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Lily with the tree she planted at Kerr Bush on Monday as part of our school committment to preserving the Kerr Bush area.



Brom the Board Chair New Entrant teaching – Term 1 Jan Forde has been asked by the Ministry of Education to take up a relieving Principal role at Wyndham Primary School for the first term of next year. The Board and Principal recently resigned from Wyndham Primary School and the Ministry have appointed a Commissioner. The Board have endorsed Janʼs leave request to take up this role, as it is a great opportunity for Jan to consider whether she would like to be a Principal in the future. We were planning on “team-teaching” the new entrant class with Jan and Amy in Room 8 (KauriI) from the start of next year, and the new entrant class will start with 10 kids and grow to 20 by the end of term 1. Initially Amy will teach this class and we will support her with additional teacher resource when her numbers start to increase above 15. Jan will return to her position at Myross Bush School at the beginning of Term 2. Rod Sinclair - Board Chairperson Other Board News Last night was the final board meeting of the year. The board reviewed the strategic aims

Kia tu Pakari

and discussed the key development points for 2013. The associated budget was then discussed and it is exciting to highlight some of the key points from that for you. Next year we are committing significant school resources to provide the infrastructure we need to give to our elearning integration. This means we are making live our school fibre connection for ultra fast broadband, installing a new wireless system that can handle the increased speed and a higher number of wireless devices connecting through it the internet. We are then looking at leasing a number of mobile devices (iPad minis) to give us an initial ratio of around 1 device for every 3 students across our 4 senior classes with our existing ICT resources being redistributed across the school for all classrooms. This is further supported with an online learning structure that will give a framework for using this increased resource within our curriculum framework and expectations. It is all about enhancing our traditional strengths of literacy and numeracy with further integration of programmes that enhance and enrich our students learning pathways. We are excited about sharing this journey with you and look

forward to showcasing what we are putting in place in the new year! 2013 Classroom Organisation As stated in other newsletters your child's placement will be confirmed in the final report that is scheduled to come home tomorrow. There are some changes to where teachers are based next year as we look to utilise the different spaces around our school to meet both the pastoral and teaching and learning needs of our students and teachers. These changes are: Kowhai 2 - Mr Herring Y5&6 Rimu 3 - Mrs Godby Y1&2 Rata 4 - Mrs Aurik Y2&3 Miro 5 - Mrs Kahukura Y3&4 Manuka 6 - Mrs Carr Y3&4 Totara 7 - Miss Duncan Y5&6 Kauri 8 - Mrs Polaschek & Mrs Forde - New Entrant/Year 1 Regards Tim Lovelock Principal

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Myross Bush Gold flipper ball team with their trophy for winning the Invercargill competition for year 6. Unbeaten all year, but only beat an amazing Makarewa team in a nerve wracking game, by 1 goal scored with 2 seconds on the clock! Very proud of Cameron Horton - goalie supreme.

Community:   Gladstone Tyres and Mags: Get the school rewarded - $5 back to the school on every tyre purchase - drop a copy of your invoice into the school Out of School Music 2013: We have classes to suit all age groups. Music & Movement- 6 months – 5 years $2 per week. Music Awareness- 5-6 years $30/6 weeks. Musicianship- 7 years up $65 year. Choir- All ages Theory classes – All ages Enrol online Phone 216-5137 leave msge or

School News: Year 6 and final school assembly Everyone is invited to this final school event for the 2012 school year. Please note that it starts at 5.30pm. Everyone needs to be seated by 5.25 at the latest and Year 6's need to be assembled in Matai 9 by 5.15pm. We look forward to seeing you all there as we celebrate the year that has been and in honouring our Year 6 leavers. 2013 Stationery: Will be available on line from tomorrow. A flyer will be included in your childʼs report envelope. Library Stocktake: A great big thank you Kimberley Gray, Kathryn McCorkindale and Sue for their phenomenal effort in getting the library stock-take done on Monday - a huge job done with efficiency and good humour! There are still many books missing from the library so we would appreciate you having a good look around during the holidays to see if some have come home - we don't charge overdue fees but we do charge for lost books and so will happily receive any back that you find! If we were to try to replace all those lost we would have little to no budget left to buy any new titles - a very sad situation indeed! Mrs FM Thank you: to Jill McKee and H&J Smiths for providing the hangers for our poem storage. Really appreciated. Kerr Bush: Thank you to all the students, teachers and parents that visited Kerr Bush on Monday. We planted around 90 native trees, so now all the children of Myross Bush School have planted a tree in this special place! A very special thank you to James Holloway who so

very kindly donated the seedlings. Jason Rutledge for allowing us access to Kerr Bush and digging the holes for the trees to be planted. Thank you to the entire Horton whanau, Steve, Phillipa and girls did a great job of digging holes and finding trees, Nan Sinclair for speaking with the students, Tina Birch for your support, Sue and Blair Symon for weed all the parents that are so keen to get in and work the track again, we really appreciate every single one of you! Kind regards, Della Carr. Last Day: The bus will run at 12.30pm. All other children are to be picked up by 1pm at the latestplease. Vizi Vests: Could all the vizi vests issued to Year 6 children please be returned tomorrow. Toy Day This Friday: The student council have voted to have a Toy Day for our end of term event. All students can bring a toy to play with between 11am and 12.30pm. We don;t advise game consoles or precious things that may get lost or broken. Please negotiate with your child about the best toy to bring for them. Examples in the past have been remote control toys, board games and soft toys. Weʼre looking forward to a really fun day!

