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“The Eberhardt School offers large enough class sizes to cultivate a diverse range of backgrounds and opinions, but small enough to provide an open environment of active participation.” Collin Cooney MBA 2008 Financial Analyst, E. & J. Gallo Winery BA Theater, 2005 University of California, Los Angeles

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Lisa Lam and Yonnie Leung made green alliances both with suppliers and on a cross-departmental level

The Eberhardt Difference

From the

Dean Richard Flaherty, PhD Dean 209.946.7710

Spring Updates

As we near the end of another academic year, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to provide you with an update on the Eberhardt School of Business. You are all well aware of the difficult economic situation both here in California and throughout the country. The trials and tribulations of the California public universities have been well chronicled. Through hard work and prudent fiscal management, we have succeeded in maintaining our enrollments and fiscal strength. However, we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball as we work our way through these trying times. We know that we must be creative and diligent in recruiting and retaining high quality students as we work toward enhancing the quality and reputation of the school. I am pleased to report to you that we have recently been notified that our accreditation with AACSB International has been extended for another six years. Less than five percent of schools offering business degrees worldwide have earned this mark of distinction, and it provides evidence of high quality and of an environment of continuous improvement. Our ability to compete for faculty and students in a global marketplace is enhanced significantly by this recognition. As I reported last year, we hired four new faculty. These additions have strengthened our teaching and research capabilities. For example, Professor Peter Hilsenrath, holder of the Joseph M. Long Chair in Healthcare Management, has led the development of a new track in healthcare management in our MBA program. In other program developments, we will see our first MBA students from Shanghai Finance University this fall resulting from our agreement

signed last year. In addition, we are studying the possibility of a joint undergraduate degree program with Shanghai Finance University, and we have added a concentration in international business in our undergraduate degree program. The Pacific Business Forum was brought back this winter with Walter Robb, co-president of Whole Foods Market, Inc., and a member of the Pacific Board of Regents, as our speaker. Mr. Robb gave an inspirational presentation and the event was very well attended. We plan to offer at least two of these presentations each academic year. We continue to use our recently developed strategic plan to guide resource allocation and decision making. The plan provides direction in the five areas of people, scholarship, educational programs, external relations, and internal operations. Everything we do is directed toward achieving our mission: to develop knowledgeable, innovative business leaders in a personalized, experience-based learning environment and to produce scholarship that informs teaching and advances the practice of business. In summary, it has been a productive year thanks to the efforts of faculty, staff, advisory boards, alumni, and other friends of the Eberhardt School of Business. We continue to progress, and we thank those of you who have provided support to us. We need and welcome your input regarding what we can do to better serve you. 

“Our accreditation with AACSB International has been extended for another six years.” — Dean Richard Flaherty

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Alumni Activities

It’s always a pleasure to work with donors, and this year is no different! We have the opportunity in the Eberhardt School of Business to make YOUR dreams come true! We work very closely with alumni and friends of the business school, and this year we had a wonderful opportunity to honor a couple who met in Weber Hall in 1946 and have been generous donors ever since! Charles and Carolyn Bloom eyed one another from across the chemistry lab in what is now one of our breakout rooms in Weber 111, and perhaps the biggest argument they’ve had recently was over exactly which part of the lab they actually met in! We recently had them back on campus to commemorate their meeting with a plaque that simply reads, “Charles and Carolyn Bloom met here in 1946.” Their legacy at Pacific lives on with all three of their children graduating from the University of the Pacific and two of their grandchildren currently attending Pacific. I am delighted to work with alumni like the Blooms and would be happy to talk with you about potential gifts to Pacific to honor your time on campus. Thank you for keeping Pacific on your list of philanthropic priorities. 

Janet S. Dial EDU ’89, EdD ’10 Director of External Relations 209.946.2998


Basketball Night Eberhardt School of Business Basketball Night has become an annual tradition that everyone in the business school looks forward to. The honorary coach Dean Rich Flaherty has been quick to remind us that his record is 2-0! More than sixty alumni, faculty, staff, and their families descended upon the Westgate Center in Weber Hall before our Pacific Tigers took on Long Beach State. The final score was Pacific 61, Long Beach 51. It was another great win for the Tigers, and another great night of fun for business school attendees.

Be certain to watch your mailboxes and e-mails for our date next year and join us to cheer on the Tigers and to enjoy a fun evening connecting with alumni, faculty, and staff! We look forward to seeing you there! 

Eberhardt School of Business


Pacific Students Host

By Sacha Joseph-Mathews

Alexia Case and Kelly Hogland

Alysse Valenzuela



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The Eberhardt Difference

Prowl’n the Mile The “Prowl’n the Mile” street festival was initially conceptualized as an experiential learning exercise to expose marketing students to both practical applications of theories and principles learned in class, as well as information and knowledge currently not covered in the undergraduate marketing curriculum. Being a small school, we as a faculty are unable to offer certain course offerings to students that may be more commonplace at larger institutions. As a result, I wanted to find an alternative that would expose the students to information they didn’t see in the classroom but also give them the opportunity to concretize the topics I did cover in the classroom. Three of the biggest areas we have thus far been unable to offer extensive classes in include: selling/sales, supply chain management and event planning – all major components of any current marketing. I therefore wanted to design an experiential opportunity that would expose students to information in these areas but also get them excited about additional areas that would complement these topics. Additionally, I felt that one of the critical roles a business school should play in any community is as a resource base to the local businesses of the area. With these two objectives in mind, I set out to find out what would excite students, what there was a need for in the community, and what I could reasonably manage given limited time and resources. Step 1: Finding out what would excite students. First there was a discussion with several marketing classes about the kinds of experiential activities that would excite them and the wider Pacific community. I needed to be sure there Twitter Retweet was a strong academic component but I wanted something the students would be engaged in. Coming out of these focus groups I sat with a group of students and we designed a questionnaire

6 Strictly Business Summer 2010



which the marketing club then disseminated on campus. Overwhelmingly the response suggested we host a street fair! Step 2: Designing a program that reinforces academic learning. If we did decide to go the route of a street festival we would need to make sure the students were involved in every component and sufficiently managed so that they both learned on the ground but also recognized pitfalls and gaps in the process. I then outlined each area students would need to be involved in and the possible deliverables and tasks which would have to be accomplished. Step 3: Finding a local partner. Since I consider community outreach to be critical and I felt there was a perception by Pacific students that Stockton didn’t have a lot to offer them I wanted to find a strong community partner that would benefit significantly from student involvement and who were eager to partner with the university. I reached out to a number of local non-profit groups that I worked with before and the Miracle Mile Improvement District seemed to offer the largest amount of excitement and interest in the idea. Step 4: Finding a greater purpose. The students felt that we should also incorporate a charity to assist from any funds raised in the event and so we set out to find a possible charity to partner with. After pitching the idea to the board of the Miracle Mile Improvement District, we were approached by a teacher (who happened to be sitting in on the meeting) about adopting the El Dorado Elementary Science Camp Fund as the beneficiary of the festival. With clear goals and objectives and an extensive strategic planning process I opened up involvement to anyone in the marketing concentration and decided to use the Pacific Chapter of the American Marketing Association (PAMA) of which I am the advisor to be the official body that would manage the event. We then decided to seek out funding. I had originally planned to approach the dean to fund the event but then found out about the Pacific Fund and applied. We were successful and received a $6,000 grant to fund the festival. On April 18, 2009 we hosted our first ever Prowl’n the Mile street festival. The students

Marc Balba Elizabeth Lopez and Jenna Rae Deborah Rodriguez

ensure a four hour street closure. Operations Management: The students set up and broke down an entire street festival. They managed everything involved in the actual operations component of the event including Port-o-lets, the trolley, parking, signage, delivery and pick up, as well as working with vendors on the day of the event. Music Management: One of the major draws of the event was the live music. In order to ensure maximum student involvement and increase learning opportunities I solicited the help of Music Management Professor Keith Hatcheck who involved the music management club to coordinate and manage the entire live music component including the recruitment, set-up and management of the stage and musicians. Financial Management: The finance team managed all the financial aspects of the project. They sourced and tracked vendor invoices, individual receipts, and final payment as well as monitored and balanced the overall project budget. The second Prowl’n the Mile street festival took place on May 1, 2010. For the second event, the budget was doubled and PAMA was able to focus more on advertising and marketing rather than operations and logistics. We advertised on radio, public transit, university ad space and Facebook. We sent out press releases to newspapers and television stations within a 60-mile radius of Stockton. A few students were interviewed on the radio and a feature article was written for the event in the May 1st edition of the Stockton Record. On the day of the event, over 1,500 people participated. The students took charge so the faculty and staff who assisted were able to focus on the more mundane activities of the day rather than the execution of the event. The PAMA executive board worked double time to ensure everything ran smoothly. The first event taught the students what to improve upon and the second event taught us what worked the best. Next year, PAMA hopes to triple the number of patrons once again and we hope to see ALL of you there! In the spring of 2011, look for our flyers which should appear in your mail box around the same time! Overall, the Eberhardt School of Business family put their best foot forward and launched one of Pacific’s largest community outreach efforts in the Stockton community. 

