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‘NEW’ CLASSROOM DEVELOPMENT Due to more roll growth than anticipated our school will be eligible for an increase in our staff funding levels that is allocated to us by the Ministry of Education by the start of term 3. Our largest classroom numbers are in Years 4, 5 and 6 and this has enabled us to work towards providing an eighth classroom space for Terms 3 & 4, and into 2013. Background Staffing is allocated from the official roll returns that we have to provide each year on March 1 and July 1. The actual numbers reflected in these roll returns are used by the Ministry of Education to generate and allocate staffing for the next schooling year. This staffing resource then has to be used to resource classroom teaching, classroom release time that each full time teacher generates, and all learning support (reading recovery, math’s groups etc.). Our initial roll and staffing for 2012 meant that it was not possible or sustainable to begin the year with 8 classrooms. But, with our recent intake of New Entrants and new pupils across the other year levels our roll is going to grow sufficiently enough for us to generate and sustain that staffing resource for 2013. Where will this classroom space be? To enable the eighth classroom to ‘have a home’ we have looked closely at how we can utilise other space around the school so we can have the extra classroom space and keep everything else we have re-developed as well. The Board has therefore decided to resource the development of our existing administration area into a classroom space. Fundraising efforts will be needed to help support this change. Friends of the School, and the Board will be partnering together to get this underway. The administration area will move into the front office of the block beside the activity centre, at the main junction of the school. This classroom/office change, entrance and ramp will be redeveloped over the last 2 weeks of terms and the term break ready for Day 1 of Term 3. How will this class be set up? The new class will be a composite Year 4,5 and 6 grouping. This is an exciting opportunity to ‘re-balance’ the numbers specifically across Rooms 5, 7 & 8, which are all sitting between 31 – 33 students. Moving 7 or 8 students from each of these rooms will make a significant difference to the teaching and learning environments of all these classrooms and give a much greater opportunity to better meet the learning needs of all our students. Staff will follow the same process as we do every year when we are looking at class groupings. We will look over the 3 classrooms and take into account a range of factors to gain a balance of individual learning needs, social needs, gender balance, numbers etc. This will allow us to have an average of 25 students per room in the senior classes. Wow! This is an exciting development for our school, and particularly our number heavy Year 4,5 and 6 rooms. Proactive Board support has made this development possible now instead of waiting to the New Year to make it happen. Yes, we are pushing the envelope and doing it now so your children can benefit from a lower student/teacher ratio. We have quality teachers and students, yet class size does matter so we’re doing something about it! Please, any questions or comments, feel free to approach me. Regards, Tim Lovelock Principal

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