Congratulations: Not only do we have an ex pupil Dux of Girls High this year, we would like to congratulate Lachlan McKenzie on being Dux of Southland Boys High School for 2012. Lachlan was at Myross Bush School from 2000 - 2005. We are very proud.

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualified Builder of: • New Homes • Residential Extensions and Renovations • Farm Sheds etc... •Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

Sports Notices: Touch: MB Stars v St Patricks Won 4 - 1 POD Sarah Hay Soccer: MB U6 All Whites v Woodlands Rovers won 8-1 POD Cody Stevens MB City U10 v Southend Dragons draw 4 all POD Hannah Corbett MB v Lees St Won 3-0 POD Emily Lemin and Kaedin de Garnham   Thank you: to the pupils who have participated and the parents and teachers who have been involved in coaching, delivering or taking a team this year.  We have been very impressed with the skills displayed by the pupils and look forward to working with you all next year. Bex, Sheena and Philippa

We wish you all a safe a happy holiday The children eating lunch at Kerrs Bush yesterday after planting and weeding their trees.

Week 9 Term 4 We have had an absolutely wonderful time together this year - what a team. We have grown in confidence as we learn early literacy and numeracy skills and also in many other areas such as how to work and play alongside each other. The Manuka team regroups for 2013 and takes these skills with them as they learn to work and play alongside new people. Reading books come home for the holidays for regular practice - please bring these back day one next year to your new classroom. Certificates: Niamh Hegan for a great start to school, Robson McKee for fantastic story writing. Have a safe and happy holiday.

KOWHAI What a wonderful and busy year 2012 has been! It has been exciting to watch the children as they reach their learning goals and learn to be problem solvers, and to celebrate their successes with them.  We have finished designing, testing and making presents for our special people, and we are looking forward to putting them under the  tree till christmas day.  The children have thought very carefully about decorating their presents in a way their person will like, practicing thinking of others before themselves. There will be a packet of reading books sent home for the holidays.   Reading a little and often goes a long way towards maintaining those skills the children have worked hard to build up.  Have a wonderful christmas and a happy holiday! Certificates- Abigail Hunter, Ethan Mitchell

RIMU We are all looking forward to the holidays. This is a great time to review what your children have learned over the year. Some children will be getting reading books while others can just get something to read from the library. All will get some spelling to review and I will put the links to the maths basic facts sites at the top of the class blog again so they are easy to find. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and holiday. Certificates Amelia McIntosh and Aiden McKenzie

Thank you for all your support and help throughout the year. I wish you and your families a happy and safe New Year. Can all children please bring a plastic bag tomorrow to pack art work and books in. Best wishes, Kiri.

TOTARA We really enjoyed sharing our Inquiry journey with you today, thanks to all the friends and whanau that were able to come along and join us. We are starting the big clean up for the end of the year, so please check out the lost property! I have really enjoyed working with all of the wonderful students in Team Totara this year, I wish you all the best for a fantastic holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

KAURI What a fantastic week was had with the year 6 students at Borland Lodge. I think the students gave every activity their full effort, well done to them. I particularly enjoyed seeing some students push themselves to try new and sometimes daunting things, and the team work was fabulous, that includes the awesome parents as well. This week is a very busy one, with a visit to Kerr's Bush, Year 5's Enrich visit, and the year 6 leavers assembly on Thursday evening! Miss Duncan • On Monday at Enrich, we did animations. I enjoyed making my own movie with Lego parts and my group made a story about a police chase. We worked well as a group to make it. Thomas Fleming. • At Borland, my favourite activities were abseiling and rafting! In abseiling it was really scaring leaning back to go down the rock face. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I gave it a go and it ended up being quite fun. The night walk was hazardous, I kept walking into tree stumps and branches. The camp fire was fun, we had smoores....marshmallows squished in chocolate biscuits. Yum!! Robert Beck.

MATAI RATA Because this is the last news letter for the year I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all of your support over the year.  I have really enjoyed getting to know you and   teaching your children.  It is important that the children review what they have learnt over the year in the holidays.  I would suggest that you read each night and visit the class blog for basic facts practise.  Have a lovely and safe break, kind regards Evelyn.

MIRO What a fantastic year team Miro. You have all been fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time. A special goodbye to Holly Muirhead and Emma Robinson who are off to new schools next year. Best wishes to you and your families.

• Iʼve made my passion project which is a scratch maze which is a programme on the computer. My Dad taught me how to do it - Cassie • The Borland Lodge Camp was really fun. My favourite part was the absailing which got the adrenilin flowing - Ben

Sports: Good Luck: to Hannah Corbett and Bradley Hay who have been playing in the Southland Touch Tournament. Hannah made Southland touch under eleven girls team, Bradley plays in the under 11 boyʼs team They have already been in tournaments in Mosgiel and Gore and did really well. This Saturday they will fly to the Christchurch tournament and play teams from all over.  

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from the classroom





13th Thurs

Feb 4 - Apr 19 Term 1

4th Mon

• End of Year BBQ and Year 6 Farewell

May 6 - Jul 12 Term 2

Summer Football begins


Updated 12 December 2012

5.30pm start

• Student Reports go home

Jul 29 - Sep 27 Term 3 Oct 14 - Dec 18* Term 4 * To be confirmed

14th Fri

25th Mon

Toy Day 11am - 12.30pm

Southern Zone Athletics

17th Mon Last day of Tm 4 12.30pm finish & bus run. Pick up by 1pm at the latest - thank you.

Don’t f orget.. .

• Please be seat ed by 5.25pm tomorro w night . • School account paymen are now ts urgent - thank you




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12 December 2012  

Week 9, Term 4, 2012

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