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Our Pet Day for 2013. Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm on another great community day!



Pet Day Reflection It was absolutely tremendous to see so many family, friends and community members at our annual pet day on Monday. The weather turned it on for us and it was just a great, fun filled busy day. I heard one parent who got their child to pause during the grand parade to get a sense of just how big an event it was - the field was filled with a myriad of animals and people. A huge thank you has to go to all the parents who put in such a huge effort to co-ordinate the many facets of the day. A day such as that is a bit of a logistical nightmare to coordinate and the many activities and stalls - from the tractor rides to the country cafe - can not happen unless people commit to giving their time. We have a core group who have put in a huge effort over some years and it may well be that we all need to consider shouldering some of that responsibility in the years ahead.

Kia tu Pakari

School Visitors The word is out! Lately we have had a number of other schools sending groups of teachers along to see what it is we are doing here. They are curious about how our teaching teams are working and how we structure our learning programmes. I make the point to all of them that it’s not a one man show, that the current atmosphere we have here is because of the strong and positive team culture we have. A strong team is only possible when everyone is passionate about working hard together and have high levels of professional and personal respect. United we stand (tall) and divided we fall (over). As a team and as a school the strength of our community is the sum of all its parts and how they come together. The staff, parents and children of Myross Bush are what is on show when people, either other teachers or new parents, come to visit. Be proud of what our school works hard to achieve for all our children. Know also that we are

always reflecting on what we do and how we do it in our continued effort to make it the very best it can be. That is what makes me proud when I get the chance to showcase ‘our place!’ Regards Tim Lovelock Principal Friends of the School It was great to see the sun and so many people come along to Pet Day on Monday. Big thank-you to all the people who volunteered their time and donated items to sell on the day. We raised approximately $3300! The Term 4 FOS meeting is being held on Tuesday 19th November at 7:30pm in the staff room. This will include a review of our successful Pet Day so come along with your feedback and ideas. All welcome. 

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Community Gladstone Tyres and Mags: Get the school rewarded - $5 back to the school on every tyre purchase - drop a copy of your invoice into the school. Baby Sitters Available: • Katie Grant, ex Myross Bush Student Year 10 at Southland Girls High, lives in district and enjoys children. Please contact me on 2304343 or 0278246366 • Anna Roberts, ex Myross Bush Pupil, 15 years old, experienced and good with children. Phone 2304912 • Morgan Shepherd, ex pupil lives in Myross Bush area and has a full drivers license. Available from now through to Christmas and then from 10th of Jan. Mobile: 0273074992 Home: 2304230

School Notices Found: Polar Fleece Myross Bush top if you think it’s yours please contact the office. Missing: One navy school ukulele. Love to see it back in the special box it lives in. Ronald McDonald Family Room: We raised $185 on Whacky Hair Day and the aviary committee has added $35 to make a total of $220. Hannah Smith and Ella Wylie (Student Council) will go with Irene to Southland Hospital on Monday to gift the money to Helen Walker at the Ronald McDonald Family Room. They are looking at using the money to purchase art work for the bedroom walls. Aviary Committee Food Wrap Orders: We've had some inquiries about another food wrap order so have sent home order forms today. Food wrap fundraiser is run by the office and aviary committee. Money must come with order form, please do not internet bank. (Cheque or cash only). The aviary committee have bought ukuleles (and subsidised lessons), contributed to the Ronald McDonald Family Room, bought BBQ tables, cherry blossom trees, native plants, microwave, carpet for the new resource room and numerous other items over the last 12 years. The aviary raffle still has a few tickets left and will be drawn as soon as they are sold. If you’re coming to assembly on Friday you might like to grab one then. $2 per ticket. Thanks for your support, Irene and the aviary kids

Sports: Miniball: MB Sharks v Fernworth Lost 0-6 POD Amelia McIntosh MB Shooters v Waverely Wizards Lost 8-10 POD Jack Pagan MB Breakers v Scared Heart Won 26-1 POD Aiden McKenzie MB Jazz v Makarewa Lost 0-24 POD Georgia Donaldson MB Sharks v Fernworth Lost 0-6 POD Amelia McInstosh

