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Cassie from Matai busy making a Scratch game for her technology passion project as part our Term 4 inquiry.



2013 Planning Term 4 always involves a lot of reflection on how our school priorities have developed over the year and then consideration is given to what our next steps are. The schools charter and strategic aims are very important documents and help guide these key developments that our school has identified over time. It ensures that we are continuing to strengthen and develop key areas of operation in a logical and sustainable way. Our four main priorities are: 1. Continue to strengthen our enriching inquiry process and the integration of this across other learning areas to give more context to our students learning. 2. Continue to develop the authentic integration of e-learning (ICT) and thinking progression across different learning contexts. 3. Continue to strengthen our bicultural understanding and appreciation through our school values matrix within authentic enriching learning contexts.

Kia tu Pakari

4. Working with other schools to discuss best practice around the process we use to ensure consistent and sound achievement judgements are made. Staff were then invited to reflect on these identified next steps for development and share their thinking on 'what' it is they want to make happen, 'how they will make it happen and the 'why' it is different to what they are currently doing. I then sat down with each individual and their respective Deputy Principal / team leader and talked through each persons reflection.

2013 Classroom Groupings & Teachers This thinking then led into how we could best use our learning environment set up to meet the needs of our learning teams and teachers plans within the constraints of staffing and physical space! This doesn't just involve discussing what our class groupings will look like but what flexibility we can give to the use of our learning spaces around the school and to

the strong and positive relationships we want to promote within our school culture. 2013 New Entrants - Jan Forde & Amy Polaschek (team teaching) Y1 & 2 - Natalie Godby Y2 & 3 - Evelyn Aurik Y3 & 4 - Della Carr Y3 & 4 - Kiri Kahukura Y5 & 6 - Mark Herring Y5 & 6 - Karyn Duncan Management and classroom release teachers - Rachel Davis & Paula Stewart The next step is to confirm the ‘home’ room for each learning group. We want to have the flexibility to utilise our different learning spaces as best we can to cater for the different needs of our individual students, of our teaching team and wider school opportunities. Exciting times!

Regards Tim Lovelock Principal

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Samantha and Nicole using playdough for their Passion Projects designs.

Tabbitha making her soft toy wolf as her technolgy passion project.

Community:   Gladstone Tyres and Mags: Get the school rewarded - $5 back to the school on every tyre purchase - drop a copy of your invoice into the school Mountain Biking for Kids: Entry form with newsletter today. Sunday 2nd Dec Southland Mountain Bike Tracks at Sandy Point. Starts 11am.

School News: End of Year: Accounts have been sent out and are due next Friday the 5th of December. Our auditors are here tomorrow for their initial visit as the end of our financial year 31st December approaches. We really appreciate your help with payments sent to school or paid by internet by the due date so that our financial requirements are processed before we finish Term 4. Thank you. Library Books: The annual stocktake of the school library will take place on Tuesday 11 December so we require all library books to be returned by Friday 7 December AT THE LATEST. Please have a good look around your homes and ask children to check tote-trays and school bags. Books are expensive to replace so we do require that missing books be paid for; however, if they are located in the stock-take any payments are refunded. Thank you for your help with this. If you are able to help with the stocktake please email me Tania FM Assembly Duty: Rimu Year 6 Camp Info Don't forget the meeting for all parents coming on camp next week. Tonight at 7.30pm, in the staff room

(change of venue). You will also have received a copy of the gear list for next week. Please see the office if you need a spare and contact Mark Herring for any queries See you all at school next Monday, 8.45am!

Sports Notices: Touch: MB Stars v St Patricks Won 4 - 1 POD Sarah Hay MB Comets vSt Theresa's Won 5-3 POD Ciara Hegan Soccer: MB All Whites U6 v Otatara Won 7-0 POD Alex Stevens, MB City U10 v Salford Won 11-1 POD Olivia Cooper MB Phoenix v Otatara Draw 1-1 POD Finn Young Miniball MB Breakers v St Theresa's 8 all draw POD Lachlan McCorkindale MB Breakers v Waihopai Lost 6-15 POD Riley Smith Flippaball: POD for MB Blue - Emma Henderson , Louis Patterson POD for MB Yellow - Charlotte Herrick & Aiden McKenzie Good Luck to ... Jaidene Marshall who is competing at the Southland Swimming Championships this weekend.

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualified Builder of: • New Homes • Residential Extensions and Renovations • Farm Sheds etc... •Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

LOST: Tuesday night one brown bull calf (just been rubber ringed), approx 100kg, in the Roslyn Road area. Please phone 2304 354. Out of School Music 2013: We have classes to suit all age groups. Music & Movement- 6 months – 5 years $2 per week. Music Awareness- 5-6 years $30/6 weeks. Musicianship- 7 years up $65 year. Choir- All ages Theory classes – All ages Enrol online Phone 216-5137 leave message or email

Production DVD’s are available from the office. Call in for your ordered copy.