Patrick Dean

wanted a name that would symbolize Pacific Tigers being on the Miracle Mile and when one student mentioned the name it seemed to stick. As an additional component I felt that we needed to document the entire process and have students write about merchants on The Mile as well as about the event in a newsletter that we could then distribute to the wider Pacific and Stockton communities. We named that newsletter, “The Prowler.” The event: Over 100 students participated in the conceptualization, planning and execution of the first Prowl’n the Mile street festival. Forty students were personally involved in the day-today details, and seventy volunteers showed up for the event. Below is a list of activities students were involved in during the project. Supply Chain Management: Students sourced and managed all vendors and suppliers for the event – making initial contacts, negotiating rates and ensuring payment. Strategic Planning: Students had to develop goals, objectives, strategies and tactics for execution of the marketing and operational component of the event. Each area had a team lead who reported to me with deliverables and success measures. Marketing Communications: Students designed all of the marketing messages and materials for the event. From public service announcements read on the radio to newspaper and TV press releases, these were all designed inhouse by students. Additionally, students designed a promotional video for Prowl TV, flyers and posters for the event and even cover letters used to communicate with merchants on The Mile. Personal Selling: In order to supplement monies received from the Pacific Fund, the students sought out merchants on The Mile to purchase booth packages and small sponsorship packages that were then used to offset raffle prizes for the day. All proceeds from the raffle sales went to El Dorado Elementary. The students had to visit merchants and retailers and do cold calls to get buy-in from the business community. They also worked with our law faculty, Dr. Tom Brierton, to design contracts and release-of-liability forms. Public Relations: The students worked directly with the City of Stockton, the Stockton and Pacific police forces, the regional transit authority as well as various community partners to ensure street closure, and adequate security at the event. Prior to our event Pacific Avenue had not been closed in 10 years and our event was able to overcome barriers previously thought impossible to

Eberhardt School of Business




By Margaret Roberts

Biz Plan The Eberhardt School’s mission of “developing … business leaders in a personalized, experiencebased learning environment” came alive in a new way this fall with the 2010 MBA cohort. But our story does not begin here. Early in the spring of 2009 the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship hosted a Feasibility Study Competition featuring eight local not-forprofit organizations. These businesses presented recently completed feasibility studies on forprofit business enterprise concepts which, if funded and implemented could create ongoing revenues to lead these organizations toward more sustainable streams of income for their not-for-profit missions. The eight organizations were selected to present their plans to a panel of judges who would evaluate these plans and select a winning organization to receive seed funding

Left to right: (Back Row) Corey Liu, Nathan Pratt, Jerry Hildebrand, Executive Director of the Global Center (Front Row) Kim Wirtz, Art to the World Program Manager, Ibis Schlesinger, Executive Director, Ties to the World, Ashley Coleman, Melissa McGhee

of $5,000 provided by the United Way of San Joaquin County, the Cordes Foundation and the Global Center. As I sat in the audience at this competition and listened to the presentation of each plan it occurred to me that the next step for each of these organizations would be to further expand these studies into comprehensive business plans. Considering that limited time and resources are common obstacles for a not-for-

8 Strictly Business Summer 2010

Global Center Partnership profit I wondered how they might respond to the prospect of working with teams of MBA students who could develop these comprehensive business plans for their organizations. Through a fantastic collaboration with Executive Director Jerry Hildebrand of the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship we were able to formulate a plan to engage the incoming cohort of MBAs with five not-forprofit companies. Each team would develop a comprehensive business plan as an integral component of the first-semester Applied Business Principles foundations course. The projects would allow the students to immediately apply their learning of business concepts and theory in a real-world project with a not-for-profit client, utilize their business knowledge and give back to our local community. The not-for-profits who agreed to partner with the Eberhardt School through this Global Center collaboration were: Friends of Hue (Spencer Ton, Board Member), Healings In Motion (Mary Nicholson, Executive Director/Founder), Mediation Center of San Joaquin (Francine Poelstra, Executive Director), Recreation Sports Club (RSC) of San Joaquin (Roger Slingerman, Executive Director/Founder) and Ties to the World (Ibis Schlesinger, Executive Director/ Founder). The missions of these organizations represent a diversity of causes ranging from brain health and stroke prevention/recovery, conflict mediation and resolution, services for the disabled, an orphanage in Guatemala, and an orphanage in Hue, Vietnam. Two of the participating organizations, RSC and Ties to the World had been selected as winners of the Feasibility Study Competition earlier in the year. RSC was selected as the competition winner and Ties to the World was personally funded through the Cordes Foundation by Mr. Ron Cordes, Bay Area finance executive and regent of University of the Pacific. Working for organizations with ready funding to implement a business plan delivered by the MBA teams had a unique effect on the students. Melissa McGhee, a student on the Ties to the World team reflected on this: “Because we knew we had an opportunity to make a real,

tangible difference in the lives of the children at the Hogar orphanage, we were inspired to put forth the extra effort to make a feasible plan.” The business plan projects required each of the MBA student teams to learn how to effectively manage a consulting engagement, coordinate communication within the team and with their client and meet periodically to gather information and review milestones. The interaction between teams and not-for-profits varied from one project to the next and was often a lesson in persistence, time management and setting clear expectations. The Ties to the World team most frequently met by way of conference calls since Ibis Schlesinger is based in Lafayette in the East Bay. The Friends of Hue group benefited from the most convenient meeting arrangements as Spencer Ton is located on campus in the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Executive Director Ibis Schlesinger of Ties to the World complimented the students for their professional and respectful attitude. “The questions sent by the team of students days prior to our conference calls made the meetings efficient and productive.” Ibis also appreciated the direct involvement of faculty with the students. It assured her that the business plan would be realistic and achievable and not a pie in the sky. The Ties to the World team, comprised of four MBAs (Ashley Coleman MBA ’10, Corey Liu MBA ’10, Melissa McGhee MBA ’10 and Nathan Pratt MBA ’10) seemed to connect with the mission of their assigned organization on a deeper level than other groups. Nathan Pratt’s response to this observation was that “Ties to the World’s business model was concise with a clear end goal – to create a sustainable source of income for poverty stricken orphanages. The succinct focus of Ties to the World’s pioneers enabled us to come along side and help develop a plausible business model.” This response was echoed by the other team members. That sustainable source of income would be generated through the sales of greeting cards featuring art created by children at the Hogar orphanage in Guatemala, Ibis Schlesinger’s home country. The business plan developed by the Ties to the World team would focus on the production, sales and marketing of these products through Art to the

World, a for-profit division of Ties to the World. The culmination of the projects at the end of the fall semester brought the not-for-profit executive directors back to campus for a series of presentations by each team. MBA teaching faculty of the Eberhardt School evaluated the presentations as a part of the course grading method. A panel of judges assembled by Jerry Hildebrand evaluated the presentations for clarity, substance and style, and selected a “Because we winning presentation and team who were awarded $100 Barnes & Noble gift cards. This knew we had panel included Charles Ansbach (executive an opportunity director of the Social Venture Philanthropy Foundation of Sacramento and advisory board to make a member, Global Center), Sacha Joseph-Mathews (marketing professor, Eberhardt School) and real, tangible Daniel Wadhwani (Fletcher Jones Professor of Entrepreneurship, Eberhardt School). The diverse difference in audience provided a unique opportunity for the lives of the student teams to polish their presentation the children skills and gain exposure to a wider network of professionals in the process. at the Hogar Perhaps reflective of the unique bond and orphanage, we affinity that formed between the students and Ties to the World, this team was selected by were inspired the judges as the best presentation. Following the presentation event, Jerry Hildebrand could to put forth the hardly contain his enthusiasm. Jerry reflected on extra effort how far each of the participating organizations had come in less than one year. “Earlier this to make a spring each of these organizations had a feasible plan.” feasibility study for an idea and today they are walking away with a full-fledged business plan. — Melissa McGhee This is a win for everyone involved!” Each of the not-for-profit organizations involved has responded positively to the comprehensive business plan presented by their MBA student team. Most have begun to envision how they can implement the plan and two organizations are presenting their business plans for grant funding. One organization has hired a recent Eberhardt MBA graduate to implement their plan as a new service to the business community to generate sustainable revenue for the organization. This collaboration between the Eberhardt School of Business, the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship and local notfor-profits is truly an example of the common corporate slogan Together Everyone Achieves More!  Eberhardt School of Business



Pacific Business


The Pacific Business Forum is a speaker series presented by the University of the Pacific, Eberhardt School of Business. Distinguished leaders from business, government and a variety of fields are invited to address critical contemporary issues related to leadership, management, public policy, and business effectiveness. Keep a eye out for the announcement of the Pacific Business Forum Speaker for fall 2010.