Waterpolo: MB Blue v Middle Sharks Won 10 - 4 POD Emily Hay Football: MB Strikers v Southend Draw 0-0 POD Jabari Stewart and Finn Young MB Dragons v Makarewa Penguins Won 3-1 POD Hamish McKenzie MB Strikers v Southend United Draw 0-0 POD Jabari Stewart & Finn Young MB Dragons v Makarewa Won 3-1 POD Hamish Mckenzie.   Touch: MB Chiefs v Ascot Draw 4-4 POD Josh Cocker MB Chiefs v Waverly Won 2-1 POD Taleeha Stewart MB Stags v Ascot Won 6-3 (23rd) POD - Sarah Hay MB Stags v Waverley Draw 4-4 (30th) POD - Ethan Mitchell Swimming Well done to all our swimmers who competed at the Inter School Relay Carnival last Sunday at Splash Palace.  A huge thank you to Bronagh Hegan who was manager of the teams for the day.  We look forward to seeing all these up and coming swimmers competing in the Swimming Championships in 2014. MB Swimming Team: Ethan White, Danja Jaimeson, Magnus Jaimeson, Charlotte Herrick, Cassie Gray, Ciara Hegan, Bradley Hay, Jackson Herrick, Millie McKenzie, Lucy McKee. Town Golf Tournament Please look out for the notice coming home today. This has all the details for Monday 11th November. Eilish McLeod, Riley Smith, Brock Rogan, Harry Moran, Amber Gowers, Hayden Elliotte, Ben Black, Corbin Fraser, Amy Marwick, Danja Jamieson, Blake Condon, Jesse Gough, Georgia Donaldson, Olivia Cooper, Izak Kahukura, Ben Symon, Milly McLeod, Thomas F, Bradley Hay, Louis Patterson, Hannah Corbett, Hunter Cairns, Ben McCorkindale, Thomas Lemin, Tarrah Shirley, Sammie Tufui, Will Stodart, Blake McKenzie

Lost Dog: 2 year old English Springer Spaniel. Black and White. Missing from 274 Mill Road. Please ring 0274341365 Work Wanted: Do you want your child/children looked after by a caring, reliable, mature person, or need housework done. References available please phone 0275258858 or 2304182 Southland Explorers Club: With summer fast approaching this might be the time to consider joining this great club.We are looking for kids (aged 7-13) who are interested in the outdoors and exploring the environment we live in.With a special emphasis on beaches, bush rivers and wildlife there is something for everyone.We hold regular monthly meetings and field trips to all sorts of interesting places.With Lloyd Esler at our helm we have access to all sorts of knowledge about the environment around us and plenty of ideas for places to visit. If this sounds like something your child might be interested in please contact Rosanna Conner on 021 2028034 or or Lloyd Esler on 2130404 or Windsor Church: This Friday we are showing “Despicable Me 2” for Free. Great opportunity to invite as many families as you can along. November 8, “Despicable Me 2” November 15 “Epic” December 6 “The Croods” Bring along your own takeaways at 5:30pm, screening of “Despicable Me 2” to follow. Free entry, plus giveaways and free Ice cream. All welcome. Tasha: 0276365694 or 03 2177047

KAURI 8 (Mrs Polaschek & Mrs Lemin) It was the very first pet day for most of our children and they had a blast! "I liked it when my brother gave me his yellow ribbon" said Harvey. "The horses playing soccer were silly and cool" said Hamish.   "I got a boysenberry icecream" said Emily Lemin.   "I liked the chocolate wheel and my Mum won a prize" said Cooper.   "I liked my tattoo and my blue and red funky hair" said Greer.   “I liked when I got an icecream and the chocolate wheel" said George. Certificates: Madeleine Black and Charlotte Monaghan

RIMU 3 (Mrs Godby) & RATA 4 (Mrs Aurik) We had a great time on Monday at our Pet Day. "I brought pigs to Pet Day. My piglet was called Cute." Ricky "I didn't get any prizes but I liked going on the bouncy castle." Magnus "My dog is well trained and I got third in the fancy dress parade." Corban. "I liked it when I got third for my pet" Sam Scott. "I liked when I got to go on the tractor five times. My favourite thing to eat was a toffee apple." Olllie Lemin. "I liked it when I got an ice cream" Caitlyn. "I got three firsts and two seconds so I had a great day." Lauryn.

MIRO 5 (Mrs Kahukura) & MANUKA 6 (Mrs Carr) Pet day was awesome, it was a lot of fun! • I always love pet day and wish we could do it every day! • My pet was well behaved.

Pet Day Results Vege/Fruit Art 9-11yrs 1st " Thomas Fleming 2nd " Ben Black 3rd " Anneka Ivanov 7-8yrs 1st " Liam Devery 2nd " Lauryn Fleming 5-6yrs Ist " Ollie Davis 2nd= " Caleb Devery " Charlotte Morris 3rd=" Ollie Speight " George Bramer Baking 9-11yrs Pikelets 1st " Thomas Fleming 2nd " Daniel McKenzie 3rd" Hannah Smith 7-8yrs" 1st" Lauryn Fleming 2nd" Aiden McKenzie 3rd" Lachlan McCorkindale 5-6yrs 1st " Hamish McKenzie 2nd " Hannah Tufui 3rd " Amelia McCorkindale 9-11yrs Decorated Biscuits 1st " Thomas Fleming 2nd" Ollie Polaschek 3rd" Hannah Smith

