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Find out more at Every class met with Lloyd Esler yesterday to talk about the Earth, Sun, Moon and Tides. He showed Kowhai and Totara some great props which showed us how the Earth and Moon interact in space.



iPad evening What a great turnout from our parents last Wednesday night! It was great to have such a large group interested in how we as a school are integrating the use of these devices into our learning programmes. If you weren't able to make it make sure you check out the links on our school website that give some detail around the areas of discussion from last week. We are looking at hosting another of these evenings later in the year again so if you have any points raised from the night itself, or would like some information on, then please email me. ( Moffett Cup practices The annual Southern Zone Moffett Cup is scheduled for the end of week 1 next term (Friday, August 2). Paula Stewart has been busy sorting out our teams and practices are scheduled to start next Tuesday at 1.30pm and then every

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Thursday and Tuesday after that. Keep an eye out for notices for further information. Wheels Day This is happening every Friday until the end of term. Due to sports practices and general safety concerns (for pedestrians!) the only time for using scooters etc is at lunchtime. There is to be no riding after school. Scooters and skateboards not allowed on the bus We have been informed that McDermotts have a policy that, due to safety concerns, they do not allow scooters or skateboards on the bus. Pete gave us a 'dispensation' for last week but this can not happen again. You must drop the scooter or skateboard at school (anytime before lunchtime) as Pete will not be letting them on the bus.

Term 2 School accounts These were posted home last week and we appreciate your efforts to pay these promptly. They reimburse school for actual cost already incurred and paid for so your prompt payment is needed for our operating account to continue operating! Myross Bush Cabaret Tickets for the annual Myross Bush Hall Cabaret (29 June) are on sale - $40 per ticket - see either Jeff Blomfield or Bronagh Hegan. Myross Bush rental On a personal note, the Lovelock's are looking for a rental in Myross Bush - if you know of any possibilities then please catch up with myself or Lisa. Regards Tim Lovelock Principal

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Club Rugby: Myross Bush Rugby teams had a club day on Saturday playing at the hall grounds. Thanks to ASB for the loan of the BBQ trailer and Alliance Ltd for the meat.

Community Baby Sitter Available: Katie Grant available for babysitting. Ex Myross Bush Student Year 10 at Southland Girls High, lives in district and enjoys children. Please contact me on 2304343 or 0278246366 Gladstone Tyres and Mags: Get the school rewarded - $5 back to the school on every tyre purchase - drop a copy of your invoice into the school

School Notices

Sports Notices

Big Senior Late Night Out Next Friday night the Senior classes (5, 6, 7, 2) will be applying their new space knowledge at their 'Big Late Night Out' evening. This will be at school from 5pm till 7pm, weather dependent. The postponement date is the following Friday, 5th July. Students will need warm clothing, a telescope / binoculars / cameras (if they have them) and money for a sausage. Order forms for the sausages will be sent home next Monday. This will be a night of star and planet spotting, photography and other astronomy activities. We would love to see parents and Grandparents here with your senior students on the night.

Southern Zone Moffett Cup This is an annual netball and rugby competition for Year 3 - 6 children from Tisbury, Myross Bush, Woodlands, Tokanui, Stewart Island, Gorge Road and Rimu schools. It will be held at Woodlands on Friday 2nd August and the postponement day is Monday 5th August. Practices will be starting next week, look for the Moffett Cup notice today. More details about the day will be sent home before the end of term.

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Netball MB Shooters v St John's Won 12-0. POD Milly McLeod and Samantha Koppert MB v Middle Won 10-0. POD Ella Wylie MB Hotshots v Ascot Lost 5-4. POD Grace Davidson & Lily Symon

Southland Cross Country Good luck to Ella Wylie, Eilish McLeod, Emily Hay, Blake Condon, Ben Symon and Bradley Hay who are all competing in the Southland Cross Country next week.