Walter Robb, Co-President and COO Whole Foods

Walter Robb, co-president and chief operating officer for Whole Foods Market, was the perfect person to reinvigorate the Pacific Business Forum. Walter Robb spoke to more than 800 people including students, faculty, staff, and community members, and had a powerful message for those who attended. His talk was entitled, “Business and Sustainability in the 21st Century—Observations of a Retailer.” He discussed the downturn in customers Whole Foods faced in 2008 that lead to downsizing staff, but offered a vision for the company that was never lost. And now, just two years later, Whole Foods Market is growing again. The lecture was really a lesson from one of our own; Walter Robb was named to the University’s Board of Regents in 2008, and both of his sons, Ted and Chris, graduated from University of the Pacific. Walter’s family also includes a daughter who chose not to attend Pacific. It is clear how important Walter’s family is in his life; his sons currently run a company in St. Helena that specializes in video production, and they supported the multi-media portion of their Dad’s talk at Pacific. According to Robb, Whole Foods Market went from one store in 1980 to 280 stores today and $8.5 billion in annual sales. They have made important decisions that have been sometimes costly, but have ultimately appealed to the environmentally-minded customers. For example they purchased wind power credits to offset energy use, and they recycle grease from their kitchens to use as biodiesel for their trucks. In addition, Whole Foods raises money from their customers and employees for needy causes. These unique initiatives make Whole Foods Market what it is today. One of the best quotes of the evening was when Robb told the crowd, “we’re Whole Foods, not Holy Foods; we’re not taking a position on whether people should eat meat, but we’re shining a light on what their options are. Those individual choices individual people have to make.” His message to the audience was clear; find something you are passionate about, pursue it, and the profits will follow.

10 Strictly Business Summer 2010

By Janet Dial

Walter Robb discussed successfully running a sustainable yet profitable company. Founded in 1980 in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market is a leader in the natural and organic foods industry and America’s first national certified organic grocer. It was named “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” in 2008 by Health magazine. The Whole Foods Market motto, “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet™,” captures the company’s mission to find success in customer satisfaction and wellness, employee excellence and happiness, enhanced shareholder value, community support and environmental improvement. Thanks to its 51,100 team members, Whole Foods Market has been ranked as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” by FORTUNE magazine for 13 consecutive years. In fiscal year 2008, the company had sales of $8 billion and currently has more than 280 stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Whole Foods Market, Fresh and Wild™, and Harry’s Farmers Market® are trademarks owned by Whole Foods Market IP, LP. Wild Oats® and Capers Community Market™ are trademarks owned by Wild Marks, Inc. There was much speculation with Walter Robb’s lecture that perhaps a “big announcement” was on the way with his coming to Stockton. However, when asked about the possibility of adding a Whole Foods Market in Stockton, he replied, “I don’t see it in the next couple of years, but it’s going to happen.” At the close of the evening, students, faculty and staff of the university and local community members as well as alumni from all over Northern California were abuzz with excitement over the renewed speaker series that will continue next fall. 


Scholars The Powell Scholar Program is Pacific’s top merit scholarship, and emphasizes academic achievement and leadership development. Each fall about 15 to 20 students university-wide enter the program as freshmen. This past fall business majors Andrew Mendoza and Ann Tran were selected to be Powell Scholars. Andrew is concentrating in finance and MIS with a minor in computer science. Ann is pursuing concentrations in business law and international business. Strictly Business decided to find out more about these talented students, and ask them about their experiences so far at Pacific... Why did you choose Pacific? Andrew: Throughout my senior year of high school I was unsure of where I wanted to go to college. What I did know, however, was that I wanted to attend a university where I would be treated like more than just a number. What ultimately led me to choose Pacific was the studentcentered environment and genuine friendliness of everyone I met. Ann: I chose Pacific because of the Powell Scholarship, the very appealing study abroad program, and because it ended up being the most affordable school for me.

Andrew Mendoza & Ann Tran What have you enjoyed most about being a Powell Scholar so far? Andrew: I have really enjoyed doing an independent study this semester on the educational uses of Cisco’s TelePresence, a high-definition videoconferencing system which we hope will be installed in the Chambers Technology Center. I do not know of any other program where I would be given the opportunity to do this as a freshman. Ann: I really enjoyed going with the Powell Scholars to see the play WICKED in San Francisco. It was absolutely amazing! As a Powell Scholar, you receive extra support for international travel and research activities. Any ideas as to how you might use this support? Andrew: Next summer I plan on using the funding for international travel on Pacific’s Italian Language Immersion Program. Although it is too far in the future to be certain, I would also like to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship for use after I graduate. Ann: As a scholar, I also want to use my support for international travel and research activity. I would like to travel for a year, to perhaps Spain, Portugal, Germany, or somewhere in South America.

What have you enjoyed most about Pacific so far?

Any idea what sort of career you’d like to pursue after you graduate?

Andrew: The entire experience has been great, but what I’ve enjoyed the most is the great learning environment that is prevalent throughout Pacific. It has exactly the kind of academic framework I was looking for.

Andrew: My dream job would be to work in a field where I can combine my interests of business and computers. Over the next few years I look forward to refining that dream into a more specific career.

Ann: I will probably always wonder how my college experience would have turned out differently if I had chosen to go to a bigger university, but I don’t regret my choice. I have really enjoyed getting to know and becoming close with the people here.

Ann: After I graduate I plan to try to earn an MBA and also a JD degree. I would really love to be a lawyer. 

What have you enjoyed most about the Eberhardt School so far? Andrew: Although I am just beginning to take classes in the Eberhardt School, the thing I’ve enjoyed the most so far is having easy access to the faculty and staff. Ann: Professor Lichter-Heath’s business law course!

Andrew Mendoza

Ann Tran

We wish Andrew and Ann the very best! For more information on the Powell Scholars Program, visit the Website (which Andrew designed!) (and please use Mozilla-Firefox) Eberhardt School of Business



Global Center

Ambassadors Shaheen Ayaz

Nicholas Taylor

On February 18, 2010 the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship named three Eberhardt School of Business students as 2010 Ambassador Corps Fellows. These three Eberhardt students will join 12 others representing the College of the Pacific, Schools of Engineering & Computer Science, International Studies, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and McGeorge School of Law in social entrepreneurship fellowships across the globe. Each student will be supported by


Vinny Johl

a grant of $3,000-5,000 to cover expenses and stipends for work they will do over the summer through non-governmental organizations in developing regions. The Eberhardt students honored with these fellowships are: Shaheen Ayaz BUS ’10, Vinny Johl (MBA student), and Nicholas Taylor BUS ’10. Follow-up stories of their summer Ambassador Corps Fellowship adventures will be featured in a future edition of Strictly Business. 

Student Earns


Human Resources

During the December profession. The PHR designation holiday break, Eberhardt School is significant in human resource of Business senior Nicholas management. It is equivalent to Weston-Dawkes BUS ’10 sat the CFP for finance and the CPA for and successfully passed the for accounting. The certificate Human Resource Certification shows mastery of the human Institute’s Professional in resources body of knowledge. Human Resources (PHR) “Certification as a human exam. resource professional clearly HRCI is the organization demonstrates a commitment to for human resource personal excellence and to the Nicholas Weston-Dawkes professionals and is in charge human resource profession,” said of administering credentials to Mary Power, CAE, Executive those that pass their tests. It is affiliated with Director of the HR Certification Institute. the Society for Human Resource Management The Eberhardt School of Business is proud (SHRM), the world’s largest organization of Nicholas and congratulates him on this dedicated exclusively to the human resource remarkable achievement!  12 Strictly Business Summer 2010


Behavior Several students from Professor Ron Hoverstad’s consumer behavior course spent Labor Day weekend 2009 watching hot air balloons (or hoping to watch them) rise over Ripon, CA. Each year, the Color the Skies hot air balloon event is held in Ripon to raise money for the Central California Children’s Hospital in Fresno, and this year the event organizers asked for help from the Eberhardt School. The organizers wanted to know more about the people who attend the festival, why they attend, where they come from, how many children they have and, what aspects of the event people liked (and disliked). Teams of students attended the festival each day to ask people to complete a survey while they were waiting in line at various booths at the festival. Back in the classroom after the event ended, the entire consumer behavior class analyzed the data and made some recommendations for the next event. The students’ recommendations saved the organizers several thousand dollars in mailing costs by suggesting alternative means

Class Project Photo by © Matt Frederick

For more information on Color the Skies please visit:

of publicizing the event, and helped organizers profile the most popular activities at the event. Sadly, one factor was out of the students’ control – hot air balloons cannot fly on windy days. 



So what do you get when you mix a Conservatory of Music Major and a Business Major?

A Music/Entertainment Management Major!

Okay, so I’m not a stand-up comedian, but I do want to take a minute to tell you about the newest advisory board that was formed last year. Under the direction of our highly regarded faculty member, Professor Keith Hatschek, this group held its first meeting in the spring 2009 and will meet twice a year. The members of the group include: Todd Brabec, ASCAP; Leo Burke, LB Production Center; Tish Ciravolo, Daisy Rock Guitars; Bob Gallien, Gallien-Kruger; John LaGrou, Millennia Music & Media Systems; Brandie Lauck BUS ’03, Live Nation; Scott Liggett BUS ’78, Alan

Advisory Board

Ett Music Group; Jon Maples, Rhapsody; Gary Miller BUS ’90 Universal Music Publishing; David Nitka, Hitzke & Associates; Nick Phillips BUS ’87, Concord Music Group; Cecil Ramirez, Mason & Hamlin Pianos; Leonard Richardson, The CW TV Network; Phil Schroeder BUS ’87, Phil Schroeder Music; Skip Scully, Professor, McGeorge School of Law; Denny Stilwell BUS ’88, Mack Avenue Records, Inc.; Brooke Wentz, The Rights Workshop. This group of impressive professionals has already met three times. Some of their immediate goals are to represent all fields from the music management industry, offer new opportunities for co-curricular connections for the program such as internships, workshops, seminars, and guest lecturers, as well as review and give insight from the field about curriculum for the program. 

By Janet Dial

We welcome this great group of alumni and friends to the Music Management Advisory Board, and are looking forward to a productive and instructive year with them. Thank you for your support of our Eberhardt and conservatory students.

Eberhardt School of Business



Impact Day on

By Julie Na

Capitol Hill

On March 9-10, 2010, several PharmD/MBA students and I attended the second annual 2010 Rx Impact Day on Capitol Hill. This event was planned by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS). We arrived in Washington D.C. on Tuesday night and from the environment and atmosphere on the first day, I knew this would be an educational and exciting trip. The event started on Wednesday, at the W Hotel located near the White House and other national monuments. The W Hotel was a great place to meet other students and pharmacy advocates while providing the optimal setting to discuss the role of politics as it relates to pharmacy. The Student Legislative Advocacy Academy included many guest speakers who spoke about the importance of advocacy in the profession of pharmacy. They also stressed the importance of becoming involved in the community and in legislation on regional as well as national levels. On Wednesday, there was a student program led by Dr. Alex Adams, the NACDS director of pharmacy programs. Dr. Stephanie Hammonds, an ASHP/ACCP/VCU Congressional Health Policy Fellow, was also extremely informative in providing insight on how to get involved in the legislative aspects of pharmacy. However, my personal favorite speaker was Dr. John O’Brien who spoke to us about the necessity Ian Huey, Cat Minh Ngo, Julie Na, Senator of building relationships and Barbara Boxer, Dr. Hilsenrath, Janjiri Desai, maintaining strong networks. and Peter Duong The Student Legislative Advocacy Academy allowed me to see how people from diverse backgrounds forged their own ways into becoming pharmacy advocates. After the student session, there was a Pioneer Celebration Reception to celebrate the people who started this event last year followed by a welcome dinner. There were many people, ranging from student pharmacists to CEO’s Julie Na, U.S. Rep Marion Berry, and Janjiri of large chain drug stores, at the Desai

14 Strictly Business Summer 2010

An Overview

event. It was a great way to network with people with similar professional interests as me. At the dinner, there was also a special presentation by Congressman Marion Berry from Arkansas, the only pharmacist in Congress. After the dinner, I had a chance to introduce myself to Congressman Berry and briefly spoke with him. I think this was when I realized the significance of what we were doing at Rx Impact Day. I truly felt like I was a pioneer of advocacy in pharmacy as I appreciated everything Congressman Berry has done for pharmacy and healthcare. On the second day of Rx Impact Day on Capitol Hill, we were given a schedule of congressional office visits. The morning started off early with breakfast while I met my team for the day. On our team, we had Professor Hilsenrath, the other PharmD/MBA’s from Pacific, and three individuals representing the California Pharmacists Association and the American Pharmacists Association, Lynn Rolston, Mike Pavlovich, and Clark Gustafson, two of whom were graduates of the University of the Pacific. At the breakfast briefing, we were educated about what to expect from the event and were given a review on the issues at hand. NACDS wanted us to stress the issue of Medication Therapy Management (MTM), the need to establish a more accurate Average Manufacture Price (AMP), the importance of offering Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in pharmacies, and the necessity of keeping vaccination coverage under Medicare Part D. Our first meeting of the day was with Congressman Jerry McNerney and his health legislative assistant. The congressman was very welcoming, and upon seeing the Stockton Ports and University of the Pacific decal in his office, I knew it would be a pleasant visit. Lynn and Mike led the conversation with Congressman McNerney and I was thoroughly impressed by their knowledge of pharmacy, their professionalism and tact when dealing with healthcare issues. The rest of the meetings were with the staff members of the representatives and senators. We went from office to office with packets of information about healthcare with supporting

PharmD/MBA Program

statistics and findings. We visited the offices of Wally Herger, Dianne Feinstein, Doris Matsui, Barbara Boxer, and Tom McClintock. As we went to the meetings, I found myself becoming more comfortable with the topics we were discussing. It also became clear that the way to make changes in healthcare policy is to establish relationships with the legislature and other assistant staff people who advise the Representatives and Senators pertaining to healthcare issues. At our meeting in the office of Senator Barbara Boxer, we were joined by the official lobbyist of NACDS, who also offered more insight into the need to support these important topics. He also further stressed the importance of forming relationships with the staff. While we were meeting in the office of Senator Boxer, we were actually able to meet the senator, which was an amazing opportunity. Although we did not get to speak to her directly about pharmacy and healthcare, I trust that our talk with the legislative assistant will impact Senator Boxer’s future decisions on healthcare. The meeting that impressed me the most was our last meeting which was at the office of Representative Tom McClintock. Everyone on our team left to catch flights back to California or go to meetings for the APhA conference the following days except Peter Duong, Janjiri Desai and me. In the previous meetings, Lynn and Mike were the main speakers and we stood back and observed. We offered our input when we saw fit but we truly did not lead the discussion. However, at Congressman McClintock’s meeting, we had to lead the discussions singlehandedly, which was a different experience. I was very proud a how we performed. It was my first official congressional office visit where I was able to voice my opinions. Personally, I was not knowledgeable about the legal aspects of pharmacy before this conference. Although I read stories about healthcare reform in the news occasionally, I never felt a personal obligation to become an advocate. I never considered making visits to senators’ offices because I did not think I could make a difference. At this conference, I learned how receptive senators and representatives

are to their constituents. If enough people are passionate about a certain issue and voice their opinions, our state representatives are there to listen—especially today since healthcare reform is a huge issue and remains a hot topic of debate and discussion. As pharmacists and healthcare professionals, we have a duty to always keep our patients in mind and voice our opinions in our patients’ best interest. Advocating for change is a gradual process. Politics is complicated and a lot of things are out of one’s personal control. I think the biggest lesson was learning not to be discouraged and truly adopting a mind of a pioneer. As a first year pharmacy student, I do not know what my career path is. However, my exposure to legislation and healthcare reform on this trip was very exciting. I am definitely going to apply the lessons from this trip to become a student advocate. I want to not only practice pharmacy in my community but I want to extend the scope of my practice to reach as many people as possible. With a new network of pharmacists and legislative advocates, I plan on using the lessons I obtained from Rx Impact Day on Capitol Hill and hope to pursue my new interests in healthcare and legislature in the future. 

The PharmD/MBA program is a dual-degree program offered jointly by the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the Eberhardt School of Business. This career-enhancing opportunity prepares graduates for leadership positions that demand integrated knowledge of health sciences and management. The program can be completed in four years of focused study. In addition to a cadre of highly qualified academic faculty, both the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs employ business professionals who serve as role models, and who use their organizations to provide the practical experience that is essential to effective pharmacy and management education. Both programs have provided students with a variety of opportunities to “learn by doing” including overseas study, internships, clinical practice, trips to Washington, DC, and a college-bowl academic competition. For more information on the PharmD/MBA Program e-mail or visit

Janjiri Desai, Ian Huey, Cat Minh Ngo, Congressman Jerry McNerney, Julie Na, and Peter Duong Eberhardt School of Business


Faculty and Staff


Faculty & Staff Amber Dominguez has joined the Eberhardt team as the Program Assistant in the Westgate Center for Management Development and the Institute for Family Business. She has worked in the automotive industry for the past 10 years. In her new role, Amber supports Director Peter Johnson and perform all activities necessary for the successful operation of the Westgate Center and Institute for Family Business. Amber has been married for 11 years and enjoys working with the youth of her church. Andrew J. Padovani is a research associate with the Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific. A native of Modesto, Andrew received his BS in Economics and Mathematics from the University of the Pacific in 2008. His research on foreclosures and housing prices in Modesto was recently selected for presentation at the 84th Western Economic Association International Conference in Vancouver, B.C. Other areas of interest include history of economic thought, welfare economics, and international finance. Thomas E. Pogue is a regional economic analyst with the Business Forecasting Center. Thomas received his BA and MA in Economics from the University of Nevada, Reno and his PhD in the Economics of Technological Change from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Prior to joining the Business Forecasting Center,

Amber Dominguez

Andrew J. Padovani

16 Strictly Business Summer 2010

Thomas E. Pogue

he worked at several research institutes including the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Tshwane University’s Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, the University of Cape Town’s Development Policy Research Unit, and the University of Nevada’s Center for Economic Development. Phil Zhu is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Eberhardt School of Business. Dr. Zhu teaches courses in international finance as well as introductory undergraduate courses in financial management. His research focuses on cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, emerging market finance and statistical methods in business research. He has published research articles in several journals including Journal of Educational & Behavioral Statistics, Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, Canadian Investment Review, Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting, and International Marketing Review. Dr. Zhu was a recipient of the Barclay Global Investor Canada Research Award in 2006. Before joining the faculty at the University of the Pacific, Dr. Zhu taught at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. He also worked as a business analyst in a global management consulting firm in Canada. Dr. Zhu is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). 

Phil Zhu



Dr. Stefanie Naumann

Interacting with her students and working with great colleagues characterizes what Dr. Stefanie Naumann enjoys the most about her work. In her own words, “the people make the place.” This is no surprise considering her areas of research and teaching revolve around organizational behavior and management. Naumann has been a professor at the Eberhardt School of Business since 1999. When she is not supporting her students in their learning, Naumann conducts research and writing about employee fairness and helping behaviors, her two primary areas of interest, Naumann is highly engaged as a faculty member in advancing the school. Recently Naumann led efforts to formalize a learning assessment

program which was a critical component of the school’s successful reaccreditation initiative. Of course all work and no play makes life dull for anyone and Dr. Naumann is no exception to this standard. Naumann and her family are active Pacific Tiger supporters and can often be seen cheering on Pacific’s sports teams. Soccer and swimming are two family favorites! Like her colleagues, Naumann enjoys hearing from her students after they have graduated and landed jobs. One of the more memorable updates came from a young woman “who thanked me for assigning group presentations until she was blue in the face because they gave her the confidence to give presentations in her job.” 

Stefanie Naumann, PhD Associate Professor 209.946.2624


Spotlight Barbara Garcia is the Administrative Assistant for the faculty of the Eberhardt School of Business. She has been in this role for almost 23 years! She came to the University in 1987 and has been serving the faculty of the School (and rooting for the Pacific Men’s & Women’s Basketball teams) ever since. Barbara is responsible for assisting the 27 faculty of the school with course logistics and records, copies and schedules, office supplies and mail room management. The faculty and staff of the school depend on her organization, responsiveness, and professionalism, and appreciate her kind nature and composure. When asked about what keeps her here and what she likes best about her job, her confident response is “the people.” She says

Barbara Garcia “[The Eberhardt School] is the best place to work – everyone truly enjoys working with each other.” When asked about her most memorable time as a Pacific employee, she said “during the first few years that I worked here at ESB, my husband was a barber at the Pacific Campus Barber Shop – I always enjoyed hearing the campus ‘news’ that he learned from his many clients.” Barbara and her husband Avey have been married for 47 years and they have two children, three grandchildren, and a black lab. In their free time they enjoy concerts in the park and spending time at their second home in the foothills. Barbara is a beloved member of the Eberhardt team – we are lucky to have her! 

Barbara Garcia Administrative Assistant 209.946.2476

You can learn more about our faculty and staff by visiting us on the Web:

Eberhardt School of Business


Centers and Faculty and Staff Institutes



Eberhardt School Loses a Friend and Colleague

The Eberhardt School of Business faculty and staff are sad to announce the passing of a dear friend and colleague, Dr. William Anthony “Tony” Kulisch, associate professor of management. He recently retired and was a professor emeritus. Alumni from the last three decades will remember that Dr. Kulisch taught the introductory management courses and the electives for the concentration in industrial labor relations including conflict management and dispute resolution. Prior to teaching at the University of the Pacific, he taught business management courses at University of Nevada, Reno and Texas Christian University. In January, two events were held in celebration of Dr. Kulisch’s life and the many lives he touched as a devoted husband, father, sibling, instructor and mentor. On January 9, a memorial service was officiated by fellow professor emeritus, Dr. Larry “Doc” Meredith. It was a packed house at Morris Chapel, where

attendees learned more about Dr. Kulisch’s navy days, his thirst for knowledge and his passion for athletic pursuits including golf and basketball. Two weeks later on January 23, a Tony Kulisch Memorial Basketball tournament was held. “Ballers,” both young and much more seasoned, played in honor of the many friendships he developed as a dedicated “noonballer” the entire time he was here at Pacific. A plaque was dedicated with the 10 “golden rules” that he insisted be followed to keep games orderly and conflict free. This permanent plaque, in the university’s main gym, will ensure that his noonball rules will be enforced for many years to come. For those of you who would like to honor Dr. Kulisch’s memory, the Kulisch family and Eberhardt School asks that you consider making a donation to the First Tee Organization (www. or a youth basketball league of your choice. 


Happenings Cynthia Eakin and Stephen Wheeler had their paper, “Beta Alpha Psi Faculty Advisor Profiles and the Incentives to Serve,” accepted for publication in Advances in Accounting Education. Stephen Wheeler served as a visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School in their 2009 International Summer University Program. Chris J. Sablynski recently published the article, “The Buffering Effects of Job Embeddedness on Negative Shocks,” coauthored with colleagues from Georgetown, Washington and Northern Illinois, in the Journal of Vocational Behavior. He also presented on the employee retention topic of job embeddedness to the Compensation and Benefits Association of Sacramento and to Human Resources staff of the UC Davis Health Systems in Sacramento. 18 Strictly Business Summer 2010

Cynthia Wagner Weick’s chapter, “Lessons of Educating Tomorrow’s Business Leaders,” will be published in M. London (ed) Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning, Oxford University Press. Another article, “The Prince and I,” was published in Communications Director, December, 2009. Ray Sylvester served on the doctoral dissertation committee for PhD candidate Birgitte Ryslinge BUS ’79, at the Marshall Goldsmith Management School of Alliant International University for the defense of her dissertation, “Mindful Intuition,” which drew on his expertise in decision theory. Dan Wadhwani presented the paper, “Changing Landscapes: The Construction of Value in a New Market Category-Modern Indian Art,” and taught a PhD seminar at Continued on page 25

Centers and Institutes


Forecasting Center It’s been an extremely busy and productive Flickr 12 monthsDelicious for the Business Forecasting Center (BFC). We have welcomed two new staff, profiled elsewhere in Strictly Business, and our reports on the Northern California economy and publicFacebook policy issues are attracting a growing MySpace audience. In addition to our quarterly economic forecasts of California and 10 Northern California metro areas, our special reports are being used by local decision makers to solve realworld problems like transportation planning, Slash Dot Mixx solving the state’s water crisis, creating jobs, and helping the housing market. In the past year, we have increased and diversified our revenues through grants, contracts Reddit We are especially FriendFeed and subscriptions. grateful to three new sponsors of the quarterly economic forecast: San Joaquin Worknet, the Santa Cruz Business Council, and Central Valley Community Bank. Newsvine SlideShare The BFC has raised the visibility of the Eberhardt School with over 200 media citations in 2009, and 140 media hits in the first four months of 2010. Most of the new visibility Yahoo

Yahoo Buzz

growth has occurred in Twitter Sacramento, the Bay Area,Retweet and Los Angeles, however we have also seen new visibility in national and international media such Digg StumbleUpon as Newsweek, National Geographic, National Public Radio, and the PBS NewsHour. A sample of recent Skype Technorati speaking engagements from spring 2010 include Congressman McNerney’s Small Business and Economic Development YouTube held at Pacific,LinkedIn Workshop testifying to the California Assembly Committee on Jobs and Economic Development, and the Environmental Caucus of the California Assembly and Senate, and a California Water Forum the BFC jointly Google Google Talk organized with the Natural Resources Institute and the McGeorge School of Law that attracted an audience of 300 to McGeorge’s lecture hall.  Netvibes


Regional Analyst This quarterly series analyst examines San Joaquin and App Store County economic Amazon demographic data in depth. Previous issues have examined education, employment, healthcare, and housing in San Joaquin County. TheVimeo Regional Qik Analyst also includes an annual population projection extending to 2035. 99

BusinessForecasting Center

in partnership with San Joaquin Council of Governments






Stockton 120

Manteca Ripon




m ay 2 0 1 0

Delinquencies, Defaults, and Foreclosures:

Understanding the San Joaquin County Housing Market Foreclosures and the housing market are at the center of economic and demographic changes in San Joaquin County, and will remain critical drivers of change for the foreseeable future. As we enter the fourth year of the foreclosure crisis, the process continues to evolve which makes it especially challenging to evaluate trends in the underlying data. In this Regional Analyst, we take stock of the regional housing market and examine the characteristics of foreclosure properties throughout San Joaquin County.

index, and The FHFA index only includes data on homes that were financed with conventional mortgages through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and thus underestimates the peak of the market when non-conforming, sub-prime loans dominated the marketplace. is notoriously inaccurate at estimating the value of

individual properties, but provides another good index of average home values at the county level. Finally, the green line illustrates the growth in the consumer price index, and illustrates how home values would have grown if they had simply followed inflation over the decade.

Figure 1. San Joaquin County Home Prices (in thousands), 2000-2009







Figure 1 illustrates the path of home prices over the past decade. The blue line graphs the county’s median home sales price from the 1st quarter of 2000 to the 1st quarter of 2010. Because the median price can be skewed by the type of homes that are most likely to sell at any given point of time, the graph includes two constant quality home price indexes: the Federal Housing Finance Authority (FHFA)







$50 2000 Q1

2001 Q1

2002 Q1

2003 Q1

2004 Q1

2005 Q1

2006 Q1

2007 Q1

2008 Q1

2009 Q1

2010 Q1

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index; Federal Housing Finance Agency, Regional House Price Index; California Association of Realtors, Historical Housing Data

County Data Profiles For eachTumblr of California’s 58 counties, we compile WordPerss and annually update a 50 page report with historical data on personal income, earnings, employment, regional income & expenses, Behance

Thomas Pogue, PhD Regional Economic Analyst Business Forecasting Center 209.946.2623

following reports free on our Website. MSN and data are available Apple MobileMe




Jeffrey Michael, PhD Director

Business Forecasting Center The Microsoft

Andrew Padovani Research Associate

Design Float

transfer payments, labor force statistics, demographic profiles, and commuting patterns. Special Reports Mister Wong The BFC periodically produces special reports on topics of current interest. Most of these are available on our Website. The most recent reports tackle the employment impact of the state water crisis in the San Joaquin Valley. Custom are conducted for Viddler research projectsVirb clients under contract. Valley Economy Blog Dr. Jeff Michael, director of the Business Forecasting Center, comments on Blogger Posterous current economic, business and environmental issues of importance to the Central Valley at Deviant Art

Design Bump Eberhardt School of Business


Institute for

Centers and Institutes

Family Business Building Your Family Business Council

Peter Johnson Director Institute for Family Business and Westgate Center for Management Development 209.946.3912 888.439.2867

At the May Institute for Family Business program, members learned the importance of having a strong family business council. Issues discussed included: why family business governance is so critical for the long term success of the family firm and why councils are important for separating the family from the business issues. The program speaker, Ricky Mercado, worked 27 years in his own family business before becoming the director of the Family Business Center at the School of Management of the Ateneo de Manila University located in the Philippines. Members also learned the council is the vehicle to address and explore family concerns that influence the business and the family. It defines, clarifies, and expresses the family’s deepest values, meaning, mission and legacy. Finally, it can be a communication tool to help families address issues that cross the family-business line. If you would like more information on family councils or other family business topics, give us a call.

Management Succession in the Family Business by Lois Lang

No Idiots Here! Not that people who need help in family businesses are idiots (I have yet to meet someone in a family business that didn’t need help at some level), however, there is a new book out as part of the “Idiots Guide to…” series entitled “The Idiots Guide to Family Business.” In this book the University of the Pacific is listed as a resource for family owned businesses.

Every business has management succession – leaders and executives retire or move on and companies sometimes experience the unexpected death of a key person. What many family companies don’t have is a written and implemented plan of succession that provides business continuity and sustainability. Succession readiness means defining and then taking the steps necessary to ensure business continuity. Implementation may involve confirming a strategic plan, drafting a contingency plan, identifying leadership needs, strengthening governance or managing conflict.

20 Strictly Business Summer 2010

For your culture, succession readiness means acknowledging “the ways things work around here” and considering how to enable the organization to prepare for and adapt to the inevitable changes resulting from leadership and management transitions. Implementation may involve organizational restructuring, targeted communications and training, or focused executive management team development. For current leaders, succession readiness means developing a transition plan, reconsidering one’s future role in light of personal goals, evaluating timing, and being flexible. Implementation may involve identifying, evaluating and mentoring successors, receiving coaching, and accepting an evolving role in the organization. For prospective successors, succession readiness means cultivating leadership skills and gaining relevant experience. Implementation often involves individual and team development, including mentoring, a progressive career path, stretch assignments and systematic feedback. Most businesses find it difficult to set time aside to discuss who the next successors will be and how they are adequately preparing for such an event. Family businesses face an added layer of difficulty in honestly assessing each other’s capabilities and developing a plan that may include outside management. Make a commitment today to dust off your org chart, look at your internal talent and begin planning for the future! Lois Lang, PsyD is a partner at Evolve Partner Group, LLC. She can be reached at 

Give us a call to see how we can help your family business reach its full potential at 209.946.2956

Institute for Family Business Partners Central Valley: Evolve Partner Group, Moss Adams, Neumiller & Beardslee, Richard R. Paulsen Insurance North Bay: Evolve Partner Group, Friedemann Goldberg, LLP, Moss Adams, Carlson Hammond, Exchange Bank


Education Westgate Center Helps Educate and Encourage Potential Political Candidates

The Westgate Center, in partnership with the Leadership Stockton Alumni Association, recently offered a program designed to promote community leadership by helping educate individuals on the challenges and opportunities in running for elected office. The panel included elected officials, a political consultant and the Registrar of Voters. Participants shared the process involved in running for office along with advice on how to get elected to a standing-room only audience. San Joaquin County Board of Supervisor Steve Bestolarides stated, “This is exactly the type of program that is needed in this community to help expand the caliber of individuals seeking public office.”

Healthcare Management Certificate Program

As the healthcare industry continues to expand it is becoming even more critical that there are talented, educated managers that can help these organizations grow as more people need more healthcare. Beginning this fall, we will offer a new Management Certificate in Healthcare Management. We are currently building a curriculum that addresses the needs of today’s healthcare manager.

Fall Transit/Paratransit Management Certificate Program

The Transit Management Certificate program has trained managers from virtually every transit agency in the State of California. Because Westgate partners with all the key trade associations, many of the public transit operators and Caltrans, it is no surprise that this is the top transit management training program in the state. With locations in Northern, Central and Southern California, it is easy to find a series near you. Beginning in the fall, Caltrans will offer scholarships for transit agencies wishing to send managers through this program.

Non-Profit Board Training

University of the Pacific’s Westgate Center for Management Development is offering a twoday training program specifically for non-profit boards. This program teaches methods that can build a bridge between board members and management, as well as enable the board and their organization to reach their full potential. A few of the topics to be discussed include: the role of the board; setting the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the organization; recruitment, orientation, and retention of board members; evaluating the executive director; and running effective board meetings. This two-session program will be held on October 19 and October 26 from 6:00-9:00 P.M. Scholarships are available.

Fall Management Certificate Program

The eight courses in this series are comprised of our most requested training topics that are crucial for today’s managers. Sessions include: Effective Presentation Skills, The Art of Negotiation, Managing Projects Successfully, Creating a Competitive Strategy, Legal Issues in Employee Relations, Building Leadership Effectiveness, Exceeding Customer Expectations, and Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers. Each course emphasizes specific, practical points that participating managers can use immediately. Class size is limited to allow participants to interact with each other and the instructor. The program will begin in October and will meet Wednesdays from 6:009:00 P.M. 

“Great presenters - kept everyone engaged. Content was affirming and provided practical, useful tools. Thanks!” Lindy Turner-Hardin, Executive Director, Child Abuse Prevention Council of San Joaquin

For more information on our programs please contact Peter Johnson at 209.946.3912 or visit our Website Eberhardt School of Business


Stories from the

By Margaret Roberts

Eberhardt Career management Center Margaret Roberts Director 209.946.7350


Internship Profile - Richard Kurasaki

Diamond Foods, Inc. enjoys a long and successful history in Stockton. Diamond Foods is a loyal and valued employer partner of the Eberhardt School of Business and Pacific. We’ve enjoyed a relationship with the management team in the finance and accounting organization since 2004 when we first placed business interns within this group. The group has hosted two Eberhardt business interns on an annual basis. Richard Kurasaki BUSI ’10, signed on with Diamond last spring after meeting the company at Pacific’s 2009 Career and Internship Faire. Richard split his summer between Diamond Foods and continuing classes in his accounting concentration at Pacific. Richard found that he was immediately able to apply the principles he acquired in his accounting coursework through the assignments at Diamond. The experience at Diamond has served to enhance Richard’s knowledge of accounting and further “strengthened [my] desire to pursue a career as a CPA.” When Richard spoke of his day-to-day activities at Diamond he described typical accounting department tasks – research and review of data, reconciliations, etc. His eyes lit up when asked if he is able to see the impact of his work. “What I’m doing will affect the financial statements! I can see a direct impact on the company and its success.” Since June of 2009 Richard has kept a fairly consistent schedule of 20 hours per week at Diamond and has responsibility for ongoing tasks. Specifically Richard and his intern counterpart assist in supporting the data gathering and assembly of information necessary to complete state tax filings on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. This enables Richard to interact and communicate directly with employees in other parts of the company and understand the workings of the company in a larger sense.

Breanne Beseda Assistant Director 209.946.7670

22 Strictly Business Summer 2010

Career Management

Dr. Steve Wheeler, Professor of Accounting and Richard Kurasaki at Diamond Foods, Inc.

Recently Professor of Accounting Steve Wheeler visited Richard and his supervisor, Mr. Michael Doxey, senior manager of financial reporting & budgeting, to conduct a site visit and evaluate Richard’s performance throughout the internship. Richard’s impact was particularly noted in regard to the quality of his research as he has taken the burden off of fulltime employees and has the ability to help train a new intern and get another Pacific student up to speed. We are sure that Richard will prove to be another example of the many Eberhardt students who have parlayed their Diamond internship experience into great entry-level careers with major employers including Big Four accounting firms and global consumer products companies. If your company is seeking to connect with top accounting talent like Richard and his classmates of the 2010 graduating class, please contact the Eberhardt Career Management Center today! 

By Margaret Roberts with excerpts from articles by Karla Johnson, PG&E Photo credits: Lewis Stewart, PG&E



Lisa Lam

2007 Alum Lisa Lam is honored by PG&E as one of the company’s 2009 President’s Diversity Champion Awardees. Each year, PG&E recognizes outstanding achievements in the area of diversity with the President’s Diversity Champion Award. The award honors PG&E employees with a real passion for, knowledge of and commitment to diversity and inclusion, whose actions have had an impact on the company, our customers, shareholders and the communities we serve. They are considered role models for inclusion in both their words and actions. The 2009 Diversity Champion Award was presented by President Chris Johns during the 15th Annual Diversity Celebration at the General Office. This year Pacific alumnus and Supply Chain Program Manager Lisa Lam BUS ’07 was one of two employees recognized for her contributions. Lisa Lam was recognized for her role as Asian Employee Association (AEA) executive vice president and vice president of community relations. She is the co-founder of the Nu NRG Employee Network, helping fill a need that the company had to assist current employees as well as integrate new employees into PG&E’s culture. She also serves as senior co-chair of the 2010 Campaign for the Community. Lisa volunteered at Earth Day 2009 as well as other events sponsored by the advertising department for the Asian communities. One of her nominators shared the following: “Lisa does her best to make others feel included and finds ways to bring people together.

I really enjoy working with her because she takes initiative, she has an open mind and brings the creativity, enthusiasm and her diverse supportive perspective. She always gives 100%.” Both Diversity Champions Detrina Faletogo and Lisa Lam holding their received $1,000 to donate to a Diversity Champion Awards along with Bill charity of her choice. They also Harper, Vice President & Chief Diversity received $500 each for their Officer of PG&E leadership. Lisa and the supply chain team were also selected as one of five finalist teams out of 30 submissions for the company’s 2009 Richard A. Clarke Environmental Leadership award. The Green Supply Chain Program team was recognized for taking a leadership approach to create positive environmental changes through strategic alliances with PG&E suppliers and collaborative relationships with internal departments. The program aims to reduce adverse environmental impacts of the company’s purchasing decisions by procuring sustainable products and services from suppliers who share PG&E’s vision and values in promoting “green” alternatives. More than 35 suppliers have voluntarily engaged in the program— implementing a variety of innovative projects not only to reduce the environmental impact of their operations but also to generate bottom-line cost savings. The Green Supply Chain Program is considered an industry leading model and PG&E continues to share its success stories and best practices with industry peers and other stakeholders. 

Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges & Employers honors recent MBA alumnus Kevin Turco In early December 2009 at the annual conference of the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges & Employers (MPACE) held in Monterey, CA, one of our recent MBA alumni was presented with the association’s Rising Star Award for the year. Kevin Turco BUS ’06, MBA ’07, Campus Recruiter for San Ramon based regional public accounting firm Armanino

McKenna LLP, was selected by the association for this honor in the employer category. As a new member to MPACE in 2008, Kevin jumped right in, rolled up his sleeves and got involved as a co-chair for the Entertainment Committee for the 2009 annual conference. The Eberhardt School of Business congratulates Kevin Turco for this fantastic achievement! 

Kevin Turco is presented the Rising Star award at MPACE in Monterey, CA by Sr. University Relations Manager Dawn Carter of Eberhardt School of Business


Career Management

Business and


NAMM 2010

The University of the Pacific holds many distinctions, one of which is being the only member of NAMBI (NAMM Affiliated Music Business Institutions) in California. This association provides unique opportunities and tools for our students interested in pursuing careers in the music industry, including participation in the annual NAMM Show where students have access to the exclusive industry tradeshow, career workshops, and entertainment events. This year, six students traveled to Southern California to participate in the NAMM Show, the longest-running tradeshow in the United States. The show is a trade-only event featuring the exhibits and product launches of more than 1,500 manufacturers from all musical categories. The Pacific contingent arrived at the Anaheim Convention Center ready to make the most of this opportunity! Students were prepared with résumés and dressed in business attire; they were given assignments for informational interviews with exhibitors, market/competitive analysis and workshop participation—but nothing could fully prepare them for the incredible energy of the show floor. Three full days of tradeshow exploration, interviews with vendors, career workshops, and after-hours concerts and vendor parties (networking opportunities) left the Pacific crew exhausted but delighted with their intense music industry experience. The students

By Breanne Beseda

took full advantage of opportunities to network with established and successful music industry professionals. In fact, many came home with new collections of business cards and plans for follow-up, including potential interviews for internships and jobs! Millions of dollars in business deals were made on the tradeshow floor, but it was not all work and no play. Participants got to enjoy musical performances and activities throughout the weekend, including secret live shows and artist appearances. This year students got to meet Peter Frampton and Sara Bareilles and saw Jason Mraz in concert, to name a few. Pacific senior Nicole Torres commented, “I find a lot of value in the NAMM experience. It is a great opportunity for students interested in music management careers to be exposed to the real atmosphere of the industry. Through my networking experiences at NAMM, I was able to collect business cards and e-mail addresses from various potential employers that I plan on keeping in contact with. Also, it is a great time to get to know other students and people who are interested in the same things that I am. The live performances are amazing and the thousands of displays are intriguing. NAMM is an exclusive series of events in the perfect location, and it is a great way to learn more about the music industry through inclusive hands-on activities.” 

NAMM Show 2010 attendees: (L-R) Blythe Nelson, Andrea Strickland, Nicole Torres, Aaron Martin, Chris Rehm, Amanda Gieseke, and Breanne Beseda

24 Strictly Business Summer 2010

Alumni Career

Profile Day In celebration of National Career Month, each November the Eberhardt School of Business hosts Alumni Career Profile Day, an event that connects our students with Eberhardt alumni through class presentations, one-onone informational interviews, a networking mixer and more! This unique opportunity to interact with professionals is significant for our students in so many ways. Through Alumni Career Profile Day, students gain invaluable

A Success!

industry knowledge, professional insight and networking experience while developing important communication and interview skills. This year’s event drew a diverse and accomplished group of alumni from near and far – some even participated by teleconference from other states and time zones! 

By Breanne Beseda

SAVE TH E Alumni Pro DATE November fi2l0e Day 10

The Eberhardt School would like to thank the following alumni for sharing their time and knowledge with our students:

Please consider contributing to this invaluable experience by joining us for the next

Robert Barsamian BUS ’07, Account Manager, Aerotek

Alumni Profile Day in

Charles Bork BUS ’04, MBA ’08, Financial Services Agent, New York Life

2010! Your inspiration and

Eric Carle MBA ’93, Budget Manager, University of the Pacific

guidance may lead to the

Dan Carroll BUS ’86, Director of Sales, Structured Communication Systems, Inc.

next development of high

John Codling BUS ’06, Consultant, Concur Technologies

profile business leader of our

Allison McDonald BUS ’86, MBA ’94, CFO, AM Financial Management

time! If you are interested in

Dan Natividad MBA ’07, Membership Development Manager, Health Plan of San Joaquin

participating in the November

Niclas Otte BUS ’04, MBA ’05, CRM Analyst & Director of Marketing, SAP

2010, please contact

Robert Robinson BUS ’82, Business Systems Manager, Healthcare REIT

Breanne Beseda, Assistant

Jack Singer BUS ’85, Director of Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Director of the Eberhardt

Kingman Tsang BUS ’80, SVP & Regional President, First Bank

Career Management Center

Danny Weber BUS ’08, Marketing Manager, Gun Accessory Supply

at or 209.946.7670.

Faculty Happenings Cont. Zhejiang University School of Management in Hangzhou, China in the summer 2009. His book review of “Capitalizing on Change: A Social History of American Business” was published in the journal Enterprise and Society. Jeff Miles and Stefanie Naumann chaired the symposium, “Improving Management for Sustainability: Best Practices from Healthcare Management, Facilities Management, Management Education, and Organization Development,” at the national conference of the Academy of Management in Chicago. They also presented “A Review of Best Practices in

Sustainable Facilities Management” with Dara Szyliowicz. Joel Herche’s manuscript has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Global Marketing, Volume 23, Number 2 in 2010 and his paper, “Marketing Ethics and Compulsive Consumption,” was accepted for presentation at the 2010 Marketing Educators’ Association Conference and for publication in the 2010 conference proceedings which was held April 8-10, 2010 in Seattle. 

Eberhardt School of Business


Meet the

Firms “Meet The Firms was exceptional. It was very well organized and first class. We met some excellent students and we look forward to attending next year.” Craig Wells COP ’83 VP/Corporate Recruiter, F & M Bank

The poor economy did not scare away our most valued employer partners this fall! Twenty hiring companies made an enthusiastic showing in mid-September for our annual Meet the Firms recruiting event produced by the Eberhardt Career Management Center in collaboration with Beta Alpha Psi, the national honor society for accounting, finance and MIS students. In addition to meeting and greeting students at our niche career faire, several employers participated on panels and conducted mock interviews with students over the course of the day. Thank you to the following employers and organizations who attended the 2009 Meet the Firms event! • Consumer Packaged Goods: Clorox ~ E. & J. Gallo Winery ~ Foster Farms • Financial Services: F & M Bank ~ First Investors ~ New York Life ~ Northwestern Mutual Financial Network ~ State Street • Government: California State Auditor ~ Dept. of Energy – OIG ~ Employment Development Dept. ~ Internal Revenue Service

Career Management

By Margaret Roberts

• Public Accounting Firms: Armanino McKenna LLP ~ Bowman & Company ~ Deloitte ~ Genske, Mulder & Co ~ Iacopi, Lenz & Company ~ Moss Adams LLP ~ Perry-Smith LLP ~ Rina Accountancy • Certification/License Review Services: Becker Review ~ Roger CPA Review We introduced a new promotional feature for the 2009 event, inviting employers to sponsor squares on a BINGO card to drive more traffic to their tables. The BINGO sponsors this year included: Becker Review, Bowman & Company, Clorox, Genske, Mulder & Company, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and State Street. Several prizes were awarded to students who completed the BINGO cards and the winner of the top prize, an 8GB iPod Nano, was junior finance student and Pacific women’s tennis player Jenifer Widaja. 

Save the date for our fall 2010 event!

Meet the Firms will be hosted on September 23, 2010. Registration will be available beginning July 1, 2010 –

Corporate Visits: Bringing the Classroom to Industry MBA students in Dr. Price’s operations class visited’s fulfillment center in Fernley, NV in April 2010

26 Strictly Business Summer 2010

Diamond Foods, Inc. Intermediate accounting students, accompanied by Dr. Eakin, visited Diamond Foods in January 2010

Take Pride in the Eberhardt School. We are a fully-accredited member of AACSB International - the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International business accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Two New Business Minors Ad

Earned Excellence. The Best Business Schools in the World.

AACSB International

AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

Are you part of a Family Business? The Pacific Institute for Family Business gives your family business the tools you need to be successful.

Call today! 209.946.2956 888.439.2867


Our family joined the Institute for Family Business five years ago. We enjoy the resources that are specific to family businesses. We especially value the speaker forums where everyone is willing to share their ideas and experiences. This allows us to learn from other families. No family company is too large or too small not to get something out of the program. We all deal with the same issues.


Board Chairman Kunde Estate Winery and Vineyards TH A N KS TO OU R PA RTN ERS: Evolve Partner Group, Exchange Bank, Friedemann Goldberg, LLP, Carlson Hammond, Moss Adams, Neumiller & Beardslee, and Richard R. Paulsen Insurance

3601 Pacific Avenue Stockton, California 95211


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