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When work and play “Ranger is tough and yet comfortable, rugged yet stylish, safe, technologically advanced and are demanding... powerful, yet remaining affordable. There is no compromise here.” Stephen Odell, Chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe

…be demanding.

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If you’re looking for a pickup that sets new standards for styling, technology and advanced engines, as well as driver and passenger comfort and convenience, you’re looking in the right place. Available in Regular Cab, RAP Cab and Double Cab bodystyles, the all-terrain Ford Ranger is a game-changer: meticulously engineered in every aspect of its design to make your working day easier and your leisure time more fun.

COMMERCIAL Regular Cab 4x4. Frozen White. Available equipment.

12/13/12 2:09 PM


Regular Cab

Room for two.

Regular Cab is ideal if your biggest priority is a generous load-carrying capacity, and you only need seating for two.

Cab 䊏

2 persons

Cargo box volume1 䊏

1.8 cu. m (63.6 cu. ft.)

Gross payload capacity 䊏

Up to 1,620 kg (3,571 lbs.)2

Cargo box dimensions 䊏

Height is 511 mm (20.1")

Width is 1,560 mm (61.4")

Length is 2,317 mm (91.2")

COMMERCIAL Regular Cab 4x4. Frozen White. Available equipment.

And a whole load more.


To the top of the cargo box. When properly equipped. Availability varies by market. See your dealer for details.


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12/13/12 2:09 PM