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Empowering Youth By his second year in GAME, Vignesh had turned his life around. He had new friends, learned the importance of having a positive attitude and showing respect when it was due. Over time, his fellow GAME participants and mentors began to feel like family. They even wrote a song together – an effort that Vignesh is particularly proud of.

Youth Development SINDA engages Indian youth in a range of programmes that gives them access to mentors, role models and other sources of positive reinforcement. In 2014, SINDA conducted motivational and mentorship programmes which enabled youth to develop positive values, a healthy lifestyle and improve their academic performance.

In 2013, Vignesh was appointed a SINDA Peer Leader. He started to proactively inspire others by talking to them and tried convincing them to refrain from smoking and truancy. He also regularly volunteered to assist his project officer and mentors in facilitating GAME sessions.

Guidance And Mentorship Programme

The Vignesh today is a reinvention. A valedictorian and recipient of the Gold Award for GAME at the Positive Youth Development Awards, he has never forgotten what SINDA has done for him.

The Guidance and Mentorship Programme (GAME) is a group-based mentoring programme designed for secondary school students in need of guidance and support. In 2014, GAME Music, GAME Soccer and GAME Girls enabled 190 participants to pursue their passions in the sports and arts.

“SINDA taught me to

Senior Victory

be a kinder and more

Senior Victory is a 10-week school-based, motivational programme that develops Secondary 1 and 2 students with low self-esteem to become confident and resilient individuals with positive attitudes. In 2014, 165 students were identified by school teachers and placed in the programme. 90% of participants coped better in stressful situations which helped them perform better in their academics.

understanding person who wants to help others.” He aspires to be a marine engineer and strives to be a positive influence in society.

Youth Development in numbers Participants

1,157 Facilitators & Trainers

45 Mentors & Peer Leaders

50 YOUTH | 21

SINDA Annual Report 2014  

Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

SINDA Annual Report 2014  

Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives