing financially for them. He discovered different parenting techniques and learnt the importance of patience and how to manage his temper. Most importantly, he started to listen to what his children were trying to say and see things from their perspective. Mr Gunesekaran wouldn’t say he’s a fully changed man. He’s far less hot tempered and more patient with his children. Nowadays he works with his wife to better understand his children.

“SINDA helped me to find the words I’ve always wanted to say…

Family Programmes SINDA believes in nurturing families for a better future. In-line with this, SINDA’s programmes and events aim at fostering stable and self-sufficient family units and empowering parents with essential life and parenting skills.

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Camp Jumanji

Modular Parenting Workshops

96 students from Primary 4 to 6 were challenged on their motivational, leadership and academic skills at the holiday camp held from 4 to 6 June 2014. Students were engaged in meaningful teambuilding activities and explored leadership roles through experiential games.

SINDA’s parenting programmes touch on key topics that encourage parents to establish stronger bonds with their children through positive parenting approaches. Each module, customised and conducted in English or Tamil, consists of 3 sessions. Upon completion, parents move on to other modules. In 2014, 112 parents benefited from these parenting workshops.

SINDA Junior Challenge On 22 March 2014, close to 200 STEP students engaged in fun activities during the school holidays. Primary 1 and 2 students took part in spelling bees, Primary 3 and 4 students took part in Maths quizzes and those in Primary 5 and 6 participated in Science experiments. Parents of these students were engaged through talks and lively discussions on effective parenting.

SINDA Parenting Conference At this annual conference, parents gather to discuss and debate issues, strategies and best practices with regards to parenting, while their children participate in fun activities. In 2014, 198 parents and 135 children participated in the conference.

and become a better father.” From sharing the love of soccer with his son to spending quality time with his daughters, Mr Gunesekaran now plays a more active role in his children’s lives and he loves it.  

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SINDA Annual Report 2014  

Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

SINDA Annual Report 2014  

Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives