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Show Me My Face \ --This is a continuous photo project in which I explore the way different people construct my identity and how they transmit their mood and skills in doing that on the photo film. I started “Show Me My Face” last year while studying in Poznan, Poland. During a month I asked various people on a street to make me a picture and after that I asked their permission to take a photo of them. As a result I collected numerous photo portraits, which reflect the ways people use a very cheap Chinese photo camera in seeing the Other. Here you can see the images of Lebanese people, whose pictures I made during my 10 days travelling over Lebanon and also numerous my own portraits, which were realized by these people. I was inspired by the book of Roland Barthes “Camera Lucida”, where he clearly defines photo portrait as the crossroad the 4 types of imageries: it illustrates “me” what I think I am, “me”, whom I would like to be, “me” who the photographer thinks I am and also “me” he uses in order to reveal his creative skills. Behind all these “me’s” I also tried to investigate where is a “real” me, deprived of all these false images, which seem to have nothing to do with what was illustrated on the photos.

Rachel Woodward Age:26 Occupation:boatdriver in Australia Place: camp near Beirut

With Rachel we got acquainted in our host in Beirut. We were travelling together to Baalbek and then went also to camp on seaside. She is travelling alone already half of the year visiting Estonia, Syria, Turkey and Indonesia.

Wissam Massaaad Age:30 Occupation:waiter Place:Restaurant Chalel du Lac

We went far in the mountains in the restaurant on the lake Caraun. Wissam brought us numerous cups for coffee and cherries with ice.

Age:16 and 18 Location:Pigeon Rocks,Beirut. This guys were observing us from afar until came up and greeted us in their country. They spoke fluent English,French and Arabic.When they heard that we are from Ukraine, they said: "This is a good country".

Jihad Ammar Age:35 Occupation:fisherman Location:Byblos

An illiterate fisherman from Byblos, for whom fishing is the only source for living.Greenpeace of Lebanon is accusing fishermen in extermination of rare species of fish and emphasize on foundation of preservation area. But they are going to see over and over.

Aberagh Berhe Meresa Age:25 Occupation:worker in hotel “Tigerhouse� Location:Bsharre

Similarly to most of Africans, who are living and working in Lebanon in service sphere, this girl is dreaming to finish her 3-years stay in hotel "Tigerhouse" and leave for all. "I made a pause in my life for 3 years,she says-but soon I will press PLAY again".

Age:84 Occupation: master of lamps Location:Beirut

Armenian football coach, who was working with Lebanese team during 40 years.Now he has his workshop in the center of Beirut and is producing lamps.He told us that he was sitting in prison near Moscow, therefore he could understand some Russian.

Age:81 Occupation:retired Location:Batrun

Grandpa from Batrun was feeding sheep on the stadium.He was speaking only Arabic, but tried to tell us funny stories.When he heard that I am from Ukraine he cried out: "Au". But I still don't know what does this suppose to mean.

Mohamed El Khansa Age:25 Occupation:taking care about the family Location:Khalde

This couple was waiting for a bus.I asked a man to take a picture while I was descending from Khalde.

Pascal Mrad Age:32 Occupation:asseccories designer Location:Byblos

In the old city of Byblos I saw a woman,who was selling vivid jewellery. She told me that she was studying in Brasil(where most Lebanese immigrated) and now has returned to Lebanon because she feels it is her country.

Joseph Semaan Age:66 Occupation:taxi driver Location:Byblos

An illiterate taxi driver from Byblos with very characteristic mustache.When I asked him to pose for me, the first thing he did was winding around his treasure. His colleagues were helping him to choose the best posture.

Ali Mallah Age:16 Occupation:pupil Location:Saida

I was passing by very loud studio in old city of Sayda. It appeared to be billiard,where a lot of local children are spending their time playing and smoking nargileh. The first word which they all shouted to me was:"Welcome"!.

Cynthia Cassir and Joelle Asaad Age:19 and 18 Occupation: preparing to become nuns Location: Valley of Kadisha In the female monastery I met 2 girls who subserve older nuns. They speak fluent English. One of them told me that she decided to stay in monastery when she was 16."I just felt it with my heart"-she said.

Suleiman Age:60 Occupation:working in souvenir shop Location: Beirut

Suleiman is mostly standing in door of the souvenir shop and invites foreigners to come in. He also knew some words in Russian.

Zeina Baulos Loustane Age:40 Occupation:volunteer in church Location:Valley of Kadisha

Zeina is helping local priest in small ancient church. She speaks fluent French and understands English. She also writes both Arabic and French from above down and not as most people from left to right and vice verse.

Naji Edward Saba Age:49 Occupation:small billiard owner Location:Batrun I was sitting in the centre of Batrun near Marmon church of st.Stephan and decided to drink famous local lemonade. The owner of this billiard bar works 18 hours a day and 7 days a week. He says that now young people don't want to play billiard because they all have computers."We need more communication in our world"-he said.

Linda Wehbi Age:24 Occupation:seller of wine Location:Kefraya

A girl from the most famous winery in Lebanon.As a lot of Lebanese she speaks Arabic,French and English.

Hanadi Bayan Age:20 Occupation:taking care of the flowers Location:Baalbek

This girl is selling artificial flowers in the shop of her father. She speaks fluent English and told me that she dreams to become a hair stylist.

Age:75 Occupation:taking care about the house Location:Beirut

Mother of Lebanese ambassador in Kyiv. She speaks only Arabic, but somehow she could understand everything I wanted to say. She is very nice and hospitable.

Ismail Chorer Age:23 Occupation: soldier in the army of Lebanon Location:Beirut

Young soldier on his work near museum, who is trying to kill boredom by speaking with foreigners.He permitted me to take fast photo in a moment when his cheif wasn't looking on us.

Ahmed Age:19 Occupation: Coast security Location:Beirut

I was sitting on the list which separates sea from earth. Ahmed was observing me for a long time and then ordered to get down. He spoke only Arabic.


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