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Why to Choose the Right Shape for Your Wedding Invitation? Wedding invitation can do great wonders when it comes to setting the tone of your wedding. This is the reason why you have to be careful when looking for “the one.” There are now plenty of choices when it comes to personal wedding cards designs. But, did you know that wedding invitation shapes also play a very crucial role in making sure that your wedding invitation will stand out from the rest? When it comes to marriage card design, the shape of your wedding invitation is something that you can ever take for granted. In fact, this is something that you should give some serious pondering. Even the best Shaadi cards and royal wedding card designs will be deemed useless if you don’t go for the right shape of wedding invitation.

Rectangular Wedding Invitation One of the most classic and no doubt most famous wedding invitation shapes is vertical and rectangular shape. The common size for this shape is around is 5-1/2″ x 7-3/4″. This size can give sufficient space for your wording. With this shape, you will notice the Online Wedding Cards Stores

Why to Choose the Right Shape for Your Wedding Invitation? adequate space allotted for the name of the bride and groom for it to be bigger than the rest of the type and to set this apart from the rest of the wording on the card. The rectangular wedding invitation shapes can be used I horizontal format as well. It is a great option if your wording doesn’t contain plenty of lines but it could be that every line itself is a bit long. Square Wedding Invitation The square wedding invitation shapes are known for their commanding presence. The usual size for this particular marriage card design is 7″ x 7″. When you use the square shape for your personal wedding cards design, you will have enough room for your wording to make a good impression. This is a great shape to show off two styles of font. However, you have to take note that whatever your chosen size is, an envelope of square shape will need extra postage. Heart Shape Wedding Invitation With wedding being a celebration of love between a man and a woman, it only makes sense that heart shaped wedding invitations are also a favorite. This personal wedding cards design is a true hit for many couples as it suits the wedding ceremony just perfectly in every sense of the way. Round Wedding Invitation If you don’t like to go for the conventional shapes of square and rectangle, the round wedding invitations are just the right one for you. A very great thing about this round shaped marriage card design is that this can also symbolize an endless and infinite

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Why to Choose the Right Shape for Your Wedding Invitation? relationship, thanks to its circular shape which can be associated to something that continues and never ends. Needless to say, the shape of your wedding invitation is something that you must never overlook. It sets the whole ceremony and makes it feel as special as it is as you want it to be. Myshadicards, an online wedding card provider can help you with choosing your ultimate wedding invitation. You should always remember that there is nothing more important than a beautifully crafted invitation. A well designed invitation card not only honour the importance and sanctity of the event but also holds the sentimental value intact.

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Why to choose the right shape for your wedding invitation  

The planning for any wedding starts with selecting the right invitation cards. Your wedding invitation does much more than just announce the...

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