• I got a ribbon! • I loved all the food, treats and stalls. • There was heaps to see and do. • I had to wash my hair 3 times to get all the coloured spray out! • There were heaps of lambs. • I won the lamb drinking race. • I liked seeing the horses. • I brought my puppy Pippy to pet day. She is a Sydney Silky and she barked a lot. I loved the ice cream. Josh L • My dog Lewis came to pet day and kept on trying to fight with other dogs. The juice boxes were nice. Cody • I brought my lamb Marshmallow and she came second. This was my first pet day and I came third in my miniature garden. Kate • I brought my dog Jilly. She got two second ribbons. My favourite was spending my money. Eilish

TOTARA (Miss Duncan) & KOWHAI 6 (Mr Herring) Ponga "Camp was really fun with all the activities that Adventure Southland came and did with us. My favourite was abseiling and the kayaking because at abseiling I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it but I did. At kayaking I faced my fear and did it too!" Samantha "Camp was really good because there were lots of activities that I hadn't done before. I hadn't done abseiling, kayaking, horizontal bungy, rifle shooting, camp cooking, rock climbing and lots of other things. My favourite thing was the kayaking because you learnt lots of different techniques and we got to play around afterwards." Izak. Assembly Duty: Manuka (R6) 2.15pm

7-8yrs 1st" Lauryn Fleming 2nd" Lachie Riley 3rd" Riley Smith 5-6yrs 1st" Meg Riley 2nd" Hamish McKenzie 3rd" Niamh Hegan 9-11yrs Muffins 1st" Corban Fraser 2nd " Ciara Hegan 3rd " Hannah Smith 7-8yrs 1st " Riley Smith 2nd" Ollie Lemin 3rd" Grace Lovelock 5-6yrs 1st" Rafferty McIntosh 2nd" Rani Crossan 3rd " Madeleine Black Sandsaucers 9-11yrs 1st " Millie McLeod 2nd" Eilish McLeod 3rd" Sammie Tufui 7-8yrs 1st " Lauryn Fleming 2nd" Cody Monaghan 3rd" Amelia McIntosh 5-6yrs 1st " Hannah Tufui 2nd" Niamh Hegan 3rd" Hailey Monaghan

Miniature Gardens 9-11yrs 1st" Corban Fraser 2nd" Joel Fleck 3rd=" Blake Mitchell " Ethan White 7-8yrs 1st" William Schuck 2nd" Gregor Rutledge 3rd" Kate McGregor 5-6yrs 1st " Niall Carter 2nd" ? 3rd" Jabari Stewart Lamb Drinking 11yrs 1st " Mille McLeod 2nd=" Greer Edie " Sammie Tufui 10yrs 1st" Tarrah Shirley 2nd" Georgia Donaldson 9yrs 1st " Harriet Stevens 8yrs 1st " Liam Devery 2nd " Matthew Speight 3rd" Isaiah Bragg 7yrs 1st" Clark Morgan 2nd" Lauryn Fleming 3rd" Nick Brown 6yrs 1st" Caleb Devery 2nd" Hannah Tufui

from the classroom

Week 4 Term 4

3rd" Rani Crossan 5yrs 1st " Niamh Hegan 2nd" Greer Mason 3rd" Meg Riley Pony Lead Race Seniors" 1st " Olivia Cooper 2nd " Ella Wylie Juniors 1st" Mitchell Lawson 2nd" Lucy Sparrow Dog Obedience 10yrs 1st " Daniel McKenzie 2nd" Katie Jukes 9yrs 1st= " Adam Stevens " Katie Cameron 8yrs 1st" Ethan Gray 2nd" Mitchell McKenzie 3rd" Sophie Jukes 7yrs 1st " Aidan McKenzie 2nd " Eilish Hegan 3rd" Cody Stevens 6yrs 1st=" Finn Young " Hamish McKenzie 5yrs 1st" Rafferty McIntosh 2nd" Charlotte Morris 3rd" Joseph Polaschek

Updated 6 november 2013




8 Fri New Entrant Day High Schools. James Hargest visitors will need to be at Myross Bush by 8.30am today

9 Mon BOT Meeting

2014 Dates Feb 3 Term 1 begins Feb 6 Waitangi Day Feb 7 Teacher Only Day Apr 17 End of Term 1 May 5 Term 2 begins July 4 Term 2 ends July 21 Term 3 begins Sept 26 Term 3 ends Oct 13 Term 4 begins Dec 17 Term 4 ends

11 Mon Town Zone Golf Tournament

17 Tues Whole School and Leavers assembly and BBQ. Approx 6pm, details later.


Reports home 12 Tues Class Photos

19 Thurs Term 4 ends

13 Wed New Parents Night for NE children starting from Nov 2013 up to July 2014. 15 Fri Last Day for Camp Payments

19 Tues Friends of the School Term 4 meeting 7.30pm. All welcome

Don’t forget... • James Hargest children at school by 8.30am on

to be Friday

• Class Photos next Tuesd


November 6 2013  

Week 4, Term 4, 2013

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