Fun Ferns This will begin tomorrow at lunchtime – 12.40-1.10. If you have put your child down for this, please ensure that they bring along appropriate footwear on Thursdays.  The programme has a ball skills focus which prepares the children to take part in the Future Ferns competition when they get older. Thanks Mel Lemin

Myross Bush Rugby Club Many thanks to those that came along to support our Club Day on Saturday. It was a great turn out and so nice to see people popping along to watch our players. A  huge thank you to ASB Bank who loaned the club their fantastic BBQ trailer for the morning.   A big thanks also to Alliance Ltd who donated the meat for the BBQ.  These both helped to ensure the day was very successful.  Great team work from the parents who helped to cook, serve and clean up.  It was much appreciated.   Players of the Day Jason Lawson Roofing U6  - Corban Dixon & Finn Pierce Devery Electrical U6 - Jabari Stewart Chris Barlow Building U8 -Cody Stevens Draw for this Saturday 22 June Jason Lawson MB U6 v Star, 11.05 at Myross Bush Devery Electrical MB U6 v Marist, 10.30 at Myross Bush Chris Barlow Building MB U6 v Marist, 9.45 am at Myross Bush Hockey Results MB Missiles v St Patrick's Won 8 - 0 POD Finn Young MB Magic v St John’s  Won 3 – 0 POD Ben Symon MB Matrix v Otatara Won 3-2 POD Naomi Hanning MB Movers v Otatara Lost POD Timothy Holloway MB Movers (5 June) Lost POD Hannah Symon MB Machines v Donovan Draw 0-0 POD Greer Edie Please Note: This week MB Magic have a bye.

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Week 7 Term 2

The spellathon for the next four weeks is challenging for most but it will be great if you can select 5 words a week off the list in their homework books and add on to them each week as they master them. Certificates: Meg and Amelia for a great start to school.

RIMU 3 (Mrs Godby) It was great to see so many parents come to the ipad Myth Busters evening last week. If you were unable to attend please feel free to come in to the class and discuss how we use these and our computers within our programmes. The children are all bringing some interesting space facts for their Oral Language day. We are really enjoying learning all about space. • "Four planets in our solar system have rings around them and they are Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune" said Clark. • "The Milky Way has millions of suns in it. Suns are stars" said Kaedin. Certificates Will Cairns and Finn Pierce

RATA 4 (Mrs Aurik) This week we continue to learn about fractions. There are some really good practise activities on Study Ladder.   Yesterday Lloyd Esler came to help us to understand even more about how day and night occurs.  This morning we visited the Life Education Bus to learn about relationships.  

MIRO 5 (Mrs Kahukura) Miro were very fortunate to have Lloyd Esler share his knowledge and interesting facts about space with us in class yesterday. We were able to find out lots of information to help us with our inquiry. Please remember to send along a change of clothes if your child enjoys outdoor play, as children are getting very muddy. Moffett cup practices will begin next week and more information will follow. Have a great week, Kiri

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MANUKA 6 (Mrs Carr) Life Education Caravan visit today. • We were learning about health and happy feelings. Ciara • We watched a movie but Harold the Giraffe lost the DVD and he had a very messy room. Millie • It was really cool because we got to put feelings up on the wall and see a movie about feelings. We saw the starry roof too. Bailey • The teacher person turned the lights off and we got to see the stars on the ceiling. Mitchell

TOTARA 7 (Miss Duncan) We have been enjoying using solo-taxonomy to extend our learning because the students have been able to make clear and specific next steps in their learning. We have had conversations about our learning and how we can keep improving on what we do is a step-by-step process. Today we had Space Expert Lloyd Esler visit the classes. We really enjoyed extending our knowledge from an expert point of view. The Life Education Bus is here this week and we will be exploring ideas around friendships and peers. Shoes are expected to be left outside when muddy and please remember drink bottles for in the class. Totara is on assembly this week.  Miss Duncan KOWHAI 2 (Mr Murray) It's been a busy week in Kowhai. We've almost finished our explanations and other pieces of evidence for inquiry on orbit and rotation. What's really helped us learn more about space was Mr. Eslers visit on Tuesday. He even had a piece of a meteoroid to pass around. It was very heavy!

Assembly Duty: Totara (R7) 2.15pm

Thank you: A big thank you to the Tapanui Dad’s Army Group who have made available FREE Fuji apples for our pupils. These were freshly picked from the Teviot orchard yesterday. Children can collect their apple out of the box in front of the office tomorrow.

from the classroom

KAURI 8 (Mrs Polaschek& Mrs Forde) We are learning a lot about the difference between day and night and will be having a topsy turvy day this Friday to celebrate our learning.The children can come along in their pyjamas and bring along their favourite bedtime story.




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