Week 7 Term 4

KOWHAI The Kowhai Kids are getting excited about making some christmas gifts for special people in their lives, using what they have learned about the design process. Ask your child about these design process words: need, imagine, plan, create, test and improve! Please help them find out the information they need- keep an eye on our homework books for questions. We are looking at fractions of shapes and groups this week. For example, what is half of 6, or quarter of 10? How many ways do you use fractions at your house? Writing in our own reading logs each night is a great way to practice forming letters correctly. Get your child to show off their fabulous handwriting skills! Certificates Mitchell Lawson, Kaedin de Garnham RIMU It was great to see so many parents at our assembly on Friday. The children really enjoyed having you there. We are working on fractions this week for maths and so you will find a double-sided sheet to work on in their homework books. Most children are reading every night which is very helpful but it makes reading even more worthwhile if they discuss the stories they are reading too. The children have learned a 5 finger retell method which they should be able to share with you. Certificates: Dylan Marwick, Carter Dermody. RATA The children are following the design process to make a Christmas present for someone special. They will need a photo of themselves. If you have one please send it along to school, or email digital photos to by Tuesday of next week. If you don't have a photo that we could use we will take one at school. Thanks for your help.

MIRO have been working on making their writing as interesting as possible for the reader. We have been re-crafting our writing to include Onomatopoeia, similes and other descriptive language. We are very proud of these and have posted some of these on our blog. We would love you to leave us a comment. • I used onomatopoeia in my writing. Timothy • I proofread my writing and added adjectives to make it more interesting. Georgia • I used language in my writing that hooked the reader and kept them interested. Adam Have a great week:) Certificates: Olivia Horton, Jayden Haywood TOTARA We are really showing great progress in our small ball skills, throwing and catching over arm and underarm over varying distances. Our challenge at the moment is to have correct throwing and catching while playing a game with opponents! Our photo frames are looking awesome and are all so different, there are so many ways to design and construct the stand and Totara have made them from so many different resources. What a clever bunch of creative thinkers! KAURI have been making soap for Xmas gifts. We’ve had to design, package and make cards. • We used moulds to make our shapes - Ethan • We had to knead the soap until it was full of colour and no white bits - Rebecca • I had fun putting the scent into the soap Hannah • We had to let it set for 24 hours in the moulds wrapped with glad wrap - Blake MATAI Our Year 6s are getting prepared for Camp next week. They are making some Camp scrapbooks, setting some goals and learning a little about what we will be doing when we're there. We are really looking forward to going outside of our comfort zones - whether that is climbing a cliff or being away from home. Here's hoping for some fine weather! Have you had a chance to see our kidblogs? There you will see some photos and reflections of our Passion Projects. We have a huge range of designs coming together, from computer games and ipod apps to play dough and soft toys. The students are having a great time designing, making, testing and revising. Watch out for our final products in Week 9!

Sports Draws: Flippaball: There are no games this week, Finals next week Touch Rugby: Please look at the touch website for game times. Cricket: 3.45 Ground 4 - Waihopai

from the classroom

MANUKA have been getting good at throwing and catching small balls in our PE unit this term. We have also been fantastic at using the technology design process to help us think about our creations and have been applying this model over several curriculum areas. In writing we 'imagine, plan, create, test and improve' as we craft and shape our stories for others to read. Our writing is taking off like a rocket as we have been retelling fables and getting awesome messages from them. Today we came up with a new moral of the week from our fable - if you do something nice for someone they might just do something nice back for you one day. Our goldfish 'Ma' and 'Nuka' will be looking for a new home by the end of the term. If you are interested please see Mrs Forde or Mrs Davis. Certificates: Aimee Phibbs-Geisser for working on doing the right thing at the right time and Niall Carter for super spelling. I have received some lovely photos of the children with their special person for creating a Christmas gift. If you haven't yet sent one to school could you please do this asap or forward one to my email

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28th Wed TONIGHT

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Feb 4 - Apr 19 Term 1

Camp Parent helpers meeting 7.30pm

Year 6 Camp

May 6 - Jul 12 Term 2 Jul 29 - Sep 27 Term 3 Oct 14 - Dec 18* Term 4 * To be confirmed

5th Wed School accounts due for payment

7th Fri All library and school books to be returned to school

11th Tues • Library Stocktake • BOT Meeting 7.30pm

13th Thurs • End of Year BBQ and Year 6 Farewell 6pm • Student Reports go home

17th Mon Last day of Tm 4 12.30pm finish Last day of Tm 4

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• Camp meetin g tonig for all ht parent s g oing on cam p

28 November 2012  

Week 7, Term 4, 2012