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His grades also started to improve. He liked studying with his friends. It motivated him. His teacher, Ms Devi patiently encouraged him every day, working closely with him when he needed it. The environment the programme created was exactly what he needed to excel. What used to be zeroes are now stellar A’s. He finally found his stride. In the 2014 PSLE, Jagdish, after months of dedication and hard work, was awarded Best Overall in the Joint Tuition Awards which recognises the academic achievements of students. The entire STEP family was so proud of him that they threw the biggest, most exciting birthday party he’s ever had! Jagdish is no longer the same person he used to be. He’s more driven and has more friends. A self-confessed computer fanatic, he shares his passions with Niyaz and Shahim. Madam Beba noticed the change in Jagdish, and she couldn’t be happier.

“SINDA came at a right time when my boy was about to break both academically and emotionally.” Jagdish intends to follow his passion and become a software engineer, and hopes to be an inspiration to students with disabilities all over Singapore.

Tutorial Programmes Driving educational excellence among Singaporean Indian students is SINDA’s key focus. In line with this, SINDA runs several education programmes that support and supplement the academic pursuits of students.

STEP SINDA Tutorials for Enhanced Performance or STEP, is a holistic tutorial programme that offers affordable and quality tuition for Indian students in English, Maths and Science. Together with SINDA’s motivational programmes and all-rounded student services, STEP improves the academic performance of students in primary and secondary levels. In 2014, classes were conducted across 20 STEP centres islandwide. These centres were managed by Centre Principals and assisted by Centre Administrators who were appointed by SINDA.

Project Teach Project Teach is a school-based tutorial programme for English, Maths and Science. In 2014, 1,203 students from Primary 1 to 6 scoring C grades and below, were identified by school teachers and placed in Project Teach. Similarly, Maths classes were conducted for 101 students from Secondary 1 to 5 who scored B4 and below in Maths. Project Teach is conducted in collaboration with schools, parents and tutors and focuses on improving the academic performance of students.

STEP in numbers STEP students

2,951 STEP tutors

351 Project Teach in numbers Schools conducting Project Teach

64 Project Teach students

1,304 Project Teach tutors


SINDA Annual Report 2014  

Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

SINDA Annual Report 2014  

Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives