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How the Cloud Makes Telework Easier Employees who are wasting time on the Internet in the office is a huge problem. Many managers have turned to PC monitoring software that they use for employee computer monitoring to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, that seldom works. But, believe it or not, you can fix the problem once and for all by allowing more of your employees to telecommute. There was a time, not too long ago, when the notion of allowing an employee to work at home struck fear into the hearts of business owners and managers. But that doesn’t have to be the case now. Just look at what you and your teleworkers can do with cloud-based tools:  Get training: Through tools like TeamViewer and others, telecommuting employees can share control of their desktops with their bosses, who can then provide them with the training they need to get their jobs done.  Attend meetings: Through tools such as Skype, employees can “virtually” attend any meeting that they would normally if they were in the office. All that’s needed is a subscription to the service and updated computers on each end.  Work with the team: Tools such as Dropbox allow workers to share documents with other team members and even work on the documents together in a shared place in the cloud.  Have their productivity measured: Cloud-based software like MySammy accurately measures how productive teleworkers are during the course of a workday and even generates reports based on the data collected. Allowing your employees to telecommute and utilizing these cloud-based tools eliminates the need for PC monitoring software or employee computer monitoring “spyware.” If you’re not taking advantage of the cloud technology already, what are you waiting for?

How the Cloud Makes Telework Easier  
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